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  1. Apparently 'what happens in Florida ' doesn't stay in Florida. Looking forward to details!
  2. The evidence was building. Three guys claiming I had pozed them. I was pretty sure I was carrying it but I had no intention of getting tested. 'Don't know, don't care' continued to seem my best answer for the hookup apps. I considered changing it to 'not sure, problem poz' but decided to leave it for now. Over the next three weeks four guys hit me up to flip fuck. Two worked out and we pumped loads deep into each other. They both messaged me within three weeks to tell me, "It took. Got fuck flu and tested positive. Thanks guy!" All this attention really kept me horny and the next nice day I found myself at the cruising woods. I'd collected three ass loads when I noticed my ultimate fuck mate. Six feet tall, olive skin, black thick body hair, head and chest, classic handsome face. He was only wearing sandals and a khaki cargo shorts . I knew he was commando, I'd seen him drop the shorts to collect two loads. I caught and held his eyes as the second guy dumped in him. He just nodded in a way that told me to just slide in and take the other guys place when he was done. I started by eating his cummy ass, fetching some of the loads and snowballing to him. His million dollar smile let me know I had his piggy number. My raw cock slipped in very easily and we soon established a great rythm. As I was gaining momentum I remembered my possible poz status. This was my first anonymous non app hookup since suspecting I was not only poz but probably highly toxic. My raw cock and precum were already inside him. Did I need to warn him? At lightning speed I determined it was his responsibility to ask; or, protect his ass with Prep if he was going to offer it up for raw cock. I picked up my pounding speed. He groaned his approval and began to egg me on. "Breed me man. I need your fucking hot load up my ass." It was not long 'til I was fulfilling his wish and flooding him with my likely poz load. When he finished cleaning my cock he said "Hey Thanks bud, I so fuckin needed that!" "You are most welcome. " my enthusiastic reply. Him; "Little late, but do you mind if I ask your status. " Me "Single" "Yeah, I expected so, but no, your HIV status. " "Awe, yeah, I'd say you're late with that question. What are you hoping I will say?" "Well I'm not on Prep, and I've got a boyfriend who doesn't know I'm out here, so I'm hoping if you're poz your on meds and undetectable." Me "Honestly I don't know, have never been tested. But five guys swear I've pozed them, and I've taken a thousand loads where you've just taken mine and never asked any questions. " "Fuck man, no. You shit head. Why would you breed me if you suspect you're poz and toxic? "Four of the guys begged me to knock them up. " "Well I sure as fuckin hell didn't. You had no right." " You have no fuckin right to accuse me. Mines not the first load you've taken today without asking. That's on you fag." "You're an asshole being out here knocking unsuspecting guys up. A fuckin asshole!" "Sounds to me like you want another of my likely poz loads." "Are you crazy? What the fuck man?" "You could have left long ago and you're still here claiming to be pissed off. I think you want this again. " I shook my hardon at him. "You would wouldn't you? You'd pump another poison load into me if I let you? Right?" "Right. You want it? I'll give it to you. " "Why would I want your fuckin toxic load?" "Because you already got one. And I gave a great fuck. So how could another hurt?You know you want to ride my raw cock again and feel me blast inside. " "No I don't. " he lied as he bent over and leaned against a tree trunk offering his ass. I just shoved my full length balls deep. "Argh, I said no man. Don't fuckin fuck my ass with your poz dick. " he was riding back on me every bit as much as I was giving it to him. "Pull it out. I said no." His body was actively involved no matter what his words said. "Don't you dare breed me with your filthy seed man. Don't cum in me. " He was vigorously wanking himself. "Fuck me 'til I cum man, I'm so fuckin close. ...... Yeah, that's it .... I'm cumming, yeah, fuck! His ass convulsions were the last straw to trigger me; "Oh yeah,...that's what you wanted, another load of toxic cum from me." "Damn, you fuck too good. I had to have it again. Besides your's might not have been the first poz load planted in me tonight. " "It's