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  1. I was in Honolulu a few days ago for work. Early in the afternoon I placed an ad on Craigslist, stating that I was going to unlock my hotel room door, close the draperies, turn off the lights and take all anonymous loads that walked into my room. In addition to getting emails directly from CL, I had posted my KIK address and had hidden my cell number into the ad. As soon as my ad appeared, I started getting responses. The first guy was a young str8 kid that said he was nearby. He told me that he wanted the room dark. An eye mask or something tied over my eyes. He wanted me on my knees and wanted me to suck him off. But, he didn't want to be seen. I told him I had a sleep mask. I would do as he asked. I'd be on my knees with the sleep mask over my eyes. I gave him my room number, and within 5 minutes, I heard the door open, close and his zipper was being unzipped in front of me. I opened my mouth and he put his soft cock into my mouth. I sucked on his cock as it slowly hardened in my mouth. Soon, he backed up and sat on the edge of the bed. He guided me over to him and I continued to suck on him. Then he removed his pants and underwear giving me better access to his cock and balls. I licked his balls and licked under his balls. "Will you lick my ass? I've never been rimmed." he said. I lifted his legs and licked his hole. He moaned loudly and lifted his knees to his chest. I licked and flicked my tongue across his young, straight hole. I gave him about 5 minutes of mouth to ass pleasure, then went back to licking and sucking on his balls. Then wrapped my lips around his cock again. By now, he was so turned on, he soon was filling my mouth with his hot load of cum. In true str8 boy fashion, he quickly got up. Put his pants and shoes back on and was out the door in less than a minute. I checked my messages and had several more responses. I messaged both of them. The first response was from a young black guy in his mid 20's that was staying in the same hotel. He told me he was str8 and with his girlfriend. She was out shopping and he wanted to come to my room. He also wanted it completely dark, my ass up on the bed, my face buried in the pillow. He didn't want me to see him. I gave him my room number and told him to push the door open, I'd be on the bed as he asked. He said he'd be at my room in 2 or 3 minutes. The other guy said he was 20 minutes away. I gave him my room number and told him to just push on the door and come in when he got here. I positioned myself on my knees, on the edge of the bed, my ass facing the door. As he said, in just a few minutes I heard the door open and close. I felt his finger rub my asshole as I heard him pull his cock from his zippered pants. He spit on my hole a couple of times and spit on his cock. Then he pushed up into me in one quick thrust. I had no idea who or what he looked like. His cock felt fairly large, but not too thick. But, he was truly hard as a rock. That's one thing I really love about young top guys. Their cocks get hard as steel. He slapped my ass a few times as he pounded me. I tried to milk his cock with my ass as he fucked me. After about 5 or 6 minutes of his fucking me, he now grabbed me around the waist and slammed deeply into me. Soon he grunted a couple of times as he filled my ass with it's first load of the day. As soon as he came, he pulled from me, zipped up and was out my door. I tried to catch a glance of him as he was leaving my room, but all I could see was a guy wearing a hoodie sweatshirt exiting my room. I checked my messages and there was a message from one of my "former regulars" that fucked me a lot when I used to travel to Honolulu on a regular basis. I gave him my room number. He said he'd be there within the hour. Just as I finished replying to my "former fuck buddy" I heard my room door open. I quickly assumed my position on the edge of the bed. I soon felt someone feeling up my ass and feeling my wet hole. He slapped his cock against my hole a few times as he stroked his cock to harden it. Then he pushed his cock up into me. The load of cum the black kid put in me left me well lubed for his cock to slide deeply into me. He fucked me for a few minutes, then pulled from me and completely removed his shorts and underwear. Then slammed back up into me and resumed fucking me. He soon pushed me further up on the bed and put me in several positions. He finally had me on my side as he laid behind me and fucked me hard and deep. It wasn't until he had cum inside me and began to dress that I got a view of him. He looked like he was in his mid 40's. He had a military haircut and when he began to dress, he was putting on green boxers, like the Army guys wear. He also had dog tags on. So, obviously he was a soldier at the local Army base. Soon after the soldier had left, my former fuck buddy came into the room. He completely undressed and I began to suck him to get him hard. Once he was fully hard, I asked him to fuck me. He put his face up to my ass and licked my hole. "Damn, Dave", you've got some cum in you, already", he said. "Yup! Two loads, actually", I said. He hungrily licked my hole and tried to eat