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Found 45 results

  1. Latin cumdump in Berlin for Folsom in the basement of Mutschmann's. Took 141 cocks and 15 fists in 2017. Want to meet or beat that. For all those pigs sniffing around the troft for a sloppy, freshly seeded hole to unload in. You know where to find me. Will be Receiving all you have to offer 29 March - 02 April
  2. 24hrs in London

    I don't often get the chance to visit London but when I do I like to make the most of it and this was certainly true on Monday. I had already booked a hotel room for Monday evening so I could be ready for a conference meeting on the Tuesday. I advertised on BBRT that I would be hosting a hotel gangbang but only got 3 replies and of those only one confirmed, hmmm not really a gang bang so I cancelled the party and got back on line and quickly found a hook up that wanted to come visit me in the hotel. A rather well endowed black guy turned up and after the usual preliminaries we started to fuck, and could he fuck, after about 5 minutes my arse was so his and I was really feeling his throbbing cock rubbing the insides of my anus and making me precum. He eventually came and deposited a nice load deep inside me. After refreshments and chit chat we went at again and again, three times he fucked me long and hard then he had to leave. Well the night was still young so I got myself ready and walked to the Vault for naked night. There was a good crowd of mixed guys and I soon immersed myself in amongst the crowd getting fucked almost immediately bent over one of the barrels in the play area. After this an Arab looking guy took a fancy to me and fucked me with his nice cock for a while before we both got hot and needed some cool air. He later found me round by the cubicles and had me bent over in the corridor fucking my arse and soon I also sucking a juicy cock, meanwhile the Arab guy was offering my arse around and I'm pretty sure there were two takers before he finished off by cumming in me. Well I thought that was that and was winding down when I was hit on again by a scrawny guy with mediocre cock and I thought why not, lol. And that was it for the night. Next day I went to the conference and it finished earlier than I expected so made my way to Chariots Vauxhall where it was bloody slow to be honest but still managed to get fucked and loaded twice more before having to head for the train and home. So all in all, not a bad 24hrs in London all bareback with no sign of anyone wanting to use a condom...
  3. Jan 28th... Power bottom with greedy holes staying in a hotel on Hallam St. looking to get them filled. Cum on guys, it's Monday night in London, what else is there to do. I love sucking cock and getting fucked, bigger the better, if your into fisting and ws we can really crank iT up, I'm versatile when it comes to fisting and rimming a clean hole. Tall & friendly with shaved cock, balls and arse and I've been told many times I got a good cunt. Message here or email me hardixuk@yahoo.com we can swap WhatsApp numbers and take from there. Also hardix is my profile on NKP, BBRT.
  4. Fisting websites

    so i took my first fist last month and its all i can think about now being fisted pulled inside out having a fist and a cock in me at the same time feeling that warm cum lubed covered fist in me anyway i think i've made you hard by now so i will get to the point wheres all the fisting guys at there used to be a website called gayfisters.net but i think it got shut down as no ne uses t anymore id there any other fisting websites on this with forums or like bbrt or recon i have been scrolling past profiles all day on recon and bbrt and just found myself looking for FF tops or FF bottoms i'm vers so i'll happily punch someone out as long as i get a punch as well it seems when i type into google gay fisting all that comes up is porn ya porn is hot but i want a fist up my butt any help guys
  5. Self fisting

    Seeing videos of this, and the resulting puffy hole, looks so hot! Anyone here can do this? Tips to work up to? How old were you when you first did? Some guys have said I’m too young to do this, but they were the same who said I was too young for fisting and I love that.
  6. Folsom Berlin update

    Day one and we are off to a good start 26 cocks, 5 fist, and 8 loads. Also fucked 5 holes myself. Let us see what night two holds
  7. American cum dump in Europe

    An American cumdump in Berlin for Folsom. Will be in the basementof Mutschmann's taking all cock, cum, and fist.
  8. King of prussia bottom needs regular abuse. Can host anonymous guys who are into bondage breeding, forced piss swallowing, bareback, and Sodomizeing me. Shampoo bottles, toilet brush(bristles first), beer bottle, Bondage. Plus, plus plus! I love to deep rim guys with my tongue. Me,.? 47, 6ft 1in, athletic, 195lbs, white, clean cut with a raunchy side.
  9. Tops in Leytonstone?