time for you to return the favor ass hole." I took his place at the tree and bent to offer my ass. He fucked me relentlessly for 20 minutes. Long enough for an audience of four guys of various ages, races and body types to have gathered. They all had their peckers out stroking. I don't know how he managed it but the first of the onlookers to cum shot it onto the cock fucking me. My fucker came as he pushed the other guys cum into me. In quick succession the other three guys mounted, pumped and loaded me. As I rose from the last I said to my combative confused fuck mate. "That's how it's done. Once you convert, you just take loads wherever offered. Don't ask, don't tell. Don't know, don't care. "
  3. I had a stranger's big fat naked cock up my ass in the middle of a crowded bar dance floor. I was only wearing my nastiest jock strap, work socks and boots. He had simply moved in behind me, fingered my wet sloppy hole and slid on in. (I'd collected two loads on my way to the bar. The first an app hookup, the other in a back alley. ) I hadn't even seen his body or face. Just felt his substantial cock in my ass, his hands on my bare chest and his mouth nibble my left ear. I did see the face of the red head pushing through the crowd in front of me. Built and moving like a Sherman tank he cleared a path and got right into my face. Placing hands on both sides of my head he pulled me in and planted a huge full mouth kiss on me. As we both added lots of tounge the cock in my ass started to convulse. I was in heaven. One stranger's tounge down my throat, another's cock unloading in my ass and all out in plain view of a crowd. How could things get any better? They didn't! The redhead pulled away from the kiss, wound up and punched me in the gut. I doubled over in pain too winded to react. The guy in my ass finished unloading and the redhead screamed over the music. "I hope he just gave you gono!" Then he turned and stormed away. The crowd parted for him like the red sea for Moses. I made my way to a wall and used it to to steady myself as I breathed through the pain. That is, when I caught my breath. After fifteen minutes I had calmed down enough to know I was angry but in control enough to not kill the redhead next time I saw him. I made my way to the washroom and found him seated at the bar when I came out. He saw me approach, a look of angry defiance on his face. Me "What the fuck man?!" Red "That's for knocking me up with no warning!" Me "What the fuck do you mean ass hole?!" Red "You don't forget your first time, idiot! You were the first guy to bareback me. It was in the cruising woods a few years ago. I insisted on a condom but fell for your 'just the tip' bullshit! Next thing I knew you were fucking the hell out of me. Without a word you blasted your poison load deep in my ass." Me "But I'm not poz man. I swear. I've never had anything close to the fuck flu. " Red "It was you alright. I was so fuckin scared I didn't even look at guys for three weeks. Then I got sick, deadly sick, and I got tested. I thought I'd die on the spot when the doctor told me. You fuckin knocked me up and knew what you were doing, you bastard." My head was reeling. 'Could this be true? Could I have had it all this time and not known? How many of the dozen or so other guys I've bred might I have given it?' Me "Fuck man, I swear. 'Til now I never even dreamt I might be shooting loaded bullets. I had no idea." He just glared at me. Me "Look man. You sure it couldn't have been someone else? Besides you're much bigger than me, why didn't you fight me off? Red "You think I haven't fuckin asked myself that very question a thousand times? It was you, you piece of shit! I've delivered my message, we're done here. " And he stomped off. I ordered three tequila shooters to calm my nerves. When the shirtless gym bunny bartender delivered them there were four. Bartender "Sorry, I couldn't help but here most of your argument. Let's toast to your good news." Me "What the fuck?" Bartender "I'm dying to get knocked up man. I finish a 2AM. I want your poz load if you can manage to keep it 'til then." He handed me a shooter glass and we toasted. Then he nodded his head toward the other two glasses and said: "Drink up, you've got a lot to celebrate. How many other guys you think you might have knocked up?" "Fuck man. I don't know. Could be as many as one or two dozen. Fuck!" "Fuckin A man! I want to be the first you knowingly gift." "But I don't even know