as much cum from my hole as he could get. Then he put his cock to my hole and slid up into me. He fucked me doggy style for a few minutes, then he told me to get on my back and he fucked me in that position for awhile. When he was ready to cum he pulled out of me and told me to open my mouth. He began to spray his cum all over my face, chest and into my mouth. He had quite a large load to cover me with. He came, dressed and was out my door in just a few minutes. I checked messages again and had 2 new messages. There was a message from a young guy. He said he was nearby and wanted to seed my hole. I gave him my room number and he said he'd be there in about 5 minutes. The second message was from the black guy that had fucked me an hour earlier. He said he enjoyed the fuck and if I wanted a second load from him, he could come now. I messaged him back and told him I had someone coming over now to fuck me. I told him he could come now and share my ass with the other guy. Or he could wait a bit. It was up to him. But, I told him the door was still unlocked, just come in and fuck me. True to his word, the young kid showed up. I sucked him till he was hard, then I climbed onto the edge of the bed and he began to fuck me. While he was fucking me the door opened again and I assumed it was the black guy again. The kid fucking me pulled out of me and I could hear him sucking on the black guys cock. Then I heard the black guy tell the kid to get off his cock, he wanted to fuck me. I felt the black guys familiar cock slide back up into me. Again, he was slapping my ass as he fucked. I could hear the kid sucking on the black guys nipples as he fucked me. I couldn't see any of this, but it was a turn on knowing that the two guys were both turned on. The black guy fucked me about 10 minutes, before he groaned again and filled me with his second load. He pulled from me and I felt the young kid slide his shorter, but very thick and hard cock up into me. As the kid began to fuck me, I heard the black guy leaving my room. The young kid was really turned on and he only took a few minutes of fucking me, before he was moaning and unloaded his balls deep into me. By now, I was hungry and getting tired. I removed my ad from Craigslist and headed out to get something to eat and then came back to the hotel to take a nap. After those fucks, I slept well for a few hours, dreaming of the unseen cocks that had filled my ass the previous few hours.
  2. Sunday Loads

    Please do. Hope we can connect in either Vegas or London some time.
  3. Sunday Loads

    Damn! Very hot, dude!
  4. Yesterday I stopped at Peepland during the "noontime rush" that most of the Las Vegas ABSs get during lunch time. When I pulled into the parking lot, there were only two cars, still I paid my admission and got $20 worth of $1 bills to feed the video machines. Sure enough, there were two red lights illuminated over two booths in the hallway of a dozen booths. I tried the first door. It was locked. Damn! I tried the second door. Bingo! Unlocked. I went in to find a handsome, next door neighbor type guy in his mid 30's sitting on the chair, his cock out in his hand, stroking it to some str8 porn. I stepped fully into the booth, locked the door, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his semi-hard cock. He let out a soft moan as his cock began to fully harden in my mouth. After a couple of minutes, he pushed my head away, unbuckled his pants, lifted his ass as he pulled his pants down to his ankles. I took this time to take some deep drags on my poppers. He pulled his pants off his feet and tossed them into the corner. I went back to worshiping his cock, which had swollen to about six rock hard inches. I licked up and down the underside of his cock, then licked his smooth balls. Now he groaned loudly. I licked under his balls and he lifted his legs slightly, so I pushed his legs up and licked his hairy asshole. "Oh, fuck!" I heard him softly say. I licked his ass and balls for a few minutes, then went back to sucking his cock. It only took about seven or eight minutes of cocksucking before he finally began to fill my mouth with his sweet juice. In typical "Str8 guy fashion" he immediately pulled his cock from my mouth, stood, pulled-on his pants and was out the door in a flash. LOL. I always laugh to myself about this with str8 guys. The nano-second a straight guy begins to cum, he decides he must get out of this situation immediately. I've found more than one straight guy won't even finish cumming before he splits - almost as if something clicks in the guy's brain and he just then realizes a GUY has just him off and it's just too "Gay" for the straight guy to deal with. As soon as this guy had exited the booth, the door opened again and in walked a Latino Daddy type guy in his late 50's. He was short and slender with a black mustache and one or two day's growth of facial stubble. He entered the booth, locked the door, opened his pants and presented his limp, uncut cock up to my lips. So naturally I began to suck on his foreskin. After a minute or so, he sat back on the chair as I fed several dollar bills into the video machine, also taking a few drags on my