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  1. Traveling Top

    Horny. Met this ginger on grinder. Agreed too mee tup. turns out hes from out of town. He had rubbers and wanted too use em but no lube. So I happily supplied some vaseline Arent I helpfull... Anyways 10 minutes in too me blowing him and hes ready to blow. So i let him throw a rubber on and i grease up some more. 2 minutes into me and hes ready too blow. I tell him to breed me like the bitch I am. He blows and pulls oit then says "oh shit" and starts too freak out... I lay back and smile enjoying the full warm feeling in my ass
  2. FEELING LOW, FEELING HIGH (How Low Will I Go . . . continued) Well there was no surprise what happened about a week later: I woke up feeling like shit. Worse than shit. I was sweaty and feverish and achy all over. Yup, the fuck flu was beginning to kick my ass. Despite the fatigue, I had enough mental brain power to do a little calendar calculation in my head. I supposed it is possible that taking all of those loads from the AIDS patients at the hospice could infect me severely enough to kick in after a week. Could it? Part of me was still thinking (and maybe hoping) that it was from that first day, with that first skinny wasting man who passed me off at the bathhouse. I knew my 'hope' was a little stupid - it could have come from any of them. Or Stu or David. Or a combination. I could be carrying all of their HIV babies all at once! My stomach was rolling and my mind was spinning. Actually, that was the room. I was thinking too hard about it: I had gotten what I wanted. What was next? I really did feel like shit, but my dick was standing at full mast and I was fucking horny, knowing I was finally a part of The Brotherhood. Even though I really didn’t have the energy, I dragged my sickly ass out of bed, cleaned myself up (and out), pulled on a jock strap, a pair of nylon trackies and a tee shirt, then headed out. I wanted to go back to where it all began. So I hopped a cab just outside of my building. The cabbie kept eyeing me in the rear view mirror and after a minute or so kindly asked “You feeling alright, buddy?” “I’m, uh, just a little under the weather,” I replied, "but nothing to worry about. I’m on my way to get a little more . . . medicine.” He dropped me off at the corner and I walked the few doors down to the black door of the hidden bathhouse. I carefully made my way down the stairs, praying that my legs would hold me up all the way down. The same guy was behind the desk and I slipped him the entrance fee. He squinted at me. He knew. “You okay?” he asked. I wondered just what answer was the right one in these circumstances. T o hell with it. “Fuck flu,” I blurted out. Just then out came the first guy from that first time, the frail and sick looking one. He was smiling at me, and his cock stood mighty and hard. “Time to finish what we started,” he said in a husky voice. He didn’t give me time to undress or find somewhere more comfortable to fuck. He simply pulled me around the corner, yanked my pants down and entered my ass, slam-fucking me hard, with only the precum from his big cock as lube. I was too exhausted to make much of a fuss over the discomfort, and besides, it always feels great to have a man up in my hole, even if it was, on occasion, a literal pain in the ass. For such a slight looking man, his hands gripped my hips quite strongly, his bony fingers digging into me while his big bone dug into my greedy fuck hole. He slammed into me hard, really hard, clearly trying to tear me up inside so that he could ensure a clear path of travel for his potent toxic seed to enter into me again. I closed my eyes for a minute, basking in the hypnotic sound of our skin smacking into one another again and again. I could have died right then and there and would have been one happy pig. He pounded my insides to mush, and he was sweating quite a bit and breathing hard, so I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer. His grip on my hips grew painful as he growled like some sort of wounded animal, his cock swelling inside of me and depositing his viral load into me once again, most certainly impregnating me. He remained in side my ass until his cock grew soft and slid out of my wet and sloppy hole on its own accord. Reaching down, the guy reached down and massaged the cum that had leaked out into my swollen and tender ass. I had expected the other guys who had come to watch to step up and take their turns on me but, much to my disappointment, they didn’t. Instead, he pulled my pants back into place and led me out front where he put his clothes on and guided me back the way I’d come. Turning to him I asked “What’s going on?” “I’ve got something special in mind for you,” he replied with an evil glint in his eyes. Well my initial disappointment vanished instantly and my cock sprang back to life. We took our time slowly ascended the stairs up to street level. I think that we both felt like shit, but somehow we both walked unhindered, and he guided me to a nearby park. I had been by here before but usually avoided it, having seen some of the wasted burn-out types who hung out there all the time. After having been used like a whore as I have been lately, I knew now that I was in no position to judge them. It also occurred to me that I still didn’t know the guy's name but I was following him around like a lost puppy. And he seemed to know a lot of the guys we passed. Perhaps he was one of them. I wondered if that was how he got infected, sharing needles or something. “You think you’ve gone down the rabbit hole? ou've only just stepped through the entrance,” he commented, smirking. “I can tell that you are not the type of pig who will be satisfied until you’re completely degraded and trashed.” My mind was telling me that I didn’t like the sounds of that, but I couldn’t ignore the enormous tent sticking out in front of my pants. Damn this thing sometimes! “We could have stayed at the bathhouse and let all of those guys used you again. But let's face it - been there, done that. You need something new, don’t you? Something . . . more? My heart was pounding hard and my breathing was already more of a pant. How did this guy get into my head like that? I just nodded at him, knowing that everything he said about me was right. I would trust that he would know just what it would take to satisfy my inner pig. He finally stopped at a group of some seven guys, all looking really rough and tough. They didn’t look to be homeless, just really sort of seedy looking. I guess they were just hanging out looking for something to do. Or some-ONE. He pulled one guy away and spoke very quietly to him for several minutes. Every so often they would both look over at me, and the man he was talking to would raise his eyebrows sometimes or smirk at me. When they finished whispering, they both looked at me and said, “Let’s go,” and I, along with the others, walked over to a beat up old van at the other end of the park. It was filthy inside and the back had no seats. One of the guys, a big man who was real hairy bear, grabbed hold of me and pulled me to his lap. “Why don’t you sit on me until we get there?” he growled into my ear. I figured ‘Fine, I’m sure his lap is much more comfortable than the floor’, so I smiled at him. “Well go ahead, lose the pants,” he snapped at me. Duh, he really wanted me to sit on him! Also fine by me, so I stood and shucked off my pants, and then straddled his lap, working his already hard cock out of his pants. One load in my hole helped get his fat uncut cock into my hungry hole. And I do mean fat. He wasn’t longer than seven inches, but he had to be more than that around! I fucking loved feeling his cock stretch my hole open wide. I leaned my head back and smiled to myself, not even particularly aware of the other guys watching me. Only his cock and my hole. He started talking to me, so I snapped out of my personal daze and looked at his face. He was actually quite handsome. I have always loved a bear. He didn’t look skinny enough to be a junkie, not that I had much experience. I’ve always been a lightweight when it comes to substances. “You are a good little whore, aren’t ya'?” he asked, adding “Fuck, your ass feels good on my cock. I’m going to enjoy using you plenty,” he growled as he thrust his hips up to get as much of his cock into my hole as was possible. He continued to growl and rut up into my lusting hole, but after a few minutes I tuned into the other guys complaining to him that he was hogging the hole. Evidently they all wanted their turn. “Fine,” he grumbled. “Get off,” he said to me, shoving me off of his still throbbing dick. My friend who had brought me to these guys was sitting up front with the driver and one other man, so that left me in the back with four guys other than the one who had already been in me. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.... I didn’t have to bother choosing between them, as the first guy nearest me tossed me down to me knees, shuffled on his knees behind me and hammered his dick balls deep inside me. I howled from the shock of it. He wasn’t all that big, but I wasn’t wide open and gaping just yet so my hole needed to adjust to the sudden invasion. “Shut the fuck up, bitch,” he snarled, ramming into me over and over again. He pounded me like this for just a couple of minutes and then I was dragged onto the next guy, and the next and the next. By this time my hole had loosened up good and was feeling really sloppy. Also by this time we had reached our destination. The van stopped and the side door slid wide open, exposing me in all of my nakedness to anyone who might pass by. The man who I now recognized as the leader of the group (and the driver of the van) grabbed my clothes from the floor of the van and just nodded his head in the direction of the house where we were parked. Luckily as I peeked out I couldn’t see any other houses in close proximity, so I didn’t have to worry about making the naked sprint to the front door. I could feel cum from my first fuck (plus all of their precum and surely some blood) trickling down the insides of my legs as I walked, and my cock got stiffer. Something about feeling cum running down my legs reminds me that I was a whore, which excited me more than ever. They led me down to a rough and unfinished basement, with little in the way of furniture. Or light, for that matter. Just a beat up old sofa, a few folding chairs, and some exposed metal posts and wooden beams. Charming. The leader suddenly grabbed my hands and in a flash, before I could register what was happening, he had me chained to one of the metal posts in the middle of the room. From there he sauntered over to a dark corner where I heard him dragging something. Then he and one of the other guys picked it up -looked to me like they’d build their own fuck bench. Two of the other guys took hold of my legs and lifted me up in the air, which made me feel very much like a frog: arms out in front of me, legs back and splayed, stomach facing down. The fuck bench was slid in place under me and I was set down on top of it. “This’ll be your home until we’re done with you,” the leader said, patting the bench. “Almost all of us have had a turn in you, but not quite. But as none of us have unloaded in you yet, we‘ve got some work ahead of us.” With that, I could hear him unbuckling his pants and saw him kick them off to the side. He entered me and took hold of my hips while he took his time in me. It was a very good fuck, not rough, but not slow and tender either. Just good quality dick in a hungry pig hole. He had stamina, too. He kept it up for a good 20-30 minutes and wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Another 10 minutes and he leaned himself down on top of me so he could whisper in my ear. “I just got back from Cuba a couple of months ago. I brought something back with me . . . and it didn't come from the duty-free,” he told me, in a cross between a whisper and a growl, his breath so hot and stimulating against my ear. I felt an instant rush slam through my body. This guy was seriously telling me that he was a carrier of the Cuban strain? I felt a moment of panic, but shoved it down just as quickly. It was what it was. I was a cumwhore, made to take loads - all of them. And I had heard many guys were deliberately seeking out the deadly and untreatable Cuban strain. "Please, fill me with you poison seed!" I yelled. "Come on, knock me up with that toxic cum!!" “Here it cums, slut, my fucking deadly cum going inside you,” he growled in my ear as I felt him tense and his cock expanded and exploded inside me, filling me with his intensely viral seed. My balls exploded at that exact moment, emptying into my mesh jock strap and leaking out in a puddle beneath me. I just dropped my head, moaned through our simultaneous orgasms, and revelled in the entire feeling of freedom and pig sex that had eluded me my entire life. Now I was the way I was meant to be. Over the course of the next couple of hours the guys all had their turns on me, and I learned that they met at a special clinic that was studying the most deadly and untreatable of all HIV strains out there. And they all came together to combine their DNA into some seriously effective and highly toxic strain of HIV. Inside of my body. Yes, the terror was still there, but it didn’t stamp out the sheer lust and thrill that consumed me. I was a bitch in heat now, and no deadly strain was going to stop me from being the biggest cumwhore I could possibly be. The guys actually kept me there for a couple of days, letting me move around freely only long enough to stretch my legs and to rehydrate. No food. I was fucked beyond fucked. My asshole was now a permanently gaping sloppy cavern, and the guys could just dive balls deep into me with not even a flinch from me. I could still feel them inside of me, but I’d been stretched and torn up enough to be able to accommodate anything. But it was that Cuban load that really opened the floodgates to all of the depravity that I experienced over the course of those couple of days. Maybe I’ll get into a little more detail . . .
