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  1. So far this year..... Loads in mouth: 12 Loads in ass: 10 Condom fucks: 2 Rimmed: 8 guys
  2. It had been a couple of days since I had had dick, and I really needed some, so I stopped into Peepland. There were only two cars in the parking lot, but I thought 'Oh, well, I'm here, I'll check it out'. Sure enough, the red indicator lights indicated only two booths were in use. I tried the first door. Locked. I tried the second door. Unlocked. So I stepped inside where I found an average looking guy, mid 50's, wearing a Heating/Air Conditioning company's uniform, his pants open, stroking his five inch cut cock, watching straight porn. I locked the door, assumed the position between his legs and wrapped my lips around his cock. He was somewhat hard, but very quickly hardened even more so as I pleasured him. He was clearly a quick draw as, within only one to two minutes of my having gone down on him, he silently shot his load into my mouth. And in typical straight guy fashion, he quickly zipped-up and left the booth. I wiped my mouth, pulled myself up and stayed in the booth, watching the straight porn until his money ran out on the machine. Then I went back out into the hallway. Only one indicator light was still illuminated, and the door to the corresponding booth was still locked. After hanging around for ten minutes to see if anything turned-up, I decided to leave. Peepland was clearly dead, at least for the time being. Driving a mile down the road I approached A-Action ABS, another bookstore. It is one of the more sleazier outfits in Las Vegas, but normally has some good action all day long. I pulled into the parking lot behind the store only to think 'Shit! There's only one car here!'. Still, I was there, and while it didn't look very promising, I decided to check it out, if only because I had always found the staff at the place to be very pleasant. Paying the entrance fee of $7.00, I entered the store, taking a peek into the theater. It was empty. 'Shit!', I thought, 'Looks like I've just wasted $7'. Still, I stepped out of the theater and wandered down the arcade hallway. The video booths half half doors, so it was obvious all were empty, or so I thought until I got to the last booth on the right where I found a guy sitting on the bench, jacking himself. I entered the adjoining booth and peeked through the large glory hole between the booths. He looked like an aging hippie, about sixty, his long gray hair pulled back into a pony tail. Still he was nice looking, and more importantly, his thick cock was about seven inches, and stood proudly as he stroked away. Dropping to my knees at the glory hole, I signaled with finger tap to the partition wall. Seeing me, he stood and slid his thick cock through the hole. I went down on him, taking great pleasure in servicing his tool, which, I might add, felt great in my mouth. Within a couple of minutes he withdrew his cock from my mouth, stepped out of his booth, opened the door to mine, and without a word, Aging Hippie took a seat on the folding chair in my booth. I resumed sucking him, and as I did so, I heard the door chime at the entrance to the store, soon seeing denim clad legs under the half door. The door opened a bit and I a man peeking in on us, so I gestured for him to join us. The new guy looked to be in his early 30's, and struck me as a 'Skater Dude', which is to say he was very, very good looking with an amazing body. Skater Dude entered the booth, unzipped, pulling out a nice looking seven inch, thick, cut cock. I switched from the Aging Hippie to Skater Dude, and sucked, making it a point, however, to switch back and forth between the two beautiful cocks. Aging Hippie and Skate Dude were obviously turned on as they began to kiss, as I continued to service both dicks. As I did so, again I heard the door chime, and again I saw legs outside the half door. The new guy had his cock out and Skater Dude reached under the half door and stroked his six inch beer can dick. Beer Can Dick then opened the door, squeezing himself into the crowded booth. Skater Dude bent over to suck on Beer Can dude, but as it was a very awkward position he soon abandoned the attempt and straightened up so I resumed sucking him. Aging Hippie meanwhile, apparently decided he wanted to do some sucking, so he kind of pushed me out of the way and took Skater Dude's cock into his mouth, leaving me stuck in the corner without any dick available, so I struggled to to my feet and squeezed my way towards the door, feeling like I needed to get some air. Just as I approached the doorway I heard Skater Dude ask Aging Hippie "Can I fuck you?" Aging Hippie, however, replied "Nope, I don't fuck." "You can fuck me," I immediately offered. Skater Dude's face lit up as, without a pause he replied "Great! Show me your ass." I undid my pants, pulled them down, turned and put my ass on display, repeatedly lubing my hole with spit. "Slide your chair over so I can get to his ass," Skater Dude told Aging Hippie, who complied. At that point Beer Can guy stepped out of the booth, and stood in the doorway, the door fully open, stroking himself as he watched the events unfold. Skater Dude took a hit of poppers, and I also retrieved my poppers from my pocket and took a hit. We both wanted to get the most out of this. I bent over, Skater Dude moved behind me and without any fanfare slid his cock into my hole. I anchored myself by means of grabbing the back of Aging Hippie's chair and by grabbing the glory hole, whereupon Skater Dude began to fuck me hard, going balls deep into my ass. To my right and left I could see both Beer Can guy and Aging Hippie as each guy stroked, watching us fuck. Skater Dude's rock hard cock felt fantastic as he pounded my hole, and apparently Beer Can guy really enjoyed watching 'cause he quickly blew his load, in fact blowing his seed on Skater Dude's leg. That seemed to trigger Aging Hippie as he also came, his jizz is dripping down my leg. I stroked my own cock, and as I approached climax moaned "Aaaahhhhhh," shooting my load on the floor below me. As my body convulsed in orgasm, my ass squeezed Skater Dude's cock. He also moaned, and I could distinctly feel his cock throb inside my ass as he filled my guts with his seed. Afterwards he withdrew and I turned around, took his cock into my mouth and cleaned him up. Then we all cleaned up as best we could, dressed and exited the booth. As Skater Dude and I walked towards the store exit, Skater Dude turned to the clerk at the counter and dryly remarked "Clean-up in booth seven." All three of us had a good laugh. "I figured I was going to have a mess in there. Have a good one, guys," the clerk replied as he stepped out from behind the counter and headed back to towards the booths. With that we exited the store. "Thanks for the fuck," Skater Dude remarked as he unlocked and climbed into his beat up Volkswagen, which was parked next to mine. Then we went our separate ways. I should add I'll now be able to get some productive things done today - now that I've gotten off and have a nice load in my ass.
  3. Stopped into A-Action ABS this afternoon. I paid my entrance fee, then went into the theater. There was one guy sitting on a sofa in a dark corner, jacking off. I walked up to him to get a closer look. He appeared to be a hispanic guy in his early 30's. He had his fist wrapped around a rock hard, thick slab of meat, stroking it as he watched the str8 film on the large screen at the front of the room. We were the only two in the theater. I knelt down and took it into my hand to stroke. It was definitely rock hard. I'd say at least 6.5", cut and thick. I quickly wrapped my lips around it and sucked. He sighed loudly as I began to make love to that big bad boy. About 5 minutes of good cocksucking brought me my first load of the afternoon. He thanked me for the blow job, which was quite nice and polite. How often do you get thanked for getting someone off in those places? I looked at him as I began to stand and said, "No, Thank YOU!". We smiled at each other as I got up and left the theater to go see what was in store for me in the arcade. This is the arcade with lots of glory holes between most booths and half doors on the booths. The doors don't lock and of course, since they are half doors, open at the bottom, you can easily see what's going on in each booth. There were several booths with guys in them, jacking off. And I pass one booth that had a guy on his knees, sucking off another guy. I found a booth with a g/h, next to a booth that was occupied. I knelt at the hole and did the finger wave. The guy on the other side, an older black guy in his early 60's was sitting in there. He looked tall and thin. Wearing sweat pants a sweat shirt. He stood and pulled his sweat pants down. He pulled out a sizable bbc. He fed me his limp cock through the hole. I took it into my mouth and began to suck. It swelled a little bit. But after 4 or 5 minutes of sucking, I could see that he wasn't going to get fully hard. And I was going to have a difficult if not impossible time trying to make him cum. So, I gave up on that cock and left that booth. Checking under the doors again, it seemed to be all the same, except the guy that had been on his knees sucking, was now standing and getting fucked by the guy he'd been sucking. I went into the booth opposite them, so I could get a direct view across the hall into their booths to enjoy the view of them fucking. They fucked for a few minutes, then pulled apart, the fuckee pulled his pants up, sat on the chair and sucked on the guys dick for a couple of minutes, then gave up and left the booth. The guy that had been doing the fucking must not have cum, because he had now sat back down on the chair and was stroking furiously on his cock. So, I left my booth and crossed over to that booth. I went inside, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his 6'' uncut cock. It was rock hard and dripping lots of precum. He was sighing and moaning as I sucked him. I sucked for 4 or 5 minutes, then he whispered, "Do you have a condom"? "No, Do you"? I said. "No". " Shit! He wants to fuck. But with a condom. Damn! I go back to sucking on his cock. "I wish we had a condom", he softly said again. "Yeah. Me too. But, we don't. You can fuck me bare". There's no response from him. I'm wondering if he was fucking the other guy with a condom? The booth is too dark to see if a used condom has been tossed on the floor. I just continue to suck on him. Then he pulls me up under my arms as he stands from his chair. "Turn around. I wanna' fuck you". I turn, undo my pants and drop them to the floor. I spit on my fingers and lube my ass a bit with my spit. He also spits on my ass and slips the spit up into my hole. He spits a couple of times on his cock and lubes it up. As I bend over, he begins to press into me. He slips inside me easily. His uncut cock nearly pulls completely out of me, then lunges back in. He fucks me for about 5 minutes, before he slams deep into me, holds it there and cums in my ass. He quickly pulls out of me, pulls up his pants and leaves the booth in a whirlwind. I pull up my pants. Pull myself together and head out into the hallway. I see the guy that's just fucked me leaving the store. And a tall, heavy set young black guy is walking out of the theater and heading towards me in the arcade. I stand at the end of the arcade and wait to see where this black kid will go. If you've been reading my stories, you know that I just LOVE black dick. The kid walks down the hall of booths, checking out what he can see under the doors. He comes almost to me and goes into the 2nd to the last booth. I enter the adjoining booth, that I know shares a g/h. I drop to my knees at the g/h. He immediately steps up to the hole and feeds me an already hard 5'5" cut cock. I immediately start to work on his cock. After a few minutes of cock worship, he pulls his cock from my mouth. Stuffs it back in his pants and leaves his booth. He opens my booth door and I move to the side to allow him space to come in. He pulls his cock back out and I drop back to my knees and resume my cock worship of his beautiful black dick. I work on his beautiful black dick like a champ. I finally take a look up at him as I still have his cock in my mouth. "Yeah. Look in my eyes, while you're sucking my dick. You like my dick?" "Mhmmhmmm....nnnmm", I moan with my mouth full of his cock as I continue to look up at him and suck him. I can tell that he's turned on by my looking into his eyes at the same time that I'm worshiping his black dick. Very soon, he grabs the back of my head, pulls my head down on his cock. Forcing his dick to the back of my throat. His cock throbs as he begins to pump his load of hot cum down my throat. I milked his dick of as much cum as I could squeeze out. Then we both put ourselves back together and I left the store feeling satisfied to have several loads in my stomach and one in my ass.
