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Adventures of a Sauna Worker

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Chapter One: Monday part three.

I felt Robs breath on my ear. "Knew you was a dirty slag." Before I could even move he'd pulled his softening cock from my hole and vanished downstairs.

I was fucking horny now and there is nothing worse than sauna work when you are horny. Trust me. I stood back up and pulled my shorts up, squeezing my hole tight. I wasn't going to lose the tip Rob had just left. As much as he isn't my type.... Cum is cum and my inner whore was whispering sweet nothings to me.

This would happen on Monday. Our quiet day. I made my way back downstairs. 4 hours of shift left. I got to the reception counter and saw it. A note held down by Robs locker key. My first thought? Honestly? 'there goes my shot at a round 2 today.' As I said my inner whore was whispering.

I opened the note wondering what it could possible say......

"Thanks for the release slut, if you need more follow the guy in the blue hoodie on the street corner after you've locked up tonight. He knows where to take you."

Fuck what the hell should I do? Follow the stranger or just go home? My cock and hole screamed to just follow him but my head was screaming to go home! I had four hours to decide....


The next part concludes chapter one: Monday. I know this part is a little sex lite and not very exciting but hopefully it'll be worth it. Let me know if you guys want more chapters and parts.

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Chapter one: Monday: conclusion.

Five minutes left until closing time. The sauna was empty except for me, the cleaning was done. All I was doing was sat contemplating what to do. 

I locked the front door and shut down the pc. Home time. Or sex time. Whichever I decided to do. 

I left the building locking the staff door behind me. As I fumbled with the lock I heard a scuffling behind me and before I could turn around an arm hooked around my neck and breath warmed my cheek...

"Are you the dirty whore I've been told to expect? Don't bother answering it makes no difference. You are leaving here with my gift regardless."

I started to struggle but his arm pulled back and my air was slowly being cut off. In my panic I felt his hand pull my shorts down and a finger slide in me. 

"Ooh still wet. Naughty boy. Let's make you gush." Before I could even really take in what was happening he was balls deep pumping hard. Grunting. His arm snaked from around my neck and grabbed the back of my head. Suddenly he slammed my head straight into the wall and star exploded in front of my eyes. I heard a gasp and felt my hole get slicker.

"Youre coming with me." Dazed and unable to fight back I was lifted over his shoulder, my keys still in the door, my phone slipped from my shorts and clattered to the floor. "Don't worry boy you won't be needed that anymore, where you are going the only thing you'll be worried about it your hole being bred." Slowly darkness crept into my vision and the blackness of unconscious ate me up.

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Chapter 2: A New Life: Part One.


Boredom. I had been held in this fucking cage for two days now. I was naked, cold, aching and thirsty. There was barely enough light to see by so I assumed my kidnapper had locked me in a basement of some kind, probably in his house. 

CLICK! Light burst into the room, the lone light bulb illuminated the space greatly and blinded me. I shielded my eyes as best i could with my hands shackled to the bars of the cage in front of me.

"Ah good, you're awake! I was worried for a moment I would have to find some way of rousing you quickly." I flinched as far back as I could as his hand reached through the bars and stroked my hair. As my vision adjusted to the new light conditions my captor came into greater focus. He was around 35, not a great body but then not repulsive. He stood before my cage in a jock that had once been white but now was more of a stained yellow and cream colour, his bulge was large but i was unsure whether that was because he was hard or even sporting a semi.

Suddenly I felt his breath on my neck, how had he got in here? 

"Not a cage boy youre jst chained to my wall of bars, for now. Hold tight, Master has an injection for you." His jock covered my face and his helmet pressed between my cheeks.

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Chapter two: A new life. Part two.

He fucked me. Hard. My body pressed against the cold bars. His sweat dripping onto me.

"I'm getting close boy. I'm gonna paint your guts with my seed." His thrust grew fast and impatient. His breathing became short and sharp. Suddenly he slammed balls deep and howled like a rabid dog. And as he did I felt his spunk spray into me. He withdrew and left me alone again.

I dont know how long I had been there. But I awoke to him returning. His cum had run out my now somewhat looser arsehole and dried on my legs and the floor. He was carrying a plastic flask. 

"Here you'd better drink." He thrust the nozzle in my mouth and I sucked hard. My first drink in hours. It caught me in my throat. The acrid, warn piss he had clearly saved for me and yet I gulped it down like it was going out of fashion. 

"I'll miss you boy," he remarked as I drank, I must have looked puzzled as he added, "tonight is our last night together. Tomorrow you become part of the biggest pig market you'll ever see. And I think you will steal the show." He bid me good night by pouring the last of his piss over me and left me in the dark, wet and frightened... Yet my cock was rock hard and leaking precum like crazy.

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