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  1. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I was in London and got back to my hotel room late. I was tired from a trans-Atlantic flight the night before, but almost out of habit, I got on Grindr. I quickly got a hit from a French guy, staying in my same hotel. His Grindr profile said he was a pig and was looking for other pigs. His chest pic on his profile looked hot, but it didn't show a face. He asked me if I would give him a quick blow job, so he could fall asleep. I told him I'd be glad to and gave him my room number. He was knocking at my door in less than 3 minutes. In fact, he was barefoot. He'd walked from his hotel room to mine barefooted. I loved that. I let him into my room. And he quickly stripped his shirt and pants off. He sat on the edge of the bed and I took my position on my knees, between his legs. I began to suck on his ample foreskin. He began to moan. "Yeah, Pig. Suck that skin", he moaned. I sucked and chewed on his European foreskin and slid my tongue up into his puckered skin. Then I pushed the skin back with my lips and sucked his shaft into my mouth. He moaned louder. "Fuck, yeah!" he groaned. "Suck my balls, Pig", he growled. I sucked on his balls. Licked under his balls, trying to get my tongue down to his ass crack. "You want to eat ass?" he asked? "Fuck yeah", I say. He got up, turned and knelt on the edge of the bed. Presenting his ass to me. I spread his ass cheeks and licked his hole. "Oh...... Fuck!!!", he moaned as my tongue slid up into his hole. I ate his hole and licked his balls for a few minutes. Then he asked, "You like to get fucked, Pig?" Without saying anything, I climbed up on the edge of the bed, beside him, placing my ass in the air. He climbed off the bed and stood behind me. He spit on my hole and then slid his 6" cock up into me in one quick thrust. He slammed into me for just a minute, then pulled from me and told me to suck his dirty cock. I turned and again took his cock into my mouth. He then climbed back on the bed and told me to lay under his balls. He wanted me to lick his balls and his asshole. His thick French accent was a real turn-on. "Where do you want my dirty load? You want my dirty load? You want my poz load?", he kept asking. "Fuck yes! Give me your load", I groaned. I didn't tell him that I was already poz. This was the first that our status had even been discussed. "Fuck yes! Poz me", I said to him. I could see that this really excited him. He took his cock into his hands and was stroking furiously. "Put your poz load in my ass", I said. But, he was too close. "Open your mouth, Pig. Here comes my load". I opened my mouth. Stuck out my tongue. He put his cock up to my mouth and his hot jizz began to spray into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his exploding cockhead, as he filled my mouth with his load. Then he pulled from me. Jumped down off the bed. He dressed, thanked me with a "Merci" for getting him off. He left and I quickly locked the door, turned the lights off and went to sleep. A nice quicky to end a very long day in London.

    Members 1320 222 posts Las Vegas Very hot. I've sucked off Carrot Top at A-Action a couple of times too, in the past few years. The clerk said he has frequented the place for years. I've also tried to get him to fuck me through the glory hole. But, he won't. He just wants an anonymous bj through the g/h. I've even tried to go into his booth to suck him in a more "intimate and personal" way. But, he only wants it through the glory hole. You're right. He has a really nice, long, thick and rock hard cock. And his cum is really sweet and delicious! He's shaved completely smooth, except for that little puff of red pubes. Both times he's worn some kind of a hat to cover his curly red hair. But he'll have a little puff of his red hair sticking out of the cap. He's really muscular. I've read that he's had a long time, live in girlfriend. She's a beautiful model. But, he loves anonymous blow jobs through glory holes. I saw him at A-Action a couple of months ago. I was hoping to suck another load from him, but another guy beat me to the adjoining booth and got to service his cock. So, I sat in the booth across the hall and watched the bj from under the doors. After he came in the other guys mouth and pulled up his shorts, I went out to the hall and we came face to face. I told him "Scott. I was hoping to suck another load from you. I'm disappointed." He smiled at me and said, "Next time's for you", with kind of a wink. I wonder how often he goes there? I sure wish he topped. I'd love the feel of his hard, big cock in me. But, I'm glad to suck and swallow his load, like you enjoyed.

    Glad you got to enjoy Carrot Top's great cock. I'm hoping to get a taste of his cock again, myself. He's a frequent cum donor at the g/h's there. I love his sweet loads.
