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    Total and complete pig bb bottom. Love taking loads in both holes. Love taking multiple loads. BBC is definitely my favorite. But all hard cocks are welcome to seed me. Can usually handle a long, hard and deep fuck. No drugs. But poppers are awesome. I suck, rim and bottom. Nipple play puts me over the edge and will make me beg you to fuck me. I travel the country for work. So, I may be in your city. Hit me up if you come here to Vegas.
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  1. Thanks for the reputation, Glad you enjoyed that posting.

  2. Nothing I love more than an aggressive black top sliding his cock in and out of my white ass.
  3. I'm hosting a Breed & Seed group fuck in my hotel room in Salt Lake City this Saturday night, Feb. 25th. If you're a bareback top in SLC, let me know for an invitation. My hole is yours to use and abuse.

    1. Dickmagnet


      Sounds like you're going to have some fun

    2. travelingbi


      Thanks, Dickmagnet. I love being face down, ass up in a hotel and taking any cock and load that walks in my room. I'll definitely write about it. 


    3. Dickmagnet


      I can't wait to read that, It's my favourite position too.

  4. While in Amsterdam this week I got together with one of my 'regulars'. He is Italian, 36 year old, 5' 7", 140 pounds and, of course, fucks raw. In the past year he has probably fucked me over a half dozen times, but as I hadn't hooked-up with him since some time before the holidays, I'd almost forgotten what a hot, horny top I had found him to be. I took the tram to his part of town and arrived at his small flat on a Monday afternoon. He greeted me at the door and we immediately began to make out. Quite passionately. Soon we were undressed and he threw a sofa pillow on the hardwood floor. He took a seat on the sofa, I knelt on the pillow, positioning myself between his legs, and worshiped his quickly growing, seven inch slab of uncut Italian dick. Once he was hard I moved on to his low-hanging balls, initially licking and sucking them, then doing the same under his balls. After several minutes I lifted his muscular legs, and licked his puckered asshole. As I did so, he moaned and sniffed his poppers. Lowering his legs, I returned to sucking on his rock hard cock. Finally, his his sexy, thick Italian accent, he said "I want to fuck you, now. Get up here on your knees," patting the sofa cushion. I climbed up on the sofa and presented my ass. Kneeling behind me, he spread my cheeks, dove his face into my crack, and licked and sucked my asshole. I pushed back on his tongue, my ass in his face as he slipped his tongue ever deeper into my hole. After a couple of minutes he stopped, got to his feet, grabbed some lube and gestured for me to position myself sideways on the sofa so he could kneel behind me. I did as instructed. Lubing both my hole and his cock, he knelt behind me on the sofa and pressed his cock to my hole as I poppered up. He grabbed me around the waist and slipped his long, thick Italian dick up into me. We softly moaned as he entered me. "Ahhh ... Daddy! I've missed your silky ass," he murmured as he commenced fucking me, occasionally groaning in pleasure. When he had found his rhythm he reached under my chest, locating my tits, and vigorously pinching them, which, from prior experiences, he knew I would love. "Mmmmm, Baby! I love your ass," he grunted as he continued to pleasure himself. His cock truly felt perfect in every way, especially as it filled and stretched my ass, without, however, causing me any discomfort. Yeah, his cock and technique were absolutely incredible, and yeah, I found myself realizing how much I'd missed having his cock in my ass. He was an expert top who loves fucking older daddies, and he was in heaven while in my ass. After giving me me a good, long, hard and deep fuck for some eight or nine minutes, he asked "You want my load, Daddy?" "Yes, Baby, cum in me," I replied. His tempo had been steadily picking up as he fucked ever faster, ever harder and ever deeper. Knowing he likes to hear me encourage him, I continually begged him to "Cum in me, Baby. I want your cum. I need your load in me. Fill me with your sperm, Baby." Soon I could hear his breath becoming increasingly rough and labored as he slammed into my ass harder and harder, only to exclaim "FUCK! I cum in you! I cum in your ass! Take my cum, Daddy. Take my load." We both shook violently as he filled my hole with his hot load. Finally, he slowly withdrew his cock from my hole. He was still largely erect, so I spun around, taking his cum-covered cock into my mouth to enjoy our juices, his cock slowly softening as I sucked and cleaned him, thinking to myself 'He never disappoints. His fucks are always passionate'. Then we kissed, we both dressed, and I left, walking back to the tram and ultimately to my hotel. By the time I got back to my room, my briefs were wet with his cum that had seeped from my hole. I smiled, thinking I had, no doubt, left the seat cushion on the tram wet with his cum.
  5. I absolutely LOVE BBC! Not only the size of a lot of black guys. But I love the enthusiasm that a lot of black guys have about fucking. So many of the black guys that have fucked me have fucked me really hard and deep. Sometimes it's even been a real mixture of pain and pleasure. But the pleasure is always so incredible, that I'm more than willing to experience the pain for their pleasure as well as mine. I'll never turn down an opportunity for some BBC.
