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  1. It was 1990. My wife , two young boys and I were living in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. The wife and kids had flown home to Ontario to spend a week with her folks. I had to work; and, besides, there was lots to do with our first home. It was a fixer upper priced perfectly for first time buyers with a young family. I was working the midnight shift that week which gave me lots of daylight hours to get repairs done on the house. I had always slept in the nude, but with the house empty and sweltering heat I quickly got in the habit of not dressing while indoors. After two days of this I almo
  2. My lunch buddy friend was amazed when I reported on my bathhouse visit. Not that I saw so much bareback activity. He knew almost everyone went raw these days. That I had relented and taken toxic poz cum in just one visit, that astounded him. However, he didn't know me from my promiscuous years, before life with my husband. In those days my visit would not have ended with one flip fuck. The fifty year old had been listening at the door. He slipped into my room all smiles when the young buck left; "I heard it all. You want to top or bottom with me now?" "Sorry fella. Nice as yo
  3. (Warning a character in this section refers to physical and sexual abuse by his father and grandfather. Please do not proceed if this topic will trigger your emotional pain.) After thirty years absence I had totally forgotten how silky and wonderful recieving a skin on skin fuck feels. To be getting it from such a young buck was beyond my wildest dreams. At the same time the knowledge that he was toxic poz terrified me in spite of his reassurance that my HIV meds would protect me. So many of my friends had died of AIDS, how could I willingly subject myself to the risk of reinfection
  4. I had just arrived at the bathhouse. I was searching for my room. I could feel a presence rush up behind me. All of a sudden he was beside me. He took my arm and pulled me to a stop. His sweet young face beamed into mine; "Are you a top? I need you to fuck me!" I was so turned on but had to respond; "Damn, I was hoping you'd ask the opposite; 'Are you a bottom? I need to fuck you! I'm more bottom than vers. " This towel clad young man appeared to be 26 at the oldest. I'm 76 and this was my first bathhouse visit in almost 30 years. It had been two years since my lover of 28 years had
  5. I could not have dreamed up such a fuckin awesome week. Not only was the none stop wreakless sex outstanding I had quickly grown very fond of the trupplet Stu, Hank and Frank. The outdoor morning flip fuck with Mike my last morning at the ranch had been particularly passionate. With both our asses freshly loaded we could barely pull ourselves away from our post coital embrace as we wept like inconsolable babies. Halfway on the drive to the airport for my return flight I took violently ill. Frank stopped on the shoulder and I wretched and vomited everything from the bottom of my boots. I
  6. I began to emerge from my deep sleep to the sound of a rooster crowing and heavy breathing in my ear. I realized Mike's big erection was pistoning my ass. "Good morning sweet heart! I was beginning to wonder if you'd sleep through this breeding the way you did at 2 AM. I couldn't let your guts dry out now could I. You're a bit dirty up there so let's move this outside." Me; "Fuck, sorry, I should run and clean out." Mike; "Hey man, I'm a fuckin pig, doesn't bother me one bit." The morning air felt fresh and cool on my naked body. Mike sat on the Muskoka chair at the door of his
  7. Over the course of the evening they each charged my sore ass with two to four more donations of toxin. Frank again was last doing me in the shower. When we returned to the kitchen Hank had a slim young man bent over the table. His three hundred pounds were driving into the small man's ass like an elephant fucking a gazelle. The gazelle was grunting with each pile drive. But it was clearly groans and sighs begging for more. When Hank pushed in and held deep the young voice called out; "That's it Daddy Hank, recharge my baby pig hole. Give me what this fucking bad boy deserves. Fill me wit
  8. Hubby was confused by my unfamiliar secrecy but didn't stand in the way of my trip. He had been able to infect one willing target in the six months he had been poz and found the experience so hot and exciting he planned to spend the time we were apart at the bathhouse knocking up as many men as requested his special poz DNA. One of the three lovers I was off to visit met me at the airport. I thought I would cum in my pants the moment I saw him holding a sign with my name in the arrivals lounge. 6 feet 4 inches, 280 pounds of solid bear meat. Wearing faded warn blue jeans clearly ou
  9. Almost breathless Curly spoke; "You're damn right it's fuckin time. Cuuuummmin ... fuuuuuuccck... loaden your guts man ... blasting my poison load deep!" Simultaneously Hubby; "Oh, oohh, ooooh my God. Frickin knocking me up you bastard. You're pozing my sorry ass ... fuuuuuuccck .... fuck ... oooph. I'm cumming lover ... take my last negative load. Gonna be pozing you from now on. No fuckin way you're going on PrEP now. No fuckin way!" Me at the same time; "Love it Hubby. Sooo fuuuuuuccck, Argh ... Argh ... fuck just shot my wad. I think it hit the wall!" Curly pulled o
  10. We left the restaurant and beelined to the closest bathhouse. We rented a double bed room. I'm not sure why Hubby insisted on this. As I expected we really didn't spend any time in it. The sling was empty so I went directly there and climbed aboard. Hubby began humping me bareback to send a clear message. My ass was available for breeding. When we had attracted an audience of three or four Hubby pulled out tapped in a beer bellied average looking 50ish guy with a smallish dick. Again he was sending a message. 'No load refused ',and for my part he was right. As beer belly rut
  11. Me; "The pain was so intense I was on the verge thinking, 'this is way too much!'. But, I didn't pull away. It was as if the pain at my two holes and throughout my gut was a drug I craved. Destroying me and feeding some deep internal need all at the same time. I pushed on the wall as if trying to hold off his onslaught to no avail. It was a futile effort, yet I still didn't step away." "I had just reached my limit of tolerance, my resolve to pull off fully engaged, when the monster broke through my second ring, or intestine fold, whatever that is, and the pain vanished. Dagger like pain
  12. Luv the sense of letting go of any and all control ... very hot! Thanks
  13. I decided to pull my jeans on commando and leave my shirt unbuttoned when I got back to our booth. I'm a cum slut and love it, why not advertise with my state of undress. Our waiter arrived with a take out bag bulging with the rest of my clothes and shoes. "You might be interested in these at some point. I know your paramour rules require you to tell your hubby about the two loads you just snuck in the bathroom, but according to my count you've got five more to cover from earlier today. Don't start on those 'til I return with your dessert and coffee." Hubby smiling; "That was quite
  14. Waiter; "Hey you guys, I gotta get these dishes back to the kitchen. I need a bathroom break. Then I'll bring your dessert and Irish coffee. " Hubby; "Sounds good." Me; "Yeah, a bathroom break sounds like a good idea." Hubby; "Don't take too long, you don't want to miss dessert." And he winked. I really did have to take a leak. At the same time all my talk about fucking had my ass with an itch that needed scratching. I was finished at the urinal before our waiter arrived. I had already moved to a stall, dropped my jeans, leaned over the throne and left the door open when h
  15. I had checked the chart of Mountain man's boyfriend by the end of my work day. Saw he was unmedicated HIV+. I wasn't really worried, just curious and honestly maybe a bit excited. I swung by the room as I was leaving work. Some hospital staff were working on his friend so Mountain man was in the hall. His cushion of curly chest hair was nicely revealed by his half open shirt. He saw me coming and welcomed me with a smile. Him; "Hi. How's the rest of your day gone? How many more loads have you collected?" Me laughing; "None, damn it." Him; "There's more hours left in the day."
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