  4. Those of you that follow my stories know that the things I like best are str8 men and black men. There's nothing in the world that I like more than getting fucked by a horny, str8, black man with a bbc. Knowing that the Mayweather/McGregor Fight here in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena would be bringing 10's of thousands of horny str8 men into Las Vegas for the past weekend, I planned ahead and got a motel room reserved at a seedy motel, located just across the freeway from the arena that the fight would be taking place. I rent rooms at this motel quite often. Because it was a busy weekend, the price was 5 times the normal price. But, I was willing to fork out the money for the chance to get a steady stream of cock and cum that night. From past experience, I've found that the guys that come for these fights leave the fights full of testosterone, anger, aggression and are hornier than hell. Fight nights are always the busiest nights of the year for the prostitutes here in Vegas. The strip clubs are overflowing after the fights. And the guys usually leave the strip clubs sexually frustrated and horny as hell. So, I checked into my seedy motel room early that evening. I had been placing ads and notices on Grindr, Growlr, BBRT, Squirt, and of course Craigslist. Craigslist usually tends to bring me the biggest responses on fight nights. I douched and showered and set bottles of poppers, lube and boxes of tissues around the room. I had put 2 small night lights into wall-sockets in the room and one in the socket of the bathroom to give the room just a dim light. Because I was going to have all the other lights turned off. Since I have no idea of how many guys will show up, who they are and may not even see most of their faces, I make sure that I've locked all my valuables in my car, then lock my keys in a bag and secure the bag to something unmovable with a bike lock. I don't want to take chances of someone ripping me off while I'm getting fucked. My ads had said that beginning at 9pm, my hotel room would be unlocked. Come in, find me ass up, face down on the bed. Feed me your cock in either my mouth or ass. Pound, seed me and leave. I sent emails and texts to the guys that had already replied to give them my hotel address and room number. I updated my Craigslist ads and hid my hotel name and room number in the ad so guys could just come over without having to contact me. I rigged the door with duct tape over the lock, I turned out the lights, grabbed a bottle of poppers that I planned to keep in my hands. There were 2 other bottles of popper for the guys to use if they wanted them. I climbed on the edge of the bed and put my ass up. Then I waited for about 20 minutes before I heard the door open and close. I heard clothes being discarded, then felt a finger on my hole. Someone spit on my hole and put their cockhead up to it. I took some strong hits of poppers as I felt a thick cock being pushed up inside me. I had no idea who's cock it was? And that was definitely part of the enjoyment. Soon the guy was slapping my ass and calling me a bitch, whore, cunt. I could tell from the voice that it was a black guy. That made it all the more exciting for me. He moved me to all sorts of positions to get into me deeply. Finally he pushed me over onto my back, my legs up over his shoulders, and I could see his handsome, young face. He looked to be in his early 20's. Almost 6' tall. Maybe 185lbs. He was ramming deeply into me. He fucked me for about 25 minutes before he finally grunted and filled my ass with his load. Once he'd cum, he quickly pulled out, wiped his cock with some tissues I'd left on the dresser, he quickly dressed and left my room, tossing the cum covered tissues onto the floor as he walked out the door. No words exchanged. I took a drink of water and got back on the edge of the bed in my ass up position. For the next two hours there were another 4 guys that came into my room. 1 older black guy couldn't keep a hard on long enough to fuck me. But I ended up sucking him off and he came down my throat. The other 3 guys filled my ass. Two white guys and one black kid in his 20's. Then I had about an hour with no action. But, from past experience, I know that on fight nights here in Las Vegas, there's a period where the str8 guys are all out drinking and watching the girls at the strip clubs, I just have to be patient. I kept reposting my Craigslist ads, then finally around 1:30am my door opened again. I quickly jumped back onto the edge of the bed. The guy that had come in was a white guy in his late 40's. He was gruff looking. He looked like he might have been one of the 18 wheel truck drivers that overnighted in the truck lots on either side of the motel. But, talking is not what they want. They want ass. So I put my ass back up and he soon had pulled down his pants and was pushing his 6" cock up into me. The previous loads of cum inside me made it so that lube was no longer necessary. The guy was a quick cummer. Maybe 4 minutes of fucking resulted in him putting his load in me. Pulling up his pants and leaving. About 5 minutes later the door opened again. I didn't look up, but heard two guys whispering to each other. So I turned my head to see a very tall, 6'4", slender black guy taking off his clothes. He looked familiar. "Hey", I said to him. "I thought this might be your ad.", he said. "I fucked your white ass a few months ago. Remember''? "I live in the apartment across the street." he said. "Fuck, YEAH!" I said. "I remember your cock. He indeed lived across the street from the motel. He had a 9" bbc. He stayed hard as a rock and had staying power. I had gone to his apartment a few months ago and he fucked me for 2 hours straight before he came in me. I was sore for a week, afterwards, but it was a great fuck. "I brought my buddy to sample your white ass", he said. His buddy hasn't said a word, but he has stripped completely and has climbed up on the bed. He's feeding his 8" uncut black dick to me. It's not hard, but he begins to swell as I start to suck on him. The other guy is slapping his 9" cock on my hole. "Damn! You're wet back here. How many loads in you?" he asked. "I've got 4 in my ass and one down my throat", I said. "Well..... You about to get two more in your pussy, I 'spect", he said. For the next hour, this hot fucker and his buddy kept taking turns pounding both my ass and mouth. While they were using my holes another guy had come in. He was an older white guy in his 50's. Cubby and not very good looking. He never fully undressed, but he did unzip and pulled out his smallish cock and would walk around and watch the two black studs using me. He finally sat on one of the chairs and stroked his cock as he watched the action on the bed. then the 9" guy began to groan and yell "You want my cum? You want my load? I'm gonna seed you, faggot. You want it?" he was growling. "Fuck, YEAH!" I shouted. "Fill my ass. Cum in me", I yelled. Just then, the older white guy stood and came to the bed to watch the action. The 9" guy begins to fill my ass with his load. And the white guy shoots his load onto my side. He quickly pulls up his pants and leave the room as the 9" guy pulls from me and changes places with his buddy. His buddy slides up into my cum filled ass as the other guy kneels in front of me and feeds me his cum covered cock to clean off. I clean off the cum from him as the 8" guy is ramming into me. He's got me held tightly around the waist and he's really slamming into me. The bed is pounding against the wall as he rams into me. I'm sniffing poppers as fast and as deeply as I can as he's pounding me. He only takes a couple of minutes of fucking before he grinds deep into me and lets out a growl. He shakes as he fills my ass with his load. The growl is the first sound he's made. But his growl