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    Bareback only bottom in service. Very experienced, open to most anything. My primary purpose is to get you off, so I'm probably into it.
    Been in self imposed chastity for months. Love it it's made my cunt my primary sex organ
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Very skilled cumdump open to most kinks, esp like watersports...
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    Loads. Top men who want to breed.

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  1. Went to the local ABS all caged up and ready to get used. Which usually doesn't pan out, because our local bookstore is kinda lame... but on occasion, it can be a good day. Today was. Guy 1 was a thick dicked "straight" dude visiting. Sucked him hard, he asked if wanted his cum in my pussy. I stood up bent over and slid his 9+ thick meat up inside me like a good whore. He fucked me some, then wanted my mouth again, before he stood me back up, shoved in and rammed me til he shot his load. Guy 2 was a short hot brown skinned dude I sucked thru the gh, before wrapping my swollen cunt lips
  2. No better words can be said to me than "fuck you're loose " when a Man enters me...
  3. 1,2,5,19... all the cumdump subs at the feet or being it used by its Superiors
  4. i would recommend a Holy Trainer as a starter. In resin. Ebay and Amazon both have inexpensive models, many of them have 3 ring sizes so you can try out to find the best fit. Do some research on the right tube length and how to measure.
  5. Sir, Have Your sub provide it's own device, then ceremoniously present Sir with the key to do with as Sir see fit. Make sure it gets a cage with 3 rings, so Sir can ensure the proper fit, and as it upgrades its cages, it will already have the size for a better fitted one. Thank You Sir
  6. Amazing description.  Thank You

  7. Coastalbender, you should try chastity. Nothing feels better than to have your useless diclit completely inaccessible and your only true sex organ an way of release is thru your cunt...
  8. It all depends on what the Top wants. If He wants my mouth hole first, of course I'll oblige. Plus deepthroating gets that good slickk throat slime that makes great lube!
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