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mature sub pig btm for video or livestream

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Like to serve, submit wild and piggy to as far as you want. Trained, great stamina, submit, serve, suck, deep throat, skull fuck, piss play, swallow, fuck as long as you want, flood my ass, share my ass, pig play, manscent++, ripe ok, expert rimmer.31A9A7F2-5887-454F-8956-6F712733288B.thumb.jpeg.baac0ff378e34cd9838fcd61baf53cf2.jpegCFA3F13D-099A-416D-8A2C-51D04A73AE0C.thumb.jpeg.fe2a1fe622b62d511ba6bd1895383ded.jpegYou can post on porn hub or xtube video if you would like. IMG_20180308_222816.thumb.jpg.cfe0136f2888931d487dec1364705a25.jpg I like to get jacked and serve ... Let's be creative and have fun.

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    • By hole4bbuse
      Mature submissive parTy pig always looking to serve, submit, in videos, pics, groups, great stamina, love chempiss deep, supercharges the play, bdsm, was catcher, livestream, video all good wild and nasty to total freaky. If you want to make a amateur video or can use a mature submissive bitch cum dump this mouth and ass is for you. Hit me up, no loads refused... 

    • By abnsvs
      I am looking for a Top, dominant preferably but not necessary to take my anal virginity. Like the post says I'm not picky or hung up on looks. I couldn't care less what you look like. We won't be dating. Just fucking. If I had to say I had a preference I would say I prefer black dick but not a disqualifer but would love to give this ass to a black man as I believe black men are Kings and us white people should be subservient. You must host. No games or bullshit let's do this. Bareback is a must. 
    • By Fillitup57
      Will be in Vegas from March 3 to the 8th.   Looking to get fucked and parTy.   Am 61 and HWP- very much into sex.  Contact me and we can talk more. 
    • By CHIredhead
      I´ve never done that before, and I´ve been approached by a few bottoms now wanting me to whore them out. I just dont know how to do that?
      Any tips, tricks etc?
      The last guy now said he´d get a hotel room etc 
    • By hardix
      I don't often get the chance to visit London but when I do I like to make the most of it and this was certainly true on Monday. I had already booked a hotel room for Monday evening so I could be ready for a conference meeting on the Tuesday. I advertised on BBRT that I would be hosting a hotel gangbang but only got 3 replies and of those only one confirmed, hmmm not really a gang bang so I cancelled the party and got back on line and quickly found a hook up that wanted to come visit me in the hotel. A rather well endowed black guy turned up and after the usual preliminaries we started to fuck, and could he fuck, after about 5 minutes my arse was so his and I was really feeling his throbbing cock rubbing the insides of my anus and making me precum. He eventually came and deposited a nice load deep inside me. After refreshments and chit chat we went at again and again, three times he fucked me long and hard then he had to leave. Well the night was still young so I got myself ready and walked to the Vault for naked night. There was a good crowd of mixed guys and I soon immersed myself in amongst the crowd getting fucked almost immediately bent over one of the barrels in the play area. After this an Arab looking guy took a fancy to me and fucked me with his nice cock for a while before we both got hot and needed some cool air. He later found me round by the cubicles and had me bent over in the corridor fucking my arse and soon I also sucking a juicy cock, meanwhile the Arab guy was offering my arse around and I'm pretty sure there were two takers before he finished off by cumming in me. Well I thought that was that and was winding down when I was hit on again by a scrawny guy with  mediocre cock and I thought why not, lol. And that was it for the night. Next day I went to the conference and it finished earlier than I expected so made my way to Chariots Vauxhall where it was bloody slow to be honest but still managed to get fucked and loaded twice more before having to head for the train and home. So all in all, not a bad 24hrs in London all bareback with no sign of anyone wanting to use a condom... 

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