is loud and low. He pulls from me and quickly dresses. His buddy is already dressed and patiently waiting on one of the chairs for his friend to finish fucking me. As they're leaving the 9" guy says, "Let me know when you back, fag", as they both leave the room. I've got cum dripping down my legs and my thighs are getting sore. But, I'm not ready to give up, yet. I lay on my back and try to catch my breath while I check for messages. I send my room number to a couple of guys that requested it, then see the door to my room open again. From the light outside the door, I can dimly see a tall black guy in his early 40's peek inside my room. "You the old queer taking nigger dick?'' he asks. His use of the word "nigger" catches me by surprise, but I shake my head and mutter, "Yes. That's me". "You better be able to handle a couple of big, black, horny, fuckers, faggot. Cause your ass is gonna get used", he says as he comes in the room. He's followed by 3 more black guys. All in their 40's. Two of the guys are late 40's, very tall, thin and muscular. One guy looks to be in his early 40's, maybe late 30's. He's short, but extremely muscular to the point of being kind of intimidating. The 4th guy is early 50's, heavy set. Probably about 5'8" tall and 290 lbs. They all come inside and begin to strip. The first guy (#1) is now nude and I drop to my knees at his feet and begin to suck on his soft, but already huge bbc. He's cut, not sure how long he'll grow? But his cock is hanging over a set of huge, hairy, black balls. I suck on his cock and on his balls as his cock begins to harden. Soon another black cock is at my face. I take turns sucking on both of them. "Show me that pussy", #1 says to me. I climb on the bed and put my ass up. I spread my ass cheeks. I feel a sharp pain as he slaps my ass hard. He puts his thumb up to my asshole and presses it in me. Cum dribbles from my hole as he presses his thumb into me. "Damn! That's a well used pussy, boys", he says as he presses his thumb in me. "This queer's been takin' some dick, already". He slaps his semi hard cock against my ass as I take some drags on my poppers. Soon, I feel his cock pressing into me. The younger guy (#2) is now kneeling on the bed, at my face, he's fully hard and I take his cockhead into mouth. It's an awkward angle, but he fucks my face as best he can as #1 continues to fuck me. Then #2 turns and puts his ass to my face. I lick his hole. "Yeah! Lick his nigger ass, you fuckin' queer." #1 growls as I lick his friends asshole. #1 pulls out of me and the short, heavy set guy (#3) steps up to fuck me. I catch a glimpse of him as he walks towards my ass. He's got a respectable 8" bbc. Nice and thick. He immediately slides up into me in one, quick thrust. He's groaning as he begins to pump into me. "Damn! Feels like pussy." #3 says as he fucks me. The other tall, thin 40's guy (#4) has now taken his buddies place at my face and is putting his black ass up to my face. His ass smells sweaty and funky, like he's been out in our 100+ degree heat all day. The smell is intoxicating as only a black man's ass can smell. I'm hungrily lapping my tongue on his puckered black hole. He reaches back and spreads his ass cheeks. I slide my tongue as deep into him as I can get it. I can feel the soft, pink inside of his hole with my tongue. He's moaning and groaning as I eat his hot hole. "Holy FUCK!" #4 growls as I continue to eat him. "Feels good, fag! Real good! Never had a tongue in my shitter before". Damn!", he moans. #3 cums fairly quickly. He lets out a loud grunt and shakes as he fills my ass with his hot load. #3 pulls from me and #1 slides back into me. His cock has grown to well over 9"s. He's very thick as well. I continue to lick his buddies hole as he begins to brutally pound my ass. "Like this, Faggot? You like our nigger dicks in you? Huh, queer?" "You like being a pussy for our straight, nigger dicks?" I moan loudly as a reply as I continue to eat his friends asshole. #1 is ramming into me, slapping my ass and continuing to call me fag, queer, whore, pussy, cunt and every other name he can call me. #1 pulls from me and #4 moves from my mouth to my ass and slides his bbc up into me. #4 is obviously very turned on. He's got about 7"s, he's rock hard and super horny from the ass eating I've been giving him. He grabs me tightly around my waist and rams deeply into me. I again have to suck on my poppers as he assaults my ass with his bbc. He's grunting as he pounds me and within just a few minutes of fucking me he lets out a groan and fills my ass with his load. He quickly pulls from me as my ass is milking his cock and the younger guy, #2 steps behind me. He slams into me in one, quick thrust. He's slapping my ass as he fucks. He's also calling me a faggot, queer, whore, pussy, etc. as he's fucking me. Like his buddies, he's a brutal fuck. He's ramming into me deep and hard. #1 is slapping his bbc on my face as his buddy is fucking me. About a 5 minute fuck resulted in #2 filling me with his load. And then #1 stepped back to my ass and slammed back into me. He gave me another 5 or 6 minute fuck before he also deposited his str8 load into my cunt. Cum was streaming down my inner thigh as he pulled from me. The 4 guys dressed as they laughed about the queer they had just fucked. I collapsed onto my back on the bed and watched them dress and leave. It's now after 3am and I'm exhausted. I'm thinking that I'd better call it a night and lock the door. But, before I can even gain the energy to climb off the bed to pull the duct tape off the door, the door opens and in walks two white guys in their late 30's. These guys are very rough looking. Both wearing wifebeater tee shirts and genes. Very gruff looking and covered in tats. They are really sort of intimidating. They are not exactly muscular or buff. But looked strong and had an angry look about them. I'm feeling very uncomfortable. They both walk into my room and slam the door shut. "We just want blow jobs. You fine with that?" the first guy asks? "Yeah. Sure", I say. The first guy immediately begins to unzip and pulls out a 6" uncut, soft cock. I climb off the bed and drop to my knees at his feet. I take his cock into my mouth and begin to suck on his very ample foreskin. "Grab me some beers", he says to his friend. His friend leaves the room and quickly returns with a 6pack of beers that they must have had in the car. They both pop a beer open and swig on their beers as I suck on #1. I suck on him for several minutes before he pulls from me, kicks his shoes off and pulls his pants and underwear off. He sits on the edge of the bed and I crawl back between his legs and take his now hard cock back into my mouth. I hungrily work my mouth on his cock. I lick his balls and he moans a bit. Then he lays back on his back and I lick under his balls. "You lick asshole?" he asks? I lift his legs and lick at his hole. He spreads his ass for me and I go in deeper. He may be str8, but he's obviously let guys eat his hole before. He's eager to be pleased. I lick and eat his hole, then go back to suck his balls then back to his cock. His buddy has now undressed and he's fingering my cummy asshole. #1 says to #2, "You gonna fuck him?" "Yeah. Why not?" he says. #1 climbs back onto the bed. Leaning back against the headboard, he motions for me to climb up on the bed to continue to suck him. I climb up on the bed and crawl between his legs and again take his cock in my mouth. His buddy climbs onto the bed and positions himself behind me, on his knees. He pushes his hard cock up into me and begins to pound my hole. As both guys are using my holes, I hear the door open and close. I come up from #1's cock to see a black guy entering my room. He's mid 50's, 6'2", 200 lbs, very good looking. He moves to the table and takes a seat to watch the white guys