  3. I'm a nasty black powertop. I love to bareback tranny asshole. I like long freaky fuck sessions that go all day or all weekend. I'm obsessed with breeding asshole and need a big butt tranny to dump all my hot loads in. I like to fuck until every drop of cum is drained out of my big black balls into a warm wet asshole.
  4. We are always reading about how many loads bottoms take at the baths or sex parties but we rarely hear about guys who also enjoy breeding anon holes. Number of holes are you able to breed in one night: Do you just breed one hole and your done and usually go home after the breeding? Do you combine breeding holes and taking loads?: Some guys may want to first bottom for a while before they are ready to top and breed holes. Then back to bottoming.
  5. Dom Top with big cock (20 cm and thick) Visiting NYC end of October 2017 looking for skinny submissive bottoms to dump a few loads,pnp friendly and can host at my Hotel..msg me
  6. FELLOW CUMDUMP PIGS and FEEDERS: Looking to start a thread for men that want to exchange their collected loads (their own or from men they've gotten them from) with other guys that want to receive them or swap. I would love to swap or just receive loads from anyone that wants to give them to me. I will inject these loads up my pig cunt and video it and post it on xtube. I'm very serious about this and expect those that send me a message to be serious about this. Thanks and OINKS! Tom
  7. Bred at STD Clinic

    I haven't posted for quite a while on this thread but I need to.... So yesterday I went in to my local STD clinic for my routine check up. I waited a while as they had forgotten about me. Then a guy came out to say Have you been seen yet? Nope, not yet, I replied. He took my file to a room and in less than a minute another guy came out and called my name. I went in to his little office, noticed he was sort of checking me out. He got me to go get the blood tests and to do the swabs and said he would do the questionnaire after I came back which I thought was odd and opposite. Did all that, came back and we chatted. He asked the usual questions and when I said oh I only gutted fucked BB, he asked where. I said at parties or grindr or sex clubs or living where I do I really only have to open my door, to which he replied, I hope I'll be invited in when I walk down your street..... He was so cute too, so I said so, he leaned over and started to kiss me. I kissed back and I presume when he got up he locked his door but to be honest I didn't notice. One thing led to another and all of a sudden I was on my knees sucking his pretty impressive thick dick. I thought, OK, he'll blow down my throat so I said, I hope you breed me sometime to which he replied, I'm gonna breed you now.... I was like, I'm not sure I'm "ready" for that and he told me to shut up, got me up and pulled my pants down and had me lean over his desk. He lapped up at my hole for a while and jacked himself off and I made note not to make a sound as I really wanted to moan. He tried then to fuck me but because of being nervous I was too tight and told him to get some lube. He used spit instead and still I couldn't take him so he then grabbed some lube a from his bowl of lube and condoms and he pushed in and filled me up to the hilt. He fucked a little too hard since I wasn't relaxed (and didn't have my poppers) and kept ramming onto my second hole, so I kept raising up to make it easier and he kept pushing me down so he could get further in (bad bottom I know). I could feel cold sweats on my back and my heart was racing. I kept thinking I hope the door is locked. After about 10 minutes I relaxed into his fucking a little more and he kept ramming into my second hole and finally pushed in and then he unloaded. First a little as I felt him tense up and throb. Then he fucked me for another minute and he then came hard. As he withdrew, I looked to make sure I was clean, thankfully all was ok, lol. I told him I should see him when I go back for more tests and should come more frequently to which he replied, you can always request me and it never hurts to check all the time since you like getting loaded.... I'll be back for sure, took his card.... That was a total surprise for the day and I was trying not to smile completely like a cheshire cat walking out of the clinic...... Kept those puppies in me all day too.
  8. I love being bred by men that are ugly/unattractive. My pig hole craves their loads even though I don't even want the men. Looking to chat with other men who are into this same thing. OINK
  9. After years of reading and enjoying these stories with both hands, this is my first attempt at telling one of my own. Please don't be too hard on me I appreciate your comments though. Perhaps if you like this I will write more. Did you ever have one of those experiences that gets so deeply etched on your brain that you can’t forget it? I know I have, and it was almost like a scene from a movie; one in which the mists part and out steps this person… a person almost defying description. In my case though, the person came not from the mists, but from around a corner; a corner in a bathhouse in Center City Philadelphia. But my reaction was the same as if he had stepped from the mists. I saw him and my heart skipped a beat and I think I stopped breathing for a second. There I had stood, reclining back against the bathhouse wall, one foot propped back against it too, as I took in the sight of this giant of a guy that came lumbering down the hall towards me that night. My reaction was visceral, and instantaneous. I wanted him and everything he had to offer, and I wasn’t gonna be happy till I got all of it. It was late afternoon of New Year’s Day, about 1997. I had decided to go down into Center City as past experience had proven that this day was a great day for getting some action at the local baths. The big New Year’s Day parade was winding down by that time, no one was feeling any pain given all the alcohol that had been consumed on the streets just to try and stay warm, and for guys like us, the horniness level had been ratcheting upwards for hours. And so when that happened, there were only two things you could do. You could either trundle off to one of the gay bars in Center City in hopes that the combination of booze and flirting would land you a fuck, or you wandered over to the baths where for the more proactive types you knew there’d at least be some real shit goin on. And that’s what I did. When I got there I paid my entry and went inside. You could tell right away that the place was hopping as there was a definite vibe to the place. I quickly found my room, got undressed, wrapped my towel around my waist and went out cruising. I had barely been there a half hour when I found myself propped up against that wall as “he” came around that corner. My heart began to do somersaults in my chest. You guys know what it is I’m talking about. Yeah there were guys there that I’d play with, and I had sampled a few already, but I hadn’t really fully engaged with anyone yet as I was awaiting “the one.” And then there he was. I’m no little guy at 6ft, 225 pounds, easy enough on the eyes, and muscled enough where it counts, with a nice hairy chest and scruffy mug. I’ve got a nice fat cock that scares enough of the amateurs away, and challenges just enough of those that that think they can take it. And yet next to this guy, I felt small. He loomed tall at around 6’5”, broad shouldered; olive skinned with enough of a summer tan left yet to give him a healthy glow in January. He had dark hair but was completely bald on top, and the lower half of his face sported a dark, full goatee that just enhanced his sexiness. There was a slight demonic quality about his look that made me spring an almost instant boner; like a guy who knew how to be really, really bad, while being the best that he could be. I’m pretty much a top, but even my ass twitched at the sight of him. I knew right then that I was in for trouble. As he ambled down that bathhouse hallway it gave me ample time to check out what he had goin on. He was a beefy guy with a good 50 pounds on me. But on his frame it just made him look all the more daunting. His chest was covered with a thick pelt of dark fur and his meaty, well-worked nipples projected out from his solid beefy pecs. And underneath that towel that he had wrapped around his hick waist hid the makings of a weapon whose ultimate proportions I could only guess at. As he neared, we made eye contact. A definite glimmer of mutual recognition passed between the two of us… or at least enough so for me to know that the chase was on. Since it appeared that he had just gotten there, I figured he needed to do the perfunctory spin around the place too to check out the action. So I left him pass and then followed behind at a respectable distance as he went through all the floors and the basement of the place; far enough away to not appear stalkerish, but yet close enough to know if he suddenly decided he was ready for action. Eventually we ended we found ourselves back up on the floor where I first saw him and there he veered to the right, off the main hallway and into a bathroom with an adjoining shower room. To the left in this bathroom was another long room with a series of sinks and urinals lining its walls, and at the far end of that room, a cedar door with a small window that led to the club’s dry sauna. I followed him as he headed towards that door, peered through the window and then yanked open the heavy door with a muscled ease and entered the sauna. This was my cue to stop at a discrete spot and watch, but not engage further, mostly to see if he was just checking the room out and would quickly reemerge, or if he had chosen to plant himself in there. When he didn’t reappear after a minute or two, I knew it was the latter and I decided to make my move. The dry sauna was a somewhat lengthy, oblong room with an upper and lower tier of wooden bleachers that ringed three of the room’s four walls. As I looked in