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Found 669 results

  1. Visiting NYC

    I'm visiting Midtown Manhattan tomorrow 1/19 for a week. Where are the best ways of meeting tops to breed me in my Times Sq Hotel. I'm not familiar with NYC. Also, any recommendations for escorts who have slings?
  2. Sub needs advice

    Hi guys! I'm a sub who wants to make the transition to being a BB slut. Wanna chat with others about the reality of this. I don't care if you are down the street or on the other side of the world, a sub, a top, neg or poz. What helped you to come to a decision? Are you neg and do you take poz loads? Are you on PrEP? Are you poz? I have many questions that could otherwise be posted across multiple forum topics but I thought this the best place to introduce myself. Not into fantasy chat or chat wanks. Serious discussion wanted. Private messages welcomed.
  3. Just bred 3 sluts

    19 year old Arab dom here. After edging my cock for 2 weeks, it was full and ready to breed some holes. Had 3 sluts come over and was able to give each of them a heavy load.
  4. I was bored and online hookup sites were a bust. There were no holes to be found for fucking and breeding, so I went to Club Philly for some afternoon fun. After checking in I walked around, noticing there weren't too many men. The lunch crowd was apparently thinning out. Returning to my locker, I changed to my jock and took another walk around, finding a guy who gave an okay blow job, but I wasn't ready to cum, so I walked to the steam room for a bit and then left, again cruising the rooms. This time I found a bottom who was ready to be fucked. Entering his room, he gave me a nice blow job while I played with his hole. It was nice and wet and already had a load so I lubed up my cock and fucked him doggy style. After a bit we changed position so I was on my back and he rode my cock, milking me for everything. I shot my load deep. Afterwards we swapped blow jobs - he had a nice cock and shot his load down my throat. Now showered, I was ready for more, and hoped to have a three way or group session. Entering the slurp ramps, I inserted my cock through the hole and was getting a sweet blow job. As I was grunted my approval of the blow job I was receiving, a hot bear daddy with hard seven sweet curved-up inch cock came behind me and started playing with my hole. I broke away from the blow job, bent down and gave him some sweet head, swallowing all the way, getting his cock nice and sloppy. He pulled me off his cock, spinning me around so I was again facing the glory hole. Inserting my cock back through the hole, I took a deep hit of poppers and as the guy below swallowed my cock and as my daddy bear pushed balls-deep in my hole. I loved it. Not only was I getting great head, I was also being fucked from behind, which is my favorite position. Daddy bear only lasted a few minutes (all I could take away I normally top) blew his load deep up my azz while I was begging for his load. Daddy walked away a the guy giving me head came and he blew me. I dumped my load while he shot all over my legs. Showered and went to get changed to leave. On my way to lockers a hot otter was checking me out and stroking his cock under his towel. I walked up stairs to see where it might lead. Entering the dark glory hole room, the otter followed. We kissed and stroked each other. I was hard as a rock again but he was only semi hard, so I wondered if I would get another blow job, in which case I wasn't sure if I would be able to cum yet again, but instead the otter surprised me as he pushed me on me knees, clearing intending I suck his cock. As I did so I was pleasantly surprised - his uncut cock got good and hard, and was a decent size at six inches. I might add his cock tasted so sweet. I swallowed all of his cock in and savored the taste and had my nose in his pubs. His aroma was intoxicating. I had blown him for only a minute when he muttered he was about to cum, which he did in abundance, flooding my mouth with generous amount of cum. In fact at one point my mouth was full and his cock was still oozing cum. I swallowed his cock all the way and let it shoot directly down my throat. I finished swallowing at which time he withdrew, apologizing for cumming so so quickly. We both left the glory holes and again showered, dressing to leave. Saying my good byes to the guys at the door, I left with a huge smile and load up my azz.
  5. A few years ago I decided to take time away from the world and find myself. I had just really started getting into dressing and acting feminine and wanted to spend an evening with somebody who would treat me like a woman. I ended up finding just that in a huge black guy named Kenny. Kenny had responded to a lengthy craigslist add that I had put up exaining that I was a CD looking to spend an evening being pampered and made love to. Not super hard fucking, just good sex. I informed him that I was a little on the bigger side but more curvy than anything with a nice round bubble butt. I also made it clear that I was DDF (with exception to weed and some hallucinogens) and wanted somebody who was the same. He replied with his size and stats, told me he was into weed as well and that he was very interested in me by my post. He said he wasn't trying to fuck a whole lot of people but wanted one steady thing. I told him I would consider it if things went well. He sent a picture of his cock with the message. Around 9 inches, a slight curve, massive head and plenty of girth. It looked amazing. He asked if I wanted poppers but I assured him that I wouldn't need them as I play with toys every day and it wouldn't take much to fit that monster in his pants in my butt. He talked for the rest of the night and agreed to meet that following weekend. I spent over an hour dolling myself up with my best wig and everything. I had gone for a wax the day prior to so I was sure my skin was smooth as silk for him. I slid a big plug in my ass and threw on a little makeup and then put on my lingerie. Nothing special, just a body stocking with a choker necklace. I gave myself a once over and thought I looked pretty damn good so I threw a pair of heels in the passenger seat, removed the plug and took off to meet him at his house. When I arrived, I slid on the heels and met him at the door. His eyes grew so wide when he saw me, looking me up and down. "Daaaaaaaaamn, baby mama! You look sexy!" I blushed and thanked him as he invited me inside. He offered me a place to sit on the couch and brought me a Rum & coke and a big fat blunt. We smoked the blunt together, talking about what we were into. He told me he was into slow, soft sex but could also get down with some serious fucking. He said he had fucked a couple twines before but nobody like me which made me blush again. He started to caress my thigh and play with my nipples while telling me how much he would love to come home every day to me on his bed with my ass clapping and ready to take his warm loads. "Do you think you have what it takes to dick this down?" I asked with a devilish grin. He laughed and said there was only one way to find out. I tossed back my drink and we finished the blunt before he put on some music and then came back to me with a smile. "Would you give me a lap dance?" he asked. I told him I had never done that before but I was willing to try for him. He smiled and pulled a chair from the kitchen and sat down in his living room. Rick Ross was on the stereo and I was a little nervous because in my head I could imagine me grinding on him, making my ass pop to Ross but I didn't think I could make it look as good as it did in my head he told me not to be nervous and to give it my best shot. I waited for the beat to drop and started popping my hips and shaking my ass, I really enjoyed myself. I was slow at first, trying to tease him a little, then I went full force, rubbing my ass against his bulge, bouncing up and down on it.... At one point, I felt his hands go down and undo his pants, releasing that leviathan of a cock and I slid right up the crack of my ass when it stood up. "Wow that's really big" I said. "Too big?" He asked. I told him no. "Daddy, i don't care how big it is, My ass is spreading for you and that whole thing is going inside me tonight one way or another." He smiled and grabbed my ass and kissed me. I kissed him back as his tongue parted my lips and started proving inside my mouth as my ass continued to grind against his cock. All of a sudden, I felt the tip of his cock slide through my ass crack and poke just past my first ring which made me jump. Not in pain, not at all, but surprise. He got up inside me so easily. "Wow, you do like to play with toys" we both laughed. "That was naughty, daddy." "Ya. You've been a naughty girl. Daddy will have to spank you. Would you like that, baby mama?" I smiled and nodded. He hooked my legs into his arms and carried me off to the bedroom with one of his fingers sliding into my ass..... Part 2 Coming Soon!
  6. Bangkok Massage Boyz

    I had been following this new massage shop on an app called LINE with their occasional postings on Craigslist. They are a new shop and seemed eager to get my husband and I into their shop. The mamasan sent pictures of her "boyz" with the understanding that we were only looking for "100% TOP KING boyz" into sucking, fucking and rimming. At our designated reservation time, my husband and I arrived to meet the mamasan and promptly taken upstairs to a rather old , but clean, looking room and instructed to shower. Within minutes my massage boy arrived and had me get on my stomach on a massage type table. He began with a legit massage and worked diligently on my feet and back. After about 30 minutes, his fingers began to wander on the inside of my thighs and my now 7 inch uncut cock was leaking precum like a leaky faucet. The boy then leaned in and spread my cheeks and drove his rigid tongue deep inside of my wet hole. He had me moaning as he continued eating my hole like a champion then proceeded to give my entire backside a tongue bath. He then climbed up on me and started a full body on body massage with the full weight of his body. As he slid up my back, his now rigid 7 inch Thai cock would go up my crack and tease my hole. I wondered if he would use a condom. Over and over he massaged my back with his body until finally his cock lined up perfectly with my hole and he did not hesitate in going full length inside of me and stopped fully inside. My back arched and I took in a sharp breath. I reached back and realized he was bare. I moaned my deep approval. He took my approval and whispered some Thai words in my ear and he began a very erotic and sensual fucking as he reached around and played with my nipples and kissing my neck. Each of his thrusts were met with my ass pushing back against his cock.. Without exiting my hole, he slowly and methodically turned my body around so I was now on my back, my ankles pushed back to my ears, hole fully exposed and still full with his cock. He started pumping me again while stroking my very wet cock. After 10 minutes or so of deep full length pumping, he looked deep into my eyes and nodded as his eyes started to roll back in his head. At that point he began to FUCK very fast and he grunted gutterally and blew his Thai babies deep inside of me. That first blast of very hot cum on my prostate made me start to blast off and I covered my own face with my thick load. Without moving, he leaned down and licked every drop of my cum off of my face then kissed me deep and senually. Slowly our breathing came back to normal, he pulled out and began to finish the massage as I drifted off to sleep a few minutes at a time. Afterwards, I tipped him very well and he greeted the tip with a very sweet hug and kiss. Until next time... I will post about my husband's experience later....