  6. While visiting the Netherlands as a tourist, I took the train from Amsterdam to The Hague as I wanted to see the sights of the city, including a museum or two, but, as I got off the train and was walking into the city center, I passed an adult sex shop. Each window was plastered with the words 'The Maze', so I took a detour, entered the shop, learned there was a maze and some adult videos in the back of the store, so I paid the eight Euro entrance fee, rented a locker where I stored my coat and bag, and then entered the back of the "Maze." It really wasn't a maze but rather was an odd layout of several rooms with doors which could be locked. Two of the rooms contained sofas, and one of the rooms contained a television screen on which gay porn was playing. Another room was pitch dark, and contained only a chair. There was also a small cinema which showed straight porn on a large screen. This room also featured a half wall in the back as well as three glory hole rooms off to the side of this room. A very small cinema room also came off this room, as did a somewhat larger gay cinema room which contained two sofas. A glory hole room came off the main cinema, as did two private rooms situated at the rear of the room. Overall it was a really nice set up for activity. Entering the largest of the gay cinemas, I saw a middle aged guy standing at the back of the room. He was stroking his nice-sized cock. I thought he was reasonably attractive so I dropped to my knees in front of him and began to suck on his dick, which quickly grew rock hard. As I did so, a very, very tall, slender, attractive older man in his 50's joined us, presenting his very long, thick, uncut Dutch cock just inches from my face. I switched cocks and began to suck on the second Dutch guy, who, I noticed, was dressed in a sport coat and dress pants, and to be honest, his attire struck me as somewhat out of place, as I got the impression he had just stopped in after attending church. Which maybe he had, but whatever the case, his long cock was delicious. I sucked on him for about five minutes, occasionally switching back to the original guy, but the tall Dutch guy's cock was so much of a turn on he got most of my attention. After about five minutes of sucking the tall Dutch guy, he said something to me in Dutch, which, of course, I didn't understand, so I replied in English, "Sorry. I don't speak Dutch." He laughed and took hold of my hand and pulled me back to one of the small dark rooms in the back of the cinema. As I entered the room, he began to feel my ass through my pants. Great! He wanted to fuck me. I undid my pants, stepped out of them and laid them on the chair that was in the corner. I turned, bent over and braced myself on the chair. I had a tube of lube in my pocket, as well as some poppers, so I retrieved both, took a hit of poppers and handed him the lube. He spat on my hole a few times, played with my hole a bit, added some more spit and then lubed me, pressing his cock head against my hole and forcing his way in. He was so tall the angle of alignment was a bit difficult for us, but after a couple of tries his cock slid into my ass. Then, without giving any time to adjust, he commenced giving me a good hard fucking. The sounds of our activities attracted a few onlookers who stood in the doorway and watched us fuck. About five or six minutes of power-fucking, the tall Dutch guy withdrew from my ass, pulled up his trousers and left the room. I knew he hadn't cum, so I assumed he had had his fill of my ass - at least for the time being. One of the guys who had been watching from the doorway immediately took the place of the tall guy. I hadn't really gotten a good look at him to see who was now occupying my hole, but his cock felt great. He fucked me for only about four minutes and then groaned, emptying his load into my ass. Once he had finally filled my ass with his load and had withdrawn from my hole, I finally catch a glimpse of him. He looked to be in his mid 50s, somewhat stocky and hairy. He also had an uncut, six inch cock, which naturally was quite cummy, so I bent over and licked his cock clean. Afterwards I pulled myself together and left to explore the other rooms. I was walking down the narrow hallway towards the straight cinema. As I passed one of the three small private room off the hallway I could see one was occupied by a tall figure who was standing in the shadowy corner. Stepping into the room, I was able to get a better look at him. He appeared to be in his late 50s, or perhaps in his early 60s. I could also see he was very tall, as it seemed are most Dutch men. I also saw his zipper was down and his long, limp cock was protruding. I closed and latched the door, taking a seat on the chair. He immediately stepped in front of me, placing his limp cock to my lips. I sucked him all the way down into the back of my throat, giving him long, complete strokes with my tongue and lips, pleasuring his cock as I massaged his balls. Moaning and groaning in pleasure, he spewed dirty comments to me in Dutch. His cock, meanwhile, quickly engorged, and as it turned out, not only was he a fast grower, he was also a fast cummer: once he was fully erect, he ejaculated a load into my mouth. We went from limp to cumming in under three minutes. After he filled my mouth with his load, in typical straight man fashion he quickly zipped up and left the booth and the store. His departure behavior strongly suggested he was a straight guy. I again went to the main gay cinema. Two guys were sucking each other while laying on the leather sofas. Another guy was in one of the private rooms behind the room. I stepped into the private room that he was in and felt his crotch. Under his Levis he was hard, so I undid his belt, unzipped his fly, and pulled out what appeared to be a six inch uncut dick, giving him a vigorous suck. To my pleasure his cock grew to be a bit longer than six inches, as well as quite thick. Moving under his cock, I licked and sucked his balls, whereupon he turned and put his ass to my face. I did the scratch and sniff test and he seemed to pass. So, I fully spun him around and began to lick and munch on his hole. He didn't want me to fuck him, but definitely enjoyed my tongue in his hole. Finally he turned and slapped his cock on my face. I opened my mouth and his cock slid up into my mouth. I sucked furiously on his cock, until he groaned and blew his cum into my mouth. I pulled down some paper towels from the dispenser, we both cleaned up, he left and I went back to the straight cinema where I found two guys making out while laying on the sofa. I also noticed one of the glory hole doors closed, so I entered the adjoining booth which contained two glory holes, one on each side. Peaking through the hole I got a glimpse of a nice looking guy in his early 50s. Not surprisingly he was stroking his cock through his trousers. I went down on my knees, fingered the hole, and waited. Unzipping, he moved up to the glory hole and presented his partially hard cock. I feverishly licked, sucked and worshiped his ample cock. He was rock hard in just moments. Pre-cum was already squirting from his cock so I knew he wouldn't take long before he blew. "Do you want to fuck me?" I asked. "Yes," he replied. I stood, turned, dropped my pants, bent over, grabbing the folding chair to brace myself as he spit on my ass and then slid into me in one, quick thrust. I didn't get the chance to even take a hit of poppers as I was struggling to remain in the right position, as he fucked me hard and fast. Within moments, he let out a growl as he filled my ass with his load. Afterwards we both cleaned up as best we were able. Then he was off and out the door of the shop. At this point I had spent about ninety minutes at the shop, so I left to visit the sight seeing places of interests that I had originally planned to see, making it to the Royal Palace, the Parliament Building, the Mauritshuis Museum, and a few other sites, but by far the best part of the day were the cocks and loads I took when my visit to the Hague began.