the sauna door’s window I saw that the stud had climbed up onto the upper tier of bleachers along the short end of the room directly opposite the door. There, as though perfectly picture framed by the window, sat this giant of a man, his towel spread open, his hairy legs spread wide, his head tilted back against the wall behind him with his eyes closed, and what I still think was one of the most beautiful cocks that I had ever seen hanging softly and pendulously between his spread legs, surrounded by a nest of thick, curly dark pubic hair and resting on top of two enormous balls in their fuzzy sack. And like Pavlov’s dog, I began to salivate as I reached for the handle of that dry sauna door. I stepped into the sauna where there were already three other guys seated on the upper and lower tiers on the right and the left. But against the far wall there was just my guy. I slowly walked over to where he was seated and took off my towel, laying it down to the right of him on the lower tier of seating, and then sat down. I was very close to his leg which rested on the bench right next to me. Just being that close to him was making me hornier. There I sat for a short while just looking at the tree-trunk-like-legs and big feet of this man-god in repose. But I wasn’t fooled by his closed eye routine; he knew I was there and he knew I was watching him. And he was watching me too through his half-lidded eyes… both of us just waiting for one or the other to make the first move. And so I did. I tentatively reached over and began stroking his hairy leg, slowly letting my hand glide higher and higher up his thigh until my fingers came in contact with the puckered flesh of his sweaty nutsack. As he shifted position ever so slightly I felt his massive testicles shift within their protective covering. I slowly rubbed my fingers over and around them. As I did, my fingers came in contact with his previously flaccid cock which by now had started to swell from the attention I was paying him. Apparently he was just as turned on as I was. As I wrapped my hand around his rapidly stiffening cock I realized that whatever I had anticipated his cock being like when underneath that towel, I had sorely underestimated the girthy giant that was then hardening in my hand. Between the heat of the dry sauna, his sweaty cock in my hand, and the musk of a thousand cocks and asses that permeated all the fixtures in that room, my senses had shifted into overdrive and I could barely control myself. I had reached that point that we all are all too familiar with, the point where the animal brain pushes logic and reasoning aside, and throws all caution to the wind, the point where primitive man emerges… with no goal other than to reach orgasm and spread your seed wantonly, anywhere that you can. My body was on sexual auto-pilot as it swiveled around on that bench and my head went straight for that stud’s crotch. Without even asking I sank his cock as deep into my throat as I could get it while I tugged on his nuts. His hands, firmly planted on the back of my sweaty head, were all the tacit approval I needed to know that I had carte-blanche to go town on his rock hard cock. And So I did. Up and down my mouth and head went, only stopping briefly when he leaned forward and shoved that little brown bottle under each nostril and ordered me to “Breathe” deeply. After that I went into overdrive choking on his fat cock, the combined precum and saliva just pouring out of my mouth and down over his cock and balls, pooling in his asscrack where his towel soaked up all the overflow. In a move that kind of shocked me, he raised his legs up and planted his feet on the upper bench where he was seated and swiveled his ass forwards. Then he grabbed my head, pulling it off his cock and shoving it down to his taint. He once again fed me the poppers and then pushed my head down the last little ways till my tongue came in full contact with his sweaty, furry ass. Between the heat and the poppers I was like a wild man as I dove into that hole with reckless abandon and chowed down on his ass as if I was starving. And fuck did that ass taste good. As I ate away at it he took the back of his one foot and ground it into the back of my head as he attempted to push my face even further up into his asscrack. I snaked my tongue as far into that studbutt as I could get, licking him out for all I was worth. Afraid that I was going to pass out from the heat and the lack of oxygen, I finally pulled my face away from his hole just so I could catch my breath. It was then that I realized that we had begun to attract an audience. It was the quiet murmuring that I heard first followed by the slapping sound of hands rapidly stroking hard, wet cocks while their owners watched our live sex show. As I looked over my shoulder I realized that those three guys had now grown to at least 10, with another 3 or 4 standing around the door to the sauna peering in. And like any good pig, that was all it took to make me wanna amp up the show even further. I quickly turned back around and dove back down on that hard cock, slurping on it for all I was worth. His hands went back to my head as they wrapped themselves around it and he began to pump his ass up off the bench driving his cock even further into my throat. After plowing away for a little bit I decided it was time to go for what I really desperately wanted from this giant stud of a guy and so I pulled off his cock and I quickly stood up. While I had been on my knees on that bench blowing him I had reached around and had started fingering my hungry, but rarely used, fuckhole, slipping a finger or two into my mouth where I could to get spit to work into my hole in order to loosen it up. Without giving him to time to react I quickly straddled his thighs, took his dripping spit and pre-cum-slicked cock and aimed it directly for spit-lubed ass, and I sat down on it with all my weight. He must have anticipated my moves because he was already ready with the poppers and pushed them right up to my nose and held them there forcing me to inhale them. And thank God that he did. That fat cock was just about splitting me in half as it barreled up my chute. But as I have learned over time, the more badly you want someone’s cock, the easier it seems to be to take it. In short order I was all the way down to the base with his pubes and balls nestled right in the crack of my ass. And fuck did it feel good. I just sat there for a few moments savoring the feeling of accomplishment I had gotten from getting what I wanted… from getting HIM. I looked into the face of this slightly demonic looking stud and his lips were curled up in an evil, dirty grin that told me I wasn’t very far off base in my assessment of him. We looked into each other’s eyes and knew that we were two of a kind and at that moment we gave each other the go ahead to just let loose and have fun. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was already poz and later realized that I had been for a long time. I must have had a high viral load since this happened shortly before I was diagnosed. I put no condom on him before I climbed on board, nor did he request that we use one either once he was in me. But in those safe-sex only days I could hear the ripple of astonished comments going around the room behind me as guys were flabbergasted that we were fucking condomless, while others were saying “OMG, they are fucking bareback!” Honestly their prudish hectoring just served to turn the two of us on even more. I rode his cock for all I was worth, bouncing up and down on his fat piece of meat, and leaning forward enough very chance I got so that the entire room could see that raw cock sliding in and out of my unprotected hole. I loved that we were scandalizing those cunty little bitches with our raw fucking. But as scandalized as these hypocrites were by our unprotected sex, they didn’t get up and leave. In fact, by this time there wasn’t an empty seat in the room, and guys were crowded around the door that were trying to get in to watch the show, but couldn’t. As I thought the show was nearing its inevitable “climax,” without realizing it, my god-like top daddy had one more trick up his sleeve with which to end the show. After riding him for a good fifteen minutes he leaned forward and wrapped his huge arms tightly around me. And with that this giant of a guy stood up, with me completely impaled on his fat beast cock… and again, I’m no little guy… he spun us around and gently laid me down on the bench where he had just been sitting. His throbbing pole of a cock never left my ass the entire time. He then raised my legs up into the air, an ankle in each hand, and slowly started to pile drive his fat cock into my hungry ass, building in tempo and speed as he progressed. From this position I could now see the collective throng in the sauna and as he was plowing away into my once tight ass, I watched one after the other of them jacking off and shooting their loads while watching this mountain of a guy ravaging my raw hole with his fat unsheathed cock. I literally had to keep my hands off of my own cock or else I would have cum immediately. Instead I just kept snorting poppers and feeding them to him too, as we pushed each other higher and higher. Finally he pulled his dripping cock from my gaping ass, reached forward and like a gentleman gave me his hand, pulling me up and saying “come with me.” We got up off the bench, him never letting go of my hand as helped me down on my shaky legs, and then led me out through the collected throng of pervs who had been watching the show and whispering their disapproving comments while spraying their loads all over the floor. He led me back to his room where he then proceeded to passionately fuck me for another hour or more, gently and tenderly, and also hard and rough, till he bred my ass like a fucking firehose going off inside of me, while bellowing like a wounded elephant as he came. Needless to say, I think everybody in the place knew what had finally just happened.