if it's true. For all I know that red head is crazy. "I still want your load man." "But what if it's true? If I've got it I'll have a high viral load. I could be toxic as hell. " "That's what I'm hoping for!" The other barman was standing beside his work mate. His voice interrupted us. "Take your break now bud. I want to watch him convert your sorry negative ass right here on the dance floor. " He didn't waist a minute vaulting over the bar. He grabbed my hand and towed me into the pulsing crowd. He began to dance very seductively around me drawing me in with his beautiful inviting eyes and smile. My look must have softened 'cause he moved close and we shared a passionate kiss. He then dropped to his knees, fished my cock out of my jock and feasted away 'til I was hard. Standing he turned, dropped his jeans revealing a beautifully rounded hairy ass and pulled my cock toward his hole. I stuck a finger in, it seemed clean and wet when I pulled it out so I stuck it in my mouth. Me "Tastes like you're prelubed." "Yup, three loads in there. But your's will be the only known poz one. " As I shoved on in I said "Maybe " "Oh Red knows. And I think you know to. Now poz my negative ass!" The other bartender must have talked to the d.j.. The TV scenes all switch to a poppers training video with the song words "shoot your toxic load into me, poz my negative ass". The bar went dark, save the light from the screens and a spotlight trained on me and the guy I was fucking. All talking and laughing subsided as all eyes turned to watch our public rutting performance. It had been a while since I had topped. My raging raw hardon felt great in his tight hole and looked even better. I was soon giving him a royal fucking to the beat of the music. He kept moaning his pleasure and screaming to be heard over the music; "Harder. Deeper. Tear up my negative ass. Breed me poz. Make me poz!" The crowd took up some of these words as a chat. I knew Red was probably right. I felt a little sick for what I'd unwittingly done to him. But in this moment, with this crowd cheering me on and this hot guy begging me to breed him poz I was more turned on than ever before. Two guys reached in and offered us both sniffs from their poppers. My body temperature felt like it spiked by ten degrees and my horniness factor went up by 100% if that was even possible. My hole being was in pile drive and breed mode. He was pushing back as hard as my instrokes. I leaned in to hug his back and breathlessly and quietly spoke in his ear. "You fuckin sure you want this faggot?" "Never been more sure of anything in my life! Oh yeah ... that's it man. Oh God, I love your poz load!" I was indeed unloading and his ass muscles milked out every drop. You'd have thought a winning goal had been scored, THE CROWD WENT WILD! More guys approached me that night wanting me to poz them, but I just didn't recharge that quickly. Besides I'm mostly a bottom cum dump, not so much a dumper. I didn't go and get tested. I just thought, 'who the fuck cares?' I changed my app profiles to "don't know, don't care '. Turns out lots of guys cared but in the opposite way than I expected. 'Don't know, don't care' especially with my mostly bottom vers status, translated to them as 'probably poz' and upped their excitement to take the risk. I had so many guys tapping me on the apps to fuck, breed and gift them. If they promised a flip fuck breeding I would go for it. Over the next three weeks six guys seeded me and got my questionable load in return. Every time the sex was so fuckin hot! They usually kept the pozing talk going as they begged for my load and it turned me on beyond anything I could imagine. I was at the bar at the end of those three weeks and noticed my batender guy wasn't working. The other bartender automatically brought a tray of tequila shooters, offered them to everyone close by, and toasted my successful conversion of his workmate who was out with the fuck flu. I was also approached by a friend of someone I had flip fucked with two weeks earlier. He offered Jagermeister shooters to toast my potent toxic load. His friend was sick as a dog and so excited to plan going for his biohazard tattoo. I ended up breeding three more guys on the dance floor that night. Which meant I got their loads up my ass and five more. All delivered in the middle of the dance crowd. My jock strap disappeared after the second fucking never to be seen again. I didn't care, I was having way too good a time.
