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  1. Been working on getting this one guy to go Bare and quite the progress this week. Met up with him earlier in the week and he has the tendency to overdue it on the poppers and have to stop fucking so he can get hard again. At this session he had some BB porn on his computer, and his profile references PrEP but he's yet to take the plunge. While he's on a break to recover his cock (long fucks in general) he takes the condom off and makes comments about wanting to fuck me BB, asks status etc. and after a couple minutes, tentatively slides right in bare. As I said earlier, he fucks a while normally (usually 60+ minutes) this time about 5 minutes in me BB he says he's going to cum, pulls out strokes a couple times and shoots a huge load all over my ass that I push into my hole afterwards. Tonight I hit him up again and do the usual "you horny" dance. We agree to meet up again and I ask if he wanted the same thing as last time, and I don't hear anything back. We're both versatile but last time we did not flip, so after a few minutes I respond to him telling him curious if he wanted to top or flip or what. He doesn't respond again and I think I've lost him, he has guilt of fucking BB. A few more minutes go bye and he messages me. He says he can't stop thinking about being bare in my hole, and how good it felt. Score! He's going the way everyone I've met who plays safe does. We chat back and forth a few minutes, he asks about status and how much BB I do. After a few messages more I get on the way to his place. I get there and he answers the door naked and rock hard! We go to the bedroom, and again he has BB porn on. I start sucking his cock and can tell he's on edge and won't last long no matter what. When he's ready to fuck he gets the fucking condom out! (When I got home I doublechecked the messages and realize he never said he wanted BB, but that was definitely between the lines) He puts the condom on, doesn't like the feel, takes it off, puts it backs on again, turns it inside out. After a few minutes of this I grab the condom and pull it off his cock. I tell him we both know he wanted it BB. He hesitates, gets up goes behind me, lubes his cock and ass and slides in Bare, as he should! Another relatively short fuck and he again pulls out, shoots on my ass and I push it in. I have to work on him doing a proper breeding ;-) but I think we're on the way. Oh, and I decided to take the condom as a memento to share, you can see it below ;-)
  2. There's a great compiliation on Pornhub I think called something like "tops hands-free cumming" or something similar, and it is phenomenal. A large number of Guys in Sweatpants and SeanCody tops shooting in the ass.
  3. Nice, my kind of guy
  4. Oh I debated sharing this one, but what the hell. Tonight I saw an old FBud on Scruff so I sent him a woof. This is a tall younger stud with a nice big uncut cock that used to live a couple blocks from me. He almost always plays with condom, though he has done some ass teasing with his raw cock before as well as slip in for a few minutes before pulling out and putting the condom on. I rarely see him now as he moved farther away, but every now and then we've gotten together, probably every 3-4 months. I also tend to see him when he's ready for bed, he almost always is on after being out drinking etc. and sometimes he'll disappear mid conversation. Well tonight he was on earlier than normal and I woofed him. He responded a couple hours later and was horny so we agreed to meet up at his place. I got to his place and he answered the door naked. Score! His big uncut dick was swinging and he looked hotter than usual. I strip down and follow him to the bed where he jumps in and is on his back. I see the usual condoms, lube and poppers by the bed. I also brought some poppers and took a quick hit before climbing between his legs to work on his dick. He's always soft when we get together but gets hard so fast, a nice 9". After I've been sucking him a few minutes I climb on top of him and just ride his cock, not actually in me, but between my cheeks and he's loving it. After a little bit of this he starts fingering my hole. I put some elbow grease up there before I left the house so I was nice and wet. His fingers keep probing my hole and he pushes my ass up enough to free his cock and point the head right at the hole. He tentatively pushes the head in a little, fingers still there so he's got control of me just sitting on him. I am totally enjoying and loving the tease he's giving me. This is normally around the time he might stop to grab a condom but we keep doing this. Eventually he pulls his fingers out and his head is just inside my hole to which I sit back and he moans. I try not to press my luck and after only a couple bounces, he pushes me off and tells me to get doggie style so he can rim my ass. While he's eating me out, I take another hit of the poppers and hope that he