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Surprise breeding in Maui

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I rented a condo on Maui through Airbnb. Once I had booked, my communications were with the property manager, who also happened to be the owner of the unit. He and I shared a few emails before my husband and I arrived in Maui last week.  The property manager's name was Dave, just like mine. Dave instructed me to call him when we were 15 minutes away from arrival at the condo. He said he lived in the same complex, and that he would meet us at the condo with the keys. 

I did as instructed. When I spoke with Dave on the phone to tell him we were close, he said would see us there in 15 minutes. When we arrived at the condo at about 8pm that evening we found the front door open and the lights on. I rang the doorbell as we walked inside. There was a pair of flip-flops on the entry rug, just inside the door.

"Hello!" I yelled out as we walked in. Just then a buff and hunky looking guy in his late 40's came around the corner. He was dressed in basketball shorts, a wife beater tee-shirt and bare feet. He had a few Hawaiian/tribal type tattoos covering his muscular arms. 

"Hi", Dave said as he walked toward us. 

"Can I ask you to remove your shoes at the door, please? Hawaiian style." he added while pointing to a hand painted sign hung next to the front door. "Mahalo for removing your shoes", the sign read, over a painting of flip-flops. 

I immediately kicked off my shoes. My husband walked in with the first of his bags as I instructed him to kick off his shoes as well. 

"Dave, this is my husband, Rick". 

Dave looked at us with a puzzled look on his face. Then he had a smirk come to his face. 

"Two men? I guess I didn't realize it would be two men. This unit just has one king sized bed. I don't know what your relationship is? But there is a full size murphy bed here in the den. And the sofa is a sofa sleeper, if you don't want to share a bed", he said with a smiling smirk. 

"Unless Rick pisses me off, we'll be fine with the king sized bed", I said, smiling back. 

Dave showed us around the condo. It was an absolutely beautiful and tastefully decorated condo. I complimented Dave on the beautiful decor. 

"My wife does the design of all our condos. I'll tell her you like it. I'm a contractor. I do all the tile work. The two showers are my designs. I looked into the master bath and then told him I thought the tile design in the shower was fabulous. Once he had finished showing us around, he handed us the two sets of keys and told us to call if we needed anything. Then the hunk left, locking the door behind him. 

"Woof! What a fucking stud!" I said to my husband as we both laughed. 

A few days later, I was on Grindr, trying to see if there was anyone close by to suck off or fuck. I had chatted with a few guys, but no one could host. Finally, around 9pm that evening I got a message from someone that showed being only 375 feet away. His Grindr name was Str8DomTopMaui.

"Hi. I see we're close". I messaged him.

"Yup. What building number are you in?" he asked. 

"Building 11. I can't host. Can you?"

"I may be able to host. Show me your pics", he said. 

We shared some pics back and forth. 

His pics were amazing. He was really well hung. His cock soft looked at least 7 inches or more. There were two full body pics. 
He was buff, muscular and hung. The tattoos on his arms looked familiar. Could be just a coincidence, since they were Hawaiian tribal designs. Then he sent me a 3rd pick. It was him fucking, doggy style, a beautiful brunette with big tits. Just his face from the nose down showed. But, now there was no mistake that this was Dave. Our landlord for the week. DAMN! His naked and fucking pics were even hotter than I would have imagined. 

We chatted back and forth for awhile. He said he was straight and married. But that he liked to get sucked, rimmed and to fuck gay guys. He said a couple of times that he only pitches. He doesn't catch. 

He was in a building just a few buildings away from mine. He couldn't host there. But, he said he owned a rental unit in the building next to mine. He said it was empty tonight and that he could meet me there. He told me that he would head over there now. Give him 10 minutes. He would unlock the place. Then he would go into the master bath and close the door. He wanted this to be totally anonymous. He didn't want to see me. And didn't want me to see him. He instructed me to come into the unit. Close and lock the door behind me. Come into the master bedroom. Undress, turn off the lights and to kneel next to the bed. He said he'd place a sleep mask on the bed. He wanted me to wear the mask over my eyes. Then tell him when I was ready.

I told my husband I was going to take a walk around the complex. Then I headed over to building 12. I found the unit. The door was ajar. I walked in, locked the door behind me  and found the master bedroom. The door to the master bath was closed and I could see light under the door. I stripped, grabbed the sleep mask that he'd left on the bed. I turned out the lights, walked back to the bed and knelt down, facing the bathroom. 

"Ok. I'm ready", I yelled out.

As I was putting the sleep mask over my eyes, I could see the light under the bathroom door extinguish and hear the door open. I could hear and feel someone walk up to me and a soft cock was pressed to my lips. I opened my mouth and took the large mushroomed cockhead into my mouth. I sucked on his cock and flicked my tongue under the head. I reached up to caress his balls as I sucked, but he barked out, "No hands". 

