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  1. I was in Salt Lake City for a couple of days. Since I'd had some very successful breed and seed parties in SLC in the past, I wanted to try another. Unfortunately, my cell phone died the day I was flying to SLC. So, I was there without the benefit of Grindr, Growlr, Scruff, etc. Also, I couldn't get my KIK messages. Those disadvantages, along with the loss of Craigslist was making it difficult to get as many tops to seed me than I normally get. I used doublelist.com as well as BBRT and Squirt to get the word out. Wednesday night I only had 2 tops show up. One was a str8 guy that replied to my doublelist ad. He showed up to just get his dick sucked. But, he ended up fucking me raw as well. It was a good fuck. But, he was a fast cummer. It was over too soon. The second guy replied from BBRT. He was kind of a boring fuck. So, I was a quite disappointed. On Thursday night the responses from BBRT, Squirt and doublelist were better. I got 5 loads that night. All were great fucks and I enjoyed getting those loads. But the BEST was definitely the last. It was well past midnight and I was almost ready to call it a night when I got a message from a black guy on BBRT. I told him with a message that I was in a downtown SLC motel room, wanting cocks. I loved his pics and wanted him to fuck me. Thankfully, he wrote back. He asked if I could handle his 11", thick bbc? I wrote back that I would have no problem taking him. He again wrote back that this would NOT be a "vanilla, romantic" fuck. He said most white fags can't handle him. He'd only come over if I could take a deep, hard fuck from him. "I fuck hard, fast and deep. I'll slam balls deep into your cunt and show no mercy. Once I start to fuck, there's no stopping until I put my babies in your white pussy. You better be able to take this black dick, faggot. Or you'd better back out now." he said. I wrote back that I was sure I could take him. I gave him the motel address and my room number. He told me he'd be there in 15 minutes. Sure enough, 15 minutes later there was a knock at my door. I opened the door to find a 6', 190 lb, muscular black guy stepping into my room. His skin town was even darker than it appeared in his BBRT photos. He was in his early 50's. He had a rough, masculine, angry look to him. His short black hair was filling with grey hairs. He looked me up and down as I closed the door behind him. "You got anyone else coming over? Cause I don't want a group. You're going to be my pussy. I don't share." he said. "No one else is coming. Just you and me. I have 4 loads in me. That OK?" I asked. "Lock the door, fag", he barked, as he began to pull his shirt over his head and unbuckle his jeans. "Get on your knees, cocksucker. Get this black cock hard, fag. And I better not feel teeth", he demanded. I pulled my tee-shirt off and tossed it to the floor. I pulled my shorts down and kicked them aside as I dropped to my knees. I took his soft cock into my mouth and sucked on his foreskin. As his cock began to swell, I then pushed the foreskin back with my lips and began to suck. I'd take a gasp of breath, and then swallow his cock as far back down my throat as I could, before choking. Soon, he pushed me aside and moved to the bed. He sat on the edge and I moved over to him. I again began to suck on his now fully hard bbc. I licked down to his balls as he softly let out a low moan. I licked and sucked on his balls as I lifted up his legs. He pulled his knees to his chest and I licked his ass. "Ah, you are a good faggot, aren't you? Eat my nigger ass, queer", he said. I licked his hole, then slide my tongue up into him. "Fuck yeah!", he said as I made love to his hole. "Show me your pussy, faggot", he barked as he rolled to the side. I climbed up on the bed and kelt on the edge of the bed. I had placed a hand towel, lube and poppers on the corner of the bed. I grabbed the poppers and began to sniff them as he stood behind me. He lubed up his cock and squeezed some on my asshole. He slid some lube up into my hole and fingered my hole a bit. Then, all of a sudden I felt his hard cockhead pressing against my hole. Oh, God! I know I told him I could handle his cock, but I was beginning to doubt myself. He had grown to at least 11 inches and he had a very nice thickness to it, as well. I was sniffing poppers nearly non-stop. I knew it was going to take a shitload of poppers to take his dick. He quickly began to press into me and it stung a bit. I just continued to inhale the poppers as I felt him slide all the way into me. It was hurting, but I was not about to stop it. I wanted that bbc inside me. I needed this fuck. Just as he promised, he showed no mercy. He immediately began to pound me. Poppers were splashing against my nose and lips as he rammed hard and deep into me. With some difficulty, during the hard thrusts, I finally put the lid on the poppers and grabbed hold of the sheets to steady myself as he slammed repeatedly into me. Then he put one of his legs up on the bed, going into me on an angle and going even deeper into me. He grinded his big cock in my pussy. Soon he pushed me further up onto the bed. He climbed up on the bed and slide back up into me in one quick thrust. My ass had now relaxed and it was feeling incredible! He had grabbed me around the waist and was slapping against me as he repeatedly thrust in and out of me. The bed was banging against the wall and I was letting out grunts as he slammed my ass. For nearly 20 minutes he pushed and maneuvered me into every conceivable position. Each position allowing his cock to go even deeper into me. He'd grind my ass with his cock buried balls deep into me, up past my second sphincter. He knew just where to put his cock to rub it against my prostate. It was grinding against my prostate so hard, that I nearly came a couple of times, just from the friction he was putting on it with his bbc. Then he slide up into second sphincter again. The harder and deeper he'd fuck, I could tell the hornier he was getting. He finally had me on my back, his cock buried deep into me as his face was just inches from my face. He was looking intently into my eyes as he fucked me. He seemed to enjoy seeing my face expressing both intense pleasure and pain at the same time. With his face so close to mine, I so wanted to kiss him. I began to move my lips to his to kiss. I could smell the booze on his hot breath as I moved my lips to his lips. But, he turned his face sideways and barked, "No kissing, faggot! I don't fuckin' kiss queers", he growled. "You're just a pussy to me. Just a hole to fuck. Just a cunt to use", he said. He thrust a few more times into me, then asked, "You ready for my cum, pig? You ready to take my babies?" "Oh, God, Yes! Put your cum in me. Fill my cunt with your babies!", I moaned, breathlessly. "Uhh Uhh Uhhhh!", he grunted as he rammed harder and deeper into me with each thrust. My head was banging against the wall. It hurt, but there was no stopping or moving. I was completely under his control. Finally he took one last, hard thrust into me and I could feel his cock throb as he filled my colon with his seed. He was well up past my second sphincter as he emptied his balls into me. I was squeezing my ass on his throbbing cock. Trying to milk every drop of his hot seed into me. He collapsed onto me and was panting into my ear with his hot breath. We stayed like that for a few minutes as both our breathing slowed. Finally he climbed up off me and rolled onto his side. I snuggled up to him and caressed his muscular, hairy chest. We laid there for several more minutes. I reached for his cock, he was still hard. I leaned down and licked the beads of cum that were oozing from his piss slit. He fingered my cum filled pussy as I sucked his cock. Soon, he had positioned himself again at my hole. He immediately thrust back into me. He was quickly grunting and moaning as he again began to pound my ass. It only took a few minutes until he was again groaning loudly, grabbing me around the waist and planted another load into me. Then he quickly pulled out, climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. When he came out of the bathroom, wiping his cock off with a washcloth, I told him how great the fuck was. "Can we fuck again when I'm in town", I asked? "Sure, fag. It's hard to find a hole that can take my dick. I like your white pussy. Yeah, let me know. I'll fuck you". With that, he dressed and left. I locked the door behind him, turned out the lights and went to sleep. Replaying the hot fuck in my mind as I drifted off to sleep. It's now 2 days later and my ass is still a little sore. But, it was a fuck I'll long remember. And hope will happen often when I'm in Salt Lake.
  2. travelingbi

    Anon Loads

    That's so difficult to know. I've been getting fucked raw for over 40 years. Especially in the days before AIDS, when bathhouses were prevalent all over the world and I was young and hot, I'd go to bathhouses at least once a week and get between 10 and 20 loads every time. It's slowed over the years, but I still average between 5 or 10 loads in my ass every month. Sometimes more if I host a breed & seed party or go to the baths. I'm conservatively estimating that in my 40 years of sex, I've taken between 3000 and 6000 loads in my ass. And probably 4 or 5 times that amount down my throat. The vast majority have been anonymous. Mostly in bookstores and baths. In the old days a lot in parks and public bathrooms as well. Hardly a word spoken to each other, let alone exchange names. I've had a lot of "regulars" in that time. Those guys I'll know their names. But I'm guessing I know less than 5-10% of the guys names. I think my personal best in recent years was a trip I took to Amsterdam a few years ago. I hosted a couple of "breed and seeds" in my hotel room that week. I also daily visited one or more of the bookstores and baths. That week alone I took 57 loads in my ass and at least triple that number in my mouth. I was a pig in shit. I didn't know a single name that week.
  3. travelingbi

    Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    Once at 'SMOKEOUT' here in Las Vegas. I had hosted a fuck party in my hotel room. I supplied beer for all the guys that came to the party. While a guy was fucking me, he pulled out and said "I need to take a piss". I told him to "Feed it to me". We went into the bathroom and I got in the big oval bathtub/shower. He pissed his loads of beer all over me. Several of the other guys followed us in the bathroom. 4 guys ended up pissing on me and one guy ended up pissing a load in my ass in the bathtub. That was a new experience. I've never had that done before. I have to say, even though I've been pissed on several times, it's really not my "thing". It's "hot in a way". But the thing that I do really enjoy about it, is since I'm a submissive bottom, I enjoy that the tops that are pissing on me get off on it. It's a submission/humiliation situation that is sometimes really hot.
  4. I stopped by my favorite Las Vegas bookstore yesterday afternoon. But, it was a huge disappointment. There were only a couple of guys. And they were all horny for cock, cum and loads in their asses, just like I was. I spent about 30 minutes there, hoping someone else would show up. But I finally gave up and turned on Grindr to see if I could find someone in the area. I quickly got a hit from a guy in a strip hotel that was just a few minutes away from the bookstore. We exchanged pics and he gave me his room number. I quickly got in my car and drove to his hotel. He opened the door naked. He was a hot looking older guy with a tan, thin, athletic body. He asked me to strip and come into the oversized shower in his bathroom. I did and we quickly soaped each other up. He asked if I like to get fucked? I didn't even answer. I just turned around and bent over. He slipped his soap covered cock up into my raw ass. He fucked me for several minutes, then we rinsed off, dried off and headed for the bed. He checked his phone and began to reply to some messages he had on Grindr. He asked me if it was ok with me if he invited someone else to join? I told him I would love that. Then he said he had someone on his way over. Should be there in about 5 minutes. He showed me the guys picture and Grindr profile. His screen name had Raw Breeder in the name. So, I was excited to have him come over. I asked my host if he was going to let him fuck him? "Hell no. I've never been fucked." "Well, he can fuck me if he wants." I told him. Within a few minutes, there was a knock at the door. My host got up and answered the door. I assumed a position on the edge of the bed, facing the door. I was ass up, face down. I heard them talking, but didn't see the new guy. I heard him striping and telling the host he had very little time. He was heading to work on the strip as a waiter. My host dropped to his knees and began to suck the new guy hard. Then I felt a hand on my ass. Feeling my hole. He spit a few times on his finger and lubed up my hole with it. I was sniffing my poppers. Finally he stepped away from the hosts mouth. I felt him eating my ass. He spit on my hole a few times and would slide some spit up into my ass. I also added a some of my own spit to my hole. Soon I felt his cock press against my hole. I continued to sniff poppers as I felt him slide into me. I could feel his cock fully harden as he began to pump into me. My host climbed up on the bed. He got on his hands and knees and backed up to my face. I ate his ass at the stranger, I had still never seen was fucking me hard and deep. About 5 minutes of intense fucking and rimming went on before I could hear the top guy begin to breath hard and moan a bit. Soon he was slapping my ass, ramming deep and hard into me, then let out a loud groan and began to unload in my ass. My ass milked his ass for a moment, then he slip from my ass and went into the bathroom to wash up. The host turned and fed me his cock. I sucked for a few moments, then he began to jack off as I opened my mouth above him. He soon was shooting his load into my mouth. The top guy came out of the bedroom and dressed. He thanked us both and left the room. I also dressed and left. I found the top guy on Grindr and sent him a message, thanking him for his fuck. He messaged me back that he wanted to fuck me again. We'll definitely keep in touch. I'll bottom for him anytime.
  5. travelingbi