doesn't stop to get a condom. He's a very talented rimmer, and I could see getting that on a regular basis. We slides up to me, and pushes his cock at my hole again, still no condom, and gently pushes halfway in and just freezes. He sits there at least a minute without moving. I normally would grab his cock with my ass, but I was afraid he might be ready to cum so didn't. The start of this fuck he is almost like someone dipping their toe in the water for the first time. Is it cold, it felt cold I'm pulling it out. Dip my toe again, ok maybe it's not as cold. It's almost as though his cock has never been in bare ass before. He finally lets loose and just starts fucking me like he should. I'm looking out into the room seeing the candles he had lit, it was very romantic and this was the first time he's really been in me completely bare! I wonder if he meant to make it that sexy? There's several times that I know he is just edging and dying to breed my ass. He doesn't want to just say it though. I flip over so we're now missionary, face to face with this gorgeous sexy young stud with his 9" uncut cock buried to the hilt. We start kissing. He can barely talk when he asks me if I want his load. I say nothing. He asks me again and I just look at him, kiss him, he pumps two more times and then tenses up while he shoots his load at least 9" up my ass. He pulls out and immediately runs to the bathroom like a straight guy. I see a good portion of his load is on the bed where we were just fucking! Damn he shot a big one and I couldn't let it go to waste so I sucked it up while he was in the bathroom. It tasted so good! He comes out, ruins the mood by asking the questions he should have asked before fucking, I kiss him good night and go home. If the next time is half as good as this time, I can hardly wait to see him again.
  5. Hot "Last Load" condom to bareback encounters!!  I like that you'll put the effort in to helping convert them to raw fuckers!

  6. Tonight I had a couple guys over at different times. The first is a guy that's not my type, but he has a nice big dick and now that he BB's his fucks are great. After he left, I saw a guy I'd hooked up with a couple weeks ago had messaged me earlier and I had missed it. When I posted around December 20th he, along with the guy I just posted about, was one of the guys I hooked up with. At that time this guy came in to fuck me ass up anon, with condom, and again I had prepped condoms and lubed with boy butter. December was the second time we fucked over a few years and I hadn't hit on him because he plays with condoms. The December encounter his condom snapped as he slid into me and he didn't notice, or pretended not to notice for at least half an hour. When he told me about it he then went to fuck me bare after a little hesitation. Very hot. Anyway, he texted me much earlier and I had missed him. When I returned the message I asked if he was horned still, and he was. I invite him over. Rather than stealthing him I texted him asking if he had condoms. I had plenty, but I wasn't telling him that. His first response to me was "I don't but. Butt" I knew I had him then. I play coy with my text messaging, I get set up and leave a condom on the nightstand, in site, but not too closer to the action. He came in as expected, starts rimming me and teasing my hole. When he does slide in a few minutes later, he is completely bare. Love how that works. Great fuck, great load, now I need to jack.
  7. Oh wow I just looked back and am way out of date on a few stories to share. The first one is a guy I posted about back in December who was a first-time flip-fuck condom-nazi. I don't know how long its going to be before he wants bare all the time, but this past week was a good start in that direction. He hit me up last weekend and our schedules didn't work out at first. Sunday night I was getting really horny and wanted some BB cock, but he messaged me and I wasn't getting any serious interest from others. He was out drinking with some friends, and we agreed he'd stop at my place when he was on the way home. When he got here the same condom dance questions were asked, yes I can play safe etc. I had a couple condoms out and at least one I thought had been prepped. We make out a bit, he suits up and slides in me. This boy is an incredible fuck, nice long fat uncut latin cock and he knows how to use it too. I never felt any pop or anything, and I did a few random condom checks. After about 15-20 minutes of him fucking me his cock pops out my ass and I reach back to grab it and guide it back into my ass and I grab onto 100% raw, bare cock! The condom is bunched at the base, I'm not sure if he hasn't noticed (he was drinking) or what so I push him back in me and enjoy. He fucks me a while longer and then pulls out again and takes the condom off because he wants a break. Never says anything about the condom. Sadly the BB journey with him that night ends there. Will have to keep on working.
