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  1. Last night a str8 guy posted on Craigslist that he was staying at a hotel, not far from my home and wanted a guy to come to his room to blow him. His ad said he was 45, married, white, businessman. I sent him a reply to his ad with some pics of me sucking dick. He replied back that he was in Las Vegas on business at an airport hotel. He said the room would be dark. The door unlocked. Just come in, find him sitting on the edge of the bed. Drop to my knees and blow him. He cums, I go. No chat. No reciprocation on his part. I told him that sounded great. He sent me his hotel name and room number and I was quickly on my way to blow him. Just as he said, his door at the Hampton Inn was cracked open. I entered his room. Momentarily, when I came through the door, the hall lights gave enough light that I could just faintly see him sitting on the edge of the bed. He was tall, thin, muscular, hairy and naked. But, I couldn't see any details like his face. I closed the door and walked over to him on the bed. I dropped to my knees and took several deep hits of poppers. Then leaned forward and began to suck his partially hard cock. He had a respectable 6"s, cut. As I sucked on his cock, it began to grow in my mouth. Soon growing to about 7"s. He then laid back on the bed and I began to lick his balls and underneath his balls. Then I lifted his legs and licked his asshole. He was silent, but I could tell he liked it. He was spreading his ass cheeks with his hands to give me more access to his hole. So I could get my tongue deep, up inside him. I rimmed his ass for about 5 minutes. Then went back to sucking his cock. He was now leaking precum. Very sweet tasting. As I was sucking him, he sat up and leaned over me. Sliding his hand down the back of my pants. Finding my asshole, he fingered it. Great! He was up for fucking! Without asking if he wanted to fuck me, I stood and took off my pants, my briefs and my shirt. I was now naked. I knelt on the edge of the bed next to him. He got off the bed and stood behind me. I spit on my fingers and lubed my ass with my spit. He spit on his cock and put his rock hard cock up to my hole. He slowly pushed into me. I'm sniffing poppers as he slides in me and then begins to pump his cock in and out of my hole. He's obviously turned on. He pounds me hard and deep for only about 3 or 4 minutes, before he groans and shakes. He's emptying his balls in my ass. As soon as he cums, he pulls from me and goes into the bathroom. Closing the door to the bathroom before he turned on the bathroom light. I climb off the bed, his cum dripping from my hole and I dress in the dark. I leave his room before he ever comes back from the bathroom. I never got a good look at his face. But loved the anonymous encounter with the str8 visitor.
  2. I answered a Craigslist ad this morning here in Las Vegas. It stated that he was a 45 year old, straight, married guy, here in Las Vegas for a few days for a convention. He was horny and just wanted some guy to come by his hotel room to suck him off. We exchanged a few emails and pics. He gave me his hotel name and room number, so I jumped into my car and drove to his hotel that was just off the Las Vegas Strip, near the Convention Center. I knocked on the door and a very handsome, 45 year old business man opened the door. He was still dressed in his suit and tie from his morning business meeting when he invited me into the room. He seemed nervous and awkward. We made small talk for a few minutes. He told me he had only been sucked off a couple of times by guys. Both times had been here in Las Vegas, when he'd been here on business. He was quite clear that he only wanted to be sucked off. He won't reciprocate. I told him I was fine with that, and let's get to it. He moved removed his clothes except for his black socks. Then he sat on the edge of the bed. I got on my knees, between his legs and began to suck on his cock that was only partially hard. He was uncut and I started out sucking and gently chewing on his foreskin. He really enjoyed the attention I was giving to his skin. His cock grew. Then I sucked his foreskin into my mouth and slid my tongue up into the puckered skin. Licking his piss slit. Now he was fully hard. A bit over 6"s. My lips pushed his foreskin back and he moaned as I licked around his cockhead. Then I licked up and down his shaft several times. Then sucked on both his balls. He moaned when I did that. I lifted his legs and licked under his balls. He pulled his knees to his chest and I began to lick his asshole. Finally sliding my tongue up inside his hole, tongue fucking him. After rimming him for several minutes, I went back to sucking his balls, licking his shaft and then swallowing his cock for some deepthroating. I came up off his cock and took some hits from my popper bottle. "Would you like to fuck me", I asked? "No. Just suck me", he said. But, after just a minute of more cocksucking he said, "You got a condom?" "Yes. But, you can fuck me raw", I replied to him. "I've never fucked a guy. But, I will if you've got a condom. I won't fuck you bare. Got a wife. Can't do it", he replied. I went for my pants and pulled some condoms and lube from my pocket. I came back to the bed and climbed on. Kneeling on the edge. I put some lube on and in my hole, then handed the condom and lube back to him. He put on the condom and lubed it up. Then he stood behind me and began to press into me. He fucked me for a few minutes, but his cock went soft. I pulled the condom off and sucked him hard again. Then I put another condom on him and got back on my knees on the edge of the bed. He again slid up into me and fucked for a few minutes. But, again, went soft. "DAMN! I always get soft in a condom. Shit! Guess I can't do it, bud. Condoms make me go soft", he said. He pulls the condom off and I take his soft cock back into my mouth. I suck until he hardens in my mouth again. I suck his cock, suck his balls and lick his ass again. He's now hard as a rock again. I again get on the edge of the bed with my ass facing him. "Just rub your bare cock on my ass", I say to him. Rub your cockhead on my hole. Maybe jack off on my hole", I again say to him. He does rub his hard cockhead on my hole. I'm squirming my ass and spreading my asscheeks for him to get clear access to my hole. He's obviously turned on having his raw cockhead against my hole. He then starts to press his cockhead into me, just a little bit. Then pulls it out. He repeats that several more times. Putting just a little bit of his cockhead into me, then pulling out. He's driving me wild teasing me with his raw cock. When he pushes his cockhead slightly into me the next time, I press back against him and the entire cockhead plops up past my sphincter. He again pulls completely out of me and rubs his cockhead on the outside of my puckered hole. Damn! I want him inside me. I'm not sure if he'll continue to do this? But, he slaps his cockhead on my hole a few times, then again presses it into me. Going up into me, past my sphincter again. I press back and soon he's all the way up inside me. Raw and natural in my ass. Just as I like dick in me. He holds his cock there. He's not really fucking me. I squeeze my ass on his cock a few times. Then I begin to very slowly pull off his cock, then slide back onto it. He's not really doing anything, but allowing me to fuck his cock with my ass. Soon, he can't take it any longer. He grabs me around the waist and begins to pump his cock in and out of me. He's immediately into full throttle fucking. He's now slamming deep into me. He's grunting very softly. Almost like he doesn't want me to hear him enjoying the fuck. He's now fucking fast and hard. It only takes him a minute or two before he grunts really loudly and slams deep into me. He holds it there inside me as I feel his cock throb and fill my ass with his load. I'm squeezing and milking his cock with my ass. Then he quickly pulls from me and goes into the bathroom. I can hear the water in the sink turn on and he's washing off his cock. His raw cock that has just been inside my faggot ass. His str8 dick that has just filed my queer guts with his married, str8 guy cum. While he's washing off, I quickly dress. I'm just ready to leave his room as he comes out of the bathroom. "Thanks", I say as I pass him in the bathroom doorway. "Sure", is all he says as I leave his room. He's not even really looking at me. But kind of looking into dead space in shame. Damn! I just LOVE getting str8 guys to go further than they ever expect or want to go.
  3. I've never in the past paid someone for sex. And it's something I've never thought of myself doing. I get enough dick, that paying for it has never crossed my mind. But, today as I was checking out Craigslist ads, I came across an ad from a 26 year old black guy that was looking for a cocksucker and bottom to take his dick. Normally, if I see the words "generous" "roses", etc. I won't respond to the ads. There were none of those types of words in his ad to tip me off. So, I replied that I would love to suck him and have him fuck me. The pics of his body, chest and cock that he posted were amazing. I included some of my pics in my reply and waited to hear back from him. Just a few minutes later, I got his reply. He said he liked my pics and wanted to fuck me. COOL! A few more back and forth emails, then he dropped the bomb. "Are you generous, Daddy?". Shit! I should have known. Of course a young, good looking, big dicked, stud of a young man like him would be wanting money from me. "Sorry, not my thing", I replied. "Too bad", came the reply. "For $150 bucks, my bbc would feel nice in your daddy ass." I didn't reply. It's a pretty common thing on Craigslist here in Las Vegas for the ads to be from "professionals". I'd stumbled on the trap, that I'm usually smart enough to avoid. About an hour went by, when this black stud sent another email. "You sure you don't want my cock in you?" He attached more pics of his cock. And a few pics of his dick sliding into some white holes. Damn!! I would love to feel him in me. But, not going to pay for it. I replied back to him. "I'd love your dick in me. But, I only fuck raw. Without a raw dick. AND without a load of cum in me, I'm not interested." Normally a demand like that, shuts them up. Most of the professional boys work with condoms. And very few, except the very high priced, exclusive, porn star hustlers will produce a load of cum. Hell, they're turning tricks all day. No way they can cum that many times. They're usually just pretty good actors at sounding legitimate when having a fake orgasm. Anyway, he wrote back, "OK. I'll fuck you raw. And I'll cum in your ass for $200." DAMN! This guy was tempting me to do something I'd never thought of doing. I kept looking at his amazing pics. Imagining how good his rock hard, huge, youthful, black cock would feel fucking me. I had a Christmas Bonus in my wallet. Do I want to blow most of it on what may be a real rip off? I've had a few friends that have used hustlers before. Some had good experiences. But some felt completely ripped off. Finally, my lust for his bbc inside me, weakened my resistance. "Yeah. I want you to seed my ass. Where are you hosting? Can you fuck me at 1pm today? He quickly shot me back his hotel name and room number at one of the big, fancy hotels on the Strip. And I replied that I'd be there. I douched, showered and got in my car. Making the 25 minute drive to his hotel on the LV Strip. It took another 15 minutes to park and walk through the giant casino to his room. I knocked on the door. Still apprehensive about this whole thing. He opened the door. Standing before me was this drop dead gorgeous, young, black God. He was close to 6ft tall. Perhaps 175lbs. His face was youthful, but masculine. He was wearing basketball shorts and a wifebeater tee that showed off his muscular chest and arms. He flashed me a very sincere, welcoming smile. He said "Come on in. Glad you made it. I'm Brian". He extended his hand. As we shook, he pulled me into the room. Closed the door behind him. Locked it and gave me a deep, wet kiss. Still holding my hand, he walked us to the sofa on the opposite side of the room. Next to the floor to ceiling windows that had a gorgeous view of the LV Strip. We sat on the sofa and kissed some more. Brian's a damn good kisser. As we kissed, he began to unbutton my shirt. I did the same to him. We were getting right down to business. Then he stood. Took hold of my hand and pulled me up alongside him. He unbuckled my belt and reached in my briefs to feel my hardening cock. I pulled open the waistband on his shorts and did the same to him. Even soft, it felt like quite a monster in there. Once we were both naked, he guided me to the bed. He had lube, poppers, hand towels all laid out on the bedside table. He kissed me again as we fell back onto the bed. Brian then took hold of the back of my head and guided it to his cock. I began to suck on him. Little, by little it hardened in my mouth. Once he was fully hard, I sucked on his balls for a few moments. Then we switched positions. And Brian began to suck on my cock. He sucked my balls for a bit, then lifted my legs and began to eat my ass. He had me squirming and squealing like a pig. I was begging him to fuck me. He guided me to get on my hands and knees. I asked for the poppers. He handed them to me and I began to take deep drags on them. I was going to need them to accommodate his large cock. As I was sniffing on poppers, Brian was lubing up my ass and his cock. Then he knelt behind me and began to press up inside me. He was young, but a real pro at fucking. He took his time sliding up into me. Letting me slowly adjust to it, before pressing in further. Once I had finally relaxed enough, he began to fuck me. He started off slowly, with long, slow, deep thrusts. But built up speed and depth as he fucked. Soon he was slamming in hard. And I was begging for it. This kid had great instincts. He reached under me and began to pinch and squeeze my nipples as he fucked me. Nothing makes me hornier than having my tits tweaked. Though it didn't seem rushed, it didn't take long before he began to growl and grunt. He slammed hard and deep in me, held it there and then yelled out, "I'm cumming..." His giant, bbc had been rubbing against my prostate as he had been fucking me and as he shook in orgasm, my body also began to quiver and shake as I experienced my own orgasm and I shot my own load onto his white, hotel sheets. He pulled out of me and dropped onto the mattress. I cuddled up alongside him and gently kissed this bronze God on his lips as we both caught our breath. We gently kissed for a couple of moments, then he hopped off the bed and went into the bathroom. I could hear water in the sink running as he cleaned off his dick. I dressed and pulled $250 from my wallet and left the bills on the dresser for him. He deserved the extra $50. He stood in the doorway of the bathroom. As I gave him one last kiss of thanks. And I headed back to my car. No doubt, he'd have some other dude up in his bed within the half hour. I wondered how many guys he was fucking each day? Not a bad gig, when you can make a Vegas Holiday Weekend into a "Paid Vacation". As I drove home, I could feel some of his cum sliding out of my ass. When I got out of my car in my garage, there was a large wet spot on my cloth car seat. I went in the house and expelled the rest of his cum into my toilet. Damn! He had put quite a large load into me. I must have been his first fuck of the day. He definitely didn't "fake it", like I had heard so many reports of the rentboys doing. While I don't have any intentions of paying for it, anytime too soon. It was a good fuck. I wish it had lasted a bit longer. But he felt great fucking me. And he got me off, with just his fucking. What more can I ask for? By the time I got back onto Craigslist, he had a new ad up and running. The thought crossed my mind, that it would be interesting to just sit at the end of his hotel hallway and count the numbers of guys going in and out of his room all day and night. I have no doubt he's making quite a hauling this weekend. Oh, to be young and hung!