  7. This is a true story about a new neighbor who moved in on my street last year. Middle of the summer, sometime in July. One afternoon I leave to go to work and I notice moving trucks a couple houses over. This one guy kept giving directions on where to leave boxes in the house, I figured he was the new guy. About 6' 5", huge arms and brown hair. Clean shaven, bulging muscles. Yikes.... anyway, I left for work and picked up some shrooms on my way home as it was Friday. I LOVE to trip and streak through the woods on my property. The wooded land takes up a lot of different property but a decent amount is ours and I love running naked out there at night, feeling the warm air on my body, especially right after it rains and I can play in the mud. This night was especially warm so I took some of the mushrooms around midnight and waiting for them to kick in. After an hour, I was feeling pretty good so I stripped down and admired my clean shaven body in the mirror for a while (I do have hair on my head btw lol) before lubing up and sliding my vibrating buttplug in. The trip made it so wonderful. I turned up the power about 1/3 of the way, turned out all the lights and embarked into my backyard. I waited and watched, making sure I didn't see any house lights or anything like that. Once I realized I wasn't going to be seen, I skipped off into the darkness of the trees, away from the light of the full moon. I noticed a bug tire swing in the new guy's back yard and thought about how hot it would be to use it as a sex swing. I started out slow when I got into the woods, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness before moving a little faster, delving deeper into the darkness. I made it out on the other side of the woods where an empty open field was there waiting for me like always. I loved to run naked through that field, pretending a lover was chasing me, throbbing cock waving back and forth in the moonlight,... I ran around for about 20 minutes, laughing, pausing on occasion to admire the moon. I decided to head back towards the house to at least be closer in case somebody saw me. It didn't take long to realize I had come in at a different part of the woods and wasn't exactly sure where I was. I wasn't upset or afraid as I just rode the trip and pretended I was looking for the one who would make me his. All of a sudden, I heard a door open and close. I noticed a small light and thought it was my neighbor, Rick who live on the right side of my house. I saw the lights were out again and I thought he had gone back to bed and I decided to head back inside. When I turned the corner, I was looking right at my new neighbor and he was looking at me..... and he had his dick in his hand. I had come back just a little too far down. 🤦‍♂️ "Oh my god" I said, trying to cover myself up. He laughed "Well this neighborhood sure knows how to make a guy feel welcome" and took a drag off a joint he had between his fingers. He was sitting in a chair next to a small fire in his backyard while madturbating. "So you live around here?" He asked, motioning me towards another chair. "Ya, I'm REALLY sorry about this." "Don't be sorry. I hope I don't freak you out when I say that your little surprise was the best part of my day." I laughed "No, not at all. I'm flattered." "Glad I'm not the only gay dude on the block. I assume you are given our current circumstances. Haha" "That would be correct" I laughed. "Top or bottom?" He asked. "Bottom. Never topped, don't plan to." "Ah, a true bottom. Are you poz?" "Nope. Was checked a few days ago actually." He smiled and looked me up and down. "Well, I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I could definitely go for a piece of that." i blushed and looked at the fire. "Ya?" "Absolutely. Hey, what's that noise?" i realized my vibrating butt plug was still going. "Oh, it's my plug." "oh my god" he laughed. "I think I've struck gold!" He stood up and pulled out his cock again. This time it was dripping with precum. "What do they call you?" "Big Bessy, baby". "You wanna party, Bessy?" He asked walking closer to me, he stopped right in front of the chair I was sitting in. "Are you sure you want to?" I asked, staring up at him while he slid the tip of his cock around my mouth and face. "Absolutely. I can tell I made the right decision moving here." And with that, he gently slid his wet cock into my mouth. I didn't realize how big it was until I felt it go down my throat. Luckily, I have no gag Reflex so I was able to handle that size. He was about 8 inches but had serious girth. I sat there sucking his dick for quite a while. Reaching back and playing with his balls and going around and around with my tongue. He laughed and slowly pulled out of my mouth and bent down to kiss me. "Turn around, mama. I'm gonna get you nice and ready. " i got up and turned around on all fours. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, squeezing, groping, spanking... he laughed when he saw my buttplug. "Aw, it's not even up all the way" and he turned it on full blast. I moaned with pleasure as the walls of my boipussy vibrated and loosened. After a few minutes he slowly pulled it out and replaced it with his tongue. It was so warm and soft, licking at my O ring, making it wink with every lick. I moaned and pled for his cock before I felt his hands on my hips pulling me back against him. He teased me at first, barely touching me with the tip of his dick. I laughed and told him to fill me up. With that, he ditched the rest of his clothes and slowly slid that entire fat rod up my ass with such passion and authority, I thought I would come right there. I could hardly believe it, here I was with a guy I had just met, in his backyard for anybody to see, barebacking and getting well fucked. He was being gentle but it was such a fat cock it felt like he was hard fucking me. I loved every second of it but damn, he was so big and inside me sooo deep. We kept this up for some time before he stopped and took me by the hand. "Come with me" he said. "I was about to" I laughed and he smiled at me. He took me over to the tire swing and I was very excited when he asked if I wanted to fuck in the swing. I said yes with a second thought. The tire was big enough for the two of us so he got in one side and and then I got in on top of him. It was a little bit of a tight fit since I couldn't pull my ass cheeks open from that angle, but the tightness felt so good when his slippery cock slid back up in me. I gently moaned as he let go of the branch and we started to swing. The wind in my face, his arms around me, his cock in my ass... it was wonderful. We swung there for what felt like forever. I started shifting my ass around a little, squeezing his shaft every so slightly. "You keep that up and I'll need to pull out soon" he laughed. I turned my head around and said "Don't pull out." He just looked at me. I went in: "Dont pull out. Dump your cum in me and lets just stay here a while. Cum as much as you need to. Dump loads in me until it sprays out. This just feels so good and I never want it to stop. Fuck my ass forever." He smiled and held me tighter. We swung for another few minutes before I felt his cock twitch and his cum start to flow into my belly. I let out a heavy moan and it flushed into me. We stayed there on that swing for about half hour at least and he came two more times during that period. When we finally got off, he asked if he could see me again like that. I smiled and said yes. We've fucked a few more times since then, but that is a story for another time.
  8. Manifest4u

    The weather has improved, so i will return to Club Manifest and WED humpday parties. Anyone in ATL, meet me
  9. Park Cum Dump

    The last week I rose early and headed to Central Park in Burnaby, wearing shorts for easy access. I pulled into the parking lot which was dark, and only one car was parked there. I parked somewhat distant from the car, got out, walked in to the trees, stopped, removed my shorts and lubed my ass, then walked across from the lone car. Spotting a a shadow, I walked a little further, the other man following me. Stopping by a tree, my face to the tree, I presented my ass. The man stepped behind me, exploring my ass, playing with my cheeks and hole. I inched backwards until my ass met his hard cock. Reaching back, I took his cock in my hand, finding it nice and thick, so I guided it into my hole. The guy pumped vigorously, lasting only about five minutes before he came, pulling out after his load was lodged in my ass. I thought he was done, but to my surprise his cock began poking me yet again. I welcomed the chance to get fucked a second time, but realized something felt different, and that's when I realized the top was a different man, one with a longer cock. This man also pumped my ass, but much more aggressively than the first guy, moaning as he came in my hole. As the second guy finished-up, I saw another man lurking nearby, so I motioned lurker over. My ass was on fire! This new guy was wanking his cock, which was of an average size, apparently conflicted about fucking my ass, but eventually entered me and dumped a big load, again in my hole. I love this place!. I will return next week!
