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    Las Vegas, Honolulu, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris, Amsterdam
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    Enthusiastic bb bottom that loves to get pounded long, hard and deep by aggressive tops. Neg & Poz friendly. Love to sniff poppers while getting breed.
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    Total and complete pig bb bottom. Love taking loads in both holes. Love taking multiple loads. BBC is definitely my favorite. But all hard cocks are welcome to seed me. Can usually handle a long, hard and deep fuck. No drugs. But poppers are awesome. I suck, rim and bottom. Nipple play puts me over the edge and will make me beg you to fuck me. I travel the country for work. So, I may be in your city. Hit me up if you come here to Vegas.
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    Masculine, aggressive, raw tops who like to seed & breed. I prefer to service and be used by aggressive tops. But kissing an passionate sex sometimes just happens when the chemistry is right. Love group sex where I'm the only bottom, being used by multiple tops. Love Big Cocks. Love getting fucked by Black Tops. But all hard cocks are welcome to breed me. kik:travelingbi Email: dmurri56@gmail.com

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  1. travelingbi

    My first time with a black guy

    I'm never happier, than I am when I have a big black cock inside me. Pure heaven!
  2. travelingbi


    Since I live in Las Vegas, we get a lot of married, str8 guys that are here in Vegas for conventions and trade shows without their wives or significant others. And of course they want to try things while in Sin City alone that they don't get the chance to do when they're home. There have been a couple of times that I've had cocks in my mouth when the str8 guy will get a call from his wife or the gay guy will get a call from his husband or boyfriend, while I continue to suck on their dicks. The last guy this happened with was a str8 guy. I was sucking his cock when his wife called. I could tell that that somehow made him even hornier. He was sitting on an overstuffed chair in his hotel room. He even lifted his legs and had me lick his ass. all the while chatting with his wife and briefly chatting with his young daughter. As soon as he hung up he shot a giant load into my mouth. Very HOT!
  3. travelingbi

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I posted on Doublelist that I wanted to suck off, rim and service str8 guys. One of the guys that replied said he was str8, divorced and had recently discovered that he liked being serviced by gay guys. He gave me his address and asked me to come over to service him. He lived way out in the far suburbs. It was 11:30pm. I found his house at the end of a very dark country lane. Most of the houses were horse property and about 2 or 3 acres in size. There were no street lights and his was the only house with the porch light on and I could see a light coming through the blinds of the window next to the front door. 2 pickup trucks were parked in the driveway. I pulled into the long driveway and parked behind one of the pickups. I sent a text to the guy that I was out front. Then got out of the car. I felt uneasy walking up the long walkway to the house. I rang the doorbell and waited. No one came to the door. I then knocked and waited. Again, no one came. SHIT! I'd been conned and stood up, like so many internet flakes. So, I walked back to my car and got in. I started up my car and began to back out when the door opened and a hunky guy in his mid 30's, wearing tight jeans and a white wifebeater t-shirt came out onto the porch. I pulled back into the driveway and got out again. As I walked towards the house, without saying anything, he stepped back into the house, leaving the door open. I stepped into his home, but couldn't see him. "Close and lock the door behind you", he yelled out from down the hallway. "I'm in the bedroom. Come on back". I walked down the dark hallway to the only light coming out of one of the doorways at the end of the hall. As I turned to go into the room, I saw him pulling off his tight jeans and pulling off his t-shirt. He had a tight, muscular, yet slim build. He climbed up onto the high king sized bed, leaned against the headboard and spread his legs. Showing a small, but delicious looking soft cock. I quickly shed my clothes, grabbed my poppers from my pants as I pulled the off. Then climbed onto the bed, between his legs and began to suck on his cock. He quickly grew to full hardness in just a matter of moments. I licked his smooth, shaven balls and he let out a soft moan. Then he pulled his knees to his chest and I licked under his balls to his asshole. Then he flipped over onto his knees. I spread his tight butt and licked his hole from behind. He was pressing his ass up against my face as I buried my tongue deep up into his hole and stroked his cock. He was now rock hard and leaking precum. He flipped back onto his back and I dove my mouth back onto his cock. I rubbed his asshole as I continued to suck. "OH FUCK...!!!!" he yelled out as he filled my mouth with the sweetest tasting mancum I've tasted in a long time. He shook as he continued to orgasm and empty his nuts in my mouth. "Fuck! Thank you! That was incredible", he said. "You can suck me off anytime", he said as I climbed off the bed and dressed. He walked me to the door and again said, "Really. Whenever you're in town, come suck me". "Gladly" I said as I left his home, got back in my car and backed out of his driveway. I do plan to suck this hot str8 guy again. He was fun.
  4. travelingbi

