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  1. When I first got on barebackrt I realized almost everyone I'd been fucking around with 'safe' was on bbrt. Defintely made the next fucks better! Oh, and there are a few guys I thought were condom nazis who I 'ran into' on there.
  2. PREACH! Experienced all the above. I know I'm late to the conversation, but the fact he had to shower while you were there I'm surprised you didn't walk out then and there. If I'm bottoming, I want to be ready for my top. If I'm topping I expect my bottom ass up and ready to go, or whatever we agree to. The only exception I have for that is my fuckbuds. They've already made a good first impression. I do have to admit I like my threeways or being a sloppy second bottom, but I don't search for the next cock while my bud or trick is there. Most of the times I get messages from people I hit up before getting fucked the first time and it just works out that way. I never have done meth, and I have no idea why people would mess up their lives for a few minutes of fun.
  3. Was just getting ready to go to bed, and a guy I fooled around with a while back messaged me. We've never been able to get it together, he typically wants to breed just before dawn, and I usually don't look for sex after 3 AM. Well tonight he messaged me and I thought what the hell. I asked what time he left for work and he told me an hour and half. I said I was ready. He was over in about 15 minutes. Told me he wanted me ass up, that was so hard to convince me to do, and asks me how I want it. I told him ass up, raw and rough. He then asks me about status prep etc., for fucks sake you bred my ass on camera with another bud of mine. Anyway, he gets to my building, comes into my unit, and I'm waiting ass up. He spits on his dick, and pushes his fat 8" into my ready and willing hole. Pounds me fast and furious, and lasted about 5-10 minutes, the threeway we had before was over an hour so I knew he was horny. Feels so good having his hot load swimming in me now. Off to bed now :-)
  4. Nice! More or less my scruff/grindr conversations too!
  5. I feel like I have better luck on Adam than BBRT. It does amaze me the number of safe guys on Adam that have BBRT profiles though LOL
  6. Oh, I shouldn't be writing this. I should be sprawled out in bed hoping I don't drown in my own vomit. This was just too good in my mind to not share. Tonight I met up with a big-dick-friend at a local dive'ish bar. He's bred me before and I always prep to get fucked when I meet up with him in case he feels like fucking. It only happens in group scenes and with someone we pick up off the apps or at the bar. While we're hanging we both have grindr & scruff up, but nothing solid for either of us. After a while he asks me if I want to go to a nearby backroom bar. I know if we go there I'm not getting fucked, but we're both horny and I know I'm not getting his dick one on one so I agree. It is fetish/underwear night in the backroom so we strip down to our lingerie and get a drink before heading into the fray. It's busy there and after a few minutes we find a bottom guy that is sucking dick by the bed that's set up. My bud pulls his cock out and the bottom goes for it. He sucks him for a bit and I get on the bed so I can get in closer, and the bottom goes for my, not as big as my buds, cock. After a few minutes of him giving me a hot BJ, he assumes the position, but his ass is closer to my cock. No surprise, I'm not as thick and I'd rather take the smaller cock first if I were in his position. I slide in, and my bud watches. It feels good and I slowly start fucking to get the bottom ready for my thick piece to really fuck. A few minutes in I pull out and try to get my bud to slide into the bottom, but he doesn't so I go back to fucking. My bud disappears into the crowd and I don't see him again tonight... I'm having a good time fucking this latin bottom guy and keep pounding. He starts making out with the guy getting fucked next to him, and it is a hot scene. There's three bottom boys getting pounded on the bed, and guys are feeling me up all around, poppers are getting passed and it is just plain HOT. The bottom I'm fucking pulls me off him and then turns on his back. I still want to fuck him so I get in position and slide back in his hole. He looks up to me and says "Fuck me MY FIRST NAME." WHAT?!? I have no fucking idea who this guy I'm fucking is, but he called me by name. My name is not an every day name like Mark, Rick or Steve so I know that we must have chatted on grindr or BBRT or something like that. He really seems to enjoy the fuck, and after a few minutes more he pulls off again. I sit down on the bed, and lie back, cock in the air with about a dozen guys looking on. Bottom guy gets up and sits on my raw cock again. He leans over and tells me 'i love your cock NAME.' THiS IS KILLING ME! He rides for a few minutes and starts to say he's cumming. The bottom getting fucked next to us eggs him on. After the guy I'm fucking cums, I pull him down and give him a bear hut. I whisper into his ear "Where do I know you from?" He says to me COLLEGE X. This was where I went to school 20 years ago. I'm still not sure who he is, I ask "Don?" and he says no. Don is another story though.... he then says his name... I realize this is the guy that I met the first day of school in a dance class. We became friends, would go to lunch, but we never had sex. When we met I was very naive on how to pick guys up, though not a virgin, nor did I ever think he was interested. I lusted after him when we were in school, I busted so many loads jacking off thinking of him. Here he was, having just ridden my raw cock, and shooting a load all over my hairy chest. I told him we had to do it again. I hadn't cum yet, so after he left I slid into the other bottom guy for a bit. By the time I left, I'd fucked 3 more asses in that room, even one that wanted a condom, but it wouldn't stay on . What can I say, I had really gotten horny... I can't wait to tell my bud, and hope I see this boy again.
