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  1. I answered an ad on CL last night. The ad said 2 Arab men were wanting their cocks sucked in their hotel room at the MGM Grand Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. I replied to the ad. We shared a couple of pics and emails back and forth, then they invited me to come to their room. They described themselves as a 45 year old Turkish rug salesman, 5'10", 190lbs, very hairy, light brown skin, brown eyes, rugged good looks and about a 7" cock. The other guy was his assistant, 26 years old, Moroccan, 5'7", 145lbs, dark skin, mostly smooth with some chest hair. 6" cock. They were in town for a few days drumming up new clients (stores, designers) to sell their rugs. They said that they had been drinking, were horny, and just needed to get sucked off so they could sleep. I traveled to the MGM as quickly as I could get there. I got to the room and knocked on the door. The older guy, the Turk answered the door. He was wearing a white tank style tee-shirt and boxers. He certainly was as handsome and masculine as his pics. His light, chocolate skin and thick, dark body hair looked beautiful to me in his tank shirt. He invited me in. As I entered his hotel room, I could see his buddy lying on one of the beds. He was also a nice looking young guy. Dressed similarly in a tank tee-shirt and boxers. They had some str8 porn playing on the tv. Hooked up to a laptop on the desk beside the tv. The older Turkish guy said his name was Omer. His buddy's name was Youssef. Omer quickly stepped out of his briefs and sat on the edge of the bed. I quickly undressed and grabbed my ever present poppers, then knelt on the floor, at the foot of the bed, between Omer's legs. I took his limp cock into my mouth. It didn't take long for Omer's cock to begin to swell, lengthen and thicken in my mouth. As Omer got to full 7" hardness in my mouth, he told Youssef to come sit next to him on the bed. Omer says to me, "Youssef is normally my cocksucker and pussy boy. He sucks very well. And has a beautiful ass to fuck. But he's becoming a very good salesman. He's becoming a man, now. I felt he needed to be treated to a cocksucker, himself. What better place than Las Vegas for that. Yes?", Omar said with a laugh. I continued to suck on Omer's cock as Youssef got naked and sat next to Omer. As I came up off of Omer's cock, I could see that Youssef was already hard. I scooted over and took Youssef's cock into my mouth. He moaned lightly as I began to suck him. "You like?" Omer asked him. "Fuck, yeah", Youssef replied. I began to take turns sucking both their cocks. I also would lick and suck their balls. Omer's very hairy. Youssef's mostly smooth. Then I lifted Omer's legs a bit. He knew what I wanted. He pulled his knees to his chest and I began to devour his extremely hairy asshole. It was clean, but musky smelling and tasting. It had been a long time since I'd eaten such a hairy hole. It was a real turn on. Then Youssef climbs up on the bed. He's on his hands and knees, with his smooth, dark skinned ass facing us. "Eat his boy pussy", Omer commanded. I climb up on the bed and bury my face in his beautiful, smooth, black ass. I'm licking his hole and spreading his ass cheeks to get my tongue in deeper. I feel Omer now fingering my hole. He presses one of his fingers into me. My ass is dry, so it hurts a bit. "Do you have lube?" I ask. Omer walks to the bedside table and pulls out a bottle of lube. He comes back and lubes up my hole and his rock hard cock. I take some deep drags of my poppers and then go back to eating the young man's hole. Omer now presses his very large and thick cock into me. He doesn't give me any time to adjust to his size, he just slides up into me in one, quick, thrust. It hurts a bit. But I take another drag of poppers and my ass begins to adjust. He wastes no time beginning his pounding. He's holding my waist tightly as he pounds into me. Youssef now turns over and I go back to sucking on his cock as his boss fucks me. Omer fucks me for about 15 minutes, then tells Youssef that it was his turn to fuck me. Omer pulls out and Youssef climbs off the bed and stands behind me. He rams his cock into me. His cock is much smaller and thinner than Omer's, so it goes in easily and quickly. Youssef is very vocal in his enjoyment of my ass. He's moaning and groaning with pleasure as he's fucking me. Youssef didn't take long to cum. Maybe 3 or 4 minutes of heavy pounding, then his body began to shake and he growled as his cock unloaded inside my ass. As soon as Youssef pulled his cum covered cock out of me, Omer again slammed his cock back into me. He was now a man on a mission. Omer now was slamming into me with great force. He and I were both grunting with each thrust of his into my cunt. He was going so deep into me, it was hurting just a bit, but felt amazing at the same time. I took a few more deep drags on the poppers and squeezed my hole onto his big cock. Just a couple of minutes of his heavy pounding resulted in Omer grabbing my hips firmly with his hands, he rammed deep into me and held his cock there. I could feel him shake as his cock throbbed in my ass. He was filling my guts with his hot seed. He was groaning, grunting and moaning as he continued to shoot into me. My ass was milking his cock of every ounce of juice I could get him to deposit in me. Then he slowly pulled from me and presented his cock to Youssef to clean off. Youssef hungrily cleaned his boss's cock of Omer's cum and my ass juices, like a hungry orphan. Then, without any words, Omer began to dress. Youssef climbed off the bed and dressed as well. So, I did the same. I nodded and smiled as I said, "Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your time in Vegas", as I left the room. Damn! It was quick, but, very HOT!
  2. Thanks! Come to Las Vegas. The bookstores here are active and a lot of fun. The mix of horny tourists and locals makes it easy to be a cockwhore.
  3. Thank you for the poz reputation to my Arab story. 

  4. I've been working so much lately, my sexual adventures have been lacking as of late. So, having the day off yesterday, I decided to try to catch up a bit. I headed to one of my favorite bookstores here in Las Vegas, Peepland. I bought a fresh bottle of poppers and headed back to the video arcade. Inside the first booth I entered was a short, weather beaten, older Mexican guy in his late 50's, wearing jeans and work boots, he looked like he worked outside in the Vegas heat and sun all day. He was leaning against the wall stroking a very large and thick cock. Though his general looks didn't turn me on, his big, uncut Mexican dick sure did turn me on. I stepped into the booth, locked the door. Took a couple of hits from my fresh bottle of Amsterdam and dropped to my knees. The latino guy was watching some str8 porn. I sucked and chewed on his very ample foreskin then pushed the skin back with my lips and really went to work on his cock. His cock soon was leaking sweet pre-cum. Then his cock began to throb, before filling my mouth with a nice load of juice in just a matter of minutes. I wiped my mouth, thanked him, he smiled back at me without saying a word and I headed back out to the arcade to see what other dick I could find. The doors I tried were all locked. But I noticed that the door to one of the booths with a glory hole was open. The adjoining glory hole booth was closed with the red light on. So I stepped into the adjoining booth and peeked through the large, oval shaped glory hole. A young, Asian kid in his early 20's was standing near the hole, stroking a hard, 6'', cut cock. I locked the door, put a couple of dollars into the video machine and dropped to my knees at the hole. The Asian kid saw my face at the hole and stepped up to put his cock to my face. I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock. It was hard as a rock, as only a young kids cock can be. I sniffed some poppers while still sucking his cock. The length, thickness and angle of his cock was perfect for deepthroating. I sucked on his cock for about 5 minutes. Then I stood, dropped my shorts and pressed my ass up to the hole. This is always a risk. Sometimes this turns the guy off and he leaves. But, I was lucky. I felt him press his hard cock up against my hole. My hole was dry and so I pulled away from the hole and spit on my fingers a couple of times. I lubed my asshole with my spit and put my ass back against the hole. He put his cockhead back on my hole and pressed in. I sniffed more poppers as his cock slid all the way up into me. The kid immediately began to pound and pump into me. It took about another 5 minutes of him pounding my ass before I heard him groan and plant his load in my ass. I pulled up my shorts and pulled myself together, then went back out into the arcade. The booths had emptied while I was getting fucked. The place was deserted. So, I figured I'd check out a different bookstore. I headed to Main St. Books in downtown. The theater can sometimes be quite good. Sadly, that was not the case yesterday. There were 6 or 7 guys in the two theaters. But it must have been senior citizen discount day. I'm no spring chicken. But I was one of the youngest in the place. I first went into the small theater that shows gay porn. There were two guys on the back row. One guy was leaning over and sucking off the other guy. In front of them was a tall black man. I tried to reach down to stroke the black guys cock, but he pushed me away. Then I stood next to the guy getting sucked off and watched for a while. When the guy sucking came up for a breather, I got on my knees and took the guys cock in my mouth. But, the guy could obviously not get a hard on. Sucking limp dick isn't exactly a turn on to me. So, I left that theater and went into the main, larger theater that had 2 screens showing str8 and trans porn. This theatre has a half wall at the back where most of the action goes on. There are 4 rows of seats in front of the wall. Sitting on the end of the last row was a very handsome, rugged, scruffy looking guy in his early 60's. His hand in his pants, stroking as he watched porn. So I walked over to him and leaned down to see if he'd let me stroke him. He moved his hand away and gave me access to his cock. I stroked for a moment, then got on my knees, undid his belt and pulled his pants open. I took his partially hard cock into my mouth. I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he sighed with pleasure at the feeling of my mouth on his cock. He hardened a bit as I sucked him. He grew to about 6''s, cut. I thought this was going to be fun. He was stroking the back of my neck as I sucked him, but soon I heard him snoring. I came up off his cock and looked up to see him asleep. The guy was obviously drunk and passed out. His cock softened quickly. Well........., this wasn't going to work out. I got up and walked behind the wall. 3 guys were standing behind the wall. The theater was very dark. It was difficult to see faces, but I could make out that one guy had his cock out and was stroking. I walked over to him and took his cock into my hand. I could now sort of see his face. He was an old guy, I'm guessing about 70. But he had a nice body and a rock hard cock. For his cock to be so rock hard at his age, I'm pretty sure it was due to viagra. But, who cares? I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his cock. It wasn't big. I'm guessing about 5''s and slender. I could taste ass on his cock. His cock had obviously already been in someone's ass. He immediately leaned forward and began to rub my asshole through my shorts. I've got to hand it to the old guy. Even with a little blue pill, a guy his age that's a dedicated top is impressive. I immediately turned, pulled down my shorts, leaned forward and braced myself against the half wall in front of me. I took a deep sniff of poppers as he pressed his cock into me. He fucked me for several minutes, but it was kind of a boring fuck. So, I pulled off his cock, pulled up my pants and decided to go find another bookstore to see what action was there. I drove to A-Action Books. the small parking