  4. You can breed my slutty white ass anytime.
  5. I was in Salt Lake City, the Mormon Capital of the world, this past weekend. I normally will stay at a fairly nice downtown hotel or one out by the airport when I'm in SLC. But because I wanted to host an anonymous hotel walk in Breed & Seed on my raw hole on Saturday night, I rented a ground floor room at a somewhat seedy motel, just on the edge of Downtown SLC, Utah. This motel had parking right in front of my door. It was right across the street from a streetcar tram stop. And just on the edge of the downtown area. So, it had very quick and easy access. It's also in a neighborhood with a primarily Black and Latino population. So, I just had a feeling it would be a good location to host a breed & seed for the Saturday night I'm there. That hunch turned out to be right. I had listed my anon breeding party on BBRT. I'd received 10 guys saying they wanted to attend from that BBRT party ad. I also posted on and kept placing ads on the SLC Craigslist M2M pages for several days before the party. All my posts stated that starting at 8pm on Sat., my hotel room would be unlocked. the room dark, just come in, find me ass up, face down on the edge of the bed, slide in and seed my hole. I arrived at my motel room at about 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon. I got to my room. There was a king sized bed and the room was quite large. So it looked like a perfect setup for a fuck party. The motel was a bit on the seedy side. But, that made it even better. I quickly douched myself completely and showered. Then I contacted two guys that said they could only attend if it was early. So, I emailed both those guys to tell them that I was at the hotel and ready to start taking loads. I gave both guys the name, address and room number of my hotel room. The first guy, a "str8", married, Mormon guy in his early 40's quickly emailed me back. Saying that he was 5 to 10 minutes away. I unlock my door, turn off the lights to be ready for him. I used some duct tape to tape over the door latch. I turned off all the lights with the exception of a small nightlight that I had plugged into an outlet near the bed. It just created enough light so my outline could be seen kneeling on the edge of the bed. Outside, the temperature was a bone chilling 26 degrees. True to his word in less than 10 minutes I heard the door open and close. I felt the blast of cold air from the open door on my naked body. Then I heard a belt buckle being undone and pants being discarded. A very cold hand then began to feel my ass and asshole. I hadn't lubed up. Very soon I felt his hard cock pressing at my dry hole. He was trying to press in. I had lube on the bedside table. But, I really wanted just spit and cum to be my lube for the night. So I asked him to spit on my ass and his cock to lube up. He spit a couple of times, while I poppered myself up. Soon he was pressing his cock at my hole again and he finally plopped up inside me. He wasted no time in getting right to it. Within just minutes I heard his hard breathing. His speed was increasing and he let out a soft groan as he filled my ass with the first load of the evening. He quickly pulled up his pants, slipped his coat back on and was out the door without saying a word. I checked my email and the other guy that said he could only come if earlier than 8pm had replied to me. He had said he was 30 minutes away and would head right over. I checked the time of his email and looked at my watch. He should be here shortly. So, I assumed my position, on my knees, on the edge of the bed. My ass facing the door. Sure enough, within just a few minutes, I heard the sound of the door opening and felt the blast of cold air hit me. "Mmmmm..... Nice", I heard him say. I started to sniff my poppers as he undressed. He begins to feel my asshole. "Fuck, YEAH! You got a load in you already", he said as he felt the previous guys load at my hole. "Suck me, a bit", he said. I climbed off the bed and got on my knees. He put his semi hard cock to my lips and I began to suck him till I could feel him grow to full hardness. Then I climbed back on the bed and he very quickly slammed into me in one, quick, thrust. He grabbed me around the waist and pumped me hard and deep. This guy's cock was a lot longer, thicker and harder than the first guy. His cock was stretching my hole as he pounded his dick hard into me. We were both grunting with each thrust. Soon he put one of his legs up on the bed to get a deeper angle to my ass. He was going balls deep with every thrust. The he pushed me further up onto the bed and he climbed up on the bed, kneeling behind me. Now the headboard was banging against the wall as he slammed into me. About 5 minutes of intense fucking resulted with him letting out some loud grunts as he filled my ass with load #2. After he came inside me, he climbed off the bed. Grabbed some of the tissues that I had on the bedside table. I climbed off the bed and handed him some wet wipes that I also had on the table. As he's cleaning off, he and I chat a bit. "So, are you married? Is that why you wanted to come over early?" "Yeah. Married to a guy. We have a don't ask, don't tell arrangement. So, I needed to do this before your party, so I can get home to him", he said. "Yeah. I understand", I replied. "Thanks for the fuck. I needed that", he said, as he dressed and left my room. It's now almost 6pm, so I send out my room number to all the other guys that had replied to my ads. All in all from all the different ads I had placed, about 20 guys had replied that they wanted to attend. Now, from previous experience, I know that normally, just a small portion of those guys actually show up. Sometime the attendance can be amazing. And sometimes it turns out to be a complete bust. So, I had no idea if it was going to be an active night? Or if I was going to be bored to death, waiting for guys to show up? Well, the evening turned out to be quite successful. Most of the night was slow, but steady. Though I had said I wanted to start at 8pm, at 7:20pm my door opened and an older Mexican guy came into my room. I was at the desk on my laptop at the moment, checking email replies. He came into my room and began to take off his pants. I moved to him and dropped to my knees. I got him hard and then climbed on the bed. He then slid into me and fucked me for about 10 minutes before filling me up. Once he had left, another guy showed up. A tall, muscular and hairy guy in his late 40's. He took no time sliding right into me. While he was fucking me, the door opened again and a guy in his early 30's came in. Also quite muscular. These two guys seemed to know each other. They're laughing and chatting about the coincidence of running into each other at a "Cum & Dump". Soon both guys are on the bed and are kissing each other as I climb between their legs and take turns sucking both their dicks. Once again, the door opens and a small, thin guy in his mid 50's walks in. He quickly undresses and slides up on the bed, laying alongside the other two. I'm now trying to suck all three. Finally the first of these three guys tells me he wants to fuck me again. I get on my knees on the edge of the bed. He stands behind me and slides back up into me. He's an awesome fuck. He fucks for about 8 or 9 minutes before he plants a load in me. He keeps fucking me slowly. I can feel that he's still rock hard in my ass. Soon his pace picks up again and he puts a second load in me. He finally pulls out and the short, thin guy climbs off the bed and comes behind me. He slides his cock up into me in one, quick, thrust. This guy doesn't take long to empty his balls in my ass. My hole is now getting really sloppy with cum. The guys are commenting how slick and silky my hole is. While the thin guy was fucking me, the previous guy as climbed back on the bed. He's now sitting on the other guys dick, taking a ride on his buddies cock. I'm loving this scene as two of us are now enjoying cocks in our holes. Again, the door opens and closes and that familiar rush of cold air fills the room. In the darkness I can see a very, very tall, broad, muscular black guy in his late 20's/early 30's undressing. As he pulls his pants off, His hard cock comes bouncing up. Holy Fuck! He's hung! Not only hung, but it's really, really thick! And he is ROCK HARD! As soon as the thin guy has cum and begins to dress, I climb off the bed and drop to my knees in front of the black kid. His cock is so big and thick, I can't get much in my mouth. I suck on his cockhead and suck on his balls. Then, I say to him, "Fuck me". I climb back on the bed and put my ass up for him. He tries to push into me. Even though my ass is well lubed with cum, he's just too big and thick. "There's lube to your left", I tell him. As he's lubing up his cock and my ass, I'm sniffing poppers like crazy. I'm going to need the popper rush to loosen my hole enough to take his monster cock. Soon, he was pushing up into me. It was burning a bit. But, I wasn't going to slow or stop him. I wanted his bbc and his load. I literally had to keep the bottle of poppers at my nose for the first few minutes of his fuck. It really was hurting. But soon the pain began to ease and I was loving every thrust of his bbc. His cock was rubbing my prostate in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Soon the prostate friction was causing me to orgasm. "Oh, Fuck", I said as my cock exploded on the sheet below me. Having me cum, just by him fucking me, seemed to tip the scale on this black God. He began to shake in orgasm himself and emptied his balls in my ass. I milked his cock with my ass muscles. He hadn't said a word, but quickly dressed. I now realized the older, thin guy had been standing beside us. Watching in awe, as this hot, black guy was assaulting my ass. He also now left my room. The other two were still fucking on my bed. So, I got back on my laptop to check for messages. I also now got onto Grindr, Growlr, Scruff and Jack'D. Changing my profile on all those phone apps to state that I was in SLC taking raw loads. That seemed to pay off. I quickly got several more replies from guys on those apps that wanted to come seed me. The rest of the evening was a slow and steady stream of guys coming in to seed me. Several more black and latino guys. The older Mexican guy that had come about 7:20pm came back for a second fuck. He brought a buddy of his along to also plant a load in me. They took turns tagging me. The older Mexican guy put his second load in me. Then his younger buddy emptied his balls in me. By the time 11pm came, I had completely lost track of the number of loads I had taken. It had all become a blur. I'm guesstimating that by the time of 11pm, I had taken 9 to 12 loads in my ass and 2 in my mouth. But, I'm truly not sure? As I said, it had become quite a blur. The vast majority seemed to be DL Latino and black guys. Which is exactly what I had been hoping for at this location. I was just about to lock the door and go to bed, when the door opened again. In walked a tall, thin, gangly looking guy in his mid 50's. He had long gray hair, pulled back in a pony tale. An aging "Hippie". He was familiar. This guy is a horny, kinky fucker that has fucked me dozens of times over the years, when I've been up in SLC. But, I hadn't seen him in several years. The last I knew, he had moved away to Oregon. But, he was obviously back living in Utah again. He had always told me that he was bisexual. He always seemed to be in a different relationship with a woman. His relationships never seemed to last very long. He had told me that he would sometimes have 3ways with his girlfriends and his bi buddies. But some of his girlfriends had no idea of his m2m sexual activities. I remembered that he was very verbal. He loved to fuck raw. He loved group fucks and he loved watersports. In fact, he's the first guy to piss on me and make me drink his piss. He tended to be quite aggressive and dominant while fucking me. However, I also remember him telling me that he was very submissive in his relationships with women. Quite an interesting guy. I remember him telling some really wild stories of his yearly visit to 'Burning Man' and his week long sexual escapades there in the Nevada desert. Anyway, I was really happy to see this old fuck buddy of mine walking in. He took no time to dump his clothes. "How many loads do you have in you, bitch?" "I have no idea", I said? He kneels behind me and begins to lick my hole. "Mmmmm...... You do have a sloppy cunt, bitch!" He's licking and lapping away at my hole. Then he stands behind me and immediately slams into me. He fucks me hard and deep. Then leans down and licks my hole again. He keeps alternating between fucking me and eating cum from the other guys from my hole. "Who's been in this hole tonight, Dave? Who's cum am I feeling in your pussy?" I begin to describe some of the guys that have seeded me. He's particularly enjoying hearing about the black dick in me. That's really turning him on. Upon hearing about the young BBC that had made me cum while fucking me, tipped it for hippie guy. He now was filling my ass with his load. Once he had "cum and gone", I removed the duct tape from the door. Put the other lock on the door and slipped into bed. It was now nearly Midnight. I fell asleep immediately. Waking up the next morning with a huge wet spot on the motel sheets from the cum that had been dripping from me all night. I had no idea how a "Breed & Seed" would go in Salt Lake City. But it turned out to be one of my better attended events.