    Bottom 100% now confused

    I'm also 100% bottom. But, I do love a hot arse. I can worship a guys ass as long as I can worship his cock. Love to lick, kiss and eat out a sexy hole. Nothing is hotter than getting my tongue deep inside a guys hole and licking the soft, pink inside is his hole. A lot of str8 guys have never had their assholes serviced like that. It's a huge turn on for them. There's one str8 guy that I play with occasionally. I was the first guy to ever lick his ass. He gets so turned on with my tongue in his ass, that he then flips me over and fucks me. He had never fucked a guy before me, either. I'm always happy to expand the sexual experiences of those str8 guys that are ready to "cross over".
  5. Most of you guys that follow me know I travel to Europe a lot for my job. This past year, I've been mostly traveling to Amsterdam. Being the raw bottom slut that I am, there's few places that are better for me. My company used to put me up in the north end of town. I had quite a few "regulars" in the noord. Noord AMS is very ethnic. Lots of Arabs and working class guys. But since early spring my company has been housing me in the south end of AMS. The hotel in Zuid Amsterdam is in a jewish, upper middle class area near the University and many of the highrise corporate offices. So, the guys are very, very different from the Noord guys. The other very nice thing is that the hotel in the south doesn't require a keycard for the lift. So, guys can come right to my door. Making anonymous encounters possible, where they aren't possible in the Noord area hotel. One one of my first stays at the hotel in the south I met a guy that had posted on Doublelist.com. He had posted that he was a 54 year old, married, newly bisexual guy. He's 6'4" (195cm) tall. Slender. He has a big, thick, dutch, uncut dick. 8" (20.5cm). He said he liked nsa blow jobs and occasionally likes to top. I replied to his ad. I told him where I would be staying. He told me that he worked 5 minutes away and could stop by on his way home from work. He also told me that he considered himself primarily straight. But that his wife now had a medical condition that made it painful for her to get fucked. He said she wouldn't let him fuck her in the ass. And that she'd always been lousy at sucking cock. So, a few years ago he had started to let guys blow him. And that he'd recently begun to fuck guys as well. I told him that that was exactly the type of guy I was turned on by and we arranged to meet in a few days when I was back in Amsterdam. The afternoon that I arrived I emailed him my room number. He replied back that he'd be there at 5:10pm. And sure enough, exactly at 5:10p there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and stood behind it. As I closed the door, there standing in front of me was this gorgeous, tall, muscular, sandy blond, blue eyed Dutch hunk of a man. I gave him a big grin and locked the door behind him. He immediately kicked off his shoes. Began to undo his belt and unzip. I quickly removed my glasses and watch. And followed him to the bed. He now had his pants and underwear kicked off and was sitting on the edge of the bed. His long, thick cock was already rock hard and standing straight up. I knelt between his legs and began to worship that Dutch monster cock. His cock was so rock solid, that it was more like an 18 year old boys cock, than a 54 year old man's. I asked him if he takes viagra to get this hard? "No. I'm just a horny fucker. Always have been." he replied with a smirk and a wink. After a few minutes of my sucking him, he leaned forward and began to rub my ass. I got up and removed my pants and shirt. I then climbed on the bed, on my hands and knees, with my ass facing him. He rubbed and fingered my hole. I had a bottle of lube sitting on the bedside table. He took that and lubed up my hole and his cock. I took a few hits of poppers as he slapped his engorged cock against my ass. As I continued to inhale poppers, he slowly pushed his huge mushroom cockhead into my hole and held it there to let me adjust to his thickness. Once he could feel my ass loosening up, he slowly pressed all the way up into me. I could feel his giant balls pressed against me. I took another huge hit of popper and he now began to fuck. He'd pull nearly all the way out of me, then slam back into me. I'd let out a grunt as his thrust would knock the air out of my lungs. I was moaning and groaning with every brutal thrust of his cock. "Whack!" he slapped me hard on the ass as he rode me. "Ya' like this, fag? Ya' like this big dick in ya'?" he said. I couldn't see him, but I could hear the sneer in his voice. "Fuck, yeah! I love your big, Dutch dick inside me. Fuck me." "Such a faggot, whore. Aren't you? "Yeah! Yeah!" was all I could say as he continued to knock the breath out of me with every thrust. His fucking got faster and if possible, even harder and deeper. I could tell he was really enjoying the ride. "Get up farther on the bed", he barked. He pulled out of me and slapped my ass. "Up in the middle of the bed". he growled again. I crawled up into the middle of the king sized bed, as he climbed onto it and crawled behind me. I sniffed some more poppers as he once again slammed up into me. "Cunt!" he said as he slid back into me. "Such a fuckin' cunt. Aren't you?" "Yes Sir!" I replied. "My cunt is yours to use and abuse." "Good fag." he said. "You know you're a no good cunt that's only good as a cum dump. Don't you?" "Yes Sir!", I again replied. Wham! Wham! Wham! His cock slammed into me, knocking the bed against the wall as he thrust. He reached under me with one of his hands and pinched my nipple as he fucked. "Ahhh...... Yesss....Oh, fuck me", I groaned. He quickened his pace and I could hear his breathing get faster and deeper. "Ahhhhhh.....FUCK!" he shouted as he slammed up into me as far as he could. I could feel his cock throb and his body shake as he unloaded his spunk deep into inside my second sphincter. It had taken about 10 minutes of heavy fucking for him to deposit inside me. He pulled out of me and collapsed onto his back, breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath. I also collapsed onto the bed, laying on my side, facing him. I stroked his smooth chest as his chest gasped for breath. "Holy Fuck! You've got a nice pussy". he said as he caught his breath. We laid there for several minutes, then he jumped up. "Can I shower? I don't want my wife to smell my cum and your ass on me." he said with a smirk. Without even waiting for an answer, he climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom to wash off all evidence of our fuck. Since early spring, this has been our weekly routine. A quick 10 or 15 minute fuck. He showers and heads home on his bicycle to his wife. Even though I'm missing some of my Arab and dock workers that were my regulars in Noord Amsterdam. This Dutch top has certainly been a fun replacement.
  6. nice posts man!