  4. Very fond memories of the first time I got fucked. He lived about 300 kilometers from me so I would go for a weekend. I had just come out so had very little experience. He was very gentle and encouraging. We did it with me bent over his dining room table. He suited up, used lots of lube and time, and I couldn't believe when he was inside me it had gone so smoothly. The little initial pain passed so quickly and a cock loving bottom was born. He was also the first guy I fucked. It was a long time ago but I think he had me fuck him later that same night when we went to bed. He knew I'd only had sex with my wife of the time so he had me do him bareback. I loved the feeling inside his ass. I'm a bit embarrassed to say I didn't give him the pleasure of cumming in him. So he had me take a piss when we were done to make sure none of his shit was trapped in my shaft. His partner's mother came to the door while he was fucking me which brought that 'loosing my cherry' experience to a rapid halt! Lol
  5. For the next six months I just kept scaring the shit out of myself. I knew I couldn't stop having sex with strangers, it was just too exhilarating. Two or three times I had repeat sessions with guys, but it just felt boring and wrong. Every time I approached a new stranger I promised myself I would have them suite up. By the time their cock approached my vulnerable hole it was always raw and I knew I needed the cum. They didn't all breed me but most did. I was easily taking ten strangers loads up my ass every week. And, I never had the fucking good sense to ask their status. I was loosing my mind I was so fuckin frightened. I couldn't believe I hadn't gotten sick and I hadn't gotten checked out, just too damn frightened. I knew the clerk at the bookstore must have been poz with his scorpion tattoo so I'd taken at least one poz load and seemingly dodged the bullet. I hadn't heard that guys could get it without getting the fuck flu. Then one night I got picked up by a group of three guys at the cruising woods. They had watched as four strangers bred my ass and knowing I was well lubricated wanted a more private party. They were all football player builds so I couldn't believe my good fortune. We loaded into a black double cab Ram pickup and drove for about an hour to a remote cottage. The guy in the back seat with me fished out his semi hard dick and I spent the ride servicing his thick 6 inch hardon. With each passing minute and each dizzying turn my fear grew. I'd definitely done some stupid things and had sex in risky places but I'd never been this reckless. They could be planning to kill me and dispose of my body. Noone would have had a clue where I had gone. The cottage was very rustic. One big room with a sling hanging in the middle. I was immediately stripped and lashed into the swing. The guy I'd been sucking pushed his ridged cock back in my mouth. One of his friends stood at my head on the other side and presented a beautiful eight inches for me to swivel my head and suck. I proceeded to alternate one to the other. Very soon hot lips were eating out my hole and a strong tongue began to royally fuck my ass. By now I was to busy and horny to remember any fear that might have existed earlier. After five minutes I groaned as the pleasure to my ass was removed. As if playing musical chairs each guy rotated positions and quickly my mouth and ass were kept busy. The new cock for my mouth was the biggest of the bunch. A good ten inches at full mast and easily beer bottle thick. I couldn't deep throat it but gave it my best try. When the lips came off my ass I expected another musical chairs maneuver, but cried out as the eight inches plunged deep into my guts. He pounded me for 15 or so strokes and then the rotation maneuver occurred. The last guy at my ass just plunged his raw cock in and fucked away at a rapid slapping pace. He kept it up for quite some time before suddenly pulling out declaring. "I don't want to cum yet." As I expected the quick rotation ensued and the huge ten inch naked monster drove into my ass. I gagged on the cock down my throat as it muffled my screams. Pulling off coughing and sputtering for the first time I let my attention drift from the proffered cocks at my mouth to inspect what was probing my ass. I got over the initial pain almost instantly I was so horn dogged to see that huge raw cock sliding back and forth in my body. Then my sight line drifted up below his belly button and I was flooded with terror like never before. Me; "What the fuck are you doing?!" Mr.10 inches (him); "What's it look like I'm doing? I'm fucking you, silly. " Me; "But your tattoo!?" Him; "What about it?" "Your not wearing a condom. " "Why would I wear a fuckin rubber? I never use those nasty things. " "But you could infect me." "Yeah, so what? So could anyone of those guys that bred you in the woods kid." "Fuck! So are you really toxic, not on meds?" "Yup" "Fuck" "That's what I'm doin. And for all your talk you ain't stoppin me." Not only was I not stopping him my cock just kept getting harder. Me "Just don't cum in me ... please." Him "I never pull out kid. And neither will they." "Fuckin shit, are they poz to?" "Of course they are. Who to hell do you think knocked them up? (Pointing) He had the fuck flu last week, and he's still got some fever. My