  6. I was in London a few days ago and very horny to get fucked. I had posted on BBRT and on Craigslist. I received numerous hits, but they all seemed to be flakes: several of the guys were 'no shows', and the balance would want to chat and swap pics, but then dropped the conversation. London seems to have an overabundance of game players when it comes to online cruising. But then I began to chat with a guy who answered my Craigslist ad. He said he lived just a mile from my hotel and wanted to come over. I had not seen any pics of him, but his self description sounded nice. He said he was in his mid 50's, a very athletic and fit body, covered in thick, black/grey hair, large/thick cock that got and stayed rock hard. He told me that he wanted to get sucked and rimmed. And that if the chemistry was right, he'd fuck me, but he'd only fuck me if covered. Normally I would turn down getting fucked by a guy wearing a condom, but on this occasion I was getting desperate to get fucked, and, as everything else he said about himself sounded great, I invited him over. Within about 35 minutes, he was knocking on my hotel room door. I opened the door to find a very attractive Middle Eastern man standing there. I invited him inside. "Are you okay with how I look?" he asked? "Fuck, yeah," I replied. We both began to undress. Then he stood before me in just his undershirt, briefs and socks. I stepped up to him and rubbed his chest and his already hard cock through his white briefs. Then I dropped to my knees and put my mouth on the bulge in his shorts. I chewed on it for a moment, then pulled his waistband over his hard cock and took his thick cock head into my mouth. I worked his cock as I pulled his briefs down and helped him step out of them. Next he pulled his undershirt up and over his head. I looked up to see his very sexy, hairy chest above me as I made love to his now rock hard cock. He sat on the edge of the bed and I continued to suck on his very large and thick cock. My tongue slid into his large piss hole in his mushroomed sized cockhead. Then I licked up and down the underside of his cock, working my way down to his balls, on which I licked and sucked. He moaned as I did this. I then licked under his balls and he moaned even louder. Then I lifted his legs a bit. He got the hint and pulled his legs up to his chest as I began to lick and eat his very hairy asshole. I spread his hole and got my tongue deep up inside his tight hole. I lapped my tongue across his hole and he was groaning with pleasure. Then he flipped over onto his knees and climbed up further onto the bed. I took some deep sniffs of my poppers and pressed my face into his hairy ass and again ate his hairy hole. I came up for air, "Wanna fuck me?" I asked? "Not yet. Keep eating my hole," he answered. I continued to eat his hole, then he flipped back onto his back and I went back to sucking his cock. I couldn't believe how large and hard his cock was for a man his age. The hardness was like a kid in his 20's, not a guy in his late 50's. Whether is was from a little, blue pill or not, I could care less. I was loving this rock, solid cock in my mouth. Finally, he reached for my ass and fingered my hole a bit. "Okay, I want your ass," he remarked. I got off the bed and grabbed my lube, took care of my hole and then presented the bottle to him, knowing he had said he had said he would only fuck with a condom, but I didn't offer him one. I had a few in the drawer. But would only pull one out if he insisted. I climbed back onto the bed and put my ass up towards him. I was expecting him to ask for a condom, but he never did. He lubed his cock and put his hard cock head up to my hole. I started to sniff the poppers deeply, as I felt him begin to press into me. "Take it slow, please," I asked. The thickness and hardness of his large cock would take a little time, however, soon he was balls deep in me and began to pump in and out of me with some speed and power. He was soon slamming into me, making a loud slapping sound as his pelvis slammed against my ass. He had grabbed my shoulders and was ramming up into me. I had to take some more popper sniffs, but it was feeling great. "You like my dick?", he asked. "Fuck, YEAH," I answered. His cock was rubbing against my prostate and I was in bottom/pig heaven. Bam! Bam! Bam! His cock was ramming into me. Then he reached under me and pinched my nipples as he fucked me. That really gets me going. I was soon cumming myself as he fucked me and pinched my nipples. When I began to cum, that set him off. Now, he was groaning, growling and grunting as he filled my ass with his load. I was squeezing my ass on his thick cock as it throbbed in my ass. He continued to thrust into me for quite some time as he emptied every drop of his seed into me. Finally he pulled out of me in a quick withdrawal and then jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom to wash off his dick. I dressed as I heard the water in the sink running. He came out. His now soft cock, still thick and long hanging down between his legs. He dressed in silence then said, "You've got my email address. Let me know when you're back. I'm married and it's sometimes difficult to get away. But I'll fuck you anytime I can," he remarked as he left my room.
  7. I was in Amsterdam a few days ago. It was a cold, rainy winter day, so, I decided the best place to spend the afternoon would be the baths. Amsterdam has one of the best bathhouses I've ever visited, Club NZ. I wandered in there about 3:00 PM. As I expected, the bathhouse was quite full of naked guys. I had douched my ass and showered before leaving my hotel, so I quickly took my clothes off and took a quick lap around the bathhouse to see who was around. It was filled with the usual mix of all ages, sizes and nationalities. I hit the glory hole area and knelt behind one of the holes. A few dicks wandered by and which gave me a taste of several dicks. Getting somewhat bored with sucking dick, I wandered around until I came across the sling room, which was a very small, dark room with two slings hanging side by side. There was a lube dispenser on the wall, so I lubed up my ass and climbed into the sling closest to the door, laying there for several minutes before the first guy entered the room. Although the room was quite dark, I sensed he was Dutch, and I could see he was a tall, and slender, with a smooth, muscular build. He felt-up my hole, quickly pulled his towel off and draped it over his shoulders as he rubbed his semi-hard cock against my hole, stroking himself to get hard. Once he was erect, he slipped his cock up into my ass, vigorously pumping his long, thick, Dutch dick into my hole. I took a couple of deep hits of my poppers, which was a good move as the harder his dick got, the harder he slammed into me. The slapping sound of his cock against my ass must have drawn in some other guys, because before I knew it there were three other men standing about, each stroking his cock as each watched the Dutch guy pound my hole, however, after about four or five minutes, the Dutch guy withdrew from my ass - without having cum. Fortunately I didn't have to wait long as a tall, heavy set black guy stepped up to my hole and in one swift thrust, slammed his BBC up into me. His cock was probably eight inches in length and was very thick. I had to take some more huffs of poppers to relax myself to accommodate his cock. Grasping my waist, he furiously pounded me for five minutes or so before he growled, unloading his seed into my ass. As soon as he pulled out another guy stepped up to take his place. This latest man looked to be Middle Eastern, and had a thick, black mustache. Around six feet tall, his build was slender but nicely defined, and his chest and arms were covered with a thick carpet of hair. He slipped his nicely sized dick into my ass and immediately deep-dicked my hole, which left me quivering with excitement. Without exchanging a word, the Arab leaned forward and played with my nipples, exquisitely pinching them as he fucked away. Utterly stimulated, I grunted, groaned and moaned as the Arab used me for his pleasure. Just then another guy entered the room and without a word slipped up into the other sling that was beside mine. Before I realized what was happening, an unknown guy was fucking his ass. As soon as the Arab guy filled my ass with his load, he pulled out and left, only to be replaced by the Dutch man who happened to walk through the doorway just as my ass was vacated. Entering my ass, the Dutch man fucked me for five or six minutes before his load exploded in my hole. The guy who had been fucking the guy next to me then withdrew from the other bottom and slid inside my ass, alternating between each of our asses as a number of guys gathered around the slings, taking in the view. The top moved from my ass to that of the other bottom, and no sooner had he done so when one of the voyeurs stepped into position and commenced fucking me as a another voyeur stood beside the top in my ass, stroking himself, within a minute or so spraying his load all over my chest and face. The sight (or aroma) of cum with which he spray me must have really turned on the two tops as almost simultaneously, both men let out a groan of pleasure as both my ass and that of the other bottom were filled with a load of cum. But I wasn't done yet. A young Dutch kid had entered the room and had been watching the fuck session. Once my ass was empty he stepped up and slid his rock hard cock into my ass. He was a quick cummer, as only two minutes or so passed before his balls blew a thick load of cum into my hole. By now, I had been in the sling for about 45 minutes. Not only was my ass was getting a bit sore, I was also mindful I generally don't approve of 'sling hogs', so I climbed out of the sling and took a quick shower. I made it a point, however, to hold the loads in my ass as I really savor that wonderful moment when the cum inside MUST to come out. On my way back to the locker room, I passed the orgy area where I saw eight or nine guys who were, from the sounds of it, sucking and fucking, so naturally I entered the room to watch. A gorgeous looking, tall, muscular black guy was getting sucked off by a kneeling, somewhat older guy. I approached and sucked the black guy's muscular tits, which gave me the perfect vantage place from which I could see the black guy was blessed with a very impressive nine inch cock. As I nibbled and sucked on the man's tits, I realized (with pleasure), the black guy was exploring my hole. "How many loads are in you?" he asked with a smile. "At least five loads," I replied. He pushed the old guy off his cock and told me to bend over an nearby platform. I eagerly did so, taking a hit of poppers just as the hung black dude slammed up inside my ass. Although I had been fucked my a host of dicks within the past hour or so, still I had to take several more huffs of poppers before I was able to take his dick comfortably. He pounded me hard and deep for over ten minutes before finally groaning as his balls unloaded in my ass. I could feel his cock throbbing with each volley he shot into my hole. This was about all I could take, so I thanked the hot black guy for his load and headed for the showers where I cleaned up, dressed and headed back to my hotel. I managed to keep the loads in my hole for several more hours, but eventually all that cum had to make an exit. Damn! Feeling the cum oozing out of my hole, and seeing the immense pool of sperm I had received was so fucking hot. Amsterdam never ceases to delight me. It's always a great time.