poppers. Then I resumed sucking on his ample foreskin. His cock grew, then I pushed his foreskin over his cockhead and began to suck his cock. His cock quickly grew to full hardness as he flipped through the movies to find one that was exciting to him, settling on a firm involving two black guys feeding an Asian chick. After I had plied my cock sucking skills for about five minutes to his seven inch, very thick cock, the Latino papi leaned forward and felt up my ass. Great! He wanted to fuck. "Want to fuck me?" I asked. "You got a condom?" he asked. "No", I replied. "Damn!", he said. I continued to suck him. After a few more minutes he again leaned forward and felt my ass again. "Show me your ass," he demanded. I stood, unbuckled my shorts, pushed them to my ankles and stepped out of them. Turning, I bend over and spread my ass. Without hesitation he fingered my hole. Reaching into the pocket of my shorts, I located and handed to the Papi a small bottle of lube I had brought. I further prepared myself for the invasion by taking some drags on my poppers. He dribbled some lube on my hole and likewise lubed his cock. As I took another hit on the poppers, his cock head was pressing at my hole, only to push its way in to my hole in one quick, smooth thrust, immediately thrusting hard and deep. I took hold of the molded plastic chair that's bolted to the cement floor as he rams deeply into me. About ten minutes of hard pounding finally brings a soft groan as he fills my ass with his load of cum. My ass milked every last drop I could get from him. He then quickly withdrew, wiped-off his cock with the paper towels from the dispenser by the screen, pulled-up his pants and was out of there. I put my shorts back on and sit down to catch my breath for a second. The movie time runs out and I decide to go out into the hallway and check to see if anyone else had arrived. At the far end of the hallway of booths are two booths that share a gloryhole between them. I see one of those booth doors closed and the red light is on. So, I go into the adjoining booth, lean down and view into the large, oval hole that's been cut into the wall. I see a white guy in his mid 40's standing in that booth. His limp cock is hanging out of his zipper as he flips through the movies available on the tv monitor. I do the finger tap on the bottom of the g/h. He sees me do it, but continues to flip through the channels. There's 200 channels in these booths and he seems to be in no hurry to find one. Finally after what seems like an eternity, he settles on a chick on chick film. Two slutty bitches are taking turns eating each other's shaved pussies. He now touches his limp cock for the first time as I lock the door to my booth and feed a couple of dollars into my video machine. I now position myself on my knees, my face at the g/h. He now turns to me and steps up to the hole, putting his limp cock onto my tongue as I open my mouth and extend my tongue. I wrap my lips around his cock and begin to suck. His cock is not quick to harden. But I'm determined to get him hard. I want his str8 load. Finally, his cock starts to harden. His cock is about 6"s. It's very slender. It's actually the perfect size and angle for me to deepthroat. I'm swallowing his cock balls deep. Without taking his cock from my mouth, I sniff some poppers and make love to his cock. I'm massaging and tickling his hairy balls as I worship his cock. I feel his cock begin to throb, his mushroom cock head swells, then his cock unloads in my mouth. Again, in typical str8 guy fashion, he quickly pulls his cock from me. He zips up and leaves his booth. Another guy quickly steps into the booth, closes the door and leans forward to see my face in the large, oval glory hole. He feeds a dollar into the machine an unzips. This guy is perhaps late 20's, early 30's. He's got shoulder length, dirty blond hair. A short beard and mustashe. He's muscular, wearing shorts, flip-flops and a tank top t-shirt. He's really quite a hunk. He changes the movie to a str8 film with a likewise muscle stud pounding some blond bitch. His cock is already fairly hard. Just a few moments of my sucking has him now fully hard. His cock is a very nice 8", very thick with an ample foreskin. I love to make love to foreskin. And he's loving it. I'm sucking on his cock, then he pulls from me and motions for me to come join him in his booth. I stand up and leave my booth. He's now opened his door. Instead of letting me into his booth, he steps out of the booth and motions for me to follow him. We cross to a booth across the hall. He whispers to me, "This is a bigger booth". We enter the booth and lock the door. He quickly strips off his pants. I feed a few dollars into the machine. He's now bent over the chair and tells me to lick his ass. I happily do as he asks, spread his ass cheeks and lick his hole. I lick his hole for several minutes, then he turns, sits and I go to work on his cock. He's flipping through str8 films until he settles on one. About eight or nine minutes of my cock worship finally brings him to orgasm. I had been in the arcade for less than an hour and had gotten four loads. It was time to leave and get errands done for the day.