monster's shreddin your ass for all three doses of venom. It's your lucky night kid. You can kiss your negative ass good bye." And then he really railed into me as the eight inch cock was jammed down my throat. "I'm gettin real close kid. Beg for it. " "NO Don't ... don't cum ..." I was blasting my load hands free and my ass brought him over the edge. "Argh .... fuuuuuuccck..." "NO, PLEASE NO" "To fuckin late kid." He was still convulsing while pressed deep inside. "Which one of you gets him next?" "NO, FUCK NO! I don't want their fuck flu. " He'd pulled out of me and presented his blood, poz cum and ass juice covered stick for me to clean. I didn't hesitate amazing myself with how deeply I was able to inhale the ten inches. Before I was finished my cleaning job the smallest knob was fucking my ass. When I had my mouth back I couldn't stop myself groaning with each piston fuck. I couldn't hide my pleasure. Him "You're a great cum dump kid. I knew you wouldn't stop with mine. " "Fuck no ... ooh.... that feels so good ... but no... oh yeah .... no, don't breed me " Him "Breed him man, he wants your poison load, don't listen to him. " Me "Oh yeah .... fuck me .... but don't... don't ... ooh fuck... your filling me now aren't you? Oh fuck, I can feel you painting my guts. Fuuuuuuccck that feels so fuckin good!" As I was cleaning this fresh cock the last guy stepped up and aimed for my hole, "What do you say kid?" Me "This is fuckin crazy. No way man. I want it, but this is fuckin crazy. " He stuck the head of his eight inches into me. Me "Fuck no man. Shit it's not fair. Your raw cock feels so fuckin good. ... oh yeah ...but no..." He pulled it completely out and I felt so empty. Me "What the fuck man? What are you doing?" 8"'s "You said no." Me "Yeah, and I meant it. But you gotta give me more than just the tip. " "Balls deep?" "Yeah, balls deep. Then you can pull oouuutttt ... Oh fuck ... that feels so good " He'd taken me literally and entered in one swift movement. "Fuck me man. I need another raw pounding .... oooo fuucckk ... yeah ... like that .... your hittin my prostate just right ... don't stop. " The other two "Breed him .Fill him with your toxic dose!" 8"s " Ugh ... I'm close kid, tell me what you want ... fast " "Cum in my ass! Shoot inside me. Oh yeah .... knock me up, poz my hole." And again it was happening as I spoke. By the time I finished cleaning this cock the ten inch was hard again and teasing my swollen sloppy hole. Me "I've got three in me what's one more, give it to me." Well it wasn't just one more, by morning there must have been 9 toxic loads dripping down my balls. I slept on the entire drive back to the city. They dumped me at the woods and drove away laughing and shouting "Enjoy the fuck flu. " My terror returned and that was the cold sweat I awakened to for the next month. The cement truck of the fuck flu fevers never settled into me. And I was way too frightened to go to any clinic. With such a fright you'd think I'd avoid sex or at least not bb with strangers. But oh no, after a full days rest I was back out there getting my ten load quota every week. And fuckin and breedin the odd ass along the way.
  6. Nice story. I like both these guys. It's enjoyable to read about a sweet sexual encounter sometimes. I look forward to seeing where this story will go.
  7. Now we wait to hear how many got knocked up and pozed. Hot
  8. Mmmmmmm, the temptation was just too great for both of them. Fuckin A hot! Looking forward to more in this great story.
  9. Sounds so sweet. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Oh what could happen on that train. Very promising start to the ride and your story. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  11. Dan I couldn't believe that the misfortune of loosing our theater space so close to our performance could be so fuckin fortunate for me. I didn't know what had changed for Scott but I really didn't care. I was finally going to get to suck his dick and fuck him for real, and all in front of a very horny audience. His insistence on a condom fuck was disappointing, but that he was willing to let me fuck him at all was amazing after him rejecting my advances for so long. The night before our final rehearsal I was so horny and excited I couldn't sleep. I eventually stopped trying, got dressed and went to my favorite gay bar. I hit on a cute young latino guy as we both got smashingly drunk. He invited me back to his place and we flip fucked until his roommate came home with a trick and all four of us didn't stop until everyone had been in everyone else's asses. We used up a hole package of condoms. The latino was desperate for me to fuck him one more time. He begged me to take him raw and flood his ass. As I was fulfilling his wish the roommate and his trick decided my ass was ripe for bareback pillage and both pounded loads into me. We slept in a naked pile of tangled bodies in one bed. When I awoke I realized I had a half hour to get to our final rehearsal the morning before our opening performance. I pulled on my jeans, wife beater t, and sandals; sprinted from the apartment, down three flights of stairs, hit the freshly washed lobby floor and my feet disappeared from under me. I slid across the floor, hit the wall and broke my leg and arm. FUCK! When I was able to get to a phone to