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    raw. rough. deep throat. muscle
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    just a tight bottom looking to explore his wild side. fitness minded college kid.
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    Looking for hung studs to breed my tight ass! Bigger the better.

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  1. this college boi needs some SEED!

  2. Damn hot profile mate!

  3. Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    who should i apply do? honestly would work for free. put this tight muscled college boi to god use
  4. neg not on prep.... idc just need to feel my tight muscle butt used and hot cum blast inside me!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. alwaysready


      I want to breed and seed that ass.

    3. breederjock


      rough up my hole

    4. alwaysready


      first a fuck. then a fist up your ass, slipping my cock in my fist and jacking off inside you, spreading my seed around.


  5. coming to Germany in Feb! neg american college jock. would love a hot raw breeding party with that alpha cock

  6. hello sir :) neg college athlete. not on prep. I love your muscled bod and massive alpha cock in your profile pic. would love to let you rough up my tight neg muscle butt. no mercy. do whatever you want. never had a poz load and i bet they're real good coming from a monster like yours


  7. look like you could really use my neg jock hole

    1. alwaysready


      if you guys get together, make sure you film it. woof

    2. Chargedupslut


      Are you here in Atlanta? Because if you are I might just be in the mood to use a neg jock hole.

    3. alwaysready


      I wish. Memphis here. would love to take your seed.

  8. i know it would prob hurt but i wanna get pounded by a big cock with a PA

    1. workmyhole
    2. boybottom4use


      you barely feel the PA, at least that's been my experience with my loose cunt

    3. breederjock


      im tight... i wanna feel it tear me up

  9. i just wanna feel cum in my boi hole so bad idc if you use lube. tear me up so it soaks in

    1. alwaysready


      no lube. I want to leave your ass like hamburger meat.

    2. evilalex


      You're so fucking hot.

    3. alwaysready


      one of the best bodies and best attitudes on b/zone. if I could afford to go to Atlanta, i'd breed the hell out of this stud boy

  10. you poz tops actively search for neg holes to poz? what gets you off with converting? neg college boi here

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    2. babyeddie71


      I also think it is just what you need. I know I have breed 4 guy's in VT so far and hope to breed more. The one that stands out is the young collage guy I breed before the Hockey game. he took it like a champ and loved the feel of my hard raw cock as I exploded balls deep in his tight hole.

    3. breederjock


      he know youre poz?

    4. babyeddie71


      No he never asked. But as I pumped my second hot toxic load into him I said thats it boy take it enjoy that nasty dirty seed. You belong to me from this day on. He just looked at me with a confused look on his face so I gave him a hot  kiss and swapped spit with him as my cock softened in his well fucked hole.

      Once I pulled out I sucked his last Neg load from his cum filled balls

  11. wish youd use me like the lucky bois in your stories

    1. Scorpion


      Such a nice body... what about your handsome face - faggot? ;) 

  12. need a good alpha to abuse my tight muscle butt. toxic dna preferred

  13. you are the type of cum boi i wanna be and need to embrace. wish i had a good cumhole to take me under their wing

    1. alwaysready


      you need a master to teach you how to reach a state of exstacy. naturally or otherwise.

  14. traveling to rome... any good sex clubs?

    1. NLbear


      Rome, Italy? Don't know about clubs but I had a lot of fun at the Sauna Mediterraneo...

  15. this neg jock boi wants to try a real monster. test my limits and show me how much my tight muscle butt can take before i submit

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