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  1. How do you like ass to feel inside?

    I'd love to have you fuck me sometime when I'm in NYC. Guys are always telling me that I feel silky soft and wet inside. Black guys especially say they love the feel of the inside of my hole.
  2. Strangest place you were fucked?

    Fucked in a Catholic Church social hall, twice. When I was young, I met a guy late at night in a park bathroom. He didn't tell me at the time, but he turned out to be a priest at the Catholic Church a few blocks away. He just told me he had a key to the Church's social hall. We went there about midnight. We did some 69'ing, rimming and he fucked the hell out of me, on the floor of the social hall. But, he refused to give me his phone number. He told me he was married and had to be very careful. Since I was so turned on by this handsome, well hung top, I became a bit of a stalker, and even though I'm not Catholic and not religious, I went to Mass at that Church the following Sunday, hoping to see him there in the congregation. I was shocked to see that he was one of the priests, celebrating Mass. I did run into him again at the park a few months later. We again went back to the Church to fuck. But, never saw him again after that. I remember he was drop dead gorgeous. He was very athletic looking in his early 40's (I was early 20's at the time). He was a passionate kisser and a very aggressive top. It was so exciting to fuck in the Church. We were both frightened of being caught. But, that made it even more exciting.
  3. Honolulu Straight Guy Fucks Me

    I was in Honolulu a few days ago on business. I posted an ad on Craigslist saying I was hosting in my Waikiki area hotel room, and that I wanted to suck, rim and get fucked. I only had a few hours available to play, and while I received a number of replies, most gave the impression of being game players and pic collectors. One reply, however, which I received from an Asian man, in his mid-40s, and who was only five minutes from my hotel caught my eye. He was clear he was straight, and simply needed a quick blow job during his lunch hour. I gave him my room number. True to his word within five minutes he knocked at my door. He came in and we both quickly shucked our clothes and he sat on the edge of the bed as I got on my knees, between his legs, and took his small, soft, uncut Asian dick into my mouth. He quickly became hard. Lucky for me, he was a "grower, not a shower." His cock soon grew to about six inches, and had a big, mushroom, swollen head. I swallowed his cock to the back of my throat, after which I licked his smooth balls, then lifted his legs and licked his asshole. He groaned, grunted and moaned with enthusiasm, culminating in his comment "Oh, Fuck! That feels awesome! I've never had my ass licked." I ate his virgin ass for about five minutes, and resumed sucking on his cock and balls. He unquestionably really got off on my services. Finally I looked-up from his crotch and bluntly asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass. "No, I'm straight. I don't fuck guys. Every once and a while I just like to get a blow job." I resumed sucking him, and a few minutes later I heard him quietly aske "You clean?" I hate that question, whoever asks it. I may be undetectable, but, I'm always freshly douched and showered. Ever the master of ambiguity, I looked up at him and moaned "Mmm humm," and then went back to his cock, thinking to myself 'He can interpret my reply however he wants'. "Show me your ass," he demanded. Climbing up on the bed, I knelt on the edge, reached back, spreading ass cheeks. Getting to his feet, he stood behind me, feeling up my ass and fingering my hole. "Got and lube?" he asked. "On the bedside table," I replied, gesturing to my right. He located the lube and felt him apply a generous amount of the cold lube into my crack and hole. The tension grew as I heard him lube himself. Then in one, quick thrust, he slid his rock hard six inch cock up inside my hole, ramming all the way in, full depth. Like many straight guys, he was a quick cummer, I imagine because they've undertaken an act which they consider to be taboo, that is, something that's outside their normal experience, leaving them both excited and nervous. As a result they cum very quickly. He was no exception: he rammed my ass several times, hard and deep, then I heard him let out a loud groan. I squeezed my ass on his cock as he filled my ass with his warm cum. Also as is true for the majority of straight guys, no sooner had he stopped shaking from the orgasm, than he withdrew from my ass, disappeared into the bathroom where he almost certainly washed off his cock. Returning from the bathroom, he avoided eye contact as he wordlessly dressed, throwing a casual 'thanks' in my direction as he headed out the door. With that he was gone.
  4. Anyone Here Never Top?