let the others know what had happened I learned that they had been able to get the escort/porn star to come in and read through my part. They were just finishing up. There had never been a plan to have sex for that final rehearsal, plan was to save it for the evening performance. When they learned I couldn't perform that night the escort/ porn star agreed to take my top role. Scott was irate complaining they'd only had one read through; but the director said it would be okay. Scott knew his part well and the other guy could improvise whatever he had not picked up in the read through, "the play must go on. " I had no intention of missing this, popped a load of pain killers and managed a good seat in the audience. I decided I wasn't sure if I'd come for enjoyment or toarcher when the bar scene got to the first kiss. The escort was a Tom Selleck esc natural leading man. Handsome chiseled face, fit body with muscular broad shoulders, and great hair, on his head and peaking out of his wife beater t. Following the script he initiated the passionate kiss in the bar and Scott looked as if he melted into the man who clearly had his tounge down Scott's throat. The torcher only intensified when they got to the tops appartment and started ripping off each other's clothes. As the top sucked Scott's cock into his mouth I was insanely jealous. That was supposed to be my lips around Scott's man flesh finally. My cock hardened and ached when Scott took the 10 inch erection into his mouth. I was amazed and impressed he could handle something so long and thick. It was very clear to me that they were improvising when they settled into 69ing on the couch. They were mostly just enjoying great sex with each other. I was so fuckin jealous. The tops fingers found Scott's ass hole and he was soon eating out Scott's ass with vigor. Shortly Scott let the erection go from his mouth and moved to eat out the tops ass. Clearly the chemistry between them was amazing! If I had been jealous and suffering up to this point their next move felt like a bullet through my brain. The escort/pornstar's raw cock head penetrated Scott's ass. This was unmistakably viewed by everyone in the theater space. 'FUCK, look what I'm missing!' Scott I was so mad when Dan didn't turn up for our last rehearsal. I knew he could act like an idiot sometimes but this was too much. When the stand in arrived for the quick read through I calmed down a bit. Even straight guys like me can appreciate masculine eye candy. And this guy looked pretty sweet, especially his bulging package. When we finally heard from Dan and the director declared the last minute change I was more than skeptical that we could pull the play off. This other guy seemed nice enough, but could the two of us get through the play improvising? More frightening, could I manage the cock making his impressive bulge? This was not what I thought I'd signed up for. But as the director said 'the show must go on.' The opening scene in the bar was developing well. I really hadn't noticed in the read through how good the new guy and my chemistry was. I almost forgot we were performing as he hit on me so strongly. When our lips first met and his tongue plunged down my throat any misgivings from earlier melted away. I knew we could pull this off together and I let myself forget we were being watched. I knew it would be a challenge but thought I could manage the size of his cock until I released it from his jeans. I was tempted to panic but before I could his mouth took my erection in balls deep. His amazing tounge lashed out and licked my balls and I instinctively started deep throat face fucking him. He took it like the pro he was. When I started the oral work on his cock I found I was delighted and hugely turned on knowing we had an audience. I impressed myself as I attempted to give as good as I had received. We moved into 69ing on the couch so naturally you'd have thought it was in the script. When his strong fingers found my ass ring I moaned around his flesh down my throat. Then his hot wet lips took over on my ass and I was afraid I'd cum instantly. He was a seasoned professional and didn't miss a single one of my signals. He could bring me right to the edge and back off only to offer a new stimulating pleasure. He lifted off me and had my feet on his strong shoulders so quickly I was momentarily disoriented. That was until I felt his cock head penetrate my outer ring. Even then it took me a moment while dealing with the stabbing pain to realize he'd entered me raw. Thankfully the script gave me the opportunity to say; "Awe, a condom? Did you forget the condom?" "Fuck man, really? Do you really want one of those things between us? Besides, I don't have any. " This was on script, but I thought he knew the plan that I would relent for the sake of the play, but in reality he'd sneak on a condom to fuck me and sneak it off when we were done. Off script; "But I don't know you. Besides I always play safe. " "Fuck man, not me! Come on, I know you like my silky cock in you. You're certainly not pulling away." He was right about that. It was dawning on me that in the last minute rush nobody had told him this crucial part of the plan. Shit, what was I going to do? I had an inspiration and improvised off script; "God damn! you do feel good. Maybe just a little more, a