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    raw. rough. deep throat. muscle
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    just a tight bottom looking to explore his wild side. fitness minded college kid.
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    Looking for hung studs to breed my tight ass! Bigger the better.

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  1. so whos got the good seed?


  2. any studs breed in groups? this jock ass will submit
  3. Need this jock ass worked over so bad

  4. Any tops wanna use my neg jock ass like this? I’m willing to get broken in for good seed
  5. Neg athletic jock. Thicc and tight ass. 23yrs old. Looking to explore my piggy cum dump side
  6. Ate there really parties like this? Cause my jock ass wants to try one
  7. My boi hole needs some attention once this social distancing is over

    1. boybottom4use


      I feel you, I need to be fucked so bad!

    2. evilalex


      I would fuck you so hard that it should be illegal. 

  8. Well this boy needs a workout 😉

    1. evilalex


      Yeah, you should work on some squats. 🙂 

  9. Fuuuuk! This is how my hole needs to be broken in
  10. I know I’m neg but I know what my holes are for. If sirs seed is toxic then I’m still gonna take it and enjoy knowing he’s enjoying my hole
  11. I’m 24 neg jock and I’d volunteer for this
  12. I want a stud with a pa to breed my hole so I.T. roughs up my hole so his seed soaks in

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