  5. I posted on Craigslist here in Las Vegas yesterday that I was a raw cum dump and was looking for black tops to seed my ass. I got hit with several replies. One was from a 30 year old black guy named Darrin. Darrin and I have been chatting by email for over a year. But, our timing has just never worked out. Darrin said he was home all day and wanted to finally seed my hole. I told him I'd douche and shower and head to his apartment. I had seen pics of his cock. But I'd never seen his body or face pics. So, I was pleasantly surprised when he opened the door to his apt. He's a very attractive, young black man with a toned build. He answered the door in sweatpants and a wife beater tshirt. He had placed some towels on his sofa. So, that's obviously where he wanted us to have sex. We both immediately undressed. He was partially hard. I sat on the sofa, he stepped up to me and I began to suck him. He was fully hard in my mouth in just a matter of minutes. Quickly, he was bending over and feeling my asscrack. I stood, turned and knelt on the sofa. He squeezed some lube on my hole and then slid his 7", but slender black cock up inside me. It felt great going up inside me in one, quick thrust. He fucked hard and deep, then would pull out to keep from coming. Then he slammed into me again and pounded for another few minutes, before again pulling out. Finally, he couldn't control himself anymore. "Oh, Fuck.....! I've gotta cum." he said as he slammed repeatedly into me. I squeezed my ass on his dick and he moaned. "Ahhh....Fuck!", he groaned as his load filled my ass. It was maybe a 10 minute fuck. But felt great. We both dressed and I left. When I got into my car, I checked my messages. I had a message from another guy that I had sucked off before. He had seen my ad and wanted another blow job from me. He's a half black/half latino, Str8 kid in his late 20's. He's got a nice, 8", uncut cock. Sadly, he won't fuck. But he does have a great cock for sucking. I messaged him back and told him I was 30 minutes away, but was on my way. He met me at the door of his apt. wearing gym shorts and a sweatshirt. We went to his sofa. He dropped his shorts and I took my place between his legs. His cock was soft. I sucked on his foreskin as his cock began to swell. Soon he was fully hard in my mouth and I was sucking the length of it. Then I licked the underside and licked his balls. He moaned in approval when I sucked on his egg sized balls. About 10 minutes of my cock worship finally brought him off. He filled my mouth with his hot seed as he arched his back and groaned. I got up, thanked him for the load and left his apt. I once again checked my messages. There was another text from Darrin. "Damn! I could fuck you again. My dick's still hard", he messaged. I texted back. "U serious? I can come back if you want to fuck again". "Come over", he texted. I headed back the 30 minutes to Darrin's. This time he answered the door totally nude. I stripped off and we repeated the same scenario. I sat on the sofa. Sucked him hard. The he threw a towel onto the floor. I got on my knees on the floor and he slipped his 7" black cock up into me. "Ahhh.........You're still wet", he says as his cock slides balls deep into me. He again repeats his pattern of slamming hard and deep into me. Then pulls out and pauses to keep from cumming. This time he took about 20 minutes of edging, before he could stand it no longer. "Ah, fuck.......Gotta' cum!" he says as he pounds me hard. "Ahhhh......Ahhhh......Jesus!" he yells as he fills my ass with his second load. He pulls out and I get up. We both dress. Derrick is a military contractor. Unfortunately, he goes to the Middle East for extended periods of time. I'm hoping to hook up with him a few more times before he returns to the Middle East again. He'll be fun to have a "regular" fuck buddy.
  6. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    It was the afternoon, after work, rush hour on the freeway. I pulled off the freeway and stopped at one of the ABS's that has a double theater. I bought my bottle of fresh poppers, paid my admission into the theater and was buzzed into the dark twin theatre. I felt my way along the wall, until it opened up into the side of the theater that showed the str8 movies. It takes my eyes quite awhile to adjust to the darkness. I could finally make out the outlines of 3 guys sitting in the plastic chairs along the back wall. There were also one guy sitting along the front wall, on both sides of the projection screen. Those very dark front corners are where most of the "action" happens in this side of the theater. I stepped up to the guy on the right side of the screen. He reached for my crotch. But, I was there to suck dick. I was not interested in having mine sucked, yet. I crossed to the other side of the screen. Same thing with this guy. He wanted to suck me. So, I decided to go into the gay/trans/bi side of the theater. There was one guy sitting along the back wall. He was playing with his cell phone. Two more guys were sitting along the side wall. It was too dark to tell if they had their dicks out, or not? In the darkness, I could make out an empty seat between the two guys on the side wall. As my eyes adjusted, I could tell the guy sitting to my left had his cock out and was stroking. I reached over to him and he allowed me to stroke his cock. It was about 6"s. I quickly got down on my knees, between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. With his cock in my mouth, I looked up to