  4. Yeah, sleazy A-Action is usually a great place for loads. I love getting a raw load from some of the BBC's & Latino dicks that hang out there. I've sucked off one of the Strip Headliners there a couple of times through the g/h's. You've probably taken his load as well.
  5. I got an email yesterday afternoon from a hot black guy from Los Angeles, that has fucked me a number of times when he's been traveling here to Las Vegas. He said he had just arrived in town to visit family for Christmas. He was staying at his cousin's place. And that they both wanted to fuck me around 6pm when his cousin got home from work. I emailed back that I was interested and available. He gave me the address and told me to be there at 6pm. This black guy is one hot top. His name is Dwayne. I first met him through a Craigslist ad about 2 years ago. He comes to Las Vegas every couple of months and has fucked me about a dozen times in the past 2 years. So, I was eager to take his dick and his load again. I didn't even ask anything about his cousin. I just figured any additional black dick would be fun. All I knew about the cousin, was that his name was Bernard. And he worked security for one of the big hotel's on the Strip. I arrived at Bernard's condo a few minutes early. Dwayne opened the door. Gorgeous as always. 6'2'', 240 and muscular. Sporting a short goatee and a day's growth of stubble on the rest of his face. Handsome as hell. He was wearing a basketball shorts and a wife-beater tee shirt, which showed off his muscled arms perfectly. He invited me in. As I stepped into the living room, I could see another black dude sitting on the sofa. He glanced up at me, giving me the "once over". "This is my cousin's friend, Morris. I hope you wouldn't mind if he joined us?" Dwayne asked? "Yeah. I'm cool with that." I said. Morris is about 5'10", 200 and also very muscular. Where Dwayne has a light chocolate complexion, Morris has very, very dark, black skin. So black, that it almost shined. Not exactly handsome. But, his muscular build was very appealing. "My cousin just texted me that he's just a few minutes away. He wants us to get started". "Ok, cool", I said, as I followed Dwayne back to one of the bedrooms. The room was dark. We all three stripped naked. And I dropped to my knees to suck on Dwayne's cock. As I sucked, Dwayne's cock grew to it's full 9"s. Even though the room was nearly pitch dark, I could see Morris standing next to us. His cock already hard, stroking it just inches from my face. I turned my head and sucked on Morris's cock. It was just as long as Dwayne's. But even thicker. "Get on your knees on the bed, Bitch", Dwayne said to me. I did as I was told and knelt on the edge of the king size bed that filled the room. I was already prepared with my brown bottle of poppers in my hand. Knowing that Dwayne likes to immediately "get down to business", I took some deep hits of poppers to prepare me for his dick to quickly slide into me. Instead, I felt Morris put his face against my ass and lick my hole. I could tell it was Morris, because the face was smooth shaven, like his. Morris was an expert ass eater. He spread my ass cheeks and slid his tongue deep up into my hole. He had me moaning and squirming as he kissed and licked my fuck hole. He'd spit on my hole, then slide the spit up inside me with his tongue. I continued to sniff on my poppers as Morris rimmed my ass. Soon, Morris's tongue was replaced by his cock. He slipped up into me in one slow thrust. Then he grabbed me around the waist and began to pump. "Good Bitch", I heard Dwayne say. "How does his ass feel?", Dwayne asked Morris. "Nice and silky hole", Morris replied. Soon I heard someone else enter the room. "How's the hole?" I heard the strange voice ask, as I heard shoes being kicked off and clothes being discarded. "Morris is liking it, Cuz", Dwayne chuckled. "Slide up into it, yourself, Dwayne said. "Naaaah, You fuck him for a bit. He's going to need to be stretched out before he can take my dick". his cousin laughed. Morris pulled out of me and I felt the familiar cock of Dwayne slide easily up inside me. Dwayne immediately began to pound me hard and deep. I felt someone climb onto the bed in front of me. There was just enough light to be able to see that it was Bernard. He was even taller than his cousin. Bernard had to be at least 6'4", Muscular, but very thin. But the dick he put to my lips was anything BUT thin. Bernard was already. His cock had to be at least 9" or 9 1/2" long. And extremely thick. His cockhead was like a huge mushroom. And covered with foreskin. I sucked on his foreskin as Dwayne continued to pound my ass. "I've got 2 more buddies coming over. Can you handle it, Bitch?" Bernard said to me. "Uh, huh" I grunted as Bernard's cock slid past my lips and down my throat. I had 2 BBC's fucking both my holes. "I thought you wouldn't mind", Bernard said. "Dwayne told me you were a hungry pig". he laughed. Dwayne pulled out and Morris slid back into me. Morris was really pounding me, this time. He slapped my ass a few times as his cock slammed into me. Soon, Bernard pulled out of my mouth and said, "Ready or not, here I come". He climbed off the bed and walked behind me. Morris pulled out and I felt cold lube being dribbled onto my hole. I heard more lube being squeezed out and Morris was lubing up his cock. Morris's thick mushroom cockhead was soon pressing against my hole. I opened my poppers and took a couple of deep drags on it. I knew I was going to need help taking this big one. Morris soon pushed hard and his cock plopped up inside me. It hurt a bit. But I wanted it badly. I kept sniffing the poppers as he slid balls deep into me. He immediately began to pump deeply in me. "Nice pussy", Bernard said as he fucked me. A few minutes later I heard a couple of more guys enter the room. Once again, I heard shoes being kicked off and clothes being discarded. After a few minutes of Bernard's cock fucking me, he slid out and another cock took it's place. For more than an hour, 5 BBC's took turns filling my ass. When the first guy came inside me, he pulled out and Morris put his mouth up to my asshole, licking the cum that was dripping from my hole. Morris was one hot ass eater. He'd get his tongue deep, up inside me. Taking as much of the other guys cum as he could eat. Then another cock slid into me. Once he came, Morris again ate the load from my hole. Dwayne's familiar cock put the third load in my ass. Morris again licked up the remnants. Then Morris took his turn, fucking me, until he planted his load in me. Then eating his own load that was leaking from my hole with all the other loads. Bernard was the last to seed me. Bernard again sipped into me and fucked me with no mercy. His thrusts were so hard, that it would knock the breath out of me. I would grunt with each of his thrusts. Finally, after about 10 minutes of his assault on my ass, I heard him groan and unload his balls in my hole. As soon as Bernard pulled out, Morris again licked what he could from my ass. As much as I loved it, and I did, love it. I was glad for it to be over. My ass was sore and raw. I climbed off the bed as Bernard handed me a few tissues. I wiped my ass with the tissues, then put the tissues to my nose. I wanted to smell the beautiful aroma of their cum. We all dressed in the dark. Then as we entered the living room I caught the first good look at Bernard and his two buddies. I had 5 loads of cum inside me from those 5 black studs. I was in heaven. I thanked them all and told them I would love to take their loads at any time. Dwayne told me he'd be in Vegas until after New Year's. I told them I wanted to do it again. I sure hope we can make it happen. It was one of the best times I've had in bed, in a long time.