  8. I'm in London tonight. Will be taking loads in my room in Kensington tonight between 9pm and Midnight. Message me for my hotel and room number. My ass is up, my face is down. Come in and make a deposit. 

  9. I've sucked off several paraplegic guys in wheelchairs before the following incident, but this was the first time a paraplegic guy has fucked me. I answered a Craigslist ad this afternoon. The poster described himself as straight, independent paraplegic guy, living at a timeshare condo on the south Las Vegas Strip. We shared a few back and forth messages and as well as some pics which showed a very nice looking guy in his mid 30's with a strong, muscular upper body. He had, however, no use of his legs. He also stated that while he was straight, he often let guys blow him as he had found more guys than women who wanted to suck him off. So, he was open to having me come to service him. I met him at his condo door. He let me in and locked the door behind me. He had a very nice, large suite with a beautiful view up towards the Las Vegas Strip hotels in the distance. He wheeled to the opposite side of the main room and parked his low chair with big wheels. He was wearing a white bathrobe. He untied the waist belt and opened his robe, showing off not merely his muscular, hairy chest, and his strong, muscled arms, but also his semi-hard cock, which was about seven inches, cut. I quickly walked over, dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. As I sucked him, his cock quickly hardened in my mouth. He had large, egg shaped balls hanging below his cock, but his chair kept his legs rather close together, making it difficult to get down to work on them, but, I was really enjoying working on his cock as it had swollen to full hardness in no time. "Hold it on a second," he remarked as he extracted himself from my mouth, and wheeled himself into the adjoining bedroom, through the french doors connecting the two rooms. Once there, he maneuvered his chair alongside the large, king-sized bed. Then, with some amazing feat of dexterity, he got himself out of the chair and onto the side of the bed, his legs dangling off the bed as he sat on the side. Again I dropped to my knees, my mouth, tongue and lips nursing his hard cock. His position on the edge of his bed meant I could more easily work his cock, sucking it, then licking it up and down, paying particular attention to the underside. In addition I was able to separate his legs and suck and lick his balls. Moaning in pleasure, he lay back on the bed, so I lifted his twig-like legs and licked under his large balls. He emitted another moan, so I lifted his legs higher and licked his asshole. Now, he really started to moan. "Fuck, YEAH!" he groaned as I licked his hole. I slid my tongue up into his hole and spread his hole with my fingers, getting my tongue up as deep into him as I could. "Fuck, Man..........Eat my shit hole," he gasped. I was eating, licking and lapping at his hole like a mad man. As I came up for air, he began to push himself farther up onto the bed, towards the middle of the mattress, so I climbed up on the bed and moved between his legs, renewing my attentions to his balls and asshole. As I did so I thought 'He's really an attractive man and has a really nice seven inch cock. I want him to fuck me, but not sure if he can or would'. I maneuver myself into a 69 position with him. He wouldn't suck my cock, he was, after all straight, but he did begin to play with my asshole, going so far as to slip one of his fingers into my asshole a bit. He also slapped my ass a few times. At that time I decided to make my move. I released his cock, stood, turned and straddled him, rubbing my ass against his throbbing cock. His contented smile told me he was game. I spat on my fingers and lubed up his cock, and then spat a few more times, lubing my ass, which I positioned over his cock, his head directly against my hole as, looking him in the eyes, I lowered my ass onto his cock. "OH, FUCK!!!" he groaned as my ass slid down his shaft. Riding his cock, I rose and lowered my ass so on the withdraw his cock head would almost clear my ass, only for me to descend, sliding down so he was balls-deep inside my hole. I also leaned forward so I could pinch his nipples in unison with the rise and fall of my ass. In a very few minutes his breathing got heavy, then ragged, and finally gasping, as I felt his cock throbbing in my ass. I could tell his cock had shot a few volleys into my hole, so I pulled off his cock a bit, feeling his warm cum drip from my hole and down my thigh, then I completely slid off his cock, spun around, taking his still-throbbing cock into my mouth so I could enjoy the last few bursts of cum that oozed into my mouth. When he was done I licked his cock clean as he caught his breath. "Oh, FUCK!", he says again. "I didn't want to cum so quickly. But I couldn't help it, dude. I haven't been fucked like that in a long time. Shit, that felt great!" he exclaimed. Smiling with satisfaction, I climbed off the bed and began to dress, answering "Glad you liked it. I did as well. How long are you in Vegas?" "'Till Monday, this time. But I come here three or four times a year, usually," he replied. Noticing a pad of paper and a pen on the bedside table, I wrote my email address and phone number on the paper, handing them to him as I suggested "Let me know if I can take care of you again." "Gladly," he answered as I finished dressing moved to exit his suite. His cum has been slowly dripping from my ass for the last three hours. I'm doing my best to keep it in me, but I suspect it's a loosing battle as he seems to have planted quite a large load in me. At this point I'm not sure how much longer I can hold it in my ass.
  10. That anonymous top sounds so fucking hot! I've had sex with some amputee's as well. One in particular was hot as hell! This would be a nice thread to post about sex with amputees, paraplegics, other physically handicapped guys.
  11. I posted on Craigslist today that I wanted to suck off a str8 guy or a group of str8 guys. I got 4 or 5 replies. Mostly from out of town guys staying at some of the big hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. One guy in particular was very appealing. He sent a pic of himself. He was mid 30's, tall, muscular with a full black beard. He said he was str8, had never had a guy suck him, but was horny and wanted to experience it. He was staying at the MGM Grand Hotel. I told him I could be there in an hour. He sent me his room number and told me that his door would be unlocked and the lights out. Just come in and suck him. Just as I was ready to leave I got a message from a different guy that was staying at Harrah's. Just a few blocks from MGM. He said he also was str8 and would like to see me sucking some other guys. He also said he'd never had a guy suck him. But he might join in if he got horny enough. That's one of the real perks of living in Las Vegas. I find a lot of guys that would normally never try something like this in their hometown, but being alone in Las Vegas, without the wife, they feel it's their chance to try something they've always wondered about. I texted the MGM guy and asked if he would be up for having the other guy join us? I could suck them both off. He replied back to me that he would be ok with that. So, I sent Harrah's guy the room number at the MGM and told him the door would be unlocked. Just come in. He'd find me sucking the other guy. Sure enough, I arrived at the guys room at the MGM Grand and found his door cracked open. His room was at the far end of the hall. When I entered the room, I could see that he had a huge suite. It was dim and I could see a faint light coming from a television in the adjoining bedroom. "Come on in", I heard a low voice call out from the bedroom. I walked to the bedroom and found him laying back on the bed. He was wearing a tee-shirt, but was naked from the waist down. He had a hard cock sticking straight up. I quickly removed my clothes and knelt beside him on his bed. I leaned over and took his hard cock into my mouth. I sucked up and down on his shaft as his cock hardened even more. I licked the underside of his cock and licked his large nut sac. He moaned as I licked his balls. Then I crawled between his legs and went back to work on his cock. His cock was long and thick. But was just the right dimensions that I could fully deep-throat it. He was really getting off as I would deep throat his cock and take it to the back of my throat and hold it there. Milking his cock with the back of my throat. Then I licked down his cock, licking his balls, then licking underneath his balls. He moaned loudly again. I then lifted his legs and flicked my tongue on his asshole. A loud groan came from him. I lifted up his legs further and went to town on his asshole. Getting my tongue deep up into his str8 ass. Then I climbed off the bed and knelt on the floor on the side of the bed. I asked him to scoot over so that his ass was on the edge of the bed. He climbed off the bed. Walked to where I was, layed back on the bed and raised his knees to his chest. His ass was now at my face level. I went back to work on his ass with my mouth. I could really get my tongue deep up inside his hole, now. I was licking the soft, pink inside of his hole. Sucking on his hole. Kissing it. Blowing on it. He was going wild. "Holy Fuck!", he exclaimed. "I've never had my ass eaten before. This is fuckin amazing!", he moaned. I made love to his str8 asshole for 5 or 6 minutes. Then I went back to sucking his cock. Then he turned and knelt on his hands and knees. He wanted me to go back to eating his hole. I ate his hole, licked his balls and then pulled his cock back between his legs and licked and sucked on his rock hard cockhead. He was moaning, groaning and going wild. "Oh, fuck! I'm close to cumming! Don't make me cum, yet!", he groaned. "We should wait for the other guy, right?" he said. "Let me check on him". I climbed off the bed and checked my phone. There was a text that he had arrived at the hotel and was walking to the elevators. Just then, I heard the door open and close to the suite. I climbed back on the bed, between the guys legs and went back to sucking his cock as I heard the other guy enter the bedroom and begin to remove his clothes. Soon, from the corner of my eye I could see the Harrah's guy climb naked onto the bed and lay beside the MGM guy. The new guy was older and heavy set. But nice looking with ginger hair and pubes. I came up off of MGM guys cock and moved to take Harrah's guy's cock into my mouth, but he stopped me. "No. Let me just watch", Harrah's guy said. I went back to sucking MGM guy's big cock. I alternated sucking and rimming him for another 5 minutes before he couldn't take it anymore. "Dammit! I'm cumming!!!", he groaned as he filled my mouth with his sweet, hot load of cum. I took his cock to the back of my throat and let my throat milk every drop of his cum that I could get. When I came up off his cock, I could see Harrah's guy stroking his cock. I leaned over and took Harrah's guy's cock into my mouth. He let me suck him this time. He was only about 4"s long. But kind of thick. The ginger pubic hair was a real turnon for me. I climbed between his legs and really went to work on his ginger cock. He was pretty turned on and it only took a couple of minutes before he groaned "I'm cumming", and filled my mouth with his load. We both climbed off the bed. I dressed quickly and said my "Goodbyes" and headed out of the suite and down the hall to the elevators. I have a busy sex week planned and I was out of poppers. So, since I was in the part of town where all the ABS's are, I thought I'd better hit one of the stores and buy some poppers. Now, Sunday's can often be kind of a dead day at the Vegas ABS's. But when I pulled up at Peepland there were 6 cars in the lot. So, I bought my bottle of poppers and headed back to the arcade. Sure enough, there were several red lights over some of the booth doors. I tried the occupied doors and found one unlocked. I went into the booth to find a very tall, nice looking guy, late 50's with a long, thick, semi hard cock in his hands. He was stroking as he watched a str8 porn movie. I locked the door and dropped to my knees. I sucked for a second on his cock. Then he began to undo his belt and open up his zipper to give me better access to his cock and balls. While he was doing this, I was taking some deep sniffs of poppers. I got a nice poppers buzz and went back to sucking his cock as it swelled in my mouth. He was looking down on me as I looked up at him while I was worshiping and servicing his str8 cock. He had such a nice, long and thick cock, I was really enjoying it. About 4 or 5 minutes was all it took for him to shoot his load into my cockhungry mouth. Once I had his load, I got up, thanked him for his load, being the gentleman that I am. lol And left his booth. I tried the door knobs of the occupied booths again. Damn! They were all locked. Just then a heavy set young man in his 20's came into the arcade. He was looking at the movie titles in the display case. He was looking in the str8 movie section. Then he turned and found an empty booth. He went in and closed the door. But, I didn't hear him turn the lock. I waited outside his door until I could hear him put his dollar into the machine and the movie began. Then I gave him a few more moments to get his dick out. Then I opened the door and went inside. He didn't even look over to me. He just kept watching the movie as he stroked his still soft cock. I knelt down in front of him and took his cock into my mouth. He quickly hardened as I sucked him. His cock was not very long, but tick. His large belly made it so that I had to turn my head sideways to suck him. But he was a grower, not a shower. His cock seemed to just keep growing as I sucked. Then I felt his cock swell and throb. He didn't make any moans or groans or announce his orgasm, but he was soon filling my mouth with his youthful, str8 load of cum. I swallowed every drop, then got up and left his booth. I tried the doors again, but all were still locked. I decided it was time to head home and get Sunday dinner on the table. But, an unexpected and pleasurable Sunday afternoon for me.
