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Guest Amerifist

Looking for asspigs in Boston

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Guest Amerifist

Looking for piggy bears in the boston area.  Love Fisting and pushing limits.  Just needing some heavy play time.  Few limits.

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    • By slutwink
      Do any of you get that painful chafe extended from having a cock ring around your junk for extended periods of time?
    • By munchy
      i was chatting with a bear for a little bit then i gave him my number. we texted and i send him some voice messages. he says he loves my voice. i went to his place for a little bit i though but i was wrong. after he saw me he hug and kissed me. we kissed for while feeling each others beards and his tongue in my mouth. mmm mmmm mmmm. it made my knees weak he carries me to his room and gets me naked. he gets naked his body is nice not fat but not skinny. then we 69 sucking each other mmm mmm mmm. he fucks me on all fours hard and fast. oooo yes yes yes ahhh yes i moan. then he fucks me on my back and kisses me some more mmmm mmmm mmmm. it felt really good i say. thank you he says. we cum on each others beards and lick it off. yummy. then we sleep with him holding me rubbing my head and back.
    • By RawLeather
      Started off last night with 18 cocks and 6 fist.  Last year was 23/12.  Looking forward to tonight.  If past experience holds true my hole should be wrecked by the end of the evening.  If in Berlin stop by Mutschmann's and breed my hole.
    • By ignignokt
      What do pierced cocks feel like anally? And for the top? Is there an increased chance of tearing?
      Do some piercings feel better than others,  Ampallang vs Apadravya vs Prince Albert vs ...?
      I played around with one guy with a apadravya piercing, but he didn't want to top that night. I'm really turned on by them, but seems like it's fairly uncommon. 
    • By PopperMeUp79
      My partner and I did a long weekend down south to get away from the cold. We try to do this as often as possible in the winter. Stayed at a gay resort in FTL, clothing optional, with a nice pool and hot tub area. The weather was pretty decent while we were there, so the pool area was active most afternoons and evenings. There was a nice mix of guys in their 40s, 50s and 60s at the resort, and it appeared some men came in on a day pass. There’s no playroom at this place, but that doesn’t slow down the sexual energy. There’s plenty of friskiness to be enjoyed. Some guys are very friendly, while there are always a few who just keep to themselves.
      One afternoon they hosted a little happy hour out by the pool. Nothing fancy, but still a nice opportunity to have a few cocktails and chat with other guys. My partner Shane and I threw on our bathing suits and joined the milling crowd. I chatted with a couple guys from Texas and MInnesota who were spending a couple weeks down there. I also appreciated the bartender was a heavy pourer and I was starting to enjoy a little buzz. Shane was chatting it up with some guys near the hot tub. He looked hot standing there in his blue speedo, his ample cock filling out the front nicely. There were casuals pets and tugs happening around the happy hour as guys flirted with one another. About 45 minutes into the event, I noticed an older bearish guy, silver-white hair, husky, with a trim beard wearing an orange speedo come up behind Shane and start rubbing his shoulders. I recognized the guy as someone who had been around the pool last night, and had chatted with Shane and a few others. He was charismatic and humorous, as I remembered, though I couldn’t recall much about him.
      I grabbed another drink and joined another conversation. I noticed that the daddy continued rubbing Shane’s shoulders, but was now also slowly grinding against Shane’s ass. Shane for his part had stopped participating in the conversation near him, and was slipping into his non-verbal sexual state. His hands reached back and touched the silver-haired daddy who was methodically seducing him. He started grinding his ass back against the guy’s bulging speedo, which was no longer completely containing the hardon. Finally I saw the guy lean toward Shane’s ear, say something, and Shane silently nodded. They quickly disappeared through the foliage, and then I caught of glimpse of them making their way to the guest rooms. It looked like they may head to our room.
