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    Horny friendly straight acting sane guy looking for like minded guys.
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    Be fucked and suck swallow cum.into many perversions taking all stds and blood slams ☺ no limits

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  1. Birthday loads

    happy birthday fella,mine was Wednesday went to chariots and got fucked and fucked Asian guy dropped my load in steam room hot as fuck
  2. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    pozzing,conversations std in me being gang raped by bare black cock chem sex
  3. Who would go down on this?

    love to mmm
  4. Molested as a kid

  5. Hung Muscle Daddy's Cum Still Swirling in Me

    wow what a great cock
  6. New Year sperm

    mmm did say your poz ☺
  7. Enema Bulb Choice

    thanks guys I'm always conscious of being clean as get a lot of black cock were do you get the fleet stuff,would be on Amazon thsnks
  8. Bred By Two Hung Venezuelans

    is,that message for me nelly,I'm London UK 😐
  9. Raped In El Paso Video Booth

    wish we had that in UK that is hot as fuck I'm leaking pre cum wow 😲
  10. Best days for bathhouses?

    yes weekends are busier especially in London as peeps working etc some times were i go chariots is quiet but does pick up
  11. TIRED of size queens

    so true its the person size,doesn't enter into it I'm bottom and love guy to fuck my hole as for bbrts its a waste of time when I go to bathouse i always get cock.
  12. Uk Lad into Perv/taboo

    horny neg bottom into incest stds rape etc
  13. Bred By Two Hung Venezuelans

    fuck i would have to take a lot of lube and poppers to accommodate that gorgeous cock wow

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