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    Cleaning dirty cock, worshipping dirty filthy men. Doing as im told. Pleasing filthy disgusting perverted fuckers.
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    Filthy fucking cub slut, perverted nasty99 PIG. I have a master whom I denied myself too years ago and fell in love with another guy. I love him but my nasty perverted piggish99 side is winning. I havent cheated but I want too. I need too.
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    been sucking cock and doing as im told since i was 4
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    nasty filthy whore. Looking to please my inner pig an release myself fully to the dark side. Currently in a sexless relationship to a man I love however he doesnt know what a filthy cumdump slut I am.

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  1. Great story. Wish there was more sex hehe. Hope Ur doing well mr
  2. Ohhhhhh is there more hehehehhe
  3. I fast 24 hrs before the event and spend a good few hours flushing out going deeper with hose and then laying back in tub and massaging Ur stomach laying on Ur side the expelling and doing it again till Ur squeaky clean. I've only ever used just water and been fine for multiple sessions with numerous guys and fisting and toys session play
  4. Fuck yes amazing. Please continue xx

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