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    Enthusiastic bb bottom that loves to get pounded long, hard and deep by aggressive tops. Neg & Poz friendly. Love to sniff poppers while getting breed.
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    Total and complete pig bb bottom. Love taking loads in both holes. Love taking multiple loads. BBC is definitely my favorite. But all hard cocks are welcome to seed me. Can usually handle a long, hard and deep fuck. No drugs. But poppers are awesome. I suck, rim and bottom. Nipple play puts me over the edge and will make me beg you to fuck me. I travel the country for work. So, I may be in your city. Hit me up if you come here to Vegas.
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    Masculine, aggressive, raw tops who like to seed & breed. I prefer to service and be used by aggressive tops. But kissing an passionate sex sometimes just happens when the chemistry is right. Love group sex where I'm the only bottom, being used by multiple tops. Love Big Cocks. Love getting fucked by Black Tops. But all hard cocks are welcome to breed me. kik:travelingbi Email: dmurri56@gmail.com

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  1. Yep. Everything you've said about Middle Eastern men is absolutely true from my many experiences with Arab men as well.
  2. Hot! I attended one of these a few years ago at Club Church in Amsterdam. DAMN! it was fun.
  3. As far as I know, I believe the wet/dry saunas and jacuzzi's are open, now that all State restrictions have been lifted. Sadly, there are no more gloryholes at the bookstores anymore. They were all covered over a couple of years ago, when the local government mandated it. It sucks. I loved sucking dick at the gloryholes. But the video booths have been very busy, lately. Peepland and Adult World seem to be the best at the moment for action. Lion's Den has not reopened it's video arcade yet, however.
  4. I'm all bottom. And all bareback. I definitely prefer the guy to cum in my ass. But I've had quite a few tops, when they're close to cumming, will ask me if I want their load in my ass? I will always say yes. In fact, most seem to really get off hearing me say, "Yeah! Cum inside me. Cum in my ass." That usually tips the guy into orgasm mode, real quick. A few tops like to pull out and shoot on my hole, then push in again. I guess they get off seeing their load. And a few will pull out, then immediately put it in my mouth, to cum that way. As long as I get their load, I don't really care wh
  5. All 3 baths are open. Entourage, Hawks and a new one named Kuma. Near UNLV and the Fruit Loop bars. It's small. But, it was very busy over the holiday weekend. Most of the bookstores are also open. Though, some have reduced hours.
  6. I read on Squirt that it was packed last Friday and Saturday nights. I'm anxious to try it.
  7. I've always had a thing Middle Eastern/Arab men. It started in college for me. The University I attended in the USA had a large Middle Eastern Studies Department. So there were a lot of Arab students on campus. They were super masculine and str8. But, when they were drunk, a male hole to get them off was easier for them to find, than female. I learned quickly that they only saw me as a way to get off. And I was always happy to be that hole for them to use. Over the years I have had some very romantic and sensual relationships with gay Arab men. One from Iran. One from Egypt. Several Syrian
  8. I love anonymous sex. I often go to ABS video arcades and theaters to suck or get fucked by strangers. No names, no talking. Just sex. I also love to hold anon breed and seeds in hotels. Just my ass up, door unlocked. They come in, pound a load into me and leave. Often I never even see who's DNA was just deposited in my ass. Love it!
  9. Yes. That's my choice as well. I live in Vegas. But, I sometimes rent a room here to hold breed & seed fuck parties. It's a seedy hotel. But, it's easy access for both local guys and tourists staying on the strip. They can easily drive there and park in front of your room. Or it's an easy Uber from their strip hotels. All outside entrances. So, no elevator issues. And it's also a truck stop. So, occasionally, I've had a trucker come to my room to fuck me at Wild Wild West. I'm never disappointed when I've stayed there.
  10. I want the top to unload deep inside my gut. If I'm sucking, I want the load so that I can taste it on my tongue before I swallow. Pulling out is a complete waste.
  11. A few days ago, I placed my first Doublelist ad in over a year. I posted that I wanted to suck off str8 guys. I got a few replies, but they were all a long distance from my home. Late that evening, just as I was going to bed, I got a reply from a guy that lived just a few miles from me. He said he was Str8, 34, 6'3" and muscular. He attached a picture of his cock, which looked to be about 6"s hard and very veiny. I replied to his email and told him I would be available in the afternoon all week long. And to let me know when he was available. The next day he shot me another email and asked if
  12. I ALWAYS swallow. Even the bitter loads. I'm not going to work hard to get a load, to just spit it out. I like to suck off a lot of str8 guys. Several of the guys have told me that their wives or girlfriends either don't like them to cum in their mouths or that they spit it out. So, they like the fact that guys nearly always swallow their loads.
  13. I normally buy mine at Get Booked. A gay shop in the Fruit Loop district. On Paradise, between the Virgin Hotel and the Airport. Get Booked keeps the poppers refrigerated, so they're always fresh. All the sex shops will have them as well.
  14. I've found that if the hotel charges for parking or if the elevators require a keycard, it dramatically cuts down the numbers of guys that will stop by to fuck. I try to stay at hotels that have free parking and that have quick, easy, discrete access. I prefer motel type places with outside doors. Easy freeway access and parking right by the door works best in my experiences.
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