him. He appeared to be about 50 year old. Probably a married guy, who's wife doesn't blow him. He was a quick cummer. Only about a minute or two of my sucking brought a soft moan from him. And he filled my mouth with his hot load. I stood and walked back to the str8 side. The guy that had been sitting on my right also got up and followed me into the str8 side of the theater. I moved along the side wall, towards the front of the room. To the dark corner on the left side of the screen. The other guy followed me. I stood in the corner and he walked up to me. It was too dark to see his face, but I reached forward and felt his crotch. He was rock hard under his pants. From the little that I could see of him in the dark, he appeared to be a white guy in his mid 40's. He had a bearish, muscular, masculine build. He had the look of a construction worker or laborer. He began to undo his belt and unzip his jeans as I dropped to my knees and took a drag on my poppers. Then I wrapped my mouth around his rock hard cock. His cock was about 7"s, cut and had a nice thickness to it. I massaged his hairy balls as I worshipped his cock. He lifted his shirt up to expose his chest. I reached up and began to tweak, pinch and flick his nipples as they hardened to my touch. His chest was hairy. And his nipples grew hard and thick as I played with them. My mouth alternated between his cock and balls. After about 10 minutes of worshipping his cock, he took his hand and placed it on the back of my head. He pulled my head hard against him, forcing his cock to the back of my throat. I felt his cock throb and then he let out a soft moan as his cock exploded, deep in my throat. As I came up for air, I licked the sweet cum, still oozing from his piss slit. He pulled up his jeans, buckled up and left the theater, very quickly. Immediately, a guy that had been sitting along the back wall got up and walked over to me. He opened his pants and put his cock to my lips. I looked up to him. Though it was too dark to see his face very well, he appeared to be a latino guy in his mid 30's. Wearing cargo shorts and a hoodie. His cock was uncut, with an ample foreskin covering his cockhead. I could taste his sweet precum oozing from his puckered foreskin. As his cock fully hardened in my mouth, I pushed the skin back with my lips and flicked my tongue under his mushroom cock head. "Ahhhh....... Papi. Suck my cock", he whispered. I sucked and licked his cock and balls for a few minutes. Then he pulled his pants down to his ankles and turned. "Eat my ass, Papi. Lick my hole", he groaned. I put my face up to his ass as he bent forward and spread his ass cheeks. He had a sweaty, musky smell to his ass. I pressed my face between his cheeks and licked his puckered hole. I flicked my tongue across it. Then slid my tongue up into his hole. He was stroking his cock as I ate his ass. He very quickly straightened up, turned and began to spray my face with his cum as it exploded from his cock. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and took as much as I could into my mouth. But most of his load covered my face. "Gracias, Papi", he said as he pulled his pants up and left the theater. I got up, went into the bathroom and wiped my face. It was time to head home. But, I had a great 3 loads in 30 minutes at the ABS. GOD! I love living in Vegas!
  7. I was 16 years old. I had driven to a City Park in Salt Lake City that was known for gay cruising. I met a guy in the park bathroom that asked if I wanted to drive up one of the canyons to suck some cock? He was probably in his late 20's. I got in this stranger's car and he drove up Millcreek Canyon. It was both exciting and scary. He pulled off the side of the road and we walked up the hillside, into the thick woods. He had brought a blanket for us to lay on. We got naked, made out and we 69'nd each other. Then he told me to get on my hands and knees. He spit on my asshole and put his hard cock up to my hole. I told him "No. I've never been fucked before". But he said, "It's ok. You'll like it". He started to push into me. It hurt. I tried to get him to stop. But, he wouldn't stop. He kept fucking me, even though I protested. I was scared and in pain. He finally came in my ass and pulled out. Then we dressed and walked back to his car. We drove back down the canyon, into the city in silence. He let me out of his car at the park. It wasn't exactly an enjoyable experience at the time. I had been sucking guys cocks for many years, but up until then, I'd never been fucked. As much as it hurt, I did like the fact that a man had finally put his cock in my ass and had cum inside me. I very soon learned to be able to take cock in my ass. Since then, I've had ten's of thousands of cocks and loads in my ass. And love it.
  8. How Did So Many Tops Become Poz?

    I used to have a Poz Top that fucked me on a weekly basis. He was basically Str8. He was divorced. He got HIV from his drug use days. He was married at the time of his diagnosis. His wife divorced him. He only liked raw sex. But he couldn't find women that would take his poz load. So, he turned to gay guys to get him off. We started off our "purely sexual friendship" with me blowing and rimming him. I blew him for about a year before he finally asked to fuck me. After that, he would load my ass with his poz-undetectable load. He fucked me on a weekly basis for several years. He finally met and ended up marrying a poz women. So, he no longer has the need for my holes. But, he was sure fun, while it lasted.