  7. I love all hard cocks. BUT...... My all time favorite is to have a BBC pounding my ass. I love to worship black cock. I love to eat black ass. And I love having my hole destroyed by a black cock. I can't get enough!
  8. I got an email from Antone's Dad, Walt, a few days ago. Walt said that Antone was going to be in Los Angeles for about a week, visiting his Mother. But that he was horny and wanted to fuck me again. Walt said he hadn't had any pussy in a few weeks and needed a warm hole to unload inside. I emailed back to Walt that I was available any time on Monday. So, this morning when I woke up, I found an email from Walt telling me to come over at 11am. He said his buddy Myron may want to join in fucking me again if I was OK with that. I replied back "Hell, YES! Myron can fuck me. Any of your black buddies can fuck me. The more, the merrier". I arrived at Walt's condo right on time. I knocked on the door and heard "Come in. Door's open". I turned the knob, sure enough, the door was unlocked. I walked into the dimly lit living room to find Walt, sitting in the dark room, lit only by the light coming from the str8 porn flick that was playing on the TV. Walt was stark naked, stroking his big black cock. I came inside. Closed the door. "Don't lock it", Walt said. "Myron's coming over. Maybe another bud or two. I put the word out that a raw pussy was taking loads here. So, you might get another Brother or two filling your pussy. You ok with that?". "Fuck, yeah! Bring 'em on", I said. I quickly disrobed. Assumed my position on my knees, between Walt's legs and began to suck his low hanging black balls as he stroked to his white pussy / black dick porn on the dvd. Soon he fed me his cock. I couldn't get as much down my throat as I wanted, because of the size. But I did my best. I'd again go to suck on his balls, then lifted his legs and ate his beautiful black ass. As my face was buried in Walt's ass, my tongue deep up inside it, I heard the door open and close. No words were spoken as I heard clothes and shoes being thrown off. Then I heard and felt someone kneeling behind me. Soon a finger was exploring my asshole. I felt someone spit on my hole and slide the spit up in my ass with their finger. A few more spits were deposited there. I came up off of Walt's ass and turned my head. A very good looking black man in his mid 40's was kneeling behind me. I reached for my pants that I had tossed nearby and pulled my poppers and a bottle of lube from the pockets. I handed the bottle of lube back to the guy that had been fingering my ass. And I took several snorts of poppers. While I was doing all of that, Walt got up and knelt on the sofa, moving his ass to my face. I took more sniffs of poppers and then buried my face back in Walt's ass and ate his hole. His buddy lubed up my ass then started to slide his big black cock into me. I hadn't seen his cock, to see how big it was. But it was feeling quite thick and once he got all the way inside of me, I'm guessing he was at least 8"s. I was in heaven, my face buried in some hot black daddies ass. And another hot black dick was buried in my ass. In just a few moments later, the door opened and closed again. "Hey, Walt", a familiar voice said. I looked up and saw Myron standing next to us, removing his clothes. My tongue went back to Walt's ass and his buddy continued to fuck me. Soon, Myron was naked and I could feel his cock being slapped on my cheek. Walt finally pulled away from my face and climbed off the sofa. I turned my head and took Myron's semi hard cock into my mouth and sucked. "Ok, guys. Let's take this into the other room". Walt walked down the hallway. We all separated, I grabbed my poppers and lube and followed Walt and the other 2 guys down the hallway. He passed his bedroom as well as passing his son Antone's bedroom. He entered the next doorway and I found an empty bedroom with just a king sized mattress on the floor. "Get on the mattress, Bitch". Walt barked at me. I quickly climbed onto the mattress and assumed a position on my hands and knees. Though the room was quite dark, I had been able to see the new guy that had been fucking me as we had walked down the hall. He really was a handsome young black man. Very athletic with a muscular build. Close to 6' tall. Smooth chest, with large, black nipples that stuck up from his muscular chest. As I was assuming my position on the mattress I asked Walt, "Who's your new buddy? "How rude of me to not introduce you", Walt chuckled. "Dave, this is Dale. Dale, this is Dave. Our slut for the day". They all laughed. Walt knelt behind me and spit on my hole. Then he rammed his cock up into me in one, quick thrust. Oh, fuck! It hurt. I quickly grabbed my poppers and poppered up to ease the pain. Dale knelt at my head and lifted my chin. Putting his cock to my lips. I opened them and he fed me his cock. For the next 20 minutes, it was a steady rotation of one of the 3 guys taking a turn, riding my raw ass. Or they would be feeding me their cock or asshole to lick and worship. Myron was the first to cum in my ass. He was really pounding hard and deep into me, when he suddenly let out a loud grunt "FUCK...!!!!". And he shot his load into my cunt. As soon as he pulled out, Dale moved behind me and again slid all the way up into me. As Myron began to dress, I heard the front door open and close again. "Down here", Walt yelled out. I heard footsteps on the wooden hallway floor as another man entered the room. I looked up to see an older black man. Probably in his early 60's. Standing just inside the doorway, removing his clothes. He was about 5'10", 230 lbs. Chubby, but attractive, enough. "Walt, Dale, Myron. How you all doin'?", the new guy asked? "Nice pussy, Brian. You'll like it. He eats ass, too. Have fun, bud. Gotta take my wife shopping. See ya, guys", Myron said as he left the room, walked out of the condo and closed the door