  10. Any top or versatile guys in Florida interested in breeding a young furry slim otter. Not very experienced here so prefer very experienced kinky tops that can get the job done. Please contact me at floamfl@aol.com. Only guys that can travel and are looking for actual play not fantasy talk. Please be under 50 cubs are ok just not seriously out of shape. Please include pictures when contacting.
  11. As I stand here in my giant bathroom, inspecting my naked body in the massive mirror, I find myself thinking about the road that led me here. I trace my fingers over the outlines of the amazing designs on my arms, and then reach up and touch the forbidding symbol on my left pec. I then turn, first left and then right, craning my neck back to see the words imprinted on my buttocks. If my former teammates could see me now. If my ex-girlfriend could see me now. That always makes me smile. My name’s Jake, and I’ve just turned 30. I live on my own in this huge house, bought two years ago when my numbers came up. But while I’m single, rarely a day goes by when there isn’t someone else here. Whether it’s a guy or two I have in the house as a guest, or a whole group of them in the playroom I had built in the garage after I moved in, there’s nearly always someone on hand to keep me entertained. But it wasn’t always this way. Over the next few chapters I will tell you how I became what I became, the things I did that I never thought I would, and how I ultimately emerged as a thirty year-old bearing the words that would forever mark me as what I am now: CUM DUMP. ------- My story starts when I was 26. I had recently changed jobs, finally getting my break as a proper consultant after being stuck in a seemingly never-ending graduate cycle at my previous firm. The rounds of interviews and assessments had been rigorous and taxing, but in the end it all paid off and I found myself finally getting somewhere with my career. The extra money meant Rachel and I could move out of her parents’ place in Hertfordshire and rent a decent flat in Camden, gaining our independence as well as about two hours extra a day with the shorter commute. The new job was hard going, but I loved being thrown in at the deep end and getting to show what I was capable of. Over time I earned praise from my managers and the colleagues around me, and was eventually assigned to a new project that I had been hoping to get on since I found out about it. I was going to be working as part of a team with some great guys, getting to travel to various European offices of the client who had commissioned the introduction of the new system we had developed. Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Stockholm, and many more, all paid for by the firm. I was so excited, although my mood was dampened by Rachel somewhat when she got in a huff about me travelling to all these places without her. She could be hard work sometimes. The first trip was to Lyon in France, and I excelled by being able to surprise the others with how well I could speak French thanks to my maternal grandmother being a native. The trip went really well, and by the end of it my more senior colleagues in the team were no longer treating me like the new boy. Then came Barcelona, and that’s when everything changed. The job in Barca was a bit smaller as the client only had a small outpost there. As such, only four of us went this time, comprising me, Ben, Mitchell and Rob. Ben was the senior on the trip, whilst Mitch and Rob had been at the company for only a year or so more than me so we were pretty much equals. To save a bit of money and as it was only for three nights, we were sharing two twin rooms in the hotel, whereas normally at least the senior would get their own room and then the rest of us either sharing or also getting singles. Mitch and Rob were good friends so took one room, whilst Ben and I took the other. On the first night two guys and one of the women from the client’s office took us out for dinner, before leaving us to explore some of the bars in the old town. However, we were all a bit tired from the journey so didn’t stay out late. The next day was a busy one, but by late afternoon we were done with what we could do, pending some overnight process work the client’s IT people needed to do. As such, we headed back to the hotel to change, and then went out for the early evening. The drink and tapas flowed, and dinner never really happened. Mitch and Rob were then up for going to a club, but I could see Ben was a not fussed about that so I suggested that the two of us just call it a night and maybe have a nightcap in the hotel bar. I was actually quite keen to go clubbing, but I didn’t want to be crashing into the room and waking my senior colleague at whatever time in the night, especially as I was making such a good impression with everyone at the firm. So, sure enough, Ben and I found ourselves back at the hotel. We both got a drink, G&T for Ben, a rum and coke for me, and then sat in the comfy surroundings to chat. Ben was 34 and single, which I found surprising as he was a very handsome man. Tall, well-built, well-dressed, charming and funny, he seemed like the sort of guy who would have his choice of women. Or men. I didn’t actually know which team he played for, but didn’t want to pry too much and it really didn’t matter anyway. We finished our drinks and headed upstairs, both of us declaring that we wanted a shower before bed as it had been a clammy night in the city. Ben went first, and then when he came out of the bathroom wearing a towel I headed in to get myself clean. When I’d finished showering the bathroom was so full of steam that I concluded I’d never get dry in there, so did as Ben had done and went out into the room with just a towel on. To my surprise, Ben was still just wearing his towel, and he looked up at me and smiled as I padded past his bed to my own. “Wow, you’re built” he said to me as I passed. I blushed. “Er, yeah, I work out” I said. I was actually pretty proud of my body, all 6’1” of it. I worked out several times a week, jogged regularly, ate healthily, and kept my chest shaved and smooth the way Rachel liked it. “You should show it off more” Ben said, his eyes on me. “Your shirts are way too loose.” Oh man, he had been noticing what I wore. Well, that answered that question I guess: Ben must be gay. Strangely enough, I felt a stirring in my own loins as his gaze rested on me. “Oh, er, you think?” I mumbled. “Hell yeah” he said, “don’t put in all that work just to waste it on your girlfriend!” He laughed, and after a moment I laughed too, although I think it was more nervous laughter than anything. “Thanks” I said, blushing harder. “I didn’t realise, er, you were, er, noticing.” Ben gave me a warm smile. “I’m not the only one who’s noticed” he said. “You’re pretty popular in the office.” I blushed again, and awkwardly shifted position on the bed. As I did so, my towel loosened and slipped, basically leaving me sitting there naked. I hurriedly tried to sort it out, but only got it into more of a tangle. “Don’t” Ben said softly. I stopped wrestling with the towel and looked up at him. “Let me see.” I don’t know why, perhaps it was the buzz from the rum, but I slowly released my grip on the towel and let it fall beside me. I then swung my legs off the mattress and slowly stood up in the gap between our beds, locking my stare on Ben as he gazed back at me. His eyes were making their way up and down my body in the most lustful way anyone had ever looked at me, and I saw him give his lips a small lick. He wanted me so badly, and something about this situation had my heart racing. My dick started to swell and rise, until I was standing before him with a massive boner, almost starting to pant. What the fuck was happening to me? Wasn’t I straight? Ben looked for a bit longer, and then started to scoot across his own bed towards me. He deliberately removed his own towel on the way so that he too was naked, and then he was sitting there in front of me, staring straight ahead at my dick. Instinctively I shuffled forward a bit, and he leaned in, opened his mouth and swallowed me whole. “Fuuuuuuck” I groaned, having never felt a blowjob like this. He then reached both his hands behind and roughly gripped my arse, pulling me in towards him even more. His head started going back and forth on my cock like a jackhammer, the suction on my dick like an industrial hoover. I put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself, and gradually gripped him tighter as he brought me towards orgasm. Then, rather abruptly, he let go of my arse and pulled his mouth off my dick, causing me to stagger back slightly. I snapped out of my reverie and looked down at him. “Turn around” he said, turning his head up to face mine. “What?” I asked, a little all over the place. “Just do it” he said, suddenly sounding rather stern. I just did as instructed and turned around, not sure what was coming next. Then he grabbed my hips and pulled me backwards towards him, reaching up to push the small of my back so that I would bend forwards. I put my hands on my thighs to steady myself, and then the next thing I knew his face was in my arse. His tongue was lapping at my hole, and the room seemed to be exploding with fireworks. I had never felt anything like this in my life. It was fucking amazing! I’m not sure, but I think I must have been moaning and groaning for England as he gave me my first ever rimjob. He kept this up for a while, actually getting his tongue into my hole, and then he pulled his face out. Before I could turn or straighten up I felt his fingers in there instead, gently prodding and poking at me. I then understood that I was going to be getting fucked. Ben must have planned something like this, or maybe he was just in the Scouts once and was thus always prepared, but he had stashed a tube of lube in the drawer of the bedside table. He briefly paused the fingering to open the drawer, grab his supply and lube up his fingers. He then started to apply much more pressure with them, pushing one, then two, and then I think three fingers into me. All the while I just continued to stand there, bent over in front of him seemingly inviting him to carry on doing what he was doing. I could say I was paralysed with fear or something, but in truth I was loving it and was suddenly really excited to see what this was going to be like. I’d never really thought about it before, but that didn’t seem to matter. The drink must have been a factor, or at least that’s what I tell myself these days. His fingers started to hit something inside of me, and my silence turned to moans. This only spurred him on, until he was really going to town on me with his fingers. Then, as before, it all stopped abruptly. “Get on the bed” he commanded, “on your hands and knees.” I didn’t even pause. I just moved forward, crawled on to the bed and waited. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me back a bit, and then I heard the splooging sound of some more lube being squeezed out of the tube. The pressure returned on my hole, but it was spongier and fatter than any of the fingers had been. “Let me in” he said gruffly. I didn’t know what that meant, but I instinctively pushed back and must have done whatever it was that was needed as he popped inside. It startled me and gave me a brief flash of pain, but that soon subsided. He then pushed steadily in to me, making me feel fuller than I ever had before. As he got deeper it started to hurt a little more, particularly as he was going into territory his fingers had not reached, but I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes and forced myself not to pull off him. Then the pushing stopped, I felt the roughness of his pubes on my buttocks, and I knew I had his whole cock inside. He didn’t give me any time to adjust, instead starting a steady rhythm on my whole, thrusting his cock in and out in substantial strokes. A dull pain was radiating from my arse, but something else was there as well and it felt amazing. As the pain started to subside, my whole body started to tingle as he fucked me. The feelings were incredible, and I couldn’t stop myself from pushing back against him, trying to get more of his cock in me, trying to make him fuck me harder. And fuck me harder he did. If I thought he was like a jackhammer when sucking me earlier, it was as nothing compared to what he could do with his cock. Pneumatic drills are gentler on tarmac than the treatment I was getting, but it was pure ecstasy. He fucked me for 20 minutes, and then started groaning. “I’m cumming” he grunted, suddenly accelerating his pace even more. Then he stopped, yelled out and held in position as a curious warm feeling filled my rear end. “Fucking take it” he said as he unloaded in me, breeding me like the bitch he was turning me into. I just knelt there on my hands and knees as I was filled with cum for the first time, loving the sensation as his cock pulsed inside me. Then, and again rather abruptly, he pulled out and collapsed backwards on to his bed. I felt some cum running down my leg, and began to crawl backwards off the bed with the intention of going to the bathroom to clean up. But as I turned round I saw Ben lying on his back panting, I noticed his cock was still erect and covered in juice. Perhaps it was a case of being in for the penny, in for the pound, but I just couldn’t help myself from dropping to my knees, leaning forward and taking it into my mouth. The taste of his juices, the lube and, I guess, my own arse was intoxicating. As I sucked and licked him clean I started furiously wanking my own cock, getting off on the feeling of more of him leaking from my rear end as I did so. In no time I blew on to my torso, the bedspread and the carpet. I then collapsed back on to the floor, panting and exhausted. Neither of us said anything for a while, but then I got up and started making my way to the bathroom. I got in there, and turned to face the mirror so I could look at myself. I was glistening with sweat, but otherwise looked like me. I felt different, but the man staring back at me was still me, at least outwardly. Then Ben came into the bathroom as well, and turned to face the mirror too. We looked into each other’s eyes via the reflection, until I noticed his cock starting to rise again. I stared at it coming back up to full mast, and then looked back up to his face. He was smirking at me, and then moved to step behind me. I leaned forward a little, and he just planted his cock between my cheeks and pushed into me again. This time he fucked me more tenderly, with none of the jackhammering of before. Throughout, I kept my eyes either focused on my own face, or looking back at his has he slightly grimaced from the exertion of reaming me. My own cock also came back to life so I started stroking myself, adding that to the things I watched in the reflection. After about 15 minutes Ben accelerated, and I focused on watching the reflection of my own face as I felt him shooting a second load into my sloppy hole. Again, it was still me, but this was a me with a cock shooting cum into his arse. When he was done spurting his load into me, Ben caught my gaze in the reflection. He smiled, gave me a wink, and then pulled out his cock and swiftly left the bathroom. I just stood there, once again with cum dripping out of me, gazing at myself in the mirror. I felt awesome. I got myself cleaned up a bit, and then went back out in the bedroom. Ben was in bed properly, and was clearly asleep. I headed for my own bed, but then turned to look back at him. The temptation was too great, and I just climbed in. He stirred as I did so, wrapping his arm around me. I briefly lay there facing him, but then turned so he was spooning me. He pulled me in a bit tighter, and then we were both still. I reached out and switched off the lights, plunging the room into darkness. Inside, I knew that I would wake up with a right clusterfuck going on in my mind, but for now I was exhausted, a little sore and in the comforting arms of a man who had just shown me a whole new side of myself. Sleep came quickly.
  12. Hi guys, I am visiting London at the end of September and looking to take as many loads as possible over the weekend COMPLETELY ANON. I'll be advertising my arse out on grindr, BBRT and on here for a NO LOAD REFUSED policy. I need to know which hotel is best to book on a budget which will allow lots of guys to cum and go? I've currently got Travelodge Vauxhall booked (I can cancel), but I believe there is a key card for each floor? People have previously mentioned putting selotape on the door latch on whichever floor I am on so I'm thinking of that option at the moment but if anyone's got any better suggestions of more ideal hotel's PLEASE let me know??? Much appreciated Cheers Cumholes
  13. 05.20.17 Poz Fucked.

    Early this morning, I'm on Grindr and I'm smoking and the more I smoke, the more uninhibited I become. I then saw a guy with a hot body and a screen name with devil in it. He hits me up, "you bottom?" I replied, "Sure." Address? 16 minutes later he's at my door, I have it dark. He walks in takes me to the bed pushes my head toward the center of the bed while positioning my legs and ass where he wants me. In the mirror I see this 5'7" chiseled stud with a red beard and a beautifull huge fat cock and above it his cock below the band line is a bio tat. I took the can of Maximum Impact and sprayed it into a sock and inhaled deeply. As I felt the world exlpoding around me he was fucking me so intently he began to explode inside me! I reached back and with both hands, I pulled his body as close to me as possible and he pushed his poz cock as far up inside me as possible and he moaned. It was so fucking awesome.
  14. Adding Me As A Friend

    I'm flattered by guys on here who want to add me as a friend. But please know that if you add me as a friend, I assume I get to shoot my load into your unprotected ass. Deal?
  15. Cheating top

    So I found a bunch of condoms and lube in my daddies gym bag and in his bag for his electric trimmer etc. he said that they are just free from work and that the strawberry lube was for us.... but we use gun oil and we have the big bottle... honestly when I found this stuff I was just turned on at the thought of him fucking other boys, and it made me want to immmefiatley go to the gym to go suck cock In the steam room. Ive been taking loads from hung studs every morning after he leaves for work since I found his stuff. I guess if there was a point to this post it would be to ask Should I believe him, should I confront him about it? Or should I just left him keep fucking other boys and hope he eventually decides he wants to open up our relationship so we can play together and have fun with hot guys without the guilt
  16. This erotic fiction is a continuation of my story, The Broken Jock, that started in the "General Bareback Sex Stories" section that now, at Part 3, seems to belong in this section instead—for reasons you will soon discover. Check out Parts 1 and 2 to see how far this young, gay, safe-sex only, softball player has fallen. Enjoy. ________________________________________________________________________ The Broken Jock by @ButtB4iGo, Part 3 The next Friday afternoon, Hank texted me. Hank: Hey boy, I have plans for that hot little hole of yours tonight. Be at room 228 at the Folsom Motel at 11. It had been almost a week since Hank fucked me last and I was feeling really horny. I had made plans to meet friends at a Castro bar at 8, but I figured I could excuse myself around 10:30 and head to the motel to get another one of Hank's anonymous fucks. I still don't know what he looks like. Me: OK, sir. -- When I got to the motel room door, the hall lights were dimmed by so many fluorescent tubes being out with one or two flickering. I’m in a horror film, I thought to myself with a grin. But since the typical motel had its hallways outside under the lights of the surrounding city, it actually wasn’t as dark or menacing as all that. I knocked on door number 228. “Who’s there?” I heard Hank say. “It’s me. Adam.” I heard lamps being turned off and then the door opened. “Get on the bed face down, boy. Push down your pants, too.” I felt my way to the bed and laid down on my chest while opening the fly to my jeans. Hank closed the door, came up behind me and helped push my pants down. “Nice white jock, boy. You know what gets my dick hard.” He then pushed his soft leather cod piece against my bare ass. “Let’s get this blind fold on you.” My cock was rock hard in anticipation for Hank to plow my hole again. Did he bring more anonymous used condoms like last time? Hank got on top of me and licked the left side of my face in one long upward lick. “Your going to get some more of ol’ Hank’s cock tonight. Plus, I’ve invited a few friends over from that hook up site, BareBackFuckers.” “Yes!” I didn’t use my inside voice. Hank explained more, whispering in my ear. “I found your profile on that safe-sex only site you are still on, and I took a screen shot of it. Then I went to BareBackFuckers and shared that screen shot with some select tops that I want to see get inside you.” Hank shoved his hand under me to feel my dick. He easily felt the precum I was leaking into my jock pouch. “Fuck, boy! Already leaking. I knew you needed some more raw cock in you.” He continued rubbing my cock head through the cloth as he went on. “I told these select men that safe-only ShortStop91 is now taking all loads. There are two men coming here tonight to fuck and load up your hole while you suck my cock. These guys will only have one mission: to breed that nice newbie hole of yours. Then you’ll get fucked by me. Understand?” I nodded. “Yes, sir.” Hank seemed especially intense tonight, but I wanted it, and Hank knew just how to use me. Hank got up and unsnapped the leather cod piece. He walked around to the other side of the bed and I felt the mattress take on his weight in front of my blindfolded face. His cock was rock hard as he rubbed it on my face and in my hair. His P.A. was cool on my lips when he told me to open up. He pushed his cock in forcibly to the back of my throat and he held the back of my head as I squirmed and gagged on the P.A. “Fuck yeah, jock boy. Take my cock in your throat. I know you can take Phil’s cock in there.” I relaxed my throat to help Hank invade, and I breathed through my nose the way Phil always commanded. Hank said he wanted to skull fuck me before the other men got there. I