      I chatted a few minutes more as the bar was closing up for happy hour. Guys were discussing dinner plans. I took that opportunity to slip away and head toward our room. I listened at the door, and thought I heard noise inside — tough to always tell through these metal doors. I unlocked the door quietly and stepped inside quickly and silently so as not to disturb anything. There was an intense sexual energy in the room. Shane was already impaled on the guy’s cock, the bear laying on his back on the bed while Shane bucked and bounced on his thick meat. He was riding hard, grunting and breathing heavy as he took that cock. The bear pushed a bottle of poppers under Shane’s nose — “Take a good hit, boy.  You’ll need it.”  Shane’s face was a total cock lust — a look I’ve seen plenty of times.  I knew he was totally captivated by this guy’s dick inside him, and was going to do whatever he told.  The bear obviously figured that out, too.
      ”Ride it, boy.  This is what you wanted.  Daddy’s cock in your hole.”
      i started jerking off,tucked behind a screen off the side of the room where I wouldn’t be intrusive.  I love watching Shane get fucked, and this promised to be a hot show. Shane leaned forward, bracing his arms against the bear’s chest. The guy started thrusting upward hard and deep, driving grunts and gasps out of his bottom boy. They fucked intensely for nearly 10 minutes as I watched. Then Shane slowed down and slid off. The cock that emerged from his ass was like a torpedo — no wonder he was making so much noise getting fucked!  It looked to be 7 1/2-8 inches long, and was girthy all around the middle before tapering to a nice head that could penetrate the tightest hole. Shane collapsed onto the bed, rolling onto his back.
      The bear was up and kneeling in front of Shane. “Show me your hole.”  Shane complied, raising his legs and spreading them to expose his hole. The bear positioned himself and plunged inside, driving a gasp from Shane. “That’s it boy. It’s supposed to hurt a little. You knew you wanted this cock down by the pool. Now take it.” 
      The guy proceeded to fuck Shane senseless. He was pounding hard, his balls slapping against Shane’ ass — I could hear it across the room — using the younger man’s ass for his pleasure. I could almost feel what Shane was experiencing in his ass. The thick raw cock stretching his hole wide, filling him with each plunging thrust, feeling empty each time it pulled out, and desperate to have it inside him again. He was completely given over to the ecstasy being fucked, and anticipating what more was to come. “I’m gonna mark your ass, boy. That’s right. You’re gonna be bred.” Shane looked up excitedly, breathing heavy with his hot body spread wide open for the pounding he was taking. 
      The bear was grunting, a deep, growling sound. “Oh, boy.  You’re gonna be my cumdump. That’s what you wanted down by the pool. Wasn’t it?” Shane was beyond being able to speak — he just nodded excitedly, breathing heavy, and looking with total surrender at the guy using him. The bear pounded into him, his thrusts fast and powerful. He was going for the gold here. He let out a string of grunts, his body slamming hard into Shawn’s spread ass, holding it there for a second, and then thrusting again as he grunted. He was unleashing streams of cum inside Shane’s waiting ass. He gave a feel final thrusts, relishing the tight, warm hole he’d been using. Then he pulled out, shuffled up the bed to Shane head, “Clean off Daddy’s dick,” and he pushed his raw cock into Shane’s open mouth. “ That’s it. Clean every drop of cum off it. Taste your ass on my dick.” Shane moaned his agreement, never taking his mouth off the cock that had just bred him. “That’s it, boy. I knew you were a cum whore.  That’s eat. Show me how much you loved Daddy’s cock.” 
      The energy in the room was fading. Shane would not cum, and the bear had no further use for him at the moment. He’d seduce Shane again the next night, and take him to a friend’s room where they would both breed his hot ass. Shane would describe to me how they passed  him back and forth, fucking his face and ass until they both filled him with their cum. 
      This is one of the reasons I love staying at gay resorts and on gay cruises.
      If you enjoyed this story of our exploits, let me know with a message and/or an uprating. I’ll keep sharing so long as people are reading — and hopefully getting off to them.

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