  6. One of the absolutely HOTTEST things that's ever happened to me, just happened. I can't fuckin believe it. Reading back on this, now that I've typed it, it sounds like a porn movie. But, it just happened to me. I may be getting old and stupid in my old age. But, I'm still just a horndog at heart. And I get myself into some pretty risky situations, sometimes. Last night, I posted on Craigslist that I wanted to get tag fucked by a group of black men this week. These tag fucks are not easy to set up. But, I've had several really successful ones in the past. It's been awhile since my last group fuck. And I was hoping I could somehow set one up while I'm home on vacation, this week. I placed the ad and I got a few replies that didn't lead anywhere. A lot of the typical crap you get from the CL game players. But, one of the replies I got on KIK was from a heavyset, 23 year old black kid that had seen my ad. He looked kind of cute in his pic. He was trying to appear kind of thuggish. But he was looking a little too cute to really pull it off. He shared some pics of his cock with me. As well as a video of him jacking off. He was showing about 6"s of uncut black dick, covered with very ample foreskin. We chatted back and forth on KIK for a few hours last night. He told me that he could host at his condo at noon on Monday. I asked if he lived with family or had roommates? I knew the area he lived in. It's a very nice middle class area. I didn't think a young kid his age could afford to live in that area alone. He told me he lived with his Dad. His Mom and Dad were divorced. And he had moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to live with his Dad about a year ago. I said, "What would your Dad do if he caught us fucking?" He said, "He'd probably fuck you, too. LOL". "Yeah, right. You're joking, right"? "Nope, my Dad fucks me", Antone said. "But, he'll probably be at work. He wouldn't care, anyway". I'm thinking this kid is just pulling my leg and fuckin' with me. In fact, now I'm disappointed. He's obviously another CL flake that's just playin' with me. He's not serious about hooking up. I said to him, "Send me a pic of your Dad". Antone sends a couple of pics of a very good looking black man that appears to be in his mid 40's. One of the pics is even a pic of this same black guy fucking some chick. And another one of the same chick sucking his BBC. I'm skeptical that these are really pics of his Dad. I'm thinking that it's probably just a pics of some handsome black guy he found on the internet to send me. I'm still not believing him. But, Antone had gotten me very turned on with his messages and his pics. So, against my better judgement, we confirm that I'm going to come to his condo at noon the next day. I'm nervous as hell, driving the 30 minutes to his condo. This kid is young. Just 23. I'm still not sure if what he's telling me about his Father is true or not? Is he just messing with me? I've had a few really scary encounters with strangers I've set up from Craigslist, in the past. I'm wondering if I'm stepping into something that I shouldn't be? Will his dad show up and beat the shit out of me, because I'm having sex with his son? Is the kid even really 23? He looks young in his pic. Should I ask to see his ID to see if he's legal age, before we get naked? My mind was racing with all the scary possibilities that I could be putting myself into. But, the pics of his beautiful, young, hard black dick were just too much for me to resist. I needed to taste that foreskin of his. I wanted his cock in my ass. And I wanted his load of cum in me. As nervous and apprehensive as I was about this, there I was driving to his Father's home to have sex with this kid. I finally arrive at his condo, right on time. The gate code he's given me works. I find the correct building, I park and climb the stairs to their second floor condo. I'm literally shaking as I ring the doorbell. Antone answers the door and brings me inside. "Are we alone", I ask? "No. Dad's here. He's working the late shift tonight. But he's cool with it. He knows why you're here. He told me to have fun", Antone tells me with a wink and a smile. "Seriously? Where is he?". "He's in his room, on his computer. Don't freak. He's totally cool with it", Antone said. Now, I'm really shaking. This is just too freaky. But, I follow Antone back to his bedroom. He closes the door and begins to kiss me. We begin to undress each other as we kiss. He's already hard as I pull his sweatpants open. Once naked, we climb on the bed and end up in a 69 position. Sucking each other. Then we change positions and I begin to eat his ass. He's moaning loudly as I slide my tongue into him. "Shhhhhh...... Your Dad will hear", I whisper to him. Antone laughs. "You're such a freakout. Cool the fuck down, man...", he chuckles. We switch positions again. I'm now on my hands and knees and Antone begins to eat my ass. The kid is great at rimming. He keeps spitting on my hole, then sliding the spit up into me with his tongue. Then I feel him kneel behind me and put his cock up to my ass. He grabs me around the waist and begins to slide up in me. He's lubed me up well with all his spit. He slides into me quite easily. The horny kid immediately starts to pound my ass, hard. The slapping sound of our bodies is loud and the bedframe is squeaking and hitting the wall as he pounds me. I'm still feeling nervous that his Dad is literally in the next room as his son fucks me. Since this kid is only 23, and judging from the pic, I'm a hell of a lot older than the Dad. But, the fuck feels great. I always have my trusty popper bottle in hand, and I take a few sniffs and try to relax into the fuck. I'm feeling so weird. This strange mixture of excitement and fear. I'm still nervous as hell. But the kid knows what he's doing. He may be young, but he knows how to fuck. He keeps pushing me into different positions. I'm finally face down, flat on the bed. My face buried in the pillow as he slams into me. Suddenly I hear, "How's his ass feel, Antone?" "Nice, Dad. Real nice". I pull my face up off the pillow and turn my head towards the voice at the bedroom door. Antone's Father is standing at the doorway. Completely naked. He's close to 6' tall. About 250 lbs. He's got a football player's build. A nice looking guy in his mid 4'0's. Carrying some extra weight. But looking very handsome and strong. He's got a long, thick cock hanging between his legs and large balls hanging behind it. His muscular chest and abs are covered in hair. But his cock and balls are shaved smooth. My heart is racing. I'm paralyzed with fear. I look at the Father with shock and fear in my eyes. I can't even form words to say anything to him. Anonte just keeps pounding my ass. His Dad moves to the side of the bed. "Over here, Fag. You need a black dick stuffed in your mouth, too. Antone told me you like black dick. So, here's some more black dick for your faggot mouth", he says. Antone pulls out of my ass and I slowly crawl to the edge of the bed. I'm on my hands and knees as I take the Father's limp cock in my mouth and begin to suck. Antone climbs behind me and again slides his cock back into me. The Dads cock slowly begins to grow in my mouth. His cock soon has grown to I'm guessing about 8" thick inches. His cockhead is covered in loose foreskin. There's a nice bit of cheese under the foreskin. It's sweet, salty and pungent. I suck and gently chew on the foreskin. And then he holds my head and fucks my mouth. "You done good, kid. He looks like a good fuck". "Try him, Dad. His ass is nice and wet". Antone pulls out and they change positions. The Dad now climbs behind me as Antone puts his cock up to my lips. I saw the Dad's fully hard cock as he pulled from my mouth and climbed behind me on the bed. And I know I'm going to need some more poppers to be able to take him. It's big, thick and rock hard. I sniff deeply in both nostrils a couple of times as I feel the Dad slam up into me in one, merciless thrust. I let out an audible gasp as he impales me with his giant cock. Then I wrap my lips around Anton's cock and he begins to fuck my face, as his father fucks my ass. Grunts, moans and growls are coming from all 3 of us as the two of them abuse my holes. They switch positions a couple of times. Finally, Antone is fucking me as he growls and yells out, "Oh, Fuck! I'm coming"....!!! He thrusts into me and empties his balls in my ass. He continues to slowly fuck me as he pumps his last drops into me. Then he pulls out quickly and slaps my ass as his Father pulls from my mouth and climbs back on the bed, crawling behind me. He rams his cock back into me and shows no mercy as he pummels my ass with his monster cock. His son's cum in my ass provided some much needed lube. He slid inside me much smoother and easier this time. His thrusts were hard and deep. His son put his cock back up to my lips to clean off with my mouth. I taste his cum and my ass on his cock that was still hard as a rock. His Dad then pulled out of me. He grabbed me by the legs and pulled me as he said, "Get on your back, Fag". I complied and rolled onto my back in the center of the queen sized bed. The Dad lifted my legs and Antone throws one of the pillows up under my ass, as I sniffed the poppers. The Dad positioned himself at my hole and slammed his cock back into me. I let out a grunt as he slid balls deep, back into me. Antone climbed back on the bed and squatted over my face. He spread his asscheeks and lowered his hole to my mouth. I licked and ate his sweet ass. I could hear Antone and his Dad kissing as I ate his ass and his Dad fucked mine. The Dad's thrusts became even more brutal as he neared climax. Soon he grunted and slammed into me as his cock exploded in my guts. He