behind him. While Dale was fucking me, Walt and Brian knelt at my head. I took turns sucking both their cocks. It seemed to take awhile for Brian to get hard. But, once he did get hard, he was sportin' about 9"s of a beautiful bbc. Covered in some black and gray, tightly curled pubic hair. His chest and beer belly were also covered in a thick carpet of black and grey curly hair. Dale pulled out of me and Walt moved around and started to fuck me. After a few minutes of Walt fucking me, Brian then took his turn in my ass. Thankfully, I had been loosened up a bit, before Brian. Because his cock was not only 9"s long, but extra thick. "DAMN! This feels good", Brian exclaimed. "Been awhile since I've been in a tight man pussy. I forgot how good it feel". Brian grabbed me tightly around the waist and fucked me hard and deep. Brian fucked me less than 5 minutes before he let out a growl and moaned, "I'm cummin' in ya' ass, faggot. Damn! I'm cummin' in ya'!" His body began to shake as he unloaded his sperm into my cunt. Brian pulled out and Dale slid back into me. Brian then moved back to my head. He fed me his cum covered cock to clean off. Then he scooted around and put his ass up to my face. "Eat it, Fag. They said you eat black ass. Eat it, Fag". I lapped his puckered hole. Brian spread his asscheeks and I slid my tongue up into his asshole. He groaned and grinded his ass on my face as Dale continued to fuck me. "Ok. You've hogged this queer, long enough, Bri". I heard Walt say. Brian moved away and Walt put his ass back to my face. I ate Walt's ass for a few minutes, then he turned and fed me his cock again. As I'm sucking on Walt's big cock, Dale is now fucking me faster, harder and deeper. I can hear his groaning and grunting getting louder. His thrusts getting more powerful. He's slapping my ass now as he's fucking me. "Oh, Fuck...!!" Dale slammed deeply into me and held it there as I could feel him filling my ass with it's 3rd load of the day. Dale quickly pulled out of me and immediately began to dress. "Damn! I got to get to work. Brian by now was also dressing. The two of them, then left the condo. Leaving just me and Walt naked on the mattress. Walt laid down on his back, on the mattress, His bbc sticking straight up. I again climbed between his legs. I licked and sucked on his cock. I could taste my ass on his cock. I sucked on his balls. Then I heard him say, "Sit your pussy down on my cock, Dave. I want you to ride my black dick". I straddled him and took some more sniffs of poppers. I spread my ass as Walt positioned his big cock up to my asshole. I slowly lowered myself down onto Walt's cock. I took him all the way into me and began to slowly rise and fall on his cock. He reached up to my big tits and pinched them both. Having my tits played with is a big turn on for me. I'm moaning and groaning as I ride his bbc. As I'm riding Walt's cock I ask, "Anyone else coming over"? "No, Baby. Your pussy is all mine, now". "Get on your side". I climb off Walt's cock and lay on my side. Walt spoons up behind me. He slowly slides his big cock back up into me. We are now tightly pressed together, on our sides, in a spooning, fuck position. Now, Walt begins to kiss my neck as he slowly fucks me. I'm quite surprised, because his fucks in the past have shown no affection. Just pure, lustful fucking. But he's kissing my neck and calling me "Baby" this time. He reaches around me and he's playing with my mantits and pinching my nipples as he slides in and out of me. We change fucking positions several more times. Finally, he has me on my back, he lifts my legs and slides back up into me. He leans forward and begins to kiss me on my lips as he's fucking me. We are passionately kissing and fucking. "I love your ass, Baby. I love fucking you. So glad my boy found your white ass. You can fuck him. You can fuck my friends. But your ass belongs to me". He's saying as he continues to kiss and fuck me. "You love me, Baby? You love having me fuck you? Huh? You love it, Baby?" I'm passionately kissing Walter as I groan. "Yes, Baby. I love you. I love your BBC inside me. I love your cum inside me. I always want you in me, Baby" "Yeah? You want my cum? You want my dick? You're my whore? You're my hole to fuck, whenever I want your hole?" "Yeah, Baby. I'm yours. I want your cock in me always. I love that you're sharing me with your son and friends. But it's your cock I want". Walt is now fucking me harder. He's hearing what he wants from me. We're kissing and fucking. Sweat begins to drip from his forehead onto my face. Walt now pulls his face away from me. He straightens up and grabs my ankles. He pushes my legs back and repeatedly rams his cock into me. Grunting as he's ramming up into me. Finally he thrusts one last, brutal time into me, holds it there and lets out a very loud growl................ "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK...!!!!" His whole body is shaking as he fills my ass with his load. I've never heard him groan and yell so loudly when he's cum inside me, before. But he's all alone and he's not inhibited about making a noise as he cums inside me. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK", he repeatedly says as his orgasm seems to go on for minutes. Finally he collapses on top of me. Both our breathing is hard. We lay there like that for several minutes. His cock is still inside me as I feel it softening. Finally, he slowly begins to pull out of me. My body is shaking in repeated orgasms as his cock pulls from me. "Holy FUCK!", I said. "That was some, fuck, Baby". I tried to kiss Walt again, but he pulled away from me, stood and began to wipe off his dick. What affection he had shone me earlier was now gone. He had fucked me and cum. That's all he wanted. Without saying a word, he left the room and walked back down the hall to the living room. I got up and followed him out to the living room. He was already beginning to dress. I dressed also. Still in silence. As I slipped on my shoes, I said, "Thanks again, Walt. That was amazing. Loved your fuck. And thanks for inviting your buddies. My ass is yours anytime". "Cool", was all he said. "See you again", he finally said as he closed the door as I stepped out into the cool, Vegas sunlight. I'm guessing that the physical and verbal affection was just in the heat of the moment. But, I'll be interested to see what happens next with Walt, his son Antone and his other str8 buddies. Each time seems to be better than the last.
  9. Thanks for the reputation