    Looking for a regular top in Leyton, where the meet will be all about getting you off. You can cum whereever you like, use me as your urinal, I don't care! This is all about YOU, YOUR needs. Reply to the topic if you feel like this is for you.
  10. Hosting pig tops looking to wreck a pig hole at IML host hotel. Parties posted On BBRT under RAWCOCKFORME. My hole is there to serve you, looking to take all the pig cock possible .
  11. Oh well that was silly of me ........ive been chatting to a nice twink (25 yr old) guy for a cpl of months - he lives about 18 miles from me........we agreed to meet last night but as he cant travel and didnt finish work until 10pm i agreed to meet up with him outside his work (i knew he was genuine and would be there)........i then drove to a secluded place he knew of in countryside.......i sucked and rimmed him good and gave him a good deep kissing which we both loved..........we both stripped fully naked and he then pumped his 8" dick up me and filled me up with his spunk load.......he then fisted me deep as i layed on back seat of my car and almost reached his elbow.....i also asked him to punch fist me (this was his first time fisting but he was very very good) ........i then went on allfours as he wanted to give me a second load of spunk which he then fisted deeper into me as my ass opened right up for his prefect sized arm.......this is the first time i have been fucked or fisted outdoors and i have to say it was brilliant as he was a lovely twink............the silly thing however was my back seats werent covered so i spent most of today cleaning greasy lube of my leather seats LOL......if they stay stained slightly it will be a permanent reminder of my first outdoor fuck and first fisting outdoors LOL..........i will have to go buy a blanket to keep on back seat as id love to do it again outdoors very soon with him but id really love to get him back to my place for an overnight or weekend visit.
  12. tonight i feel i relived my youth with a beautiful Taiwanese twink........this gorgeous young man fucked for 1 hour non stop without a break and filled me with the biggest load..........as he wanted to try fisting that is what he learned.......his first time 1 hour without a break...........he fisted me deep and punch fisted me until my rosebud bloomed and he then gave me a second cum load........then followed by more fisting until we were both knackered and sweaty.........i think we will meet again this weekend so fingers crossed............im stinking of his spunk right now and love it.......he had to leave before midnight as he stays in student accomodation.

    Cum dump at Easter Berlin. Will be taking loads in the basements of Mutschmann's and Scheune, the dark room of New Action. Took 89 cocks during Folsom Berlin in September, looking to break that record. Help make me a happy cock and cum pig!!!!!
  14. Pig A/P+ Cherche plan déjanté déprave avec mec vicelard actif ou versa FF, uro, Insémination, JUS, plan planant chems slam Pig looking for fun with vicious active or versatile FFuckers FF, WS, creampie, cum, pnp, slam

    This Cumdump pig is ready to go for MAL. Just mixed my J lube. packed my fave jocks and toys. Looking for those top pigs looking for a "Pig Hole" to unload in. Parties listed on BBRT under PIGHOLE4BREEDING
  16. Opening a line to connect Fort Myers Florida brotherhood. What's going on out there. Me and partner new to the area. Share, share, share......the brotherhood......Both vers raunch pigs, one more top and other more bottom.
  17. The 1st session of 2017. Bred and fisted by two tops. Went to their place and stripped off and cleaned out. Chatted for a while then started sucking one top and getting him hard, the other top doesn't appear until I'm warmed up and blindfolded (for some reason I'm not allowed to see him....horny indeed) so I get blindfolded and bent over the bed, arse in air, 1st top lets 2nd top know I'm ready. In he comes no wasting time hole lubed and starts fucking and fisting me whilst 1st top is playing with my tits and keeping me poppered as I suck him. This goes on a for a while fucking , fisting then a large toy comes out and things move up a notch. Eventually 2nd top comes deep inside and leaves. 1st top is gagging for it by now and immediately starts fucking me and breeding my hole. he comes as well leaving another load deep inside. We chill out have a coffee and chat, after about 30 mins I say you guys ready for round 2. And off we go again, pretty much a repeat of the first round with top 1 finishing me off doggy style. so 4 loads and a satisfied arse, a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon....and looking forward to the next time.
  18. Extremely horny and am looking for a versatile or top fucker and fister. I enjoy topping but want mutual satisfaction. I enjoy showing newbies the joys of pleasuring your butt with assplay or fisting and the thrill of being a fisting top and feeling what a man is made of inside.
  19. Folsom Berlin Cock Tally

    Been a happy pig in Berlin for Folsom Friday took 13 cock/4 loads Saturday took 22 cocks/10 loads Still have three more days to go. I'm gonna go home a happy pig
  20. PIGS! I've been a barepig since the age of 15, so for 5 years now. But I haven't been lucky at all!!! Apparently none of the loads (estimated 800 by now) were toxic! Not even in darkrooms, parties etc... I even always let me hole get roughly fisted till it bleeds so the virus can get in easily... I don't know what I can do more! It's also almost impossible to find anyone who is not under medication or is willing to stop. But with this forum the tides might change. If there is anyone in the whole of Europe who wants to give me his HIGHLY-charged toxic cum, please! GIVE IT TO ME! Let me know in a private messsage!
  21. Pighole in Berlin for Folsom. Available for cock, seed, or fist. Will be geared up and ass up at Mutschmanns Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Will also be attending the bio hazard party and naked party on Sunday at Scheune. Looking forward to serve you.
  22. Hunting

    Friday 4th August: In Sydney's southern suburbs. . Southern Suburbs (Sutherland). Your cock, your load & my arse. Your arse, my face, push out & licks. Versatile fister. Genuine. Can host. Interested? Don't be shy. MsgMe. . kik: ffozstyle
  23. Hey guys, im new to all if this, ive only hooked up with one other guy, but im in search of thicker cut cocks. Im really into jockstraps and kinky wear. Id like to fisted as well, im able to fist myself but can only go so deep. Message me guys. I need something ASAP
  24. Looking for someone in the San Diego area that is an experienced FF top that is willing to work on giving me my first fist. 36 510 220
  25. Relocate me to your place to be your 24/7 live in chemmed up bottom bear house'boy' / servant / partner. Train my hole to open wide.... Can do chores, housework etc.....

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