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    Cleaning dirty cock, worshipping dirty filthy men. Doing as im told. Pleasing filthy disgusting perverted fuckers.
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    Filthy fucking cub slut, perverted nasty99 PIG. I have a master whom I denied myself too years ago and fell in love with another guy. I love him but my nasty perverted piggish99 side is winning. I havent cheated but I want too. I need too.
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    been sucking cock and doing as im told since i was 4
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    nasty filthy whore. Looking to please my inner pig an release myself fully to the dark side. Currently in a sexless relationship to a man I love however he doesnt know what a filthy cumdump slut I am.

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  1. cubster1984

    A Zombie Love Story

    Great story. Wish there was more sex hehe. Hope Ur doing well mr
  2. cubster1984

    Adventures of a Sauna Worker

    Mmmmmmmmmm love it
  3. cubster1984

    Business Daddy

    Ohhhhhh yea poor guy hahahah
  4. cubster1984

    Tobacconist’s Blend

    Omg yessssaa
  5. cubster1984

    Business Daddy

    Ohhhhhh is there more hehehehhe
  6. Omg yesssssssssss
  7. Yayyyyyy fucken love it. Woof
  8. cubster1984

    Pump & Dump Advice Needed

    I fast 24 hrs before the event and spend a good few hours flushing out going deeper with hose and then laying back in tub and massaging Ur stomach laying on Ur side the expelling and doing it again till Ur squeaky clean. I've only ever used just water and been fine for multiple sessions with numerous guys and fisting and toys session play
  9. cubster1984


    Fuck yes amazing. Please continue xx
  10. cubster1984

    Stealthing the Chub

    Please more go on..... Left me hard dripping and hanging
  11. cubster1984

    My Master

    so, it’s been a few weeks and we have met up every Friday night and Saturday night at my place in the city. It’s been sex sex sex and sex. But before we jump in I must discuss a few things and tell you a bit more of ourselves. For one we aren’t slim twinks we are husky solid bears/cubs. Sweaty unshowered pigs, we were both discovering the true pigs we were, unfortunately nothing we did saved the relationship from me breaking up with him and breaking his heart (that is for later). So, every weekend we would meet, we would fuck each other suck and rim worship each other we would fuck and not cum and did so for several weeks and this is the next part of the story. So, we meet up at my place on a Friday night and go outside on the balcony for a smoke and as we are smoking we are grinding against each other and kissing and just being smutty. Fuck he is a great kisser and makes my knees buckle. Im finishing up my smoke and he unzips me and starts sucking my sweaty cock right outside as I groan and grab his head I start face fucking him holding my cock down his throat watching his face turn red as I pull out as he gasps for breath shoving back inside. Feeling my cock slide down his gullet feels so fucking good we haven’t cum in weeks instead meeting up and just using each other to edge ourselves and not allowing each other to cum. Tonight, is the night I can feel it as I feel my nuts burn with desire. I pull out and grunt as I tell him to get inside. I push him inside and rip his shirt off he is wearing his leather harness and fuck he smells so sweaty, I bury my face in his arm pit as he growls and rips his pants off as I turn him around and push him onto the bed on all fours as I pull my pants down and spit on my cock. I push inside him and I shudder, hearing him grunt he takes my cock so well. Im not the largest at about 6 inches thicker at the base and when im really excited it thickens. No complaints but im happy and so is my master he just grunts as I start fucking him. I don’t have the holding power he does I thrust deep right to my hairy nuts and push in deep, I start fucking him grinding my hips into his arse. “OH, fuck yeah you have a nice arse I love fucking you raw” grunting as I thrust in again I feel my balls tighten and my cock tingles as I pull out and groan trying not to cum. My master senses my excitement and throws me on my back and pushes my legs apart as he growls and pushes against my arse. Again, im still not used to his cock and I seem to close up after two or three days and get tight again. He grunts as he forces me open and buries deep in me. “FUCKKKK GO SLOW” I whine, he grunts “Open up for me piggy I aint stopping” he growls and pushes in deeper. Forcing himself in me I groan as I feel myself open. This goes on for ages, on my back on all fours behind me on myside. I can feel him hit that spot inside me again as I begin to arch my back as my gut starts to cramp up he fucks me harder, holding me down as he growls and grunts. Slamming himself into me I can feel his massive nuts slapping my arse. The room smelling of sweat and sex. “Im Gunna Fucking Cum in your cunt pig” he growls as he stares into my eyes I can’t reply all I can do is whimper and push down on his cock as he suddenly slips into my second opening and makes me scream out loud. ‘FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE CUM IN MEEEEEEEEEEEEE” I scream im sure I woke my housemate but I didn’t care I felt him slam inside me and hold still I could feel his cock flex inside me a sure sign he was blowing inside me. Hearing him growl as he blew inside me I cud feel my cock swell as I blew my load over his stomach Shaking under him I could feel the internal orgasm. “FUCKKK again, ohhh fuckkkkkkkk don’t pull out” I whimper feeling myself shake and quiver under him his cock hitting my insides feeling slick full of cum he grins and holds still in me as my back arches and I can’t stop it’s an incontrollable urge. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s so hard to describe and for those that have had one you know exactly what im going through. Finally, after a few minutes he pulls out and I groan feeling empty, his cum leaking out my arse, he collapses beside me. Over the course of the night we get up and go outside for a smoke and a drink and head back into the room and as he dozes off im on the internet and on BBRT and looking at profiles and my first thought about pozzing crosses my screen. It’s a biker travelling from Sydney to Brisbane and he starts chatting me up and I tell him im neg and that my master is neg and looking for fun times etc all the boring stuff. Anyway, my master wakes and he sees what im doing and im completely honest. About everything except for the poz status of the biker. We smile and go to sleep nothing comes out of it for the time being however when we woke on Sunday morning I pretty much rolled him on his back put his feet together and fucked him senseless and blew my load up his ass before sending him home for the week. Again if you want more lemme know (as I said the pozzing will cum) this is all based on real life events. MY master has read my story and approves and wants me to continue.
  12. cubster1984