  10. All Top Guys in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, London, Paris and Salt Lake City. Let me know if you want to fuck my raw ass. Or I'll orally service your cock and lick your asshole. BBC & XXL cocks are A+. But no hard, raw cock is refused. Group fucks are HOT!
    KIK: travelingbi

    Getting fucked bb by DeWayne in LV 2.jpg

  11. I'm always interested in sucking off str8 guys. Offering free massages on Craigslist normally gets me a couple of str8 guys to get off. Today I posted one of those CL ads. I finally settled on one that seemed quite promising. He sent some really attractive pics. All had clothes on. But I could tell he was in his mid 40's. VERY attractive. An athletic build. We messaged back and forth a few times. He said that he was divorced. He had never had a massage from a guy. But had always heard that men give the best massages. He lived just a few miles from me. So, we set up a time to meet today at 1pm. He said he often worked from home and would be available then. Since I like to be prepared for "anything". I douched and cleaned my ass out before showering. Just in case. You never know how far these things will go with str8 guys. Anyway, I showed up at his home as scheduled. He met me wearing just a bathrobe. Just like his pics, he was extremely handsome. He had a beautiful home in a gated community. He invited me in. I followed him into his family room, just off his kitchen. He had several large king sized sheets strewn across the carpeted floor. "I'm not feeling comfortable doing this on my bed. So I set this up. Will that work ok?", he asked? "Yeah. We'll make it work". I said. As I unpacked my massage oil and a few hand towels from my massage bag, I asked him to lay face down on the sheets and I'd begin. I took off my clothes and knelt beside him. I watched him drop his robe and climb down onto the sheets. DAMN! He had a nice body. Very firm, tight, muscled and athletic. He had a gorgeous chest, covered in a light fuzz of light brown hair. His cock hung down about 6 inches, soft. I could only imagine and hope how big it would grow to be when it's hard. As I knelt beside him, I poured some oil over his shoulders, back, butt and legs. Then did a quick sweep of his body with my hands to distribute the oil. Then I began to massage his shoulders. He had his face turned away from me. I could feel the tension in his back as I began to rub his shoulders. "I'm still quite nervous about all of this", he said. "Yes. I can feel your tension in your back. We'll take it slow. Just breathe. You'll be relaxing in no time", I said. I continued to massage his shoulders and back. After about 5 minutes, I could feel his muscles relaxing and his breathing getting slower and deeper. I was getting him where I wanted him. Now that he was relaxing, I began to massage lower on his back. Then I brushed over his asscheeks a few times before beginning to work on his upper thighs. He tensed up a bit when I'd get close to his balls. But I'd move away when I'd feel him tense up. But then go back to his inner thighs and close to his balls a few more times, till I didn't feel him tensing up anymore. I worked down his legs. Massaged his feet, which he really seemed to enjoy. Then I massaged up his opposite leg, to his upper thigh. Then massaged his other inner thigh. Again, occasionally getting very close to his balls. But not actually touching them. I worked back up to his upper back and shoulders. Then back down to his ass. He seemed to be quite relaxed now. So I now really went to work on his ass. I massaged and kneeded his asscheeks. Sliding my finger down his crack, till it would slide across his asshole. He flinched a bit, the first time my finger touched his asshole. But the second time, he let out a very soft moan. I gave a lot of attention to his ass. And could feel his ass rise up a bit. He was even slightly grinding his ass as I massaged it. I worked again on his inner thighs. This time, allowing my fingers to brush against his balls. Again, a small, but audible "sigh" would escape his lips. His hips would grind, just the slightest. But I could tell he was enjoying the very intimate touching. I then softly said, "Roll over on your back, now". He slowly turned and rolled on his back. His cock flipped up. Fully hard. Showing off about 7.5 inches of rock hard cock. A small bead of precum was beginning to peak through his piss slit. "Sorry. I don't mean to have a woody. It just kind of happened. I guess I haven't been touched for awhile", he said. "No worries. It's pretty common, actually. Don't give it any thought", I said to him. I then began to massage his chest. As my fingers crossed his nipples, I could feel them harden. He was responding, just as I had hoped. My fingers continued to flick across his nipples as I massaged his chest. Then I moved down to his abs. I was kneeling at the top of his head. I'd massage down his chest to his abs. Almost to his pubic hair. As I leaned over him, my tip of my cock would touch his forehead. I could see his cock "jump" each time my cock was touching his forehead and my fingers would get close to his cock. I then moved to the side and continued massaging his abs, but moving my hands to his hips. As I'd move around his crotch, my arm would brush against his rock hard cock. His cock would bounce as my arm brushed against it. I moved to his inner thighs and massaged just under his balls. He arched his back and let out another soft moan. His cock again would bounce and jump as I pressed under his balls. Then I softly cupped his balls. Softly caressing his balls and my fingers wrapped around his cock. He now let out a loud moan. His eyes still tightly closed as I began to stroke his cock and massage his balls. Precum now began to drip down his cockhead. Then I leaned down and licked the cum from the tip of his cock. He groaned, but did not stop me. Finally, I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and slid his cock down my throat. He didn't move to stop me, but his moans were so soft. I could barely hear them. But, he was moaning. And obviously enjoying my mouth. His cock was so beautiful, so big, and so hard. I really wanted his cock in my ass. But, that's a rare occasion for a str8 guy that I'm massaging to go as far as anal. Most feel they can get a blow job from some guy without being a threat to their heterosexuality. But anal is a line that most of them will not cross. But I had to take a chance and see if this HUNK would go there? So, I moved myself so that I was straddling over his abs. His hard cock was now pressed against my ass. I began to massage his chest from his position. I could feel him tense up when I straddled him. He briefly opened his eyes to look at me. But he then quickly closed them again and allowed me to continue to massage his chest. I again began to tease his nipples. They were hard as rocks. He was definitely enjoying the attention to his nipples. I would move my ass up and down just slightly. His cock was sliding slowly up and down my asscrack. I rocked in conjunction with massaging his chest. I did a couple of times lift my ass and then lower it, so that his cock would press into my ass cheeks. Almost to my hole. I repeatedly did this. And he wasn't stopping me. Finally, I reached behind me and took hold of his cock. I lifted my ass and moved his cock to my asshole. "Will you fuck me?", I asked? No response. He didn't open his eyes. He didn't say anything. He gave no response. Damn! Perhaps I'd gone too far? I rubbed his cockhead against my asshole. And again asked. "Want to fuck me?" "Just do it, and shut up", he growled. I grabbed the massage oil and squeezed a bit on the tip of his cock. Then I positioned it at my hole and began to slide down onto his large, thick, very hard cock. His cock slowly entered my ass and I took it all the way into me, balls deep. I then slowly began to rock back and forth on it. Pulling him nearly all the way out of me. Leaving just his cockhead into me, then sitting back down onto him. After a couple of minutes of this, I finally lifted myself off of him and climbed off. I got on my hands and knees and said, "Kneel behind me". As he was getting up to position himself behind me, I reached into my bag and pulled my poppers out. I spit on my fingers and lubed up my ass a bit more for his dick. I took a couple of deep sniffs of poppers as I felt him begin to press back into me. His cock easily slid back into my hole. He then grabbed me around the waist and began to fuck me hard and deep. He was now grunting. "You Faggot", he growled as he slammed into me. "You like this? You like my big dick in your ass, you fuckin' queer?" He slapped my ass hard as he said this. "Fuck yeah", I grunted. And I sniffed more poppers. "Fuckin' pervert", he said as he pounded me harder and harder. SLAP! His hand stung on my ass as he slapped me and fucked me His fucking became harder and more furious. He was really slamming hard into me. Grunting and growling as he pounded my ass with his cock. Finally after about 10 minutes of furious fucking, ass slapping, and "whore shaming", he let out a loud groan. "Fuckin' Queer..!!! You fuckin' cocksucker! You filthy whore!" he was screaming at me as I felt his cock throb and he emptied his balls into my ass. As soon as he began to cum in me, he quickly pulled out of me. I spun around and took his cock into my mouth. His cock was still spurting cum as he shot a few more streams of cum into my mouth. He pulled his cock from my mouth and stood up. He was looking down onto me and spit on me. "Fuckin' Queer!" "What made you think I wanted to fuck your faggot ass?", he shouted at me. I was now really nervous. It was turned on as hell, by his rough, masculine fuck. I love the verbal humiliation, the ass slapping and the spitting. He spit on my face again and said, "Get out!". I climbed up and dressed as quickly as I could. He was mumbling about what a fucking faggot I was. What a whore I was. How dare I make him fuck me. I grabbed my poppers, hand towels and oil. Threw them into my bag. I finished putting my clothes on and began to head for the door. My heart was racing. He seemed unhinged. I was literally shaking with fear. But also, very turned on by knowing this str8 guy had just put his seed in my ass and mouth. I left his house by the front door. Quickly got into my car in his driveway and backed out. I've been home for 2 hours now. I just got an email from him. "Hey, Queer. That actually felt pretty good. I might fuck your faggot ass sometime. But, you're gonna have to lick and eat my ass, first. Will you do that"? "Yeah. I'll eat your straight ass. And you can fuck my faggot ass anytime. Let me know", I wrote back to him. I sure hope he writes me again.
  12. raw

