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    77 y/o single gay white bottom 5' 10" ; 162 pounds clean shaven
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  1. love ur screen name

  2. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    great way to be a slut
  3. Swallow

    Cum deserves to be savored
  4. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    long time since last tested neg
  5. Regular Groups?

    CumUnion center city
  6. like to try scat some time  and piss play to 

    1. easyhole


      hard to find guys into scat

    2. bbpoznow


      yes for sure  not  easy to find even a poz top willing to breed  bare 

  7. Piss up the ass

    makes me want to get piss fucked now
  8. Nothing I like better than an easy hole

    1. easyhole


      I like the sound of that. The more the better.

  9. Thanks for the rep Easy ... would be good to give you a personal tutorial on sounding! xx:P:):*xx

    1. easyhole


      Welcome.  I am sure your personal tutorial on sounding would be attention getting and penetrating.

    2. Fistulike666


      ... and if we got fed up with lessons on sounding we'd still have the whole of the rest of the syllabus to study together xx

    3. easyhole


      love to explore as much of the syllabus as possible, especially with a knowledgeable and skillful tutot

  10. Drinking my Piss

    Started with my own piss also
  11. Taking Multiple Loads

    all seems like good advice
  12. Thanks for the follow easyhole

    1. easyhole


      And thank you RawUK

  13. Thanks for the follow :clap:

  14. I love your horny comments Easy! :cool::2thumbs::*xxx

    1. easyhole


      Thanks Fist.  So much on here to tease the horns.

  15. Dumped A Load After Taking A Dump Into A Willing Mouth

    great way to get fed and get bred for pigs like me

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