  10. Seeing how New Year's is now upon is and all of us have kissed someone at midnight, I was curious if any members here have or ever wanted a big load of cum shot deep in their ass right at the stroke of midnight or to breed an ass at midnight? Would love to hear your stories and I'm sure there are a few good ones out there ;-) . Cheers to all members and hope 2018 is good to all of you sexually and in your day to day lives as well! All I ask is please be safe as in don't drink and drive
  11. Satisfied with the outcome of an hour's worth of play at the gloryholes earlier that evening (see my prior story), I head for the hotel in downtown Louisville. Before I went to the arcade, I had posted an ad on Craigslist with a pic of my hole leaking cum...a gem of a pic taken by a fuckbuddy about a month earlier. The ad specified that BBC was preferred but any big cock of any color was welcome. Within the first hour the ad was posted, I had received twenty responses, ten of which actually seemed serious. I had posted that the fuck could be anonymous, and that part unexpectedly became an issue with some DL black guys...they didn't want anyone to walk in on them with their bare cock stuffed inside a white hole. So I had to figure out a schedule to avoid overlaps with certain guys. After a lot of back and forth scheduling and confirming, I had a line-up of six BBC and one WBC over a four hour period from 8 to midnight. I assumed, of course, that only about half would show, but damn every single one of these guys showed up. I surreptitiously videotaped each encounter so I could recount the details. The videos are very poor quality, and since their faces are visible, I will never post them for public viewing. The first guy insisted he be the only one there and reconfirmed multiple times that I had not asked anyone else to join at the same time. He had sent a pic of his extremely large cock. When I asked how big it was, he said I'd find out soon enough. It appeared in the photo to be maybe eight inches, decent girth but not too thick. About ten minutes before he arrived, he requested that I wear a blindfold and dim the lights. This made me nervous since the door was ajar and anyone could enter. But I decided to take the risk. So I put on the blindfold and patiently wait on the bed, my well-lubed ass in the air. Within five minutes, I feel the door open and the cool air from outside brush against my bare hole. I can feel this large black body (he's 6'6", he tells me later) slowly lean over me. His hands gently grab onto each side of my head, and he moves my head to the edge of the bed. He slaps his cock softly against my face and drags it across my lips. I take the cock in my mouth. It fills my mouth and isn't even the slightest erect yet. He slaps my ass and orders me to start sucking. The cock keeps expanding in my mouth. With some effort, I take maybe five or six inches down my throat. Unsatisfied, he holds the back of my head and forces his entire cock down my throat. It's clear at this point his cock must be at least ten inches, which is the biggest cock I had ever taken. Somehow I manage to not gag, so he fucks my throat for a few more minutes. He pulls out and gets behind me. I scramble to find the bottle of poppers on the bed, anticipating that I'm going to need a few hits to survive this fucking. He drizzles lube on my hole and begins to finger me roughly with his large fingers. One, two, three, and finally four. With a hand his size, he was basically fisting me with those four fingers. He pulls out his fingers and tells me I should probably take a couple of long hits of poppers because he intends to push all the way in. Oh god, I think, how can I do this, possibly the biggest dick I've ever had? He lays his cock between my cheeks and rubs his hefty black cock up and down my crack. He finally pauses at my stretched, well lubed hole and begins to push. He grabs my hips and shoves his entire dick in my ass. I feel his balls slap my cheeks. I bury my face in the pillow to muffle my scream from the pain. He holds his dick, so deep in my hole, and then he starts to forcefully churn that cock. My ass is so full I can barely take it. He pulls out a few inches and drives it all the way back in until his balls slap my ass. He repeats this motion for several minutes and then pulls completely out of my ass. I reach back and feel my hole, now gaping open. He orders me to hit the poppers and warns me he is going to fuck me hard until he nuts. Without any further warning, he shoves his dick balls deep and begins to fuck me so hard I can barely catch my breath. With each thrust he nearly pulls all the way out of my ass and then pounds it all the way to the hilt. I can hear his balls slap against my ass. He pile drives my hole for ten minutes and suddenly slows down. He pushes as deep as he can go, and I can tell he’s breeding me. He starts to churn his cock again. Then he slowly starts fucking me again. I feel some of his cum drip down my leg. After a few minutes, he pulls completely out, and I feel more cum leaking out of my ass. He hops onto the bed and shoves his BBC back into my hole, fucking me hard once again. I warn him that the next guy will show up soon, but he continues to pound me. Within minutes, another black guy comes into the room. I hear him unzip his pants and pull them off. The guy fucking me pulls out and tells the guy to step up and breed me. This new guy’s dick is average sized, maybe seven inches at most. He fucks me for less than five minutes and dumps his load deep in my ass. The first guy gets behind me and starts to fuck me. Before the second guy could even get his pants back on, I feel his huge cock pulse in my ass. He gave me his second load and pushed my total to three…and I had only been hosting in my room for about half an hour. The next guy (#3) confirmed for 45 minutes later, giving my abused hole some time to recover. He wanted assurance that I would be blindfolded. I questioned if that was a smart idea but ended up agreeing to it. He showed up right on time. I could feel him walking toward my head, and then I heard him unzip. His semi-hard black cock brushed against my lips. He ordered me to suck him until he was hard. This guy was quite the grower. His cock grew in my mouth from about four inches soft to a solid eight inches fully erect. After a few minutes of deep throating him, he pulled his cock from my mouth and walked behind me. He spit on my hole a few times before pausing to lube up his dick. Then I heard a disappointing sound: a condom wrapper being opened. I told him he would have to leave if he wanted to wrap it up. Raw only, as my ad made clear. I could hear him roll on the condom, and then he slipped his cock into my lubed hole. I pulled off his dick and asked him to leave. He took off the condom and placed it on my back. I hear him zip up his pants, but he doesn’t leave the room. It’s clear he’s still standing behind me. Suddenly his hands begin to rub my ass, and he spreads my cheeks, exposing my hole. He says, “Fuck yeah, that’s a hot pussy white boy.” Those were the only words he had said and would say. He unzips his pants and, without hesitation, pushes his raw dick in my ass. When his balls hit my ass, I know he’s going to fuck until he breeds me. In the doggie position with my ass off the bed, he slides slowly in and out before finally pounding my hole non-stop for ten minutes. He pushes all the way in and holds his cock, shooting his cum deep in my ass. Wasting no time, he pulls out, zips up his pants, and leaves the room. With four loads from BBC swimming in my cunt, I waited ass up and blindfolded for the next guy. He said he was DL and couldn’t risk being seen. He had sent me pics of his body and cock…damn, was I looking forward to taking his thick nine inches. I hear the door to the room open. He steps in and undresses completely. On the video I couldn’t believe how hot this guy was: toned/lightly muscular, handsome face, about 6’ tall, and flawless dark black skin. So I feel his hands on my ass cheeks, gently massaging them and slowly pulling them apart to expose my well-fucked hole. He moans, “Oh yeah, baby.” He wets his fingers with spit and rubs them over my hole. I hear the bottle of lube pop open. He’s getting his dick nice and wet. He then places his cock at the entrance to my hole, but it slides up my crack. He respositions and tries again. His cock slides down toward my balls this time. It was clear he had a hefty piece of meat. While he lubes up one more time, I take a hit of poppers. I feel his cocks at my hole, and this time he pushes all the way in—balls deep. I gasp, unprepared for the girth stretching my hole. He wastes no time assaulting my ass. He drives his cock in and out feverishly for a solid ten minutes before finally pausing. He pulls all the way out and tells me to get in the center of the bed. He steps onto the bed and then crouches down to line his dick up with my hole. In this position he piston fucks me for another ten minutes. By this point my ass is getting sore. I take a couple hits of poppers and move into another position—on my side. He shoves his big cock in my hole, and now I can really feel how thick it is. He fucks me slower this time, letting me enjoy the ride. Another ten minutes pass and still no nut. He rolls me onto my stomach and starts to pound my ass hard for another ten minutes. Suddenly he pulls out and starts to stroke frantically. Is he not going to breed me after nearly 45 minutes of barebacking me? Then he asks, “Want me to come in your ass? Up your butt?” Hell yes! He strokes for another 30 seconds and announces he’s about to come. He spits on his hand and quickly lubes his cock. He pushes his cock all the way in and immediately starts to breed me, unloading his hot black sperm deep in my hole. I can feel his cock pulse over and over. He pulls out, gets dressed, and leaves. I had hoped for a few minutes to recover, but the next guy entered the room less than five minutes later. He’s an attractive, very tall black man in his early 40s, and he warned me that is cock is so thick that some guys aren’t able to handle it. Considering I had been adequately stretched by the prior BBC, I did not anticipate any issues. He moved around to my face and signaled for me to suck his cock. He’s only semi-erect, but his girth already makes it challenging to suck. As his cock grows, it becomes nearly impossible to