    From Understudy to Star at the Sex Party

    I do the same thing. A dom, top buddy of mine likes to keep the used condoms. He puts them in a freezer. Then he thaws them out to use as lube to fuck raw ass.
  6. Several months ago I began to chat with a young 26 year old Japanese kid, named Miako. He had posted on Craigslist that he wanted to experience his first sex party, while he was going to be visiting Las Vegas. He's closeted with his family and friends in Japan and completely on the DL. He's also only had limited experience as a bottom. But, his fantasy was to host an anonymous sex party, where he was the only bottom, taking all dicks that come into his room. His CL ad also said he wanted to experience his first black cock. I contacted him and told him that I had hosted many such hotel sex parties here in Las Vegas. I told him that I was a bottom, but that I would be happy to help him out with planning the party. And could also act as a fluffer and take pictures if he was interested. We chatted back and forth and he told me he'd love to have me in the room to photograph and fluff. As well as the fact that he'd feel safer with someone else in the room, since strangers would be coming and going. Since he had only advertised this through Craigslist, I helped him out, by putting posts about the sex party on BBRT, M4SexNow.com Squirt and several other websites on his behalf. I was a bit jealous, because since he's a very young, very feminine, good looking young man with some nice pictures in his CL ad, he had gotten a lot of responses to his ad. On Craigslist alone, he had over 25 guys that had said they wanted to come fuck him. The response from black guys was also really admirable. He had about 7 replies from black guys wanting to pound his ass. I had also sent messages to a couple of my black top fuckbuddies and asked them to attend. Unfortunately, he only wanted to be fucked by condom covered cocks. So, since I put that in the party listing on BBRT, it only got about 6 requests. But one those BBRT guys actually showed up. As did 2 of my black buddies. I met Miako at his off strip hotel room about an hour before his party was supposed to start. When he opened the door to his room, I was greeted by a sweet looking, very slight, delicate young Japanese kid of about 5'4" and 125 lbs. His features were very delicate and feminine. He was very sweet and soft spoken, I was worried that he was getting himself in over his head. And was not prepared for what he's set himself up for. I asked him if he was still sure he wanted to do this? He said he was nervous, but was also very excited to try this. I set up the room, setting out some bottles of lube, poppers and condoms that he had purchased. As well as some boxes of tissues and wet wipes. While I set everything out and put duct tape over his door lock, Miako douched and showered. The party was to start at 7pm. At 6:40pm, just as Miako was stepping out of the shower, there was a knock on the door, the door then was pushed open and the first guest arrived. A heavy set, yet muscular guy in his mid 50's walked into the room. He had a blue work shirt and jeans on. The work shirt had the logo of a heating and air conditioning company. He was obviously on his way home from work. Miako was naked and toweling off as he walked into the room. The first guest immediately walked over to Miako and felt his ass. "Mmmm....... This is going to feel good in your sweet, little boy pussy", he said. The guy quickly undid his belt and unzipped. He pulled out a 6", thick, uncut slab of meat. Miako dropped to his knees and took the thick cock into his mouth. I took a bottle of poppers and put them under both Miako and the other guys noses as Miako got the guy hard. Finally the guy told Miako to get on his knees. As Miako knelt on the end of the bed, the guy kicked his shoes off and pulled his pants off. I handed him a condom and the bottle of lube. He put the condom on and lubed up his cock as I slid lube up Miako's hole. This guy took no time ramming up into Miako's tight pussy. Miako let out a soft moan/groan as the thick cock slid up into him. I asked him if he was ok? He asked for the poppers. I put the bottle under his nose as he took some deep drags. Soon he opened up for the guy and the guy gave him a nice, hard fuck. I took a few pics of the guys cock in Miako's hole as they fucked. It was about a 10 minute fuck, before the guy shot his load, pulled out, dressed and left without a word. As soon as the door slammed shut, Miako began to giggle like a little girl. "Ooooh! That was fun!", he laughed. Just then, the door opened and a Latino guy in his late 20's walked in. Miako goes back to his position on his hands and knees on the edge of the bed. He Latino guy walks over to Miako's ass and fingers his hole. He's pulls out his cock. It's already hard. He puts his raw cockhead up to Miako's hole and begins to push in. Miako pulled back. "NO! Condom only!", he shouts, as I open a condom package. "FUCK!", the guy says. "Fuck parties are raw", he barks. "The kid wants a condom, dude. A condom or no fuck", I tell him as I place the condom in his hand. "Shit!", he says as he unrolls a condom onto his hard 7" cock. The guy fucks hard and deep. I can see that Miako is flinching with every thrust. So, I put the poppers under his nose. Soon, he's relaxed into the fuck and is no longer flinching and has eased into the fuck. Even with the condom, the guy seems to be enjoying Miako's tight Asian ass. After 12 or 13 minutes he pulls out and rips the condom off. "Give me your mouth, Fag", he barks. Miako turns and takes the uncut Latino dick into his mouth. The guy fucks Miako's mouth until he's gagging on it. Then he pulls from the mouth and jacks off into Miako's open mouth. As soon as he cums, he quickly pulls up his pants and leaves the room. Miako again breaks into laughter. "Oh, this is fun. It hurts, but it feels good, too. I feel like prostitute", he chuckles. "You're a geisha whore", I laugh. Another 5 minutes pass before the next guy shows up. I scruffy looking guy in his late 50's/early 60's comes in. His face is covered with several days of stubble. His hair is messy and his clothes are wrinkled. He smells of stale cigarettes and stale beer. He's very gruff and intimidating in his appearance. He says nothing as he comes in and quickly strips completely naked. He has a nice body for a guy his age. He looks like he works an active and very physical job. His tan body is covered in a blanket of faded tattoos. Some of them large breasted naked women. The large tattoo on his chest and upper abs is a naked woman, sitting, with her legs spread, showing her pussy. The guy walks up to Miako's ass and slaps his cock against his hole. I walk over and drop to my knees and say, "Let me get you hard". He puts his dick to my lips. His cock tastes salty and funky. He hasn't showered or washed his dick in awhile. The smell is both repulsive and a turn on at the same time. He's masculine and rough. And I want to service him. He quickly hardens in my mouth. Once he's hard, I roll a condom onto him and lube it up. He then puts his cock to Miako's hole and pushes up into him. The guy fucked Miako for close to 20 minutes. While this guy was fucking Miako, two of my black fuck buddies walked into the room. They quickly undressed. Myron climbed onto the bed and fed his bbc to Miako to suck. I dropped to my knees and began to suck Ben's bbc. Once the scruffy guy came and pulled out, Ben condomed up and began to fuck Miako. The scruffy guy dressed and left. Ben and Myron took turns fucking Miako. Ben is well over 8"s when he's fully hard. Miako was doing his best to take it, but he was needing to sniff the poppers almost continually to be able to take Ben's bbc. Myron's cock was just a bit smaller and thinner than Ben's. But, they are both brutal fuckers. They were not showing Miako's inexperienced pussy any mercy. Miako would flinch in both pleasure and pain as he received each brutal thrust from these hung black men. Finally, Ben pulled his cock from Miako and began to jack off. He began to cum and shot his load all over Miako's tight, bubble butt. Then Ben put his cock up to my mouth and I cleaned off the rest of the cum that continued to ooze from his cockhead. Myron then slipped back into Miako's pussy and fuck harder than ever. He was leaning forward and pinching Miako's tits as he ground his cock into the Asian pussy. Myron let out a loud growl and slammed all the way into Miako as he filled the condom with his load. When he pulled out and pulled off the condom, he threw the condom into the corner and I dove for his cock. I cleaned it with my mouth as he softened. My two black buddies dressed as another black guy walked into the room. This guy was a black God! He was at least 6'4", 265lbs and muscled. "Hey, Bros. How's the pussy?", he asked as he began to strip and they were passing him on their way to the door. "Nice and tight", they both said in almost unison, with a chuckle. Myron and Ben had now left and this new guy was quickly naked. He had at least 8"s of thick, uncut and very thick meat hanging down over 2 swollen, giant balls. He was extremely muscular and also covered in tattoos. He walked over to Miako as Miako repositioned himself on the edge of the bed. He had a fearful look on his face. "Suck me, queer boy", the guy grunted. Miako turned and took the guys soft cock into his mouth. The guy was quickly getting hard. Once he was fully hard, he had grabbed Miako around the back of the head and was face fucking him. Miako was gagging and coughing. Soon the guy turned and barked at me. "Suck it, daddy" he growled. "You want some black dick, don't you?" I took some drags from my poppers and dropped to my knees. He fed me his bbc and I did my best to take it down my throat. I also choked on it as he pulled my head down onto his bbc. Then he pulled from my mouth and told Miako to show him his ass. Miako again knelt on the edge of the bed. The black guy put his raw cock up to Miako's hole and was going to push into him raw. "He wants condoms only", I said as I handed him a condom. "FUCK!" he growled as he ripped the condom package from my hands. As he put the magnum sized condom onto his bbc, I lubed up Miako's stretched hole. This guy had swollen to close to 9"s and very thick. His cockhead was also large and mushroomed shaped. Miako poppered up as the guy began to press inside Miako's cunt. Miako was groaning in pain. "UHHH!!! Stop! Wait!", Miako shouted. The black guy took no heed. He continued to press in. Miako was flinching in pain as this big guy was forcing his cock up into Miako's tender pussy. "Shut up and take it, bitch! You wanted black cock. Now shut up and take it like a man", he shouted back. I leaned down to Miako's face. "Are you ok, buddy? Can you take his cock? Do you need to take a break?" Like a little trooper, he his best to take it, but finally he crawled forward and pulled off the guys cock. "I'm sorry", Miako said. "I can't. I can't take it", he said sadly. "FUCK!" the guy grunted as he ripped the condom off and threw it at Miako. Miako looked frightened as he crawled to the head of the king sized bed. I was also a bit worried. The guy was pissed. "Want to fuck me", I asked the black guy? "You can fuck my ass. I can take you", I replied. Without saying anything, he began to reach for another magnum condom. "Raw!", I shout. "You can fuck me raw", I said. "In fact, I'd prefer it raw. If you'll fuck me raw, I can take it, better", I said. Without a word, he squeezed some lube on his raw cock as I quickly undressed. I asked Miako to lube my ass well. I knelt on the edge of the bed and took some deep drags on poppers as Miako liberally lubed my hole and pushed some in. The Black Beast stepped up to me and slapped his bbc on my hole a few times before plunging up into me. I let out a loud gasp as his cockhead slipped up past my sphincter. I continued to sniff on poppers as he began to thrust. Each thrust going deeper into me. Soon I could feel him go up into the second sphincter. I thought my head was going to explode from all the poppers. But I needed to continue to sniff nearly non-stop to take the hard, deep pounding from this bbc that was assaulting my ass. But, within a few minutes, I had relaxed into it and it was feeling awesome. I looked up at Miako, who was staring at this with a look of awe and unbelief on his face. As this Black God was pounding me, a 20 something, athletic young hunk came into the room and quickly stripped. He was soon followed by an early 40's looking guy next door type guy that also came in and quickly stripped. Miako had gotten off the bed and was sucking both their cocks as the black guy rammed my hole. After about 15 minutes of fucking me in every position imaginable, the black guy finally rammed deep into me and let out a loud growl as he emptied his balls into my gut. The black guy pulled out and climbed off the bed as the 40 something guy climbed up and slid his raw cock up into me. While the guy was fucking me, the 20 something guy told Miako that he was going to fuck him. Miako put a condom on the kid and knelt on the bed, next to me, with his ass in the air. The kid lubed up his condom covered cock and began to slide up into Miako's pussy. Miako flinched and pulled off. "I'm sorry", he said. "I'm too sore. I can't take it". Miako apologized. The guy fucking me pulled out and told the kid to "Try this daddy's hole. It's nice, silky and wet". "Pull the condom off", I told the kid. "I'll take you raw". The kid pulled the condom off and slid up into me. For almost 25 minutes the two guys took turns fucking my raw cunt. First the 20 something kid shot his load up there. Then the 40 something guy slid back into me and added his load. I had been so busy taking both those dicks, that I hadn't even noticed that a black kid in his early 20's had come into the room. When I turned around I saw Miako on his knees sucking a long, thin cock of this young, thuggish looking black kid, wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and jeans. Miako wanted to try again to take this black kids cock in his ass, but after just a few minutes, it was clear that he was just too sore. So, I again offered my ass to the kid. I pulled the condom off the kid and got face down, ass up on the edge of the bed as I felt the kid slide his 7", thin cock easily up into my well opened pussy. He was a brutal fucker. He was grabbing me hard around the waist, his right leg up on the bed as he stood behind me and rammed hard and deep into my cunt. About 15 minutes of hard fucking brought load number 4 into my ass. By now, I needed to get home. I started to dress. "You going to take more cock?" I asked Miako. "No. I'm too sore. I have to stop", he says. I finish dressing and pull the duct tape from the door locks. "Did you have fun?", I ask as I'm about to leave the room. "Oh, yes!", Miako says, almost with a squeal of joy to his voice. I leave the room and head down the hallway towards the elevator, I pass a handsome guy in his mid 40's. Just as I push the elevator button, I look back and see the guy knocking on Miako's door. I smile as I step into the elevator. Not knowing if Miako answered the door and let the guy in or not?
