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    raw. rough. deep throat. muscle
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    just a tight bottom looking to explore his wild side. fitness minded college kid.
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    Looking for hung studs to breed my tight ass! Bigger the better.

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  1. any alpha breeders? i need to be shown how to give up my hole for a proper breeding. no mercy. many loads. 

  2. use me how you want with who you want. this boi hole needs seed

  3. neg college jock. love to submit to that cock and take that poz seed

  4. love when the boys bring me home from the bar and they know i need a load so they happily give me theirs before bed. 

    1. blnpig74


      love to help out after a long night at bar and close it with a good breeding

  5. Den of Sexual Horrors

  6. Den of Sexual Horrors

    Jackfoster.... would love to take that poz load in my neg jock hole. this story sounds like a dream to me
  7. where in vt sir? wouldnt mind traveling

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. breederjock


      you ever top?

    3. sexy1vt


      Neg, vers. You?

    4. breederjock


      neg btm. near burlington a lot for hockey

  8. Message me Boy. I will be back in Burlington today and have time to Breed that tight young collage jock hole of yours.

    Come to me and submit, give your hole to me. Let me inspect your body feel you up as I inspect you. I will suck that cock and edge you, rim that tight hole and slowly take you to the other side. Feel my load flood your guts as you are turned into the pig that you are.

    1. Bicycledude


      Love your predator attitude! 😈

    2. babyeddie71


      Hosting in my hotel room this evening for a boy that wants to take it bare back. come let me breed your tight boy hole feel my toxic load flood your guts as I bottom out and explode balls deep.

      All the while I whisper thats it boi take that toxic seed feel it taking over your body? I own you now.

      I want that hole tonight in my hotel room.

      Best Western.

      HMU for rm number boy

  9. New Owner

    can i come to the party?
  10. big cock for my tight hole! neg. not on prep. maybe your dna will mark me up

  11. Stealthing Weapon

    would prob helo their poz dna soak into my neg hole
  12. would love to let such a hot alpha sir use my tight neg jock ass :P make me take any of your hot friends too ;) i know what my holes are for ;)

    1. muscmtl


      but u looking for big dicks, and just normal here

    2. breederjock


      cock is a cock... it still deserves a tight hole to use

    3. alwaysready


      yeah, this obsession with big dicks is largely, I think, due to the influence of porn.

  13. Stealthing Weapon

    tearing up my neg jock ass so that toxic seed soaks in?
  14. Stealthing Weapon

    never been fucked with a pa but want to try so badly
  15. your post in "have you ever converted someone on purpose" is hot af sir

    1. alwaysready


      on purpose. stealth. breeding is the word.

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