  12. How did your visit to Smokeout go? I live in Vegas and I normally will get a hotel room at the Alexis Park for the week of Smokeout to host fuck parties. For the last 2 years I've gotten an enormous amount of bear tops to seed me. But, the dates didn't work for me this year. I sure missed not partaking of all that cock this year. Hope you had a great time and a great turn out.
  13. ABS

    There are a lot of ABS in Vegas. But some don't have much action at all. Like anyplace, the action can be hit or miss depending on the day and time. My fave is Peepland. Has about 12 extra large booths with fully locking doors. There's one glory hole. The owner can be kind of gruff if you're just standing around. But if you're feeding money into the booths, he could care less what you're doing. I normally have great action there. A-Action near downtown between Main St. & 1st Street is dirty and sleazy, but usually great action. Most of the booths have g/h's. The new theater is small, but there can be some really great action in there. Lot's of black and latino dick. Raw fucking happens all the time there. I've sucked off one of the Vegas Strip Headliners through the glory holes there on a couple of occasions. He's a frequent visitor there to the g/h's. Main Street Adult Superstore has a sleazy theater, but not much action in the booths. Again, lots of black and latino raw dick. But, can attract some druggies and homeless guys that hang out. Adult World on Meade Ave has a very active arcade and theater. Again, lots of bbc and latino dick. Got a nice load in my ass from an older str8 latino dude there last week in a booth. Fantasy World on Boulder Hwy in Henderson also has an active arcade and twin theater. I've sucked a lot of dick there. And taken a lot of raw loads in both the theater and arcade. Lots of married guys tend to go there in the daytime to get off. Don't waste your time or money on Lion's Den. A nice set up, but no one seems to go there for some reason. Both Deja Vu locations can be very hit and miss. The one closest the strip can sometimes have some nice action. But the employees at the location near The Orleans can be pests. Have fun~
  14. I use poppers almost all the time. I especially love to sniff on the poppers if I'm taking a really big dick in my ass. Poppers help my ass to relax to be able to accommodate an XXL and thick cock inside me. I prefer Amsterdam or Jungle Juice.
  15. A couple of weeks ago I was in Chicago for a few days. I was staying at a very nice, older hotel right on Michigan Avenue's Miracle Mile. I finished early for the day and was back in my room shortly after noon. I was horny for some dick. I posted on Craigslist that I was hosting in my room. I stated the general location of the hotel. And stated that I especially loved BBC. It didn't take long before I got a reply from a black guy with a bbc, just like I was looking for. We chatted back and forth for a few emails. He said he didn't have any pics of his dick. But gave his stats as 40 years old. 6'6", black, muscular, and he was a married guy. He said he had 11"s of cut cock. He told me that he's str8. But liked to get sucked by guys. And he really loved to get his ass rimmed. He said he rarely fucked guys. But if he got horny enough, he might fuck me. Then he told me that he was just getting ready to drive his wife and daughters to the shops across the street from my hotel. After they had lunch, he could leave them for awhile while they shopped at Bloomingdales and some of the other shops for Christmas. And he'd like to come across the street for me to suck and rim him. I was disappointed he didn't send any pics. But if his stats were honest, he sounded HOT. So, I gave him my cell number and asked him to call me when they were through with lunch. I'd then give him my room number and be ready for him. While I waited for him, I douched myself really clean. And took a shower. Sure enough, about an hour and a half later, my cell rang. It was him. He said he'd just left his wife and daughters and was heading out of the mall onto Michigan Ave. As I gave him my room number, I walked to my window, which looked out onto Michigan Ave. I peered down to where the mall doors were. And walking away from them I could make out a very tall black man in a tan overcoat walking towards the corner crosswalk. It was difficult to see too much from my distance. But I was impressed by his large size. If that was indeed him? I could see him crossing the street in my direction, then lost sight of him as he got to my side of the street. A few minutes later, there was a knock at my door. I opened the door to see a very tall, very handsome, very muscular black man in a tan, wool overcoat standing in front of me. My heart nearly skipped a beat or two when I saw not only his handsome face, but his muscular frame. I invited him in. He told me he was nervous. He'd only done this a few times before. But that he'd been so horny lately. His wife had been so busy with all the Christmas preparations, that he hadn't gotten off in over a week. He really needed a blow job. I told him to get comfortable as I began to undress. He quickly shed his clothes. His clothes all had that expensive, executive look to them. Tan, wool overcoat. Dark grey wool slacks. Beautiful, expensive looking shoes. A gorgeous watch that looked like a Rolex. And a wedding ring that was a simple silver band, with small diamonds all the way around it in the center. As he shed his clothes, he was showing off one of the most incredible bodies I've ever seen. He had Billy Dee Williams good looks. The height of a NBA basketball player. And the muscular build of an NFL quarterback. He stripped completely, then laid on the bed, with several of the pillows propped behind him. So he could watch me servicing his cock. I climbed between his muscular thighs and took is flaccid cock into my mouth. It didn't take long for it to begin to grow in my mouth. In about 2 minutes, he had a full, rock hard cock filling my mouth. I licked up and down the shaft. Then sucked both of his balls. Then he turned himself over and got himself on his hands and knees. His ass in my face. I spread his hard, muscular ass cheeks and licked his beautiful, puckered hole. I spread his hole with my fingers and licked the soft, pink insides of his asshole. He was loving it and squirming on my face. I ate and worshipped his ass for about 5 minutes. Pausing momentarily a few times to sniff some poppers. Finally, he flipped back over onto his back and told me to suck him again. I again went back to sucking on his gorgeous cock. His 11" description was on the conservative side. He could have easily had well over 12". And super thick. I came up for air and said, "I want your dick in my ass". He laughed and said, "You think you can handle it? A lot of guys want me to fuck them. But few can actually take it". "I don't know if I can actually take it, either? But I sure want to try." He laughed again. "I don't fuck with condoms, though. Condoms make me go soft. Are you alright with taking it bare?" Not wanting to appear tooooo anxious, I said, "Yeah. That's cool". But in reality, I wanted to shout out...."FUCK YEAH..!!! FUCK ME BARE WITH THE BBC OF YOURS!!!" While I normally just like using spit as lube, I knew I was going to need a lot of slick lube to be able to accommodate his BBC. I reached for the lube I had on the nightstand. I lubed up my own hole. Then squeezed some on his cock. Lubing it up, so it was really slick. Then I gave my ass one extra finger full of lube, just to make sure. "How do you want to fuck me", I asked? "Sit on me", he said. With him laying on his back, I straddled him. Putting his bbc up to my hole. I knew I was going to need some poppers in order to take him. I took a few, deep sniffs of poppers. Then started to lower myself onto his big, black and thick cock. I got part way down onto it and had to hold it there to adjust to the size of it. And to take some more sniffs of poppers. Thankfully, I had a fresh bottle that gave me a good rush. I continued to lower my ass down onto his cock, till I could feel his bushy pubes against my ass cheeks. I held his cock there for a few moments to adjust. Then began to rock back and forth on it. He reached up and pinched my nipples. Well,,,,,,,,,my nipples are hard wired. That's all it took for me to start to bounce up and down on his cock. My ass had adjusted to his girth and length. And I was enjoying the feel of his cock filling my ass. I rode him like that for 4 or 5 minutes. Then he pushed me off him and told me to kneel on the edge of the bed. I did as he told me as he climbed off the bed and stood behind me. He put his cock back up to my asshole and pushed back inside me. "Ahhhhhh.........fuck...!!!!", I groaned. He slid even deeper into me. It hurt just a bit, but I took another couple of sniffs of poppers to loosen up. "Let me try those", he said. I reached back to hand him the bottle of Amsterdam Poppers. He took a couple of sniffs. Put the cap back on and tossed the bottle onto the mattress next to my head. I took another sniff and settled in to take a deep pounding from this monster cock. He slapped my ass as he was fucking me. "You like my big black cock in your white pussy", he asked? "Fuck, Yeah", I growled. "You're gonna' take it like a bitch, faggot". This handsome, educated, wealthy businessman was turning into a fowl mouthed, horny, fag fucker as he pounded my ass. It was a huge turn on to hear him degrading me as he fucked my white hole. "Yeah, your white pussy feels good, baby. Not many white faggots can take this dick of mine". "Fuck me, Sir. Fuck me", I grunted as he pounded my ass with his big black dick. He'd slap my ass hard. It would sting a bit. But felt good at the same time. Each time he'd thrust into me, I could hear him grunt, under his breath the words "faggot, whore, pussy, cunt, queer, cocksucker, slut". His thrusts were getting harder and deeper with each thrust. His body was slamming into me so hard, that the bedframe was slamming against the wall. And his body was making a slapping sound as it rammed against me. "Take my load, you fuckin' faggot" and he thrust into me hard and deep. I squeezed my ass on him as his body shook in orgasm. He grabbed my shoulders and held himself deep inside me as he continued to shake in orgasm. A loud, muffled growl was coming from him as I continued to milk his cock with my ass muscles. A few more quick thrusts, then he pulled out and collapsed onto the mattress, next to me. I rolled and collapsed alongside him. I snuggled up to him as we both laid there, catching our breaths. I stroked his muscular chest and played with his erect nipples as spooned him. I would have loved for that to have gone on for a long time. But he got up and asked if he could shower? "Of course", I said. This giant piece of masculinity climbed off my bed. His big, monster cock, now soft and swinging between his legs, moved to the bathroom and I heard the water start to run in the shower. I dressed and sat in a chair, waiting for him to return. He came back into the room as he was drying his beautiful black body with the white hotel towel. I watched and admired his perfect body as he dressed in silence. A simple "Thanks" was all he said as he walked to the door. Unlocked it and stepped out into the hallway. I walked to my window. About 4 minutes later I saw him crossing Michigan Avenue. His cell phone pressed to his ear. No doubt, calling his wife, so he could meet up again with his wife and daughters. They'd have no idea that as they were picking out his Christmas gifts, he was across the street, pounding the ass of a white faggot, who would keep his cum warm in my hole for the next 5 hours. Before it finally had to make it's exit out of my ass. When I finally did expel his cum from my hole. I must have had 3 table spoons or more of cum drop into the toilet bowl the first time. Then a few minutes later I had to go back to the toilet to expel another couple of table spoons full of cum. My ass was too sore the rest of that day to take anymore dick. But the good pain I felt in my ass the rest of the day, was just a nice reminder of the huge dick that had fucked and filled me that afternoon. Damn! No wonder I love big black cocks.