    Hot story! When I was young, I LOVED being picked up by older guys in public restrooms and being used by them. Hope your Dad's colleague has continued to fuck you.
  13. I was in London for the weekend. On Sunday, I had an open day for "play". I had posted on Craigslist, BBRT, Grindr, Growlr and a couple of other hookup sites. I spent the afternoon weeding through the usual bunch of flakes, "talkers", time wasters and pic collectors. Finally, I had a confirmed guy that wanted to come by my hotel to fuck me. He said he was originally from Sri Lanka. He was married with 3 kids. Gay, but because of his culture and family, he had had to marry at a young age, in an arranged marriage. He considered himself gay, but had to be completely on the DL. He shared some pics with me. He was handsome with dark skin. A 5" uncut, very thick cock, with ample, loose foreskin. He said he could stop by at 2pm on his way home from Church. He met me in the hotel lobby right on time. We went to my hotel room, undressed and fell back on the bed, kissing and caressing each other. I then got between his legs, sucking on his very ample foreskin, licking the cheese between his foreskin and cock head. His cock was quickly growing to fully rock hard. I would repeatedly deep throat his beautiful cock. Then lifted his legs and lapped at his asshole. He was loving that. Moaning and groaning as my tongue fucked his dark, puckered hole. He especially loved my ball worship on his big, black ball scac. Then he told me to get on my knees. This Sri Lankan guy was insisting on a condom. Because he is married. While I'm not fond of getting fucked with a condom. I agreed. It had been awhile, since I'd been fucked. So, I just wanted to feel a dick in me. He lubed up my ass and his cock and slid up into me. He had great technique and had me moaning and groaning as his thick cock assaulted my hole. He soon began to growl as he filled the condom in my ass with his hot load. When he finally pulled out, I turned and took hold of the condom. I carefully pulled it off him. I wanted to save the juice inside for my Italian buddy, who would be joining me at 8pm that night. He either wanted my ass with a load or 2 already inside it. Or a cum filled condom to use as lube. So, I quickly salvaged the Sri Lankan guys cum in the condom and carefully placed it where his cum would be safe. As soon as Sri Lanka guy had dressed and left, I went back to trying to find some other tops to join my Italian buddy and me at 8pm. For awhile, it looked like I had 3 other guys lined up to join Italian buddy and me. But just shortly before 8pm, 2 of the guys suddenly flaked out and cancelled. Damn game players! But at 8pm a nice looking Scottish guy (I'm going to call him Redd. Not his real name) with red hair and bushy red goatee and mustache showed up. He lived close to the hotel. We had chatted before. But the timing worked out this time. And he was open for a 3way or group fuck. He's an older guy. Around my age, I imagine. Great, fit body. Very nice looking with a very friendly personality. We instantly enjoyed chatting. And his thick, Scottish brogue was charming. Shortly, my Italian fuck buddy showed up. (I'm going to call him Mario. Not his real name). He's so handsome! A beautiful bronze skin tone. Dark eyes. Scruffy, day's growth of whiskers covering his face. Athletic, fit body. 34 years old. Thankfully, Mario likes older, bareback bottom, Daddies like me. We made introductions and then took the lift up to my floor and to my room. Mario and I kissed and we all began to undress as we continued to make introductions to each other. As soon as we were all naked, I dropped to my knees and took turns sucking of both Mario's and Redd's cocks. Redds cock was about 5" long. On the thick side. And was already rock hard, solid. He had a cock ring on and had an amazingly hard cock for a man his age. He was very sexy and masculine looking. Kind of a Leather Daddy type of guy. Redd and Mario kissed as I took turns sucking on both their cocks. Mario's cock is about 6.5" inches. Nice and thick. And gets rock hard, very quickly. Mario then moved to the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed. I crawled between his legs and began to suck and worship his cock and balls. Soon, he had laid back and I had lifted his legs and began to lick and lap at his asshole. I tongue fucked his tight hole. I worshiped his cock, balls and asshole for 4 or 5 minutes. Redd played with my ass as I rimmed Mario. Then I climbed up on the bed, on my hands and knees. Redd climbed up on the bed and crawled to my head. He put his hard cock back up to my lips. And I resumed sucking him. Mario began to play with my ass, opening me up. Mario then put his cock to my hole and slid up into me. He fucked me for a few moments then he told Redd to change positions with him. For the next 10 minutes, Redd and Mario continually changed positions. Both of them taking turns fucking my ass with their raw cocks. Redd said he was getting close. "Seed his hole", Mario told Redd. "I want to use your cum as lube, Redd. Fill his ass". That seemed to excite Redd. He began to fuck harder and faster. Really pounding my ass. I told Mario that there was a cum filled condom on the top of the trash can that he could also use as lube. Mario reached down, picking up the condom from the top of the trash can. He asked Redd if he wanted the cum for lube? Redd said yes. He took the condom filled with fresh cum from Sri Lanka guy, but instead of pouring the cum on my ass and his cock to use as lube, Redd put the condom to his mouth and drank the cum contents. Tossing the condom back into the can. This really turned Redd on. He was really fucking hard and deep, now. It didn't take long before he announced, "I'm CUMMING...!!!!" He slammed deeply into me and filled my ass with his cum. As soon as Redd pulled out of me, Mario knelt behind me. "Push it out, Dave". I squeezed my ass and some of Redd's cum pushed out of my hole. Mario scooped some up and tasted it. I squeezed more out. Mario again scooped it up with his finger and fed Redd his own cum from my hole. Then Redd dropped to his knees, behind me. He began to eat his own cum from my ass. He's swallow the cum. Then spit on my hole and push the spit up in my hole with his tongue. Replacing his cum with his spit. Then Mario stood behind me. In one quick thrust, Mario slammed up into me. He was like a wild man. This is what he's been wanting. To fuck me raw, using another man's cum as lube. Mario was grabbing me hard around the waist as he pounded my hole. Redd moved to my side. He'd pinch my nipples, which really turns me on. Then he'd feed me his still hard cock. I could taste his cum and my ass on his cock. Mario soon filled my ass with his own cum. Then Mario and Redd continued to tell me to push out their cum. Then they'd take their still hard cocks to push the cum back up inside my hole and fuck me some more. My ass was wet, sloppy and dripping cum. Finally, Redd said he didn't think he could cum again. Mario and I laid on the bed, caressing each other as we chatted with Redd, as he dressed. I told Redd and Mario that they had great chemistry as a top duo. And hoped we could do it again, when I get back to London in a month or 2. They both told me that they would love to do that. Those two really did work well together as a team of tops. As we all know. 3ways either work or don't work, based on the chemistry between everyone involved. This 3some had some good chemistry going. Redd finished dressing and left. Mario and I again got on the bed. Kissing and caressing. As I stroked Mario's cock, it grew to full hardness again. "Fuck me", I said to Mario. I got back on my knees and he knelt behind me. He rammed back into me. Fucking me for another 10 minutes. It was feeling great for both of us. But, Mario finally said, I don't think I can cum again. He laid back down on his back and I got between his legs. Licking and sucking his cock and balls. Then I lifted his legs and went back to eating his asshole. Mario began to stroke his cock fast and furiously as I licked and worshiped his asshole and balls. Finally he began to groan. I looked up and saw another nice sized load of cum dripping down his rock hard cock. I licked up his cum. Then took his cockhead into my mouth and swallowed every last drop of his cum. By now, we were both exhausted. Mario showered as I dressed. We kissed goodbye and vowed to meet up again on my next trip to London in a month or so. I wanted to keep what cum was still inside, inside me for as long as I could. I put my briefs back on as I spent the rest of the evening watching tv. Occasionally feeling cum drip from my ass. My briefs got sopping wet as cum continued to drip from my hole. Finally, about 3 hours later, that "urge", finally happened and I had to expel the remaining loads of cum in me. Seeing the huge load that had been deposited into the toilet bowl was amazing. Both guys had obviously dropped some huge loads into me.
  14. Great story,  lost my cherry at age 12 by my best friends uncles and than by all of his "Dr" friends that needed too make sure that my cute boy ass was ok.   First load was implanted deep in my fuzzy boy ass while being sucked off by my best friend.  His uncle raped my ass hard had to pop my cherry as he kept saying and then dumping a huge load deep in my ass.   Later that night my friend said there watching foot ball at his uncles house and I was invited, sure what the heck.   Got to his mobile home and all the men are naked raging cocks and my friends uncle says cum in we need your ass checked.  In short I was fucked by all these men multiple times all loads in the ass.   I'll never forget it.   they kept messing with me saying I was going to be pregnant.   From 7pm to 11pm my ass was rarely empty of cock.  Those were the days.  Every other weekend we'd be in the wood sucking and taking cock in my ass or at his uncles trailor.   Most loads I took back then was 15,  and squatted over a guys face while he ate my pussy and drank the cum and then pissed in his mouth because he liked young guys piss.   