suck, stretching my lips so much it hurts. This was going to be my encounter with a true beer-can-thick dick…and eight inches long at that! How is my ass going to take this? He moves behind me and lubes up. It clearly is not enough lube, which means his entrance into my hole is going to hurt. I feel his cock at my hole. He pushes hard but his cock doesn’t go in. He tells me to take a long hit of poppers. His hands grip my hips, and this time he shoves really hard, forcing his cock into my ass. I could actually hear my ass lips stretch as he entered me. The pain is excruciating. He pounds my hole mercilessly and continues to shove it all the way in and out, his balls slapping my ass in a frantic rhythm, until he grunts several times and holds his cock deep. No advance warning, no words. He came in my gaping white pussy, his black sperm juice now mixed in with countless other loads. When he pulls out, a small stream of cum drips from my hole. I reach back, scoop it up with my fingers, and lick it off. About half an hour later, the one and only big white cock of the night arrived. I initially thought he would be the final cock to breed me, but that ended up not being the case. When the white guy entered the room, he asked that I remove the blindfold. I look up, and standing before me is this handsome 30-something white guy with a light blonde beard. He whips out an already erect thick eight incher and orders me to suck it. While I’m deep throating his cock, he’s reaching around to play with my hole. After a few minutes, he moves behind me, and I take a hit of poppers thinking he’s about to fuck me. Instead I feel his tongue swirl around my hole. He clearly tastes the remnants of cum that had leaked out. When he starts to suck on my hole, I ask him to stop. I want to keep the seed for myself. So he proceeds to lick my toes. Now, I usually don’t like having my toes licked, but damn, this guy was great. I was moaning like crazy. After five minutes of this, he rose and shoved his entire dick in my ass. He had only lubed with spit, but soon enough his dick got lubed with the loads already deposited in my hole. He fucks me at a nice, moderate pace doggie style for about 20 minutes before turning me on my back. He pushes his cock back in my hole and again starts sucking and licking my toes. It sends me over the edge, and I blow my load all over my chest. He scoops up my cum and lubes his cock with it. After a few minutes of fucking me with my own cum, he moans loudly. And then I feel his cock pulse in my ass as he fills me with his seed. My tenth load of the night. Perhaps the most loads I’ve ever taken in such a short period of time. The breeding session wasn’t over, however. The first BBC—the monster cock—wanted to fuck me again. He said he really gets off on a loaded hole. Ten minutes after we text he’s back in the room. He walks up behind me, unzips his pants, and rams his hard dick in my hole—no lube and no spit. He pounds my hole with such force I can barely stay on my hands and knees. He yells out, “I’m going to fucking breed you.” And with that, I feel his balls rest on my ass as he shoots his load up my hole. He zips up and leaves. It was time to empty all that cum from my hole. I place a cup on the floor and squat over it, careful to line it up so I don’t waste any of that precious seed. With a gentle push, out rushes a glob of creamy cum. After the fifth push, I think most of the cum has made its way into the glass. I’m stunned by the volume. Not to be wasted, I raise the glass to my mouth and pour it in, swishing it around my tongue and swallowing it. I’ll be back in Louisville around the middle of January for two days. Hope I can double the number of loads!
  12. cum dumps, bareback, creampies, pregnancy risks, breeding kids.
  13. BBO Parties

    Not long home from the latest BBO (Bad Boys Orgie) in Melb (Aust) The host does a fantastic job of organising these parties at private accommodation. Everyone arrives, has an introductory brief, then it's get naked and have fun. Within 2 mins of being naked I had a guy I'd met a few times at previous parties balls deep in my hole and after 5 mins dumping his first load into my hole. Managed to take 3 more guys one after the other whilst on a bed on all 4's, each patiently waiting their turn, the 2nd guy was a bit bigger than I'd anticipated and took my breath away, but I pushed though the pain and got to enjoy being pounded and having several guys get closer to watch his fat raw cock slamming my freshly bred hole. Spent the rest of the 2hrs that the party went for going from cock to cock sucking and getting fucked, occasionally sliding my cock into a hot hole. Not sure how many cocks I took but managed 4 loads that I know of, one of a hot looking hairy Arab looking guy, Loved getting his seed in me, such a handsome man. At last call ("OK men, 10 mins to closing, blow your loads and breed holes" announced by the host) a cute young guy grabbed my cock, so of course I had to oblige. fucked him for a bit, but was so exhausted, I needed to jerk off to cum, but made sure I shoved my cock back into his hole to give him my load. All in all a great night of fucking with horny guys who are all total pigs. Loved it.
  14. I see a lot of guys who get turned on here by swallowing - which is obviously cool. But I must be the opposite because I like being the one to feed guys - way more than anything else. There's just something about feeling my load squeeze out and into a dude's mouth. The last time I fed a guy, I saved up for a few days. When I squirted, I remember he winced. Does anyone else here get into being the one who feeds a guy? If so, I'd love to hear more about it and what it is that turns you on. I've tried looking around the Internet and didn't find much. There's one article I found with a poll in it but the majority of people like swallowing nut. Maybe this is a personal preference thing. Who knows? Also into groups where two or three guys feed off me. Super curious to hear your experiences and step into this a bit more.
  15. True story from Dec. 23rd holiday party. My partner Shane and I went to a friend’s holiday party. It’s a semi-annual event, and always one of the best parties of the year. This year there were around 70 guys attending. There was a small catering team handling the food and bar. My favorite was the blonde waiter; when we chatted, he shared he was a senior in a nursing program and was thinking about PA school next year. The bartender was a muscular guy, shaved head, in his late 30s or early 40s; he was pouring the drinks pretty heavy. I chatted briefly with another waiter, this one a bit shy with dark, thick hair and glasses who was also finishing college, and looking a bit overwhelmed by all the men. There was a really mishmash of guests, ranging from late 20s through early 60s, with the majority in their 40s and 50s. A good cross-section of fit and outgoing gentlemen. I knew about half of the guys from other social events, and a few from prior seasons in Ptown. A few close friends were attending, and I was mingling throughout the night. Shane and I crossed paths now and agin in the house — a 3600 sq. Ft. Home built along the edge of conservation land, so it was nice and private. There was a constant level of flirting and sexual energy in the group; not ususual for one of these parties. Men were casually chatting, rubbing one another’s chest, and breaking the touch-barrier by laying a hand on someone new’s shoulder or around their waist. The buzz in the house was lively as guys moved from room to room, and occasionally out to the chillly patio, during the evening. Around 10 p.m. some guys began to take their leave. I’d chatted with my friends, made some new acquaintances, and even exchanged a couple nice kisses with some new handsome guys. Shane introduced me to a tall, lean red head named Eric, and I chatted with the handsome ginger for a bit before needing to visit the bartender again. There’d also been a slow migration of some guys to the upper floor, which had a walkway and small seating area that overlooked the living room. Guys were hanging out up there, and then disappearing down the hallway. I wasn’t in a hurry to wander upstairs, and was enjoying the conversations still happening on the main floor. Around 10:45 the main floor was growing pretty thin. The last of my close friends that were still hanging around were saying goodbyes. The main floor was littered with empty food plates, wine glasses, and cups. I peeked into the front living room and saw a guy sitting on the couch with another kneeling at his feet blowing him. In the kitchen, three guys were in a tight embrace exploring one another’s bodies under their winter clothing. I decided to wander upstairs and see what was happening there. The master bedroom was at the end of the upstairs hallway, past several other closed doors. The hall was quiet, and there wasn’t much noise coming from those closed rooms. The master bedroom door was opne, but the room was dark. With about 6 feet left to the hallway, I could begin to hear the happy murmurs of men in the dark. There were about 25 guys in the bedroom, a large space with 2 levels — the lower level had a king size bed in the center of the floor looking out a wall of glass into the woods. Behind the bed was a low wall with steps on either side that went to the upper level. Guys were everywhere. From the upper level, I could see a group of 7 guys active on the bed, with one guy laying spread eagle and another laying on top of him. Two other guys were on all fours at opposite sides of the bed being fucked from behind. Around me were small groups of naked men sucking, and I spied what looked like a metal framework in the corner opposite the hallway. I stripped, tossed my clothes behind a chair, and started to wander the upper level to see who was there and where I might join in. The bedroom was filled with happy moans and groans of men sharing sexual intimacy. There were random bottles of poppers and lube floating around, and I took a quick hit of poppers to get myself going; my dick was already rock hard, my favorite leather cockring hugging it tight at the base. My friend Matthew was laying on a blanket on the floor, holding his legs in the air as someone I hadn’t spoken to tonight started penetrating his hole. Three guys were on their knees in the middle of a group of 6 or 7, hungrily sucking one cock after another. The frame I saw in the corner was for a sling, but the sling was empty at the moment — I didn’t think that would last very long. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness, just a few candles punctuating small areas of the room, and casting most of the bodies as silhouettes until you got up close. I picked up a bottle of poppers and took a second hit as one of the guys kneeling reached out and touched my cock; I slipped it into his mouth and enjoyed a nice blowjob before he moved back to the guy on my right. I wandered down to the lower level by the bed. The sounds here were more intense — skin slapping against skin, and short grunts, moans, and gasps as men were being fucked in the near darkness. I had to get close to make out faces. To my surprise, the adorable blonde waiter was bent over the edge of the bed being fucked by one of the hosts. The host leaned over as I got close, and made out with me while he kept fucking the boy. There was a bottle of lube and some poppers laying nearby on the bed, and I reached underneath to feel the host’s bare cock sliding in and out of the boy’s hole. I stepped around and knelt on the bed, taking a hit of poppers, sharing one with the boy, and pushed my cock into his mouth to spit roast him. I looked at the other pairs fucking on the bed, and realized it was Shane laying spread eagle on one side of the bed with the red head plowing into his hole. I felt the thrill that goes through me when I see Shane being fucked by someone. He was grunting over and over as Eric delivered thrust after thrust, his body weight pressing Shane into the mattress. The muscly bartender was standing at the other edge of the bed, stroking slowly as he watched two other guys fucking near him; he occasionally reached over and touched Eric’s ass and ran his hand up along his spine. I decided to walk up top and see if there was an available ass ready to be fucked. My friend Matthew was now in the sling with a couple guys standing near, but no one stepping up. I quickly lubed my cock, stepped up to Matthew’s waiting hole, and started to push in. He and I smiled to each other for a second, then he took two long hits of poppers knowing what was coming, and then the fuck started. His ass was incredible warm wrapped around my dick, and I felt the smooth skin rubbing against my cock as I pumped in and out of his hole. I fucked him with long strokes, purposely trying to have my balls slap against his ass. He started jacking himself, and I picked up the pace as he starting moaning. I went from long and deep strokes, to a more moderate pace, letting the sling begin to do some of the work as it swung forward and back, pulling his hole away from my cock, and then plunging back to impale him again. Matthew was groaning loudly, which totally turns me on, and I started a power fuck, slamming his ass hard as I pulled back against the chairs holding the sling. Matthew and I locked eyes, him grunting and snarling like someone who loves his ass used hard. My pelvic bone was starting to hurt I was fucking him so hard, pulling back on the chains to bring his hole back to me. Matthew grunted and then asked for a break. I stepped back, and helped him up, his lightly furred chest drenched in sweat, and he was gasping a bit. We stood there making out for a few minutes, then he went downstairs for water. I washed off my cock in the shower (I think that’s always polite after fucking someone’s ass), and wandered back toward the bed. There were at least 10 guys on or around the bed, and the energy had become primal. Shane and the blonde waiter was laying on their backs along the bottom end of the bed, with a third guy on all fours beside them. All three were being fucked. Shane was taking the bartender’s big cock, his moans conveying how hot the fuck was. The blonde was giving it up for a silver fox, and the third was impaled on the host’s cock. This is where everything just begins to become a pagent of smells, sounds, and feelings. I jumped onto the bed, and there were others that followed. The next 40 minutes was a circus of mystery cocks slipping in and out of willing holes as tops moved around the bed regularly, I fucked a cute otter at the edge of the bed while watching Shane take the silver fox in his ass, and another guy push his cock into Shane’s mouth. I was just thinking of breeding the otter when someone came up behind me and pushed into my ass. I became distracted by the mystery cock inside me, and the incredibly warm feeling of the otter’s hole. I thrusted forward to bury myself deep, feeling the dick in my slide out to his head; and then pushed back onto the cock behind me while giving the otter a moment of relief. I was caught up in the amazing slippery feelings on my cock and in my ass. There was a rotation on the bed, and I lost my otter hole only to find the blonde waiter sniffing poppers with his legs spread wide. I didn’t waste time taking that beautiful hole, watching the expressions on his face as I began to pump in and out of him raw. A suddenly loud grunting / growling sound was off to my left, and I could make out (through the tangle of bodies) a bearded guy from Connecticutt pumping his load into Shane’s ass. My poppered up blonde was cradling his knees in his arms, lifting his ass up for my cock. I pounded him, shifting my stance a few times to reach different angles in his hole. He vacillated between low moans and quick whimpers as he took another cock in him. I made out with a guy next to me who then asked for a turn with the blonde. I gave myself a quick respite for some water, then returned to the bed. The redhead Eric was back at Shane’s ass, holding his legs wide while he pumped away at the hungry hole. Shane was moaning, and after a few minutes I heard him ask for Eric’s load. The redhead pumped with determination; I could hear their bodies slapping against one another, and felt it in the bed itself. Finally Eric unloaded into Shane, still pumping away to push his load deep inside. I felt someone fingering my hole, but he was a bit too tentative to keep my attention. Meanwhile, the otter was available again, and he presented his hole to me. I decided this was where I was going to finish for the night. I made out with the handsome otter, letting my hardon tease against his hole for a moment before pushing back inside. We found a quick rhythm and made out while I fucked his ass. I felt the urge building inside me to shoot. I looked up and saw one of the hosts bending Shane over the edge of the bed and positioning his cock to enter my partner. “Are you gonna breed me?” The otter asked. ”Fuck yeah!” I grunted. He looked at me with cocklust in his eyes, and I knew I was going to tag his ass. I let the urge build, my cock aching to release, “OH YEAH~” and I let my cum flood the adorable otter in front of me. He started grunting, and I saw his own cum shoot across his chest and hit his chin. I licked him cum onto my tongue, and pushed it into his own mouth, letting him taste his own cum while mine filled his ass. Our host grunted again and again as he unloaded into Shane’s ass in front of me. I got off the bed with the otter, the two of us walking hand-in-hand, I lead him toward the shower. I slapped the host’s ass, “Nice work” and he smiled back. “I’ve wanted to breed that ass for over a year!” The otter and I showered, then snuggled in one of the other bedrooms for awhile. When I finally got up to collect my clothing and boyfriend, I found him showering with a bearded guy from Boston I’d met before. He had fucked Shane in the sling and given him another load. Shane told me later that he’d been fucked by two guys in the sling, taking both loads. If you enjoyed hearing about Shane’s and my holiday orgy, click the Blue Heart and Upvote, and leave a message.
  16. Xmas Day Breeding

    Christmas time, so staying at my parents for a few days. Hopped on Grindr after dinner today to see who was about. Chatted with a couple of guys, but too far to meet today, but then got a message from a blank profile - was pretty horny so decided to chat. Asked for pics, which he provided - home from uni over Xmas, cute enough, slim bod. Says he's vers but (of course) wants to bottom today. Neither of us can accom, but it was mild outside today and there's a park nearby. He's up for a quick pump and dump, no/minimal talking. Met him at the main road entry to the park, walked in together. Found a suitably secluded wooded area and get down to some snogging and groping. Put my hand down his joggers to find he's not wearing any undies. Pull my hand out, suck and spit on my fingers and put them back down his crack. Reach his hole and start rubbing round it, dipping my fingers in, which he's liking. He's gripping me through my trackies, rubbing my cock. Pulls trackies and jock down a bit and pulls my cock all the way out. Gets on his knees and starts sucking - needs some instructing re. teeth but I'm drooling precum into his mouth at this point. Stand him up and turn him round. Get him braced against a tree and pull his joggers down. Squat down and pull his cheeks apart. Cheeks got a nice bit of fuzz on them, nice pink hole. Stick my face between his cheeks and get to work tonguing his hole. He loves getting eaten, loosening up well. Wanna get in him now, so I stand up and spit on the end of my cock. I give him a hit of my poppers and rub precum round his hole, then slowly push in. Get about halfway and he asks me to hold it for a minute. I do as he asks and eventually feel him relax a bit. Tells me to carry on, so push the rest of the way. He's still tight, so I hold it for a bit 'cause I've been horny as fuck all day and I don't wanna cum too quick. Pull out a bit, add more spit to my wet dick, grip his hips and start fucking him properly. He's moaning a bit and gasping as I go in and out, seem to be hitting his spot well. Starts wanking himself. Keep one hand on his waist and feel him up with the other - put it under his hoodie, rub it over his chest, tweak his nips, run it through his treasure trail. Nibble his ears and neck, can hear he's getting closer from his breathing. He starts spunking hard, making his hole twitch and grip me tight. That sends me over the edge and I start shooting in him. I pull out of him slowly, still hard, wedge my cock back in my undies. I've shot pretty deep by the looks of it, not much coming out. Leave him to sort himself out, leave the park and walk home.