  7. One of the absolutely HOTTEST things that's ever happened to me just happened. I can't fuckin' believe it. Reading back on this story, now that I've typed it, it sounds like a porn movie, but no, it just happened to me. I may be getting old and stupid in my old age, but still I'm a horn dog at heart. And I occasionally get myself into some pretty risky situations. Last night, I posted on Craigslist that I wanted to get tag fucked by a group of black men this week. These tag fucks are not easy to set up. But, I've had several really successful ones in the past. It's been awhile since my last group fuck. And I was hoping I could somehow set one up while I'm home on vacation, this week. I placed the ad and I got a few replies that didn't lead anywhere. A lot of the typical crap you get from the CL game players. But, one of the replies I got on KIK was from a heavyset, 23 year old black kid that had seen my ad. He looked kind of cute in his pic. He was trying to appear kind of thuggish. But he was looking a little too cute to really pull it off. He shared some pics of his cock with me. As well as a video of him jacking off. He was showing about 6"s of uncut black dick, covered with very ample foreskin. We chatted back and forth on KIK for a few hours last night. He told me that he could host at his condo at noon on Monday. I asked if he lived with family or had roommates? I knew the area he lived in. It's a very nice middle class area. I didn't think a young kid his age could afford to live in that area alone. He told me he lived with his Dad. His Mom and Dad were divorced. And he had moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to live with his Dad about a year ago. I said, "What would your Dad do if he caught us fucking?" He said, "He'd probably fuck you, too. LOL". "Yeah, right. You're joking, right"? "Nope, my Dad fucks me", Antone said. "But, he'll probably be at work. He wouldn't care, anyway". I'm thinking this kid is just pulling my leg and fuckin' with me. In fact, now I'm disappointed. He's obviously another CL flake that's just playin' with me. He's not serious about hooking up. I said to him, "Send me a pic of your Dad". Antone sends a couple of pics of a very good looking black man that appears to be in his mid 40's. One of the pics is even a pic of this same black guy fucking some chick. And another one of the same chick sucking his BBC. I'm skeptical that these are really pics of his Dad. I'm thinking that it's probably just a pics of some handsome black guy he found on the internet to send me. I'm still not believing him. But, Antone had gotten me very turned on with his messages and his pics. So, against my better judgement, we confirm that I'm going to come to his condo at noon the next day. I'm nervous as hell, driving the 30 minutes to his condo. This kid is young. Just 23. I'm still not sure if what he's telling me about his Father is true or not? Is he just messing with me? I've had a few really scary encounters with strangers I've set up from Craigslist, in the past. I'm wondering if I'm stepping into something that I shouldn't be? Will his dad show up and beat the shit out of me, because I'm having sex with his son? Is the kid even really 23? He looks young in his pic. Should I ask to see his ID to see if he's legal age, before we get naked? My mind was racing with all the scary possibilities that I could be putting myself into. But, the pics of his beautiful, young, hard black dick were just too much for me to resist. I needed to taste that foreskin of his. I wanted his cock in my ass. And I wanted his load of cum in me. As nervous and apprehensive as I was about this, there I was driving to his Father's home to have sex with this kid. I finally arrive at his condo, right on time. The gate code he's given me works. I find the correct building, I park and climb the stairs to their second floor condo. I'm literally shaking as I ring the doorbell. Antone answers the door and brings me inside. "Are we alone", I ask? "No. Dad's here. He's working the late shift tonight. But he's cool with it. He knows why you're here. He told me to have fun", Antone tells me with a wink and a smile. "Seriously? Where is he?". "He's in his room, on his computer. Don't freak. He's totally cool with it", Antone said. Now, I'm really shaking. This is just too freaky. But, I follow Antone back to his bedroom. He closes the door and begins to kiss me. We begin to undress each other as we kiss. He's already hard as I pull his sweatpants open. Once naked, we climb on the bed and end up in a 69 position. Sucking each other. Then we change positions and I begin to eat his ass. He's moaning loudly as I slide my tongue into him. "Shhhhhh...... Your Dad will hear", I whisper to him. Antone laughs. "You're such a freakout. Cool the fuck down, man...", he chuckles. We switch positions again. I'm now on my hands and knees and Antone begins to eat my ass. The kid is great at rimming. He keeps spitting on my hole, then sliding the spit up into me with his tongue. Then I feel him kneel behind me and put his cock up to my ass. He grabs me around the waist and begins to slide up in me. He's lubed me up well with all his spit. He slides into me quite easily. The horny kid immediately starts to pound my ass, hard. The slapping sound of our bodies is loud and the bedframe is squeaking and hitting the wall as he pounds me. I'm still feeling nervous that his Dad is literally in the next room as his son fucks me. Since this kid is only 23, and judging from the pic, I'm a hell of a lot older than the Dad. But, the fuck feels great. I always have my trusty popper bottle in hand, and I take a few sniffs and try to relax into the fuck. I'm feeling so weird. This strange mixture of excitement and fear. I'm still nervous as hell. But the kid knows what he's doing. He may be young, but he knows how to fuck. He keeps pushing me into different positions. I'm finally face down, flat on the bed. My face buried in the pillow as he slams into me. Suddenly I hear, "How's his ass feel, Antone?" "Nice, Dad. Real nice". I pull my face up off the pillow and turn my head towards the voice at the bedroom door. Antone's Father is standing at the doorway. Completely naked. He's close to 6' tall. About 250 lbs. He's got a football player's build. A nice looking guy in his mid 4'0's. Carrying some extra weight. But looking very handsome and strong. He's got a long, thick cock hanging between his legs and large balls hanging behind it. His muscular chest and abs are covered in hair. But his cock and balls are shaved smooth. My heart is racing. I'm paralyzed with fear. I look at the Father with shock and fear in my eyes. I can't even form words to say anything to him. Anonte just keeps pounding my ass. His Dad moves to the side of the bed. "Over here, Fag. You need a black dick stuffed in your mouth, too. Antone told me you like black dick. So, here's some more black dick for your faggot mouth", he says. Antone pulls out of my ass and I slowly crawl to the edge of the bed. I'm on my hands and knees as I take the Father's limp cock in my mouth and begin to suck. Antone climbs behind me and again slides his cock back into me. The Dads cock slowly begins to grow in my mouth. His cock soon has grown to I'm guessing about 8" thick inches. His cockhead is covered in loose foreskin. There's a nice bit of cheese under the foreskin. It's sweet, salty and pungent. I suck and gently chew on the foreskin. And then he holds my head and fucks my mouth. "You done good, kid. He looks like a good fuck". "Try him, Dad. His ass is nice and wet". Antone pulls out and they change positions. The Dad now climbs behind me as Antone puts his cock up to my lips. I saw the Dad's fully hard cock as he pulled from my mouth and climbed behind me on the bed. And I know I'm going to need some more poppers to be able to take him. It's big, thick and rock hard. I sniff deeply in both nostrils a couple of times as I feel the Dad slam up into me in one, merciless thrust. I let out an audible gasp as he impales me with his giant cock. Then I wrap my lips around Anton's cock and he begins to fuck my face, as his father fucks my ass. Grunts, moans and growls are coming from all 3 of us as the two of them abuse my holes. They switch positions a couple of times. Finally, Antone is fucking me as he growls and yells out, "Oh, Fuck! I'm coming"....!!! He thrusts into me and empties his balls in my ass. He continues to slowly fuck me as he pumps his last drops into me. Then he pulls out quickly and slaps my ass as his Father pulls from my mouth and climbs back on the bed, crawling behind me. He rams his cock back into me and shows no mercy as he pummels my ass with his monster cock. His son's cum in my ass provided some much needed lube. He slid inside me much smoother and easier this time. His thrusts were hard and deep. His son put his cock back up to my lips to clean off with my mouth. I taste his cum and my ass on his cock that was still hard as a rock. His Dad then pulled out of me. He grabbed me by the legs and pulled me as he said, "Get on your back, Fag". I complied and rolled onto my back in the center of the queen sized bed. The Dad lifted my legs and Antone throws one of the pillows up under my ass, as I sniffed the poppers. The Dad positioned himself at my hole and slammed his cock back into me. I let out a grunt as he slid balls deep, back into me. Antone climbed back on the bed and squatted over my face. He spread his asscheeks and lowered his hole to my mouth. I licked and ate his sweet ass. I could hear Antone and his Dad kissing as I ate his ass and his Dad fucked mine. The Dad's thrusts became even more brutal as he neared climax. Soon he grunted and slammed into me as his cock exploded in my guts. He was growling and grunting and swearing as his load emptied into me. Antone had been stroking his cock as I ate his hole. All of a sudden I felt Antone's hot cum cover my stomach. The little fucker had shot a second load onto me. The Dad pulled out of me. "Clean up this mess, Antone", he chuckled as he climbed off the bed. Antone leaned forward and licked his own cum from my stomach. Then he crawled around me and lifted my legs. He licked his Father's and his own cum from my gaping asshole. His Dad stepped up alongside us as he and Antone kissed again. Antone feeding his Father the load he had just licked up. Without a word, Antone's Father left the room and closed the door behind him. I stared in silence at Antone. Then we both broke into laughter. "Holy FUCK!", I said. "What the hell just happened?" Antone was also laughing. "Yeah, it freaks guys out. But, I told you it was all cool. You didn't need to be so nervous." "Have you and your Dad been fucking a long time", I asked? "Yeah. Like, forever. He's been fuckin' me....well.......since my Mom left us. And that was a long time ago. And some of his buds have fucked when they all have been drinkin' together. Now, I'm the one sharing my buds with him. LOL. Kind of funny, huh?." Antone said. "Is your Dad gay?" I asked?" "Ahhh.. Fuck, no!!! He likes pussy. He brings girls home all the time to fuck. Mostly white chicks. They love his cock. He works at one of the Big Casino's. He's always bringin' girls back that he's met at the hotel. He ain't had a steady girlfriend for awhile. But, he'll pretty much fuck anything. He's just a horny fucker. Like me, I guess." Antone chuckled. "There's some bitch in his bed, getting pounded, all the time. Once in awhile he'll even have some guy show up here that he'll fuck. I don't think it matters to him. He just likes to fuck. He's had me fuck some of the chicks and the guys he's brought home with him. But, I think I prefer the guys he brings home. The chicks can be kind of skanky lookin', if you know what I mean?" Antone said, with a laugh. I finish dressing and Antone walks me to the door. As we enter the living room, his Dad is sitting on the sofa. Still naked. Smoking a cigarette. "So, how's that pussy of yours feeling after two black dicks and two loads of cum in you?'' he asked? Smiling a devilish smile. "Feels great! Thanks for the fuck. I'm Dave, by the way", I say as I walk to the door. "Walter. Walt, actually", he says. "Well, thank you, Walt and thank you, Antone. This was pretty amazing". We all three chuckle as Antone lets me out the door. I couldn't wait to get home to write this all down. It still doesn't seem real or possible. I just messaged Antone back and told him I wanted to organize a big tag team party at a motel later this month. I wanted him and his Dad to be part of it to seed my ass. Antone replied back that they'd both be there. I hope his Dad will bring some of his buddies. God! I love living in Las Vegas! Living here really brings the PIG out in me.
  8. travelingbi