    1. travelingbi


      Damn! Very HOT..!!!

    2. Inthewind


      Thanks,  I would get fucked in the ass regularly on the weekends at his uncles trailer at one point it got to where I was asked to goto the village and take care of some of his freinds that there were Dr's and Dentists I figured what the heck, loved sucking cock and getting loads in my ass.   So I went down by myself and was greeted by a guy with a huge bulge in his shorts.   I went in and when the door closed he said you can take your clothes off here.  No questions I did and was lead into the kitchen he said bend over I need to check you out and he did spanked my ass and spread my ass hole open for his inspection.   He said your here to service me and some friends.   I said yes I know with that he said take this and dropped hiis shorts and slammed his raging hard cock into my ass and it was big and hurt but he continued right on fucking me while twisting  my nipples and tugging on my balls and cock.   With in minutes he came deep inside me and pulled out said don't move, got a bowl and said push my cum out and I did,  he said good your clean.   We went into the living room and I was put on a coffee table and saw nothing but cocks and balls.   I was ordered to suck what ever went into my mouth and take what ever was shoved in my ass.  For about 2 hours I had multiple loads in both mouth and ass and the smell of all that cum was making me hard.   I heard a guy said he wanted to piss in my ass but the others said no we need pure semen for the ceremony. I'm thinking what ceremony.    Soon there was nothing going on and I was told to push as much as possible out of my ass and I did.   I was then lead to a bathroom and giving a towel and ordered to shower.  Did that got out and found my clothes there,  got dressed the door opened and I was lead to the front door where I was greeted by another man who said we'll let you know if your pregnant I thinking ha ha I can't be and smiled the door opened and I left and road back home to the uncles house.   Got there and he let me in pulled my shorts down and sucked me off while fingering / almost fisting my asshole.   I shot a huge load in his mouth and he said hmm you taste great.    Turn around and bend over the couch I knew he was going to fuck my ass good and did he,  kept slamming into me deep and saying we got a gang bang setup for you in the woods later tonight I moaned and said I could not wait,  he came deep inside me and was squeezing my boy ass cheaks and loved them.  