    I used to be totally vers. Used to love to flip fuck. But, for the last 10 years I've been 100% bottom. A raw bottom for the last 8 years. Not sure why, but I've become more submissive over the years. I really enjoy "servicing" guys. Str8 guys, especially. I like having a guy just use my mouth and ass for their pleasure to get off. There's no pleasure better for me, than to have a guy cum inside my ass or mouth. When a guy cums in my ass, it gives me internal orgasms that can make me shake in orgasm for 5 or 10 minutes. They can be intense. I also love to do the anonymous bottom scene, where I get on my hands and knees, darken the room or use eye shades, so I have absolutely no idea who's cock is inside me. That gives me the most pleasure.
  5. London private facebook group

    I'm in London-Kensington several times every month. Would love to meet bb tops to seed me when I'm in London. Very interested in joining a London FB page.
  6. Best NON-STRIP Motel for Taking Anon Loads

    Yes. Day's Inn Wild Wild West is the off strip hotel I use the most. It's normally very good for a breed & seed. Guys can park right by the door. Also, I normally can get a trucker or 2 to come by to at least get sucked off, if not fuck me. I've also used the Travelodge on Koval, just around the corner from Hooters. Believe it or not, one of the best turnouts I had for a hotel breed & seed was at Fiesta Henderson on Lake Mead in Henderson. It was an afternoon/early evening, weekday party. I had over 20 guys seed me that time.
  7. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I'm staying in a hotel near the Amsterdam airport, that is filled with mostly airline crews on layovers. So, Grindr, Growlr and Scruff can be rather busy with guys close by. I've had one of my AMS regulars come by and loaded my ass with 2 loads. He's been fucking me for almost 2 years. A hot, young, black guy from one of the Dutch Caribbean Islands. It was a great fuck session. But, being the cum whore that I am, I'm still looking for more. A few guys I talk to are just playing games. I'm getting fed up with the 20 questions and tons of pic requests and I'm thinking of just turning off the lights and going to bed. Then I get a message from a guy that has a great profile pic of a buff physique and square jaw. His profile says he's only 88 feet away. So, he's obviously in the same hotel. I reply to his message. He quickly messages back that he wants just a blow job so he can go to sleep. I tell him my room number and tell him to come over. I'll take care of him. He replies back that he wants it to be anonymous. Door unlocked, lights out, me on my knees when he enters. He doesn't want to see me and he doesn't want me to see him. I'm assuming he's probably a pilot. Because from many years of experience, a lot of the "str8, married, pilots that use guys to get off, they like to do it anonymously. So they can keep up the macho, str8 guy image with their co-workers. I tell him that's cool. The door will be unlocked, lights out, and I'll be on my knees. He says he's on his way to my room. Sure enough, just a few minutes later the door opens and closes. I see the shadowy figure of a guy coming in. The door closes and it's pitch dark. He steps up to me. I reach for his crotch. He's wearing jeans. I begin to rub his crotch. As soon as I feel his dick begin to harden, I put my mouth to his crotch and chew on his cock through his jeans as he hardens more. Then I reach up and undo his top button and pull his zipper down. He now helps me and pulls his pants and briefs down to his knees. I go to work on his cock as it quickly hardens in my mouth. He's letting out soft moans as I begin to suck him. He gets rock hard very quickly. Then he pulls from my mouth and says, "I don't want to cum, yet". My mouth goes to his balls and I lick and suck them. He's loving it. I go back to his cock and begin to suck some more. In no less than a minute, I feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. He's close again. I begin to come up off his cock to edge him, but he's at that "point of no return". He grabs the sides of my head. Pulls me onto his cock and face fucks me. He's breathing hard and moaning. "I'm gonna cum", he whispers. I take his cock to the back of my throat and use my throat muscles to milk his cock as he unloads in the back of my throat. He's shaking and groaning as he cums. I milk every last drop that I can. Then he pulls his pants up. Zips and heads for the door. "Thanks! Now I can sleep", he says as the door closes behind him.
  8. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I need that Uber driver's name. I'll be in Honolulu in a couple of weeks. I can always use an 'Uber Ride'. I know that area below Diamond Head. That was a hot story. Hope you got a few more loads from guys at the beach.
  9. porn that (tries) to tell a story

