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  1. One of my earliest fuck buddies was a Air Force Colonel. He was married, but his wife had refused to move to the Air Force Base he was stationed at in Utah. So, she was living in Texas while he was living in Utah. He couldn't get enough of my ass. Then he started bringing some of his Air Force buddies with him to fuck me. This was back in the early 1980's. All these AF guys considered themselves str8. But, they'd offer their dicks for me to suck and were always more than eager to fuck my ass.
  2. My older brother had me suck him off when I was a kid. He then told some of my older cousins that I sucked dick. So, two of my cousins (brothers) that lived nearby would have me over for weekend sleepovers. I sucked both of them off on those sleep overs. The oldest cousin would fuck me.
  3. Thanks for following me, Hungpoz4hungpoz!

  4. I answered a Craigslist ad this morning here in Las Vegas. It stated that he was a 45 year old, straight, married guy, here in Las Vegas for a few days for a convention. He was horny and just wanted some guy to come by his hotel room to suck him off. We exchanged a few emails and pics. He gave me his hotel name and room number, so I jumped into my car and drove to his hotel that was just off the Las Vegas Strip, near the Convention Center. I knocked on the door and a very handsome, 45 year old business man opened the door. He was still dressed in his suit and tie from his morning business meeting when he invited me into the room. He seemed nervous and awkward. We made small talk for a few minutes. He told me he had only been sucked off a couple of times by guys. Both times had been here in Las Vegas, when he'd been here on business. He was quite clear that he only wanted to be sucked off. He won't reciprocate. I told him I was fine with that, and let's get to it. He moved removed his clothes except for his black socks. Then he sat on the edge of the bed. I got on my knees, between his legs and began to suck on his cock that was only partially hard. He was uncut and I started out sucking and gently chewing on his foreskin. He really enjoyed the attention I was giving to his skin. His cock grew. Then I sucked his foreskin into my mouth and slid my tongue up into the puckered skin. Licking his piss slit. Now he was fully hard. A bit over 6"s. My lips pushed his foreskin back and he moaned as I licked around his cockhead. Then I licked up and down his shaft several times. Then sucked on both his balls. He moaned when I did that. I lifted his legs and licked under his balls. He pulled his knees to his chest and I began to lick his asshole. Finally sliding my tongue up inside his hole, tongue fucking him. After rimming him for several minutes, I went back to sucking his balls, licking his shaft and then swallowing his cock for some deepthroating. I came up off his cock and took some hits from my popper bottle. "Would you like to fuck me", I asked? "No. Just suck me", he said. But, after just a minute of more cocksucking he said, "You got a condom?" "Yes. But, you can fuck me raw", I replied to him. "I've never fucked a guy. But, I will if you've got a condom. I won't fuck you bare. Got a wife. Can't do it", he replied. I went for my pants and pulled some condoms and lube from my pocket. I came back to the bed and climbed on. Kneeling on the edge. I put some lube on and in my hole, then handed the condom and lube back to him. He put on the condom and lubed it up. Then he stood behind me and began to press into me. He fucked me for a few minutes, but his cock went soft. I pulled the condom off and sucked him hard again. Then I put another condom on him and got back on my knees on the edge of the bed. He again slid up into me and fucked for a few minutes. But, again, went soft. "DAMN! I always get soft in a condom. Shit! Guess I can't do it, bud. Condoms make me go soft", he said. He pulls the condom off and I take his soft cock back into my mouth. I suck until he hardens in my mouth again. I suck his cock, suck his balls and lick his ass again. He's now hard as a rock again. I again get on the edge of the bed with my ass facing him. "Just rub your bare cock on my ass", I say to him. Rub your cockhead on my hole. Maybe jack off on my hole", I again say to him. He does rub his hard cockhead on my hole. I'm squirming my ass and spreading my asscheeks for him to get clear access to my hole. He's obviously turned on having his raw cockhead against my hole. He then starts to press his cockhead into me, just a little bit. Then pulls it out. He repeats that several more times. Putting just a little bit of his cockhead into me, then pulling out. He's driving me wild teasing me with his raw cock. When he pushes his cockhead slightly into me the next time, I press back against him and the entire cockhead plops up past my sphincter. He again pulls completely out of me and rubs his cockhead on the outside of my puckered hole. Damn! I want him inside me. I'm not sure if he'll continue to do this? But, he slaps his cockhead on my hole a few times, then again presses it into me. Going up into me, past my sphincter again. I press back and soon he's all the way up inside me. Raw and natural in my ass. Just as I like dick in me. He holds his cock there. He's not really fucking me. I squeeze my ass on his cock a few times. Then I begin to very slowly pull off his cock, then slide back onto it. He's not really doing anything, but allowing me to fuck his cock with my ass. Soon, he can't take it any longer. He grabs me around the waist and begins to pump his cock in and out of me. He's immediately into full throttle fucking. He's now slamming deep into me. He's grunting very softly. Almost like he doesn't want me to hear him enjoying the fuck. He's now fucking fast and hard. It only takes him a minute or two before he grunts really loudly and slams deep into me. He holds it there inside me as I feel his cock throb and fill my ass with his load. I'm squeezing and milking his cock with my ass. Then he quickly pulls from me and goes into the bathroom. I can hear the water in the sink turn on and he's washing off his cock. His raw cock that has just been inside my faggot ass. His str8 dick that has just filed my queer guts with his married, str8 guy cum. While he's washing off, I quickly dress. I'm just ready to leave his room as he comes out of the bathroom. "Thanks", I say as I pass him in the bathroom doorway. "Sure", is all he says as I leave his room. He's not even really looking at me. But kind of looking into dead space in shame. Damn! I just LOVE getting str8 guys to go further than they ever expect or want to go.
