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Chiang mai?

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    • By sergenudiste
      I guess others on this forum have knowledge and experience of Thailand. 
      For me, Thailand is the best to find boys who bareback me. 
      The Thai boys are very cute, many straight boys fuck for money, they have very hot dark body, and they enjoy cumming inside my ass. 
      But to find these boys who don't use condom we have to look a bit further that the usual places. 
      I go from time to time to boys bars in Pattaya or Bangkok. 
      It is good, but these boys are too much professionals and mostly want to use condoms. I always try to ask if they can fuck me bareback for more money, but many times they say no. 
      When I really like the boy and he doesn't want to fuck me without condom, then I still take him but only suck and drink his cum. I really don't like the feel of a condom inside me. And I love the taste of cum too much, or the feeling of a boy unloading his cream inside me. 
      Besides the bars, there are the apps like Gayromeo, Grindr, etc...
      This is already better, at least for me. 
      On these apps we can find some of the same "professional boys", but also many other boys and students who are need of money. 
      These are the ones who agree to fuck with no condom.  
      Usually they say "always condom" when chatting, but once in my room I insist, i say that I am just here on business for two days, that I have no time look for boys when I come to Thailand, and nearly always they will accept to fuck me bareback. 
      I met many very nice and cute boys on the apps and they all did cum inside me. 
      Some are really dream boys, at least for those who like asians. 
      What I love to do is to invite two or three boys one after another on the same day. 
      I try to schedule the meetings so that there is only a short time between The meetings, but enough so that they can't meet near my hotel. 
      I make each of them cum inside me. 
      When the second boy comes, I let him fuck me without him knowing I still have the cum of another boy in my ass. It makes me really really horny. 
      When I am lucky enough to have a third boy coming, I just clean the exterior of my hole but keep the cum of the two other boys inside. Then I ask the third boy to lick my hole and push the cum outside a bit, so that he licks it without knowing. 
      Really hot.
      But the problem of the apps is that these are gay apps, and since I am only bottom there are many cute boys that only look for top. So, some days it is very good, some days I have no luck. 
      But the best for me are the Facebook groups. 
      I discovered these groups by coincidence. 
      There are many groups of straight boys advertising themselves for sexual services. 
      Some are groups for gays, but there are also many groups of "real boys" (straight ones). These ones are he hottest for me. With gays, they only fuck, and don't want to get fucked themselves. 
      These "real boys" are really the best for me. Some really do anything, except being fucked. I already asked a few to piss on me, piss inside my ass, and other things like that. 
      They are slim, cute, masculine, and fuck very good. And, most importantly, I never had any of these boys asking for a condom. 
      Most are students or young workers who do that as an extra job, and it is apparently very common to do sex for money since there are many of these boys, and from all provinces. 
      Some even advertise their services with their friends. 
      Since I use this method I met really nice boys, sometimes alone, sometimes in group. 
      It is quite amazing that these straight boys come to me and fuck me as if I was their girlfriend. I just love it. 
      When they come in group, I like to take 3 boys and let them cum inside me one after another, without cleaning myself. 
      Now I also made friend with one boy who goes to find other boys for me. 
      I like dark, masculine but slim cute boys who can fuck me like their girl and cum deep inside me. 
      He already brought me several other boys who can't be found on Facebook groups. 
      Some never fucked a man before but then my new friend explains them what to do. The best are the Burmese boys who work in construction. They are very hot. 
      The problem of course is that all these Facebook groups are only in Thai language and that the boys usually never speak English. 
      But nowadays with google translate it is easy to go around that problem. I just introduce myself, then use google translate to continue the conversation.  
      Any of you has other good ways of finding straight Thai boys who fuck bareback?
    • By sergenudiste
      Since a few years I have totally switched my interest to Asian boys.
      Thai boys in particular. It is easy to find nice, young, slim but straight looking and sexy boys, who don't mind to have sex without condom.
      I meet some on regular basis, sometimes alone, sometimes two or three boys one after another, or sometimes two or three boys together.
      I love to let them fuck me legs up or from behind, and ask them to fill my ass with their cum.
      I keep the cum inside for long. Then, after a while I let the cum drip out of my hole and eat it. Its so hot.
      Anybody into Asian boys?

    • By Sleazy_Brit_Boy
      So what's the best way to pick up a young Thai lad?
      I've heard theres bars you can go to and they all dance naked then you pick which one(s) you want
      Anyone got any experience of this? How much does it cost? Anything goes?
      If you can't post it on here then send me a private message

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