  8. Next I'll have bunched together a few things from the last two nights (fun all around) Monday afternoon I had plans to meet up with a guy I knew from a few years back. He, fucked me once with condom, and had a nice body and above average cock. We end up getting together at my place since he has a husband (everyone's in a relationship but me LOL) and wants me to fuck him. When we've chatted, there's been no mention of condoms etc. but his profile mentions PrEP. I know that doesn't always mean anything as I've played with some PrEP guys that only play with condoms. We get it on, suck each other off, 69, rim each other and explore every bit of our bodies. He says something about grabbing his lube, and goes to grab a bottle of lube (no condoms mentioned). When he comes back he lubes my ass and his cock and slides right in BB. Wait wasn't I supposed to top?!? Of course we play the flip fuck game for the next hour, and he finally loads me up. He can't take my cock after so I blow my load all over his chest. He then tells me that's the first time he's topped without a condom, and that it was an intense orgasm. Knowing he's into Tantric sex I know it was intense. Monday night I hit up a guy on BBRT who looks promising and right away he tells me to text him. I don't normally do that right away, but I pulled out my backup phone and gave him my info. Turns out he and another top want to play and they've been playing all day. Of course, I'm thinking these guys must be partying, but what the hell I'm horny and maybe they aren't. The second guys profile also looks good and I'm out the door. I get there and the second guy opens the door naked. We start to play and the first guy barely can get hard (damn totally partying and that's not my thing). I'm told to work on second guys cock, and he gets hard no problem and has a great cock. While I'm sucking him the first guy that's strung out jacks a bit and eventually slides in a disappointing small, semi hard cock and pretends to fuck me a bit. Well, fortunately the second guy didn't have that problem, his big fattie got hard easily, and he fucks me for a good fifteen minutes before admitting he's not going to come. I decide to leave, and the second guy says he wants to meet up again. I will definitely not hook up again with the first of these two guys, we shall see on the second guy since he seemed to be more my type. Even later on Monday, a guy I've been chatting with on Scruff & Adam hits me up. He's safe only, but he convinces me to come over. He has a great cock, uncut, latino and at least 8". As expected he uses a condom to fuck me, but not as expected he wants me to flip. I'll have to work on him to get him to go bare. The good news is he doesn't like to rim, so I can get some vaseline up there without him knowing. That brings me to last night. I wake up in the morning to a text from my twinkie latin fuckbud. He likes to get fucked by me and he wants some that night. When he gets here, he likes an anon scene, you know where the bottom walks in on the top "sleeping." Well this time after he gets me nice and hard he starts to play with my ass a bit. He decides he wants to fuck me so slides in raw. He had alluded to that earlier, but said he'd probably come too fast if he did. Well he didn't cum too fast and did a pretty decent job for someone I thought was total bottom. We flip and I slide my fat dick in him and pound his ass. I ask him if he wants to nut in my ass, and he nods his head. I know I can take his cock easily after I cum, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to top him after he came if I wasn't already in. My cock nice n thick, his ass clamps down like a vice grip when he cums. I speed up and focus on shooting quickly, which I don't. Takes me longer than I expect. When I'm done, I get on all fours and he slides in me. This time it doesn't take him long, he blows after a couple minutes. A young twinks. Finally, this guy that I've chatted with on and off over the years agrees to cum over to fuck. He's another safer only guys. I'm going to be ass up waiting for him, so I neglect to put condoms out. On his arrival he starts to make out, rim my ass, tease my hole etc. and all seems to go to plan. He then asks where the condoms are. Well, fortunately I have one or two prepped condoms and make sure that's what he grabs. He rubbers up and then starts to fuck me. I feel it pop on the first stroke, but he either doesn't notice or doesn't care. I do a couple condom checks throughout the fuck, and I can't tell if the condom has bunched or the pop I felt was in a place that the condom didn't roll down. Maybe it wasn't a break after all, hmm... He fucks me like this for at least half an hour. On my 4th or 5th condom check I feel something sticky on my hand when I pull it away and I notice that the tip of the condom is in my hand with lube. About 10 minutes later he pulls out (he did this a few times throughout the fuck, thinking he was edging) and says he needs another condom. Took him long enough to notice! He reaches to where the condoms are and I do nothing. I don't hear the sound of a wrapper at all. He starts to rub his dick on my ass. This turns to a 'just the tip' moment, followed shortly by going balls deep. I don't do any condom fucks this time, and he tells me he takes a long time to cum if at all. Another 20 minutes of fucking and he wants me to sit on his cock, I look and definitely no rubber. I ride him a bit until he cums and he heads out. I look at the clock and realize he was in my ass almost an hour and half. The entire time he was bare. Sorry it's long , I know it's not all loads, and I know it's more than just my last. Seeing how fun my last few days was I really wanted to share since you guys get it!