was growling and grunting and swearing as his load emptied into me. Antone had been stroking his cock as I ate his hole. All of a sudden I felt Antone's hot cum cover my stomach. The little fucker had shot a second load onto me. The Dad pulled out of me. "Clean up this mess, Antone", he chuckled as he climbed off the bed. Antone leaned forward and licked his own cum from my stomach. Then he crawled around me and lifted my legs. He licked his Father's and his own cum from my gaping asshole. His Dad stepped up alongside us as he and Antone kissed again. Antone feeding his Father the load he had just licked up. Without a word, Antone's Father left the room and closed the door behind him. I stared in silence at Antone. Then we both broke into laughter. "Holy FUCK!", I said. "What the hell just happened?" Antone was also laughing. "Yeah, it freaks guys out. But, I told you it was all cool. You didn't need to be so nervous." "Have you and your Dad been fucking a long time", I asked? "Yeah. Like, forever. He's been fuckin' me....well.......since my Mom left us. And that was a long time ago. And some of his buds have fucked when they all have been drinkin' together. Now, I'm the one sharing my buds with him. LOL. Kind of funny, huh?." Antone said. "Is your Dad gay?" I asked?" "Ahhh.. Fuck, no!!! He likes pussy. He brings girls home all the time to fuck. Mostly white chicks. They love his cock. He works at one of the Big Casino's. He's always bringin' girls back that he's met at the hotel. He ain't had a steady girlfriend for awhile. But, he'll pretty much fuck anything. He's just a horny fucker. Like me, I guess." Antone chuckled. "There's some bitch in his bed, getting pounded, all the time. Once in awhile he'll even have some guy show up here that he'll fuck. I don't think it matters to him. He just likes to fuck. He's had me fuck some of the chicks and the guys he's brought home with him. But, I think I prefer the guys he brings home. The chicks can be kind of skanky lookin', if you know what I mean?" Antone said, with a laugh. I finish dressing and Antone walks me to the door. As we enter the living room, his Dad is sitting on the sofa. Still naked. Smoking a cigarette. "So, how's that pussy of yours feeling after two black dicks and two loads of cum in you?'' he asked? Smiling a devilish smile. "Feels great! Thanks for the fuck. I'm Dave, by the way", I say as I walk to the door. "Walter. Walt, actually", he says. "Well, thank you, Walt and thank you, Antone. This was pretty amazing". We all three chuckle as Antone lets me out the door. I couldn't wait to get home to write this all down. It still doesn't seem real or possible. I just messaged Antone back and told him I wanted to organize a big tag team party at a motel later this month. I wanted him and his Dad to be part of it to seed my ass. Antone replied back that they'd both be there. I hope his Dad will bring some of his buddies. God! I love living in Las Vegas! Living here really brings the PIG out in me.
  7. Very, very HOT!
  8. jockstrap

    I lived in San Fran a number of years ago. I used to hit the Gulch then and take as many cocks and loads of cum as I could take. I'll still hit the booths when I'm there visiting. It feels like home.
  9. Awesome! Can't wait to read about it.
  10. Even after drinking 5 loads of cum at the ABS yesterday afternoon, I was still feeling horny. Since the Consumer Electronic Trade Show was still in town, I felt I needed to take advantage of all those thousands of men in town without their wives. Men alone in Vegas, tends to put them in the mood to try things that they would never have the guts to try in their home towns. As those of you that read my stories know, I LOVE str8 dick. One of the best ways I know to get str8 dick is to offer a free massage. A "massage" seems to be the least threatening way for them to get off with another guy. So, last night I posted an ad on Craigslist in the M4M Strictly Platonic category. I said I was offering a complimentary massage to men who were attending the CES trade show. I posted some pics of me doing a massage on a well hung, muscular, masculine guy with a hard on. Shortly after the ad posted, I was inundated with replies. The vast majority of them were from guys staying at hotels on The Strip. I replied to all of them and waded through the usual pic collectors, time wasters and typical Craigslist flakes. I ended up with 3 guys that sounded like they were for real. I made appointments with those 3. Spacing them out, so that I'd have some leeway in time, in case the "massage" got a bit more "interesting". The str8 guys that normally answer these ads obviously know the massage will at least end with a happy ending, hand job. Mine usually end with a blow job. In rare cases, I've been able to get them to fuck me. But, if they're truly "str8", that's a rare occurrence for them to fuck me. I got arrived at the MGM right on time for my first massage of the evening. The guy answering the door was fully dressed. He's mid 50's, Italian guy from Milan. He's short. 5'5", Curly black hair with lots of gray running through it. He's muscular and very attractive. He invites me in. He's seemed nervous and a bit "chatty", but I have a difficult to understand what he's saying, because of his thick accent and poor english. I just nod and smile as we undress. We finally are both naked and I have him lay face down on the bed. I oil him up and begin on his upper back, then quickly work my way down to his ass. His ass is firm and muscular. As are his muscular thighs. As I get to his inner thighs, I can see that he's properly adjusted himself, so that his cock was sticking out, between his legs. That usually lets me know that they're looking to have their cocks played with. My fingers brush across his balls and cockhead as I massage his inner thighs. His cock is already hard. My fingers also go deep into his ass crack. My finger brushing across his rosebud asshole. His ass arches as I rub his ass. Since I can see that he's turned on by that, I "go for it". I spread his ass cheeks, lean forward and lick his asshole. He moans in approval. I spread his ass further and really go to town on his hole. I get my tongue deep into his hole as he raises his ass up. I reach under him and stroke his now fully hard cock as I eat. "Turn over", I tell him. He quickly flips onto his back. His hard cock springs up and bounces. I don't even begin to massage his chest. My mouth wraps his cock and I begin to suck. I fondle his balls and finger his ass as I suck. It doesn't take very many minutes before he softly groans and fills my mouth with his cum. I milk his cock of every drop, then rise up. "Thanks", I say as I begin to dress. I got what I wanted in about a half hour. Now, plenty of time to make my way down the strip to The Mirage. Even with the heavy traffic on the Strip, I arrive at the next door at The Mirage about 20 minutes early. But I had texted him and he said he'd be ready. This guy was mid 40's, Korean guy. He answered the door wearing a white bathrobe with the hotels emblem on it. He invited me in and as I undressed, he dropped the robe and climbed on the bed. He was also kind of short. 5'5" or 5'6". Smooth and thin. I oiled him up and went to work on his back, ass and legs. He was completely silent. Not getting any clues from his breathing, or body reactions when I worked on his ass or inner thighs. There were no sighs or moans to give me any clues. So, I didn't even try to lick his ass. But, when I asked him to roll over, his hard cock sprang up. He was rock hard. I massaged his chest and abs. Brushing my hand and arm against his hard cock. Finally I move to his side and begin to stroke his cock. He doesn't react, but doesn't protest. I stroke for a few moments. Beads of precum ooze from his piss slit. Finally I lean down and lick the precum from his slit. Then wrap my lips around him and begin to suck. He was obviously turned on. Because only a few minutes of cocksucking brought his hot load gushing into my mouth. I milked him dry, dressed and left his room. No words at all were exchanged. He continued to lay there, silently, his eyes closed. He had gotten what he wanted. Whether he was now feeling guilty, embarrassed or whatever, who knows? And I didn't care. I got what I wanted. His str8 load in my mouth. I was now off to my next appointment at The Wynn. As I drove down the crowded Strip, I called the next guy. I was on my way and would be early. Was he ready? He told me he was just stepping in the shower and would be ready by the time I got there. One thing I've learned to do with offering massages to str8 guys is to not get too bogged down with asking for stats or pics. They're usually quite nervous and on the DL. They are usually quite hesitant to share too much information. Since my main concern is their dick and their cum, so I really don't care too much about stats, age or looks. If they're drop dead gorgeous and have a fantastic body, that's a giant plus+. But it's really all about getting some str8 sperm in my mouth. So, I really didn't know too much about any of these 3 guys until they opened the door. All I knew about this 3rd guy was that he's a married guy, in his early 40's, from San Jose, CA. Here for the CES show. He opened his door with just a white towel wrapped around his waist. He was talking on his cell phone as he opened the door. He put his index finger to his lips, giving me the "Shush" sign as he let me into his room. He slowly and carefully closed and locked the door, so it wouldn't make a sound. "Yeah, it's still going very well. Busy, busy, busy. Sales are going quite well. Today, especially. I'm bushed. Just going to grab something quick to eat and then crash. Not even going to gamble tonight. I just