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    Enthusiastic bb bottom that loves to get pounded long, hard and deep by aggressive tops. Neg & Poz friendly. Love to sniff poppers while getting breed.
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    Total and complete pig bb bottom. Love taking loads in both holes. Love taking multiple loads. BBC is definitely my favorite. But all hard cocks are welcome to seed me. Can usually handle a long, hard and deep fuck. No drugs. But poppers are awesome. I suck, rim and bottom. Nipple play puts me over the edge and will make me beg you to fuck me. I travel the country for work. So, I may be in your city. Hit me up if you come here to Vegas.
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    Masculine, aggressive, raw tops who like to seed & breed. I prefer to service and be used by aggressive tops. But kissing an passionate sex sometimes just happens when the chemistry is right. Love group sex where I'm the only bottom, being used by multiple tops. Love Big Cocks. Love getting fucked by Black Tops. But all hard cocks are welcome to breed me. kik:travelingbi Email: dmurri56@gmail.com

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  1. I think it's funny when some guys cum almost immediately when you put your mouth on their dicks. I find that happens sometimes with a str8 guy, that doesn't have much, if any experience with another guy. I had a married guy shortly before the Covid lockdown that I did at an xxxVideoBooth. I sucked him for a few moments. But I could tell he was going have a "hair trigger" and cum real fast. So, I did my best to "edge" him to keep him from cumming. But he had a really nice, long and thick dick. I made the mistake of asking him if he wanted to fuck me. Initially, he said, "No. I don't fuck gu
  2. I think one of the most sudden, unexpected and fast experiences happened to me coming out of an adult sex shop a few years ago. I had spent an entire afternoon at this sex shop sucking dick and getting fucked. I started out in the porn theater. After sucking off several guys in the theater, I went into the video arcade and sucked off several more cocks in the video booths. One guy even bent me over and planted a load in my ass. I had decided to leave and head home after about 3 hours of fun. As I exited the store, out into the bright afternoon Las Vegas sunlight, I stopped at the door to
  3. Damn right I rim. 😛
  4. That was my experience with Craigslist as well. I used to host a hotel "Breed & Seed" at a local motel here in Las Vegas every few months. Craigslist was the source that brought the most guys. It also brought a lot of str8 guys. The str8 guys liked the anonymity of walking into an unlocked, dark motel room. Finding a willing hole (or two) to get off inside. They could come, cum and go without being seen or found out. In fact, normally after 2am and well into the early morning hours, the majority of the guys that replied via Craigslist were mostly str8 guys that just needed to get off afte
  5. I don't know about GC? But, I just read an article that Spain is currently having a big spike in Covid infections. The article was blaming it on crowded beaches, bars and general partying with no social distancing and lack of masks. The UK has put Spain on it's list of 14 day isolation. This "thing" ain't over yet.
  6. Damn! When I lived on the San Francisco peninsula I often drove to San Jose to play at The Watergarden. It was my favorite bathhouse in the entire Bay Area. Sad to hear it will be no more.
  7. I remember 2 str8 guys in particular that were "regulars" of mine. One was a str8, engaged guy that fucked me for about 2 years before he got married. He'd fuck me raw, but then would always pull out and spray his cum all over my ass. I'm not sure why? But that was just his thing. I had another str8, married buddy for many years. He only liked getting suck and rimmed. He'd sometimes cum in my mouth. But he preferred to get close in my mouth, then pull out and jack off in my face. Spraying his load all over my face and hair. He especially liked getting cum sprayed in my eyes.
  8. I was 22 years old. Living outside of San Francisco. My best friend was a female flight attendant, who lived in the same building I did. She had been dating a hot stud from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rodrigo was his name. A total stud! She went to visit him for a week every month in Brazil. Without telling her, he got a job transfer from Sao Paulo to San Francisco. He worked for a big multinational corporation. Anyway, he surprised her with his transfer to San Fran and his intention was to move in with her. Well, she liked the freedom of just spending a week at a time with him. But, she was not excite
  9. Years and years ago when I was in college, I met a married guy, late at night, in a city park public restroom. He was sexy as hell. We played a little bit in the park, but it was risky. There had been a lot of arrests in this park in recent weeks. So he was extremely nervous, but wanted to fuck me, badly. Since I couldn't host, he finally said to me, "Follow me home. My wife and kids will be asleep. Park on the street and come around the house to the basement back door. I'll let you in. But, we have to be quiet." So, I followed his car back to his house a few miles away. As I walked aroun
  10. In bed, I normally prefer that we're both naked. But, if I'm in a video booth and the guy wants to fuck me there, I just turn around, drop my pants to my ankles and bend over.
  11. Yeah, those Dawson '50 Load Weekend' films were kind of responsible for me going raw again. There wasn't a lot of raw gay porn in those days. Dawson taking all that raw dick and raw loads was hot as hell. If I was hosting a top or having a breed and seed, I'd usually have a Dawson dvd playing on my TV. The sight of that cum dripping out of his hole would encourage a few of the guys that had insisted on condoms to try going bare. He and the rest of the Treasure Island/Paul Morris films did at least start me back on taking bb loads.
  12. I've always thanked the guys that have filled me with their load. Even in a video booth, xxx theater and bathhouse. However, at a gloryhole or in an anonymous dark room situation, I don't thank them. It feels like an unwritten rule of no talking at glory holes and dark rooms. I'd say that of the guys that I service at those places, only about 40% will thank me for the suck or fuck. Especially if they're str8 guys at a porn shop/theater. Str8 guys tend to just cum, zip and get out quickly in those situations.
  13. I live in Las Vegas, so the dynamics are a bit different here than in most cites. I've normally hosted hotel breed and seeds during the week. Partly, because hotels here tend to be much cheaper during the week, rather than weekends. Also the types of guys that attend can be quite different from weekdays to weekends. Wed. and Thurs tend to be best. I used to start them around 8pm. But lately I've started earlier in the afternoon and go all night. Afternoons can be quite busy with local str8 guys and partnered gay guys wanting to stop after work to breed me on their way home to their
  14. The sex shops and video booths are back open here, but I'm still staying in isolation for the most part. I'm not comfortable yet in taking a stranger's load in my mouth. But, driving past my favorite sex shop yesterday and seeing several cars parked in front, made it very tempting to stop. As I was debating if I was ready to take the risk, the memory of one of my last visits there came to mind. Before the lockdown started, I had stopped by Peepland and went into the arcade. 3 booths were occupied, but all had their doors locked. So, I went into an empty booth, closed the door, but left the
  15. I use a tally app on my cell phone. I think it's called numerical counter. I create my own categories. I keep track of oral loads, anal loads, raw fucks, condom fucks and the cities in which they happen. It's fun to see the totals at the end of the year.
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