did pretty well, I think. I tried to forget about the scary P.A. in my throat and just focus on Hank’s cock head. About every minute or so, Hank would push all the way in and keep it there while I gagged. As he pulled out I got some air again, recovered, and opened my mouth to let Hank to do it again. “Good boy, Adam. Let me have that mouth and throat!” A knock on the door. “Who’s there?” Hank yelled. “Ahhhh… I think we’re both from the site,” came from a man’s voice from outside the door. “I’m Coach4Jox and this other fella is…” “Pops9in!” the other man’s voice finished. They must have arrived at the same time. "Come on in, guys." The door opened and I heard the men enter. "Turn on that one lamp, too. I’ve got him blindfolded.” I heard the click of the lamp and shortly thereafter felt a hand feel up my naked ass and another hand in my hair. “Shit! It really is you!” said the man near my face. “I’ve been checking you out on the safe-sex hook up site for two years. Your ass looks so good in that softball uniform pic! I’ve messaged you, too. But I figured you didn't answer because I’m a lot older. I see you at the bars sometimes, too. I have fantasized many times about fucking your gorgeous butt, and I have schemed in my head about how I’d pull the damned condom off without you knowing. I can’t believe I get to finally put my cock in that butt of yours—although I have to admit, a good stealth breeding of your jock ass would have been truly amazing.” As the guy near my head was talking, the other guy was already trying to push his cock into my hole. He was about a quarter way in dry. As Pops9In was taking my hole I realized that I recognize the other guy’s handle from the safe-sex site. Coach4Jox was a white-haired man, mid-60s, who was constantly trying to set-up a fuck date with me with messages like: “I have condoms. I would love to shove my daddy cock into that very nice jock butt of yours.” But, I have had lots of men trying to get in my pants who were hotter than Coach4Jox, so I just never really gave him much thought. Hank pushed his cock back into my mouth and announced to the other men that ShortStop91 is going bareback today and that they should "fuck me up.” “As my handle indicates, I’ve got 9 inches of raw cock I’m going to shove up his 'safe-only' butt.” He kept pushing into me. "Fuck, this hole is tight!” "There’s lube next to you on the bed,” Hank offered. “I brought the oil-based stuff this safe-boy has always avoided.” Hank was playing like I was being offered up for barebacking for the first time to these men. Close enough for me. In my head, I was still in the process of being fully used and violated by my Hank. A man who started fucking me into bareback whoredom only two fuck sessions ago. I thought to myself, Pops9in and Coach4Jox will be men #11 and #12 to shoot their loads inside my hole. “Ahhhhh!” I gasped. With a lubed cock, Pops9in entered my hole. “Nice! We have penetration!” Hank said. The man’s large cock filled my rectum as I gripped Hank’s leather-clad thighs. Hank pulled his cock out of my mouth and put an opened poppers bottle under my nose. “Take a good hit, boy.” I took about six hits as the cock inside me pushed in some more. I felt the inner tingle and static from the poppers. “Mmmmm,” I moaned as Hank pushed his P.A. and cock head back into my throat. “He’s lit,” Hank said. “Go ahead and try to fuck him now.” “He’s really tight,” the man said. “Take my cock, son. And no fucking rubbers, safe boy. This is raw cock inside you. This is what taking a man’s cock is supposed to feel like. Damn, I’m all the way in.” The man, Pops9in, bucked so that his cock head nudged the deepest part of my hole. “Oh, yeah. Fuckin’ sweet hole here. Can’t fuckin’ believe my luck today when you messaged me.” He then started fucking in long strokes. Grunting and telling me to take it. Telling me that I loved raw dick now. “And my cock is not pulling out until every one of my fucking sperm is inside your young" —thrust— “jock” —thrust— "butt.” “Do it!” Hank’s cock got extremely hard in my mouth as he watched the man fucking my ass. “Let me see you shove that poz cock up that jock ass. Fuck that neg jock ass.” Was that just hot talk? Did I hear Hank say “poz”, “neg”? It began to sink in how Hank might be violating me tonight. All the years of getting fucked with condoms to avoid HIV infection, and was it true? Was I getting fucked bareback by an HIV positive top? Was it just fantasy talk? Hank held the poppers under my nose again, and I surrendered. “Yeah boy, take another hit. Poz9Inch wants to load up your hole tonight. Take his poz cock and let him load you up.” I realized then I had originally misheard the handle on the man whose huge cock was now pistoning in and out of my hole, a poz cock without a condom. The poppers had taken over my head, so I gave in. Hank put his hard cock back in my mouth and told me to suck on the head. A wave of poppers-induced electricity went right to my groin and asshole. I found myself using my mouth and my ass muscles to milk the two cocks that were inside me. I was going to knowingly have a raw anonymous poz cock unload inside my ass for the first time. Once Poz9In heard his HIV status revealed to me, he started fucking rougher, grunting as he landed his cock head deep in my hole. “Fuckin charge that hole, man,” I heard the Coack4Jox say. “Breed that safe-only ass!” “My pre-cum has been lubing him up for the last 15 minutes, so this neg jock is getting it already. Might as well load ‘em up.” I heard the men wickedly cheer as Poz9in was building up to unload inside me. “Do it, man,” said Hank. “Unload in his hole, he’ll take it. Won’t you, boy.” I nodded. “Fuck yeah, kid. Here is comes.” Poz9in made guttural grunts as his cock shot his warm toxic cum into my rectum. “Yes! There is it boy. All my sperm having a party inside your hole right now. Ah! Ah! Fuck! Yeah! Let me fuck that in.” Poz9In fucked me hard for about a minute. His cum was so battered in my hole that I could feel some of it leaking down my nut sack and into my jock. “Fuck!” I cried. “Fuck!!!” “That’s it, boy,” Hank coached into my left ear. “Take the man's poz load, Adam. I knew you’d be a good submissive boy for me tonight.” Poz9in pulled out of my ass and I felt the cool air of the room on my exposed jock-strapped ass. My legs had been kicked wide apart by him as he bred me, maniacally trying to shove his cock as far in as he could. I felt completely open as the white-haired old man got in place between my legs. Coach4Jox entered me quickly and began hammering his good sized meat into my cum-slicked hole. He fucked in and out of me as he talked. “Fuck yeah! For so long, I’ve fantasized about doing this to you, Adam. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve stalked you at your softball games and watched you get drunk at the bars, hoping you’d get wasted enough to need someone to walk you home. I’d imagine promising you that I’d wear a condom if you’d let me fuck you. Thinking about how I could use a condom and wait until you’re passed out drunk on your bed to rip the condom off and slide back in, stealth pozzing you when I unload shot after shot of my toxic cum inside that young jock butt of yours.” Coach4Jox kept fucking my hole and promising me another poz load as Hank, listening to the man’s perverted confession, climaxed. “Damn! I’m cumming in your mouth, boy! Open up that throat.” I let Hank’s cock head into my throat again and immediately felt the warmth of his sperm in my throat as I swallowed. I took Hank’s load like he was a familiar lover. He kept his dick in my mouth as he watched and listened to the old man fuck me. Hank pushed my head to the bed hard. “Now’s your chance, Coach. You’ve got him passed out on the bed now. Fucking stealth that young jock ass. Fucking breed that neg hole with your poz cock." “Fuck! Here it comes, you fucking neg shortstop tease," Coach4Jox said. “Take my load up your sweet butt for good.” Coach4Jox unloaded a hot torrent of poz cum into my hole. The men celebrated my violation with profanity and slaps on my ass. The old man pulled out of my ass and told the other men to look at my hole. “Fuck! This is what two poz loads up a hot young bubble butt looks like. Poz9in added, "Fucking hot jock boy, getting knocked up by anonymous men like that.” He slapped my ass. After the rustling sounds of men getting dressed, Hank said, “Thank you, gentlemen, for helping me out tonight. This was a safe-only boy who submitted fully to me only recently. As far as I know you two are his first poz loads. I am hoping to get him introduced and used at the bathhouse soon, and I think tonight should ease that transition.” I could hear, “sure thing, man” and “anytime” from the outside corridor. With the door open, I could feel the cold San Francisco air on my wet asshole. I heard Hank put keys on the night table by the bed. “Check out’s at noon. You can stay until then, if you want. You were great tonight, boy. Let’s consider meeting up again mid-week. I’ll text you.” My violation would continue. “Yes, sir.” “That’s what I like to hear. Keep that blindfold on for five minutes!” I heard the door close and listened as Hank’s footsteps faded. I fell asleep in that position: facedown, bare assed, legs spread. My asshole felt wet, open, used and empty. I slept soundly, dreaming only of sex. I wanted more. Edited July 31 by drscorpio Put a link to the first 2 parts in 37
  17. Jay from Scruff

    The weekend of the 4th of August: I was horny and had just acquired some party favs with the end result of hooking up with a hung poz pig that gets off on breeding his toxic poz seed into a wanting hole, as well as, getting fucked. Jay, hits me up on Scruff and wants to come over and breed his poz seed into me and more than once. I agreed and when he arrived we went right to it. He had a nice cock, great for fucking and deep seed breeding. The more we partied the more intense our sexual interactions became. It was at one point after we had exchanged dna that I had asked if he ever slammed. He said yeah and did he want me to have him admin to me? I said, sure. As I began preparing the point, he asked me how strong I made it. I replied, .60. He asked me to make it a double and that he wanted the first half and then slam me with the rest along with his raw poz blood. I was stunned for a few seconds. But I became instantly boned up, rock hard and began to pre-cum. When he slammed himself, I licked his arm of the little blood that remained and he asked if I was ready? Yeah, I replied. I watched as he injected into my vein the mixture of the t and his toxic poz blood. It was a good slam, I was out of breath for a second as he walked me over to the sofa and bent me over and began to rim and eat out my hole with such veracity. Man, it felt so fucking awesome. Without any notice, he raised up and rammed his cock into me, balls deep, and began pounding until he asked me if I wanted another dirty load? I replied as to be practically begging for it, Yes, please. He must have blown 5 or 6 loads into me, and I only 2 in him. When he left I had cum oozing from my hole. I kept his toxic seed in me until the next morning. I'll be anxious to get tested soon and see the results of that pig nasty, perverted night.