want to watch a little TV, then sleep. Good night, Babe. Miss you! Sleep well". And he hung up. He had obviously been chatting with his wife. He put the phone down and extended his hand for me to shake. "Hi Dave. Ryan. Thanks for coming". Ryan is a fuckin' HUNK! 6'2", probably about 190 lbs of a nicely toned body. Not overly muscular, but a very well defined and fit body. He had beautiful, hairy chest. Firm pecs, with big nipples sticking up through a carpet of redish-blond hair. His arms and legs were strong and muscular. With large, strong hands and feet. "Where do you want me." he asked? "Just lay face down along the side of the bed. Head up and feet at the foot of the bed, please", I said. Ryan dropped his towel and walked to the bed. DAMN! This was going to be fun. Ryan was not only young and good looking, he had a body that I wanted to just worship and pleasure. His 6'2" hair covered, fit body was gorgeous. And his cock was large and mouth watering. He was definitely gifted in the cock department. His large hands and feet should have given me a clue. Ryan's cock even soft was huge. And below that hung a set of oversized balls. All covered in his ginger-blond pubic hair. He positioned himself on the bed as I undressed. I oiled up his body and began to work on his shoulders and neck. I was going to take my time on Ryan. He was gorgeous and a beautiful body that I wanted to worship and pleasure as long as I could. I worked slow on his back, working my way down to his ass. I spent a long time massaging his ass, then down to his thighs and calves. I worked his inner thigh, brushing my fingers against his balls. Then back down his legs to his feet. I wanted to give Ryan my "full treatment". I had no more guys scheduled. So, I wanted to make this last. I began to massage his huge feet. He began to sigh. Cool, I could now tell he was really enjoying this. I got on my knees at the end of the bed and really did some good work on his feet and toes. His sighs got louder as I worked on his feet. Then I worked back up his legs, spending more time on his ass. Now, he was being more vocal. He was slowly and slightly grinding his crotch as I slid my fingers into his asscrack and across his asshole. I had him just where I wanted him. But, I decided to tease him a bit longer, so I didn't try to lick his ass. I wanted to keep him in suspense as to what direction this massage was going to go? I worked back up to his shoulders, then asked him to turn over. Ryan slowly flipped onto his back. BINGO! His cock had fully hard and it stuck straight up. Damn! It was impressive. He had to have about 8" of cut cock, with a large, mushroom head. It was really thick and sprang up as he flipped over. I worked on his chest. Giving some special attention to his nipples, that hardened to my touch. His cock would bounce as I played with his hard nipples. I massaged down his chest and abs. As my fingers got close to his cock it would bounce. I had him just where I wanted him. But I was going to tease him more. I wasn't going to take hold of his cock yet. I worked down to his crotch and massaged all around his cock. I'd let the back of my hand and my arms brush against his cock as I worked the area. But that's all. I worked his inner thighs. My fingers would press hard into that pleasure spot just under his balls. He would softly groan and arch his back as my fingers played in that area. My fingers would go over his large balls, but not grab them. I quickly worked down his legs. Massaging his feet again. My own cock was now hard. As I worked back up his legs, I pressed my hard cock against the bottom of his foot. He pressed his foot back against my cock. Moving his toes on my hard cock. Then I moved to his side and worked my hands back to his crotch. Precum was oozing from his rock hard cock. After a few moments of massaging around his cock, I finally wrapped my fingers around his cock and began to stroke it. I squeezed some oil onto his cock and stroked the length of it. Now, he let out a big breath. That was what he was waiting for. He moaned as I slowly stroked him. Then I leaned forward and licked the precum from his cock. I opened my mouth and took as much as I could of his cock into it. I sucked down as far as I could take him down my throat. "Slide over", I said to him. He scooted over into the center of the King Sized Bed. I climbed up onto the bed and crawled between his legs. I began to suck his monster cock. It was so long and thick, I couldn't get too much of it down my throat. But I did the best I could. I licked his shaft. Then began to lick and suck his giant balls. He groaned. Then I put my hands under his thighs and lifted up. He knew what I wanted. He lifted his legs to his chest and gave me a good view and access to his puckered asshole. I licked it. He groaned. I dove in and slid my tongue into his asshole. He groaned louder. I wanted to enjoy this. I licked, flicked and tongue fucked his ass for several minutes. He was loving it. He began to stroke his cock as I ate his hole. "Get on your knees. Back up to the edge of the bed. I want to get in deeper", I said to him, as I jumped off the bed and grabbed my poppers and lube from my supply kit. I knelt at the edge of the bed and I dropped to my knees, with my face at his ass. I spread his ass cheeks and again dove my tongue up into his hole. I took some giant sniffs of poppers and ate his ass for close to 5 minutes. He was moaning, groaning and grinding his ass on my face. I'd have to occasionally come up for air. I'd take more whiffs of poppers and go back to rimming his ass. Finally, I came up for air and asked, "Do you fuck"? "Never done it to a guy", he said. "Would you like to fuck me", I asked? Silence. Oh, shit. Had I gone too far? "Yeah. I'll fuck you. Got a condom", he asked? Damn! I do carry condoms with me, in case they insist. But I of course want it bare. "Yeah. I've got a condom", I said. I was willing to have him wear a condom if it meant that he would fuck me with that beauty. I jumped off the bed and grabbed a condom from my kit. "I'll kneel where you are. Stand behind me", I said. He jumped off the bed as I opened the condom and rolled it onto his cock. Thankfully, I was prepared with a magnum sized condom for him. He needed it. I lubed up his condom covered cock. I normally only like to use spit as lube. But with a condom, I needed a lot of lube. I lubed up my ass. I knelt on the edge of the bed as he stepped up behind me. He quickly put his cockhead to my hole and slipped up into me in one, quick thrust. DAMN! It burned sliding up into me. I opened the bottle of poppers and sniffed deeply. He was not giving me any chance to adjust to his monster cock in me. I sniffed and sniffed the brown bottle as he grabbed me around the waist and pumped into me. My ass soon adjusted to his cock and it was feeling great as he fucked me. He was showing no mercy as he slammed deeply into me. He started to pull completely out of me, then slam back into me. Ryan had been fucking me hard and deep for about 5 minutes. Then I heard him say...."Fuck!", as he stepped back. "The condom broke", he said. I had used silicone lube, not water based. It had dissolved the condom. "Yeah. I felt it break quite awhile ago", I said. "Damn!", he said. "You got another condom?" "No. But you've been fucking me raw for 5 minutes. Just keep fucking me", I said. He was silent for a few moments as he thought about the dilemma. I did have another condom in my kit. But I wanted him raw in me. Finally, I heard him pull the remainder of the broken condom off and toss it onto the bedside table. I slipped off the bed and onto my knees. I took his hard cock in my mouth and began to suck it. He again groaned in pleasure. I sucked for a minute of two. Then without saying anything, I climbed back on the bed and knelt at the edge of the bed. "Fuck me", I said. Ryan stepped behind me and slid his now raw cock up into me in one thrust. "Ahhh........." he moaned as his bare cock slid all the way into my ass. He now slowly pulled his cock almost out of me, then slowly back into me, balls deep. He was loving the feeling of his raw cock inside of me. Skin on skin. Soon his pace quickened and he was back to slamming in me. His body slapping against me as he rammed his monster cock into me. I was sniffing poppers as I tightened my ass around his cock. Soon, he let out a growl and slammed deeply into me. Holding his cock there, his cock began to throb in my ass as his balls emptied their load into my gut. "Fuck! Damn! Holy Shit!", he'd growl as his body shook in orgasm. I continued to squeeze my ass. Milking his cock as he emptied into my hole. He slowly pulled out of me and stepped into his bathroom. I heard water running in his sink as he washed off his cock that had just been in my ass. I dressed. Then he came out. "Wow, buddy!". "I wasn't expecting that. I've let a couple of guys blow me. But, I've never fucked a guy. That felt amazing!", he said. "Glad you liked it. How long are you in town", I asked? "Leaving early Monday morning", he said. "Well, you've got my number. Text me if you want to fuck again, before you go", I said. "Mmmmm...", he said with a smile as he opened the door for me. "I may do that", he said as he patted my ass on my way out the door. Damn! I hope he texts or calls me. I want that raw dick in me again. We'll see???
  11. God! I loved having the young black kid with dreadlocks huge load of cum drip from my ass all of last night. I went through 2 pairs of briefs last night. And I still had a huge cum stain on my sheets this morning when I woke up. His cock was so long and thick, that I've just got to make him one of my regular fucks. It felt awesome. And it was obviously a gigantic load of cum he pumped into me. 

