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    raw. rough. deep throat. muscle
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    just a tight bottom looking to explore his wild side. fitness minded college kid.
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    Looking for hung studs to breed my tight ass! Bigger the better.

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  1. nut me up! flood my cummy hole with piss

  2. breederjock

    Bathhouse / Grindr Oct 6th 2017

    @18plus bottoming goals! i wanna go to a bath house so bad
  3. fuuuk i wanna try a cumunion so bad! get me twisted and put me in a sling and idk if id be able to say no. my neg college boi hole would be up for any cock to breed....no mercy preferred. i wanna really feel it 

    1. William1970
    2. evilalex


      You're such a good boy.

  4. breederjock

    Folsom Sep 2018

    @Gregory should I come take your loads?
  5. breederjock

    Folsom Sep 2018

    What's the biohazard party in Europe?
  6. I want a SketchySex.com style breeding

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. evilalex


      I want to see you getting raped boy.

    3. babyeddie71


      you had more than one chance boi to have just that with me and my 2 boys. tied down stripped blindfolded and used like a little slut

    4. breederjock


      sooo much cum

  7. always wanted to hit up a bath house
  8. @BiCollegeBtm what is steamworks?
  9. I need a big alpha to use me so bad

    1. bareall77
    2. evilalex


      mmm here i am boy

  10. breederjock

    College Boi

    College athlete in VT... bottom. always take loads. Use my holes how you want with who you want
  11. ugh i wanna try a good rough sling session

    1. ATLSexyGuy


      HOT... my first sling was at an after hours party (play party) I was invited to by a 378_1000.jpg.62280e1d7b2bab0e2a387eb984874fe8.jpgporn star. I was so high and just loved the variety of cock in my ass mouth, hands and face.

  12. Needed: Hung alpha. No Pullout. Poz dna for my tight neg hole. Submissive and college jockbro here.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. breederjock
    3. Pozslavetobabyeddie


      That's to bad. I thought it was after you said home from the bar and mentioned hockey.  I know the boy was super hot and total Jock. I plowed his hole 3 times depositing every load balls deep. That was the last breeding I was able to do. I am now locked in Chastity until the second week of July when we go to Maine to meet up with a bottom boy that wants to be trained and used the entire week.

    4. breederjock


      fuuuk thats so hot

  13. i need to visit my first bath house so bad. Ruthless balls deep breedings by big alpha sirs. Thats what this boi hole needs 

    1. alwaysready


      cumunion parties are a good bet as well, esp if you are a hot young guy. same as with bath house in general.

    2. breederjock


      So much rough deep fucking for my jock hole

    3. alwaysready



      I would breed you deep. that is for sure.


  14. Done school!!! Time to have my boi hole flooded daily. Any load. Make me take it

    1. studl1
    2. suckerboi


      May be in the DMV soon for work.  If so, would love to swap strains. 

    3. studl1

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