  7. Thanks for the rep in where i got my last load.

  8. It could be staged, but he didn't get it off. He broke it (snap at around 4:19). There's two different times that you see him drop a piece of the condom off to his right. The first time is the big piece, the second time is a smaller piece. The ring is still on the cock at the end when he pulls off. The video is grainy but if you slow it down and zoom in you can see all that. Even if it is staged, very smoothly done.
  9. OK, I saw this one before that's hot and I thought I favorited it but now I can't find it. It's a video taken from a dresser or something in a bedroom, the bottom is a black twink, and the top is a white beefy married guy with a shaved head. I think the bottom said it was a craigslist hookup, and the top asks about condoms, but the bottom says he doesn't have any and the top fucks him raw, but almost doesn't. Anyone?
  10. Yeah its a great site! That's actually were I found this video!
  11. Anyone see this video? Looks like this guy has got some excellent talent getting the condom out and off that way. Not sure if staged, but it looked pretty real!
  12. If you find it, post it! Sounds fucking hot
  13. Agree, I kind of prefer the guys that stealth me to keep doing it that way
  14. Short and sweet. Had a bud over, gave him a massage and he wanted to fuck me. Always fucks with condom. Rubbered up, I sat on him and before I'm down to his balls I think I feel a pop. Anyway, he doesn't say a thing about the condom possibly breaking so I keep riding him. He pounds my ass about 15 minutes then stops to edge. Pound, stops to edge. Pounds and cums. I get off him and see his cock is completely bare with the condom bunched. He asks me where the condom is and I tell him it broke. He said he didn't notice the break, we talk about prep, he's on but doesn't BB he says. Hmm, not sure I believe any of it honestly. I mean, if you're topping you know when the condom breaks for sure. Can't complain, nice big load in my ass to taste.
  15. Been working on getting this one guy to go Bare and quite the progress this week. Met up with him earlier in the week and he has the tendency to overdue it on the poppers and have to stop fucking so he can get hard again. At this session he had some BB porn on his computer, and his profile references PrEP but he's yet to take the plunge. While he's on a break to recover his cock (long fucks in general) he takes the condom off and makes comments about wanting to fuck me BB, asks status etc. and after a couple minutes, tentatively slides right in bare. As I said earlier, he fucks a while normally (usually 60+ minutes) this time about 5 minutes in me BB he says he's going to cum, pulls out strokes a couple times and shoots a huge load all over my ass that I push into my hole afterwards. Tonight I hit him up again and do the usual "you horny" dance. We agree to meet up again and I ask if he wanted the same thing as last time, and I don't hear anything back. We're both versatile but last time we did not flip, so after a few minutes I respond to him telling him curious if he wanted to top or flip or what. He doesn't respond again and I think I've lost him, he has guilt of fucking BB. A few more minutes go bye and he messages me. He says he can't stop thinking about being bare in my hole, and how good it felt. Score! He's going the way everyone I've met who plays safe does. We chat back and forth a few minutes, he asks about status and how much BB I do. After a few messages more I get on the way to his place. I get there and he answers the door naked and rock hard! We go to the bedroom, and again he has BB porn on. I start sucking his cock and can tell he's on edge and won't last long no matter what. When he's ready to fuck he gets the fucking condom out! (When I got home I doublechecked the messages and realize he never said he wanted BB, but that was definitely between the lines) He puts the condom on, doesn't like the feel, takes it off, puts it backs on again, turns it inside out. After a few minutes of this I grab the condom and pull it off his cock. I tell him we both know he wanted it BB. He hesitates, gets up goes behind me, lubes his cock and ass and slides in Bare, as he should! Another relatively short fuck and he again pulls out, shoots on my ass and I push it in. I have to work on him doing a proper breeding ;-) but I think we're on the way. Oh, and I decided to take the condom as a memento to share, you can see it below ;-)

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