lot was empty, but that doesn't always mean anything at this downtown bookstore. I paid my money and first went into the theater. There was one guy in the theater. An older Asian guy was stroking his cock. But, he didn't really appeal to me. So, I quickly left the theater and headed for the video booths. The booths here are very dated. They only have half doors on them that don't lock. So, you can see who's in the booth and see the action going on. But the nice thing is that the majority of the booths have glory holes between them. I strolled down the hall of booths. Only one booth was occupied. I went into the adjoining booth and peeked through the hole. A tall black guy in his mid 40's was stroking his cock, watching str8 porn. I knelt at the hole and did the "finger tap" through the hole to show him that I was there and interested in sucking him. He saw my taps and stood, turning to me and putting his 9", uncut bbc up to my lips at the hole. I sucked on his foreskin, then began to worship his beautiful cock. He was rock hard and I could taste some precum at his piss slit. I'd suck him until he was getting close to cumming, then he'd pull from my mouth to keep from cuming. This went on for about 15 minutes of me edging him. He'd get close to cumming, then pull away for a moment before putting his bbc back into my mouth. I really wanted his bbc in my ass. I stood, dropped my shorts and put my ass up to the hole. BINGO! He spit on my hole and put his swollen cockhead to my hole. I took some drags on my poppers as he pressed into me. His cock felt awesome as he began to pound my hole with his thick, long dick. He'd again get close to cumming, then pull his cock from me for a moment to calm down. He was in no rush to cum. It took another 10 minutes or so of him fucking me, before his pace became fast and furious. I could hear his heavy breathing from the other side of the wall as he was ramming into me. The wall was shaking and squeaking as he slammed his big dick into me. Finally I heard a loud growl and grunt as he filled my ass with his hot load. He pulled his cock from me. So I stood, pulled up my shorts and left my booth, just as he was leaving his. I could see his face better. He was very handsome and athletic looking. I thanked him as I passed him. He just smiled at me. My legs were sore, so I decided it was time to leave the store and head home. I checked my phone as I got into my car. There was a message for me on BBRT from one of my "regulars". I had messaged him earlier in the day to see if he was available. He said he had a fuck lined up with a tourist in town. But this new message from him said the tourist had flaked out on him and had not gotten back to him. So, he was available. I told him I was still available and could be there in 20 minutes. This guy is a really hot top. He's about my age. Late 50's. He's well over 6'6" tall. Thin, but muscular. His cock is 8"s and average thickness. We went into his living room and undressed. He sat on a chair and told me to worship his already hard cock. I eagerly did so. I sucked and licked his big cock. I licked his balls and licked under his balls to his asshole. I did some serious cock worship for about 10 minutes, then he grabbed my hand, pulled me up and told me to follow him into his bedroom. We stood and kissed for a few moments. Then he began to nurse at my tits. He sucked and chewed on my nipples while reaching behind me and fingering my cum filled ass. "Mmmmm.......... I'm not your first for the day. Am I?", he chuckles. "Get up on the bed. Show me that cum filled pussy", he said. I climb up on his high, king sized bed. I put my ass up as he leans down and licks my hole. "Yum!" he says as his tongue laps at my dripping hole. He hungrily begins to eat my sloppy hole. He's sucking the 2 loads of cum inside me into his mouth. Soon he's standing behind me and slowly begins to press his own giant cock into me. I'm sniffing poppers as I try to relax my ass around his giant cock. From previous experience, I know I'm in for a long fuck session. He likes to take his time, edging himself before he finally unloads. He'd fuck me for about 20 minutes, then pull out and we'd take a break. After about 3 of these 20 minute fuck sessions, he finally seemed to be ready to unload. He grabbed me around the waist and began to ram into me. He let out a loud growl and finally emptied his balls into my hole. After catching our breaths, I dressed and left. I checked my phone again, and found that I had several texts from another one of my "regulars". This guy is really my favorite top. He's in his mid 40's. He's a pumped up, muscular, gym dude with a beautiful body. He's got about 8"s and very thick cock that gets hard as steel. He's fucked me about a dozen times. He fucks hard and deep. Really grinds into me. He can make me cum without even touching myself, because his cock turns up and rubs against my prostate when he fucks. Normally, he's only available to meet on Mondays. But he had gotten home from work early and was wanting to know if I was available? By now, it's almost 6pm. I've been sucking and fucking since just before noon. I was exhausted. My ass and thighs were sore. But, I didn't want to turn down an opportunity to play with him. I texted back that I was up for a quickie if he was still available. He texted back, "Come over. I need your ass". I texted that I could be there in 15 minutes. He answered the door in just his white briefs. My God! He's gorgeous! His perfect, muscular body was so beautiful standing there in the doorway. He's a handsome Spanish/Swedish mix guy with sandy blond hair. I came in and he closed the door. We stood there kissing as I felt his cock swell in my hand as I held it through the cotton fabric of his briefs. He pulled my shirt up and pinched my nipples. Then he sucked on my nipples as he fingered at my hole, through the fabric of my shorts. We went into his bedroom and I took off my clothes. Then I turned to him and dropped to my knees. He loves to have me chew on his cock through the fabric of his briefs. He's now fully hard. I pull the waistband of his briefs over his big cock and pull them to his ankles. He steps out of them. I climb on his bed and put my ass up. He goes to my hole and begins to eat my ass as he always loves to. "You've been a busy boy. How many load in you?" he laughs. "Three. An Asian dude, a black dude and a white dude. Now I need your latin load in me", I chuckle. He hungrily eats my hole, sliding saliva up into my hole with his tongue. Then he stands behind me and slowly presses into me as I'm sniffing the poppers. My ass is now kind of sore, but I'm still loving the feel of his big cock filling my hole. This guy is a passionate lover as well as a magnificent fuck. We alternately fuck, suck, kiss and rim for about a half hour. Finally, he's got me on my hands and knees on the middle of his bed as he's kneeling behind me, ramming into me. He reaches under me and is stroking my cock as he fucks. I begin to moan and groan as I begin to cum. Shooting my hot load onto his sheets. This sets him off and he groans as he shoots his load into my well used pussy. We both collapse onto the mattress as we catch our breath. We lay there kissing for several minutes before we finally separate and begin to dress. I kiss him goodbye and head for my car. I drive home feeling exhausted. I'm a very satisfied, horny, cum hungry, bottom whore. Having spent my afternoon being the whore that I love to be. I've got the day off again today. And I certainly have a hell of a lot of errands I need to be doing. But all I really want to do is again hit the bookstores and get some dick inside me. Sometimes I'm just an insatiable whore. And proud of it.
  5. I made a quick visit to my favorite Las Vegas ABS video booths. I only had about a half hour before I was meeting some friends for an early dinner and a movie. When I entered the video arcade, I found 4 red lights on the 12 booths. I tried the occupied booth's doors and found one unlocked. I entered the booth and found a latino guy in his early 50's leaning against the wall, his uncut cock sticking from his zipper and he was stroking, while watching some str8 porn on the screen. I added a dollar to the machine and dropped to my knees in front of him. I took a deep drag on my poppers and went to work on his cock. I heard him ask for my poppers. I handed them up to him and he took several drags on them. He was a quick cummer. I very quickly felt the sweet taste of his cum as it filled my mouth. I got up, wiped my face and left his booth. I noticed that the red light was on over the door of one of the booths that had the only glory hole in this arcade. So, I went into the adjoining booth that was just being vacated by an older latino guy, and peeked through the hole. A young asian kid in his early 20's, with a very large, thick and rock hard cock was standing in the booth stroking. Some str8 porn was on his screen. I put a couple of dollars in my video machine and dropped to my knees at the glory hole. I'm an older guy, so I wasn't sure this young kid would want my offer of a bj? But, he quickly put his rockhard cock to my mouth at the hole. His cock was a pure joy to worship. I sucked and licked his cock and balls. I could tell that he'd get close to cumming, then he'd pull from my mouth for a few moments, before putting it back into me. He liked to fuck my mouth like a pussy. So, I'd put my face up to the large, oval glory hole and keep it there as he'd fuck my face. He continued to keep taking small breaks from his face fucking so he wouldn't cum. He was trying to make it last by edging. But he finally got to the point where I could tell he couldn't edge any longer. He was ready to shoot. I hungrily worked on his cock. Taking it as far to the back of my throat as I could. Finally he let out a soft groan and filled my mouth with a giant load of very sweet juice. It typical str8 boi fashion, he quickly pulled his cock from my mouth. Grabbed some tissues from the dispenser, wiped his cock, put it in his pants, zipped and quickly exited the booth. I heard the front door buzzer chime as he quickly exited the store. I always chuckle at how quickly str8 guys want to get out after they cum. I glanced at my watch, I only had another 10 minutes to spare before I had to head to meet my friends. I tried all the doors with red lights on them. All locked. Just as I was thinking I'd better get going, a man in his early 40's, nice looking, wearing dress slacks and a white long sleeve shirt entered the arcade. It's 116 degrees outside. The only reason to wear a long sleeve shirt in this temperature would be if he had just gotten off work and was on his way home. Our eyes catch each other as we pass by the display of all the movies playing. He enters a booth and locks the door. DAMN! Maybe he doesn't want a bj? He's nice looking and I do have 10 more minutes I can stay. So, I hang around for a bit near the movie display. I go to try his door a couple of times. But it's locked. I do rattle his door handle just a bit, so he knows that someone's interested in coming in. He's been in the booth for just a couple of minutes when I hear the door lock on his door being moved. I try the door again, Now it's unlocked. I go inside and find him sitting on the chair, his pants around his ankles, his 7" cut cock in his hands, stroking to some str8 porn. I lock the door and assume my position on the floor, between his legs. I take my drags of poppers, then go to work on his cock. He looks hard already, but I can feel it harden even more as I suck on him. He doesn't take long. About 4 minutes of cocksucking then I hear his breath quicken, his cock throbs in my mouth and he pulls the back of my head down onto his cock. I tighten the back of my throat on his cock as I feel it pulse and fill my throat with his load. He finishes cumming, then pushes my face off his cock. He and I both take tissues from the dispenser, wipe ourselves off. I get up, leave him and leave the store. In less than 30 minutes I've sucked off 3 str8 guys. All without speaking a word to each other. All totally anonymous. Just as I like it.