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    I hope so as it gets more successful. Even though I live in a big city, I've used the smaller town posts on Craigslist when I've been traveling on the interstate between big cities. On my last 6 hour drive between Salt Lake and Las Vegas, I was able to stop in two small towns to suck off str8 guys because of Craigslist. I do hope doublelist.com will succeed. I have a hook up set up for tomorrow afternoon from a doublelist.com ad. Hope it works out.
  9. travelingbi

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    I posted on doublelist.com yesterday and got several replies. It's brand new. They're still getting it up and going. They are still experiencing some technical glitches. And not all categories are up and working as of yet. But as word gets out and they work out the technical issues, I think doublelist.com will be a good alternative to the old CL ads. I hope so. Because CL was definitely the most successful website for my hookups. Give it a try.
  10. travelingbi

    What does a pierced cock feel like?

    I've only been fucked once by a PA. I don't know the size of it? But, it was a very large gauge. His cock was rather large and thick with a large mushroom head as well. So the whole package was quite amazing. I do have to admit it felt incredible to be fucked by him. He was a hard and agressive top. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure. His PA was hitting and rubbing against my prostate. It make me cum while he was fucking me. But, I do have to say it put me out of action for a few days. My prostate was bruised and tender. It was 4 or 5 days before I could take dick in my ass again without pain. While I loved the experience, I've been hesitant to take a PA in my ass again.
  11. travelingbi

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    BBRT is usually pretty good. But, I find out that with my BBRT party invites, that only a very small fraction of the guys that request an invite will actually show up. I one time had a hotel breed and seed in Vegas, where over 20 BBRT guys had requested an invite and not one of them showed up. Thankfully, I had gotten a big response from my CL ads and the party turned out really well. But, I'm going to miss Craigslist. I find most of my group and 1on1 action on CL. Someone on Squirt just suggested https://doublelist.com/ I haven't tried it yet. But I plan to try it out.
  12. travelingbi

    How do you convince someone to bareback?

    There have been a few times that I've convinced a condom user to bareback me by refusing to let him fuck me, unless it's raw. I'll usually say that I have a latex allergy (which I don't. lol) and can't use a condom. Sometimes that works. But, not always. What I find works more often is to straddle them, put their cockhead up to my asshole and rub my asshole against their cockhead. I'll make sure that my ass is pre-lubed. As I'm grinding against their cockheads, most guys get so horny, that when I finally slide down onto their cocks, they will just let me. A few times the guy has pulled out and insisted on a condom. But the vast majority will just "go with the flow" and fuck me until they cum. I did this recently by a really hot German/Dutch young man in Amsterdam. He's been fucking me regularly for several months. And he's an absolutely amazing, dominant, aggressive top. Sadly, so far, he's always insisted in using a condom. He's such a great top, I let him. However, a few days ago, he had already fucked me once with a condom. We continued to caress and kiss each other after the first fuck and he stayed hard. I finally straddled him and began to grind my ass on his hard, raw cock. My ass was still lubed from the first fuck. I added a little spit to my hole and rubbed my ass on his cock. I finally lowered my ass down on his cock and it went up inside me, raw. I leaned forward and kissed him as I began to rock on his cock. He did fuck me raw for about 5 minutes, but he finally pulled out and jacked off on my hole. I'm determined to get him to seed my hole the next time.
  13. travelingbi


    Damn! Craigslist has always been my most reliable source to find tops to fuck me at my hotel anonymous breed and seed parties. Shit! I'm bummed!
  14. travelingbi

    Getting blown with an audience

    I find it a big turn on to have an audience watch me suck off some dudes or getting watched as I'm getting fucked. That's why I love to get fucked in xxx theaters and bookstores. Love an audience.
  15. travelingbi

