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  1. So the guy I was talking about coming over (mr Safer Only that finally went bare) came by and pounded a load into my ass. This guy has a beercan thick cock and damn did it feel good. I don't know who has the bigger dick, guy 1 or 2. One isn't quite as thick but is definitely longer. Guy two is definitely thick, and when he was lying in the bed I realized his cock is pretty damned long too. My ass is nice and squishy now!
  2. Nice BBC guy from the hood came over, see him about once every other year, said he wanted me to suck him off. His balls were sweaty and yummy, his cock is at least 9" long. I'm worshipping his balls, cleaning the sweat off of them when he asks to see my ass. I turn around bend over, and he pushes into me. Fucks me about a minute and loads me up. Hot! Working on a safer only gone bare guy to come over and add his to the mix. Probably gonna forget the load is up there
  3. Good time tonight! This young haitian bull that lives near me was on Scruff. He's hard to pin down, but tonight he was up to hang. We chatted a while, had some bourbon, and he bred me hard and good. He likes to tease, couple thrusts, pull out add some more spit, stroke himself a few seconds while fingering my hole, more spit, shove in and pound. Love the way he fucks me, see why he's popular. Hoping to see him again sooner than later.
  4. Got hit up on scruff by a guy I've fucked around with a few times. He was in my neighborhood, hit me up. I wasn't really looking but told him to come by. Short, beefy musclebear type with a nice fat cock. I've said I know what its like to be fucked by myself because we have almost the exact same size and shape cock. Anyway, wait for him ass up, he comes in and is on a short fuse, but damn did he load me up!
  5. bbinbpark

    Cheating my boyfriend

    Good for you, hope you enjoyed it and will do more. Whatever happens with your relationship make sure you're enjoying yourself
  6. Was out having drinks with a couple of my friends tonight. One of my fuckbuds that I haven't played with in a while was hitting me up on scruff. He was also hitting up one of my friends, we've all three played before. After the rest of our group left the bar, we decided to all meet up at the lakefront. My friend and I walked over, was dark, quiet, still and practically empty. We see fuckbud approach and we get to it. After sucking for a bit I bend over and take both their cocks back to back, bare. Love lakefront fucks!
  7. bbinbpark

    Raw Power

    Titan REALLY needs to go bare now! I didn't realize that even MEN is doing BB scenes now. I can't think of anyone other main studio now.
  8. bbinbpark

    Raw Power

    So Raging Stallions is trying BB porn now. Can think of many of their movies I'd like to see done without condoms. Thoughts? A little late or just in time?
  9. bbinbpark

    Birthday Loads

    Got one more in. Probably my favorite way to end the chain. One of my fuckbuds hit me up on Growlr, horny, he came over. The guy has a beercan sized cock, fucking thick, and always wanted to use a condom until a couple sessions ago. As a matter of fact his first time BB with me was the first load in another chain that I wrote about. His was the last of the birthday loads, and was definitely one of the more enjoyable ones. Hopefully next year will be at least half as memorable
  10. bbinbpark

    Birthday Loads

    So its my birthday today and I have to say I'm quite pleased with my journey today. It all started late last night, a fuckbud of mine hit me up and came over. This guy always likes me to be blindfolded and in a jock ass up waiting for him. A nice 7" cut cock, he loves taking his time with me. He gets here around 11:30 last night, and we do the usual thing. This time he's savoring me blowing him. I must have sucked his cock for over half an hour before he finally slipped his cock into my raw ass. He again takes his time, and by the time he's shot his load he's been at my place over an hour. I realize its after midnight and tell him it was the first load of my birthday. We have a good laugh, sit and chat. Turns out he was trying to arrange a threeway but that didn't work out. After a few minutes of us chatting and cuddling he's rock hard again. I suck him a couple minutes, and this time I take charge and sit on his cock and ride him. A few minutes of this and he gets me doggy style. He starts pounding my ass hard and fast, I know this time he's not taking his time. A few more minutes and he pumps load 2 in my ass! Dang! Hope that happens again next time. After he left I went to bed, and sadly no one woke me up with their cocks. I got up, ran some errands, had lunch and came back home. Its raining and nasty so not really worth going outside at moment. Only a couple hours free until meeting up with friends & family for dinner and drinks. I'm on all the usual apps, and I notice on grindr a screenname pop up near me that comes and goes. It's one of my BBC neighbors who pops on and off grindr all the time. He never says its him, he doesn't have a profile pic, but I know its him. I say hi. He responds saying he's been trying to get his cock sucked all day and he's dying for a BJ, me blindfolded. What the fuck is with the blindfolds? Anyway, we agree, I hope maybe he'll be moved to breed me after I warm him up. He shows up, I hear him drop his pants and instead of shoving his cock in my mouth while I'm kneeling, he sits on the sofa. I feel my way up to his cock, soft and thick at first, and start sucking. Oh yeah, don't need to see him to know I was 100% right as to who it was. It's funny blowing guys sometimes. I do all sorts of acrobatics with my mouth, tongue in combination with my hands, worshipping his cock and balls. In the end, all it takes is me just sucking hard and at a nice pace, no fancy licking (though it drove him crazy) just smooth and steady until he shot a huge, sweet & tangy load (3) in my mouth. I thank him, he leaves and I go back to check the apps. Next up, a guy on BBRT that has bred me a few times hits me up. He's a young bull a block or so away. Nice long cock, not fat like the last BBC, but damn fined cock! He says he'll be here in 5-7 minutes. I'm in a jock, ass up waiting for him and actually don't need a blindfold! Yay! He comes in, and I suck him hard, and he pushes into me. He's here for one thing and one thing only, to get off in my ass. It doesn't take long for his load (4) to be dripping out of my ass. As he's leaving he thanks me saying he was about to give up when he saw me pop on. Not sure why these hot tops with big cocks are having problems getting laid, even with the rain, but its the other bottoms loss. So far 4 loads today, 1 oral and 3 anal, and counting....
  11. bbinbpark

    Pumped furry Jewish fucker full

    Love you're not afraid to dig into some hairy ass. Should come drop a load in mine soon
  12. bbinbpark

    Stealthing or Pretending?

    safe sex only parties never are safe sex only parties lol I'd guess at least one of them knew BB was going on
  13. An interesting read. I'd be curious to see a repeat of this study with more current trends. The data collection was last completed at the end of 2002, and a lot has changed since then. I think I still occasionally visited bathhouses when this was conducted, and at that time was a condom nazi. Definitely not the case anymore. While pure speculation, I'd guess that the apps have a lot more to do with pozzing in this day and age than bathhouse activity. In any event, totally agree with you drscorpio, pozzing happens everywhere.
  14. Ok last post for now! Load #4 is in! Fuckbud I haven't seen for a couple months. He's an asian guy with a nice long cock, not into sloppy seconds he tells me. Told him I had 2 in (I guess I mis-counted for him) and he says he can be here in a few. Ass up for him, suck his cock a few minutes, this time when he shoves in he fucks hard and fast right away. This guy is normally a long slow fuck, marathon sessions usually. No, he wanted to bust his nut. My ass feels full! On a weeknight nonetheless! Don't think I'm going to top that in a long time!
  15. Ok, so this is real quick. Took load #3 since I got bred by the safe guy today. Old fuckbud off of BBRT, haven't seen in a while, came in ate me out and plunged his thick uncut cock in me. Got on adam and another fuckbud who doesn't like sloppy seconds hits me up. Told him I have 2 loads in and he's on his way, guess he likes a loaded hole now ?

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