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    Las Vegas, Honolulu, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris, Amsterdam
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    Enthusiastic bb bottom that loves to get pounded long, hard and deep by aggressive tops. Neg & Poz friendly. Love to sniff poppers while getting breed.
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    Total and complete pig bb bottom. Love taking loads in both holes. Love taking multiple loads. BBC is definitely my favorite. But all hard cocks are welcome to seed me. Can usually handle a long, hard and deep fuck. No drugs. But poppers are awesome. I suck, rim and bottom. Nipple play puts me over the edge and will make me beg you to fuck me. I travel the country for work. So, I may be in your city. Hit me up if you come here to Vegas.
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    Masculine, aggressive, raw tops who like to seed & breed. I prefer to service and be used by aggressive tops. But kissing an passionate sex sometimes just happens when the chemistry is right. Love group sex where I'm the only bottom, being used by multiple tops. Love Big Cocks. Love getting fucked by Black Tops. But all hard cocks are welcome to breed me. kik:travelingbi Email: dmurri56@gmail.com

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  1. Favorite bath house for raw sex

    Sauna NZ in Amsterdam is always busy. I never leave without a few loads in my ass and several down my throat.
  2. 2018 Load Tally

    9 loads in my ass and 10 loads down my throat so far this year. I use the free Tally Counter app from the Google Play App Store on my phone to keep track
  3. I was in NYC this past week with my husband. We have a "don't ask, don't tell" agreement. He knows I'm a horny cum dump. But, since he's a much older man and not particularly sexual anymore, he's fine with me taking dick whenever I want. He just doesn't want to know about it. So, I'd been checking out Grindr and Growlr on occasion during our week in NYC. But, because he and I were together nearly 24 hours a day on this trip, I was getting very frustrated and horny, since I was not able to take on any of the guys that contacted on those Apps. I was in my hotel room with him and flipping through the apps. I got hit on by a fucking hot black guy that lived just around the corner from our hotel. His pic showed a very buff, black man in his early 40's. We chatted back and forth a bit. He shared his cock pics with me. DAMN! He was packing about 9"s and thick. He said he and his husband are both bb tops and wanted to tag my ass. Fuck! I had to find some reason to get out and go to their apartment. I told him I would do my best to make it over, but that it would have to be a quickie. I never pack my suitcase without an enema bottle. So, I dug mine out of my bag and went into the bathroom and took a quick douche to clean my ass and took a quick shower so I'd be fresh for them. Then I dressed and told my husband that I was going to the grocery store that was a few blocks away to grab some fruit and snacks to fill our room's fridge. I messaged back to the hot black guy that I was on my way over. I quickly made my way to their apartment and they buzzed me through the front door. I climbed up to their 3rd floor apt. Walter, the early 40's guy that I had been chatting with on Growlr answered the door. He was totally nude and a bit wet, since he had just stepped out of the shower. He invited me in and told me his husband Carl was showering and would be in shortly. I followed him into the bedroom as I was pulling off my coat and shirt. I quickly kicked off my shoes and shucked my pants. I dropped to my knees and took Walter's soft cock into my mouth. I worshipped his big cock as it grew in my mouth. Then he backed onto the bed. Sitting on the edge, he laid back and lifted his legs, spreading his ass cheeks. I put my face between his ass cheeks and began to eat his sweet hole. As I had my face buried in Walter's ass, I heard his husband Carl walk into the bedroom and could sense him sitting on the edge of the bed, next to Walter. Carl laid back and he and Walter began to kiss. I moved over to Carl and took his partially hard 7" cock into my mouth. Carl's cock grew quickly. After about 5 minutes of my going back and forth between both their cocks, I decided to climb up on the bed, on my hands and knees, my ass up. Carl climbed behind me and began to eat my ass. His long tongue got deep into my hole. Walter climbed in front of me and fed me his cock. Carl soon knelt behind me, lubed his cock and slid up into me. I was in complete ecstasy as I was being spit roasted by these two hot black guys. These guys knew I had very limited time, so they wasted no time. Carl was pounding my ass hard and deep. Slapping my ass as he pounded me. Carl fucked me for another 5 minutes before he let out a growl and slammed deep into me. I could feel his cock throbbing as he emptied his balls into my ass. Carl pulled out and he and Walter changed positions. Carl fed me his cum covered cock to clean off as Walter quickly slid his even larger and thicker cock into me in one quick thrust. I let out a groan and gasped for air as his big black cock rammed up into me. It was a combination of pain and pleasure. I had noticed a bottle of poppers sitting on the dresser, next to the lube. "Can I have some poppers?" I asked. Carl climbed off the bed and grabbed the poppers. He opened the bottle and put the poppers under my nose. I took a deep breath and then he put it to my other nostril. The poppers helped to relax my hole as Walter slid balls deep into me. He fucked me long and slow for a few minutes. I felt his cock grow even harder as he fucked. Then he grabbed me around my waist and began to slam deeply into me. Carl had left the poppers laying by my head. I took the bottle and took a few deep drags on it, as Walter's fucking pace quickened and he slammed repeatedly into me. "You like this, Daddy? You like these big black dicks in ya?" All I could do is grunt as his hard pounding was slamming the breath out of my lungs. "Fuckin' CUNT! Fuckin' PUSSY! Fuckin' WHORE!" Walter repeatedly growled as he rammed into me. Finally one more deep slam into me brought a low, loud and growing growl from Walter. "AAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhh....!!!!!! FUCK....!!!!" he growled as he began to fill my ass with his load of cum. I did my best milk his cock with my ass. I wanted every last drop of his load in me. He slammed a few more times into me, before he pulled out of me with a plop. He climbed off the bed and I followed him off the bed. Dropping to my knees to clean his cock with my mouth. I dressed, left and hit the grocery store as quick as I could. As I walked back into my hotel room, my husband looked up at me with a "knowing look". I'm sure he knew I was doing more that shopping. But, he never said anything.
  4. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    I don't even know what age I was when I started to suck my neighborhood friends cocks? I'm guessing it was 6th or 7th grade. I'm guessing maybe around age 10 or 11 at the latest. Each summer, we'd build a fort in the empty lot behind our homes. We'd sleep out a lot in the fort several nights each week. We'd get hold of Playboy magazines and jack off to the pics. A couple of us would put our mouths on our friends cocks, suck them just a little, but not fully suck them. I never sucked a cock to completion and actually tasted cum until I was age 14. At the age of 14 I was picked up by an older guy in his late 20's / early 30's at a park. He took me into the wooded area of the park and sucked my cock. I came really quickly. Then he asked me to suck his cock. I loved the feel of a real man's cock in my mouth. I'm sure it was a terrible blow job. But he came in my mouth. I remember how shocked I was by having another guys cum in my mouth. I hated the taste. I choked on it and spit it out. Obviously, I grew to love cum and can't get enough.
  5. Bangkok Massage Boyz