  12. I spent the afternoon at two different ABS's here in Vegas. My favorite, Peepland, was first. The HUGE Consumer Electronics Trade Show is in town. I'm guessing that is why, so late in the afternoon, the place was jam packed. When I first got there every one of the twelve video booths was occupied. I tried doorknobs until I found one that was unlocked, and opening the door I found a nice looking guy in dress slacks and dress shirt. His fly was open and he was jacking off to some straight porn. I stepped in, locked the door, knelt down between his legs and immediately began to suck on his half hard cock. It quickly grew in my mouth. He was silent as I sucked his cock but after about five or six minutes of sucking, I could hear his breathing quicken, just moments before he filled my mouth with his hot load. I wiped my mouth, got up and left his booth. Just then, a tall, thin, geeky looking guy with black glasses had just entered the arcade. He found an empty booth and went inside and closed the door. I stepped up to his door to 'Claim It' so I wouldn't have competition from the other guys cruising the arcade for dick. I gave the guy a few minutes to get settled, get a movie going and a few minutes to get horny, then I tried the door knob. It was unlocked. I went inside and locked the door. He didn't look up at me but kept his eyes on the screen watching the busty bitch on the screen taking a hard pounding from the big dicked guy in the movie. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. This tall geeky guy had a huge dick, probably nine inches long and very thick. He also had some beautiful, low hangers plopped out of his pants. I worshiped his cock, shaft, balls and under his balls, which he clearly loved, but, he never took his eyes off the screen. Still I could tell he was enjoying my attentions by the hardening of his monster cock. I really loved servicing his gorgeous ten pounds of mandick. I literally made love to it and worshiped it. Finally I heard him start moaning as his cock throbbed. I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock as he filled my mouth to overflowing with his hot jizz. Without a word, I got up and left his booth. I tried a few more doorknobs, till I found another unlocked door. Inside was a guy dressed in a Jiffy Lube uniform. He was in his 20s and smelled of grease, but was a damn good looking kid, even if a bit rough and ruffled. But in my eyes that only made him more attractive. His blue pants open and was stroking a six inch uncut cock. I knelt between his legs and did my All-American Civic Duty to get him off. I love sucking and gently chewing on his foreskin. About 12 minutes of cocksucking ended up with his load as my third of my day. I again entered out into the arcade. The crowd had thinned. Only a couple of booths were occupied. I tried a few doors. Most were locked. One guy waved me away. When another guy exited his booth and left the store, I thought 'Well, it's also my time to go' so I left the store and drove a few miles to A-Action Books. I paid my money and went into the theater. Empty. DAMN! So I cruised the arcade. This arcade has half doors. So, you can see if someone's in the booth. Empty! SHIT! I thought 'Well, I'll sit in the theater and kill some time'. As I was walking back to the theater, near the front desk, I saw a tall, lean, scruffy looking guy in his early 30's walk in. He was wearing a black wife beater tee-shirt, black jeans and black boots, and was covered in tattoos from his neck all the way down his chest and arms. He also had piercings in his ears, nose and tongue. He wouldn't normally have been someone I'd go after, but there was something really appealing to me about him. He walked back into the arcade and I turned and walked back there following him. He went into a booth that I knew had a glory hole. I entered the adjoining booth that had a glory hole between our booths, got on my knees, face to the hole and did the 'finger gesture'. He noticed and quickly put his limp dick through the hole. It wasn't very big, but it was a fast grower, quickly rising to about six inches. In just a few minutes it was fully erect. I sucked and licked it for about five minutes but as I really wanted to get better access to his cock I stood up and walked next door to his booth. He let me come in. I dropped to my knees and resumed servicing his cock. I could see he was watching a straight movie, so as he watched the film I again made love to his straight cock. Another four or five minutes he arched his back, grabbed the back of my head and filled my mouth with his load. The nano second he came, he zipped and left, leaving me kneeling in the center of this dirty, sleazy booth. No sooner had he disappeared than a heavy set Mexican guy in his 50's stepped into the booth. He unzipped and fed me his five inch uncut Latino dick. I again sucked on his foreskin as his cock grew in my mouth, sucking him until he fed me. At this point I decided my knees had had enough of kneeling on hard concrete, so struggled to my feet, wiped my mouth and left the store, heading for home, with five loads of cum in my stomach.
  13. CES

    Just got fucked by a guy at the Westgate Hotel that's here for CES. But, it was $20 to park at the hotel. He was fun. And a good fuck. But, I don't think I'm going to be going back to the Westgate at those prices.
  14. Very, very HOT! LIke you, I LOVE getting str8 guys off. I'd say the vast majority of the guys I suck off are str8. But, it's rare for them to move to fucking on the first outing. Good for you! I loved reading about it.
  15. I normally share my recent hookups with you guys, but something happened recently that somehow reminded me of the exact moment in my youth that I realized that I loved to be a cum receptacle for horny tops. This happened to me when I was about 18 and in my first year at college - that's when I realized I was a total cum whore, an insatiable bottom, making this discovery the first time I was shared and passed around to a bunch of horny older tops. I wasn't turned into the whore I am: I'm sure I was born as a total whore. When I was eighteen I met a guy, John, while cruising a city park restroom. He was 29, an extremely tall, good looking, muscular, masculine guy with blond, curly hair and piercing blue eyes. John had a distinguished, professional look about him, and gave the impression he may well have been an accountant or lawyer, but I learned when John was turned on and naked, he was one nasty and sexually aggressive guy. While in the restroom I sucked his dick at the urinals for a bit, but it was somewhat risky as a lot of families were in the park that day, and we were interrupted several times, so when John suggested we go back to his nearby apartment, I readily agreed. Back at his apartment John didn't waste any time but fucked me, afterwards we lay together, caressing and kissing. There had been something of a 'spark' between us, and John made it clear he wanted to fuck me a lot. While we lay in his bed, just chatting and kissing, I heard the door to his apartment open and close, followed by footsteps crossing the hardwood floors. Then I heard the sounds of a television in the living room. John got up out of bed explaining "My friend Dennis is home. Stay here. I want to speak with Dennis for a minute." So I lay there, naked, in John's bed as he put on a robe and left to talk to his friend. When John returned, he sat on the edge of the bed and said, "I was telling Dennis about you. He wants to fuck you. Are you up for that?" "Sure. I guess so," I replied. John jumped up and went out to talk to Dennis, and within a minute or so the bedroom door opened again and in walked Dennis. He was a tall, muscular, handsome, dark haired guy, probably in his late 20's. He was also completely nude, and showed off his rock hard, very large and thick, cut cock, which stuck straight out his gorgeous, muscular body. I should add his chest, legs and cock were covered in thick black hair. Dennis climbed into bed with me, and began to kiss me, gradually moving down my body, kissing away, until he reached my cock which he initially sucked, only to move further down, lift my legs and felch some of John's cum from my ass. Then he pushed my legs up to my chest and slid his own cock into my cum filled ass. Dennis fucked me for over twenty minutes. Unlike John, as he fucked me he was very vocal, finally letting out a load groan as he slammed into me and filled my ass with his load. Just as Dennis was cumming inside me, John came back into the room, switching places with Dennis so he could give me another load in my ass. John and Dennis told me then that they were lovers, and had been a couple for five years, but they weren't monogamous, each enjoying some play on the side, both with and without each other. So I became a fuck buddy to each of them, coming to their apartment two or three times a week to fuck with one or both of them. One day, about a month after we first me, I received a call from John, suggesting I come by that Saturday night as Dennis and he were having some friends over, friends I would want to meet. I agreed, and arrived at their apartment about 6:00 PM. We had a few drinks and ate some appetizers they had prepared. I was new to drinking, so, it didn't take many drinks for me to feel the effect. In fact, I had a very nice buzz going by the time the three of us were naked on John's king sized bed sucking, kissing, rimming and fucking each other. About 20 minutes into this playtime, two of their buddies showed up, so now there were four guys and me. All four of the men took his turn in fucking and seeding my hole. Then another guy showed up. Then another and another. All told, by the end of that evening, I had taken nine loads in my ass, as well as a couple of oral loads. It turned out John had invited a bunch of his top buddies, telling them all to show up between 7:00 and 10:00 PM, that his apartment door would be unlocked and a young bottom would be there to take their loads. The guys ranged in age from mid 20's to mid 50's, and had, of course, various builds and cock sizes, but all of them fed me a load either in my ass or mouth. This became a regular occurrence at their apartment. For the rest of that year I would spend most Saturday nights at John's and Dennis' place, sometimes stretching the visits into the wee hours of Sunday morning, all the while taking loads from their buddies. Some would be guys who had fucked me in the past, and were returning for another chance to seed me, but just as often I had never before seen the guy. In any event, the number of guests seemed to grow each Saturday night, and looking back I'm fairly sure some of the guys would return the following Saturday, bringing their friends with them. Although I wish I had, I honestly never formally kept count, but, towards the end of this, I was probably taking between ten to twenty loads on a Saturday night. A lot of the guys seemed to be married guys in their 30's, 40's and 50's. This being SLC, Utah, I'm sure a lot of them were married, Mormon guys. Trust me. There are a hell of a lot of married, Mormon guys out there happy to slide their dicks in other guys' holes. Strangely, early the next year, John ended up leaving Dennis to marry a female. They had a kid within the year. I never fully figured that one out. Dennis was devastated. I continued to fuck with Dennis for a few months, but he eventually moved out of state, so my days of being a cum dump for their friends came to a close. I knew, however, from the first time I was passed around to between Dennis, John and their friends, that I was a cum dump, that that was what I wanted to be. And so I still am: I still can't get enough dick and cum inside me to satisfy me. The more I get, the more I want.