  17. Looking to start a monthly meet up in any sauna in HK. All bb fuckers meet, no need to talk. Fuck all night. Interested parties pls send me a message
  18. Ray had been married to Alex for almost 10 years, but the last few years there had been no sexual intimacy. Ray had, in fact, started secretly visiting gay saunas and had begun barebacking other men. They arranged to stay in a holiday cottage over the Christmas period and found a cosy place to stay with a superb pub just a few minutes away, where they could enjoy a good supper for Christmas Eve. Since, Alex's younger sister was on her own that Christmas and there was a spare room at the cottage, she was invited to join them. Mary was glad not to have to spend Christmas on her own. Mary was 10 years younger than Alex, somewhat shy but with a great figure and long blond hair. There were times when Ray had lusted after her, but had realised the inappropriateness of his feelings. They spent Christmas Eve strolling around the lovely countryside and then headed over to the pub for a grand evening meal fuelled by copious quantities of alcohol. They certainly all had a merry time. Afterwards they headed back to their cottage to enjoy an evening in front of the fireplace settled down to watch some seasonal TV. They sat together on a very comfortable settee. Mary on the far side, Alex in he middle and Ray on the other. Much more wine was drunk by the bibulous sisters, Ray refrained as he knew his limits. The inevitable affect of the drink started to show on the other two. Alex, in particular, found herself nodding off under the effects of the alcohol. After a bit, she headed off to bed. Ray was more of an owl and wanted to stay up to watch some late night TV. Mary was happy to stay up for longer too. Ray decided that rather than disturb his wife, when he eventually retired for the night, to go upstairs with her to change into his pyjamas. He returned afterwards to join Mary on the settee. The film American Werewolf in London was about to start, Ray liked to see this oldie horror movie again. Mary was happy to watch it along with him. She asked if she could stretch out on the settee and ended up with her feet on Ray's lap. Everything seemed to be above board and innocent until a raunchy scene came on: the two main actors making love in the shower. This was turning Ray on and he started sporting a tent in his pyjamas. Ray was worried Mary would feel that with her feet. Mary chose that moment to move her feet and, as she did, one of her heels pressed against his growing erection. She didn't flinch at the touch but carried on adjusting. When she finished moving, one foot was directly laid on his cock. As the rest of the film progressed, Mary continued occasionally to shift her foot, rubbing Ray's manhood and keeping him hard. He wasn't at first sure if she was aware of what she was doing. His suspicions were confirmed though when she said “I see this is turning you on as much as it is for me!” Mary reached her hand over and started rubbing the lower part of his thigh, by the knee. With each circular motion she went slightly higher, and he got slightly harder. After what had felt like an eternity, Mary finally reached the top of the inside of his thigh and brushed his balls through the fabric of his pyjamas. Her hand cupped his balls and began to playfully squeeze. Wasn't long then until she grasped his cock. He stood up and yanked his trousers down and allowed his cock to spring free. He stood in front of Mary and she cupped my balls with one hand, whilst stroking his cock with the other. With every downward motion, he thrust his hips forward. He edged closer and put his hand on the back of Mary's head to show that he wanted to be in her mouth. She licked the tip of his cock helmet and then slowly put her mouth round Ray's engorged dick. He began to thrust back and forth and was so close to emptying his load down her throat, when... bang! There was a great clatter from upstairs. Ray quickly pulled his pyjamas up and rushed upstairs to see what the commotion was. When he got into his bedroom, Alex had knocked over things on her bedside table but was still fast asleep through the effect of her alcohol intake. He rushed back downstairs hoping the night would continue as it had just been and let Mary know Alex's status. This seemed good enough for her and she proceeded to pull off her top releasing her swaying mammoth tits to Ray's enraptured eyes. Ray took the prompt and removed all his nightwear and watched in admiration as Mary also completed her disrobing. Ray's cock once again rose to the occasion! As he admired her lovely body, he suggested giving her a massage. She complied and lay down on the settee on her front to allow Ray's roving hand to explore her naked body. He was good at massaging and she both writhed and moaned under his sensual touch. Mary got worried that her noise might disturb her sister, but Ray reassured her that Alex was truly out for the count. Mary relaxed again and then turned round to receive a front massage. As Ray touched her, he felt her quiver slightly as he traced his fingers around her areolae. His hands then ran underneath her weighty orbs and down to her belly. He repeated these movements several times, whilst Mary gave appreciative sighs. His hands brushed her nipples and then wandered southwards towards the prize. He rubbed the top of her mound and then his middle finger slid along the length of her slit. He teased his finger up and down her slippery crack, gently exposing her clit and encircling it with his other fingers. Her body writhed and she begged for more. Ray started to use all his upper torso to massage her whole body and as he did so his engorged cock started to brush against her exposed clit. He started massaging it with his erect member. Ray's cock teased her moist opening as he pushed his body up and down. Each time he pushed upwards, his cock slowly pushed into her. Then with one sudden push his cock plunged deep inside her, whilst his hands caressed her great tits. She cried out in pleasure as he entered her and began to slide in and out of her. This felt just as good as the men he'd been fucking at his local sauna and almost as good as those who fucked him leaving their loads dripping out of him. He quickened his pace as he thrust his cock as deep as he could inside Mary's inviting hole. The pressure became to much and he exploded deep within her, she cried out very loudly as she orgasmed too. The next moment he heard Alex calling out what the matter was? He never dressed so quickly and rushed up the stairs. He assured Alex that they been watching a horror movie and she was frightened by a particularly scary scene. “Typical of Mary!”, she exclaimed. There was no repeat sadly throughout the rest of their short holiday break and he heard nothing more from Mary until, two months later, he was informed he'd given her a very special Christmas gift!
  19. This went down about a month ago while I was out of town... Got a hit from a VERY hot looking guy on BBRT. Tall, muscled, handsome, hung, TOP, POZ unmedicated. (Yeah) He told me exactly what he wanted: To come over, eat out my pussy, fuck me with his thick ten inch cock, and breed me deep. Naturally, I assumed it was a too good to be true....but I was bored, horny, freshly cleaned out, and on the hunt. So I replied with my hotel info and room number. Believe me; I had NO expectation that this guy was for real. None. I was just calling his bluff. Boom! To my absolute amazement, not 15 minutes later this dude was at my door. And he was EVEN HOTTER in person. Dumbstruck. I was dumbstruck. The guy stripped down and he was RIPPED! He was NOT exhagerating about his cook either. The term “baby arm” actually crossed my mind...MASSIVE MEAT. I attempted to go down on him but he made it plain that he had set the agenda that I had agreed to. He had come to eat out my cunt, fuck me, and breed me. And that was EXACTLY what was going to happen. He got right to work...bent me over and ate my pussy like a starved man. He tongue fucked me for a damn long time. All the while, his hands were working his huge fucktool. Now, I’m not a huge fan of getting my hole eaten out...but this guy...he made me a believer. Eventually, he signaled me to get on my back and go legs up. I did so and reached for the lube when he said; “You won’t need that”. My immediate thought was; “No way am I taking that HUGE meat with only spit!”. But no...for as he had been working his cock with one hand, he had been drooling precum into his other hand. The fucker slathered my spit wet hole with a palmful of HIS OWN PRECUM. He tumbled it into my pussy with authority. I watched as he milked yet more precum out of his huge dong and drool it right onto my now slightly open hole! To say it was mind bendingly hot would be a gross understatement. ”You ARE gonna need those,” he said referencing the poppers, “Take the deepest hit you can, cause once I start...” he trailed off as his throbbing cockhead started pushing against my hole. I have NEVER taken such an urgently deep hit of poppers...EVER. Then, I felt his cock begin its LONG journey into me. I’m not sure I can even really describe it. I felt my heart race...I was holding my breath...there was no sound...my eyes feasted on the sight of inch after inch of his...his enormous fuckpole as it entered me. Eventually, he hit my inner ring. I heard a voice say, “Look into my eyes”. I looked up to his face...to his clear blue eyes. “Take another hit.” I did so. “Give yourself to me”, he whispered. “Give yourself to me...give yourself to me...” And with that, I felt my inner door open and he plunged fully into me. The deepest sigh that has ever escaped my lips came out of me. And that was just him setting the stage. For the fuck was just about to start. And start it did. Time was suspended as he longdicked my cunt. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as he pounded my pussy. Seemingly endless cock meat tenderized my cuntlips. A mix of endorphins, testosterone, and adrenaline pulsed through my veins. A cold sweat broke on my brow. I was mumbling absently. My body trembled with every stroke of his meat. I could not process what was happening. I was on the verge of, what I can only assume was panic. Then...something happened. Everything in the world fell away. My mind shut down. And I became my fuckhole. I had becum my cunt. A meatsleeve. Nothing more. And my purpose was being fulfilled beyond comprehension. A warm enveloping peace washed over me. I was home. He felt the change in me. Like he had been expecting it. “Yessssss!!”, he hissed. “YESSSSSSSS!!!” As he switched his rail splitter into overdrive. We had transcended. We were no longer men. We weren’t even cock and hole. We had becum the fuck. The glorious sacred fuck. I don’t know how long it went. I really don’t. At one point I heard a distant voice telling me to look into his eyes. I found those same blue eyes through a fog. I heard a voice say...”Give yourself to me...give yourself to me” It took a moment for me to realize it was my voice whispering it. “Give yourself to me...give yourself to me”. With that, he leaned in to kiss me deeply...I felt his body tense...his cock throb...and his toxic gift pour into me. I tell you, it was rapture. We drifted together for a time. Later, I heard him getting cleaned up in the bathroom dress and leave...all the while I counted the individual drops of his charged seed trickle out of my wrecked distended pussy.