  16. I was searching the ads on Craigslist this morning. One ad really got my eye. This guy had posted on both the M4M and the M4W pages. He said he was a black trucker, stuck at a Vegas truck stop for the day. He wanted to get blown in his sleeper cabin. Maybe fuck. I sent him a message with some pics. Telling him that I wanted to suck, rim and bottom for him. He messaged me back and said he was chatting with a female right now. He preferred fucking a female, but he'd get back to me if it didn't work out with this chick. About 20 minutes passed. So, I assumed he was going to hook up with the female. Finally, I got another email from him. "She's a hooker. I'm not paying. Come on over". I quickly hopped in my car and headed for him at the truck stop. Luckily, it's the closest of the truck stops to my house. I was pulling into the Flying J truck stop in about 20 minutes. He had told me the color and make of this 18 wheeler rig. And said he was parked in the last row, at the far north end. I easily found him and was able to park my car nearby. As I walked towards his truck, he flashed his lights. I walked to his truck and he pushed open the passenger door. I climbed up into the cab and found a 55 year old, grey haired, hot, daddy, black man. He was dressed in jeans, a black tee-shirt and had big, black work boots on. He looked hot as hell. As I got into the cab, he told me to go back into his large sleeper area. He locked the doors to his truck. Came back into the sleeper and pulled the curtain between the cab and the sleeper. It was kind of dark, so he flipped on a small lamp, giving the sleeper a dim light. I sat on the bed and he walked over to me, unzipping his pants and pulling out a nicely sized BBC. He put his partially hard cock to my lips and I began to suck. His cock hardened in my mouth. Once he was finally hard, he had probably about 9"s with a nice thickness and a swollen, mushroom head. As I'm sucking, he pulls off his tee-shirt, tossing it to the floor. Then he pulls out, sits next to me on the bed and begins to remove his boots. Then stands and pulls his jeans and underwear off. He's now standing in front of me, fully naked, with his large BBC standing straight out. His dark, smooth skin was turning me on. I quickly stripped and went back to sucking his cock. Then he knelt on the bed and told me to eat his black ass. I put my face up to his ass. I licked around his hole. His ass smelled and tasted kind of musky. He'd been driving for many hours. His sweaty ass tasted salty and bitter. "Eat it, Fag", he growled. I spread his ass cheeks and dove my tongue up into him. "Good boy", he moaned as I tongue fucked his straight ass. He was pressing his muscular ass up against my face. I licked, lapped and flicked my tongue across his rosebud. "Ah, yeah! Good Faggot! Eat my hole, piggy". He's very verbal, and I'm finding that a real turn on. "Now suck me, Fag. Suck my black dick", he demanded. He turns and I again swallow as much of his cock as I can. He grabs my head and tries to fuck my face. I'm gagging on his cock as he rams it down my throat. After about 5 minutes of cocksucking, he says, "Show me that pussy". I come up off his cock and get on my hands and knees. I spread my ass for him. "Mmmmm...... Nice!", he says. "Hand me my pants, please", I ask. He reaches for my pants and hands them to me. I pull my poppers and lube from my pants. I hand him the lube and I start to sniff my poppers. "I don't need lube, Fag. Just my spit is all you'll get". He spits on my hole a few times. While he's spitting on his cock, I add more of my spit to my hole. He's big and he's thick. I'm going to need as much spit as I can get in my hole. As he begins to press into me, I again sniff on my poppers. His cock burns a bit as he's sliding in me. I'm continuing to breath in my poppers, trying to stifle my desire to cry out. He plunges into me in one quick thrust. And immediately begins to pound my hole. It takes a couple of minutes for the pain to turn to pleasure. But, soon I'm begging him to really pound me with his big dick. He's obviously only interested in his own pleasure. He's ramming me repeatedly. Calling me a whore. Calling me a faggot. His thrusts become almost brutal and he seems to enjoy hearing my grunts as he rams into me. About 6 or 7 minutes of powerful pounding finally pays off as he takes one final thrust into me and holds it there as his cock throbs and fills my ass with his hot cum. I'm both sad, but relieved when the pounding stops. I milk his cock with my ass as he begins to pull out of me. Once his cock fully plops from my hole, I spin around and open my mouth. He knows what I want and feeds me his still hard cock to clean off. "Yeah. I thought you'd be a greedy pig and want my cock some more. Clean it, Pig!" I clean his cock of all his and my juices as it softens in my mouth. He pulls from my mouth and grabs some gym shorts to pull on. I take my cue and get dressed. He lays back on his sleeper mattress and says, "I was really wanting a pussy to pound tonight. But your ass was mighty damn good". "Do you pass through Vegas often", I ask? "A fair amount", he replied. "Let me know, next time. My ass is yours to use anytime you want", I said. "Watch your email tonight. I may have another load to fill you with. I'm gonna get a bit of sleep. And we'll see?". I finished dressing and let myself out of his truck. "Lock the door", he yelled, as I jumped down to the ground. I'll be keeping a close eye on my emails later tonight. I would love a second pounding from him.
  17. This evening I got a KIK message from the black trucker. "Hey Fag. Your holes need some black dick in them again? I just pulled in for the night. I could use your mouth and pussy to service me." I had previously douched for a guy that flaked out on me. So, I was ready to go. I told him I could be there in 20 minutes. I gave myself another quick douche to make sure I was clear to take his huge black cock. Then jumped in the car and drove to the truck stop. As I was driving I got a kik message from him telling me where he was parked. And that the passenger door was unlocked. Just climb up. I found his rig and parked. His cab lights were dark, with the exception of a very dim light coming from the slit in the curtains that were pulled between the cab and the sleeper. I climbed up into his cab and pulled the door closed behind me and locked it. "Unlock the door, Bitch! I got a bud comin over to use your holes. You're a whore. So, I'm whoring your pussy out to a buddy. But get on this dick first, faggot." I climbed back through the curtains and found him completely naked, laying on the sleeper bed. I quickly undressed and tossed my clothes into the corner. Once naked, I climbed up on the sleeper and crawled between his legs. I took his soft black dick in my mouth and began to suck on his foreskin. I sucked and gently chewed on his forskin. Flicking my tongue across it as it began to swell in my mouth. As his cock hardened, I slid my tongue up into his puckered foreskin and twirled my tongue around his swelling cockhead. Once his cock was fully hard, my lips pushed his foreskin over his cockhead and I began to suck further down his shaft. I sucked, licked and worshiped his cock as it was reaching it's full 9" inches. I licked down his cockshaft, then began to suck and lick his massive balls. He lifted his legs to his chest. "Eat my ass, fag!" I licked down under his balls and finally down to his asshole. My tongue explored his hole as he spread his asscheeks to give me more access to his hole. I'm licking and eating his hole as I hear the door to his cab opening. Someone's climbing in and I hear the door slam shut. The curtain's part and in the dim light I can see the figure of a guy coming back into the sleeper cab. I'm trying to see who it is that's come in. But my face is deeply buried between this black truckers ass and I can only make out that someone is removing his clothes as I continue to eat and lick the hot, black hole. Finally, I come up for air and take a look at the new arrival. He's a white guy. About 6' feet tall. Thin build. Long, straggly, grey hair to his shoulders. A short grey beard. And it looks like his smooth chest and arms are covered in tattoos. As I reach down to my pants that are laying on the floor to pull my poppers and lube from my pants pockets, the newcomer steps up to me and puts his semi hard cock up to my face. "Suck his dick, fag", my trucker buddy commands. The white guy puts his cock to my lips and I begin to suck it. I hadn't really seen his cock until it was in my face, since the light was so dim. Holy Shit! Even soft, his cock was quite a monster. Even bigger than the black trucker. The white guys cock doesn't seem to grow as I suck it. I suck and suck, but even after a couple of minutes of sucking, there's no growth. "Not sure this is gonna work, Damon? I told ya' that few guys have got me hard", the white guy said. So, the black trucker's name was Damon. We'd not gotten to the name stage with each other. I scoot over to Damon and take his still hard cock back into my mouth and suck him. I suck for just a few moments, then Damon say's "Eat my buddies ass, fag. That will get him hard". His white buddy turns and bends forward. I crawl over to his ass and spread his asscheeks. It smells a bit funky, but I'm turned on and want to get this new guy hard. I begin to lick and lap my tongue on his asshole. I hear a soft moan as I lick his hole. It's an awkward angle, but I'm able to get my tongue up into his hole a bit. As I'm licking his ass, I reach between his legs and take hold of his cock. It has swelled a bit. That encourages me to get my tongue deeper up into his str8 asshole. Finally, I climb down onto the floor and ask the white guy to bend over onto the bed. I again begin to eat this str8 trucker's ass. Then he turns around and, sure enough, his cock has hardened. He's easily at least 9" or 9 1/2" inches and much thicker than Damon. He's got a very impressive piece of meat. I wrap my lips around it and take as much as I can down my throat. "How is it, Bill", Damon asks? "You're right. He's got a nice mouth on him", Bill replies. "Kneel on the bed, fag", Damon barks. "He's ready for my dick in his pussy". I climb up on the bed. I've still got my poppers and lube in my fist. I squeeze some lube onto my fingers and lube up my asshole. Then I lift the bottle of lube. Damon takes the lube from my hand and begins to lube up his bbc. I'm sniffing poppers as I position myself on the edge of the cabs bed. Damon lubes up his cock and then hands the lube to Bill. "Lube up, buddy. It's time to show this faggot how real men fuck". The black trucker steps up to my ass and pours a bit more lube onto my hole and pushes it in. He slaps his cock against my hole a few times. Then he lines up his dick and slides up into me. He has no concern as to whether it's hurting me or not. He just keeps pushing as it slides up into me. I'm sniffing poppers like crazy. Because it is hurting. But, I know it will do no good to ask him to slow down. So, I just grit my teeth, groan a bit and sniff poppers. Thankfully, it only takes a few minutes before the pain goes away. And it begins to feel good. He's really slamming into me. His body is slamming against me, making a slapping sound as he pounds my hole. Then all of a sudden, he pulls his bbc from my ass with a "plop". "Try this ass, buddy. Tell me what you think?" Damon says. Bill steps up behind me. Thankfully, he's lubed his cock, because he also begins to quickly slide into me. Showing no mercy as his large, thick, white monster cock slides up into me. I'm again sniffing deeply on the poppers as he fills my hole with his huge cock. "FUCK! This feels nice", Bill says. "Fuck Yeah! I can fuck this ass". BIll's now slowly pulling from me, then slamming back up into me. Then he'd pull out and slam back in. He's going all the way out of me, then all the way back into me, balls deep with each thrust. It's driving me wild. He' fucking me slow, but steady and it feels awesome. "Fuck me, Bill. Fuck my hole, buddy. My pussy is yours. Pound me" Bill seems to like the encouragement. He's grabbed me around the waist and begins to ram it into me. He's fucks me hard and deep for about 5 minutes. Then lets out a load groan and begins to shake as his cock empties into my ass. I'm squeezing and milking his cock as he trembles. Finally he pulls from me and stumbles back against the side wall. Damon climbs off the bed and positions himself behind me. He puts his cock to my hole and rams up in me in one quick thrust. "Augh".........I moan as he slams in me. He immediately grabs my waist and begins to pump. He must have really been ready to fuck, because he only takes a few minutes of deep and intense fucking before he's growling and filling my ass with his load. The fucking is all over too soon. But, I dress and climb down from the cab knowing that I have two full loads of str8 cum inside me. I leave the truck stop and stop at one of the xxx bookstores on the way home. Took another load in my ass and one in my mouth in a video booth before finally heading home to wake up to wet, cummy sheets.