  9. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I was in London and got back to my hotel room late. I was tired from a trans-Atlantic flight the night before, but almost out of habit, I got on Grindr. I quickly got a hit from a French guy, staying in my same hotel. His Grindr profile said he was a pig and was looking for other pigs. His chest pic on his profile looked hot, but it didn't show a face. He asked me if I would give him a quick blow job, so he could fall asleep. I told him I'd be glad to and gave him my room number. He was knocking at my door in less than 3 minutes. In fact, he was barefoot. He'd walked from his hotel room to mine barefooted. I loved that. I let him into my room. And he quickly stripped his shirt and pants off. He sat on the edge of the bed and I took my position on my knees, between his legs. I began to suck on his ample foreskin. He began to moan. "Yeah, Pig. Suck that skin", he moaned. I sucked and chewed on his European foreskin and slid my tongue up into his puckered skin. Then I pushed the skin back with my lips and sucked his shaft into my mouth. He moaned louder. "Fuck, yeah!" he groaned. "Suck my balls, Pig", he growled. I sucked on his balls. Licked under his balls, trying to get my tongue down to his ass crack. "You want to eat ass?" he asked? "Fuck yeah", I say. He got up, turned and knelt on the edge of the bed. Presenting his ass to me. I spread his ass cheeks and licked his hole. "Oh...... Fuck!!!", he moaned as my tongue slid up into his hole. I ate his hole and licked his balls for a few minutes. Then he asked, "You like to get fucked, Pig?" Without saying anything, I climbed up on the edge of the bed, beside him, placing my ass in the air. He climbed off the bed and stood behind me. He spit on my hole and then slid his 6" cock up into me in one quick thrust. He slammed into me for just a minute, then pulled from me and told me to suck his dirty cock. I turned and again took his cock into my mouth. He then climbed back on the bed and told me to lay under his balls. He wanted me to lick his balls and his asshole. His thick French accent was a real turn-on. "Where do you want my dirty load? You want my dirty load? You want my poz load?", he kept asking. "Fuck yes! Give me your load", I groaned. I didn't tell him that I was already poz. This was the first that our status had even been discussed. "Fuck yes! Poz me", I said to him. I could see that this really excited him. He took his cock into his hands and was stroking furiously. "Put your poz load in my ass", I said. But, he was too close. "Open your mouth, Pig. Here comes my load". I opened my mouth. Stuck out my tongue. He put his cock up to my mouth and his hot jizz began to spray into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his exploding cockhead, as he filled my mouth with his load. Then he pulled from me. Jumped down off the bed. He dressed, thanked me with a "Merci" for getting him off. He left and I quickly locked the door, turned the lights off and went to sleep. A nice quicky to end a very long day in London.

    Members 1320 222 posts Las Vegas Very hot. I've sucked off Carrot Top at A-Action a couple of times too, in the past few years. The clerk said he has frequented the place for years. I've also tried to get him to fuck me through the glory hole. But, he won't. He just wants an anonymous bj through the g/h. I've even tried to go into his booth to suck him in a more "intimate and personal" way. But, he only wants it through the glory hole. You're right. He has a really nice, long, thick and rock hard cock. And his cum is really sweet and delicious! He's shaved completely smooth, except for that little puff of red pubes. Both times he's worn some kind of a hat to cover his curly red hair. But he'll have a little puff of his red hair sticking out of the cap. He's really muscular. I've read that he's had a long time, live in girlfriend. She's a beautiful model. But, he loves anonymous blow jobs through glory holes. I saw him at A-Action a couple of months ago. I was hoping to suck another load from him, but another guy beat me to the adjoining booth and got to service his cock. So, I sat in the booth across the hall and watched the bj from under the doors. After he came in the other guys mouth and pulled up his shorts, I went out to the hall and we came face to face. I told him "Scott. I was hoping to suck another load from you. I'm disappointed." He smiled at me and said, "Next time's for you", with kind of a wink. I wonder how often he goes there? I sure wish he topped. I'd love the feel of his hard, big cock in me. But, I'm glad to suck and swallow his load, like you enjoyed.

    Glad you got to enjoy Carrot Top's great cock. I'm hoping to get a taste of his cock again, myself. He's a frequent cum donor at the g/h's there. I love his sweet loads.
