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    Portland, ME
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Into hot kissing, sucking, rimming, felching, barebacking, poppers, weed, might try PNP.
    5'9", 8.5"cut, 200 lbs, grey hair, stache and beard, 79 years old.
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    Just shared vids with buddies
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    hot guys that can host, don't mind older men and are into the same kind of sex.

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  1. Thanks for the piggy, slut!   I really like your hot profile.  Hmmm... rimming a thick hairy grey sweaty ass....   

  2. Lots of us on here would be available 😈🐷💦
  3. Excellent start😈🐷💦☣️
  4. Freeballing is so hot. Bicyclists have been doing it forever. You are not supposed to wear underwear under cycling Lycra. Shows your bulge very well.
  5. Cheating husband here. You ever get to Maine? Love your posts in the pozconvert telegram group ☣️
  6. As a hairy old guy myself it’s good to know that some smooth young thinks dig us hairy guys.😍
  7. Weir said. Wish more people had your attitude 😍
  8. Got hard reading this. Sounds like a perfect fuck🐷💦
  9. Nothing like a good love story ❤️
  10. Yeah, bike rides are great for cheating😈
  11. So hot and twisted. Love it 😈🐷☣️
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