    3. Inthewind


      Dude what's in your ass.   Mine has 3 loads from lunch time at the ABS

  15. I answered a Craigslist ad tonight from a couple that were looking for a bottom. I answered their ad and included my pics. I soon got a reply from them with more of their pics. They looked great. Both appeared to be early to mid 40's. They said they only play together. But, that they have different tastes in guys. So they don't often find guys they agree to fuck. It didn't sound too promising to me, but I agreed to meet them at their home, so they could check me out and see if I appealed to both of them. I drove to their home, which was only about 4 miles away from mine. They invited me in and offered me a drink. We sat in their living room and chatted a bit as we sipped on our drinks. It was a bit uncomfortable. One of the guys, Ryan was more friendly and talkative. Ryan is 40. 5'9", 195. Nice, athletic build and dark hair. His husband, Paul was shorter with a very thin and slender build. Not muscular at all. Paul didn't share much in conversation. He didn't seem to be attracted to me at all. And truth be told, I didn't find him all that hot as well. But, Ryan and I, on the other hand, seemed to be hitting it off. Ryan finally asked if I wanted to go out to the hot tub in the back yard. It's a bit cold out, but I did want to get naked with Ryan and see where it could lead. I agreed and we finished our drinks. Paul kind of wined a bit about the cold and didn't want to go. No problem, I followed Ryan out the kitchen french doors and onto their patio. Ryan and I undressed and he led me to their hot tub. Ryan had already turned on the tub and it was steaming in the cold, night air of Las Vegas. We quickly stepped into the tub, and buried ourselves in the hot water, up to our necks. In just moments, Ryan moved next to me, grabbed me under the water and pulled me to him. He began to kiss me as he reached down for my cock and stroked it. We kissed and caressed in the water for about 5 minutes, then I heard Paul stepping into the tub. "I thought I'd better check on my husband. I see he's getting what he wants", Paul said. Ryan stopped kissing me and moved around to kiss Paul. They kissed for a few moments, then Ryan moved back to kissing me. Paul just watched. It was kind of uncomfortable to have Ryan paying so much attention to me, while his husband just watched. But Ryan was very sexy and exciting, so I tried to ignore Paul and enjoy his husband. Then Ryan climbed out of the tub and reached for Paul's hand. "Come on", Ryan said. "Let's go fuck". He pulled Paul out of the tub, then reached for me to help me out of the tub, into the cold, night air. We grabbed our clothes that were piled on chairs on the patio. They had some towels on the table nearby. We grabbed those and dried off as best we could as we stepped back into the warm house. I followed Ryan up the stairs to their bedroom. A king sized bed was stripped down to just it's sheets. Ryan climbed up on the bed and Paul climbed up beside him. I'm not quite knowing what to do? Ryan finally patted the bed, next to him, indicating he wanted me there. I climbed up on the bed and Ryan and I resumed kissing. He tried to move back and forth between kissing me and his husband. While Ryan and Paul kissed, I moved down to their crotches and took turns sucking both their dicks. Ryan's dick is about 6.5"s, uncut. He was rock hard. I was loving sucking on his foreskin. Paul had about 5"s, cut. He was partially hard. Finally, Paul pulled away from both of us and said, "How about I take some pictures of you guys playing"? I said, "Sure". Ryan said "OK". Paul grabbed his cell phone as Ryan and I began to suck each other in a 69 position. Paul began to take pics. In the 69 position, I pulled Ryan's legs forward and began to lick his ass. He was loving it. We changed positions and I ended up on my knees on the bed. Ryan moved behind me and began to eat my ass. I was moaning in pleasure as he slid his tongue into me. Paul continued to take pics. Soon, Ryan had straightened up and was rubbing his hard cockhead against my asshole. It was driving me wild. "Yeah! Fuck me", I moaned. "Paul, hand me the lube and a condom", Ryan said. "You can fuck me raw if you want". I quickly said. "Hmmmm....... Really? Ryan said. "Yeah. I'm fine with raw". I replied. Ryan spit on my hole and spit again on his cock. I could see a bottle of poppers on their bedside table. It was within reach, so I reached for it and took some sniffs of poppers. I handed the bottle back to Ryan. He took a deep breath of poppers, then pressed his cock against my ass and began to slide in. He slowly slid all the way into me as Paul took pics. Ryan was really enjoying my asshole. He kept moving me into different positions. But we eventually ended back with me on my hands and knees as he started to ram hard and deep into me. He soon began to fuck faster and harder. And his breathing got heavier. Then he let out a loud groan....."OH, FUCK..!!!" he shouted as he started to fill my ass with his cum. He shook in orgasm, then slowly began to pull out of me. Paul finally put the cell phone camera down and moved to the bed. He took Ryan's cock into his mouth to clean it of cum. Then Paul climbed up on the bed and licked his husbands cum from my asshole. He was stroking his cock as he did that. Then he knelt behind me and he slid his cock up into me. His cock was much smaller, but he obviously had enjoyed watching his husband fuck a stranger's ass. He quickly came in my ass. He pulled out of my ass and Ryan repaid him by cleaning off Paul's cock with his mouth. Then they kissed and collapsed onto the bed, entwined in each other's arms. I climbed off the bed and began to dress as they continued to kiss on the bed. "Thanks, guys. I enjoyed it", I said. "Umm hmmm", was all I heard as they continued to kiss. I finished dressing and left the room. Climbed down the stairs and let myself out of their home. It was kind of an odd encounter. But I did enjoy Ryan's cock and his fuck. Not sure I'll see them again. But, I wouldn't mind having Ryan fuck me again, sometime.

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