  18. One of my earliest fuck buddies was a Air Force Colonel. He was married, but his wife had refused to move to the Air Force Base he was stationed at in Utah. So, she was living in Texas while he was living in Utah. He couldn't get enough of my ass. Then he started bringing some of his Air Force buddies with him to fuck me. This was back in the early 1980's. All these AF guys considered themselves str8. But, they'd offer their dicks for me to suck and were always more than eager to fuck my ass.
  19. My flight home from Europe last week was really late arriving back to Las Vegas. So, it was well past midnight by the time we landed at the Vegas airport. My car was in the shop, and a friend had driven me to the airport. So, I was without a car and I wasn't going to call my friend to pick me up at this hour. I just sent for an Uber to drive me home. My Uber app showed that my driver was going to be Aanuti, driving a Toyota. I only had to wait a couple of minutes for Aanuti to pull up at the airport's pick up area. Aanuti popped the trunk and I threw my luggage inside and slid into his car. "Good evening", I said. "David?", Aanuti asks? "Yes", I reply. My Uber driver was a tall, thin, very dark, black man in his late 20's/early 30's. From the back seat, I can't get a really good look at his face. But he keeps looking at me through the rear view mirror. Through the mirror I can see he has beautiful blue eyes. For a black man, with skin as dark as Aanuti, blue eyes seemed to be quite odd. I try to make some small talk with him. "How's your night going?", I ask. "Very nice, thanks. I think you'll be my last ride for the night. I started at 6:00. Things have slowed a bit. And I don't want to do the drunks on the strip tonight. I don't live too far from where I'm dropping you. So, I think I'll call it a night." Whenever he's speaking to me, he's looking back at me through the mirror. That makes me nervous, since I feel his eyes should be on the road. But, his kind, blue eyes are mesmerizing. "Where are you from?", I ask. "Nigeria", he says. "I've been here 10 years. I love it", he adds. "Nice. I can't help but notice you're beautiful blue eyes", I say. Aanuti smiles and looks a bit embarrassed. "Thank you. People tend to comment on that a lot", he says. "I would imagine", I add. "Does your whole family have those gorgeous eyes?" I ask. "My Grandmother does. Her Father was half Dutch. I got her gene, I guess. All my other siblings have dark brown eyes. But, I got my Grandmother's eyes". We continue to chit chat. Discuss politics, life in Las Vegas and any number of subjects on the half hour drive to my home in the suburbs of Vegas. Soon, he pulls into my driveway. We sit in my driveway for several more minutes. He's easy to talk to and I'm enjoying his company. "Are you in a hurry to get home?" I ask. "What do you have in mind?" he asks "Was just going to ask you in for a drink, if you'd like? You said you're ending your evening". "Sure. I'm game for that", he replies. We get out and we both carry my bags into my house. I turn on a couple of small lamps, but keep it kind of dimly lit in the living room. I carry my bags into my bedroom and turn on just one small lamp to keep it dim. I come back into the living room/great room area. I ask, "Is wine ok?" I ask. "Yeah. Wine is good", he says. I pour us 2 glasses of some wine I have in the fridge. He's sitting on my small love seat. I sit next to him on the love seat and hand him his glass. We toast and each take a sip. He adjusts his crotch a few times as we're chatting. As he'd adjust his crotch, he'd watch my eyes go to his crotch. The 3rd time he caught me staring at his crotch, he smiled at me and said, "You like black men?" "Yes I do. I love black men", I say with an embarrassed smile. Aanuti takes my hand and puts it on his crotch. I squeeze and feel a rather large cock partly swollen under his khaki pants. I didn't need any more of an invitation than that. I drop to my knees. Aanuti quickly unzipped and pulled out his sizable, partially hard black cut cock. I put my lips around it and begin to suck. He grows quickly in my mouth. And soon his cock has grown to a very nice 8 or 9 inches. Like him, it's long and slender, making it easy to deepthroat. I'm really going to town on his cock. He's hard as a rock. "Do you like to get fucked?", he asks. "Fuck yeah!", I reply. "But, I'm not cleaned out", I add. "That's ok", he says. "I don't get crazy about a clean ass like most American's. I'm from Nigeria, remember?", he laughs. Smiling and winking at me. I get up and grab his hand. "Come with me". I pull him off the love seat and guide him to my bedroom. I pull the bedspread off and throw it to the floor. I climb out of my clothes in record time. I pull some lube and poppers from my bedside table. Then climb on the bed, kneeling on the edge. While I'm poppering up, Aanuti spits on my ass and his cock a few times. He's not using the lube I had set by him. He puts his cockhead to my hole and slides inside me. His long and slender cock slides easily up in me. He wastes no time in beginning to fuck. His cock is just such a good size that it slides easily in and out of me. "I love your ass, Dave. Your ass feels so good", he says as he picks up speed with his thrusts. He leans forward and begins to pinch my nipples as he's fucking me. My nipples are hard wired. I'm getting incredibly turned on. I'm pressing back on him as he thrusts in me. Our bodies are slapping hard against each other. Now he's fucking me like a maniac! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! His cock keeps pounding in me hard and deep. "Get on your back", he demands. I turn over and he immediately slams back into me. Holding my legs up against his chest. Soon, he's pressed my legs up against my chest as he continues to ram into me. He places one of his long legs up on the bed and drills into me from that angle. Then he tells me to get back on my knees. I move back onto my knees and he again slams deep into me. He's grabbing me hard around my waist and pulling all the way out of me, before ramming back into me. About 3 more minutes in this position brings on his orgasm. He yells out something in his native language that I don't understand, except for the occasional word "Fuck!". He holds his throbbing cock in me as my ass tires to milk it. He then pulls out and drops onto the bed, next to me. He's panting heavily. I can see his cock is a bit dirty from my ass. So I hop off and get a wet washcloth and towel for him. As he lays there panting, trying to catch his breath, I use the washcloth and towel to clean off his cock. His cock is softening in my hands as I clean him. "Fuck! That was hot, dude! Thanks!", I say. "Yes. That was nice. I like your ass", he relies. "You said you live close?", I ask. "Yes. About a mile away", he says. "Can we fuck again?", I ask. The pauses. There's no reply. Then he says, "I'm married, Dave. I have 2 children. My wife is pregnant again. I don't do this much. I've fucked guys before. But, I don't do it often. Not sure when I can?", he says. "No problem, dude. I understand. You've got my phone number on your Uber App. Text me if you ever have time and want to fuck. My ass is yours". He dresses and I put on my robe. I walk him to the door. I put out my hand to shake his. "Thanks again", I say. He take my hand, shakes and leans down to softly kiss my lips. "Thank you, Dave. That was nice. I let you know if I can fuck you again. I hope so". He kisses me softly again and leaves. WOW! What the hell just happened? That was nice! I sure hope I'll hear from him again.
  20. So, the str8 black guy, Raymond, that fucked me with my regular suck/fuck buddy Joe, sent me an email a few days ago. He wanted to fuck me again before he flew home to Seattle on Tuesday. So, I went to his hotel room at MGM this afternoon at 2pm. Raymond answered the door wearing sweat pants and a tee-shirt. He invited me in, closed and locked the door. Then he stepped to his laptop on the desk. He looked through some files on his computer, then started a porn movie on it, turning the screen to the direction of the bed. Then he stood, turning towards me, he pulled open his sweat pants and pulled out his limp, but very ample dick. It flopped outside his pants. "Are you hungry?" he asked. I walked to him, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his beautiful, black cock. It grew slowly as I sucked on it. I pulled on the waistband of his sweat pants, pulling them down as he then stepped out of them and I tossed them aside. I fondled his giant, low hanging balls as his cock continued to grow in my mouth. Then he pulled his cock from my mouth and he sat on the edge of the bed. I crawled over, between his legs. Again taking his giant cock into my mouth. I took all I could down my throat. I'd gag on it and then come up for air. He seemed to enjoy making me gag. He'd push my head down, holding it there, until I'd gag, then let go and let me come up for air. I lowered my head and began to lick and suck on his balls. He lifted his legs, giving be a great view of his beautiful, black asshole. I licked it and flicked it with my tongue. "Eat it, Queer". "You love my black ass, don't you? Eat it. Eat my hole, Fag". His aggressive, demeaning, verbal abuse was turning me on. I did love his black asshole. I love his black cock. I love his black balls. I love making love to his cock, balls and ass. I licked and kissed his hole. I slid my tongue up into it. He let out a soft sigh. As I slid it in again, and again, and again. I spread his ass cheeks and slid my tongue as deeply inside his ass as I could get it. I licked the inside of his hole. My fingers spread his hole and I dove in even deeper. "Eat it, Faggot. Eat my ass". He stood and turned. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, he reached back and spread his ass cheeks. Showing me his beautiful hole. I buried my face in his ass and slid my tongue deep inside him again. I was still fully dressed. I was reaching into my pants pockets for my poppers as I continued to eat his hot, black, straight hole. I came up for a breath and took a deep breath of poppers. Then my face went back into his ass and I continued to eat and lap at his hole. Raymond reached back and grabbed the back of my head. Pulling my head deeper into his ass. I could barely breath, since my face was smashed between his ass cheeks. Finally, I was able to pull my head away and gasp for breath. I stood and took off my clothes as I caught my breath. Once I was naked, I took another deep breath of poppers. Ray had turned and was now laying on his back on the bed. I climbed up on the bed, bent over him and took his large cock back into my mouth. I sucked on it as best I could. But it had grown so large and thick, I could get little more than just his mushroomed cockhead into my mouth. As I was sucking on his cock, he reached behind me and was fingering my ass. Yes, I knew that's what he ultimately wanted. My white ass. I adjusted my position to give him better access to my hole. He was stretching my hole open. Getting me ready to take his monster bbc inside me. Raymond pulled himself up, so that he was now laying in the center of the king sized bed. His giant cock was sticking straight up to the ceiling. "Sit on this, fucker. Sit on my dick, you horny little fucker". I grabbed the bottle of lube that Raymond had placed on the bedside table. I squeezed some lube on my fingers and lubed up my hole. I repeated that a couple of times. I knew my ass was going to need to be well lubed to take his monster cock in me again. My ass hadn't fully recovered from his first fuck with me last week. Then I squeezed some lube on Ray's cock and made sure it was nice and slick. I used the small hand towel he had left on the table and wiped the lube from my fingers, so I could open the poppers. I took some deep breaths of poppers as I swung my leg across Ray's body and straddled him. I placed his giant mushroom cockhead up to my hole as I took another deep breath. "What's that shit you're sniffing?", Ray said. "Poppers. You've heard of them, haven't you?" "Yeah, I heard of them. Let me try". I took the lid off and handed him the bottle. He took a couple of sniffs, and handed the bottle back to me. I took one more deep breath of the poppers, then began to slowly lower myself onto him. Oh, FUCK! It hurt. But I was going to take it. I had been waiting all of the rest of last week, waiting to have Ray's bbc inside me again. I was going to take it. As much as it hurt, I continued to lower myself on him. Until I had him fully inside me and could feel his hairy balls against my ass. I held it there for a few moments, so I could adjust to his length and thickness inside me. Finally, I began to slowly raise and lower myself on him. It was now feeling great. And I was loving the feel of his mammoth cock sliding up and down my ass. I was rocking back and forth as I took his cock deep inside me. Ray began to press up into me. Now he was thrusting up into me as I was rocking on it. Finally he took hold of my waist and lifted me. He rose up and pushed me back on my back. He was able to stay fully inside me as we repositioned on the bed. I was now on my back and he was kneeling between my legs. He had pulled my legs up over his shoulders and was now slamming into me. He would slam so hard and deep into me that he would force the breath out of me. I would make a grunting sound with each thrust he took into me. Normally, even with an xxl cock in me, by this time in the fuck, I've completely adjusted