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    raw. rough. deep throat. muscle
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    just a tight bottom looking to explore his wild side. fitness minded college kid.
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    Looking for hung studs to breed my tight ass! Bigger the better.

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  1. breederjock

    Theme Night

    fuuuk that boy is living the dream! i know i want my neg college boi hole tied down in a sling the first time i go to a bath house. thats how i wont my tight cunt to get pozzed. rough! no backing out until theyre done pumping all that hot cum into my guts
  2. any poz or alpha breeders in dallas tx?

    1. build4fit


      was just there

  3. someone better fuck up my tight neg jock hole.... boi needs to feel a nut pumping into my guts

    1. joboy_xxx


      i'd breed my toxic cum deep past your second ring multiple loads

    2. breederjock
  4. breederjock


    whats it like?
  5. breederjock


    any good gay bars/clubs? also open to trying a bath house if there is one
  6. would love some loads on my face or down my throat

    1. WellyDomNZ


      That's a waste of cum - it belongs in your ass

  7. This boi hole needs so alpha loads forced deep into my boi pussy. Tie me down and invite some friends ;) see how much i can handle then force the rest

    1. ToxicMuscleBreeder


      yeah that ass needs a lot of bad shit done to it!

  8. miss the true breeding videos

    1. Saturn1


      I don't know why they went away *shruggs* but they are gone and there is nothing that can be done about it...I am VERY glad that you enjoyed them while they were up, tho!!!

  9. Who has a nice alpha cock for my neg boi hole? Rough and raw and put that dna where it belongs

  10. breederjock

    442 "Darkroom" Experience?

    i need to visit a darkroom like that. just lay on the bench and let what happens happen to my tight boi hole
  11. breederjock

    Ethan Wolfe returns to TIM

    any of the new scenes anywhere to watch?
  12. breederjock

    Ethan Wolfe returns to TIM

    how do i get to bottom for him? he'd wreck my tight college boi hole
  13. that's hot as fuck! bet your thick poz cock fucks a tight hole goooooood
  14. Sir, you are so fucking sexy and alpha :) wish i could squeeze those big pecs as your poz cock abuses my tight neg college jock hole. Love to be forced into submission

  15. love to feel a hole splitting cock pump some thick seed into my tight boi pussy

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