  5. Thanks for the rep

  6. HOT profile!!!!

  7. I was searching the ads on Craigslist this morning. One ad really got my eye. This guy had posted on both the M4M and the M4W pages. He said he was a black trucker, stuck at a Vegas truck stop for the day. He wanted to get blown in his sleeper cabin. Maybe fuck. I sent him a message with some pics. Telling him that I wanted to suck, rim and bottom for him. He messaged me back and said he was chatting with a female right now. He preferred fucking a female, but he'd get back to me if it didn't work out with this chick. About 20 minutes passed. So, I assumed he was going to hook up with the female. Finally, I got another email from him. "She's a hooker. I'm not paying. Come on over". I quickly hopped in my car and headed for him at the truck stop. Luckily, it's the closest of the truck stops to my house. I was pulling into the Flying J truck stop in about 20 minutes. He had told me the color and make of this 18 wheeler rig. And said he was parked in the last row, at the far north end. I easily found him and was able to park my car nearby. As I walked towards his truck, he flashed his lights. I walked to his truck and he pushed open the passenger door. I climbed up into the cab and found a 55 year old, grey haired, hot, daddy, black man. He was dressed in jeans, a black tee-shirt and had big, black work boots on. He looked hot as hell. As I got into the cab, he told me to go back into his large sleeper area. He locked the doors to his truck. Came back into the sleeper and pulled the curtain between the cab and the sleeper. It was kind of dark, so he flipped on a small lamp, giving the sleeper a dim light. I sat on the bed and he walked over to me, unzipping his pants and pulling out a nicely sized BBC. He put his partially hard cock to my lips and I began to suck. His cock hardened in my mouth. Once he was finally hard, he had probably about 9"s with a nice thickness and a swollen, mushroom head. As I'm sucking, he pulls off his tee-shirt, tossing it to the floor. Then he pulls out, sits next to me on the bed and begins to remove his boots. Then stands and pulls his jeans and underwear off. He's now standing in front of me, fully naked, with his large BBC standing straight out. His dark, smooth skin was turning me on. I quickly stripped and went back to sucking his cock. Then he knelt on the bed and told me to eat his black ass. I put my face up to his ass. I licked around his hole. His ass smelled and tasted kind of musky. He'd been driving for many hours. His sweaty ass tasted salty and bitter. "Eat it, Fag", he growled. I spread his ass cheeks and dove my tongue up into him. "Good boy", he moaned as I tongue fucked his straight ass. He was pressing his muscular ass up against my face. I licked, lapped and flicked my tongue across his rosebud. "Ah, yeah! Good Faggot! Eat my hole, piggy". He's very verbal, and I'm finding that a real turn on. "Now suck me, Fag. Suck my black dick", he demanded. He turns and I again swallow as much of his cock as I can. He grabs my head and tries to fuck my face. I'm gagging on his cock as he rams it down my throat. After about 5 minutes of cocksucking, he says, "Show me that pussy". I come up off his cock and get on my hands and knees. I spread my ass for him. "Mmmmm...... Nice!", he says. "Hand me my pants, please", I ask. He reaches for my pants and hands them to me. I pull my poppers and lube from my pants. I hand him the lube and I start to sniff my poppers. "I don't need lube, Fag. Just my spit is all you'll get". He spits on my hole a few times. While he's spitting on his cock, I add more of my spit to my hole. He's big and he's thick. I'm going to need as much spit as I can get in my hole. As he begins to press into me, I again sniff on my poppers. His cock burns a bit as he's sliding in me. I'm continuing to breath in my poppers, trying to stifle my desire to cry out. He plunges into me in one quick thrust. And immediately begins to pound my hole. It takes a couple of minutes for the pain to turn to pleasure. But, soon I'm begging him to really pound me with his big dick. He's obviously only interested in his own pleasure. He's ramming me repeatedly. Calling me a whore. Calling me a faggot. His thrusts become almost brutal and he seems to enjoy hearing my grunts as he rams into me. About 6 or 7 minutes of powerful pounding finally pays off as he takes one final thrust into me and holds it there as his cock throbs and fills my ass with his hot cum. I'm both sad, but relieved when the pounding stops. I milk his cock with my ass as he begins to pull out of me. Once his cock fully plops from my hole, I spin around and open my mouth. He knows what I want and feeds me his still hard cock to clean