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  1. Went out with my bud last night. We chatted up this cute guy and I thought it was going to end up in a threeway, but we got cock-blocked by his 'friend.' I get home around 4 AM, horny as hell. My building is a highrise and I see a guy walk in before me as I'm getting out of my Uber. The elevator is open before I'm even in the outer door and I figure I'll miss it, but he's not paying attention until I walk in and follows me in the elevator. Never seen this guy before, beefy, mid-30's black man wearing sweat shorts, a t-shirt & cap. I can see the head of his cock outlined in his shorts. He says something about drinking too much, we make some small chat about that. I get off the elevator, sadly he doesn't follow me off. Too many strike outs for me. I go inside my unit, and check scruff to see if he's there, nope. Check grindr and a faceless profile messages me saying how he wants to 'fuck that badly' I ask for a face pic and say I can use a load. No answer. Send my ass shot. A few minutes later he responds 'safe only' still no face pic. I give him my unit number, unlock the door. He messages 'ass up when I walk in' FUCKING HOT! Guy cums in my place, walks into my bedroom and grabs the condom. I never hear him open it. A few seconds later I feel his cock at my backdoor. I take a big hit of poppers and feel him push into my tight ass. Damn its a big dick. A couple minutes in I do a condom check, no condom! Perfect! He pounds my ass about ten minutes then shoots a huge load in my ass. Thanks me walks out the door. I find the condom and wrapper sitting unused on the table by the door. He got it open, but never put it on. Woke up this morning to another message from him on grindr telling me how good my booty is and to text him anytime. That's a number I'm definitely saving!
  2. Love reading your stories, love getting fucked by middle eastern guys! Fucking hot!
  3. Its funny because when I look at guys that play bare, they have condom on the profile. I leave that blank on one profile and anything goes on another
  4. I noticed some of the profiles on adam4adam are coming up with bareback or condom in the profiles where everything is fill in the blank. Only thing I can't seem to tell how they got it up there or how to search for it. Anyone notice this pop up? It's in the same area where you answer your position, and safe/anything goes preferences. I think it's a step in the right direction, but it doesn't seem like it was intentional?
  5. I rarely have issues with threesomes. A friend of mine once said avoid even numbers in group because it ends up that guys just pair up. I spent some time off here after I posted this, and the comments about being props, seriously? I don't expect to be a prop, and I don't expect other guys I hook up with to be a prop. That is just plain disrespectful. You can't have a gangbang without a cumdump or squirter. I could agree that the communication was poor, but I was very clear that I was looking to service orally and anally.
  6. I agree with you on the first point. It's not fine for everyone, I for one like guys willing to play with the fantasy of the condom breaking. On the comment about having sex with guys who look unhealthy, that is not in itself a guarantee one way or another of keeping yourself from catching something. Viral load can be high without showing symptoms, people that 'look' unhealthy might actually be perfectly healthy. The days of being able to identify people with HIV solely on how healthy they look are long gone. There may be some people that is not the case for, but the vast majority of poz men you would not know have it without seeing lab results. How someone looks is more about personal, subjective preference than not.
  7. So frustrating and I don't know what to make of this. Yesterday while I was on my bareback adam4adam screenname I got hit up by a TopGuy that I've chatted with on and off for a couple of months. It has never worked out to meet up, and I was trying to figure out if he was flaky or just not interested. When I sent him my facepic, he told me he was trying to set up a group thing with one of his VersBuds, and long story short I agreed to meet them later in the evening when his friend got home. I was expecting to get fucked by both, and when I got there, TopGuy was getting his cock sucked by VersGuy. VersGuy was blindfolded and wearing a fetish outfit, and the scene had a lot of potential. It was tight quarters, the way the sofa, ottoman the guys were placed, and I crawled in to start sucking the VersGuys cock. A couple times I tried to suck TopGuys dick, but his VersGuy wouldn't let up long enough for me to show my skills, and while I was trying to suck TopGuys cock VersGuys cock was neglected. At one point when I came up to suck TopGuy, VersGuy grabbed my head and pushed it back into his crotch wanting me to suck him some more. I didn't realize he was close, but he came shortly after and I swallowed his sweet load. TopGuy seemed pissed about this and sat down on the sofa. VersGuy was relaxing in the afterglow of shooting, and I tried to play with TopGuy, but he brushed my hand away from his cock. I didn't know what to make of it, and I asked if he came, he said it would take him a while. His body language was all off, clear he didn't want to play anymore, and the VersBud was lying back on the sofa, blindfolded with a satisfied smile on his face. After a minute or so I decided to leave, because it was just awkward. On the way home, I sent him a text and told him I felt awkward. He texted back asking me, "what happened?" I pointed out him pushing my hand away, and he apologizes saying he didn't mean to do it and made a mistake. He also tells me that VerseBud loved my oral skills. I really don't know what to make of the whole thing, i don't know if I'm asking advice or just trying to get this off my chest, but I felt the whole situation was fucked up. There's always the possibility during a group thing that two of the guys might not be a match, but if I invite a guy I at least make an attempt to play with them even if they aren't what I expected. If they were really bad, I'd probably ask them to leave before the sex got going, but I can't say I've ever had to do that.
  8. Got a nice load planted in my ass by one of my semi-regulars. He's always early morning/late night, always drunk, but has a nice long uncut cock. Loved it!
  9. I don't assume anyone who wants a load necessarily wants to get pozzed. After I took my first load I wanted more, I didn't want STD's though, but there is an addiction to having cum in your ass or even mouth. On another note I find the whole discussion fascinating that some think stealthing is passing a disease on in secret, and some just to get/give a load with someone insisting on condoms. The story covered in various news outlets, around when this thread started, seemed to be more centered on the moral aspect, and pregnancy risk with STI's being a secondary concern. I think the vast majority of men that want the condom off, is not due to them wanting to spread an STI, but because it feels better. Straight and gay alike.
  10. Damn! That is one fucked up, crazy hot story
  11. Thanks for the rep in where i got my last loads.

  12. Wow, sounds like an interesting story there. Grandpa show you the ropes?
  13. Thanks for the rep in where i got my last loads

  14. OMG I love the links to the type of DP you've done! I love when I get DP'd Once both are in I know I'm going to get loads. Group Inverse Missionary seems to be the one I go for.

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