using me. After a few minutes he unzips and pulls out a huge, thick cock and slowly strokes it as I continue to be used by the 2 white guys. The guy I'm sucking soon begins to moan and fills my mouth with his salty load of cum. He and I are both moaning as I hungrily swallow his str8 cum. This sets his buddy off as #2 now begins to groan and shoots his load of str8 cum deep inside me. He fills my ass and they both pull from me and climb off the bed. The tall black guy still just sits there, stroking his cock as the white guys dress and leave. The black man now stands and undresses. He's an incredibly handsome, (Think Billy D. Williams), muscular, hung black man in his late 50's. "How much you got in you?" he asks? "I have no idea", I say with a laugh. He laughs also and tells me to kneel on the edge of the bed. He's now naked and kneels behind me. He spreads my ass and licks at my hole. He spreads my ass wider and tells me to squeeze out some cum. I do as I'm told and he hungrily laps at my cum soaked asshole. Then he presses his face deep between my ass cheeks and begins to suck on my hole. He's hungrily draining my ass of all those loads of cum that have been deposited inside me. He's moaning with pleasure as he's feasting on my hole. While he's eating my ass, the door opens again and a young white kid comes in. He barely looks 20 years old. He's kind of a hippy type kid with a man-bun pulled to the back of his head. He's in running shorts and a tee shirt. I comes in and pulls out a 6" cock. He's stroking his cock as he watches the black daddy eating my hole. I motion for him to climb on the bed so I can suck his cock, but he shakes his head "No" and just stands there stroking. Black daddy now stands and slides his close to 10" cut cock into me. My ass is now quite sore, but he slides easily into me and I take some deep drags of poppers to lessen the pain of another giant cock in me. Black daddy now is fucking me hard and deep with his bbc. The white kid now comes over to black daddy and begins to suck on black daddies tits. Daddy is loving it. Soon the two are kissing as daddy continues to fuck me. I hear them whispering and soon see the young white kid undress. Daddy pulls out and the kid slide up into me. His cock is only about 6"s, but he's rock hard. He fucks me hard for just a few minutes, then I hear him groaning as he fills my ass with his load. He then pulls from me and Back Daddy again slams into me. Daddy fucks me for 4 or 5 minutes, then fills my ass with his load. By now, the kid has left and Daddy quickly dresses and leaves himself. That's it. I can't take anymore. Besides, my ass is ready to explode. It's been so used and abused, that the recent 2 loads of cum are begging to come out. I go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet. As cum drops into the toilet, I hear the door open and close again. Damn! I forgot to lock it before going into the bathroom. Soon I see a white guy in his early 30's standing in the bathroom doorway. He unzips his pants and walks into the small bathroom and puts his soft cock up to my face. I'm sitting naked on the toilet as he presses his cock to my lips. I can smell the alcohol on his breath and he's staggering, almost falling as I take his cock into my mouth. Luckily the bathroom was small and he was able to brace himself against the wall as I sucked on him. He was so drunk that he couldn't get fully hard. I finally told him to go into the bedroom. He collapsed onto the bed and I again sucked on his cock. He got a bit harder. I sucked on his balls, lifted his legs and licked his asshole. But, it was evident he probably wasn't going to be able to cum. He was too drunk. Another guy came into the room. He was a black guy in his late 40's. He entered and quickly undressed as I sucked on the drunk guy. The black guy undressed and I moved to him to suck on his cock. He grew quickly to about 7"s and very thick. I glanced over to the drunk kid and he was passed out on my bed. I knelt next to him so that the black guy could fuck me, but drunk guy didn't even move. The black guy slid up into me. Fucking me hard and deep. My ass was really sore now, but I wasn't going to stop him. Even with the discomfort, he felt great inside me. Thankfully, he didn't take long to cum. Once the black guy had dumped his load in me, I tried to wake up the drunk guy on my bed. He would wake for a minute, then pass out again. I did get him to tell me he was staying at MGM. Thankfully that hotel was close by. Just on the other side of the freeway. I told the black guy that I was going to call a taxi to take the drunk guy back to MGM. I asked the black guy if he'd help me get drunk guy up and dressed. We both got him dressed and the black guy told me he was sending for an Uber to take him to Mirage. He said he'd drop drunk guy at MGM, so not to worry about it. When the Uber arrive and they both left, I finally pulled the duct tape from the door and locked the door. I downed a bottle of water and pulled the night lights from the sockets. I climbed into bed and took some deep breaths. I heard the door handle rattle a few times. There were a couple of knocks on the door the next hour or so, but I was done. I didn't have the energy for one more dick. This was undoubtedly the best cum party I've had in years. 3 days later, my hole is still sore. But, it was all worth it.
  5. Last week I got fucked late at night by an older, but very hot Scot Biker Dude from north of Edinburgh, Scotland. He was staying in the same London hotel that I was staying in. He messaged me on Grindr and said he wanted to be sucked and rimmed before going to bed. I went to his room and did exactly that. Then he bent me over and pumped a load into me. He has an 8" uncut cock that's very thick. And as rock hard as an 18 year old. He gives a good, hard and deep fucking. Once he had cum in my arse, we were both satisfied and I went back to my room about 1am to go to bed. Ready to go to work again in the morning. I was pretty busy the next two nights and didn't get any action. But on the 3rd night I contacted the hot Scot Biker guy and he said he'd contact me when he got back from his night of drinking with his mates. He told me he had fucked my Scot friend C.C. who lived near my hotel. He asked me to contact him and see if he could join us? I did so. C.C. is another older Scot guy that has fucked me half a dozen times when I've been in London. He lives just a few blocks from my hotel. C.C. told me that the other Scot guy had fucked him a few days ago. He would love to join us. C.C. showed up at my room about 10pm. He and I walked up two floors to the other Scots room. We all 3 quickly undressed and I ended up on my knees, taking turns sucking both their big cocks with red pubes. It was very hot. Then I knelt on the edge of the bed and the Edinburgh Scot began to fuck me, while C.C. knelt on the bed in front of me and fed me his cock. Then they switched places and C.C. fucked me. C.C. is a quick cummer and he filled my ass with his load in less than 5 minutes of fucking. So, C.C. and the other Scot changed positions again. I cleaned off C.C.'s cock with my mouth as the other guy again slid up into my arse. C.C.'s cum came squishing out as Edinburgh Scot's big, thick cock slid up into me. C.C.'s cum made great lube for this big cock as he began to pound me. He was slapping my ass and calling me a whore as he assaulted my ass. About 10 minutes of heavy pounding finally resulted in Edinburgh guy groaning and slamming deep into me, filling my hole with his hot load. When he pulled his long cock from me, I dropped to my knees to clean my cum from his cock, as he softened in my mouth. We all three kissed as we dressed. Then C.C. and I left as we all told each other that we hoped we'd someday, somehow have a chance to all play together again.
