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Adventures of a Sauna Worker

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Sorry it's been so long. Wasnt sure where exactly to take it or if anyone was interested. Let me know if you enjoy the next installment, no sex but it sets up where I want to take it.


A new life: the Auction.


I awoke in what can only be described as a crate. It was hard, cramped and cold. I was naked and still smelt of piss. My mouth was dry and my head hurt.


I could hear muffled voices. There wasn't much air. My lungs screamed for more air and I started to panic. As the sweat beaded on my forehead and rolled down my face I tried to calm myself. This had to be me being taken to the market.


That's when it hit me. He was going to sell me. I closed my eyes and tried to stop myself from going into a full blown panic attack.


"Prime pig..... Barely used.....Negative..... Untraceable...." I heard snippets. Was that about me? 

"Average body.... Tight hole..... Start the bidding." I wish I could see what was going on. After all whatever happened now would dictate my future.  Suddenly a voice close by tore me back to the auction. 

"£2000 to see inside the crate before I decide if I want him." I couldn't even guess where the accent was from. I listened hard... Straining to hear... 

Light burst in. My eyes burned. I was dragged up by two big hards and spun on the spot. 

"As I stated," came the voice of the auctioneer, "not our finest lot tonight but worth a pretty penny." As quickly as I was freed I was pushed back down and the lid slammed shut.

Fuck. I didn't even get a look at any of them. Now I'm back in the dark. I heard more random bits of the auction. Nothing much to make out it was all happening so fast.

Then I heard it.


The crate juddered and shifted. The auction was over for me. 

The lid flipped open and I was blinded again. Then as quickly as the light came unconsciousness followed. My new owner had drugged me. 

One last thought echoed through my head.

My new life starts when my eyes open. If only I knew what was coming.

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