    I love the old William Higgins and the old Falcon videos. I'll never forget when I was living in San Francisco in the early 80's. I walked into a the Camera Store that Harvey Milk owned in the Castro. Falcon porn star Roger was working there. When he approached me to ask if he could help, I nearly fell over. I felt the same when I met Jack Wrangler on an airplane. Woof!
  10. porn that (tries) to tell a story

    I'm not usually into "storyline porn". There are definitely some exceptions. But, for the most part, I like amature porn. I like seeing real guys having real sex.
  11. Sexually incompatible relationships

    All I can add is that a very loving and emotionally committed relations is possible. For my own example, my now husband and I have been together as a couple for 32 years. We've been legally married for 2 years. We couldn't be a better match in every single instance in our relationship with one exception. And that one exception is a big one. We just don't "click" sexually with each other. We're affectionate. Love each other deeply. Totally devoted to each emotionally. But sexually, it's never worked. We've even stopped having sex with each other many years ago. We discussed opening the relationship to have other join us. But, for him, that's unacceptable. What over time, we've finally decided on a "don't ask, don't tell" situation. He's jealous if he knows any particulars. I'm not so jealous. In fact, I'd get off watching some hot top fucking my husband. But, what works for us best is to just do our sex play with others, on the side. Our only rule is that this outside play is just that, "play". No other "romantic" relations are allowed. Just NSA sex partners. And that it has to happen in a way that doesn't interfere in our relationship. I do not bring others into our home. I play mostly when I'm traveling for work. When I'm home in Las Vegas, I play with others when it's not taking "our time" away from us. So, I don't leave him home to go play with others. I'll only play when he's out of town or he's at work. While I wish we could be more open about it. This is what we've come up with that we can both agree and it works. I've had some very long term friends with benefits and fuck buddies. But I just won't take those relationships any further than sex friends. Each couple has to find their own way to deal with sexual compatibility. Each couple will handle it differently. But, if I were you, if I found someone that seemed perfect in every way except sexual, I'd work on whatever alternatives you as a couple could invent to make it work. Good luck to you!
  12. Dunes Inn cumdumping - best day and tips/tricks?