    1. travelingbi


      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy following my slutty posts. 

  7. travelingbi

    Very short fucks?

    It depends on the situation. If I'm in a breed and seed situation, where I'm taking multiple dicks, I kind of like a quick cummer lubing up my ass. As someone earlier said, it tells me they're turned on by my hole. A nice succession of quick fucks can be hot in a group fuck. But, if he's the only fuck I've got lined up, I'd be disappointed that he came inside me after just a few thrusts. (And yes, it's happened more than I'd like. Usually when I'm getting fucked by a dl str8 married guy that's turned on by the fact that m2m fucking is so forbidden). Sometimes a quick cummer will continue to fuck and will take longer to cum the second time. That's really HOT! My favorite types of fucks are long, hard, deep, multiple cummers that fuck for an hour and push me into every possible position.
  8. travelingbi

    2018 Load Tally

    As of Sept. 9, my 2018 load count is: 60 loads in my ass (Not counting condom fucks and fucks that didn't result in a load being planted in my ass). 54 loads down my throat. (Not counting all dicks I've sucked. Just the cocks that shot a load into my mouth). I'm disappointed in the low numbers. I've been working a hell of a lot. And have not been able to attend as many group fucks or visits to the bookstores as I have in the past. I've got to get to work. I'd like to make it past 100 in both loads in my ass and down my throat.
  9. travelingbi