  6. I decided to stop at one of the many Las Vegas ABSs on my way to the airport this morning. It's a bookstore that's a bit of a distance from my house. And one that I don't go to very often. But I had to run an errand to that part of town and I had some time to spare before I needed to be at the airport, so I made a stop. It was only 8:30a in the morning. But the parking lot was already full. Like many of the ABSs here in Vegas, they can be quite busy during the morning "drive time". A lot of guys stop by on their way to work to take care of their morning wood. I parked on the street, just in front of the store. I bought a ticket for the theater and the grumpy clerk buzzed me inside. There were 3 guys sitting in the side of the double theater that showed str8 movies. And looking past the opening into the gay/trans side, I could see another 2 guys sitting in there. I glanced at the 3 guys in the str8 side as I passed them, on my way into the gay side. Those 3 guys were just sitting there watching the str8 movie. Not even rubbing their crotches. Inside the gay/trans side, the two guys in there had their cocks out and were stroking as they watched a film showing a chick with a dick sucking and getting fucked by 2 hung black guys. The first guy I passed was close to 70 years old. He was playing with his limp dick. The second guy, sitting on the end of a ratty, leather sofa, was a hot looking black guy in his late 40's. He was tall, athletic, with a small gut on him. He had about 7"s in his hand and was slowing stroking it as he had his eyes glued to the screen. I sat on a cheap plastic chair that was about 2 feet away from the black guy. He never took his eyes off the screen as I passed him and sat next to him. My glances went back and forth between the screen and the black guys cock. After a couple of minutes of me checking him out, the black man finally turned his head and looked me in the eye. With no change in the expression on his face, he looked down at his cock then back at me. He repeatedly would look down at his cock, then look me in the eyes. I took this as an invitation, so I moved my chair the two feet, so that I was now seated right next to him. I moved my hand over to his cock and he moved his hand away from his cock, to give me access. I stroked his hard cock for a couple of minutes. Then I knelt on the filthy floor, between his knees and took his cock into my mouth. Soon, the old guy at the opposite side of the sofa moved over to us. He now was trying to horn in on the action and was trying to move me away from the black guys cock, so he could suck. The black man pushed the old guy away. It took a couple of pushes, before the guy got the hint and moved back to where he had been sitting. One of the guys sitting in the str8 side got up and moved into the gay side and sat in the plastic chair I had vacated. 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  7. Damn! Very hot story! I love being used by a group of str8 guys like that. Especially black or latino guys. You started really young. Keep the story going.
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  12. It all depends on my mood and the chemistry between me and the top. I have a couple of my "regulars" that are both aggressive tops, but also very passionate at love making. We can have sex for hours. Alternating between a hard, rough, pounding, fucking and then slow fucking with lots of deep kissing. Then there are other times, I'm purely only interested in the load. And a lot of them. I'll go to an ABS or Sauna and just take any and all loads offered me. I love setting up a "breed and seed" in a hotel room. Advertise it, unlock the door and take any and all cocks and loads that are deposited in me. Those are as much psychologically about the physical pleasure of getting as many cocks in me as I possibly can to slide in and out of me. But also about having so much cum inside my ass as I can, so that cum will drip out of my cunt for hours afterwards.
  13. To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

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  14. To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    I have on occasion when taking an xxl, extra thick, monster cock had to ask him to just hold it in me for a moment, so my ass could adjust to the size. If the cock is giant, it may take a moment to adjust, but never more than just a moment. I really try not to ask a guy to take it slow or hold it there if I can help it. I know it's hard for them to not just go with the flow of the moment. Besides, I really LOVE a good, hard, deep pounding. A slow fuck is boring. I don't want any slow, boring fucks. I like hard and intense fucks. That's why I always keep a fresh bottle of poppers in my fist. If a cock is taking me a few moments to get used to, I sniff and sniff and sniff on my poppers. That usually relaxes my sphincters and I'm moaning and groaning in enjoyment very, very quickly.
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I'm trying to sniff some poppers, without taking Walt's cock from my mouth. "We're takin off", I hear Frankie say. "Gotta pick up the wife", he says. "Yeah. I'm goin too", Dirk says. "Thanks for sharin the nice pussy, Walt. You're right. That is a sweet piece of ass. Thanks Dave", Dirk says as they both leave the bedroom and I hear the front door open and close. Walt has now pulled from my mouth and pushes Myron away. Walt rams his big, thick cock up into me. He pounds for a few minutes, then they switch again. The two of them share my ass for about 20 minutes. Each would get close to cumming, then would pull out and let the other take over pounding my hole. Myron was the next to cum. He rammed up into me. Let out a low, deep growl and began to shake. I squeezed my ass on his throbbing cock as he emptied his balls, deep inside me. Then he pulled out and Walt immediately slammed back into me. My ass was getting sore, so I took a few more deep drags of poppers. 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Then he pushes me away and begins to stroke his cock in my face at a furious pace. "Open your mouth, Queer." he says. Just then, his hot jizz sprays across my face. I get some on my tongue. But most of it is dripping from my hair and goatee. He slaps his cock on my cum covered face a few times then he steps out into the hallway to find the bathroom to wash up. Walt and I go back out to the living room to find our clothes and get dressed. Myron come out and also gets dressed. "Walt. This fag pussy you got me fuckin is feelin mighty nice. You ain't better be turnin me into no queer", Myron says with a laugh. "Ah, who care if you or me a fag or not? You know you just like me. You never turn down any hole that you can put your black dick in. Right?" They both laugh as Myron leaves the front door. "Thanks, Fag. Catch ya again. Later, Walt", he says as he closes the condo door behind him. "Don't make it so long, till next time. OK?" Walt says as I leave his condo with 4 nice loads from those black men.