to the size and would not be experiencing any pain. But Ray's cock was so mammoth and so thick that with each thrust, it was difficult to know whether to groan in pleasure or in pain. It was an odd mixture of both pain and amazing pleasure. I was both loving and dreading each of his powerful thrusts into me. He rammed my ass in this position for 3 or 4 minutes, then pushed me onto my side. He rolled onto his side, behind me and lifted my leg up to give him easy access to my ass. This position was a bit easier for me, and I began to relax and enjoy each thrust. He pounded me in this position for another 5 minutes. Then he pushed me forward and down. I was now laying flat on the bed, face down. He now really started to ram into me even harder. The pain was now all gone. And I was enjoying each and every thrust he gave me. He was really slamming deeply into me, and his body, as it slammed into me, made a loud slapping sound. I was grunting as the air would be pushed out of me with each thrust. It was rough, but is was so exciting and such a huge turn on to be totally and completely USED by this gorgeous, strong, muscular, masculine straight black God, that I wanted it to never end. I wanted to do nothing more that to be used for his pleasure. To be used to get him off. To be used as his cum receptacle. He slammed deeper and harder and louder into me. Soon, Raymond began to grunt as well. Sweat was dripping from his forehead now and covering me with his sweat. I could feel the wetness between our bodies. He and I were both gasping for breath. Finally he gave me one last and violent thrust of his giant cock and growled. "OH, FUCK...!!!! YOU FUCKING BITCH! Take my load you, Fucking Cunt! Take my load, you piece of shit....OH,...... FUUUUUCCCK...!!!" His body began to shake as his cock throbbed inside my ass. I could feel the cum surging through his cock and into my guts. He was deep up inside my second sphincter. Unloading his hot seed, deep, deep up inside me. My body also began to shake. While I wasn't cumming as in cum coming from my cock. I was shaking in orgasm. His orgasm seemed to go on and on. Each time he would orgasm, it would set me off. And I would orgasm as well. He stopped shaking, but stayed deep inside me for a few moments. HIs hot breath was on the back of my neck, as he began to slowly pull out of me. Each time he'd pull back, it would make me shake in orgasm again. I tried to hold onto him, by squeezing my ass around his cock. But, he slowly did finally pull out and his cockhead came out with a plop. Just as his cock plopped from me, I had my last orgasm. He dropped onto the bed, panting as he caught his breath. I snuggled up to his sweat covered, hairy chest and laid against him as we both breathed deeply. After a few moments, Ray slapped my ass and rolled off the bed. "Fuck, Dave! You are a hot fuck! Who'd have thought a guy could fuck like that? Guess I'm going to have to come back to Vegas soon. I can't find any pussy that can take a pounding like you. Do all guys fuck like you?" he asked? I leaned over and took his softening, cum covered cock into my mouth. My lips squeezed every last drop of his sweet cum and licked his piss hole clean of cum". Then I rose up, laughing, I said "Yeah. Well, maybe not every guy. But, with a dick like yours, you'll have no trouble finding a man pussy to pound. But, my ass is yours anytime you come back. Let me know". I dressed as he went into the bathroom to wash off his cock. He came out of the bathroom as I was putting on my shoes. I stood and he gave me a quick hug. "Damn, buddy. Thanks for the fuck. You'll be my hole of choice, whenever I'm in town", he chuckled as I walked to the door. I'm sitting here writing this. Hours later, and his cum is now trying to make it's way out. My briefs and seat cushion are wet with his cum. But, I'm not wanting to shit it out, yet. I love the feel of having a part of him still inside me. What a fuck! I will gladly give up my hole for him anytime he's in Vegas. What a HOT Top!!!! I've had some great fucks in my life. But, I may have to say this was one of the hottest fucks of my life. I'm so sore right now. I may not be able to take dick for a few days. But it was definitely worth it.
  21. My older brother had me suck him off when I was a kid. He then told some of my older cousins that I sucked dick. So, two of my cousins (brothers) that lived nearby would have me over for weekend sleepovers. I sucked both of them off on those sleep overs. The oldest cousin would fuck me.
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  23. This is a bookstore video arcade story from my past. This happened about 12 or 13 years ago. But, I still remember it vividly, because it was such a wild and hot evening. And probably the first time I had played out my fantasy of being a complete whore and bareback pig bottom. The Las Vegas adult bookstores back then were even sleazier and nastier, than they are now. It was before all the online and phone app hookup sites. So, the bookstores, theatres and parks seemed to be a lot more active back then, because the cruising places were limited. This ABS is on the opposite end of town from where I live. But, it's located right at the main gate entrance to Nellis Air Force Base in North Las Vegas. It's about 30 miles from my home, and since my boyfriend was out of town for the weekend, I thought I'd rent a cheap hotel room on that side of town and whore out at the ABS by the base all night long. I checked into the sleazy motel that was just a block from this bookstore. I douched and showered. I got to the bookstore for the first time around 4pm. I was hoping to catch a few of the married guys that would stop in on their way home from work. This particular bookstore is still there. But, the arcade has been completely rebuilt. And it's not nearly as fun or as sleazy as it used to be. Back then it was pretty run down. Not the cleanest place. The videos choices were few. But, there were a couple of glory holes and it was always crawling with horny men. Either wanting to get their dicks sucked or fuck some ass. And because it right at the AF Base entrance, there were always some horny military hunks in there, looking to get off. Between 4pm and 5pm I remember sucking off a steady stream of mostly str8 guys, just wanting a blow job before heading home. After 5pm the crowd had left. And I was the last one left in the arcade. I was thinking of going back to my hotel for a bit, until the evening crowd began to grow again. But while I was just about to leave the arcade, a hot looking, black guy, early 20's, in his Air Force fatigues walks in. We give each other a few glances. He walks around the arcade checking for occupied doors. So, I turn and follow him around the maze of booths. He finally goes into one of the booths and I hear him lock the door. I hear him dropping 6 or 7 quarters into the machine. So, he's planning to watch for awhile. I wait outside his booth door for a bit to give him time to begin to get hard and stroking his cock. I try his door. Locked, damn it. I wait a few more minutes and try again. Still locked. Each time I try his door it jiggles the lock a bit. So, I know he can hear someone trying to get in. There's no one else in the arcade and he's such a good looking military hunk I decide to just wait it out and see if he gets horny enough to unlock. Well, after about 5 or 6 minutes, my wait pays off. I hear the lock on the door being moved over. I try the door again and it opens. I walk into his booth and lock the door behind me. He's got a mostly hard bbc in his hands, stroking it. I'm guessing it was already about 7"s and only partially hard. He's watching some str8 porn on the screen. He gives me a small smile when he sees me enter his booth. But for the most part, his eyes are glued to the str8 porn on the tv. I drop to my knees and begin to suck on his cock. He grows harder as I suck. Soon he leans over and slides his hand down the back of my pants. He finds my rosebud and fingers it. GR8! He wants to fuck. I get up off my knees and begin to take off my pants and underwear. He stands and takes his off as well. I've got some lube and poppers in my pocket and pull them out. I lube up my ass and hand him the lube to slick up his cock. I take some deep sniffs of poppers, then bend over the bench and offer my ass. He presses his cockhead to my hole and pushes in me. He fucked me hard and deep for only a few minutes before he let out a muffled groan and emptied his black balls into my ass. In typical str8 guy fashion, as soon as he came, he pulled out of my ass, pulls up his pants and exits the booth. He did it all so quickly, that I hadn't even had a chance to pull my own pants up. He leaves the booth and the door bangs shut. Someone else had obviously entered the arcade, while we had been fucking. Because the booth door opened again and a young white kid, also in his early 20's and also dressed in AF fatigues was standing in the doorway. I bent over on the bench again, showing him my freshly fucked ass. He stepped in and locked the door. He quickly dropped his pants and pressed his cock to my hole. As I'm sniffing some poppers, he pushes his 6" hard cock into me. I reach for my pants and pull out some quarters I have in my pocket. I hand him the quarters and he feeds the video machine as he continues to slowly fuck my ass. Maybe 5 minutes of fucking soon results in him depositing my second load for the day in my ass. He also very quickly pulls up his pants and leaves the booth as soon as he cums. I pull up my own pants and wander the maze of booths. The place was mostly deserted, but I do find one occupied booth. The door is locked as I jiggle the door. I wander the maze again then try that door for a second time. The door is unlocked, now. I step in and find a guy in his mid 50's with his cock in his hand. A str8 video is on the screen. I drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth. He must of been really horny. Because I swear I sucked on him for only a minute or two before he filled my mouth with his hot load. So, I leave the arcade. At the doorway between the arcade and the main part of the bookstore, they had placed a cork board with some blank note papers, a pen and some thumb tacks for people to post notices. I read over the dozen or so notices that had been posted. Most were guys looking for guys. There were a couple of m/f couples looking for other couples or a 3rd. Massages being offered, etc. I took a piece of paper and wrote that I was a bareback bottom staying at the motel down the street. I wrote my room number and said that I'd be taking loads all night. I tacked it to the board and left the store to grab something to eat. I headed back to my room. Very quickly after returning, I heard a knock at my door. I looked through the security peephole to find a Latino guy in his mid 40's standing outside my door. I opened it and he stepped into my room. Without saying a word, he undid his belt, unzipped and pulled out a beautiful uncut dick. I dropped to my knees and began to worship his foreskin. Soon we had both discarded our clothes and he had sat on the edge of my bed. I continued to worship his latino foreskin and balls. I lifted his legs and licked his asshole. That put him over the edge. "I want to fuck you", he said. I climb up on the bed and he quickly slams his hard cock into me. He fucks me hard for only a couple of minutes before groaning and filling my ass with load number 3. For the next 6 hours I had a rather steady stream of guys knocking on my door. The majority were black and latino guys. A couple were Air Force guys. By a bit before midnight the knocks on the door had stopped. So, I dressed and went back to the ABS. I checked the corkboard when I entered the arcade. My notice was no longer there. So, that explains why the guys showing up to my room had stopped. I entered the arcade and it was very busy. A lot of booths had their red lights on. A half dozen guys were roaming the maze of booths, trying the doors. I did the same. I made a couple of rounds through the arcade. Most of the doors were locked. I couple of the unlocked doors were occupied by guys that I was not interested in. But, the place was really hoping. It was now a little after midnight on a Saturday night. Guys were coming and leaving the arcade quite rapidly. A nice mixture of Air Force guys, blacks and latino hunks. I did finally find an unlocked booth with a mid 40's white guy. Though he wasn't in a military uniform, he had that "look about him" that made him look like an Air Force officer. He had some str8 porn on the screen and was jacking off. I climbed between his legs and began to suck. He had a hair trigger and almost immediately shot his load in my mouth. I left his booth and again roamed the arcade a bit. But all the occupied booth doors were locked. So, I posted another notice on the corkboard. Again with my hotel name and room number. I went back to my room and once again had a steady group of guys knocking at my door. From 1am until 4pm, I guess I probably had another 6 or 7 guys come in and fill either my ass or mouth with their loads. OMG! I LOVE living in Las Vegas! It's one horny city! For a pig bottom guy like me, there are few places in the USA that could be a better place for a guy like me.
  24. I LOVE these clips. DAMN! I would love those monster BBC's plowing me.
  25. This may not be my favorite clip. But, I always wish I was the white guy in this video with these 3 hot black tops.

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