    I did a cum dump party at a motel just off of Hollywood Blvd last year. It was during the week and quite successful. I started it mid afternoon. Got several DL married guys in the afternoon to dump in me on their way home from work. It was pretty busy until about 8pm. Then I had a slow period until about 10:30. Then it picked up a bit. Around midnight to 2am it got pretty busy again. It could have gone longer, but by 2am my ass and knees were so sore, I couldn't take anymore. As for security, I kept all my valuables locked in the trunk of my car. I locked my car keys in my suitcase. And I used a bicycle chain lock to lock my suitcase to the closet hanger rod. Knowing that the room was going to be fairly dark, there could be multiple strangers in your room at the same time and you would be distracted by cocks in your mouth and ass, it would be easy for someone to walk off with the suitcase or anything else of value that was laying around. I do this at every fuck party I have. It's always a risk, but do the best you can to have everything out of view and securely locked so it doesn't walk off. Have fun!
  13. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just got home from spending a few days in Amsterdam. I met a new fuck buddy that had hit me up on Growlr. He's a hot, young, Dutch guy that likes older, heavy guys like me. I walked to his flat and was met by a really attractive young man. Normally, when I hook up, it immediately gets down to sex. But he made us coffee and we chatted for several minutes then began to make out like teenagers. Finally we ended up naked in his bed. He's a passionate lover. It finally got very "HOT" when I began to eat his asshole. He got extremely horny with my tongue in his ass. We then ended up in a 69 position with his cock in my mouth while he slid saliva into my ass and fingering me with one, then a second finger deep in my hole. Then he climbed off the bed and told me to kneel on the edge of the bed. Unfortunately he insisted on using a condom. But, I wanted him inside me so badly, I was willing to let him fuck me covered. This guy is a very aggressive and skilled top. He fucked me for close to 30 minutes. He'd get himself close to cumming, then pull just when he was on the edge. He told me he wanted to get close, pull out, and spray his load all over my face and goatee. However, when he finally reached that "point of no return", he wasn't able to pull out and let out a soft growl as he filled the condom buried deep inside my ass. Once he finally did pull out, he carefully pulled off the cum filled condom and told me to open my mouth. He then fed me his load of cum. As I left his flat to walk back to Centraal Station I got a message on WhatsApp that one of my Amsterdam "regulars" was wanting me to come to his flat for a fuck. He said he would be home by 4pm. So, I walked back to the station and hopped onto the tram that would take me across town to my Italian fuck buddy's flat. I got to his neighborhood quickly, so ducked into a small sandwich shop for a cup of coffee until he was home at 4pm. While enjoying a warming coffee, he messaged that he was home. So, I waked the final block to his home and was thrilled to see my handsome Italian fb open the door. We quickly got naked and I assumed my position on my knees between his legs, worshiping his quickly growing uncut cock. After about 5 minutes of cocksucking, he reached forward and began to finger my ass. I got up and knelt on the sofa. He knelt behind me and put his hard cock up to my hole. He repeatedly spit onto his cockhead and onto my hole. He used his erect cock to smear the spit on my hole. I was sniffing poppers as he finally began to push his rock hard 6" cock up into me. It was wonderful to feel the raw cock as he slid balls deep into me. He wasted no time in slamming repeatedly in and out of me. He has a large, mushroom cockhead that he'd use to massage my sphincter. About 10 minutes of hard, deep fucking brought him to that point that he couldn't hold out any longer. He slammed deep into me. And I could feel his cock throb as he filled my ass with his cum. When he pulled out, he said, "Fuck! What a beautiful sight! My cum is dripping from your ass." He leaned forward and licked his own cum that was dripping out my hole and down my balls. The next morning, I woke to a message from the Dutch guy. He told me he'd be home at 2pm again and wanted to fuck me again if I could make it. I went back to his flat that afternoon and his fuck was even better than the first fuck. He's a passionate and very talented top that really enjoys taking control. He loves to kiss, loves to suck my sensitive nipples, he sucks my balls and gets me so hot that I'm begging and begging him to fuck me. Once he begins to fuck, he has me moaning in pure pleasure. By the time he finally filled his condom with his cum, he had me shaking in internal orgasms. He pulled out and put his cum covered cock into my mouth. I hungrily sucked on his cock as he grew back to full hardness. Within just a few minutes, he filled my mouth with his second load. I'm really hoping that I can at some point convince him to fuck me raw. That would only make his brilliant fucks even better. I'm going to enjoy having this new fuck buddy join my other Amsterdam fb's.
  14. I'm still not sure how this happened? I'm an older guy. I'm a definite whore. But I have a belly and I'm far from my prime. Still, occasionally something like this happens and I'm wondering how in the world it could happen to me at my time of life? A few days ago, I was in London. I was on the Underground train. Coming back to my hotel from the West End of London around the evening commute time. The trains were quite full. I got on and took the only vacant seat in that car. It was directly across from a very, very tall, slender black man in his mid 40's. He was reading the evening newspaper. I could only see part of his face over the newspaper that he held. But what I noticed first were his unbelievably long fingers. His fingers were at least twice the length of mine. For some reason, those long, long, long, slender fingers were really a turn on to me. Then I took a look down at his shoes. Holy Shit! Monster sized feet. His newspaper was covering his