  6. One of the absolutely HOTTEST things that's ever happened to me just happened. I can't fuckin' believe it. Reading back on this story, now that I've typed it, it sounds like a porn movie, but no, it just happened to me. I may be getting old and stupid in my old age, but still I'm a horn dog at heart. And I occasionally get myself into some pretty risky situations. Last night, I posted on Craigslist that I wanted to get tag fucked by a group of black men this week. These tag fucks are not easy to set up. But, I've had several really successful ones in the past. It's been awhile since my last group fuck. And I was hoping I could somehow set one up while I'm home on vacation, this week. I placed the ad and I got a few replies that didn't lead anywhere. A lot of the typical crap you get from the CL game players. But, one of the replies I got on KIK was from a heavyset, 23 year old black kid that had seen my ad. He looked kind of cute in his pic. He was trying to appear kind of thuggish. But he was looking a little too cute to really pull it off. He shared some pics of his cock with me. As well as a video of him jacking off. He was showing about 6"s of uncut black dick, covered with very ample foreskin. We chatted back and forth on KIK for a few hours last night. He told me that he could host at his condo at noon on Monday. I asked if he lived with family or had roommates? I knew the area he lived in. It's a very nice middle class area. I didn't think a young kid his age could afford to live in that area alone. He told me he lived with his Dad. His Mom and Dad were divorced. And he had moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to live with his Dad about a year ago. I said, "What would your Dad do if he caught us fucking?" He said, "He'd probably fuck you, too. LOL". "Yeah, right. You're joking, right"? "Nope, my Dad fucks me", Antone said. "But, he'll probably be at work. He wouldn't care, anyway". I'm thinking this kid is just pulling my leg and fuckin' with me. In fact, now I'm disappointed. He's obviously another CL flake that's just playin' with me. He's not serious about hooking up. I said to him, "Send me a pic of your Dad". Antone sends a couple of pics of a very good looking black man that appears to be in his mid 40's. One of the pics is even a pic of this same black guy fucking some chick. And another one of the same chick sucking his BBC. I'm skeptical that these are really pics of his Dad. I'm thinking that it's probably just a pics of some handsome black guy he found on the internet to send me. I'm still not believing him. But, Antone had gotten me very turned on with his messages and his pics. So, against my better judgement, we confirm that I'm going to come to his condo at noon the next day. I'm nervous as hell, driving the 30 minutes to his condo. This kid is young. Just 23. I'm still not sure if what he's telling me about his Father is true or not? Is he just messing with me? I've had a few really scary encounters with strangers I've set up from Craigslist, in the past. I'm wondering if I'm stepping into something that I shouldn't be? Will his dad show up and beat the shit out of me, because I'm having sex with his son? Is the kid even really 23? He looks young in his pic. Should I ask to see his ID to see if he's legal age, before we get naked? My mind was racing with all the scary possibilities that I could be putting myself into. But, the pics of his beautiful, young, hard black dick were just too much for me to resist. I needed to taste that foreskin of his. I wanted his cock in my ass. And I wanted his load of cum in me. As nervous and apprehensive as I was about this, there I was driving to his Father's home to have sex with this kid. I finally arrive at his condo, right on time. The gate code he's given me works. I find the correct building, I park and climb the stairs to their second floor condo. I'm literally shaking as I ring the doorbell. Antone answers the door and brings me inside. "Are we alone", I ask? "No. Dad's here. He's working the late shift tonight. But he's cool with it. He knows why you're here. He told me to have fun", Antone tells me with a wink and a smile. "Seriously? Where is he?". "He's in his room, on his computer. Don't freak. He's totally cool with it", Antone said. Now, I'm really shaking. This is just too freaky. But, I follow Antone back to his bedroom. He closes the door and begins to kiss me. We begin to undress each other as we kiss. He's already hard as I pull his sweatpants open. Once naked, we climb on the bed and end up in a 69 position. Sucking each other. Then we change positions and I begin to eat his ass. He's moaning loudly as I slide my tongue into him. "Shhhhhh...... Your Dad will hear", I whisper to him. Antone laughs. "You're such a freakout. Cool the fuck down, man...", he chuckles. We switch positions again. I'm now on my hands and knees and Antone begins to eat my ass. The kid is great at rimming. He keeps spitting on my hole, then sliding the spit up into me with his tongue. Then I feel him kneel behind me and put his cock up to my ass. He grabs me around the waist and begins to slide up in me. He's lubed me up well with all his spit. He slides into me quite easily. The horny kid immediately starts to pound my ass, hard. The slapping sound of our bodies is loud and the bedframe is squeaking and hitting the wall as he pounds me. I'm still feeling nervous that his Dad is literally in the next room as his son fucks me. Since this kid is only 23, and judging from the pic, I'm a hell of a lot older than the Dad. But, the fuck feels great. I always have my trusty popper bottle in hand, and I take a few sniffs and try to relax into the fuck. I'm feeling so weird. This strange mixture of excitement and fear. I'm still nervous as hell. But the kid knows what he's doing. He may be young, but he knows how to fuck. He keeps pushing me into different positions. I'm finally face down, flat on the bed. My face buried in the pillow as he slams into me. Suddenly I hear, "How's his ass feel, Antone?" "Nice, Dad. Real nice". I pull my face up off the pillow and turn my head towards the voice at the bedroom door. Antone's Father is standing at the doorway. Completely naked. He's close to 6' tall. About 250 lbs. He's got a football player's build. A nice looking guy in his mid 4'0's. Carrying some extra weight. But looking very handsome and strong. He's got a long, thick cock hanging between his legs and large balls hanging behind it. His muscular chest and abs are covered in hair. But his cock and balls are shaved smooth. My heart is racing. I'm paralyzed with fear. I look at the Father with shock and fear in my eyes. I can't even form words to say anything to him. Anonte just keeps pounding my ass. His Dad moves to the side of the bed. "Over here, Fag. You need a black dick stuffed in your mouth, too. Antone told me you like black dick. So, here's some more black dick for your faggot mouth", he says. Antone pulls out of my ass and I slowly crawl to the edge of the bed. I'm on my hands and knees as I take the Father's limp cock in my mouth and begin to suck. Antone climbs behind me and again slides his cock back into me. The Dads cock slowly begins to grow in my mouth. His cock soon has grown to I'm guessing about 8" thick inches. His cockhead is covered in loose foreskin. There's a nice bit of cheese under the foreskin. It's sweet, salty and pungent. I suck and gently chew on the foreskin. And then he holds my head and fucks my mouth. "You done good, kid. He looks like a good fuck". "Try him, Dad. His ass is nice and wet". Antone pulls out and they change positions. The Dad now climbs behind me as Antone puts his cock up to my lips. I saw the Dad's fully hard cock as he pulled from my mouth and climbed behind me on the bed. And I know I'm going to need some more poppers to be able to take him. It's big, thick and rock hard. I sniff deeply in both nostrils a couple of times as I feel the Dad slam up into me in one, merciless thrust. I let out an audible gasp as he impales me with his giant cock. Then I wrap my lips around Anton's cock and he begins to fuck my face, as his father fucks my ass. Grunts, moans and growls are coming from all 3 of us as the two of them abuse my holes. They switch positions a couple of times. Finally, Antone is fucking me as he growls and yells out, "Oh, Fuck! I'm coming"....!!! He thrusts into me and empties his balls in my ass. He continues to slowly fuck me as he pumps his last drops into me. Then he pulls out quickly and slaps my ass as his Father pulls from my mouth and climbs back on the bed, crawling behind me. He rams his cock back into me and shows no mercy as he pummels my ass with his monster cock. His son's cum in my ass provided some much needed lube. He slid inside me much smoother and easier this time. His thrusts were hard and deep. His son put his cock back up to my lips to clean off with my mouth. I taste his cum and my ass on his cock that was still hard as a rock. His Dad then pulled out of me. He grabbed me by the legs and pulled me as he said, "Get on your back, Fag". I complied and rolled onto my back in the center of the queen sized bed. The Dad lifted my legs and Antone throws one of the pillows up under my ass, as I sniffed the poppers. The Dad positioned himself at my hole and slammed his cock back into me. I let out a grunt as he slid balls deep, back into me. Antone climbed back on the bed and squatted over my face. He spread his asscheeks and lowered his hole to my mouth. I licked and ate his sweet ass. I could hear Antone and his Dad kissing as I ate his ass and his Dad fucked mine. The Dad's thrusts became even more brutal as he neared climax. Soon he grunted and slammed into me as his cock exploded in my guts. He was growling and grunting and swearing as his load emptied into me. Antone had been stroking his cock as I ate his hole. All of a sudden I felt Antone's hot cum cover my stomach. The little fucker had shot a second load onto me. The Dad pulled out of me. "Clean up this mess, Antone", he chuckled as he climbed off the bed. Antone leaned forward and licked his own cum from my stomach. Then he crawled around me and lifted my legs. He licked his Father's and his own cum from my gaping asshole. His Dad stepped up alongside us as he and Antone kissed again. Antone feeding his Father the load he had just licked up. Without a word, Antone's Father left the room and closed the door behind him. I stared in silence at Antone. Then we both broke into laughter. "Holy FUCK!", I said. "What the hell just happened?" Antone was also laughing. "Yeah, it freaks guys out. But, I told you it was all cool. You didn't need to be so nervous." "Have you and your Dad been fucking a long time", I asked? "Yeah. Like, forever. He's been fuckin' me....well.......since my Mom left us. And that was a long time ago. And some of his buds have fucked when they all have been drinkin' together. Now, I'm the one sharing my buds with him. LOL. Kind of funny, huh?." Antone said. "Is your Dad gay?" I asked?" "Ahhh.. Fuck, no!!! He likes pussy. He brings girls home all the time to fuck. Mostly white chicks. They love his cock. He works at one of the Big Casino's. He's always bringin' girls back that he's met at the hotel. He ain't had a steady girlfriend for awhile. But, he'll pretty much fuck anything. He's just a horny fucker. Like me, I guess." Antone chuckled. "There's some bitch in his bed, getting pounded, all the time. Once in awhile he'll even have some guy show up here that he'll fuck. I don't think it matters to him. He just likes to fuck. He's had me fuck some of the chicks and the guys he's brought home with him. But, I think I prefer the guys he brings home. The chicks can be kind of skanky lookin', if you know what I mean?" Antone said, with a laugh. I finish dressing and Antone walks me to the door. As we enter the living room, his Dad is sitting on the sofa. Still naked. Smoking a cigarette. "So, how's that pussy of yours feeling after two black dicks and two loads of cum in you?'' he asked? Smiling a devilish smile. "Feels great! Thanks for the fuck. I'm Dave, by the way", I say as I walk to the door. "Walter. Walt, actually", he says. "Well, thank you, Walt and thank you, Antone. This was pretty amazing". We all three chuckle as Antone lets me out the door. I couldn't wait to get home to write this all down. It still doesn't seem real or possible. I just messaged Antone back and told him I wanted to organize a big tag team party at a motel later this month. I wanted him and his Dad to be part of it to seed my ass. Antone replied back that they'd both be there. I hope his Dad will bring some of his buddies. God! I love living in Las Vegas! Living here really brings the PIG out in me.
