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    Las Vegas, Honolulu, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris, Amsterdam
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    Enthusiastic bb bottom that loves to get pounded long, hard and deep by aggressive tops. Neg & Poz friendly. Love to sniff poppers while getting breed.
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    Total and complete pig bb bottom. Love taking loads in both holes. Love taking multiple loads. BBC is definitely my favorite. But all hard cocks are welcome to seed me. Can usually handle a long, hard and deep fuck. No drugs. But poppers are awesome. I suck, rim and bottom. Nipple play puts me over the edge and will make me beg you to fuck me. I travel the country for work. So, I may be in your city. Hit me up if you come here to Vegas.
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    Masculine, aggressive, raw tops who like to seed & breed. I prefer to service and be used by aggressive tops. But kissing an passionate sex sometimes just happens when the chemistry is right. Love group sex where I'm the only bottom, being used by multiple tops. Love Big Cocks. Love getting fucked by Black Tops. But all hard cocks are welcome to breed me. kik:travelingbi Email: dmurri56@gmail.com

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  1. I completely agree with your policy. I do the same. I've wasted far too much time communicating with flakes and pic collectors. If a guy flakes out on me, I block him. I'll waste no more time on him.
  2. Some of the most boring fucks I've had, have been from drop dead gorgeous hunks. And some of the best fucks have been from butt ugly guys. I really don't care how a top looks. It's all about his cock, his load in me and his technique. One of my all time favorite tops was a tall, skinny, butt ugly, str8, married guy that used to fuck me on a regular basis for several years, until he retired and he and his wife moved to Oregon. I still miss his fucks. About a year ago I was at an adult theater here in Vegas sucking dick. I was lucky that day that a guy wanted to fuck me right there in the theater. I was on my knees on a ratty sofa getting fucked from behind by a hot black kid in his 20's. A few guys were standing around watching and putting their cocks up to my face to suck as I got fucked by the kid. One of the guys wanting me to suck him appeared to be a homeless guy. His hair was a mess. His clothing dirty and his face was scruffy. Not attractive at all. I declined to suck his cock because it smelled like he hadn't washed his dick in days. When the kid had cum inside me and pulled out, I felt someone one behind me, spread my ass and begin to eat the kid's cum from my ass. DAMN! It felt great and was a huge turn on. I took some sniffs of my poppers. As the guy stopped eating my ass and stood up, I turned my head to see how it was that had been rimming me. It was the homeless guy. He stood and pressed his cock up to my asshole. My impulse was to stop him, but I was so fucking turned on, I let him go ahead and slide up into me. He had a long, skinny dick and he slid easily up into me, balls deep. He fucked me for close to 10 minutes before he finally unloaded his cum inside me. He was a damn good top.
  3. VERY HOT story! As a fellow f/a, I love layover sex. Your story reminds me of a HNL layover when I had a late afternoon sex date that showed up later than he'd promised. He was so hot, that I couldn't turn him away when he finally showed up. I hated to have to keep my eye on the clock as I sucked, rimmed and then put my ass up for him. But, I had to get downstairs in time for pick up. Sadly I had to rush him along, but he finally came, I got him out, got dressed and made it to the lobby with only minutes to spare before pick up. No time for a shower. So, I'm sure I had a smell of fresh cum as it slowly dripped out my ass and soaked my briefs all night long. No one said anything to me. And I loved when I'd occasionally get a whiff of the smell of cum for the night flight back to the mainland. I haven't had a layover in The Springs in years. But, it can be a great place for men. The A F Academy guys can be hot. Hope you get to play with this guy again when you're back in COS. Enjoy!
  4. You're absolutely right. I'm never sure how to answer that question? I've had it backfire both ways. I've had guys say they will only fuck me with other loads already in me. They want me used and sloppy. And I've had guys say they won't fuck a "used ass". I recently went to a hung black guys apartment to get fucked. He put a finger in my ass and said, "Oh, damn. You've been fucked." He told me to go douche the cum out and shower my ass. He wouldn't fuck me with someone else's cum inside me. Since he was such a hot bbc and I really wanted his cock and cum in me, I complied. If he hadn't have been so hot, I may have just dressed and left. I'm glad I complied. He's become a regular. And I'm sure to not get fucked by anyone else the day he breeds me.