  18. I am in the Aberdeen area of Maryland and was considering a small breeding party for about 6 poz men to breed and seed me Send a message to me and I will give you all the details and address I want to make this soon BYOB and I will recycle it for you . Looking forward to hearing from yall
  19. an acquaintance of mine started chasing--for real--recently. he had been taking loads a long time, but it was not until he talked to one particular guy that he finally admitted he was chasing. luckily for him, given what he wanted, he found a poz guy not on meds nearby. the guy was supposed to start taking meds in a couple of weeks. that weekend he took 3 loads from this viral guy, big dicked, hard fucked, followed by fucked by an even bigger dick. the viral guy came back the next week and dumped two more loads. a few days after that, my acquaintance woke up with the sheets soaked, and showing all the symptoms of fuk flu. two friends told him that they had f.f.u symptoms for a few days and it was over. same thing happened to my acquaintance. btw, the viral guy is not going on meds for a while, and they are going to team breed. anyone else heard stories/knew people with what one might call short course fuk flu? he still has not tested, so it is possible he had....the other flu(s).
  20. Anyone else going to Gold at Club80 on August 13th? It's like Nud, only with heaps of piss play as well as the bareback breeding (seriously, I've never seen a condom used there :D). We could have our own breeding party, if everyone's interested, or we could just slut around. Entry is $38 for anyone interested. Make sure to mention that you're going to Gold (or 'downstairs') or they may think you are just going into the normal area, not the dungeon. August 13th @ 2PM @ Club80 (8-10 Peel St, Collingwood)
  21. The Furnace Man Cums Twice

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the title. But it’s true. It has been a couple of weeks since our first encounter and, even though he’d showed interest in more, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Plus, this is the busy time of year for him, so I doubted he had much free time. Anyway, I was at the local Walmart, turned a corner, and there he was. Shopping with what I assume was his girlfriend. I wasn’t that surprised. He noticed me, too. He said something to her, she nodded and moved further into the purse department, while he walked away, glancing back at me and giving me a subtle nod of the head. Of course I was following him, and saw that he was going to the bathroom. Really not the best choice if you’ve ever seen them at the Walmart stores -they don’t even have doors on the outside anymore. I followed him in anyway. He went directly into a stall. I saw there was a guy pissing at the wall urinal, so I just washed my hands and he finished up and left. Now we were alone. So I quickly ducked into the stall with the hunky furnace guy. I didn’t know how this was going to go -it was so risky there! He sat down on the toilet and pulled his already hard dick out, which I gave a couple of quick sucks to get it wet. Nothing about this was planned or I would have prepared my ass better. He didn’t seem to care, and I sure as hell wasn’t about to turn down another load from him up my ass. Facing him, I squatted over his cock and lowered my ass onto it. With really no lube except his natural juice, it took some doing. Luckily he does leak quite a bit of precum, so eventually I could feel him sliding into me. Within a matter of minutes I was sitting down completely on his lap. I slowly rode him, loving every second of that meat up my hole. Fuck this was so risky but so hot!! I let my head fall back and let out a silent sigh, or maybe I wanted to moan. I guess it looked that way because he quickly clamped his hand over my mouth. Just then we heard feet and knew that someone had come in. I impaled myself totally on him, and did a little Mission Impossible balancing act with my feet on the wall behind him, and my hands on the door behind me. That way if anyone happened to look under the door, they would only see one set of feet. I think it had been security, too, because they didn’t use a toilet or urinal or the sink. But luckily they did leave. He looked me in the eyes and whispered, “We’re going to have to make this quick.” I was okay with that. I climbed off of him and he stood up. From there I kneeled carefully on the toilet seat and he got behind me -still only one set of feet showing. He entered me from behind, grabbed my hips, and nailed me hard and fast. Within a matter of a minute or two he held in deep, breathed loudly through his nose, and I could feel his dick twitching up my ass and blasting me full of his baby makers. He slowly eased out of me and wiped himself off with a handful of toilet paper -surprisingly he wasn’t messy. He signalled for me to stay in the stall for a second and he opened the door and peeked out -the coast was clear. I pulled up my pants and followed him out. Just then another customer entered and went to the urinals. We stood at the sink, staring at each other in the mirror while we washed our hands. He turned to walk past me and leave, but whispered to me just as he was passing, “Meet me out front in 10.” Yay! I was hoping that meant he was going to give me another load like he had the first time we met. I met him out front in exactly 10 minutes and he immediately began walking when he saw me. When we were out of sight from the doors, I caught up to him. “I told my girlfriend I forgot my wallet in the truck. That should give me enough time to give you another load . . . if you want it,” he said with a very cute grin. “Like you even have to ask,” I laughed. “Where?” I asked him, looking around. It’s not like we could fuck in his truck. “There are some walking trails off this way. With all of the snow, I doubt anyone is using them.” He led me away from the parking lot to a wooded area. When we were far enough out of sight, I just walked to a tree, leaned forward and yanked my pants down, exposing my ass to the very cold winter air. I was thinking this was going to be another quick fuck -I wasn’t sure how the cold was going to affect his cock and balls. Of course my ass was more than hot enough to keep his dick warm, so he jammed right into me now that I was prelubed with his first load of cum. He stood very close to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind, and just began pounding me, rutting into my hungry ass. There was always something about fucking like this, so close to each other, hugging close, that always gets me so hot. I could feel his head near mine, and his warm breath on the back of my neck and ears. He leaned his chin on my left shoulder and whispered as he fucked me. “You like when I fuck you, don’t you?” “I love your dick in me. You can fuck me any time you need. I promise you that. Just give me your load,” I moaned now. “Yeah, you’re a greedy cum slut. Fuck you make me feel better than my girlfriend, that for sure. I love your ass,” he told me, starting to slam me harder and as deep as he could go. It only took another couple of minutes, and then his face was next to mine again as he growled in my ear and unloaded his swimmers deep into my whore ass. We took a moment to catch our breath and straighten our clothes, and then headed back. We re-entered the store as if nothing had ever happened and we’d never even met. He went his way, and I went mine. As I shopped I could feel his loads leaking out of my hole and down the back of my legs. I was glad I was wearing nylon trackies -the wetness wouldn’t show through them. I felt like such a slut doing my shopping while I was literally dripping in cum.
  22. bred twice by fb

    I'm in a long distance relationship, so I don't get to see my partner very much. I've been dealing with it by fucking regularly with a guy at work. I figure that's better than getting cock from a bunch of strangers. My fuckbud has an average length dick, but it's thick with a large, gorgeous head - which feels awesome smashing against my prostate or the back of my throat. He also shoots massive loads. Last night, I went to his place, where he proceeded to drive my crazy with his tongue. Fucked me missionary, before turning me over onto my stomach. I love this position - his cock has a slight downward curve, and it hits me in all the right places. He alternated between fucking me flat on my face or pulling me up to my knees to pound me "like a bitch." We fucked for over and hour. By the end of it, my hole was a cummy mess, and his load had been fucked out of my hole and dripped down, slathering my balls. Next morning, I was still asleep when I felt him kissing my back and teasing my hole with his cock. I lifted up my ass. He pushed in, using his cum from last night as lube. He went to town right away. Pounded the shit out of me and left another load in me.
