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  1. Horny Thai slut this afternoon

    This horny slutty guy has been hunting me down on Grindr for a few days now! I finally had some time this afternoon, he came over to my apartment and I bred his smooth little Asian hole!
  2. Indonesian gay situation

    Hi folks, If you've seen in the news, the situation for LGBTQ people in Indonesia is pretty shitty right now and they're this close to making being gay illegal. Please spare a minute to sign this petition https://www.thepetitionsite.com/726/933/876/urge-the-indonesian-government-to-promote-tolerance-towards-its-lgbtq-community/ Whilst we're enjoying unprecedented freedoms in the west, there are parts of our world where just being who are is still an issue. x
  3. Chiang mai?

    Any slutty BB holes in Chiang Mai looking to get bred?
  4. Bangkok Massage Boyz

    Horny as hell! I'll have to go and check that out as I'm in Thailand now
  5. This morning

    Shot a load in this sexy Thai twink this morning
  6. My sex blog

    Hello there little piggies! So I dip into the breeding zones forums from time to time and generally get quite inspired by some of your stories. I started attending my local Cum Union after reading this blog. This is an old post now, but please check it out Hope you enjoy

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