    Hotel for cumdump

    Yes. Wild Wild West Day's Inn on W. Tropicana is a great spot for an anonymous breed and seed. Guys can park right at your door and not have to come through a lobby. It's convenient for locals and close enough to the Strip Hotels that visitors staying on the Strip can cheaply Uber/Taxi to your room. I've had some very successful "Breed & Seed" groups at this hotel.
  10. I've got a regular fuck buddy in Amsterdam who's been fucking me for nearly a year. He's almost half my age, buff as hell, handsome, funny, passionate and one hell of a horny top. The only negative is that he's insisted on using condoms to fuck me. He can cum twice and sometimes 3 times when we meet to fuck. While I would normally turn down a condom fuck. This guy is such an amazing top that I've been willing to have him use a condom, rather than do without his cock in my ass. He's told me that he's never fucked raw and doesn't intend to. He's bi and has a longtime girlfriend. But claims they have a less than satisfying sex life. Anyway, we met last week for our usual fuck session. He's very vocal, very passionate and extremely sexual. Though he's told me that he rarely likes to kiss men, he and I usually start out with a passionate makeout session on his sofa. Then we strip each other and take it to the bedroom. He's always rock hard the moment I begin to kiss him. And he's leaking precum like crazy by the time I begin to suck his 7" cock. Unlike most Dutch guys, he cut. I'll then move to sucking on his balls as he groans and lifts his legs for me to go to his asshole. He's going crazy by the time I eat his ass. He'll flip onto his knees so that I can get my tongue deeper up into his hole. This always makes him so horny that he's now ready to fuck. He'll tell me to get on my knees. He'll usually rub his raw cock against my hole. Getting me so fuckin' horny for his cock to slide up into me raw. He's even stick his raw cockhead into me a few times. But he always insists on condoming up before he'll slide all the way up into me. This past week, instead of me coming to his flat, he came to my hotel room. Our fuck session is going about as usual. He's finally got me on my knees, he's kneeling behind me, rubbing his raw cockhead against my hole. Spitting on my hole and jabbing his raw cockhead in and out of my hole. Finally he asks me for a condom. "Sorry. I don't have any condoms", I reply to him. Actually, I did have some condoms in my suitcase. But, I wasn't about to offer them unless I absolutely had to. lol. "What? No condoms? Oh, fuck", he groans. Yet he's so horny, I don't think he can stand it any longer. Without saying anything more, he spits more onto my hole and slides up into me raw. He's groaning and moaning and slamming deep into me. While he normally takes 20 to 30 minutes to cum while he fucks me. This time he was fucking me like a wild animal. He slammed into me for only 5 minutes before he finally let out a growl and yelled, "Oh, fuck! I can't hold it! I'm gonna cum!" He slammed deep into me and shook in orgasm as he filled my hole with his load. Once he came he continued to fuck and once again came in just a couple of more minute of fucking. I'm hoping he'll not want to go back to condoms after this fuck. But, we'll see what happens at our fuck session next week.
  11. I just had this happen to me in a hotel room in London. I had posted on Doublelist that I was having several tops over to fuck me in my room from 6pm till 11pm. As usual, only about 1/4 of the guys that had requested invites showed up. But, I'd had a good turnout and got 4 loads in my ass and 2 loads down my throat. One young, aggressive black guy that I had been chatting with for several days had initially told me he would be over at 8pm. He didn't show. He then messaged me at 10pm and said he was on his way. He'd be there within the hour. He never showed. Finally at 12:45am I was tired and the guys had stopped showing up. So, I put out the do not disturb sign, pulled the duct tape off the door locks, locked the door, turned off the lights and was climbing into bed, when he texted me that he'd just tried my door and it was locked. FUCK! I'd been waiting for him all night, and now that I'm ready for bed, he decides to show up nearly 5 hours late? He said he was down in the lobby. I told him to come up. He was definitely worth it. He was hot looking, a big, hard dick. And he knew how to fuck. He fucked me raw, hard, deep and long for about 45 minutes before he came inside me. It was fun, but it would have been even funner if he'd shown up when he said he was coming, and I wouldn't have been so tired and so sore.
  12. travelingbi

    Sling etiquette

    When I'm in a public sling, fuck bench, etc. I take every dick that wants to slide into me. I've put my ass up there to be used. The only time I've stopped a top from using my ass in one of those situations is if they're using a condom and I have a raw top wanting to slide into me. A raw top goes to the top of my list every time.
  13. travelingbi

    Dad and Son dilemma

    I've had sex with a father / son here in Las Vegas. The son is gay. The dad is bisexual. I don't know whether they have sex with each other, or not? I've never asked and they've never said they have. But I do love when they tag fuck me. If your dad/son fuck buddies ever come to Amsterdam, I'd love to have them tag fuck my ass.
  14. travelingbi

    Amsterdam Pump and Dump Hotel Party

    I sent you a PM with the name of the hotel.
  15. travelingbi

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    You lucky bastard...!!!!

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