  7. I hadn't heard from Walt since early spring. I've been working and traveling a lot. So, I haven't had a lot of free time when at home in Las Vegas. But, I certainly have been missing Walt's bbc seeding my hole. But yesterday afternoon I got a text from Walt. "Hey Fag. U need some bbc? Got a buddy from Mississippi in town for a few days. He's fucked guys before. He likes white pussy and ass. I told him about you. Let me know if you want his cock?" I quickly texted back, "Hell, YEAH! When? Where?" Walt texted back. "His name is Morris. He's at Hooters Hotel on Tropicana. Here's his cell number. 201-***-****. Call him and set it up. If I can come by after work, I'll fuck your sloppy pussy as well." I quickly called Morris. He didn't answer, but I left a message. Then followed up with a text with my cell number. About an hour later, Morris texted back. "I'm back at my hotel room. Need some dick in your pussy?" he texted. "Hell, yeah. Tell me when? Room number? I asked. Morris told me he's ready now and has a couple of hours before he was meeting friends for dinner. I texted back that I could be there in an hour. He was fine with that. So, I quickly got myself cleaned out and headed for the hotel. I arrived there in exactly one hour. I knocked on his door. Just then, I realized I had no idea as to his age, build, cock size or anything. I hadn't even asked my fuck buddy Walt, nor Morris himself. In reality, it doesn't matter. I'm a whore for cock. Especially black cock. As long as he gets hard, I'm game to bend over for him. But, I was in for a nice surprise when Morris opened the door. I was greeted by a good looking black man in his mid 50's. About 5'10", 165lbs, short black curly hair with some grey starting to fill in with the black. He had a rugged, muscular build. Dressed in just his white briefs, undershirt and black socks. "Come on in", he said as he held the door open for me. As I passed him, I noticed his ample bulge in his white briefs. I walked into his hotel room and he locked the door behind me. As I turned to introduce myself to him, I saw Morris already stripping off his undershirt and briefs. Looks like there's no need for introductions. We're getting right down to it. So, I quickly undressed and grabbed my bottle of poppers. When I turned around I found Morris sitting naked on the foot of the king sized bed. His cock was partially hard. He looked to be about 7" already. And he wasn't even fully hard, yet. I walked to him and dropped to my knees between his legs. Just as I began to suck, Morris said, "You up for more dick than mine?" I came up and said, "Yeah. Walt said he might drop by". "I mean more than Walt. You ok with another buddies cock?" "Yeah. Who is he?" I asked. "White buddy of mine. I'm here with a couple of buddies. All str8. But this friend has fucked some guys before. We've shared some queers before. I told him you were coming. Should I tell him to come over? He's just down the hall". Morris said. "Sure", I replied I went back to sucking on Morris's cock as he punched in his buddies numbers and called him. "Yeah. The queer is ok with it. Come over". I sucked on Morris's cock for about 5 minutes. He was now fully hard. His rock hard cock had grown to nearly 8"s and thick. He was cut with a large mushroom head on it. I couldn't wait to have him inside my ass. I just knew that mushroomed head was going to feel awesome as it fucked me like a plunger. About 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door. Morris pushed me off his cock and walked to the door. Without any words exchanged the two guys came back into the room. Following Morris was a heavy set white guy. He looked to be in his early 60's, was about 6'1", 250 lbs. a bit of a gut on him. Straggly grey hair and scruffy grey beard. "How's the fags mouth?", the white guy asked in a thick southern accent. "He sure got purdy lips", Morris said, in obvious reference to the movie "Deliverance". They both laughed. Morris again sat on the back side of the mattress and I went back to sucking his bbc while the new white guy took off his clothes. I was worshiping his cock and balls. Soon the white guy was seated on the mattress next to Morris. "Suck Bob's cock", Morris barked at me. I came up off of Morris's cock and looked over at Bob. His cock was soft and I could barely see it under his belly. But I scooted over and leaned down to Bob's crotch. He spread his legs and I took his flaccid uncut cock into my mouth. His cock grew quickly as I sucked on him. It finally grew to about 6"s. And very thick. So thick that I could barely get my mouth around it. Because of the thickness, I couldn't take much of him down my throat. But I was really loving to suck on his giant cockhead and to suck, lick and chew on his very ample foreskin. I very quickly tasted his sweet precum begin to ooze from his cockhead. As I was sucking on Bob, Morris had now climbed up on the bed. He was on his hands and knees on the far end of the king sized bed. "Eat my ass, queer". Morris demanded. I climbed up on the bed and knelt behind Morris. I began to lick and make love to his beautiful black ass. I'd lick and suck on his low hanging, smooth balls, then go back to licking his asshole. I spread his cheeks and stuck my tongue up as far as I could get it into his black ass. Bob had now climbed on the bed behind me. I could hear him spitting and lubing up his cock. I heard and felt him spit a few times on my hole. Once I was slicked up, he pressed his cock into my hole. Bob's cock was so thick, I had to come up off of Morris's black ass and take some hits of poppers to be able to accommodate Bob's thick dick. But, Bob soon had slid up inside my sphincter and began to pump. I went back to eating Morris's hole. Soon, Morris had flipped over and I was again sucking on his close to 8" bbc. Morris was also now pinching on my tits. That drives me crazy and makes me so fucking horny. I'm moaning in pleasure as I have a cock in my mouth and ass at the same time. Bob now has grabbed me tightly around the waist and is slamming into me with loud slapping sounds. He's grunting, I'm grunting and Morris is moaning. After about 6 or 7 minutes of fucking, Bob let out a loud growl and slammed deeply into me. I could feel his body shake as he filled my ass with his load. Bob convulsed in orgasm for several moments then pulled out and jumped off the bed. "Thanks, guys. That's what I needed", he said, as he quickly began to dress. "Sit on this, queer", Morris said as he slid down and laid fully on his back. His bbc sticking straight into the air. I straddled his abs and he slapped his cock against my asscheeks and my hole. I spit a few times on my fingers and lubed up my ass some more. Then I again spit in my palm and lubed up Morris's cock. Then I positioned my ass onto Morris's cock and began to slide down on him. I was sniffing my poppers as I slowly took the long, thick cock up inside me. Then I sat still for a few moments, continuing to sniff the poppers as my ass adjusted to his bbc. Soon, I was now raising up and then lowering myself back down on his cock. I was rocking back and forth. We had a good rhythm going. I'd lean forward and Morris would thrust up into me as I'd slide back down against him. There was a loud slapping sound as he'd ram up into me. After about 5 minutes of fucking like this, there was again a knock on the door. "SHIT!" Morris groaned as I climbed off him and he went to answer the door. He opened the door to find Walt standing there in his Casino Security Guard uniform. Walt came in and said, "How many loads does our fag have in him?" "Just Bob's. But I was getting close to putting my own up there when you knocked. Bad timing, fucker", Morris joked and laughed. I had repositioned myself so that I was kneeling on the edge of the bed. Morris quickly stepped up behind me and in one quick thrust, slid back up inside me and began to again slam into me. He's now slamming deeper than before into me. He's determined to unleash his load in me. He's grabbed my shoulders and is ramming into me. Grinding his cock in me and slamming so hard into me that he's pushing the breath out of my lungs. After just about 5 more minutes of fucking, he lets out a loud groan. Almost screaming as he groans..... "Faggot! Fuckin' Queer! God Damned Whore!....FUUUUUCK.!!!!!" I squeeze my ass on his cock as I can feel it throb in my ass. "Ahhhh......Ahhhhh.....Ahhhhh...........Fuckin' Queer", he keeps saying as he shakes in orgasm. He then pulls out of me and slaps my ass as his cock plops from my hole. Morris quickly goes into the bathroom and I hear the shower running as Walt steps behind me and slams up into me. "You having fun, Dave?" Walt says with a laugh. "Fuck, yeah", I reply as I take some more drags on my poppers. "This is gonna be fast. I don't have much time. But, I've been missing your white pussy. I love the feel of your hole when it's nice and sloppy, like it is now. You such a whore, boy. Such a fuckin, faggot, whore". he says as he's now ramming into me. Walt really was in a hurry. He barely fucks me for 4 minutes before he's groaning and shaking as he fills my ass with load number 3. Walt soon pulls out of me. As Walt walks towards the bathroom, Morris walks out of it. Morris is still drying off from his shower. His cock is soft. Morris begins to dress as I climb off the bed and begin to dress, myself. "Thanks for the fuck", I tell Morris as I head towards the door. "Sure thing", Morris says as I grab the door handle. "Thanks, Walt", I shout into the bathroom as Walt showers. "Call me when you need this black dick again, Dave", Walt shouts back from the shower.
  8. Nice story. I love the casualness of the sex. Where is this sauna? Sounds like my kind of place.
  9. I hate sucking on a condom covered cock. I even hate getting fucked by a condom covered cock. I've normally refused to suck with a condom. BUT.......... a few weeks ago, I was at an adult bookstore video booth and a really hot guy with a nice sized dick would only let me suck him if he wore a condom. I'm pretty sure he was married and str8 and scared. His cock was too beautiful to turn down, so I went ahead and sucked him with his condom on his cock. While I would have preferred it to have been raw, it was a fun cock to suck. He filled the condom with a large load of his str8 jizz. So after he came, I pulled the condom off him, so I could save his spunk. He left the booth and I drank his still warm cum from the condom. I still would have preferred to have drunk his cum straight from the tap. But, I enjoyed drinking it anyway.
  10. I finally got to play out one of my fantasies yesterday afternoon. I've always wanted to pick up one of the illegal Latinos who hang out in front of the local nursery, Home Depot and Loews, looking to get hired to undertake work in one's yard or home. As I drove into my local nursery yesterday, the usual group of nearly a dozen Latinos hanging near the entrance to the parking lot. A cute, buff, dark-skinned Mexican guy in his early 20's caught my eye. Not only was he naturally dark skinned, it was obvious the hours he had spent out in the hot Las Vegas sun had given him a very dark tan. Apparently he realized I was checking him out, as he motioned to me and smiled as I drove past him en route to the parking lot. Still I drove past him, parked and went into the nursery where I selected a Mediterranean Fan Palm that I wanted to plant in my yard. It was in a large 10 gallon container. Two nursery workers lifted it into my SUV, but I realized once I arrived home I wouldn't be able to lift it out, let alone maneuver it to the location where I wanted to plant it. In addition, it occurred to me the record breaking heat here in the desert was so severe that I really wasn't looking forward to digging a hole and planting the bugger, so, just as I drove out of the parking lot, I stopped at the curb in front the guy who had flashed me a smile, and, rolling down my passenger side window I hollered "Hey! You looking for work?" He walked over to my car and stuck his head in my window asking "Si. What you need me to do?" "I need help planting this palm. Can you do that?" "Si." "Would you do it for $40?" "For $50 I will have my cousin, Eduardo help me. We will get it done quick for you. I'm Jessie. My cousin and I work good for you." He motioned for his cousin to come over to my car. Eduardo looked to be close to the same age, a little taller, perhaps 5'9", 150 pounds. He, like his cousin, was wearing a long sleeved shirt over a black wife beater tee-shirt, jeans and heavy boots. With a floppy flannel cowboy hat on to protect from the brutal Vegas sun. Eduardo didn't say anything, but flashed me a handsome smile as he peered into my car window. "Deal. Hop in," I said. Both guys jumped into my back seat and we took off for my home a few miles away. I was a bit nervous, having two strangers climb into my car. But, it was also exciting. I was entering the 'unknown'. We reached my home in about 15 minutes. I let them both out on my driveway, then I pulled all the way into my shaded garage and unlocked the back of my SUV. I jumped out and pulled open the back of the car and they both pulled the palm out of the car. "Where you want it?" Jessie asked. I walked over to the area I wanted the palm planted and pushed some of the landscape rock away to mark the spot. Jessie and Eduardo lifted the palm and brought it to where I wanted it planted. "I'll show you where my shovels and other garden tools are in my garage. Follow me." Leading the two guys into my garage, I pulled out two shovels, showed them where my potting soil and palm food was, explaining I wanted mixed with the dirt that they dug up when planting. I pulled the hose out for them and then told them I'd be in the house if they needed me. DAMN! The temp was 113 degrees. I felt bad for them out there in that heat. But I made a big jug of ice water. Took that and some cups out to them. By now, both had taken off their long sleeve shirts and were in their wife beater tee shirts. These cousins looked more like brothers. Similar in size, build and muscles. Eduardo was definitely the taller of the two, perhaps by two inches, but other than that, they could almost be twins. They even dressed alike. It took about 35 minutes for them to dig the hole and plant the tree. I'd looked out my front window a few times to check on their progress and to check out their hot bodies. Once they were done I could hear them putting the shovels and other planting tools back where I got them in my garage. Then Jessie knocked on my door from the garage. "We're done, Senor. You want to look?" he asked. I followed them back to the palm. They had done a great job and had put all the ground cover rock back around the tree. "Nice job, guys. Thanks. Would you like a beer?" I asked as I opened my door from the garage and invited them in. "Gracias, but we're really dirty, Senor. We shouldn't come in," Jessie replied. "Nonsense. Take off your boots. You'll be fine. Come in." I held the door open and both guys hesitantly came into my cool home. "Gracias, Senor. It feel nice and cool in here." I motioned for them to take a seat at my table as I pulled a couple of beers from the fridge. I handed them the cold beers and they downed them instantly. The heat had gotten to them. Who knows how many hours they had been standing out in front of the store before they came to work for me. Reaching back into the fridge I grabbed two more beers which I gave to Eduardo and Jessie. They gladly accepted the offer. Then I pulled out a bottle of Patron from my pantry and poured each of us a shot of Patron. "Oh, no, Senor. I have to work," Eduardo laughed. Up until now, Jessie had been the only one to talk. "Nonsense. Drink up," I replied as I downed the Patron. Both guys did the same and we downed the second beers a bit more slowly. "Thank you so much, guys. I appreciate your help. Good job. Would you both like to rinse off in my shower before I take you back? You'll feel so much better to get that dirt off you and cool down in a cool shower," I suggested. "Oh, no, Senor. We're good," Jessie protested. "No. Really. Take a quick rinse in the shower. You'll feel more like going back to work in that hot sun." I urged. Both guys looked at each other, puzzled at least at first, but then Eduardo looked up at me, smiled, saying "Gracias, Senor. I like that." I got up and told them to follow me to the master bedroom. I have a large master with a big king sized bed. And an overstuffed leather love seat and ottoman in front of the large screen TV at the opposite side of the room. I walked into the master bathroom and pulled out a couple of bath towels and washcloths from the cabinet. And put them on the edge of the tub, next to the shower. Then I came back into the bedroom and told them to go ahead and shower. Eduardo wasn't shy. He quickly stripped his clothes off. He was sporting a nice uncut dick of about six inches, sporting an ample foreskin which was draped over his cock head. Stepping into my shower he turned on the water as I took a seat on the loveseat, which gave me a direct view of the bathroom mirror in which I could see Eduardo soaping up his beautiful, brown, naked body. "Have a seat, Jessie," I said as I patted the cushion next to me on the loveseat. "I'm too dirty to sit on your couch," Jessie protested. "Well, take your clothes off, then. You're going to need to to shower, anyway," I suggested, flashing him a friendly smile. Jessie began to undress. He seemed very nervous and awkward, but he stripped to his boxers and came over to sit next to me on the sofa. His body was also nicely toned from all his hard labor. I flipped on the TV in front of us, immediately punching in the channel number for one of the straight softcore porn channel which I could get on cable tv. A beautiful, blonde, busty woman was on the screen sucking off a black guy. "Oh, shit!", I laughed. "Got the fuck channel on here. Want me to change the channel? Or do you want to watch?'' I asked him with a smile on my face. "It okay," Jessie replied, his eyes glued to the TV. Eduardo, meanwhile, finished showering and stepped out of the shower to towel off. Standing in the doorway to the bathroom he could clearly see the TV screen, and his eyes were also glued to the TV, even as he toweled himself dry. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him wrap the towel around his waist as he stepped back into the bedroom to retrieve his clothing. A very visible rise under his towel was very evident: he was getting a hard on. I turned and patted Jessie's thigh suggesting "Your turn for the shower," as I viewed the bulge which, like his cousin's, was quite evident. He stood and pulled his boxers down as a nearly full on erection bounced up in front of him. He quickly went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. Eduardo took his towel off and continued to dry off with the towel. His cock now standing straight out in front of him. He blushed a bit as he saw me staring at his cock. I stood and walked over to Eduardo. He stopped toweling off and stood there naked and hard in front of me. I reached over and took his hard cock into my hand. He didn't move. Nor move to push me away. So, I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his foreskin. His cock tasted sweet and clean from the shower. I pushed him back so that he then sat on the edge of the bed and again began to suck on his cock. He was fully hard and my lips pushed his foreskin back from his cockhead. I sucked on his cock, taking it to the back of my throat. Then I lifted his legs and sucked his balls. He moaned. Then I licked down to his asshole and licked it. He moaned louder. Just then, I heard the shower turn off. Jessie stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. He could see back into the bedroom and saw his cousin, still naked, laying on his back, his legs to his chest, with my face buried in his cousin's ass. Jessie said something to his cousin in Spanish. His cousin answered back in Spanish. They conversed for a moment, then Jessie walked over to us. His cock also growing to full hardness. I motioned for Jessie to sit next to his cousin on the bed. I then took turns sucking on each man's cock and balls. Finally I stood up. "Eduardo. Get on my bed and kneel on it. I wanna eat your ass." Eduardo got onto the bed and knelt on it. His ass to my face. I knelt on the edge of the bed and put my face to Eduardo's ass and began to eat his hole. I then spit on my fingers and smeared my asshole with the spit. I did that several times. Then went back to eating Eduardo's brown, puckered hole. I felt Jessie feeling my ass and fingering my hole. Then I heard and felt him spit on my hole. Before putting his cock up to it and push in. He quickly plopped into my hole and began to fuck. I ate Eduardo for several minutes. Then he turned and laid back on the bed as I sucked his cock. Jessie fucked me hard and deep for about 10 minutes, before he groaned and slammed deep into me, filling my ass with his load. Like a well rehearsed team, as soon as Jessie pulled his cock from me, Eduardo climbed off the bed and rammed his cock into my hole, requiring only about five of pounding before he deposited a his load, my second of the day, into my hole. As soon as Eduardo came in me, he pulled out and quickly began to dress. Jessie was already dressed. When we were all presentable, we silently walked to the door leading to my garage where they pulled on their work boots as I locked-up the house. Then we all climbed into the car and I drove them back to the nursery where I had picked them up. As we got there, I pulled the cash from my pocket. We had agreed on $50 for both. But I handed each of them $50 saying "Gracias." "Gracias, Senor," Jessie said. "We be here if you need more work," Eduardo said, a smile on his face. "We work for you again." "Gladly", I replied, as I pulled away and they walked back to their group of buddies. I wonder if they would tell the other guys what had happened. I got my tree planted and my ass filled with two Latino loads. Quite a productive afternoon.
  11. I visited an ABS in one of the Las Vegas suburbs yesterday afternoon. It's a particularly good one. But, since it's out of the way, I haven't visited it in close to a year. It has a video arcade with about a dozen extra large booths. And a twin theater. The first theater shows str8 porn. And the back theater shows tranny and bisexual porn. I decided to try the theater first. I paid my money to the clerk and she buzzed me in. The theaters are extremely dark and it takes me awhile before my eyes adjust. But, I felt my way along the wall until I was inside the forward theater showing the str8 porn. Once my eyes adjusted I could make out that there was only one guy in that theater. He was sitting against the back wall on one of the white, plastic chairs. But he wasn't jacking or even rubbing his crotch. So, I moved on to the back theater where the tranny film was playing. The back theater is where most of the "action" takes place, anyway. There were 3 guys in that theater. It's still so dark that I can only make out shapes of the guys. I move to an empty chair next to the nearest guy. I can't see his face or much else of him, but can hear the familiar sounds of him stroking his cock. I take a risk of reaching over to his crotch. You always take a risk of being "swatted" away, but I took the risk and found his hand on his short, but hard cock. He moved his hand away and let me stroke him. I quickly got on my knees, between his legs and began to suck on him. He moaned softly. I then took a couple of hits of my poppers and went back to work on his cock. I could now make out that he was a guy in his 50's. A bit overweight. His cock was only about 5"s. But it was hard as a rock. I sucked on his cock and his balls for about 5 minutes, then he pressed the back of my head down onto his cock, holding it there as I felt his cock throb in my throat and he unloaded into me. Once I had most of his load, I came up off his cock. Milked the rest of his cum with my lips and then began to stand. "Nice" was all he said as I walked back to the forward str8 theater. As I walked into the other theater someone else that had been sitting in the dark a few chairs away got up and followed me into the str8 theater. I moved to the front of the theater to an extremely dark corner to the left of the screen. The guy followed me. As I got to the corner, I turned and leaned against the wall. I couldn't see the guy, but I could sense him right in front of me. I reached to where his crotch was and felt a big hard cock under his jeans. I rubbed it then began to pull his zipper down. I pulled his cock out and dropped to my knees. Whoever he was, he had a nice, rock hard, thick cock with a big mushroom head on it. I'm guessing it was about 7"s long. I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck. It was so dark in this corner of the room, that I had absolutely no idea who this guy was? His age? His race? All I could tell was from the feel of his cock. And that's really all I cared about, too. This guy was totally silent as I sucked him. But his cock continued to swell and throb as I sucked him. So, I knew he was enjoying it. His cock was so long and thick that I was totally enjoying it. I was literally worshiping this cock. "You like my big black cock, Daddy?" I heard his softly say. "Mmmmnnn Mmmmnnn" I groaned as I continued to suck. So, this guy is black? Damn! I love black cock. I continued to suck and worship this magnificent cock. "Can I fuck you, Daddy?" he asked. "Fuck, YEAH!" I replied. I got up, unbuckled my shorts, pulled my shorts and briefs to the floor and stepped out of them and tossed them into the corner. I spit on my fingers a couple of times and smeared the spit on my hole. Then bent over, pressing my hands and head against the wall in front of me. He put his bbc up to my hole and began to press in. It was going to hurt a bit, so I took some deep sniffs of poppers as he continued to press into me. Finally he popped up past my sphincter and began to fuck. Soon he was balls deep into me and fucking hard. It didn't take long before he let out a grunt and I felt him press deeply into me. His cock was throbbing as he filled my ass with his spunk. As soon as he came, he quickly pulled out of me and walked away. I heard the door to the bathroom, at the back of the str8 theater close and the bathroom fan turn on as he turned on the light. I put my shorts back on and pulled myself together as I walked to the back of the theater and took a seat near the bathroom door. I was hoping to at least catch a glimpse of this black guy as he came out of the bathroom. I wanted to know who's cum I had inside me. I heard the water in the sink shut off and the paper towel dispenser hum. Soon the door opened and for just a quick second, before he switched off the light, I could see a very handsome, young black guy in his mid 30's walking out. Almost "nerdish" looking. But handsome at the same time. Nice build. He caught my eye and smiled at me for that split second that we could see each other. Then I heard his walk down the hallway that lead to the door. The the door open and close as he left the theaters. Someone just then come out from the back theater and sat a few chairs away from me along the back wall of the str8 theater. We looked over at each other. From what I could see, he looked like a guy in his late 20's, early 30's. White guy. Nice build. But, I couldn't tell much else in the dark. I got up and wandered around the room for a second. Then sat back down on the chair next to him. As I was sitting, I slid it a bit closer to him. He sat there, staring straight ahead at the screen. His hands on his thighs. Not touching himself. Hmmmm?? Perhaps he's not interested. I spent a couple of awkward moments trying to decide if I should risk reaching over to touch his crotch or not? I hate being swatted away if he's not looking for that. But after a few minutes, he began to rub his crotch through the fabric of his pants. So, I reached over and rubbed his crotch. He didn't move my hand. His cock was not hard. But I could feel it through the fabric. I then got on my knees between his legs and unzipped his pants. I pulled out his soft cock. I took it into my mouth. He had a nice foreskin on his cock, so I sucked and gently chewed on his foreskin. His cock swelled a bit. Once his cock was partially hard, I pushed the foreskin back with my lips and began to suck on his cock as it finally swelled to full hardness. When I'd look up to his face, while sucking, I could now make out that he was a nice looking, blond guy. He seemed nervous, but his cock was definitely responding to my mouth. He unfortunately was a "quick draw". Only a couple of minutes of sucking before he filled my mouth with his load. As soon as he shot his load, he pushed me off his cock, stood, zipped up his pants and left the theater. Typical str8 boy behavior. I hung around the theaters for about 15 more minutes. There was one guy in the tranny theater that I had no interest in. And the only other guy to come into the theaters was an old guy that could barely walk, without shuffling. So, I decided it was time to leave. As I left the theaters, I noticed the clerk had changed and it was a guy that has worked there for years. He and I have kind of a flirty relationship with each other. He likes older, husky guys like me. He's followed me into the arcade a few times and we've kissed and felt each other up quickly, so as not to get caught. He's a 40 year old, handsome latino guy. We exchanged "hellos" and pleasantries. Then I asked him if there was anyone in the arcade. "3 guys, I think. You should check it out", he said, smiling. He didn't charge me the usual entry fee to the arcade and I went back there to check it out. Sure enough, there were red lights lit on 3 of the dozen doors. I tried each of the doors. The first one was locked. I opened the second door to find a guy that had to be close to 80 in there holding his limp cock. I quickly closed the door and moved on to the next occupied door. I opened it to see an older black man. He had to be 6'4", over 200lbs, salt & pepper, curly black hair. In his late 50's. Dressed in dress slacks and a dress shirt. He appeared to be on his way home from his job in an office. He looked over to see me standing in the doorway. His facial expression didn't change at all, but he tilted his head sideways a couple of times to indicate he wanted me to come into the booth. I did so and locked the door behind me. He had a gorgeous bbc sticking out of his zipper. It had to be 8 or 9 inches and thick. He had some str8 porn showing on the screen. A beautiful brunette was sucking off one hung black guy as another hung black guy was fucking her from behind. I dropped to my knees in front of his chair and took some sniffs of my poppers. As I sniffed, he pulled open his pants and pulled them around his ankles. I wanted to take my time and really worship this beautiful piece of bbc in front of my face. The handsome man kept his eyes glued to the tv screen as I began to suck and lick his gorgeous cock. His massive balls hung down and I would occasionally lick and suck on them. I did at one point lift his legs and lick his asshole for a bit. But it was difficult to keep him in that position on the molded plastic chair. He was too tall and legs too long to do it comfortably. But he did really love having his puckered, black hole licked. I probably sucked his cock for well over 15 minutes before he finally told me to suck his balls, as he then furiously stroked his cock. "Ahhh........I'm cumming", he whispered. I came up off his balls and wrapped my lips around his swollen, black cock head as it began to explode in my mouth. My lips could feel his cock throb as hot cum filled my mouth. I got as much of his sweet juice into me, then stood, wiped my mouth and thanked him for the load. He just smiled at me as I left the booth, then exited the store to head home.