  5. Yep! You describe it perfectly. That's what I love, too.
  6. On my knees, between a guys legs is my favorite. I love it best when he's sitting on the edge of the bed or on a chair, where I can lift his legs to suck his balls and eat his ass as well.
  7. That's really fucked, Blackdude. I love men of all races. But, there's something incredible about black tops that are a huge turn-on for me. I'm sure I've never turned down an offer from a black guy in my entire life. The guys that do, have no idea what they're missing.
  8. Dom daddy pounds his pup [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/you-want-more-daddy-cock-36273151
  9. [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/yeah-daddy-cum-in-my-ass-42617451
  10. I love the excitement of anon hookups. I'm very lucky to live here in Las Vegas where there's a also a large number of horny visitors to draw from, as well as a sizable local population of guys. I enjoy hosting anonymous hotel breed and seeds. As well as cruising the ABS and xxx theaters. But, I also have a group of regulars that I still enjoy having fuck me. Some of these guys have been regulars for a decade or more. It's not an either/or situation for me. I love and appreciate taking loads from my regulars as well as the anonymous loads I find.
  11. Like you, I do miss Craigslist. As flaky as CL could be, it was always, by far, my best source for finding guys to breed me. Doublelist has been alright. And I hope as more guys find out about it, that it will get better. But, it's only marginally helpful at the moment. There are of course flakes on all websites and apps. I find that the longer a conversation goes on, the less likely they are to actually hook up. They'll normally turn out to be just pic collectors or guys getting off on fantasy.
  12. I've never stayed at the Holloway Motel. But, I have stayed at the Travelodge @ Vermont and Sunset a couple of times. It's always been a great location for hosting an anonymous breed and seed. It's a dump, too. But, I've always gotten some hot black and latino dick at that location. There's ample parking for guys to park near your door. Good luck.
  13. Which bookstore is it? I've sucked him off many times at A-Action and once at Peepland. I love his long, thick, rockhard cock. Sometimes he's completely shaved. And sometimes he just has a small patch of ginger hair above his cock. He's always fun to suck off. But, I haven't seen him for awhile, either. I'd love to know which bookstore he frequents, now that A-Action is gone.
  14. Your story reminded me of a str8 guy that I used to suck and rim for a couple of years here in Las Vegas. He was a married guy from Ohio. He was living temporarily here in Vegas working as a project manager on a huge construction job. So he had an apartment here in town for about 2 years. His wife and kids stayed home in Ohio. This guy was in his early 40's. Very handsome with a muscular, buff body. His cock was average. I'd say about 6"s. Nice big balls. And a tight, muscular ass. He answered an ad I had posted in Craigslist. He only wanted to be orally serviced. Primarily, he wanted to be rimmed. He had no interest in anal. He would get incredibly horny when I rimmed him. I introduced him to poppers. And he loved to get poppered up as I ate his ass and he'd jack off. When he'd get close to cumming he'd yell out, " I'm gonna cum! " I'd wrap my mouth around his cock and he'd fill my mouth with his hot load. Anyway, I had serviced him on average of once a week during the 2 years he lived here. One night I was out to dinner at a restaurant that was in his area of town. As I was dining I saw him being led by the restaurant hostess to a table directly across the room from me. With him was a drop dead gorgeous woman. It was his wife who was visiting him for the week. I recognized her from some photos he had in his apt. As he walked past my table, our eyes met. He looked like a deer in headlights. The look of panic on his face nearly made me laugh. He keep looking over at me with fear in his face. I of course did nothing. When I finished my meal, I walked past his table on my way out. And as our eyes met while I walked past, the fear in his eyes again made me want to laugh. But I of course walked by and never said a word. When he had me back to rim him a few weeks later he thanked me for not exposing him. I told him that I would never do that. That I never had to worry about me exposing his secret.
  15. I love sucking off str8 guys. In fact, I'm sure that the vast majority of guys that I suck off self identify as str8. There are some str8 men that I've been orally servicing for close to 20 years. They still keep coming back to use my mouth. I really can't explain why I find getting a str8 guy off is such a turn on for me. But, I'm just grateful that so many str8 guys turn to us gay men to get off. I was just at my favorite abs here in Vegas last week and sucked off 3 str8 guys in 40 minutes.

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