  16. At an ABS here in Las Vegas. Got 3 loads. Sucked off an older guy with a small dick. But, he fed me a pretty good load. Then sucked off a young latino kid with a huge foreskin. Chewed on his foreskin for awhile, before pulling it back and concentrating on his cockhead. He took awhile to cum, but ended up feeding me. Then sucked off an extremely, handsome, masculine, str8 guy. He had the perfect size cock for me to deep throat. He was loving the deep throat action. Then I got him to remove his pants completely. I ate his beautiful ass for quite awhile, before he again put his cock into my mouth and unloaded down my throat.
  17. One of my favorite times of every year here in Las Vegas are the first 2 weeks of December. For 10 days each Dec., Las Vegas hosts the National Rodeo Finals. The town is filled with nearly 30,000 rodeo cowboys and rodeo lovers. There are a couple of cowboys that I've been hooking up with each year. But they can be a bit paranoid about having me come to their hotel rooms, for fear that one of their cowboy buddies might find out. This year I decided to get a room at a cheap motel, just across the freeway from the LV Strip Hotels and host there. I love this particular motel. It has parking just in front of the rooms. It's easy access for both the out of towners staying on The Strip as well as locals. And there are two large lots on either side of the motel for 18 wheel trucks to spend the night. I like to get a room at this place every few months. Just to whore out and take loads. The first night I had the room, I invited both of my cowboy regulars to my room. They both fucked me and seemed to be a lot more relaxed coming to my room, instead of hosting in theirs. Both guys consider themselves str8. But both say they look forward to our yearly fuck. I sure do enjoy sucking, rimming and fucking with both those masculine cowboy studs. One guy is from Austin, TX. The other from South Dakota. Hot fuckers! The second night that I had the room, I decided I wanted to try an anonymous pump and dump in my room. I posted on, Squirt and Craigslist. I posted my KIK number on all the ads. I said in my ad that starting at 11pm, I would have my door unlocked. Just come in, find me ass up, and fuck me. It had to be raw. No condoms allowed. I got my room ready with several bottles of lube and poppers, tissue boxes and wet wipes set on both bedside tables and on the dresser. I also had my own bottle of poppers that I alone would use for the evening. By 10:45p I was douched, showered and had the lights off. At 10:50p the first guy came into my room. He felt my ass and fingered my hole for a minute or two. Then I felt him drizzle some cold lube on my ass and his finger slid some up inside me. His finger was soon replaced by his hard cock. He was a quick draw. He probably only fucked me for a couple of minutes, before he groaned and filled my ass with the first load of the evening. He pulled out, pulled up his pants and was out of the room in all under 5 minutes. At about 11:05p my door opened again. Another guy came in, quickly stepped up behind me, lowered his pants and slid inside me. His fuck was a bit longer. Maybe 10 minutes. Just before he came inside me, I heard the door open again. Another guy had come in. He undressed as he watched the other guy fuck me. And as soon as that guy had filled my ass with his load, the 3rd guy stepped behind me and sipped in my hole. As #3 fucked me, #2 pulled up his pants and left. Guy #3 really pounded me hard. He was really enjoying his ride. He took about 20 minutes of pounding, before he emptied his balls inside me. Within 45 minutes, I had taken the first 3 loads of the evening. I was thinking, "This is going to be a great evening". But then I went for over an hour without anyone showing up. I was starting to get discouraged, but at about 1am another guy walked into my room. I was sitting in a chair, checking emails on my phone. So I just dropped to my knees. He stepped up to me, unzipped and fed me his cock. I sucked him hard. Then I got up, knelt on the edge of the bed and sniffed some poppers, as he removed his shoes and pants. Soon he was sliding his dick up inside my cum lubed ass. He was a rough fuck. Really slamming into me. A good, hard 10 minute fuck finally resulted in load #4 going inside me. After #4 had cum and gone, I checked my emails and KIK. There were 8 messages on KIK and well over a dozen emails and messages on BBRT & Squirt. I replied to them all, giving them all my hotel address and room number. Knowing that usually, just a small portion of the guys that reply, will actually show up. But, you never know? And on this particular evening, I'd say that the vast majority of the guys that replied, actually did show up. As I've learned in the past, here in Las Vegas, as the evening gets later, the anonymous tops seem to multiply. And the str8 guys that have been hanging out at the strip clubs, getting lap dances, are now horny, drunk and tired. They want to shoot a load and get to bed. By this time in the evening, they don't really care about whether the hole is male or female. They just need a warm hole to get them off. From about 1:30am till about 4am, I had a steady stream of horny guys coming into my dark room. I sucked a few, ate a few asses, but most chose to fuck my raw ass. I really have no clue how many loads I ended up taking that night? I totally lost count. But, I'm guessing that I took about 15 or 16 loads in my ass alone, that night. A personal best. Most loads went in my ass. Two loads went down my throat. And one guy jacked off into my mouth. One guy never even made it to one of my holes. He was standing next to me, watching another guy fucking me. He was so turned on, that he sprayed his cum all over us as he watched. One of my regular cowboys that had fucked me the previous evening, came back to fuck me again that night. Even though the room was pretty dark, the majority of the guys seemed to be str8 cowboys. More than likely, even a trucker or two. Since there's overnight 18 wheeler parking on both sides of this motel. I was more than happy to be the hole for them to deposit their straight sperm inside. By 4am, the flow of guys had slowed. So I pulled the duct tape off the door lock. Locked the door and climbed into bed. As you would expect, I woke up the next morning a bit sore, lying in wet sheets, covered with sweet smelling cum. I do have to say, that Rodeo Finals once again was some of the best raw fucking I get each year. There is just nothing I love more than being a cum whore and cum depository for str8 guy loads. Not only was my asshole sore as hell for a couple of days, but I could barely walk, because my thigh muscles were sore from being on my knees for that many hours. But, I'm not complaining. I loved every single minute. And I will do it again in a nano-second when I get the opportunity.
  18. I love all hard dicks. But, aside from the fact that many black guys have xxl dicks, I'm also turned on by getting fucked by black guys because to a great extent, black men really know how to fuck. But it seems the majority of black guys that fuck me, want to fuck bareback. Most won't put on condoms. And I love raw dick in my ass. Black guys are normally very enthusiastic tops. They really get into it. They know how to slam hard and deep. I can't get enough black dick inside me.
  19. Just let me know. I'll let you know.
  20. When I was 12, my 17 year old brother caught me spying on him while he was jacking off in his bedroom. He pulled me into his room and locked the door behind us. He made me suck his cock. I ended up servicing my older brother for two or three years. He blabbed to some of his neighborhood buddies that I was a cocksucker. So, I ended up sucking off 2 of his friends, as well. My brother also started fucking me. As well as his friends fucked me. I also had sex with 2 of my cousins. One was my age. And the other was my brother's age. My brother told them about me, as well. They lived not far from us. So, we'd have sleepovers at their house. They had a giant empty room above their garage. We'd all 4 sleep in that room in sleeping bags. I'd suck and bottom for all of them.
  21. Just took 4 anonymous loads in an adult sex shop video booth. Sucked off 3 guys. And the last guy fucked me raw and seeded my ass. I love sitting in those booths and having guys walk in, lock the door and feed me their dicks. No words exchanged. Never know who they are. It's all just about getting their dicks and loads of cum inside me. That's all I care about.