  12. My load count so far this year is: 41 Loads in my mouth.
                                                37 Raw Loads in my ass.
                                                10 Condom fucks
                                                 8 Group Fucks
    I'm behind my totals from last year. But, hope to catch up soon. 

    1. Chargedup


      Good boy.  Make up that tally !

    2. toad2



    3. punaman


      Keep going!  You've still got six months to catch up!


  13. I posted on Craigslist the other day that I wanted to suck, rim and bottom for straight dudes. I got hit on a lot, most of which turned out to be obvious gay guys posing as straight. Now, I have nothing against other gay guys, but I get a real thrill by servicing horny straight dudes. After all, that what what my advertisement said I was looking for. After wading through all the Craigslist Flakes, I decided on a guy that said he was in the Air Force and was living just off base at an apartment one block from the main gate at Nellis AF Base in North Las Vegas. His pics were really hot, so I was willing to drive totally across the valley to the AF Base to service this hot soldier. I got to his apt. right on time. He met me in the lobby and I took the elevator up to his floor. It was a spartan studio apartment, but was as clean and tidy as you'd expect a military guy's room. We began to undress and he asked me, "Do you want a quick suck and go? Or do you want to go for awhile? If you want to go for awhile, I've got a shot I can put in my dick that will keep me hard for an hour or two. I can easily cum two or three times if I use it. How much time you got?" "A shot in your dick?" I asked. I'd never heard of that. "Yeah. It's for ED. I don't have ED, but, I love to fuck and fuck for hours so I asked my doctor to give me a prescription. I get four shots a month. I don't want to waste it if you're a quick suck and go, but if you want to suck and fuck for an hour or so, I'll take the shot. It just takes a few minutes to work. Plus, sometimes when I'm fucking a guy, it feels good, but I can't always keep an erection for a long time with a guy. But, with this shot, I have no problem. My dick won't go down even after I cum. Should I take it?" he asked. He was a really good looking young man in his late 20's. Kind of on the short side, but muscular. Had a "rough around the edges" good looks to him. And his soft dick even looked impressive. So, I was game to go for awhile with him. "Sure. Go ahead. Let's fuck and play for awhile," I replied. He went into the bathroom and injected this stuff into his cock. He came out after a few minutes, his semi-hard cock leading the way. Taking a seat facing me, he began to stroke himself a bit. His cock continued to grow and lengthen. So I grabbed my poppers, took a deep hit, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his military cock. It continued to grow and swell in my mouth. Then he stood up and completely undressed, his naked body on full view - except for the white socks he was wearing. I leaned forward and resumed sucking his straight cock, fully engaged with his cock for the next five or six minutes. Then I asked "You wanna fuck me?" "In a minute", he said. "I want to cum in your mouth first. I'll fuck you for the second load," he replied as he again took his seat. I continued to suck his now rock hard cock, and at one point moved to to lick his asshole, but he stopped me saying he'd never had that done and wasn't sure he wanted that., be clearly loved the attention I was giving his cock and smooth, hairless balls. After about six minutes of sucking he shot his first load into my mouth. Kind of bitter tasting, and that taste could have been from the ED meds he had injected into his cock., but still I swallowed his load. Afterwards I took a seat to catch my breath. As I did so, he continued to stroke his still hard cock. "Show me that ass, fag. Show me where my dick is gonna go in your faggoty ass," he ordered. I stripped naked, and knelt on the edge of his small double bed. I'd brought some lube and lubed up my hole for him, then handed the lube up to him to use. As I looked back to hand him the lube, I could see him opening a condom package. "You can fuck me bare, if you want," I told him. "Nah. I use condoms on you fags. Not taking any chances. I'm sure you're a whore like most fags are," he grumbled. I hate condoms, but I wanted his cock in me, so I said nothing. Soon he had rammed up into me in one swift thrust. He grabbed me around the waist and was pumping into me with great force. He was a completely silent top, the only sound was the sound of his pelvis slapping against my ass as he pounded into me. And the occasional grunt that I would let out when he slammed into me extra hard. No wonder this guy was in such good shape and had such a rock hard, washboard stomach. He could really fuck. He didn't seem to tire as he continually rammed up into me. He was using a lot of force and was a brutal fucker. But, I was loving it. It felt great to have this straight soldier using my faggot ass for his pleasure. I kept sniffing my poppers as he assaulted my hole with his dick. After close to 15 minutes of fucking, he pulled out and exclaimed "Shit! The condom broke." He walked away and opened a drawer. "Shit!" he again said, adding "I thought I had more condoms. You got any?" he asked. "No. I didn't bring any," I replied. He shut the drawer and walked back behind me. "Fuck it!" I can't stop now. I got to shoot another load or two. You're clean, right?" he asked. "Yeah," was all I said. He immediately slammed his now raw cock back into me. Fuck! That was what I wanted. I definitely preferred the feel of a raw cock in my ass. I had come to hate the feel of a condom, whereas his raw cock felt awesome. So I was not unhappy when his rock hard cock again began an assault on my ass. This guy could really fuck. It required another 15 or 20 minutes of intense pounding before he finally let out a soft groan as his cock filled my ass with his load. My ass milked as much of his straight sperm into me as I could get. He pulled out and plopped back down onto his chair, sweating up a storm as his chest heaved with excitement. I loved the fuck. And also loved that he had blown his load into me, but still I was glad it was over. My inner thighs couldn't take much more of being in that position. We both sat there for a few moments breathing hard. Finally he got up, walked to the fridge and pulled out two small bottles of water. He handed me one and we both drank them down quickly. As he sat back down, across from me, I could see that his cock was still rock hard. After I caught my breath and had had some more sips of the cold water, I again dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. Sucking it and tasting his cum and my ass on his cock. I sucked him for about five minutes, then he stood up and began to stroke his cock fast and furiously. As I saw his face contort, I could tell he was close to cumming. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Even having cum twice before, he shot a huge load on me. Some went in my mouth. But more went in my eyes, in my hair and all over my goatee. I loved the feel of his hot cum spraying all over my face. I had a handkerchief in my pocket and pulled it out to wipe his cum from my eyes. My face felt sticky. And I loved it. I wiped what cum I could from my face and tasted it. Still bitter tasting, but still I loved tasting his straight sperm. I got up and dressed, thanked him for his loads and headed back home. This morning I woke up to a text from him, asking when I would again be free. He also said I could be his cum receptacle whenever I was up his way. I intend to accommodate his schedule as much as I'm able.
  14. Yes. It's still there. Has a different name, now. Entourage.
  15. I've sucked off several paraplegic guys in wheelchairs before the following incident, but this was the first time a paraplegic guy has fucked me. I answered a Craigslist ad this afternoon. The poster described himself as straight, independent paraplegic guy, living at a timeshare condo on the south Las Vegas Strip. We shared a few back and forth messages and as well as some pics which showed a very nice looking guy in his mid 30's with a strong, muscular upper body. He had, however, no use of his legs. He also stated that while he was straight, he often let guys blow him as he had found more guys than women who wanted to suck him off. So, he was open to having me come to service him. I met him at his condo door. He let me in and locked the door behind me. He had a very nice, large suite with a beautiful view up towards the Las Vegas Strip hotels in the distance. He wheeled to the opposite side of the main room and parked his low chair with big wheels. He was wearing a white bathrobe. He untied the waist belt and opened his robe, showing off not merely his muscular, hairy chest, and his strong, muscled arms, but also his semi-hard cock, which was about seven inches, cut. I quickly walked over, dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. As I sucked him, his cock quickly hardened in my mouth. He had large, egg shaped balls hanging below his cock, but his chair kept his legs rather close together, making it difficult to get down to work on them, but, I was really enjoying working on his cock as it had swollen to full hardness in no time. "Hold it on a second," he remarked as he extracted himself from my mouth, and wheeled himself into the adjoining bedroom, through the french doors connecting the two rooms. Once there, he maneuvered his chair alongside the large, king-sized bed. Then, with some amazing feat of dexterity, he got himself out of the chair and onto the side of the bed, his legs dangling off the bed as he sat on the side. Again I dropped to my knees, my mouth, tongue and lips nursing his hard cock. His position on the edge of his bed meant I could more easily work his cock, sucking it, then licking it up and down, paying particular attention to the underside. In addition I was able to separate his legs and suck and lick his balls. Moaning in pleasure, he lay back on the bed, so I lifted his twig-like legs and licked under his large balls. He emitted another moan, so I lifted his legs higher and licked his asshole. Now, he really started to moan. "Fuck, YEAH!" he groaned as I licked his hole. I slid my tongue up into his hole and spread his hole with my fingers, getting my tongue up as deep into him as I could. "Fuck, Man..........Eat my shit hole," he gasped. I was eating, licking and lapping at his hole like a mad man. As I came up for air, he began to push himself farther up onto the bed, towards the middle of the mattress, so I climbed up on the bed and moved between his legs, renewing my attentions to his balls and asshole. As I did so I thought 'He's really an attractive man and has a really nice seven inch cock. I want him to fuck me, but not sure if he can or would'. I maneuver myself into a 69 position with him. He wouldn't suck my cock, he was, after all straight, but he did begin to play with my asshole, going so far as to slip one of his fingers into my asshole a bit. He also slapped my ass a few times. At that time I decided to make my move. I released his cock, stood, turned and straddled him, rubbing my ass against his throbbing cock. His contented smile told me he was game. I spat on my fingers and lubed up his cock, and then spat a few more times, lubing my ass, which I positioned over his cock, his head directly against my hole as, looking him in the eyes, I lowered my ass onto his cock. "OH, FUCK!!!" he groaned as my ass slid down his shaft. Riding his cock, I rose and lowered my ass so on the withdraw his cock head would almost clear my ass, only for me to descend, sliding down so he was balls-deep inside my hole. I also leaned forward so I could pinch his nipples in unison with the rise and fall of my ass. In a very few minutes his breathing got heavy, then ragged, and finally gasping, as I felt his cock throbbing in my ass. I could tell his cock had shot a few volleys into my hole, so I pulled off his cock a bit, feeling his warm cum drip from my hole and down my thigh, then I completely slid off his cock, spun around, taking his still-throbbing cock into my mouth so I could enjoy the last few bursts of cum that oozed into my mouth. When he was done I licked his cock clean as he caught his breath. "Oh, FUCK!", he says again. "I didn't want to cum so quickly. But I couldn't help it, dude. I haven't been fucked like that in a long time. Shit, that felt great!" he exclaimed. Smiling with satisfaction, I climbed off the bed and began to dress, answering "Glad you liked it. I did as well. How long are you in Vegas?" "'Till Monday, this time. But I come here three or four times a year, usually," he replied. Noticing a pad of paper and a pen on the bedside table, I wrote my email address and phone number on the paper, handing them to him as I suggested "Let me know if I can take care of you again." "Gladly," he answered as I finished dressing moved to exit his suite. His cum has been slowly dripping from my ass for the last three hours. I'm doing my best to keep it in me, but I suspect it's a loosing battle as he seems to have planted quite a large load in me. At this point I'm not sure how much longer I can hold it in my ass.