  17. One of the absolutely HOTTEST things that's ever happened to me just happened. I can't fuckin' believe it. Reading back on this story, now that I've typed it, it sounds like a porn movie, but no, it just happened to me. I may be getting old and stupid in my old age, but still I'm a horn dog at heart. And I occasionally get myself into some pretty risky situations. Last night, I posted on Craigslist that I wanted to get tag fucked by a group of black men this week. These tag fucks are not easy to set up. But, I've had several really successful ones in the past. It's been awhile since my last group fuck. And I was hoping I could somehow set one up while I'm home on vacation, this week. I placed the ad and I got a few replies that didn't lead anywhere. A lot of the typical crap you get from the CL game players. But, one of the replies I got on KIK was from a heavyset, 23 year old black kid that had seen my ad. He looked kind of cute in his pic. He was trying to appear kind of thuggish. But he was looking a little too cute to really pull it off. He shared some pics of his cock with me. As well as a video of him jacking off. He was showing about 6"s of uncut black dick, covered with very ample foreskin. We chatted back and forth on KIK for a few hours last night. He told me that he could host at his condo at noon on Monday. I asked if he lived with family or had roommates? I knew the area he lived in. It's a very nice middle class area. I didn't think a young kid his age could afford to live in that area alone. He told me he lived with his Dad. His Mom and Dad were divorced. And he had moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to live with his Dad about a year ago. I said, "What would your Dad do if he caught us fucking?" He said, "He'd probably fuck you, too. LOL". "Yeah, right. You're joking, right"? "Nope, my Dad fucks me", Antone said. "But, he'll probably be at work. He wouldn't care, anyway". I'm thinking this kid is just pulling my leg and fuckin' with me. In fact, now I'm disappointed. He's obviously another CL flake that's just playin' with me. He's not serious about hooking up. I said to him, "Send me a pic of your Dad". Antone sends a couple of pics of a very good looking black man that appears to be in his mid 40's. One of the pics is even a pic of this same black guy fucking some chick. And another one of the same chick sucking his BBC. I'm skeptical that these are really pics of his Dad. I'm thinking that it's probably just a pics of some handsome black guy he found on the internet to send me. I'm still not believing him. But, Antone had gotten me very turned on with his messages and his pics. So, against my better judgement, we confirm that I'm going to come to his condo at noon the next day. I'm nervous as hell, driving the 30 minutes to his condo. This kid is young. Just 23. I'm still not sure if what he's telling me about his Father is true or not? Is he just messing with me? I've had a few really scary encounters with strangers I've set up from Craigslist, in the past. I'm wondering if I'm stepping into something that I shouldn't be? Will his dad show up and beat the shit out of me, because I'm having sex with his son? Is the kid even really 23? He looks young in his pic. Should I ask to see his ID to see if he's legal age, before we get naked? My mind was racing with all the scary possibilities that I could be putting myself into. But, the pics of his beautiful, young, hard black dick were just too much for me to resist. I needed to taste that foreskin of his. I wanted his cock in my ass. And I wanted his load of cum in me. As nervous and apprehensive as I was about this, there I was driving to his Father's home to have sex with this kid. I finally arrive at his condo, right on time. The gate code he's given me works. I find the correct building, I park and climb the stairs to their second floor condo. I'm literally shaking as I ring the doorbell. Antone answers the door and brings me inside. "Are we alone", I ask? "No. Dad's here. He's working the late shift tonight. But he's cool with it. He knows why you're here. He told me to have fun", Antone tells me with a wink and a smile. "Seriously? Where is he?". "He's in his room, on his computer. Don't freak. He's totally cool with it", Antone said. Now, I'm really shaking. This is just too freaky. But, I follow Antone back to his bedroom. He closes the door and begins to kiss me. We begin to undress each other as we kiss. He's already hard as I pull his sweatpants open. Once naked, we climb on the bed and end up in a 69 position. Sucking each other. Then we change positions and I begin to eat his ass. He's moaning loudly as I slide my tongue into him. "Shhhhhh...... Your Dad will hear", I whisper to him. Antone laughs. "You're such a freakout. Cool the fuck down, man...", he chuckles. We switch positions again. I'm now on my hands and knees and Antone begins to eat my ass. The kid is great at rimming. He keeps spitting on my hole, then sliding the spit up into me with his tongue. Then I feel him kneel behind me and put his cock up to my ass. He grabs me around the waist and begins to slide up in me. He's lubed me up well with all his spit. He slides into me quite easily. The horny kid immediately starts to pound my ass, hard. The slapping sound of our bodies is loud and the bedframe is squeaking and hitting the wall as he pounds me. I'm still feeling nervous that his Dad is literally in the next room as his son fucks me. Since this kid is only 23, and judging from the pic, I'm a hell of a lot older than the Dad. But, the fuck feels great. I always have my trusty popper bottle in hand, and I take a few sniffs and try to relax into the fuck. I'm feeling so weird. This strange mixture of excitement and fear. I'm still nervous as hell. But the kid knows what he's doing. He may be young, but he knows how to fuck. He keeps pushing me into different positions. I'm finally face down, flat on the bed. My face buried in the pillow as he slams into me. Suddenly I hear, "How's his ass feel, Antone?" "Nice, Dad. Real nice". I pull my face up off the pillow and turn my head towards the voice at the bedroom door. Antone's Father is standing at the doorway. Completely naked. He's close to 6' tall. About 250 lbs. He's got a football player's build. A nice looking guy in his mid 4'0's. Carrying some extra weight. But looking very handsome