I pulled my hands away and continued to suck on his cock as it swelled in my mouth. I used my mouth and tongue to worship his cock as it swelled to nearly 8 inches. I licked up and down his shaft and licked his balls. Then he climbed up on the edge of the bed.

"Eat my ass, fag", he barked. 

I crawled behind him and found his ass. I leaned forward, spreading his ass as my tongue licked his sweaty smelling asshole. He let out a soft moan as I licked deeper into his hole. 

"Yeah! Good faggot. Eat my hole. Come on, cunt. Eat my hole". 

Hearing his voice, there was no doubt in my mind. This is my host, Dave.
The thought that my tongue was now buried in that hunky guys ass was a huge turn-on. I spread his ass even further and slid my tongue deep up into his str8 hole. I reached up and began to stroke his now rock hard cock as I continued to eat his shit hole. He reached around and pulled the back of my head deeper into his ass. My tongue was as far deep up inside his hole as I could get it. 

"Ok, queer. Get up here. Put your ass up. You're going to get fucked, now". he growled. 

I climbed up on the edge of the bed. I got on my knees with my ass up, face down. I could feel him climbing off the bed, as I climbed on. 
He was now standing behind me. His rock hard cock was now slapping my hole. He spit a few times on my ass and pushed the spit up inside me with his thumb.
More spit on my ass, then he spit on his own cock a few times. Soon his mushroom cockhead was pressed at my puckered hole.

I was wishing I had some poppers to help me open up, but I was going to have to go it alone. 
He pushed the large head up into me. I took some deep breaths as he continued to push up into me. He slid up into me, balls deep in one, quick thrust.
He wasted no time. He immediately began to fuck. 

SLAM! SLAM! SLAM!............His cock was ramming into me. 

It was hurting a bit, but in my mind I was picturing that gorgeous hunk that showed us around his condo, imagining him as he had his giant cock buried in my ass. Soon, it was feeling great. He was a brutal fucker. Showing me no mercy. He was definitely here just for his own pleasure. He was grabbing me hard around the waist as he rammed into me. 

"Nice cunt, faggot", he snarled as he continued to slam into me. 

About 15 minutes of his hard pounding, finally had us both in the middle of the bed. He had pressed me down. I was turned to the side as he was grinding and slamming into me. He had one hand on the side of my head, pressing it into the mattress. He was a brutal fucker, but it felt amazing. He then pulled from me and pulled me up by the waist. I was again on my hands and knees. He again slammed deep up into me and resumed ramming into me. 

"Uhhhhhhhh.........Uhhhhhhhhhhh..........Uhhhhhhhhhhh", he grunted as his cock pounded into me.

"Fuckin' faggot! You ready for my spunk? You want my man juice in your pussy? Huh, faggot? You ready to get seeded in that fag cunt of yours?"

"AAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" he growled as he slammed deep into me and held it there as I could feel his cock throb as he filled my gut with his hot juice. 
My ass milked his cock as he emptied his balls deep into my ass. 

When he finished cumming, he pulled from me and climbed off the bed. As he walked back to the master bath he said, "OK. get dressed and leave, fag. I'm done with you", he barked. 

He walked into the bathroom, closed the door and the light again came on under the doorway. As I dressed, I could hear him also dressing. 

I let myself out and walked across the street. There was a staircase leading to one of the condo's pools. I sat down on the stairs. It was hidden behind some lush, tropical landscaping, but would give me a good view of anyone walking past. A few minutes later, in the dim light, I could see my host, Dave, walking past on his way back to his own condo a few buildings away. 

At the end of the week, I received a message from Dave asking what time we could be leaving the condo on our final day? I told him at 10am on Wed. At 10am there was a knock on our door. I opened the door to find Dave standing there. 

"Come in", I said as I opened the door for him. He came inside, kicking off his flip-flops as he entered the unit. My husband was in the bedroom, finishing packing. I handed Dave the two sets of keys as I told him how  much we enjoyed staying here in his unit for the week. 

He leaned into my ear and whispered, "Hope you enjoyed my load, as well". We smiled at each other as my husband came out of the bedroom with his suitcase. They shook hands and Dave went about checking to make sure we were leaving his condo in good condition. 

My husband has no idea that that hunky landlord of ours had filled my ass a few nights before. You can be sure that the next time we go back to Maui, we'll be renting from Dave again. 


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We're back in Maui. Staying at the same condo complex as last year, but in a different unit. This unit however we rented through the same property management company that we used last year. In my email conversations with the property manager, Dave, he said, "I think you stayed in one of my units before. Right?" 
" I think I remember you", he continued. 

Anyway, we arrived late Thursday on the island of Maui. It took several hours to rent a car and to reach our condo on the other side of the island. Dave had told me that door keys had been replaced with combination locks on the doors. He gave me the code and told me that since it would be so late at night, just to use the code to let ourselves in. Then he would check with us the next day to see if everything was ok.