    Homeless Cock

    A lot of homeless guys hang out in the xxx theater at Main St. Books near downtown. Sometimes there are some at A-Action bookstore, too.
  16. I was in Salt Lake City and was horny for another cum and dump party, so, I rented a motel room at the same Salt Lake motel that I had used the last time I had hosted one of these in SLC. It's just across the railroad tracks from downtown SLC. It's in an area of town that is largely black and Hispanic. As soon as I had checked into the hotel, about 5:00 PM, I sent out my room number to those guys who had previously responded to my BBRT, Squirt and Craigslist ads. I also placed a new advertisement on Craigslist and listed myself on BBRT in the "quick connect" section and logged myself into Grindr, Growlr, Scruff and Jack'd. Then I douched myself, showered and rechecked my messages, where I found two new replies from guys who wanted to come over immediately. Placing some duct tape over the door locks on my room door, I finished responding to all the other replies, then turned off the room lights and got ready to take some dick. The first guy entered my room at 5:30 PM. He promptly ordered me to my knees, demanding I suck his cock until it was hard. He was a young kid, probably about 23, probably an American Indian. His body as a bit pudgy and his chest was hairless. I sucked on his cock for several minutes until he was hard, then I climbed on the bed, positioning my ass up. He spat on my hole, then slid his smallish cock into my ass, fucking me for about five minutes before he planted the first load of my evening into my ass. Then he washed up and left the room. Just moments after the door closed, it opened again. A tall, thin man in his mid 50's walked in, reeking of cigarette smoke. He was wearing dusty jeans, a flannel shirt and a denim jacket. He was obviously the straight guy who had said he was on his way home from work, but who wanted a blow job. Again I dropped to my knees as he unzipped and put his small, limp cock to my mouth, which I sucked for several minutes before he began to get hard, but as soon as he got hard, he began to groan, then shot his salty load into me. He quickly zipped up and left my room. In just under four minutes he had cum and gone. I checked my phone for messages, finding a message from a guy who had just arrived at my motel, and wanted me face down on the bed. I wrote back saying I was in position, and inviting him up. Just then the door opened. I was laying on my stomach, my face buried in the pillow. The visitor didn't both undressing, before climbing onto the bed, spreading my ass cheeks, and licking my hole, his scruffy beard rough on my hole. After a couple of minutes he got to his feet, undressed, climbed back onto the bed, fingered and spat on my hole, working some spit inside. Then I felt his cock pressing at my hole. He then lowered his chest onto my back as his cock slid up inside me. He had a fairly small cock, but it was thick. He eventually had pushed me up on my knees, ramming hard and deeply into me. After no more than five minutes, I heard his voice for the first time as he exclaimed ""Ah, Papi. Take my cum. I'm cumming, Papi." He rammed into me, groaning loudly as his cock exploded in my ass. After resting for a couple of minutes he climbed off of my body and made to dress. Turning, I saw him for the first time in the dim light of that room: he was Latino, in his early 20s, and definitely worth doing. "Nice ass, Daddy," he said with a laugh as he stepped out the door. I checked for messages and checked my phone apps, replying to all I received, inviting all the men to join me in my room. Surely enough the rest of the evening was filled with a steady stream of guys, most of whom fucked me, although a few just wanted a blow job. Several of them were married Mormon guys, wearing their funny Mormon underwear. My favorite of the evening, was a black guy in his mid 40's. He told me he wanted me ass up, face down when he walked in. He didn't want to be seen. He also mentioned he was bringing a straight buddy, and both would fuck me. They texted me as they pulled up to my door with their car. So I climbed on the bed and buried my face in the pillow. I heard the door open and close. I heard some muffled talk going on between the two of them, but as they were whispering, I couldn't understand what they were saying. Soon I felt a weighty, meaty cock being slapped against my hole. The man would alternately finger my hole, then slap his cock against it, on a few occasions spitting on my hole several times, only to finally began to push up into me. He let out soft moan as his cock slid all the way up into me. Then he slowly began to pump. I could feel his cock harden and thicken as he fucked. Soon he was pulling almost all the way out, then slamming back into me, balls-deep. He fucked me for about five minutes, then pulled out of me, saying to his buddy "Your turn." Immediately his buddy's cock slid into me. He was even longer and thicker. I had to take some deep drags on my poppers to adjust to his size. The feel of his black bare cock fucking me was amazing. Giving my my ass a sharp swat, he fucked me hard, giving me another few swats, causing my ass to sting with each hard slap. "Faggot's got a nice hole," I heard him tell his friend. "Yeah. A nice pussy," the first guy replied. For the next half hour, these two black guys continued to alternate using my ass. The first guy filled my ass with his load. He pulled out and his buddy with the even bigger cock slid into me again. He only took a few more minutes before he added his load into me. Then they both quickly dressed and left my room. I had one more guy stop by a half hour later, an older Caucasian guy in his 50's with a rock hard seven inch cock. He gave me a quick load in my ass. Then I pulled the duct tape off the door and went to bed, figuring in the six hours I had been taking loads, I had taken eight loads in my ass, and three loads down my throat. Not bad for an impromptu breed and seed.
  17. If you follow my posts, you know I like sucking off "str8" men. And one of the ways I do it, is to post Craigslist ads offering free massages to str8 guys. Living here in Las Vegas, I tend to get some pretty good responses from str8, married guys that are in Vegas alone, away from the wives and kids, here for a convention or tradeshow, that will take me up on my offer. I posted one of my massage ads yesterday on CL and got hit with about 7 or 8 responses. I waded through the flakes and pic collectors and began to chat with a 45 year old black guy staying at Bellagio Hotel on the Strip. We agreed to meet at his room at 4pm. after he got out of his trade show. I got there on time and he opened the door wearing a handsome and expensive looking suit and tie. "Hi, Dave. Thanks for being on time. Unfortunately, I'm running behind. I just got back to my room. Do you have enough time for me to hop in the shower", Donovan asked? "Yes. Of course. Take your time", I replied. Donovan invited me in. After I shook his hand, I moved to the window to admire his beautiful view of the Bellagio fountain, The Eiffel tower and the High Roller observation wheel across the strip. Donovan was kicking off his dress shoes, removing his suit, tie, shirt and pants. He joined me at the window in his boxers and undershirt. "Amazing view. Isn't it?" he asked. I turn to find him right next to me. FUCK! He's an incredibly sexy and attractive black man. As I said, about 45, 6'2, muscular, masculine, with handsome facial features. He squeezes my shoulder and says, "I'll be right back", as he pulled his undershirt off and tossed it onto the dresser as he headed into the bathroom. I soon heard the water in the shower start. I was imagining his hot, naked black body in that shower, getting soaped up. It was all I could do not to strip and join him in the shower. But, all we had discussed was a massage. Nothing sexual. He had told me he was married with 2 kids. One girl in the first year of college. And one boy still in high school. So, I knew he was living a "str8 life". But, I had no idea yet if he's experienced m2m sex before? Or if he was even looking for that? However, of course from most previous experience, they usually let me go there with the massages. Within about 4 or 5 minutes, I heard the water shut off, The shower curtain slid back and shortly Donovan came out still drying off with the large, plush, white hotel towel. His cock was flopping in front of him. And, boy, was he hung. I'm guessing he was hanging about 7 inches soft. With a thick, mushroom head, covered with foreskin, swinging between his legs. With low hanging, floppy balls swinging back and forth. "How do you want me?", he asked. "Why don't you lie sideways along the foot of the bed. Then I can work on your head, shoulders and feet as well". He tosses the towel to the floor and laid face down on the foot of the bed as I remove my clothes. Even with a King Sized bed, his feet hung over the edge of the bed. I move to his head and begin to massage his shoulders, neck and upper back. I oil up his back, butt and thighs. I lightly rub all of this oil into his soft, light chocolate skin. Then I go back to massaging his top torso. After spending about 5 minutes on his upper torso, I move to his lower back and buttocks. His butt is a muscular bubble butt. I pour a bit more oil onto his ass. Letting a bit of the oil dribble into his ass crack. I lightly massage the oil into his skin. Getting my fingers into his ass crack. He widens his legs as I massage his ass. Then he lifts up his crotch and adjusts his cock, so that his cock lays flat against the mattress, under his balls and sticking out between his legs. I can see his big cockhead between his muscular thighs. I continue to massage his massive ass, upper and inner thighs as I can see his cock harden, thicken and lengthen between his thighs. I now spend a few minutes getting my fingers between his butt cheeks, rubbing across his ass bud. He moans slightly and lifts his ass just a bit. Then my fingers lightly go over his balls as I rub his inner thighs. He moans again and lifts his ass a bit again. I work my hands down his thighs and calves. Then I begin to massage his feet. Donovan is now moaning loudly. I get on my knees, at his feet and lightly brush my goatee along the bottom of his feet. I can see that it tickles a bit. But he's also turned on by it. He almost gasps. I now take his big toe into my mouth and suck on it. He goes wild. "Oh, Fuck!" he exclaims! I now suck on each of his toes individually. Then move to the other foot. And repeat all of that on his other foot and toes. I now massage back up his legs and again focus on his ass. I spread his asscheeks and now flick my tongue across his asshole. His back arches and his ass raises. I now spread his ass cheeks and lick his hole more. Then slide my tongue into his hole. He's now moaning and grinding his ass on my face. As I come up for air, Donovan flips over. His big cock has grown to over 8.5"s, maybe 9"s of thick black cock. It's sticking straight up. I take his foreskin covered cockhead into my mouth and suck on his foreskin. I slip my tongue up into the skin, flicking his mushroomed cockhead that's cocooned inside his ample foreskin. My lips push his foreskin back and I swallow as much of his thick cock down my throat. I nearly choke on it. I'm fondling his balls as I suck his bbc. I'm on the side of him as I bend over sucking on his cock. He now reaches behind me and begins to squeeze my asscheeks. Then he slips a finger into my ass crack and rubs my asshole with his long finger. Ahhh....... This is going to be fun. He wants to fuck. I moan, to let him know I'm game. I want him to fuck me. He's wasting no time. He quickly flips himself up, swings sideways and stands up. Since I know what he's wanting, I grab my poppers from my supply bag that I've left on the dresser. I climb onto the foot of the bed. On my hands and knees, I put my ass up. He's now rubbing his hands all over my ass and spitting on my hole. He spits a few times, then presses the saliva up into my hole. He slaps his cock onto my asshole a few times. And spits on his cockhead and my hole again. I'm poppering up as he begins to push his bbc up into me. It's hurting and I arch my back a bit. He gets the clue and stops pushing as I continue to sniff on my poppers. As he feels my ass relax a bit, he again begins to push into me. Soon, he's slowly pushed all the way into my ass, balls deep. He holds his cock deep inside me for a moment for me to get used to it. Once the pain has subsided, I began to slowly rock on his cock. He now begins to meet my thrusts with his thrusts. Within a minute his cock is now slamming into me. I'm again sniffing on poppers as he pounds my ass. His balls slap against mine. His long, boney fingers are now digging into my sides as he grabs hold of me to ram even more deeply and hard into my ass. "Oh, Fuck! Your ass feels good, Baby", he says as he's ramming into me. "A nice, silky pussy, Baby! I love your hole", he said. Donovan is now pumping into me with a fast rhythm. His crotch would slap against my ass cheeks each time he rammed into me. I'd grunt and he'd moan. He now began to slap my ass cheeks with his hand. "SWAT", his hand would slap my ass as he pounded into me. The bed was banging against the wall. My ass was stinging from his slaps and my head was spinning from the poppers. I was experiencing pure pleasure from his bbc. I really have no idea how long he fucked me? But all too soon, I heard his breathing quicken and deeper as he began a low growl......... "Grrrrrrrr............aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAAAHHHH......... FUCKKKKKK..!!!!", he yelled, as his cock exploded inside me. He held his bbc deep inside me, as my ass was milking his cock, while he shook in orgasm. He collapsed onto me, grabbing me around the shoulders, pulling me with him, onto my side as he collapsed on his side on the bed. I laid there as he partially spooned behind me. Both of us catching our breaths. Donovan began to laugh. "I'm guessing you liked that", I chuckled. "What's so funny?", I asked. "I don't know? I just have an annoying habit of laughing, when I've just had a mind blowing orgasm like that. That was fuckin' HOT, Mister!", he said. "I just love to fuck a good ass. I love good sex. And it just makes me laugh out of pleasure. Does that make sense?" he says. "It does, indeed. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm confused, however. You said you were str8. With a wife and 2 kids. From the way you fucked, I gather you've fucked guys before. Right?" I said. "Oh, yeah. I consider myself to be str8. 'Cause I live a str8 life. I am married and a father. But, I've been fucking guys for 15 years or more. My wife likes a boring, soft, romantic fuck. She wants "lovemaking", not sex. But, as you can tell, I like to fuck hard, rough and deep. Only a guy can take a hard pounding from my cock. Even a lot of gay guys can't take my dick. But, I find a hell of a lot more guys can take my dick in their asses, than women. And a gay guy's ass is a hell of a lot easier to find and pound that some slutty cunt anytime", he says with a laugh. We both cuckle and I assure him that that's the same reason a lot of "str8" guys have given me in the past. He's not alone. He soon gives me a quick and friendly kiss on my neck as he pulls himself up and climbs off the bed. He moves to the closet and pulls the white terrycloth robe from the hanger and puts it on. That's my clue to get up and dress. "Well, I wish I'd found you the first night I was here in town. I would have fucked you at least once, if not twice, all 3 of these days that I've been in town. Unfortunately, I leave in the morning. But, I'll keep your email. I get here once a year or so. I want to fuck you again", he said. I've finished dressing. We give each other a hug and I leave.
  18. After weeks and weeks of traveling for work, I finally have a full week at home and had some free time to do my favorite activity. Fuck! On Monday, I was cruising the Craigslist ads. The first ad I responded to was from a guy that claimed to be str8, married and father of 3. He was looking for a massage. I messaged him and told him I'd be happy to give him a relaxing massage. Since neither one of us could host, I told him I'd get a cheap hotel room nearby. Since it's a weekday and apparently there are no big conventions/trade shows in town, I found a cheap hotel room in the Las Vegas suburbs for $29. I set it up with him for 1pm the next afternoon. I didn't have much time to set up a hotel pump and dump like I try to do every few months, so I quickly sent out messages to a few of my Vegas "regulars" to see if I could get some more dick while I have the hotel room. 3 of my regulars got back to me. Amazingly, all 3 of them said they'd be able to come to the hotel. So, the next afternoon I was able to check into the hotel early at 1pm. I quickly sent the room number to the str8 daddy that wanted the massage and sent the room number to my 3 regulars. "Str8" daddy was knocking on my hotel room door at 1:30pm. When I answered the door, I found a very handsome guy in his early 40's. I invited him inside and told him to disrobe as I stepped into the bathroom to give him some privacy as he stripped. When I came back into the room he was fully nude, laying face down on my bed. He was in great shape. Buff, with not an ounce of fat on him. I took off my clothes and oiled up his back, butt and the back of his legs. I smoothed the oil into his skin and began massaging his shoulders, neck and arms. Then I worked down his back and finally to his ass. He softly moaned as I began to work on his ass. As I got to his inner thighs he spread his legs wider and I could see he had pulled his cock down so that it was exposed and he was hard already. My fingers brushed his balls and cockhead as I massaged the inner thigh. His cock would jump each time his balls and cock were touched. After working down and back up his legs, I again went to working on his ass. This time I let my fingers get deep into his crack and rub his asshole. He began to lift his ass a bit. I massaged his hole as his ass rose and did a "grinding-fucking motion". I reached under him and took hold of his cock. I stroked his hard cock as I massaged his asshole. He was moaning and grinding his ass. Within just a few moments he groaned and cum began to squirt onto my arm as I stroked his cock. I pulled my hand off his cock and my mouth dove for it. I sucked on his last few explosions of cum shot from his cockhead. Once he had finished cumming, I licked his cum from my arm and went back to softly massaging his ass and back as I heard his breathing slowly return to normal. Soon, he decided to get up. He quickly dressed and thanked me for the massage. In typical "Str8 guy" fashion, he was dressed and out of my room in just a few minutes. 10 minutes after he had left, he sent me a text, again thanking me for the massage and telling me that he'd love another massage sometime if we could arrange it. A few minutes later, one of my gay "regulars" was knocking on my door. Barry is a 6'4", thin, muscular, Dutch guy that has been fucking me for over 3 years. He's got an 8", uncut, very thick, Dutch cock that for a guy of his age, (early 60's) get's amazingly hard. He has incredible stamina as well. Barry quickly stripped as I fell to my knees and began to worship his monster Dutch dick as it grew to full hardness. Barry loves to suck on my tits as he fucks the insides of my thighs. He sucked my nipples, bit them and we kissed passionately for about 10 minutes. Then he turned into his usual aggressive top. He demanded I get on my hands and knees. I did so as he climbed behind me. He slapped his giant dick on my hole as he dribbled lube on my hole. He lubed up his cock and began to press the head into my hole as I sniffed poppers. He's very aware that it takes time for most guys to adjust to his giant dick. He slowly pressed up into me. Then he held his cock in me, as I adjusted to his size. As he could feel my ass relax around his cock, he now began to be aggressive again. His cock was now pounding deep into me. I could actually feel his 8" cock sliding in and out of my second sphincter. It was an amazing feeling. Barry was pacing himself. He'd get close to cumming, then stop. Then he's start again, until he was close, then stop. He edged himself for 20 minutes, then he reached that point of no return. He was fucking wildly when he finally said, "I can't. I have to cum. Oh, God", he yelled as his cock throbbed and he emptied his balls deep up past the second sphincter into my colon. He stayed inside me for awhile as my ass milked the remaining cum from his cock. He finally pulled his soft cock out of me. And we laid there, embracing and kissing as we chatted for awhile. I caressed his chest as we kissed, then my hand moved down to his cock. As I slid my hand up and down his soft cock, I could feel him getting hard again. Soon, I was stroking his fully hard cock. Without saying a word, I climbed back onto my hands and knees and he crawled behind me. He spit on my hole and on his cock. And in one, quick thrust, he slid back up into me. This time, there was no edging. He fucked hard and deep for about 5 minutes, then let out another groan as he emptied his second load into me. Barry was just getting ready to leave my room, when there was another knock on the door. I answered it, to find Trace standing there. Trace and Barry smile and knowingly nod at each other as Trace enters and Barry leaves. Trace is a divorced, 49 year old guy from Tennessee with a thick, sexy, southern accent. He's a former competitive bodybuilder. Even though he doesn't compete any longer, he still has an amazing body. He's 6' foot tall. With a thickly covered hairy chest and abs. Also body is also thickly covered in tattoos. He divorced a few years ago and his son that's in his mid 20's lives with him. Trace told me that he realizes that he's always enjoyed the fact that other men would admire his body. But a few years ago, following his divorce and his move from Tennessee to Las Vegas, he finally allowed another man to suck his cock for the first time. He found it to be an extreme turn on to have another man worship his muscular body and 7", thick cock. In the past few years that Trace has been exploring M2M sex, he's opened up a lot. When I met him a few months ago, he had come to the acceptance that he was indeed bisexual. And he told me that he's now comfortable in saying that outloud. He remains closeted with all his friends and family. But, he's fully accepted that he likes to be sucked and likes to fuck other men. One thing that Trace has discovered recently, is that when the chemistry is right with a guy, he gets into kissing guys. Thankfully, he feels that chemistry with me. Trace had fully stripped. I stepped up to his pumped up body. I began to caress his strong, hairy and tatt covered chest and his erect nipples, as he and I began to kiss passionately. We moved to the bed as he sat on the edge. I dropped to my knees and took his fully hard cock into my mouth. I sucked, licked and worshiped his 7", thick, uncut cock. I licked his balls as he moaned softly. Sadly, the one threshold that Trace hasn't crossed yet is letting me rim him. I licked under his balls as close to his asshole as I could, before I could sense that he was uncomfortable and would tighten his thighs. My mouth went back to his cock and I could taste beads of precum oozing from his piss slit. I climbed onto the edge of the bed and put my ass up. He climbed off the bed and stood behind me. He took the lube from the bedside table and he lubed my hole and his cock. I poppered up as he began to press into me. Barry had sufficiently loosened me up and Trace slide up into me easily. He was super horny and it only took about 5 minutes of intense pounding before Trace was filling my ass with his load. Once he pulled out of me, he joined me on the bed and we cuddled, kissed and caressed each other. While we were locked in our embrace there was another knock on the door. I got up to answer the door. I welcomed into the room a new fuck buddy. Ray is a latino guy in his early 50's. He had fucked me for the first time about 3 weeks ago. Ray is also newly divorced. He had let guys blow him in his high school and college days. But, it had been decades since he'd ever really thought about guys. But following his divorce, he found at his age, it was difficult to find women to fuck. Since Vegas has a ton of very active adult bookstore video booths, Ray had discovered the video booths and had once again discovered that guys give amazing head. In the several years that he'd been letting guys blow him, he's loosened up and had expanded into fucking guys. Ray seemed a bit uncomfortable the Trace was still in the room, but Trace asked Ray if he minded if he stay to watch him fuck me? Ray awkwardly said, "Yeah. Sure". But, you could tell he was uncomfortable with it. It must have been a new experience for him. But, even so, Ray quickly undressed and was fully hard when he pulled his boxers down. Ray climbed onto the bed and I climbed on and knelt between his legs, taking his 7", uncut, thick, latino dick into my mouth. While I was sucking on Ray, Trace climbed behind me on the bed and slid his cock back into my ass. "I know I won't be able to cum again, but this is fucking hot, guys. I just want to feel your ass on my cock as you suck your buddies dick", Trace said as he slowly fucked me. I sucked Ray for several minutes, then moved my head up and sucked his nipples then kissed him. "Oh, Fuck! That's HOT!", Trace said. "Yeah! I love seeing you kiss another man." I pinched Ray's nipples as we kissed passionately and swapped spit. Trace was now pounding me hard and deep. Within moments he shot an unexpected second load into my cunt. "OH, FUCK!" Trace yelled as he exploded in my ass. Then he pulled out of me and went to the desk chair and sat down to watch Ray and I play. I reached back and took hold of Ray's cock. I put his cockhead up to my cum slick asshole. Ray had insisted on using a condom the first time he fucked me a few weeks ago. But he said nothing as I lowered myself onto his cock. His latino dick slid easily up into my cum filled cunt. He let out a soft sigh as he slid balls deep into me. I rode his cock for several minutes, then he pushed me off and told me to get on my back. I laid on my back with my ass hanging off the edge of the bed. He got off the bed and stepped up to me. He lifted my legs up and draped them over his shoulders. Then he slid back up inside of my hole. I sniffed poppers as he began to fuck me deep and hard. Trace had moved to the bed. He sat on the end of the bed, so he could get a good view of Ray fucking me. Soon Trace climbed over me and began to kiss me as Ray continued to fuck me. The sight of Trace kissing me must have been a turn-on for Ray. He soon was groaning and filling by ass with his load. Once Ray had pulled from me, Trace and I slid to the side of the king sized bed and continued to kiss. Ray climbed onto the bed, next to me. I turned and began to kiss Ray. Soon, Trace had climbed over us and the three of us swapped passionate, sloppy kisses. I was happy to see there was chemistry between both Roy and Trace. I suggested we 3 get together again. They agreed and we're going to try to make it happen again as soon as possible.
  19. travelingbi