and strong. He's got a long, thick cock hanging between his legs and large balls hanging behind it. His muscular chest and abs are covered in hair. But his cock and balls are shaved smooth. My heart is racing. I'm paralyzed with fear. I look at the Father with shock and fear in my eyes. I can't even form words to say anything to him. Anonte just keeps pounding my ass. His Dad moves to the side of the bed. "Over here, Fag. You need a black dick stuffed in your mouth, too. Antone told me you like black dick. So, here's some more black dick for your faggot mouth", he says. Antone pulls out of my ass and I slowly crawl to the edge of the bed. I'm on my hands and knees as I take the Father's limp cock in my mouth and begin to suck. Antone climbs behind me and again slides his cock back into me. The Dads cock slowly begins to grow in my mouth. His cock soon has grown to I'm guessing about 8" thick inches. His cockhead is covered in loose foreskin. There's a nice bit of cheese under the foreskin. It's sweet, salty and pungent. I suck and gently chew on the foreskin. And then he holds my head and fucks my mouth. "You done good, kid. He looks like a good fuck". "Try him, Dad. His ass is nice and wet". Antone pulls out and they change positions. The Dad now climbs behind me as Antone puts his cock up to my lips. I saw the Dad's fully hard cock as he pulled from my mouth and climbed behind me on the bed. And I know I'm going to need some more poppers to be able to take him. It's big, thick and rock hard. I sniff deeply in both nostrils a couple of times as I feel the Dad slam up into me in one, merciless thrust. I let out an audible gasp as he impales me with his giant cock. Then I wrap my lips around Anton's cock and he begins to fuck my face, as his father fucks my ass. Grunts, moans and growls are coming from all 3 of us as the two of them abuse my holes. They switch positions a couple of times. Finally, Antone is fucking me as he growls and yells out, "Oh, Fuck! I'm coming"....!!! He thrusts into me and empties his balls in my ass. He continues to slowly fuck me as he pumps his last drops into me. Then he pulls out quickly and slaps my ass as his Father pulls from my mouth and climbs back on the bed, crawling behind me. He rams his cock back into me and shows no mercy as he pummels my ass with his monster cock. His son's cum in my ass provided some much needed lube. He slid inside me much smoother and easier this time. His thrusts were hard and deep. His son put his cock back up to my lips to clean off with my mouth. I taste his cum and my ass on his cock that was still hard as a rock. His Dad then pulled out of me. He grabbed me by the legs and pulled me as he said, "Get on your back, Fag". I complied and rolled onto my back in the center of the queen sized bed. The Dad lifted my legs and Antone throws one of the pillows up under my ass, as I sniffed the poppers. The Dad positioned himself at my hole and slammed his cock back into me. I let out a grunt as he slid balls deep, back into me. Antone climbed back on the bed and squatted over my face. He spread his asscheeks and lowered his hole to my mouth. I licked and ate his sweet ass. I could hear Antone and his Dad kissing as I ate his ass and his Dad fucked mine. The Dad's thrusts became even more brutal as he neared climax. Soon he grunted and slammed into me as his cock exploded in my guts. He was growling and grunting and swearing as his load emptied into me. Antone had been stroking his cock as I ate his hole. All of a sudden I felt Antone's hot cum cover my stomach. The little fucker had shot a second load onto me. The Dad pulled out of me. "Clean up this mess, Antone", he chuckled as he climbed off the bed. Antone leaned forward and licked his own cum from my stomach. Then he crawled around me and lifted my legs. He licked his Father's and his own cum from my gaping asshole. His Dad stepped up alongside us as he and Antone kissed again. Antone feeding his Father the load he had just licked up. Without a word, Antone's Father left the room and closed the door behind him. I stared in silence at Antone. Then we both broke into laughter. "Holy FUCK!", I said. "What the hell just happened?" Antone was also laughing. "Yeah, it freaks guys out. But, I told you it was all cool. You didn't need to be so nervous." "Have you and your Dad been fucking a long time", I asked? "Yeah. Like, forever. He's been fuckin' me....well.......since my Mom left us. And that was a long time ago. And some of his buds have fucked when they all have been drinkin' together. Now, I'm the one sharing my buds with him. LOL. Kind of funny, huh?." Antone said. "Is your Dad gay?" I asked?" "Ahhh.. Fuck, no!!! He likes pussy. He brings girls home all the time to fuck. Mostly white chicks. They love his cock. He works at one of the Big Casino's. He's always bringin' girls back that he's met at the hotel. He ain't had a steady girlfriend for awhile. But, he'll pretty much fuck anything. He's just a horny fucker. Like me, I guess." Antone chuckled. "There's some bitch in his bed, getting pounded, all the time. Once in awhile he'll even have some guy show up here that he'll fuck. I don't think it matters to him. He just likes to fuck. He's had me fuck some of the chicks and the guys he's brought home with him. But, I think I prefer the guys he brings home. The chicks can be kind of skanky lookin', if you know what I mean?" Antone said, with a laugh. I finish dressing and Antone walks me to the door. As we enter the living room, his Dad is sitting on the sofa. Still naked. Smoking a cigarette. "So, how's that pussy of yours feeling after two black dicks and two loads of cum in you?'' he asked? Smiling a devilish smile. "Feels great! Thanks for the fuck. I'm Dave, by the way", I say as I walk to the door. "Walter. Walt, actually", he says. "Well, thank you, Walt and thank you, Antone. This was pretty amazing". We all three chuckle as Antone lets me out the door. I couldn't wait to get home to write this all down. It still doesn't seem real or possible. I just messaged Antone back and told him I wanted to organize a big tag team party at a motel later this month. I wanted him and his Dad to be part of it to seed my ass. Antone replied back that they'd both be there. I hope his Dad will bring some of his buddies. God! I love living in Las Vegas! Living here really brings the PIG out in me.
