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    Giving blowjobs, getting fucked, taking loads, never waist a drop, taking toxic poz loads up my hairy ass
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    NSA, anon or regular, a load planted deep in my ass, or many loads, would love to take 65 loads on my next birthday ... lol
    Guys to whisper in my ear after they cum in my ass, "Congratulations, you now have my high viral load seeping into you!"

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  1. The voyeur touched! There won't be any condom on the cock about to fuck his well eaten ass.
  2. I have been monogamous in the past, but it is no longer the case, nor can I imagine settling for it. I just love the variety of cocks and cum in my mouth and ass. It was a long and winding road to get to this place but I have never been happier. Love all my bb fuckbuddies and love sucking down and taking anonymous loads up my ass!
  3. Very hot. I would so play it the same way and celebrate his load in me when I saw him with his family.
  4. 1st cock Monday was long and thin on a tall skinny Asian. As far as I could tell he only left precum and a little piss in me. 2nd cock was average on a good looking pot bellied young man. He told his friend he came in me a bit. 3rd cock was the tall talkative slim friend who had sucked and deep throated my 8 inches while his buddy fucked me. Beautiful 8 to 10 inch cock that pounded me hard as he tried to jerk me off. That wasn't happening. Neither of us came. 4th cock short but decent girth on a 30ish short muscular very tidy Asian guy. Sucked him hard before he stuck it in for a very short time and then decided he should suit up. No deal. 5th cock a hookup from Bbrt. Small 4' 6" deaf mute with a short small cock. Took me in the ass from about three different positions. Silently unloaded his huge three day load inside me. We were both very appreciative. 6th cock another outdoor cruising area. Blew this dumpy older guy hard. He admired my tan and wondered both where it stopped and if I liked more than giving blow jobs. I responded I liked it up the ass and asked if he wanted to check it for tan. He said yes, I stood, removed my shorts and leaned over against a tree trunk. He admired my ass tan and as his raw cock started to push in asked if I needed him to cover his cock up. I assured him, no need and he proceeded to fuck me as my engorged cock swung free in the wind. Eventually he pulled out and I could see he was jerking himself to climax. When he started to cum I guided him back inside to give me my 2nd certain load. I take all loads, no questions asked. I'll take just about any guys raw cock no matter what he looks like. I just want to pleasure the guy and prefer to collect their cum deep in my ass.
  5. So fuckin evil. When they make the movie I want the role of Tyler ...lol
  6. Woof back at cha! I would gladly accept any and all loads you have to offer sexy Jeremy!
  7. Took a fuckbuddy that I haven't had sex with for two years out on my sailboat this morning. I just figured he'd had me a number of times and had moved on. I wasn't expecting him to follow through this morning but prepared my ass anyway. When I came out of the Marina washroom he was waiting on a bench. Tall muscular handsome Brazilian with the most gorgeous wavy white hair! There was no wind so we motored well out into the middle of the Bay. The few clothes he had on came off a piece at a time. When I shut off the engine he was naked. We made out for a bit before I went down on his cock. He's a great kisser. Gave him a good oral work over 'til I could feel his balls were pulling up into his body. Got off his cock, stepped back and took some great full body pics with that magnificent cock pointing straight up. Sucked him fully hard again as he videoed and photographed my mouth working his cock. Then he videoed as I sat on his raw member. We moved about the boat a bit with him taking my ass from behind. Lots of pictures and videos. I could tell he was getting close. But we both got to tired, hot and sweaty to finish. Jumped in the Bay for a skinny dip. When back on the boat I sucked him back to full mast,and he proceeded to pound my ass as I bent over in the cockpit. I could tell he was a bit distracted checking to see if any boats had come close. Then he grabbed my hips and it was clear we were headed for the finish. About 10 more powerful strokes, satisfied groans and I could tell he was unloading in me deep. I had him video his cock coming out and a couple plops of cum followed from my hairy ass. It's so fuckin hot to rewatch. We were both ready for another naked swim. We are both excited to repeat this kind of sailing excursion soon.
  8. So fuckin hot. Brothers and a poz trucker! More please!
  9. Hot story. I would have begged this hairy handyman to fuck me raw. So keen to hear what these two get up to next.
  10. We (hubby and I) were visiting friends on the weekend. Hubby went to bed and the other couple and I enjoyed a bonfire. After a bit the other partner said he was heading off to bed. His partner said he and I planned to fuck. He instructed us to enjoy and headed off to bed. We did as we were instructed. I know another couple, one of whom travels often for work. He runs a live cam to share when he is getting bareback fucked so his partner back home can also enjoy the fun. My Hubby and I have a don't ask don't tell approach , so I understand a2nudists enquiry and sense of awkwardness. I see and hear of these other arrangements and think how great it might be. But then I know it wouldn't work for Hubby and I. I think it's a 'grass is always greener kind of thing.' Truth be told I love my privacy and coming home with loads in my ass. Hubby and I haven't had sex in years, everything else is great. So if it's not broken why fix it.
  11. Very fuckin hot. So you chasing or just a "don't give a fuck" attitude ?
  12. The cute bottom said; "You ready?" Top "yup " Near the end the bottom said, "Fuckin breed me. " And then asked the top with his camera "You get it?" Top "Yup " And I think they thanked each other.
  13. Love how Matt tries to want safe but nurturers his cum slut self with phone sex role play. Love even more that he just keeps giving up his vulnerable ass to more and more guys cum, with virtually no questions asked. Hot, hot, hot!
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