    The Making of a Prison Bitch

    DAMN! Very HOT story. Prison sex is a huge turn-on for me. Thanks for the great story. Hope there's more.
  20. travelingbi

    error message?

    I've had that message come up a few times as well.
  21. travelingbi

    To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    That's exactly how I like it.
  22. travelingbi

    To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    I'm all bottom. I'm not interested at all in a gentle fucking. I'd be bored to death with a slow, gentle fuck. I really love to get pounded hard and deep. And as a bottom, I'm there for the top to use. However, there are sometimes when the top might be especially big or thick, where it might take me a few moments where I'll ask him to just hold his cock there for me to adjust to it. It doesn't take very long for me to take a few deep sniffs of poppers and relax my ass enough for him to begin to start pounding. But, I do appreciate a top that will give me just a few moments to relax my ass for his assault. As soon as I've relaxed, he can pound me as hard, long and deep as he wants.
  23. travelingbi

    2018 Load Tally

    As of today I've taken 21 loads in my ass. And 20 loads down my throat. That's not counting cocks that didn't feed me seed.
  24. travelingbi

    Out in public with cum on face?

    Yes. It happens frequently. I go to the ABS and will blow as many cocks as I can. Quite often guys like to jack off on my face. If cum gets into my goatee or on my Tshirt, I just leave it there. I love the smell of drying cum in my goatee. I also love the smell of ass in my goatee when I've been eating ass in the bookstore arcade or theater. I love getting home and looking in the mirror when I see dried cum in my hair and goatee. I don't care how many people have seen it.
  25. I had taken the train from Amsterdam to Antwerp, Belgium yesterday, as a day trip to see the sights. Around noontime, I was cold and hungry. So I stepped inside one of the many restaurants surrounding Grote Markt and had a bite to eat and warm up. I of course had to scroll through the sex apps on my phone while waiting for my risotto to arrive. Just as I was finishing up lunch, I got a reply on Growlr. His pics were nice. A young Spanish kid that said he lived just around the corner. We chatted a bit and he asked me to come over to suck and rim him. I looked up his address on Google maps, and sure enough, he did live just a block away. So, I quickly paid my bill and headed back into the cold to find his apartment. I found his apartment easily and within minutes, this handsome, young Spaniard and I were making out like teenagers on his sofa. Our clothes were soon on the floor and his cock was in my mouth. I sucked his beautiful uncut Spanish dick for several minutes, then lifted his legs and began to eat his sweet asshole. He was groaning and moaning with delight. We ended in a 69 position on his sofa. Both of us sucking and rimming each other. He tried to push us into another position, but the sofa was just not large enough to do much. I finally climbed onto my hands and knees and put my ass up towards him. He was audibly delighted. He immediately buried his face back in my ass and shoved his tongue deep, up inside my hole. Then he'd spit on it and slide the spit up with his tongue. Soon his finger was pushing spit up into me. Then he knelt behind me and quickly shoved his raw cock up into my hungry hole. "Oh, Daddy, I love your hole", he moaned. "Fuck me, baby. Fuck your Daddy", I replied. He wasted no time in going for it. He's grabbed me around the waist. He's ramming into me with speed and force. His crotch is slamming against my ass. Within just a few minutes, he grunts and fills my ass with his boy juice. And with that, it was over. From start to finish, probably 10 minutes or less. I dress, say our "thank you's" and I'm out the door, heading back out to tour the city.

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