  18. Local fuck group possibly?

    Fuck yeah! He can fuck me anytime!
  19. Local fuck group possibly?

    I'd LOVE that! I travel to SLC, UT often. Have attended several groups up there. Lots of fun!
  20. BBBH UK Kik group

    Nice. I'm in London several times every month. BB Bottom guy here. Always love getting seeded when I'm in London/Kensington.
  21. I travel for my job. I'm all over the USA and Europe. I use a lot of apps and websites. Grindr, Growlr, Scruff, BBRT, Squirt. Of the online stuff, crazy enough, Craigslist is where I have the best success. All apps and websites have their share of flakes, time wasters and pic collectors, but if I'm planning a "cum & dump" party, Craigslist will normally get me the most guys that actually show up. The guys that request an invite on my BBRT sex parties are for the most part, "no show". Grindr seems to be mostly young guys that are not interested in an older bottom like me. I guess the best thing I have going is that some of my regular tops have introduced me to or have shared me with their top buddies. So, that seems to bring some new tops into my life. And the place that I normally find my sex partners are at one of the many Adult Bookstore video booths or theaters we have here in Las Vegas. It's instant, without any hassles. I can get 6, 7 or 8 loads in my mouth and ass in a few hours without wasting a lot of time on emails and pic sending.
  22. Frustrations with married guys

    The majority of my regulars are also married, bi or partnered as well. There's something so satisfying with knowing that I'm able to provide for them, something their wives or partner's can not or won't. I've been servicing some of my str8 buddies for over 10 years.
  23. Park cruising, rest stops and public toilet cruising is not something I normally do very often. But, I stumbled onto this situation a few weeks ago and just couldn't resist. I was driving up the interstate freeway north to Salt Lake City. I'd been on the road for several hours and all the coffee I had been drinking was ready to come out. I found a rest area to pull off the highway. It was late at night/early morning, actually. And there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. As well as a couple of semi trucks parked in the truck parking area. I got out and walked to the restroom. It had a heavy metal door that scraped against the concrete floor as I opened it and walked into the men's room. The bathroom was deserted. I walked to the urinal, unzipped and pulled out my cock. It was a relief to expel all that piss. As I stood at the urinal, I heard the metal door scraping the floor as someone entered the restroom. A tall, heavyset guy in his late 40's came up to the urinal next to me, unzipped and pulled out a hefty, thick slab of meat. He rubbed his finger on the underside of it to coax out some piss. Soon a thick stream of piss was coming from his cock. I was glancing sideways out of my eyes to capture the view. But, trying to not be noticed for being a voyeur. But, as I glanced up to his face, he had obviously noticed me checking out his cock. He smiled at me and then looked down at my cock. I stroked my cock a bit. He did the same. Soon both of us had full hardon's and were standing there stroking our cocks. I finally reached over and took hold of his cock that had now grown to about 7"s of thick, rock hard cock. He motioned with his head to head to one of the stalls. He walked to the large handicapped booth at the back of the bathroom. We both went in and he locked the door to the booth. I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his big cock. The guy looked like he might be one of the truckers. He was dressed in a denim shirt and jeans, with heavy work boots. Wearing a baseball cap. As I was sucking I heard the door scraping open again and footsteps towards one of the urinals. I stopped sucking and looked up at the guy I was sucking. I'm sure I had fear on my face. I mouthed "It's OK", and pushed my head back onto his cock. I went back to sucking him. I heard the toilet flush and the water in the sink turn on. Then I could hear the metal door of the toilet cubicle next to us open and slam against the metal wall between my cubicle and the next one. The guy was pulling some toilet paper off the roll to dry his hands. He must have seen the truckers feet and my knees from under the partition, because he quickly stepped up onto the toilet and looked over the partition, gazing down on us. I looked up, the trucker's cock still in my mouth, as I looked eye to eye with the guy in the next booth. He stood there for several moments watching me suck off this guys cock, then he hopped off the toilet and knocked on our booth door. The trucker leaned forward and unlocked the cubicle door. The other guy came inside the handicapped booth and locked the door behind him. He was soon pulling his pants down. This guy seemed to be in his mid 30's. A rather average, guy next door look to him. I moved to his cock and began to suck him. He was already rock hard. The trucker now tried to get me to scoot over, so he could stand behind me. He whispered for me to pull my pants down. I undid my pants and pulled them to my knees. He knelt behind me. He spit on his fingers a few times and lubed up my ass. I was sucking like crazy on this new guys cock. He continued to swell. He was now a nice 6"s and hard as a rock. The trucker soon was pressing into me. He plopped up inside my sphincter and began to pump. He had only fucked me for a minute or two before the guy I was sucking let out of soft groan and filled my mouth with his hot load of cum. He came and pulled from me very quickly. He zipped up and was out of the booth and out the restroom door in a second. The trucker fucking me reached forward and locked the door again and continued to fuck me. He took about 4 or 5 minutes of deep, hard pounding before he silently emptied his balls into my hole. He then pulled from me. Stood, pulled up and zipped his pants and left the booth and bathroom. I climbed up and did the same. When I left the restroom I could see the trucker climbing back up into the cab of his semi truck. And a sedan car was pulling out of the parking lot, heading back to the freeway. Those were my two fuck buddies. I likewise, climbed into my car and headed back to the freeway for the rest of my journey up north. Something to be said about late night driving on a rural freeway in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for the quick diversion, guys.
  24. Why can't I stop barebacking?

    I'm an insatiable bottom. I just can't get enough dick and cum inside me. 1, 2 or 3 loads in me is sometimes just not enough. Sometimes I just need to rent a motel room, put notices on all the web sites, phone apps and Craigslist, rig my motel room not to lock, turn out the lights, kneel on the edge of the bed and make myself available to every top that walks in my room. Most of the time I lose count of how many dicks and loads I've had in me that night. Getting a dozen loads is fairly average. But I've many times had more. I love taking loads until my hole, knees and thighs just can't take any more. No doubt about it, I'm a cock whore. And proud of it.

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