  23. ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** ************************************************************************************************************************* He was seated at the bar, drinking with a couple of guys. From his loud laughter, and the silly things he was blurting out, as well as his overall behavior, it was clear to me he was quite drunk. But on the other hand, he was quite sexy. He was, of course, young, no doubt just over 18. The guys recognized him being intoxicated and touched him inappropriately all the time. They grabbed his ass or rubbed his junk while passing him by. He never complained about it. He just grinned like a fool, feeling probably flattered to be the center of the attention. So I tried my luck and ordered a drink at the bar and while standing close to the drunk twink I let my hand slip into his low hip jeans on his backside and my middle finger moved downwards between his ass cheeks, just to find his hole. I pressed my finger against his hole and he relaxed it and let me pass his sphincter. What a slut, I thought to myself. I gave him a cheeky grin and then went back to the two fellows I was with that night. We were all biohazard stallions and we were, let’s put it this way, interested in the youthful guy. He blinked at me and then moved to the back area, where the darkroom was. My mates fist bumped me and cheered, while I got up from my chair I told them to be nearby, in case…. Getting into the backroom my eyes had to adjust to the dimmed light. I saw him wandering about, but I doubted he would actually be notice all the guys lurking about. The risk was too high, that another dick would grab him first and so I hurried up and greeted him with my low voice. He tried to focus me and then showed a foolish smile asking me, if I was the guy fingering outside. I laughed and nodded to that. “You know… I think I had a drink too much and all the jocks look the same to me. Just a big bulge…..” he claimed. “Oh that’s okay…. you are nothing more than a hole to me.” I replied and although my answer was quite reducing him he flashed another smile. “How about three big cocks?” I asked him referring to my two friends. “I guess it would be okay, but we have to play safe. Okay? My boyfriend is out of town and we are faithful to each other. FAITHFUL (in a loud voice). That’s why you can’t fuck me, but it is okay to fuck me now….” he babbled. Such a wasted guy… I signaled my friends to attend me and so they appeared out of the darkness and greeted the teen. “Hey guys – can I touch your bulges to see if you are well endowed?” he asked us. He massaged each of our bulges and seemed to be satisfied to feel 9+ inches of hard cock meat. We looked for a dark corner and there we turned him around, so that he faced the wall. I opened his jeans and lowered them. They fell to the ground and revealed a beautiful round ass. “Don’t forget the condom” he whispered. “Of course not, but let me first finger you. Get you ready for my fat dick.” I suggested and used a bit lube on my fingers and entered his hole with three fingers at once. I crouched behind him, to get a good angle to finger fuck him roughly. He was moaning and enjoyed it obviously. After a while I used only my index finger and my middle finger to actually scratch him from the inside, while pulling my fingers out. I repeated it over and over again and he complained about the growing pain. I told him that I had to prepare him for the hard fuck, but that I would soon been done. I had to rely on my handy work and so I got up and started lubing up my dick. “Sorry guys… but I can’t get hard. Too much alcohol I guess” he giggled. “Never mind, just let us charge your cunt up and we are gone anyway” I replied. “Give him some poppers” I told one of my friends. He handed the boy the brown bottle and told him to use it. “How?” he asked seriously. “I don’t do drugs” he added. “That’s not a drug baby, it is something to inhale to make you feel horny for cocks” I explained. You can keep the bottle afterwards, in case you want to enjoy some other gentlemen dicks in here. “The condom on your cock already?” he asked while he opened the bottle with a ‘plop’ and then sniffed at the bottle opening, while a pal pressed against his other nose opening. ‘Whoooosh’ “Oh my…. oh fuck…. what is this…..” he stuttered. My friends helped him stay on his feet. I parted his ass cheeks in the meanwhile and entered his soft asshole raw. “Oh fuck, this is it…. oh it feels so good. man…. fuck me hard…. fuck me hard into my pussy” he moaned. We made him inhale more of the poppers and every time he was almost freaking out and begging me to fuck deeper into his body. Of course I rammed my whole cock hard into him. This wasn’t supposed to be a romantic affair. This was hardcore POZ fucking. I fucked my dick hard into his hole, trying to inflict even more damage with every thrust I could muster. “You want to get your slut ass charged?” I whispered into his ears, while he experienced one rush after another. He nodded only “Tell me loud, that I can charge your cunt up” I advised him with my low and calm voice. “Fuck me hard into my ass…. (and then louder) Charge my slut ass up” he exclaimed. I grunted and held him by the shoulders, while I was speed-fucking him now. This put me over the edge and my toxic semen erupted inside his ass. My cock gushed five times and I kept on fucking him, to make sure my seed would infiltrate his body soon. After I pulled my cock out, I pretended I would get rid of the condom and stuffed my dick back into my jeans. My pal was next and I told him, while taking his place, to think about the condom. “Yes…. safety first please…. I don’t want to get sick by these…. sick…. bastards….” he repeated himself and took another good whiff. “I think there is enough lube left in there” my friend said with a smirking face. Without hesitance he entered the twink’s ass, who had one POZ load already inside his body…
  24. I am a sub masc asian bottom, handsome, 29 years old and 145 pounds and fit with a great ass and hole. The combination of my cocktail, as usual, had turned me into the biggest submissive cock slut bottom so I was looking to get bred. For the longest time most people were not very responsive, but this one Mexican top guy who was around my age and tall with a nice thick cock kept open the line of communication but was unfortunately really looking for a 3 person group (2 tops and 1 bottom). I had given up hope when he stated that he couldn't find anyone and that was it getting late and that he was heading to bed. 20 minutes shortly after that message, I got a text saying he'd found another top: a 30 y/o handsome beautiful Black man who was not only buff and well proportioned, but also had a beautiful big cock to go along with it. The two were interested in sharing me, taking turns tagging my hole, and in 15 minutes we all met up at the Mexican top's place. The moment we get through his door I strip out of my black tank top and drop my shorts (not wearing any underwear) to stand fully nude in front of our lovely Mexican host. I get on my knees like a good sub btm, unbuckle his pants and fish out a nice thick uncut cock. Immediately I envelope it with my mouth, alternating between going all the way down to the shaft and then making little licks along the side of the shaft and the base, all the while looking up. The Black guy rejoins us from the bathroom and he too, gets undressed and I shift my attention to the nice 8" cut piece of meat pointing straight at me. I am in heaven as i have a cock in each hand, making sure to give each one ample attention from my mouth. Looking up and seeing these two tops standing over me while I serviced their cocks was such a big turn on for me and for them, that soon we moved it to the next level. Mexican top got behind me and brought me back to a standing position before bending me forward so that he could go to town rimming my hole. His tongue was so intrusive; these weren't gentle licks but rather directed tongue thrusts with the intent of getting my hole nice and wet and open for what was to come next. While he was doing that, the Black top stood in front of me as I clung to his thighs to steady myself from the force of the rim job. He gently waved that wonderful black cock in front of my face as a signal that I should be servicing it appropriately with my mouth. This went on for some time before I could sense that I was about to do what I was there to do. I felt some cold lube being applied to my hole from behind, and I quickly reached for my poppers. As i began to take my first inhales, I could feel that firm Mexican cock head nudge against my hole, poised and ready to begin its first entry in my hole. With the poppers hitting, I let out a soft plea to "give it to me, fuck my Asian hole with your raw Mexican cock." He pushed in, slowly at first, but then without stopping he steadily sank his cock all the way to the hilt, burying it deep in my ass. I bucked forward from the pressure and sudden fullness, only to have the big black cock shoved into my throat. In the midst of my getting impaled on both ends, my eyes glanced at the closet mirrors that were reflecting our fuck, and I found myself turned on even more seeing a thick brown cock sliding in and out, disappearing in my hole from behind, and a big black cock doing the same in front as I swallowed as much of it as I could. This was heaven. The two tops tag teamed me for the better half the night, each taking turns to fuck me from behind doggy style; my face down and ass up and elevated; facing forward with my back arched as I hooked my legs underneath theirs for better leverage for me to back my ass towards their cocks. It wasn't long though, that I received my first load from the Black top with my laying on my back with my legs pulled back, and he pounding my ass. I love this position because it gives me the best view to see the tops cock disappear to the hilt inside my hole, and also I can look up and see his expression as he's feeling the breed build up. In a sudden exclamation he let me know he was cumming in me, and I immediately hook my legs around him, pulling him and his cock deep in me and ask him to not pull out just yet. He obliges and does some slow thrusting to further plant his cum deep in my hole before pulling out. Immediately, the Mexican top, who had been watching and enjoying the show, told me to get on all fours and proceeded to do some hard piston fucking. By this time my hole was fairly sloppy with the Black top's cum serving as extra lube, but even then I couldn't help letting a few moans of pain and pleasure escape with each forceful thrust. He liked to change positions frequently. He next positioned me onto my back with one leg down and one leg up, resting on his shoulder as he drove his raw cock in me without break. From there he shifted me onto my side, a position that allowed me to gaze in amazement and wonder at how easily his thick Mexican cock was now rapidly sliding in and out of my hole with little resistance. He finally shot his load and fucked his cum deep inside me in that position with a bit of extra roughplay when he looked straight into my eyes with his hands around my neck as he pounded his load deep. Definitely the best 3 some I have ever had: good chemistry all around, beautiful men with beautiful cocks, and 2 loads deposited in my hole to let me know that they own it. Below are the pics from the encounter where both tops demonstrate how much they enjoy shoving their raw cocks deep to the hilt.
  25. In Paris 2-5 September 2017

    Will be in Paris from 2-5 September,staying in a hotel in Marais area, looking to breed some good sub cumdumps,fit to skinny guys...hit me up

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