crotch, so I couldn't see any signs of a bulge, but his huge feet and hands had me lusting after him. He glanced up from his newspaper to see me checking him out. He gave me a smile as he caught me. Then he lowered one of his hands from the newspaper and rubbed his crotch a bit. I could make out a sizable bulge in his black, business suit slacks. I'm sure I was blushing a bit at being caught by him. But he didn't seem to mind. We got to the Victoria Station Underground and a huge number of people got off the train. I then moved over to take the seat next to him, that had been vacated. As I sat next to him, he gave me another warm smile. "How's it going", he asked? "Good, thanks", I replied. "American. Your accent gives you away", he laughed. "Yes. And I'd like to apologize for our asshole President", I joked. He laughed loudly and gave me a broad smile. "I saw you looking at my paper. Want to look at part of my paper? Or do you want to look at anything else?", he said with a wink and again quickly rubbed his crotch, just a bit. "I'll take a look at anything you want to show me", I said with a smile. "Where are you headed?" he asked. "Back to my hotel at the next stop", I replied. "Hmmm........ Want some company for a bit?" he asked. "I'd love it", I replied. We soon pulled up to the station that I needed to get off. He followed me out the train car and up the steps to the station. Once we were outside and on the sidewalk, strolling to the hotel, we began to chat some small talk. Where I'm from? What brings me to London? Why I come there so much? Etc. My hotel was just around the corner from the Underground Station, so we were quickly riding up the lift to my floor. Once inside the door he grabbed me and pushed me to my knees. Taking the back of my head, he pulled me to his crotch. "This what you want, Queer boy?" "Mmmmm Hmmmm....." was all I could mutter with his crotch pressed hard against my face. He walked around me to the bed. He sat down and kicked off his shoes. Then stood and dropped his pants. Tossing them into the corner. He wasted no time in taking off his shirt and underwear. He was soon standing there, naked, except for his black socks, stroking his now growing cock. OMG! My inclination was right. His cock, now only just partially hard was HUGE! Like his fingers, his cock was long and slender. Right now, it appeared to be about 9"s. And it was still growing. I quickly stripped off my own clothes and grabbed the lube and poppers that I had sitting on the desk. I dropped to my knees. I'm not particularly a "foot guy", but I found his extra long fingers to be a turn on, I wanted to see his toes and bare feet as well. I pulled both his socks off. Indeed, his toes were long. His huge feet and toes were such a turn on I took one foot to my mouth and licked this toes and the underside of his foot. He loved me behaving like a sub, worshiping my black God. I licked and sucked every one of his toes. "Faggot likes to worship black guys? Huh?" "Yes, sir", I said as I licked the balls of his giant foot. He had been stroking his cock. It had grown even longer and thicker as I looked up to his cock. "Suck me, Faggot. I know you want my black dick". I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck, lick and worship this black beauty. He had a long, loose foreskin covering his cock head. I sucked on his foreskin. He loved that. I took as much as I could down my throat. I sucked on his smooth, low hanging balls. Then he lifted his legs and showed me his beautiful, puckered black asshole. I dove for it and lapped my tongue on it as he moaned. I slid my tongue into his musky hole. Licking the insides of it. He's now really moaning and grinding his ass on my face. "Show me your ass, Faggot". I climbed up on the bed and knelt on the edge. I raised my ass and spread my cheeks to show him my white pussy hole. He spit on my ass and slapped his now rock hard cock on my hole. He spit a few more times on my hole and pushed the spit up into my hole with one of his long fingers. Then he put his big cock to my hole and spit on his cock a few times. I was sniffing poppers, like crazy. I wanted to be able to take his long, slender cock up inside me in one quick thrust. And that's exactly what he did. He pressed his cock to my hole and slammed into me in one, fast and smooth thrust. All of a sudden he was balls deep into me. I could feel his cock, buried deep inside me, pressing against my gut. I continued to sniff poppers as he now began to quickly slam into me. He was showing no mercy as his cock repeatedly assaulted my ass. He'd pull his cockhead all the way out of me, then slam all the way back into me. His tall, black frame slamming against my ass. The bed was slamming against the wall. I was grunting and begging him to fuck me. He was mostly silent, except for the occasional grunt or gasping for air as he repeatedly slammed into me. It didn't take more than 5 or 6 minutes before I felt him slam all the way into me and hold it there. He was silent, but I could feel his cock pulsating as he emptied his balls in my ass. Then as he quickly pulled from me, he let out a grunt. I turned and climbed off the bed, falling to my knees as I took his monster cock in my mouth and cleaned his cock of cum. "I've got to go. Wife and kids are waiting for me at home", he said, as he quickly began to dress. I grabbed the notepad and pen, next to the phone, and wrote my first name, email address, kik address and WhatsApp number on the paper and handed it to him. I wanted to make sure he had all the options to be able to reach me. "I come to London often. You can fuck me anytime I'm here", I said. "I fuck guys occasionally. Not very often. But, I was horny and needed to get off. That was a hot fuck. Yeah, I'd fuck you again", he said as he headed for my door. Then he quickly left my room. Letting the door slam shut behind him. A few hours later, he sent me a text on WhatsApp. "Here's my number. Let me know when you're back in town. I'm extremely DL. So, I'm trusting you to be discrete. But, I'd be up for fucking again". So glad to have his number, so I can let him know when I'm back in town. I'll never turn down the opportunity for a bbc like his.
  15. When did you accept you were a sub cumslut?