    This reminds me of a massage I got several years ago. Not in Thailand, but in Utah of all places. After he had massaged all of my back and had me oiled up, he stripped his t-shirt and shorts off and climbed up on the massage table. He used his entire body to rub all over my back. He slid his hard cock between my ass cheeks and dry humped my ass. I was grinding my ass against his hard cock. He very smoothly slid to where his cockhead was at my hole. He slid it slowly into me and fucked me hard and deep until he shot into me. Then he climbed off, walked to my head and I cleaned off his cock with my mouth. Then he had me flip over and finished the massage by sucking me off. Damn! It was hot because I was not expecting the fuck. I wasn't expecting anything more than maybe a rim and bj at the most.
  6. Do you clean cock?

    In fact, I find the majority of guys like ass to mouth to ass to mouth to ass........ I certainly love tasting my ass and his cum on his cock as well.
  7. Wickr or KiK

  8. Do you clean cock?

    I personally love to turn and clean off the tops cock after he's cum in me. I find the vast majority of the tops find that really hot. But, I have found a few that don't want me to. But, I can understand if they want the smell of their cum and maybe some other top's cum on their dicks later. Just have to play it by ear and not be offended if they don't want their dicks cleaned. It's all good.
  9. Best Place in the U.S. to get Military Cum

    I travel the USA and Europe for my job. The BEST places I've found for military guys, (Gay, Bi and STR8) are Norfolk, VA, Honolulu, Wash. DC, San Diego. One of my first fuck buddies when I was a very young man was an married, str8, Air Force Colonel from Hill AFB in Utah. His wife lived in Texas, but he was based in Utah. He fucked me several times a week. After awhile, he began to share me with some of his other AF Officer friends. I've always loved military guys.
  10. No pussy is as good as faggot pussy

    I started to be called a faggot in Jr. High. By the time I was in High School all the "Jocks", especially the guys on the football team would constantly shame me by calling me a faggot and a pussy. I learned that by secretly sucking off these guys, though they would still call me those names and others just as bad, that they at least would treat me well. They'd even defend me against other bullies. That was when I realized that I actually enjoyed hearing them calling me a faggot, cocksucker, pussy while I was servicing them. Very few in High School would fuck me. Most just wanted to get blown. But they actually became my defenders. And the names they called me both while their dicks were in my mouth and when they were showing off for their friends was actually something I enjoyed. I still love when a guy calls me his pussy or fag.
  11. No problem at all for me to continue taking dick after I've cum.
  12. Why is it so hard to find tops that won't flake.

    It's a real problem with guys online. I travel a lot. It's a problem everywhere and on every app and website. But some cities are worse than others. I live in Las Vegas. I plan on at least half the guys flaking out. I will not travel to a Strip Hotel to play with a visitor anymore, unless I've talked or texted with them beforehand. Too many times I've gone all the way to the strip. Parked, gone through the casino, found the elevator and made it to their room to find no one answers my knock. Just game players. London and Paris have the biggest amount of flakes of anywhere I travel. Amsterdam is better. But, still a lot of flakes. Salt Lake City and Honolulu seem to be pretty good for guys to actually show up. In fact, I have the best results in Salt Lake when I try a breed & seed in my hotel room. I've never figured out why so many guys like to play games?
  13. How in the Hell do you take a big dick?

    I normally prefer just spit as lube. But, if it's an extremely large or thick cock, I'll need to use a good lube to get it all the way inside me. Some deep sniffs of poppers also really helps me relax to be able to accommodate an extra large cock.
  14. Well...we're at the year's end. My yearly total is sadly a lot lower than in previous years. In fact, almost half of what I got last year. Work has been taking up more time. And I wasn't able to host or attend as many fuck parties as in past years. But, I got a total of 96 loads down my throat. And 70 loads in my ass this year. I hope to start 2018 with one or two nights hosting some Breed & Seed parties. So, hopefully I can get back to previous years totals. Happy New Year, everyone! 

    1. NLbear


      Happy New Year too! And with your track record I'd be surprised if 2018 is not going to be better than 2017 ;-)

  15. Hotel breedings in Louisville

    Fuckin' HOT story! Nothing I love better than an anonymous breeding by a bunch of BBC & BWC. Good for you!

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