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  1. Looking forward to finding out how he ends up with an ass full of cum.. Hoping for him to get forced to give up his body and let the real man make the decisions, then share him out like he needs to be.. at a sleazy old bathhouse full of needy old trolls he wouldn't give the time of day. Great story, keep it up!
  2. This is, hands down, the hottest story on the site. The way Timmy is treated by all the people around him, his loss of control and his submission to it, is how every cumdump needs to be handled. I've blown so many loads to this story that I started rationing your updates; I'll read a bit until I know I'm getting close, stop reading, and blow my load.. Saves whatever I haven't read for next time. Seriously, Slipitupme, I know it didn't start as your story, but you've made it something truly incredible, and I wanted to say thanks.
  3. If you're here on a Wednesday, check out Manifest's event night and see if it suits your tastes. Check their website for which one. The Red Roof Inn seems to be a popular spot for motel hookups, always seems to be a cumdump there taking loads. Haven't been to Flex myself, but Manifest is good on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with the latter having guys come in early for the discounted rate, leaving for the bars, then coming back around midnight on.. Get there around 11 and pig out. If you want gloryholes, Southern Nights on Cheshire has video booths with some decent action, though not sure what times are better than others. Hit me up if you want a NSA cumdump to unload in
  4. Missed the weekend but would be interested in the location. Love outdoor stuff. Rivers edge in Milton?
  5. Looking forward to trying it! Just went to The Eagle last night and took a load in the bathroom, was hot as hell.
  6. Just moved into the Roswell area, looking to find what places nearby or in North Atlanta are good for gloryhole play. Would be up for some good times as well, 25 y/o neg bottom pup here, 6'1" around 180. I have an owner, but he loves seeing me used by others.
  7. Had a great time getting bent over on the trails! Though the staff and rates could've been better. Thread can be deleted, I couldn't find controls for it.
  8. Criminally underrated story. I've blown so many loads while imagining this scenario, tricked into taking the bottom of the barrel cock. Fuck.
  9. Really love the dynamics in this story. Hope to see more, soon. The image of the faithful boy being corrupted and ruined has had me pumping load after load
  10. Anyone going to be at Sawmill next weekend? Will be there looking to get into some fun, only second time going. Bottom guy here, would love a special load or two.
  11. Had to reply and say how hot this story is. I love the stories with trollish old ugly tops using a young innocent boy to get off. Definitely reminds me of some sluttier nights I've spent face down ass up
  12. Personally, due to porn being generally the same old same old actionwise, the audio is what gets me off the most. I wanted to start a thread where we could post videos that had really hot audio in them. http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=fn4su-g362- This one the guy breeds deep without pulling out and the talk back and forth is amazing. I've literally jacked off multiple times to this video. Also, don't spam the thread with talking about barebackerman, yes, we all know his audio is hot.
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