    I realized I was a sub cum slut not long after I started to have sex with men. A guy picked me up in the park and took me back to his apartment. After he fucked me, he left the room and sent in his roommate to fuck me. I loved having two guys fill me with their loads.
  16. There's a gay couple here in Las Vegas that have been fucking me for several years. They are on one of the gay hookup websites. I've probably been fucked by these 2 guys about a dozen or more times in the past 3 years. They've been a couple for 12 years. Tom is 45 years old. He's tall and thin. He's not a particularly good looking guy. Kind of homely, in fact. But his cock is incredible. When hard he has about 7"s cut. It's a pretty good thickness. And stays hard as a rock. His partner Ryan is 30 years old. Ryan is short and muscular. Has a cute, innocent looking baby face. His cock in huge. He has about 8.5" uncut. And extra thick. And also rock hard. Thankfully, Ryan always fucks me second. So that Tom can loosen me up in preparation for his younger partner's monster cock. They won't give me their email address or cell numbers. Because they like to take complete control over who and when they play with others. So, I just have to wait till they send me a message on the web site. I haven't seen them online or heard from them for well over 6 months. And I had assumed that they either were no longer playing with others. Or had possibly moved away from Las Vegas. But late last night I was on the web site. As soon as I logged on, I got an instant message from them that they wanted to play. I messaged them back that I would douche, shower and head right over. The scenario is always the same with them. Tom always opens the door, wearing a bathrobe, and lets me in. Ryan, also wearing a bathrobe, will always be sitting on the sofa, smoking a cigarette, watching porn. Tom will take me into the bedroom. Closing the door of the bedroom, behind him. We'll strip, he'll sit on the edge of the bed. And I'll get on my knees, between his legs and suck him till he's hard. Which normally doesn't take very long. Then he'll roll back on his back, lift his legs, wanting me to worship his balls and eat his ass for awhile. Then Tom commands me to get on the bed, on my hands and knees. While I'm positioning myself on the bed, he lubes up his cock and my ass. Fingering my ass, to get the lube deep up inside my hole. I'm sniffing poppers to get myself ready to take his cock. Tom likes the spray poppers. He'll spray the poppers onto a washcloth and put it to his face. He'll sniff it deep into his lungs. Then he'll press the washcloth to my face as I deeply inhale it as well. Then he'll slide up inside me in one quick thrust. And he'll begin to pound hard and deep into me right away. He fucked me in this position for about 10 minutes. Then put me on my back, lifted my legs over his shoulders and fucked me like this for another 5 minutes. He pinched and pulled my nipples as he fucked me. Tom's very vocal as he fucks me. Calling me a bitch and a whore as he's pounding my ass. As Tom is asking me "Do you want my load, faggot?" I of course am pleading, "Yes. Please! Cum in me..!!" Tom then let out a load groan and thrust deeply into me as he filled my ass with his load. Then he climbs off the bed, commands me to clean off his cock. I'll get off the bed, drop to my knees and clean his cock with my mouth. Once Tom has put his bathrobe on and left the room, he'll again close the door. Since I've been doing this with Tom and Ryan for so long, I know exactly what Ryan wants to happen. I climb back onto the bed. Kneeling on the edge of the bed. I'll wait in that position for Ryan to come in. After a few minutes, Ryan will come into the bedroom. Again, closing the door behind him. He'll drop his bathrobe and kneel behind me. He'll eat his partner Tom's cum from my freshly fucked asshole. By the time he stands, his cock is rock hard. It's a beauty. As I said, it's well over 8"s and extra thick. He'll lube his cock and my ass and slide up into me. I'm sniffing poppers all this time. Ryan is always completely silent as he fucks me. But he shows me no mercy as he rams his giant cock in and out of me. He'll fuck me in this position for several minutes, then he'll push me down onto the bed. Tell me to crawl into the middle of the bed. Then he climbs on top of me. Puts his cock back into my ass. He'll kiss my neck as he fucks me as I'm lying face down, flat on the bed. He's still silent, but after about 10 more minutes of fucking, he'll finally make his first noise, as he softly groans, while he unloads his hot load into me. He quickly climbed off me. Put his bathrobe back on and left the room. Still without saying a word. Normally, that's the end of it. So, I climbed off the bed and walked to my pile of clothes to dress. But the bedroom door opened again. Tom entered again, closing the door behind him. "I took a Viagra today. I'm going to fuck you again", he states. I certainly have no problem with that. He walks toward me, opens his robe and I drop to my knees and take his still hard cock back into my mouth. He only lets me suck him for a few minutes, before he commands me to climb back onto the bed. Again on my hands and knees. Since I'm still lubed and filled with cum, Tom climbs up behind me on the bed and slams back into me again in one quick thrust. He's fucking me brutally this time. Still very vocal, calling me a cum slut, fucking whore, worthless pig. Another 10 minutes of hard pounding is what it takes before he once again fills my ass with his second load. Tom then climbs off the bed, closes his robe and again leaves the room. Closing the bedroom door behind him. I dress and leave the bedroom. I find Tom and Ryan on the sofa. Kissing each other as I walk behind them to the door of their apartment. I say "Thanks, guys. Fun as always" as I open the door. They continue to kiss as I leave and close the door behind me. I always have a great time being used by this couple. Hope it's not another 6 months before they message me again.
  17. Favorite bath house for raw sex