  12. I decided to stop at one of the many Las Vegas ABSs on my way to the airport this morning. It's a bookstore that's a bit of a distance from my house. And one that I don't go to very often. But I had to run an errand to that part of town and I had some time to spare before I needed to be at the airport, so I made a stop. It was only 8:30a in the morning. But the parking lot was already full. Like many of the ABSs here in Vegas, they can be quite busy during the morning "drive time". A lot of guys stop by on their way to work to take care of their morning wood. I parked on the street, just in front of the store. I bought a ticket for the theater and the grumpy clerk buzzed me inside. There were 3 guys sitting in the side of the double theater that showed str8 movies. And looking past the opening into the gay/trans side, I could see another 2 guys sitting in there. I glanced at the 3 guys in the str8 side as I passed them, on my way into the gay side. Those 3 guys were just sitting there watching the str8 movie. Not even rubbing their crotches. Inside the gay/trans side, the two guys in there had their cocks out and were stroking as they watched a film showing a chick with a dick sucking and getting fucked by 2 hung black guys. The first guy I passed was close to 70 years old. He was playing with his limp dick. The second guy, sitting on the end of a ratty, leather sofa, was a hot looking black guy in his late 40's. He was tall, athletic, with a small gut on him. He had about 7"s in his hand and was slowing stroking it as he had his eyes glued to the screen. I sat on a cheap plastic chair that was about 2 feet away from the black guy. He never took his eyes off the screen as I passed him and sat next to him. My glances went back and forth between the screen and the black guys cock. After a couple of minutes of me checking him out, the black man finally turned his head and looked me in the eye. With no change in the expression on his face, he looked down at his cock then back at me. He repeatedly would look down at his cock, then look me in the eyes. I took this as an invitation, so I moved my chair the two feet, so that I was now seated right next to him. I moved my hand over to his cock and he moved his hand away from his cock, to give me access. I stroked his hard cock for a couple of minutes. Then I knelt on the filthy floor, between his knees and took his cock into my mouth. Soon, the old guy at the opposite side of the sofa moved over to us. He now was trying to horn in on the action and was trying to move me away from the black guys cock, so he could suck. The black man pushed the old guy away. It took a couple of pushes, before the guy got the hint and moved back to where he had been sitting. One of the guys sitting in the str8 side got up and moved into the gay side and sat in the plastic chair I had vacated. He watched closely as I made love to the beautiful black dick in my mouth. Soon he stood up and pulled his now hard cock from his zipper. He had a 6" hard cock in his hand. I could see him stroking his cock from the sides of my eyes. The black guy lifted my head off his cock and told me to suck the new guy. I turned my head and the new guy put his 6"s in my mouth. For about 5 minutes I alternated sucking both cocks. Then another guy came over to the gay side, from the str8 side. He stood on the other side of the black guy and also took out his cock. He was a latino guy in his late 50's. His cock was only about 6"s. But he had a nice foreskin hanging over his cock head. I turned to him and began to suck on his soft cock and suck on his foreskin. He began to harden. After I had alternated between the 3 of these guys for awhile, I could feel the black guy lean around me and rub my ass, through my pants. So, I stood up, took off my pants and underwear and turned around. I spit on my fingers and lubed up my ass. I did this several times to get my ass nice and lubed up for the black guy. He was also spitting on his fingers and lubing up his cock. I had taken my poppers from my pants when I took them off. I took a couple of deep sniffs of poppers. The black guy reached for my bottle. I gave it to him. He likewise, took some deep drags on the bottle. He handed it back and I took two more sniffs. Then I began to lower myself onto this hard, black cock. My ass slowly lowered onto him, until I could feel his pubes and balls against my ass. I began to rock up and down on his cock as the first guy again put his cock in my mouth. I was sucking and getting fucked at the same time. We fucked like this for about 5 minutes before the black man said, "Get up". I pulled myself up off his cock. "Get on your knees", he tells me. I kneel down on the sofa and put my ass up in the air. He steps behind me and slams back up into me in one, swift motion. He's now in control of the fucking and he's going to be a hard, deep and rough fucker. He's immediately slamming into me. Making me grunt with each of his thrusts. The latino guy is now kneeling on the sofa. His cock is now rock hard and he's stroking his cock furiously, just inches from my face. It's a difficult angle for me to get to his cock. But I turn my head towards him and I open my mouth. Sticking out my tongue. The Latino Papi is now making that face you get, just before you cum. Suddenly cum is covering my face as he sprays his load all over my mouth, tongue and eyes. He soon zips and leaves. The caucasian guy now moves the chair and stands near my head at the end of the sofa. He feeds me his cock. I suck as best I can, but he soon pulls out of my mouth and he begins to stroke fast as well. It only takes him a minute or two before he is now spraying his hot load all over my face. The sight of these two guys cumming all over me, must have turned on the black guy, because he's now ramming deep and hard into me. Then let's out a soft, muffled groan as he empties his balls into my ass. He holds his cock deep into me as he unloads in me. Then