off. "Yeah. I thought you'd be a greedy pig and want my cock some more. Clean it, Pig!" I clean his cock of all his and my juices as it softens in my mouth. He pulls from my mouth and grabs some gym shorts to pull on. I take my cue and get dressed. He lays back on his sleeper mattress and says, "I was really wanting a pussy to pound tonight. But your ass was mighty damn good". "Do you pass through Vegas often", I ask? "A fair amount", he replied. "Let me know, next time. My ass is yours to use anytime you want", I said. "Watch your email tonight. I may have another load to fill you with. I'm gonna get a bit of sleep. And we'll see?". I finished dressing and let myself out of his truck. "Lock the door", he yelled, as I jumped down to the ground. I'll be keeping a close eye on my emails later tonight. I would love a second pounding from him.
  8. I LOVE these clips. DAMN! I would love those monster BBC's plowing me.
  9. This may not be my favorite clip. But, I always wish I was the white guy in this video with these 3 hot black tops.
  10. When I'm in a dark room, backroom, glory hole area or any place like that, it's all about the cock. I could care less what the guy looks like. If he has a hard cock and he puts in my mouth I'll suck it. If he puts his cock in my ass, my ass is his. A great deal of the excitement of a dark room is not knowing who's cock is in you. I find that really a turn on. Hell........We're not getting married. We're just fucking. If he's got a nice dick, I'm happy to be his cum receptacle. Last time I was in a sling at the baths, even though the room was relatively dark, I put a sleeping mask over my eyes. I found that guys liked the idea that I had no idea who they were. I seemed to have a steady stream of guys sliding up into me and pounding.
  11. I agree. I always hit NZ Sauna when I'm in Amsterdam. It's always busy and I always get lots of loads.
  12. As I've talked about before, I really enjoy massaging and orally servicing str8 guys. I quite often post a Craigslist ad offering free massages to masculine straight men. The vast majority of the time, I end up sucking them off. Even on occasion, they'll end up fucking me. This was my last experience in doing this. One of the guys that replied to my ad was a 45 year old businessman that was visiting Las Vegas for a trade show at the Convention Center. He said he'd be very open for a massage on the last day of the trade show. We chatted back and forth by email and set up a time for me to meet him at his hotel at 6pm on Friday night. I arrived at his hotel room door right on time. I was extremely please to see this handsome man open the door. He was about 6 feet tall. Quite good looking. Curly, black hair and green eyes. He looked to be in great shape. He smiled as he opened the door. "Dave? Come on in. Thanks for coming". I come in and we shake hands. "I just got back to my room. Got kind of tied up at the Convention Center. I haven't had a chance to shower. Would you mind if I quickly shower up a bit? I really want to be fresh", he said. "That's fine, Rick. Take your time", I replied. I sat on the sofa next to his window to enjoy the view of the Las Vegas Strip below, while Rick took off his shoes, socks, shirt and pants. He then went into the bathroom to take his shower. A few minutes later, Rick came out of the bathroom, naked, drying off with the towel. Damn! He did have a nice, athletic body. A beautiful cock hung down between his legs. "How do you want me", Rick asked? "Just lay down on your stomach along the edge of the bed. I'll start on your back", I replied. "Are there any areas you want me to concentrate? Or any areas you're not comfortable with me massaging", I asked? "My lower back, legs and feet are really killing me. Been standing at the Convention Center for 3 days. But, all over would be great", he said. I began on his upper back, shoulders and neck. Working my way down to his lower back. Then I worked over his butt and then to his upper thighs. Rick spread his legs, lifted his ass and adjusted his cock under him, so that the tip of his cock stuck out under his balls, as I began to massage his thighs. This gave me a chance to brush my knuckles across his balls and cock head as my fingers massaged his inner thighs. After spending some time on his upper and inner thighs, I worked down to his calves and to his feet. As I touched his feet, he let out a soft moan. I moved to the end of the bed and got down on my knees to put me at a good angle to work on his feet. I massaged the balls and heals of his feet. Then massaged each of his toes. He was moaning softly as I worked on his feet. "That feels great, Dave. My feet are really sore, man. Really work my feet, Dude", Rick said. I really went to town on