    Sauna NZ in Amsterdam is always busy. I never leave without a few loads in my ass and several down my throat.
  18. 2018 Load Tally

    9 loads in my ass and 10 loads down my throat so far this year. I use the free Tally Counter app from the Google Play App Store on my phone to keep track
  19. I was in NYC this past week with my husband. We have a "don't ask, don't tell" agreement. He knows I'm a horny cum dump. But, since he's a much older man and not particularly sexual anymore, he's fine with me taking dick whenever I want. He just doesn't want to know about it. So, I'd been checking out Grindr and Growlr on occasion during our week in NYC. But, because he and I were together nearly 24 hours a day on this trip, I was getting very frustrated and horny, since I was not able to take on any of the guys that contacted on those Apps. I was in my hotel room with him and flipping through the apps. I got hit on by a fucking hot black guy that lived just around the corner from our hotel. His pic showed a very buff, black man in his early 40's. We chatted back and forth a bit. He shared his cock pics with me. DAMN! He was packing about 9"s and thick. He said he and his husband are both bb tops and wanted to tag my ass. Fuck! I had to find some reason to get out and go to their apartment. I told him I would do my best to make it over, but that it would have to be a quickie. I never pack my suitcase without an enema bottle. So, I dug mine out of my bag and went into the bathroom and took a quick douche to clean my ass and took a quick shower so I'd be fresh for them. Then I dressed and told my husband that I was going to the grocery store that was a few blocks away to grab some fruit and snacks to fill our room's fridge. I messaged back to the hot black guy that I was on my way over. I quickly made my way to their apartment and they buzzed me through the front door. I climbed up to their 3rd floor apt. Walter, the early 40's guy that I had been chatting with on Growlr answered the door. He was totally nude and a bit wet, since he had just stepped out of the shower. He invited me in and told me his husband Carl was showering and would be in shortly. I followed him into the bedroom as I was pulling off my coat and shirt. I quickly kicked off my shoes and shucked my pants. I dropped to my knees and took Walter's soft cock into my mouth. I worshipped his big cock as it grew in my mouth. Then he backed onto the bed. Sitting on the edge, he laid back and lifted his legs, spreading his ass cheeks. I put my face between his ass cheeks and began to eat his sweet hole. As I had my face buried in Walter's ass, I heard his husband Carl walk into the bedroom and could sense him sitting on the edge of the bed, next to Walter. Carl laid back and he and Walter began to kiss. I moved over to Carl and took his partially hard 7" cock into my mouth. Carl's cock grew quickly. After about 5 minutes of my going back and forth between both their cocks, I decided to climb up on the bed, on my hands and knees, my ass up. Carl climbed behind me and began to eat my ass. His long tongue got deep into my hole. Walter climbed in front of me and fed me his cock. Carl soon knelt behind me, lubed his cock and slid up into me. I was in complete ecstasy as I was being spit roasted by these two hot black guys. These guys knew I had very limited time, so they wasted no time. Carl was pounding my ass hard and deep. Slapping my ass as he pounded me. Carl fucked me for another 5 minutes before he let out a growl and slammed deep into me. I could feel his cock throbbing as he emptied his balls into my ass. Carl pulled out and he and Walter changed positions. Carl fed me his cum covered cock to clean off as Walter quickly slid his even larger and thicker cock into me in one quick thrust. I let out a groan and gasped for air as his big black cock rammed up into me. It was a combination of pain and pleasure. I had noticed a bottle of poppers sitting on the dresser, next to the lube. "Can I have some poppers?" I asked. Carl climbed off the bed and grabbed the poppers. He opened