he gives me a couple more hard thrusts, then suddenly pulls out of me. He pulls up his pants, puts himself together and leaves. While all this has been going on, I haven't noticed that a thuggish looking Latino kid in his early 20's has come in and sat on the sofa on the side of the gay room. As I get up to put my pants on, I notice him sitting over there, his pants open, and he's stroking a 7" uncut, dark latino dick. He's looking at me intently, but not saying anything. I'm now dressed and I sit down again on the plastic chair. The Latino kid now speaks. "Wanna suck me, Grandpa"? I silently get up and cross over to him. I again drop to my knees. I take some hits of poppers and go down on his cock. His cock is partially hard. But he's quickly hardening as I suck. "You like my straight cock, fag? You like my Mexican dick?" he says. "Mmmm Hmmm......." is all I can moan as I continue to suck him. "Take your time, queer. Enjoy my cock". As I'm worshiping his beautiful cock, I feel someone feeling my ass. I come up off the young guys cock and look behind me. I see a nice looking caucasian guy in his early 40's standing behind me. He's dressed in dress slacks, long sleeved dress shirt and a tie. He's tossed his tie over his shoulder. He's obviously a business man on his way to the office. "Wanna fuck me?? I ask. "Yeah", is all the business guy says. I climb up off the floor. I move to the end of the sofa. Remove my pants again. I kneel on the end of the sofa. I can lean forward from this position and again go back to sucking the Latino kid from the side. The business guy stands behind me. He undoes his belt, unzips and pulls out a 6" cut cock. He slaps it against my cummy hole and pushes easily up into me. "Damn! You a real ho! Aren't ya, fag?" the Latino kid says with a chuckle. "Mmmmm... Hmmmm....." I moan again. I'm laughing to myself as I think about this kid calling me a ho. He's some str8 kid, that has his cock in some stranger's mouth, a man's mouth, in a filthy sex cinema, and he's calling me a ho. LMAO! But, I wear my hard earned "Ho" badge, proudly, as I continue to suck his str8 cock and enjoy the cock that's now sliding in and out of my ass. The businessman is now grabbing me around the waist and ramming into me. He's a man on a mission. And probably is late for the office. He only takes a couple of minutes of intense fucking before Mr. Businessman is shaking in orgasm, as he silently fills my ass with his load. He quickly pulls up his pants. Puts himself together and leaves the theatre. The heavy door of the theater closes with a "slam". I continue to suck on the young Latino dick. "Ok. Damn!", the kid exclaims. "Most of the time I can't cum just by being sucked. Don't think I'm gonna cum this way. Damn, I gotta cum. Shit!", he says, then pauses. "I don't normally fuck guys. But, I fuckin' need to cum. You gotta rubber, Faggot?", he asks. "Nope", I say as I come up off his cock. "But, you can fuck me raw". There's silence. He's obviously weighing his options. "Shit!", he groans as he gets up and moves behind me. He pushes up in me in one angry thrust. "Fuckin' Fag", he says under his breath as he begins to pound my hole. "Dirty, fuckin', faggot whore", he repeats in almost a whisper as he rams repeatedly into me. It's almost kind of scary because his words and mood is getting angrier and louder as he pounds his cock into me. He's slamming into me. The sofa is scooting along the wall as his thrusts become more intense and violent. He gives my ass a couple of hard "whacks". They sting as he slaps my ass. I'm trying to sniff some poppers. But most of the liquid is splashing from the bottle and burning the inside of my nose. I can't get the lid of the poppers back on, because of his fierce thrusts. I finally reach to place the open bottle of poppers onto the dirty floor. Finally, I hear a load grunts coming from him. "Uuuuggghhh...!!!!" he grunts as he slams into me and holds his cock deep into me. "Uuuuggghhhh....!!!!", he grunts again as he slams deep in me and holds it again. "Uuugghhh,...Uuuggghh..!!!" he grunts and slams a few more times. Then he pulls from me. And without saying anything, pulls up his pants. "You're clean, ain't ya?" "Ya ain't got AIDS or no other diseases, do ya?" "A little late to be asking that. Ain't it?" I say with a laugh. "Don't worry about it." I say to him. "You better not be some AIDS whore", he says as he walks toward the door. "Well, I can't vouch for the two loads of cum inside me from the other guys. I have no idea who they are? Do you?", I say with a smile on my face. "Fuckin' Faggots", he shouts back at me as he leaves the theater and lets the door slam shut with a loud bang. I'm laughing to myself. Now, all of a sudden he's worried about diseases. The horny fucker can't control himself when his dick gets hard. Lord knows, how many hundreds of both female and male mouths and assholes his dick has been inside in his few short years? Who knows how many of those holes have been housing the virus? And now, all of a sudden, after the fact, he's worried about it. I have no doubt he'll have his Latino dick inside another hole again, very, very soon. I pulled myself together and headed to the airport. Hopefully, off to my next adventure.
  13. Damn! Very hot story! I love being used by a group of str8 guys like that. Especially black or latino guys. You started really young. Keep the story going.
  14. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    I love this bookstore glory hole breeding at the Gulch in San Francisco. Reminds me of the slutty years that I lived in San Fran and was constantly cruising the video booths, taking anonymous, raw loads through the g/h's. Where I live now in Las Vegas is great for bookstore fucks. But there are few places as great as San Fran for anonymous, bookstore sex. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Businessman-breeding-at-the-gulch-28273131

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