  20. Hi all 100% true story from my weekend and wanted to share. Anyway had my works Xmas drinks Friday night and as normal was a late boozy one so ended up out too late drinking too much. Fast forward to Saturday I woke up late lying in bed until finally getting up around lunchtime incredibly hot and horny as my hangover started to fade. I had no other plans so decided to dress and see if I could find some fun. I posted ads on craigslist and fabguys then ran a bath for a long soak and shave not mention cleaning myself inside and out. By the time I was out of the bath it was around 3pm and I saw i had several responses to my ads. Many were obvious time wasters but one from fabguys looked promising. Mid 30's black lad with nice thick cock. Most importantly he had verifications and had shared a pic with me. He was also pretty close only a 15mins drive so I sent a response and said could be there for 4.30pm. I saw he was still online and he replied promptly with a postcode and tel number. I pulled on some black fishnet holdups ups. Black crotchless panties, black corset and bra and threw my other clothes into a holdall. I put on foundation and eyeshadow but no other makeup as wasn't quite dark enough yet to travel fully dressed. I pulled on an old jumper and joggers and left for his. I arrived on his street about 4.20. Took a couple mins to relax myself and texted I was there. He replied back with his address and i saw he lived above a row of shops but he wanted me to be discret and use the back door. He would leave it unlocked and as agreed I would go in bathroom to change before going into the lounge. I climbed the stairs and as promised the back door was unlocked. No backing out now I thought as I went into the bathroom. It was small but clean and I wasted no time stripping to my lingerie adjusting my stocking tops and pulling on a black minidress. I stepped into some black patent high heels and proceeded to add eyeliner, blusher, lipstick and a few dabs of perfume. I fixed my shoulder length black bobbed wig in place took a hit of poppers and stepped out of the bathroom. I sashayed down the corridor into the living room where I heard porn playing. I was pleased to see that Mark was exactly as his picture and stats described. Tall muscular build. Clean shaven good looking black man. he was wearing boxer's and a t shirt still but I hoped that would not last long. He greeted me and commented on my appearance. I spun round to show him the outfit put on a little show bending over, showing my stocking tops etc. He grew impatient and soon stood up grasped me by the shoulders and forced me to my knees. I inhaled the smell of his cock and balls and pulled down his boxer's. I went straight to work sucking his cock and tonguing his balls. After a few mins he manoeuvred me over to the couch where he sat back down and got me between his legs to continue my ministrations. I soon had my throat used to him and was deep throating him much to his satisfaction. I was enjoying myself thoroughly as love servicing bbc but I wanted more. I stood in front of him licking my lips as he stared at me in lust. I bent over hitched my dress up and slowly played with my hole in front of him. He reached out and his fingers took over from mine as I sighed in relief. He grabbed hold of my hips and gently but firmly pulled me back towards them. I tottered on my heels as I stepped back then felt his breath and then his wonderful wet tongue on my hole. I leant forward fully exposing my ass to him. Hands braced on my knees as he opened me up. I was whimpering in delight and could feel precum pouring from my cock. He inserted one then two fingers in me as I gasped in delight. All to soon he finished then spun me round. I clambered on top of him straddling his legs . Looked him in the eyes as I grasped the Base of his cock and worked it around my slit. I had seen the box of condoms on the table but I wanted him natural. I took a big hit of poppers looked him square in the eye and sank my ass down onto his cock. He gasped but I didn't give him time to recover I just rode him for all I was worth. I pinned him down and forced his cock ever deeper inside of me. My face was by now inches from his and when he grasped my face and forced his tongue into my mouth I knew his load was mine. as such I slowed the pace a little so he had some semblance of control and he started to thrust up to meet me on my way down. I was tightening my ass muscles and could feel him getting close so started to beg for his load. This sent him over the edge and he began to spasm and shoot deep in my ass. Once he'd finished unloading then the meet took a turn for the worse I'm afraid. Rather then me sucking him back to hardness he said his girlfriend was due soon so I had to leave now. I had barely enough time to gather my belongings and he gave me just enough time to remove my wig and put onmy drab clothes before I was descending the stairs to my car. Once back in my car i had a drink of water and thought back on the great meet. I was still frustrated though as had not yet cum so got my phone out to see if any more interesting messages. Two promising contacts both from craigslist. I kikked them both. One came back pretty quickly. 55yo white dom male from Southgate so again very close to me. I apologised for the delay in replying but explained I had just had a meet so had been offline for awhile. He was very eager once he knew I had already met and once he found out I had been bred he ordered/ begged me to come over. I gladly accepted and started the drive over.
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    I am open to anything just hmu and we can figure it out I haven't done much but looking to change so who will be the first to train me Kik me at riverratjo
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  23. Please note, I was inspired to wite this from an earlier post on this site. I have expanded upon it, included some new ideas and put my own interpretation to it. If you like it, let me know as I may write more. Enjoy. This is a guide for superior dom top trans gurls that want to usurp their rights over crossdressing sub sissies. The focus of this will include themes and fetishes such as submission, domination, humiliation, enslavement, grooming, mind control, feminisation, sissification, body modification and thought modification. So, I will tell you the weaknesses and inner desires of sissies, so that you may more easily enslave and own them. If you want an obedient and addicted sissy to serve you, or if you want to know how to become a sissy, read on; 1) Getting a real meeting with a sissy is the most crucial part of beginning their emasculation. Any reference to them being male from the start must be avoided, they are now only to be referred to as sissy, gurl, she and her. The rest comes easy and naturally for the sissy. Most fantasize about being forced into it. They like the risks and are completely aware that it is a slippery slope. Blackmail and domination is part of what they want. On some level, they want and feel they deserve to lose their identity and serve a dominant trans top. More than anything in the world. Any kind of resistance is just part of that the fantasy; Sissies have a desire to be freed from their choice about what you want to do to them. Whilst younger sissies can be naturally more feminine, older sissies who may be married can give you more control over them if you threaten to expose them to their wife. The best sissies are skinnier the better. Degrade and humiliate the sissy in your emails. Refer to the sissy as having a gurly clitty and not a dick like yours. A sissy likes to hear your confirmation they are a gurl and nothing more. This must be done by humiliating the sissy and you can start doing this by complementing her on having a gurly arse. Tell her how effeminate and petite she is and get her to start shaving her body hair if she hasn’t already started. It is essential that you give your sissy a female name as a reminder of who they are. Groom the sissy by telling her how pretty she would look in a skirt and panties. Make the sissy call you Mistress and tell her that he is only allowed to masturbate at pictures of your dick. Make sure she knows that you are going to put a neck collar and leash on her and that you will slap her face with your dick. Any hesitation at this point must be dealt with by telling her that she will be punished if she does not obey you. Try to make it hard for the sissy to back out by insisting on meeting up with them straight away. If you can, their telephone number and home address is good to have to ensure their obedience. SESSION 1: Establish ground rules with your sissy and especially about making her obey you and submit to your will. Get to know you sissy and what makes her tick. Make sure she agrees to trimming her body hair and dressing up sissy gurly clothes for the next meet which should be either at your place or a hotel room. 2) Establishing follow up sessions. This is where sissies may try to get away so it is very important to start as you mean to go on with her. Your second meet with the sissy must get them into their gurly outfit and vulnerable to you. You must be charming and reassuring and to the sissy at first in order to get more and more of your own way of them. My greatest advice here is to ask the sissy if you can record and take pictures of her in gurly dressed mode for your personal collection. In the moment, they will tend to say yes and do it. A simple picture of her in her outfit of a skirt and panties (or better still as sessions progress, on her knees sucking your dick) could well be the key to her entire enslavement. Your power and control over the sissy can be fully established from then on. From then on you only need suggestively say you like the picture and want to send it to her friends if she is reluctant to meet. Record her every time after that to ensure you have plenty of face pics of her being a sexy sissy. During the first meeting, make her cum, be verbal, make them tell you what a bitch they are. Make her promise they will be your sex toy. Make them give you their word they will suck your dick in the next session. This is important, you don’t want to put your sissy off by demanding too much in the first session. So each session must build on the last doing more of what