We got settled and quickly fell asleep. The next morning, we realized we couldn't get the TV to work. So, when Dave called to check on us, we told him of the TV issue. He said he'd stop by within the hour. While my husband was fixing breakfast, I took a quick douche and shower. I was remember the great "anonymous" fuck Dave gave me last year. I was hoping he'd be up for a replay. 

Just as I was dressing there was a knock at the door. My husband answered the door as I was walking out of the bedroom. There stood that muscular hunk, Dave. Dressed as he normally did in basketball shorts and a wife beater t-shirt. He'd put on a small tummy since last year. And had grown his hair. He had his hair pulled back and wrapped in an elastic. He was wearing a baseball cap over it. He looked a bit disheveled. But handsome and as masculine as ever. He's such a good looking str8 man.  He came into the unit and kicked off his sandals as is a Hawaiian custom.  We showed him the TV issue and he was able to solve it quickly. We thanked Dave and he was out the door and on his way. My cock was churning in my shorts from seeing that muscular, tattooed hunk of man. 

We ate our breakfast and my husband settled on the lounge chair on the lanai to enjoy the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and the Island of Molikai just off the coast. I was cleaning up the dishes as my phone pinged that I had a message on Grindr. I looked at my Grindr app and sure enough there was a message from a guy showing a muscular, headless torso with those familiar tattoos. 

"Hey. Saw you online. I hope you remember me from last year." the message read. 

"Hi. Yes. I remember you. You have time for a replay?" I sent back.

"Yeah. U avail now?" he said.

"Yeah. I am." I shot back.

"Building 19 Unit 4. Ten minutes. OK?" he said.

"OK. I'll be there." I replied.

"Just like before. I'll be in the master bath. Get naked, put the sleep mask on. And kneel next to the bed. Let me know when you're ready." he instructed.

"Ok. See you in 10." I sent back.

"I'm off for a walk", I shouted to my husband on the lanai. 

"K" was all he said as I went out the door. 

I walked down the hill to building 19 and found unit 4. 

I opened the door and yelled out.  "I'm here". 

I proceeded to the bedroom and found the bathroom door closed. The bedroom was dark. The blinds pulled closed. No lights on. I closed the door behind me and the room was nearly completely dark, except for the light coming under the bathroom door. I quickly stripped. I had found the sleep mask laying on the bedside table. I put it on and knelt next to the bed, facing the bathroom door.  

"OK. I'm ready", I shouted.

I heard the door open and heard him walk towards me. He pressed his soft cock to my face, slapping it across my face. 
I opened my mouth and he placed his cockhead in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his cock and began to suck. His cock swelled quickly in my mouth and was soon to full hardness in a few moments. I sucked on his cock and then began to lick his balls. Soon he pulled from my mouth and climbed up on the edge of the bed. 

"Eat my ass, faggot". he barked. 

I scooted over to his ass and pressed my face between his ass cheeks, spreading them and then diving my tongue up into his ass. He was softly moaning in pleasure as I licked, kissed and tongue fucked his hole. I got my tongue deep up inside him. Licking the inner wall of his sphincter. 

"Fuck, yeah! I remember this tongue. Such a good faggot. Aren't you?" he growled as I made love to his asshole. 

"Ok, queer. Up on the bed. On your knees. You know what I really want. Show me that cunt of yours."

I climbed up on the bed. Crawled to the middle of the king sized bed. I put my ass up, face down. I reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks.

I heard and felt him repeatedly spit on my asshole. He pushed some spit up into my hole and then repeated it, spitting more on my hole. 
Then I felt his cockhead press against my  hole and he spit down onto his cockhead as he pushed up into me. I was wishing I'd brought some poppers with me, but this all happened so fast, I didn't even think about bringing them with me. 

I tried to concentrate on relaxing my ass. And after a moment or two my ass had relaxed and his cock was feeling great as he began to slide in and out of my ass. He would slap my ass. One cheek, then the other. Each thrust he took was deeper and harder than the last. Soon he had both his hands grabbing me around the waist as he continued to pound my hole. It took only about 5 or 6 minutes of deep, hard and rough pounding before his fingers dug into my waist and he let out a low growl, as I felt his cock throb and he filled my ass with his hot load.  

As soon as he came, he slapped my ass and pulled out. 

"Ok, fag. I'm done with you. Put your clothes on and get out. I have to get this place back to new. The renters will be here within the hour. How long are you here?" he asked me. 

I almost laughed out loud. I knew for a fact that this was Dave. But he was continuing the game that I didn't know. So, he knew damn well that I'd be here until Thursday. But, I played along and told him. 

"Watch for my message on Grindr. I may have another opportunity. Now, get out." he barked as he went back into the bathroom and closed the door. 

I quickly dressed and left the unit without saying anything. I'll definitely be checking my Grindr app through the week. 

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