  16. Damn! That shoulds fuckin' HOT! I get to London often. Where and when is this fuck party! I want to attend.
  17. I'm in London/Kensington nearly every week. I love to have my holes used and filled. Can host in my hotel room or travel. Ride my ass.
  18. I tried something a little different today. It turned out pretty well, so I may try it again. In the past when I've had a hotel breed and seed, fuck party here in Las Vegas, I've gotten a motel room, near the LV Strip and hosted them in the evening. However, this time, I got a room at a Hotel/Casino in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson. It's a larger hotel, but it's easy to reach. Just off the exit where 2 freeways merge. There's free parking. And the elevator doesn't require a keycard. So, I decided this would work well for a sex party. I had for 2 days been putting ads on Craigslist. I had also posted a sex party on BBRT. I'd received several dozen replies, saying they wanted to attend. From past experience, I know only a small portion of the guys that say they're coming, actually show up. But, I was hoping for the best. One guy told me that he could only come if it was before 3pm. check-in time was 3pm. But, I was able to check in a bit early, so I got to my room at about 2:30p. I quickly messaged him and gave him the room number. He said he'd be there in 10 mins. I spent the rest of the time messaging everyone that had requested an invite, my room number and told them that the door would be unlocked. Come in and fuck. I then used duct tape to cover the door lock, so the door could just be pushed open, I dimmed the lighting, I undressed, I put out my poppers, wet wipes, a few hand towels and lube. All was set when I heard the door open, close, and he appeared in my dimly lit room. He came into my room and stood at the foot at the bed, kicking off his shoes and opening his jeans. I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his partially hard cock. He continued to undress as I was blowing him. Then he moved to the bed and layed on his back. I then climbed between his legs and again sucked on his now hard cock. I worshipped his cock and balls, then licked his ass. "Oh, FUCK!" he moaned when I licked his asshole. "I've never had my asshole licked", he said. "Are you str8?" I asked. "Yeah. And I don't have much time. My girlfriend is expecting me home". I continued sucking on his short, but fat cock as I tasted precum oozing from his piss slit. "Oh, dude! You're gonna make me cum!", he exclaimed, as he began to shake and fill my mouth with his hot cum. In probably 4 minutes, he had come, cum and was now quickly dressing and was out my door. Typical str8 guy, actually. Quick draws. Not two minutes after str8 boy number one had left, the door opened again and in the darkness I could make out a handsome Jock type guy in his mid 20's come into the room. He was about 5'9", 175 and muscular. He was wearing gym shorts which he quickly shucked. I knelt in front of him and began to suck on his giant cock, that was already rock hard. It was about 9"s long and really thick. Truly ROCK HARD, with a swollen mushroom head. While I was sucking on him, the door opened and closed. From the side of my vision, I could see a tall, broadly built guy in his early 50's walk past where I was kneeling and walk to the corner of the room. He stood there, unzipped and pulled out his cock. He was stroking his cock as he watched me suck the Jock kid. The Jock kid said to the other guy, "Come on over. He can suck us both". "No. Go ahead. I just want to watch right now.", the newcomer said. I continued to suck on the Jock as the door opened and closed again. In walked a stocky guy in his 50's. He quickly undressed and stood next to the Jock. I took turns sucking on both their cocks. The Jock said, "Someone needs to fuck this guy. That's what he wants. Right?" I got up and knelt on the edge of the bed. Grabbing my poppers and placing the lube on the mattress beside me. "Fuck, Yeah! Someone fuck me", I said. The stocky guy quickly came behind me and slapped his hard cock on my hole. I handed him the lube and he lubed both my hole and his cock. I sniffed on the poppers as he slid up inside me. He took no time to begin slamming into me. He wasn't really large. But his cock felt great. And he knew how to fuck. He fucked me for about 5 minutes with some good, hard pounding. While he was fucking me, another guy came into the room. He was a young guy in his 20's. The new 20-something guy quickly undressed and he began to suck on the giant mushroom cock of the Jock. All the while the other tall guy stood in the corner jacking off. The guy fucking me soon came, dressed and left. Then the guy that had just been watching walked behind me. Pulled his jeans open and slapped a huge rock hard cock against my ass. He thrust into me in one quick stab. Thank God the other guy had lubed me well and had dumped a nice load in me, so my ass was well lubed. He slid in me easily. He grabbed me around the waist and pumped hard and deep. It didn't take long for him to cum. He let out a loud growl as he emptied his balls into me. He then quickly pulled out, wiped off his dick, dressed and left. Finally the Jock with the giant, long, thick, mushroomed headed cock decided to fuck. He was completely naked. His body hard and muscular. Even as big as his cock was, the two loads already in me made his thick cock slide in me easily. His cock felt absolutely amazing! The mushroom head was hitting my prostate as he slid in and out of my ass. Sadly, he was so horny and had been enjoying blow jobs from both me and the young kid that had entered, so the Jock came pretty quickly. Damn! I would have loved for him to have fucked me for a long time. His cock was so large and hard, it almost felt like a dildo. But he came quickly, then pulled out. The young guy that was still in the room, but had not played with me dressed while the Jock was dressing and they left together. I was now alone after about 45 minutes of intense fucking. I checked my messages. I had several replies. A couple said they were on their way. And a few said they weren't coming. I heard the door open and close again. A hot black guy in his early 30's came in. He quickly got naked. His bbc was hanging between his legs. I dropped to my knees and began to suck. His cock swelled and lengthened very quickly. Then he literally grabbed me by the arm, pulling me up, pulling me towards the bed. I climbed on, again assuming my "position", on my knees, on the edge of the bed. The handsome bbc stepped behind me and slammed up into me in one, quick thrust. He wasted no time getting to it. Slamming my ass hard and deep. "How many loads you got in you, Faggot?" "Three in my ass and one in my mouth", I told him. "Any black dick, yet?" he asked. 'You're my first, so far". "You like black dick, Fag?" "Fuck, yeah!", I said. He's fucking me hard and slapping against me as the door opens again. From the side of my head I can make out an older white guy and a young black kid come into the room. The older white guy for some reason quickly turned and walked out. Don't know why? Maybe just wasn't his thing? Or he was scared? Or intimidated? Who knows? But, the young black kid quickly undressed and had a hard cock already. "Want a try?" asked the black guy fucking me. Without saying anything, the young black kid walked behind us. The guy fucking me pulled out and the kid took his place in my ass. The kid was not particularly hung, but he felt great. He had that incredible hardness that only young kids have. He was silent as he fucked. But he fucked me for about 6 or 7 minutes. The older black guy knelt on the bed in front of me and I sucked his cock as the young kid fucked me. The only sound the kid made was when he finally came. He let out a soft moan, then quickly pulled out and dressed. The older black guy once again came behind me and slid up in me. His cock was long, but not thick. He slammed in me for about 4 or 5 minutes, then let out a loud "OH, FUCK!" as he shot his load into my ass. As he pulled out of me and began to dress, the door opened again. A very, very tall, muscular guy in his 50's walked in. His emails said he was 6'4", 240 lbs of muscle. He had a very broad build. He walked to the other side of the room and stood there as the black guy finished dressing and left. I walked to the newcomer as he unzipped his pants. He was a very rugged looking guy. His muscles, height and bulk made him kind of intimidating. But, also a real turn on. I sat on the edge of the bed in front of him. He took a few steps towards me and fed his soft cock to me. He had about 8"s. Not particularly thick. But a nice size for sucking. The thickness was just right that I could take it deep down my throat. While I was sucking him the door opened again. The younger guy that had been sucking the Jock, earlier was back. I was puzzled by that, since he'd had no interaction with me. But he came over to where I was sucking this muscle bound hunk and he wanted to taste the dick as well. So, this young kid was going to be a party crasher. He had no interest in fucking me, but wanted the dick that I was providing. He was really turned on by this older muscle guy and was wanting to horn in on my action. I finally asked him to leave when he began to beg the muscle daddy to fuck him. "Excuse me. But, this is my breed & feed. Get your own hotel room. Post your own ads. And have your own party. Get the fuck out", I said to the kid. The kid started to protest when the Muscle Daddy added, "You heard the man. Get out". The kid dressed and left the room as the Muscle Daddy asked me if I wanted to get fucked? "Damn right, I do", I said. And I climbed onto the edge of the bed. "You got a condom?", he asked. SHIT! I'd been really clear in my ads and correspondence that it was bareback only. BUT, Muscle Daddy was so hot, that I was willing to let him fuck me with a condom. I did have one condom in my "fuck kit", so I pulled it out, handed it to him along with the bottle of lube. Again, assuming my position on the bed, he put on the condom and lubed it up. His covered cock slid up into me and he gave me a great fuck. About 10 minutes of wonderful fucking. Even though there was a condom on, this may have been my favorite fuck so far. His cock was just a perfect size. It was long. Thick, but not too thick. His large, swollen cockhead was rubbing my prostate as he slid in and out of me. His fucking actually made me cum. I was shaking in orgasm as he finally got to that point himself. "Where do you want my cum?" he asked. "Anywhere you want, dude", I replied. His fucking got faster and harder. I could feel his cock getting harder inside me. "Ahhhh.........Damn!", he groaned as he pulled from me and began to stroke furiously on his cock. I stayed where I was and I could feel his cockhead slapping my hole. Finally I felt his hot cum shooting all over my ass and my asshole. As he stepped back away from me, I got off the bed. And for the first time got a really good look at him. He was still handsome, but I could tell that in his younger days, he'd been quite a stud. His large, muscular chest was covered in a thick mat of salt & pepper hair. I rubbed his chest. "Damn! You're a hot man!" I said. He laughed. "Thanks", he said. "You're in amazing shape", I said. He again laughed. "Well, I used to be a professional bodybuilder. I'm getting kind of fat. But, thanks". "I just had a testosterone injection 3 days ago. I've been horny as hell. So, I needed this. Thanks. We need to do this again. Can I get your cell number?", he asked. I gave him my cell number and he quickly sent me a text, so that I would have his number. "Can you host?", I asked. "No. Married. Can't host", he said. "Well, normally, I can't, either. But we can always get a room, sometime." I said. "Yeah. Let's do that. You're a good fuck. I'll fuck you anytime", he said. "Thanks!", I say. "So, you're str8?", I ask. He laughs again. "Well, let's just say, I love to fuck. I don't care if it's a pussy. I don't care if it's an asshole. A nice hole is a nice hole. And you've got a nice hole. I'll fuck you, anytime. After Muscle Daddy left the action seemed to die. About 20 minutes went by with no one coming in. It was now 5pm. I'd been going at it for over 2 hours. And my time was getting short before I needed to leave the hotel and meet my friends for dinner. But, I got an email from a young black kid that had been saying he wanted to come. He said he was on the freeway and was 15 minutes away. Was I still taking dick? Well, this kid seemed to have a nice cock. He had sent me several pictures of his very long, very thick, bbc. He even sent me a video of him jacking off and shooting a load. It was hot! And I wanted him inside me. I told him I only had 30 minutes left, but I'd wait. Sure enough at 5:20pm, he was coming through my door. He was a nice looking, heavy set black kid in his mid 20's. He immediately stripped and sat on the edge of the bed. I began to suck on his foreskin and cock as it swelled to full hardness. I licked down his shaft and licked his balls. That pushed a button for him. "Yeah. Suck my balls", he groaned. I sucked on his balls. I sucked first one of his balls into my mouth. His balls were actually kind of small. So, I was able to get both in my mouth. I stroked his cock as I sucked on his balls. He was dripping precum. I went back to sucking him. If I hadn't been so pressed for time, I would have taken my time to savor his beautiful bbc. But, time was running out. I finally climbed onto the edge of the bed, putting my ass up. He climbed off the bed and put his cock to my hole. He began to press into me. His cock was so thick that it was hurting. I had to have him slide in me, real slow. I was sniffing poppers like crazy as I tried to relax my ass to accept his cock. Finally, his cock popped up into me. Then he began to pump. Slam, actually. The pain ended and turned to pleasure as he rammed his young, bbc into me. About 15 minutes of intense fucking resulted in my last load of the night. By the time I dressed and packed up belongings it was time to quickly drive to my dinner appointment.