you did with her last time and a couple of new things you didn’t do last time; SESSION 2; Both fully dressed and sissy to be wearing tights, panties, skirt, bra and top. Some rubbing, kissing, oral play (such as rubbing your dick over her face and mouth, pressing her lips with you dick) make sure you both cum on her skirt but you cum first. Now it’s time to introduce homework for your sissy between sessions. Her first task will be for her to practice applying make up and looking pretty. Make sure she buys plenty of makeup for this. Make sure she also has a shopping list for pretty underwear and clothes you want her to wear. 3) Chastity is another way of grooming for gaining control and domination over your sissy. This is better for long term and for training them to be submissive sissy cum sluts. Sometimes sissies have that moment of wake-up and sometimes regret which is especially likely when they finally cum. They will do anything before that moment, but can feel like they went to far once cum. So you must take advantage of that to groom them into doing anything you want. It is important to keep your sissy turned on by keeping their clitty erect but do not let them cum whilst you are still training them. Not allowing them to cum will keep them submissive, turned on, and obedient. Sissies are more likely to do anything you want while they are turned on but less so after they have cum. So you can do whatever you want for however long you want. Make the sissy learn to enjoy their orgasm denial so they feel trapped and needy to be nice to you. If they are resistant to this initially, you can keep pushing it, and just put it on them if you can convince them to be tied up to stop them satisfy themselves without your permission. Start gaining their trust about tying them by tying their hands up for short periods getting longer each time. Forgiveness over permission. Use a chastity device that cannot be removed without a key, which you keep. SESSION 3; Sissy to be in bra, panties and skirt. Make removing her tights and top a ceremony. Make her clitty hard and make her let you put your dick in her mouth with some sucking. Make sure you tie her hands up for at least 10 minutes. Finish by masturbating and cuming on her face then let her cum on her skirt and make sure you tell her that its her reward for sucking you. Homework for sissy; To practice cleaning herself with enemas if she is not already good at doing it. Make sure you give her plenty of how to guides on enemas to read and tell her that she will be tested next sessions. Any resistance to completing her homework can be broken by reminding her of your photo album. At this stage, your sissy can also start growing her hair long or she can get an expensive wig. 4) Training you sissy is very important and the longer you take to do it the better you will transform her into a total obedient slut. Before starting this session make sure she has a proper enema and starts to acknowledge her gurl pussy with your command; “Clean your gurl pussy”. At this point you should not let your sissy cum more than once a week as keeping her horny will keep her wanting more from you. It is important for her to associate her own pleasure with after she has satisfied you. In order to do this you will need to make more use of controlling your sissy’s orgasm and her chastity device. Suggest tying her up both arms and legs this time and get her to agree by saying she will be allowed cum as a reward. Once she is tied up, put on the chastity device so she has no say about it coming off or staying on. Prolonging how long it will be before she cums will make it more intense for her and then there will be much less chance of her regretting anything you make her do for you. When she lets you fully tie her up she has no say with what happens and this will dis-empower her and allow you to properly start her sissy training. You can now start to anally train your sissy to cum without stimulation from her gurly clitty and to eventually cum without being hard. This will be easy now that you have her completely tied up. Teasing around their gurl pussy with your fingers will help. The goal is to have them only cum from anal stimulation. If you have to, make them wait another week if they can't cum without touching their clitty. SESSIONS 4-10; Get your sissy used to wearing pink knee high socks, skimpy pink panties, hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, neck collar and leash. This time make sure you cum in your sissy’s mouth and make sure she swallows you cum. If not punish her by spanking her bum. Stroke her clitty from behind like a bitch so their cock is pulled behind their legs while you finger their pussy. At this stage 2-3 fingers are enough. Make sure she cums with your fingers deep in her pussy. You must now tell you sissy she is only allowed to cum if something is inside her pussy. Homework; Your sissy must keep practicing her enema skills at least twice a week and this time she has to use a medium butt plug in her pussy. She must keep her butt plug inside her pussy overnight for 8-10 hours whilst she is asleep. After each session make sure her butt plugs are getting large in preparation for sessions 11. 5) As time goes by with this regime you will want to introduce more changes to your sissy’s life. These changes will cross the "point of no return" and will keep her as a sissy longer than anything else. They may resist to these ideas, but you can keep pushing it on them and on some level they want it more than anything in the world. Ultimately, it is their choice and you are just bringing their inner sissy from within them. Shaving smooth will make a huge difference in how girly the sissy looks and just keeping her body hair trimmed is no longer good enough. You must encourage the sissy to get laser hair removal all over her body. The final stage will be her facial hair as symbolic act of surrendering her old male identity. Another suggestion would be for your sissy to have her ears and nipples pierced and make her wear a necklace with a “sissy slut” tag that she is not allowed to remove. Making her wear makeup outside is another humiliating way to feminize your sissy in public, such as a trans or gay club. The final step is the one white sissy’s think about the most. They feel it is their destiny and that is a final step to submitting and giving up their ego for humiliation. This includes bareback sex and hormone treatment for your sissy. Make sure your sissy knows that you are never going to use condoms and that she has no choice about this. There are two types, anti-androgen and estrogen. Estrogen will have the most effects, such as face breasts and a submissive tendency. Anti androgen will make them more petite, less muscle, and make their gurly clitty smaller. Tell them they need to look pretty and pleasurable for you and that they are better off this way. Affirm it is who they are on the inside. It is best if you administer the hormones to your sissy yourself at then end of each session. Tell them they can only cum, if they have their hormones. There is research to suggest that hormone pills can be dissolved in a little water and then injected into the anus, the deeper the better. Large syringes can be used for this purpose. Once inside her pussy, her body will quickly absorb the hormones. Only when your sissy has accepted her injection should you let her cum. SESSIONS 11-15; Completely strip your sissy in this session and make sure she is completely tied up. Use her mouth and have her suck your dick until you feel near to cumming. Then get between her legs and start introducing your sissy to the feel of having your dick rubbing her pussy. Rub your pre-cum over your sissy’s pussy and push just the tip of your dick inside her pussy. In every session onwards push more of your dick insider her for longer. Reward her for each bareback session by letter her cum. Make her hungry for more of your dick. Homework, in addition to her other ongoing assignments above your sissy should now be only allowed to cum if she a) has a large butt plug in her pussy and has taken a hormone pill. 6) Enslaving the sissy is the goal. Establish Dominance and always push your sissy to being ever more submissive. This will be easier the longer they take their hormones. Treat them like a sex toy. Your sissy’s pussy needs more than just female hormones to soak up. A sissy pussy also needs cum insider her to soak into her body. A sissy must take bare dick with no protection from the injection. Nothing must block your cum from going deep inside her pussy. Receiving creampies from her Mistress is a sissies ultimate surrender to you. Make sure she knows that this is going to happen to her and that she will be impregnated with your cum and become your breeding whore. This will forever make her your sex slave, submissive and obedient cum slut. As an extra you can save your cum between sessions by freezing it. You can then use your cum during sessions to dissolve some hormone pills. This mixture can then be injected into you sissy’s pussy after you have cum inside her. Make sure before she is allowed home that she then keeps her hips elevated off the bed for a couple of hours so that every drop soaks deep insider her. SESSION 16 onwards; Your sissy should be tied up and she should expect you to cum in her pussy whenever you want from this point onwards. The first time you cum inside you sissy make sure she begs you not to pull out. Make sure she knows you are getting close to cumming. Make her beg and beg for your cum before you finally give it to her. Her first insemination should be with her on her back, arms tied up, legs tied above her head, hips raised up on pillows and with you pounding her pussy. After cumming in her pussy inject her with any cum and hormones and leave her in that position for at least a couple of hours.
  24. Hi, I'm looking for a regular dom top, preferably TV or CD who wants to own and dominate a sissy slave for giving regular no holds bared bareback and creampie sessions. Must be willing to commit, prove they are neg for everything and be a sensible distance from Cardiff in south Wales. Please let me know if are interested and contact me here, on tvchix, on imagefap, on fabguys or xhamster as I go by anarko99 with all of these sites. Xxxxxx

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