little deeper. But not balls deep." "I'm already in you bare man. You may as well feel this beauty balls deep. " "Fuck no man. Then you'll want to fuck me a bit. " "Good idea." he smirked. "Not a good idea. Just half way. Okay?" "Mmmmm, like this?" I couldn't help myself; "Awe fuck me, that feels so good. " As he pushed in balls deep; "I knew you'd give me permission. " "No, no way man. Just let me enjoy it there for a moment and then you pull out when I say. Okay?" He didn't say anything. "Okay?!" "Come on man. You know you want more of my raw fuck tool. " and he pushed in deeper. My groan expressed way too much pleasure. He almost pulled out completely and I panicked, "No, don't pull out yet!" So he pulled out. "Fuck me man! I feel so empty, put it back in." "Why would I do that if you won't let me raw fuck you.?" "Come on man, I need it." "I know, you need it. But tell me how you need me. " "Yes ... yes, I need you to raw fuck me, okay? You win." ( he really had, this may have been off script but I meant it. I loved him in me raw and couldn't stop now. ) All ten inches plunged into me and pounded against my prostate. I moaned and groaned satisfaction with every onslaught. It was clear from the muffled sounds from the audience that they were very turned on. I snuck a peak and saw a number of them openly spanking their man meat. This turned me on even more and I wanted to extend their enjoyment as long as possible. My top seemed to agree and was obviously edging himself and using his professional talent to change patterns before he lost it. We fucked in a number of places and positions. No one in the audience could have missed that I was actually getting a passionately brutal raw fuck as part of this play. Finally his chest and shoulders blushed a tell tale colour. With laboured breath I asked if he was getting close. "Close to my final orgasm, yeh. You've already got two loads from me. " 'How could I have missed that?' I reached to my ass and could tell he wasn't lying. My hand wrapped around my cock and I shot off like a cannon. I couldn't miss his final simultaneous ejaculation painting my bowels. And the audience went wild. When they quieted l returned to the script, " You did what!? You came in my ass?" He improvised from the script just as the sex had, "I came in your ass three times and you loved every minute of it and every drop of my cum. " "How much I loved it doesn't matter. You had no permission to breed me once let alone three times." "Permission? The moment you let my naked cock in your peach fuzz hole you granted me full access." And with this ongoing argument the play proceeded. Now and then the stage lights would fade to dark along with the argument to only seconds later flood back on with us both in new locations around the apartment in full on argument and still stark naked. At one point the escort/porn star actually pissed in a large potted plant. "Fuck man, look, the sun is coming up. We've argued all fuckin night and we are no closer to agreeing with each other. You think you had every right to seduce me into taking you bareback. I think you as much as raped me by cumming in my ass. " "I agree we've wasted the night arguing when we should have just kept fucking. " he began stroking himself. Dan It had been excruciating seeing the fill in claim and mark Scott's ass. It should have been mine and I was pissed enough to know I to would have found a way to breed him on stage as well. But here was this arogant stand in lead heading off on a total improvisation to end the play. Stroking his big cock for the grand finale. Seemingly against his own will and better judgment Scott was drawn across the stage and sank to his knees. He took the growing hardon into his mouth and sucked it to full erection. He then pushed a chair to the front center stage, bent over it and offered up his ass. His costar needed no more direction. He moved in behind Scott and plunged his 10 inches proudly into the pro offered ass. He pounded away and this quick pump and dump ended the play. Neither actor bothered with clothes as they took their final bows together. After bowing to the audience Scott turned to moon them and proceeded to push fresh cum out of his hole. His colead crouched down and licked it up. Anyone who was still seated joined the standing ovation and cheering. The actors came off the stage and made out with the director who'd been sitting in the front row. Scott soon had the director's pants around his knees and was sucking him off. The escort was now bareback fucking a studly audience member. As the orgy progressed I kept ordering drinks to drown my sorrows. I ordered more as I watched both Scott and the escort offer their asses to any and all takers. There was not a condom to be seen or found in that sex club theater that night in 1993. I blacked out as I watched the fifth audience member knock up Scott's previously straight virgin ass.
  12. Great start. Thanks. I look forward to hearing more.
  13. I'm on the list of guys he's inspired to 'fuck on the wild side' offering my ass 'no questions asked. ' Huge gratitude for the 'fuller' life this is granting me!
  14. Mmmmmmm, loved every minute of this! I'd love to read more of your writing. (Sorry I was out of imojeos to boot your ratings. )
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