  19. I've never in the past paid someone for sex. And it's something I've never thought of myself doing. I get enough dick, that paying for it has never crossed my mind. But, today as I was checking out Craigslist ads, I came across an ad from a 26 year old black guy that was looking for a cocksucker and bottom to take his dick. Normally, if I see the words "generous" "roses", etc. I won't respond to the ads. There were none of those types of words in his ad to tip me off. So, I replied that I would love to suck him and have him fuck me. The pics of his body, chest and cock that he posted were amazing. I included some of my pics in my reply and waited to hear back from him. Just a few minutes later, I got his reply. He said he liked my pics and wanted to fuck me. COOL! A few more back and forth emails, then he dropped the bomb. "Are you generous, Daddy?". Shit! I should have known. Of course a young, good looking, big dicked, stud of a young man like him would be wanting money from me. "Sorry, not my thing", I replied. "Too bad", came the reply. "For $150 bucks, my bbc would feel nice in your daddy ass." I didn't reply. It's a pretty common thing on Craigslist here in Las Vegas for the ads to be from "professionals". I'd stumbled on the trap, that I'm usually smart enough to avoid. About an hour went by, when this black stud sent another email. "You sure you don't want my cock in you?" He attached more pics of his cock. And a few pics of his dick sliding into some white holes. Damn!! I would love to feel him in me. But, not going to pay for it. I replied back to him. "I'd love your dick in me. But, I only fuck raw. Without a raw dick. AND without a load of cum in me, I'm not interested." Normally a demand like that, shuts them up. Most of the professional boys work with condoms. And very few, except the very high priced, exclusive, porn star hustlers will produce a load of cum. Hell, they're turning tricks all day. No way they can cum that many times. They're usually just pretty good actors at sounding legitimate when having a fake orgasm. Anyway, he wrote back, "OK. I'll fuck you raw. And I'll cum in your ass for $200." DAMN! This guy was tempting me to do something I'd never thought of doing. I kept looking at his amazing pics. Imagining how good his rock hard, huge, youthful, black cock would feel fucking me. I had a Christmas Bonus in my wallet. Do I want to blow most of it on what may be a real rip off? I've had a few friends that have used hustlers before. Some had good experiences. But some felt completely ripped off. Finally, my lust for his bbc inside me, weakened my resistance. "Yeah. I want you to seed my ass. Where are you hosting? Can you fuck me at 1pm today? He quickly shot me back his hotel name and room number at one of the big, fancy hotels on the Strip. And I replied that I'd be there. I douched, showered and got in my car. Making the 25 minute drive to his hotel on the LV Strip. It took another 15 minutes to park and walk through the giant casino to his room. I knocked on the door. Still apprehensive about this whole thing. He opened the door. Standing before me was this drop dead gorgeous, young, black God. He was close to 6ft tall. Perhaps 175lbs. His face was youthful, but masculine. He was wearing basketball shorts and a wifebeater tee that showed off his muscular chest and arms. He flashed me a very sincere, welcoming smile. He said "Come on in. Glad you made it. I'm Brian". He extended his hand. As we shook, he pulled me into the room. Closed the door behind him. Locked it and gave me a deep, wet kiss. Still holding my hand, he walked us to the sofa on the opposite side of the room. Next to the floor to ceiling windows that had a gorgeous view of the LV Strip. We sat on the sofa and kissed some more. Brian's a damn good kisser. As we kissed, he began to unbutton my shirt. I did the same to him. We were getting right down to business. Then he stood. Took hold of my hand and pulled me up alongside him. He unbuckled my belt and reached in my briefs to feel my hardening cock. I pulled open the waistband on his shorts and did the same to him. Even soft, it felt like quite a monster in there. Once we were both naked, he guided me to the bed. He had lube, poppers, hand towels all laid out on the bedside table. He kissed me again as we fell back onto the bed. Brian then took hold of the back of my head and guided it to his cock. I began to suck on him. Little, by little it hardened in my mouth. Once he was fully hard, I sucked on his balls for a few moments. Then we switched positions. And Brian began to suck on my cock. He sucked my balls for a bit, then lifted my legs and began to eat my ass. He had me squirming and squealing like a pig. I was begging him to fuck me. He guided me to get on my hands and knees. I asked for the poppers. He handed them to me and I began to take deep drags on them. I was going to need them to accommodate his large cock. As I was sniffing on poppers, Brian was lubing up my ass and his cock. Then he knelt behind me and began to press up inside me. He was young, but a real pro at fucking. He took his time sliding up into me. Letting me slowly adjust to it, before pressing in further. Once I had finally relaxed enough, he began to fuck me. He started off slowly, with long, slow, deep thrusts. But built up speed and depth as he fucked. Soon he was slamming in hard. And I was begging for it. This kid had great instincts. He reached under me and began to pinch and squeeze my nipples as he fucked me. Nothing makes me hornier than having my tits tweaked. Though it didn't seem rushed, it didn't take long before he began to growl and grunt. He slammed hard and deep in me, held it there and then yelled out, "I'm cumming..." His giant, bbc had been rubbing against my prostate as he had been fucking me and as he shook in orgasm, my body also began to quiver and shake as I experienced my own orgasm and I shot my own load onto his white, hotel sheets. He pulled out of me and dropped onto the mattress. I cuddled up alongside him and gently kissed this bronze God on his lips as we both caught our breath. We gently kissed for a couple of moments, then he hopped off the bed and went into the bathroom. I could hear water in the sink running as he cleaned off his dick. I dressed and pulled $250 from my wallet and left the bills on the dresser for him. He deserved the extra $50. He stood in the doorway of the bathroom. As I gave him one last kiss of thanks. And I headed back to my car. No doubt, he'd have some other dude up in his bed within the half hour. I wondered how many guys he was fucking each day? Not a bad gig, when you can make a Vegas Holiday Weekend into a "Paid Vacation". As I drove home, I could feel some of his cum sliding out of my ass. When I got out of my car in my garage, there was a large wet spot on my cloth car seat. I went in the house and expelled the rest of his cum into my toilet. Damn! He had put quite a large load into me. I must have been his first fuck of the day. He definitely didn't "fake it", like I had heard so many reports of the rentboys doing. While I don't have any intentions of paying for it, anytime too soon. It was a good fuck. I wish it had lasted a bit longer. But he felt great fucking me. And he got me off, with just his fucking. What more can I ask for? By the time I got back onto Craigslist, he had a new ad up and running. The thought crossed my mind, that it would be interesting to just sit at the end of his hotel hallway and count the numbers of guys going in and out of his room all day and night. I have no doubt he's making quite a hauling this weekend. Oh, to be young and hung!
  20. Thanks for the reputation on two of my stories. I appreciate it. Cheers!

  21. I had a sex date this afternoon with one of my "regulars". He's a 40 year old, handsome, muscular jock with a 7" thick, uncut cock. That gets rock hard. He is a terrific rimmer. Gets my asshole all lubed up with saliva and ready for his cock to give me a deep, hard, pounding. He's been pounding me for several months. Each time is better and more intense. He fucked me twice and came inside me twice. I came without touching my cock, because his giant, swollen cockhead was rubbing my prostate just right. I left his place and drove to an adult bookstore because I needed fresh poppers. Of course, I had to visit the video arcade while I was there. Sucked off 2 guys in the 30 minutes I was there. One a young tourist that came very quickly. Then an older str8, black man. About 6'2" tall, 270lbs with a long bbc that took awhile to harden. But once he found the right str8 movie to view, leaned back and just enjoyed my worshiping his bbc and large, hairy balls, I finally had his long black didk fully hard in my mouth and after about 20 minutes of cock worship, he rewarded me with a load of hot cum. As I was leaving the bookstore I got a message on Grindr from a 30 year old black guy staying nearby at Circus Circus Hotel, which was very close to the bookstore I was leaving. I sat in the bookstore parking lot chatting back and forth with this handsome young black stud and sharing some pictures, back and forth. He finally gave me his room number at Circus Circus and told me that he would shower as I drove to his hotel and parked. When I knocked on his room door, he opened up wearing the white bathrobe provided by the hotel. He was tall, thin and quite good looking. I came into his room, quickly got rid of my clothes as he sat at the foot of his bed and opened his robe. His cock was pretty average sized. I was disappointed that the pics he had sent me might have been fakes. Because they were of a long, thick, hard, cut bbc. His was soft and not very big. But, I got on my knees, between his legs and began to suck. Well, he turned out to be a grower, not a shower. He wasn't even fully hard when he told me to kneel on the bed. I did, with my ass up, facing him. He dropped the robe and leaned down and spit a couple of times on my hole. He put his cock up to my cockhead and pushed in. His cock still wasn't fully hard, but as soon as he was all the way inside me, I could feel him quickly hardening, lengthening and thickening inside my ass. He turned out to be quite a good fuck. He would reach under me and tweek my tits as he fucked me. He was a silent fucker. But after about 10 minutes of hard fucking he said, "I'm gonna' cum. Where do you want it?" "In my ass", I said. He pumped even harder and faster, before letting out a soft moans as I could feel his cock throb. Emptying his balls into my raw ass. All in all, a pretty decent afternoon.
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  24. Yes. I'll usually drink from the condom. Or I'll save the condom and use it as lube for the next guy. That happens a lot. Have a London fuck buddy that always asks me to save the used condoms so he can use it as cum. He either wants me to have some loads in me before he fucks me. Or wants some used condoms to use.
  25. 29 loads in my mouth 27 loads in my ass (Raw) 9 condom fucks (I don't like condoms. But these guys had such nice, rock hard cocks, I couldn't turn down the chance to have them in my ass) Have rimmed 26 guys

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