  9. OK, had some hot action over the last week I have to share. First: This weekend my plans fell through due to weather and being risky to drive too far. I'm hanging at home and a friend of mine texts me, and we end up going out to a seedy bar in town. It's snowing pretty bad outside, but all I care about is I'm having drinks and enjoying the guys around (not that kind of bar). Now my friend and I have played before, years ago when I was new to getting fucked he fucked me (one of the biggest dicks I've taken) and I've sucked him a few times. When we met it was before PrEP so we only fucked with condoms, and it's been years since we fucked. Both of us are cruising the apps, and after a while a fuckbud of mine hits me up. My friend asks who hit me up and I show him and he says something non-committal. Chatting with my fuckbud for a bit I know I'm gonna leave the bar and head to his place for some fun. I tell my friend my plans, and jokingly invite him along. He says he's game, he wouldn't mind a threeway and off we go after we finish our drinks. I tell fuckbud about him, and also give him a heads up that I don't know if my friend will want a condom or not but I don't have any, he does, cool. When we get to fuckbuds place, he meets us outside since his partner is inside sleeping. We go in the laundry of his building, classy right, and start making out. I'm on my knees right away sucking both guys off, fuckbud who has an average cock, and my friend who has a donkey dick. When it finally comes time for me to get fucked I decide to have fuckbud start off since I need to be warmed up before trying to take the donkey cock my friend has. When I turn my ass to him, as per usual he slides in me BB and starts to fuck my ass. I needed this bad! I know my friend sees us go bare and he doesn't say anything, I'm getting spit roasted and high on poppers. Fuckbud pulls out after a bit, and I turn around to suck him and push my ass up against my friend. He does nothing. Just rubs it with his hand a bit, gives me a slap and that's it. Damn, not even a condom unwrapping. A few minutes of this and I turn back around to fuckbud, and start sucking donkey dick. Fuckbud unloads in me, pulls out and I'm still working on the donkey dick. I think I'm going to have to work my donkey dick friends load out orally and I give it my all. He starts to rub my ass again, and after a couple minutes of this he moves to my side so I have to turn my head to suck him, but he has better access to feel my hole. Kind of fun putting on a show, after all, fuckbud is watching. Couple rubs up and down and my donkey dick friend grabs me by the hips and pulls me around, shoves his raw cock in my ass and pounds me for a couple minutes before grunting and unloading! FUCK YEAH! Hope this wasn't a one time thing!
  10. I hate guys who make their ads into a book. I'll read your ad so I know if you like it safe or bare, or are top/btm, but I am not intereste in everything that makes you tick and whether or not you like long walks on the beach after a romantic dinner. If I'm looking for a date I want to find that out, its called conversation.
  11. Been there on a few occasions. While I enjoy the atmosphere, and have found action anytime of year (they used to have outdoor heaters, and in the winter people just play inside) I do sometimes find the way the guys there flock and herd around the action a little annoying. That being said, I've definitely taken advantage of that more than once.
  12. All the above have their merits. When I'm being a cum dump I can advertise tight fresh hole for the first guy. Inevitably I get at least one guy want to know if I have any loads yet since they want an open, loaded hole. When I'm topping, I love when I slide in a wet cummy hole, I've asked bottoms how many loads they have in when I realize they're cummy, I've been told none on more than one occasion which I find hilarious when I know there is a load inside.
  13. Regular bud dropped a load in my hole. I live in a highrise with a sign-in sheet. He comments about the fact I had a guy over before him. I blushed, of course that guy didn't breed me but was fun nonetheless.
  14. Got a bud I haven't seen in a while, want to pull it off but not sure he's the right one. Says Condoms & PrEP on his scruff, but always grabs the condoms quickly even after a tease :-(

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