the bottle and put the poppers under my nose. I took a deep breath and then he put it to my other nostril. The poppers helped to relax my hole as Walter slid balls deep into me. He fucked me long and slow for a few minutes. I felt his cock grow even harder as he fucked. Then he grabbed me around my waist and began to slam deeply into me. Carl had left the poppers laying by my head. I took the bottle and took a few deep drags on it, as Walter's fucking pace quickened and he slammed repeatedly into me. "You like this, Daddy? You like these big black dicks in ya?" All I could do is grunt as his hard pounding was slamming the breath out of my lungs. "Fuckin' CUNT! Fuckin' PUSSY! Fuckin' WHORE!" Walter repeatedly growled as he rammed into me. Finally one more deep slam into me brought a low, loud and growing growl from Walter. "AAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhh....!!!!!! FUCK....!!!!" he growled as he began to fill my ass with his load of cum. I did my best milk his cock with my ass. I wanted every last drop of his load in me. He slammed a few more times into me, before he pulled out of me with a plop. He climbed off the bed and I followed him off the bed. Dropping to my knees to clean his cock with my mouth. I dressed, left and hit the grocery store as quick as I could. As I walked back into my hotel room, my husband looked up at me with a "knowing look". I'm sure he knew I was doing more that shopping. But, he never said anything.
  20. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    I don't even know what age I was when I started to suck my neighborhood friends cocks? I'm guessing it was 6th or 7th grade. I'm guessing maybe around age 10 or 11 at the latest. Each summer, we'd build a fort in the empty lot behind our homes. We'd sleep out a lot in the fort several nights each week. We'd get hold of Playboy magazines and jack off to the pics. A couple of us would put our mouths on our friends cocks, suck them just a little, but not fully suck them. I never sucked a cock to completion and actually tasted cum until I was age 14. At the age of 14 I was picked up by an older guy in his late 20's / early 30's at a park. He took me into the wooded area of the park and sucked my cock. I came really quickly. Then he asked me to suck his cock. I loved the feel of a real man's cock in my mouth. I'm sure it was a terrible blow job. But he came in my mouth. I remember how shocked I was by having another guys cum in my mouth. I hated the taste. I choked on it and spit it out. Obviously, I grew to love cum and can't get enough.
  21. Bangkok Massage Boyz

    This reminds me of a massage I got several years ago. Not in Thailand, but in Utah of all places. After he had massaged all of my back and had me oiled up, he stripped his t-shirt and shorts off and climbed up on the massage table. He used his entire body to rub all over my back. He slid his hard cock between my ass cheeks and dry humped my ass. I was grinding my ass against his hard cock. He very smoothly slid to where his cockhead was at my hole. He slid it slowly into me and fucked me hard and deep until he shot into me. Then he climbed off, walked to my head and I cleaned off his cock with my mouth. Then he had me flip over and finished the massage by sucking me off. Damn! It was hot because I was not expecting the fuck. I wasn't expecting anything more than maybe a rim and bj at the most.
  22. Do you clean cock?

    In fact, I find the majority of guys like ass to mouth to ass to mouth to ass........ I certainly love tasting my ass and his cum on his cock as well.
  23. Wickr or KiK

  24. Do you clean cock?

    I personally love to turn and clean off the tops cock after he's cum in me. I find the vast majority of the tops find that really hot. But, I have found a few that don't want me to. But, I can understand if they want the smell of their cum and maybe some other top's cum on their dicks later. Just have to play it by ear and not be offended if they don't want their dicks cleaned. It's all good.

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