his feet. He seemed to really get off on his feet being rubbed and massaged. Then I took the risk and put his big toe into my mouth and sucked on it. "Aaaahhh..........", Rick moaned loudly. I now sucked each of this toes, then licked the balls of his feet. I then did the same to his other foot. I see him reach under himself to adjust his cock again. After making love to his feet for a bit, I then lick up his legs, into his inner thigh and up to his ass crack. My tongue flicks across his cockhead and balls then into his ass crack and it flicks across his puckered asshole. He lets out a gasp and raises his ass. I spread his ass cheeks and lick his hole again. "Aaaahhhh", he again moans. I tongue fuck him for a few minutes, then come up off his hole. "Turn over, Rick", I say. Rick flips himself over. His 7" cut cock bounces up. I massage around his cock. Then I take his cock into my hands and move my face down to his cock. I open my mouth and take him into my mouth. Rick was really turned on, because I literally only sucked him for about 2 minutes, before he let out a loud groan and filled my mouth with his hot, sweet load of manjuice. I milked his cock of every drop of cum. Without saying anything, Rick got up and went into the bathroom. He washed off his cock and came back into the room, still hard. "Dude! I wasn't expecting that", he said. "Are you OK", I asked? "Yeah. Just came as a surprise", he replied. "I've had guys give me a happy ending, before. But, Dave, no guy has licked my asshole or sucked my dick before. Dude. That was amazing", he said. "I'll let you know when I'm back in town the next time. That was hot, dude. Thanks!" he added. I do love those str8 guys that come to Las Vegas without their wives. I love that str8 dick.
  13. I got back to my hotel room very late last night. I was tired and not really looking for any action. But, I did get onto Grindr while I was getting ready to fall into bed. I had just taken an Ambien so I was sure I could get a deep sleep between my already very busy day and my next morning that was also going to be very busy. The Ambien was taking effect and I was getting very woosey. I got a message on Grindr asking if I wanted to suck his dick? He said he wanted an anonymous bj. He wanted the room dark. And just wanted his cock sucked, his ass licked and wanted a swallower. His profile showed he was located less than 100 feet from me. It said he was 28 years old. Athletic. Str8, but wanted to be sucked and rimmed by guys. He wouldn't reciprocate. There was a nice body and cock pic. But no face on the pic. I messaged him back that I was heading to bed, but could do a quick bj on him and gave him my room number. Then I slipped the 'Do Not Disturb' sign between the door lock and the door frame, turned out the lights and got on my knees a the foot of the bed. Within just a few moments there was a light knock on the door and the door opened. From the light in the hallway, I could see the figure of a guy walking into my room in a hoodie sweatshirt. The hood pulled up over his head. He turned his face as he walked in, so I couldn't get a clear look at his face. He closed and locked the door. Stepped up to me, unzipped and pulled his pants down. Stepping out of his pants, he put his partially hard cock to my lips and I began to suck him. I sucked for several minutes as he hardened in my mouth. Then he kneeled on the edge of the bed. I got behind him and began to eat his ass. He spread his asscheeks and gave me better access. I got really deep into his hole. Then he spun around and shoved his now rock hard cock back into my mouth. I sucked like a crazy man. My head was spinning from the Ambien. I felt like I was high or drunk. Then he pulled from my mouth and began to stroke his cock fast and furiously. "Suck my balls, faggot!" he whispered. I sucked on his balls and he jacked off. "I'm cumming!", he whispered softly. My mouth dove for his cock. I swallowed his shaft as his cock emptied into my hungry mouth. I sucked as much as I could, before he pulled from me, grabbed his pants. Quickly put his pants on, slipped on his shoes and quickly left my room. The Ambien was in full force. I thought for a moment, did this really happen? I locked my hotel room door and climbed into bed and was asleep in minutes. I woke up this morning to a message from him. "Nice blow job, Fag. Thanks".
  14. Thanks for the rep Travel xx:*xx

  15. Yeah. The first time I sucked off an Uber driver was when he picked me up from the baths in Amsterdam. The second time was late at night in London. I'll have to write about both those incidents sometime. I love those surprise encounters. Late nights seem to be when it happens for me.

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