  22. So, the str8 black guy, Raymond, that fucked me with my regular suck/fuck buddy Joe, sent me an email a few days ago. He wanted to fuck me again before he flew home to Seattle on Tuesday. So, I went to his hotel room at MGM this afternoon at 2pm. Raymond answered the door wearing sweat pants and a tee-shirt. He invited me in, closed and locked the door. Then he stepped to his laptop on the desk. He looked through some files on his computer, then started a porn movie on it, turning the screen to the direction of the bed. Then he stood, turning towards me, he pulled open his sweat pants and pulled out his limp, but very ample dick. It flopped outside his pants. "Are you hungry?" he asked. I walked to him, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his beautiful, black cock. It grew slowly as I sucked on it. I pulled on the waistband of his sweat pants, pulling them down as he then stepped out of them and I tossed them aside. I fondled his giant, low hanging balls as his cock continued to grow in my mouth. Then he pulled his cock from my mouth and he sat on the edge of the bed. I crawled over, between his legs. Again taking his giant cock into my mouth. I took all I could down my throat. I'd gag on it and then come up for air. He seemed to enjoy making me gag. He'd push my head down, holding it there, until I'd gag, then let go and let me come up for air. I lowered my head and began to lick and suck on his balls. He lifted his legs, giving be a great view of his beautiful, black asshole. I licked it and flicked it with my tongue. "Eat it, Queer". "You love my black ass, don't you? Eat it. Eat my hole, Fag". His aggressive, demeaning, verbal abuse was turning me on. I did love his black asshole. I love his black cock. I love his black balls. I love making love to his cock, balls and ass. I licked and kissed his hole. I slid my tongue up into it. He let out a soft sigh. As I slid it in again, and again, and again. I spread his ass cheeks and slid my tongue as deeply inside his ass as I could get it. I licked the inside of his hole. My fingers spread his hole and I dove in even deeper. "Eat it, Faggot. Eat my ass". He stood and turned. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, he reached back and spread his ass cheeks. Showing me his beautiful hole. I buried my face in his ass and slid my tongue deep inside him again. I was still fully dressed. I was reaching into my pants pockets for my poppers as I continued to eat his hot, black, straight hole. I came up for a breath and took a deep breath of poppers. Then my face went back into his ass and I continued to eat and lap at his hole. Raymond reached back and grabbed the back of my head. Pulling my head deeper into his ass. I could barely breath, since my face was smashed between his ass cheeks. Finally, I was able to pull my head away and gasp for breath. I stood and took off my clothes as I caught my breath. Once I was naked, I took another deep breath of poppers. Ray had turned and was now laying on his back on the bed. I climbed up on the bed, bent over him and took his large cock back into my mouth. I sucked on it as best I could. But it had grown so large and thick, I could get little more than just his mushroomed cockhead into my mouth. As I was sucking on his cock, he reached behind me and was fingering my ass. Yes, I knew that's what he ultimately wanted. My white ass. I adjusted my position to give him better access to my hole. He was stretching my hole open. Getting me ready to take his monster bbc inside me. Raymond pulled himself up, so that he was now laying in the center of the king sized bed. His giant cock was sticking straight up to the ceiling. "Sit on this, fucker. Sit on my dick, you horny little fucker". I grabbed the bottle of lube that Raymond had placed on the bedside table. I squeezed some lube on my fingers and lubed up my hole. I repeated that a couple of times. I knew my ass was going to need to be well lubed to take his monster cock in me again. My ass hadn't fully recovered from his first fuck with me last week. Then I squeezed some lube on Ray's cock and made sure it was nice and slick. I used the small hand towel he had left on the table and wiped the lube from my fingers, so I could open the poppers. I took some deep breaths of poppers as I swung my leg across Ray's body and straddled him. I placed his giant mushroom cockhead up to my hole as I took another deep breath. "What's that shit you're sniffing?", Ray said. "Poppers. You've heard of them, haven't you?" "Yeah, I heard of them. Let me try". I took the lid off and handed him the bottle. He took a couple of sniffs, and handed the bottle back to me. I took one more deep breath of the poppers, then began to slowly lower myself onto him. Oh, FUCK! It hurt. But I was going to take it. I had been waiting all of the rest of last week, waiting to have Ray's bbc inside me again. I was going to take it. As much as it hurt, I continued to lower myself on him. Until I had him fully inside me and could feel his hairy balls against my ass. I held it there for a few moments, so I could adjust to his length and thickness inside me. Finally, I began to slowly raise and lower myself on him. It was now feeling great. And I was loving the feel of his mammoth cock sliding up and down my ass. I was rocking back and forth as I took his cock deep inside me. Ray began to press up into me. Now he was thrusting up into me as I was rocking on it. Finally he took hold of my waist and lifted me. He rose up and pushed me back on my back. He was able to stay fully inside me as we repositioned on the bed. I was now on my back and he was kneeling between my legs. He had pulled my legs up over his shoulders and was now slamming into me. He would slam so hard and deep into me that he would force the breath out of me. I would make a grunting sound with each thrust he took into me. Normally, even with an xxl cock in me, by this time in the fuck, I've completely adjusted to the size and would not be experiencing any pain. But Ray's cock was so mammoth and so thick that with each thrust, it was difficult to know whether to groan in pleasure or in pain. It was an odd mixture of both pain and amazing pleasure. I was both loving and dreading each of his powerful thrusts into me. He rammed my ass in this position for 3 or 4 minutes, then pushed me onto my side. He rolled onto his side, behind me and lifted my leg up to give him easy access to my ass. This position was a bit easier for me, and I began to relax and enjoy each thrust. He pounded me in this position for another 5 minutes. Then he pushed me forward and down. I was now laying flat on the bed, face down. He now really started to ram into me even harder. The pain was now all gone. And I was enjoying each and every thrust he gave me. He was really slamming deeply into me, and his body, as it slammed into me, made a loud slapping sound. I was grunting as the air would be pushed out of me with each thrust. It was rough, but is was so exciting and such a huge turn on to be totally and completely USED by this gorgeous, strong, muscular, masculine straight black God, that I wanted it to never end. I wanted to do nothing more that to be used for his pleasure. To be used to get him off. To be used as his cum receptacle. He slammed deeper and harder and louder into me. Soon, Raymond began to grunt as well. Sweat was dripping from his forehead now and covering me with his sweat. I could feel the wetness between our bodies. He and I were both gasping for breath. Finally he gave me one last and violent thrust of his giant cock and growled. "OH, FUCK...!!!! YOU FUCKING BITCH! Take my load you, Fucking Cunt! Take my load, you piece of shit....OH,...... FUUUUUCCCK...!!!" His body began to shake as his cock throbbed inside my ass. I could feel the cum surging through his cock and into my guts. He was deep up inside my second sphincter. Unloading his hot seed, deep, deep up inside me. My body also began to shake. While I wasn't cumming as in cum coming from my cock. I was shaking in orgasm. His orgasm seemed to go on and on. Each time he would orgasm, it would set me off. And I would orgasm as well. He stopped shaking, but stayed deep inside me for a few moments. HIs hot breath was on the back of my neck, as he began to slowly pull out of me. Each time he'd pull back, it would make me shake in orgasm again. I tried to hold onto him, by squeezing my ass around his cock. But, he slowly did finally pull out and his cockhead came out with a plop. Just as his cock plopped from me, I had my last orgasm. He dropped onto the bed, panting as he caught his breath. I snuggled up to his sweat covered, hairy chest and laid against him as we both breathed deeply. After a few moments, Ray slapped my ass and rolled off the bed. "Fuck, Dave! You are a hot fuck! Who'd have thought a guy could fuck like that? Guess I'm going to have to come back to Vegas soon. I can't find any pussy that can take a pounding like you. Do all guys fuck like you?" he asked? I leaned over and took his softening, cum covered cock into my mouth. My lips squeezed every last drop of his sweet cum and licked his piss hole clean of cum". Then I rose up, laughing, I said "Yeah. Well, maybe not every guy. But, with a dick like yours, you'll have no trouble finding a man pussy to pound. But, my ass is yours anytime you come back. Let me know". I dressed as he went into the bathroom to wash off his cock. He came out of the bathroom as I was putting on my shoes. I stood and he gave me a quick hug. "Damn, buddy. Thanks for the fuck. You'll be my hole of choice, whenever I'm in town", he chuckled as I walked to the door. I'm sitting here writing this. Hours later, and his cum is now trying to make it's way out. My briefs and seat cushion are wet with his cum. But, I'm not wanting to shit it out, yet. I love the feel of having a part of him still inside me. What a fuck! I will gladly give up my hole for him anytime he's in Vegas. What a HOT Top!!!! I've had some great fucks in my life. But, I may have to say this was one of the hottest fucks of my life. I'm so sore right now. I may not be able to take dick for a few days. But it was definitely worth it.
  23. My BreedingZone rank just rose to "Sex Addict". Allright!!! That's indeed what I am. :drool:;):D:P

  24. I guess I'm kind of a novice at piss drinking. The few times I've done it in the past, I've really enjoyed having the piss spray all over my naked body. Really love it in my hair and goatee. And on my cock and hitting my asshole. Love the feel of the warm piss hitting and dripping down my body. Up until a couple of months ago, whenever I had taken piss in my mouth, I had spit it out. But, a few months ago, a fuckin HOT Black DOM guy that was visiting Vegas, forced me to drink his piss straight from the tap. He said he wouldn't fuck me unless I swallowed it all. I really wanted his raw cock to fuck me, so I drank his hot piss. I found that I loved it. He fucked me right there in the shower. Then after he shot his load of cum in me, he stayed in me and pissed in my ass. I never thought I would like drinking piss or getting pissed inside my ass. But, it was all so fuckin' hot with him. I'd love to try it again.
  25. I'm totally addicted to porn shop sex. When I'm home in Las Vegas, I hit the sexshops almost every day for a few hours. I love anonymously sucking off guys. And occasionally getting fucked in the booths as well. Love adult theaters, as well. I'm so glad to live in Las Vegas, where we have so many active sex shops.

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