    My Master

    Wow guys thanks so much I've had emails and likes and such positive (hehe see what I did there) comments here is the next. The one after will take me a lil bit because it's the part where I cheat on my master so lots more dirty perverted sex hehehe
  13. cubster1984

    Need to Make Sure...Don't We?

    Holy fuck yes hot
  14. cubster1984

    My Master

    So here I am sitting on the couch legs in the air my true master pushing inside me as I yelp begging him to stop not to poz me. The sweat dripping off his brow the room filled with the sweaty scent of two pigs finally doing what they were bred for. It’s kind of a long story so let’s start at the beginning. Years before…. I had come out of yet another long boring relationship, another relationship in which I ended up self-sabotaging to get out off and become single again only to get drunk fuck around make a few mistakes and within another short time find myself in another relationship. Before my latest mistake which is how I ended up with my true master and cheating on my bf of 5 years, I was meeting my master. My master and I had been talking for years and I mean we had been talking since I was in high school and although our paths never crossed we would see each other online and talk and reconnect and it just felt so right but either he or I was in a relationship when the other wasn’t. So fast forward a few years and finally he is single and so am I. We talk online for about a week and make a meeting for Friday night. He walks inside and we just smile at each other and it was on, we started out kissing and moved our way into the bedroom he laid me on my back and ripped my pants off as he yanked his down. It was so fucking hot with the warm weather we were both sweating like pigs and dripping the bed sheets getting soaked. He forced my legs apart and without a question about rubbers he spat on his cock and rammed inside me. Now im no starter to getting fucked but my previous bf’s have been small endowed and I could easily take them, now my master he is thick and long and fuck me I yelped he got balls deep and I just thrashed about on the bed staring into his dark eyes as he continued to fuck me. Making his grunting noises as I stayed under him helpless and not in control. Grunting as he thrusts deep into me I whine as he tells me to fucking take his cock. Staring directly at me as he grinds his hips and forces his cock deeper inside me. He started fucking me harder his hands on my hips, my legs over his shoulders his face above mine dripping sweat onto me. I squeeze my arse down on his cock. It was a good hard deep thrust fuck for a few mins then suddenly, I yelped and his eyes widened I freaked out as he hit my second opening. “FUCK OWWW PULL OUT” I scream the sudden intrusion of pain I have NEVER felt before my head was spinning my body started convulsing I tried to pull away but my master held me tight and continued fucking me harder. Not speaking to me he just grins and fucks harder and holds me tighter and thrusts deeper hitting that spot over and over, my body trembling as I arch my back I start shaking sweating faster I start whimpering and whining my master fuckign harder trying to keep his dick inside me as I try to pull away moaning like a cheap whore. Suddenly my master throws his head back and growls as he unloads into me and I can feel my insides twisting and convulsing into knots as I swear I feel his cock unload his neg juice inside my neg cunt. I jump up and my back arches as I shake my guts churning as I look up at my sexy master and see him grinning as I tell him what’s happening. He gets this confused look and asks if I have never had an internal orgasm and I instantly curl up into a ball and shake uncontrollably as he lays behinds me and fingers my sloppy arse as I yelp out and throw my legs out as I nearly kick him in his nuts. I couldn’t believe it I HAVE NEVER felt this before it was amazing my whole body was on fire and it only intensified every time my master touched me. In the end I had to push him away to calm down. It was amazing it felt like my first time and the look of satisfaction on his face was an immense turn on. Finally, after coming down from my first real orgasm ever we just laid there and looked at each other. At the time I smoked and so did he so we went outside on the balcony in all our glory and just stood out there and smoked. And that was our first meet physically and emotionally we connected and bonded straight away. My only regret is that I just wish we spoke and communicated what exactly we were both really wanting. It could have saved us a lot of heartbreak. More to come If anyone finds this interesting I will post the next story. This is all true and whilst it starts off with both of us NEG it does digress unto our true calling of being poz pigs. The photo attached is off our first meeting and breeding....

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