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  1. Had a great flip-fuck with an old bud of mine last night. He's got a nice big fat dick, and loves it raw. I bred him first then sat on his cock and he pumped a load in me.
  2. When I've had the condom break on me, sometimes I know, sometimes I don't. Sometimes the condom just fucking is uncomfortable and I try to get it off him...there's plenty of other discussion threads on this forum about this that get me hard
  3. Can't wait for the next chapter!
  4. NICE! Thinking of all the scenes he was in that would be better with him BB
  5. Hot story to start, lost it when the missionaries walked up....FUCK!
  6. Ironically I just realized that someones post on one of my favorite bareback sites grew up in the same small town I'm from, two doors from close relatives. Excruciatingly small town that everyone knows everyone ;-) PS - seen lots of people I know on various sites of ill repute but this one I have to admit is kind of a delicious find
  7. So the day before yesterday I get hit up on scruff by this latin boy I played with once before. The first time, he fucked me raw (plays safe only) but didn't load my ass. He's asking when we can meet again, offers a few suggestions for a time that works for him, ya know not saying he's horny NOW. We chat a little bit and he says something about needing to wear a condom next time because he wants to cum inside me. On my end my face has a shit eating grin knowing I got him were I want him. Me: What would you like? Him: Yeah. I would like to come inside! Me: mmm nice Him: What do you think? Me: I'm open to both options Him: Actually I don't have a condom. Do you? If you do we can have it there as an option Me: I have one or two I think.... Earlier in the conversation I had told him when he got here, maybe I'd leave the door unlocked for him and wait in the bedroom naked. It was a gamble being he has a 'safe only' persona, some guys are cool fucking bare but some don't like that scene thinking your a cumdump I do have the door unlocked, and when he gets here I get the feeling he has done it before. No words are said, gets naked before coming in the bedroom and the game is on! He's rock hard when he comes to the bed, we make out, I suck him (no need to really though) and have a condom on the nightstand, but he slams his raw uncut cock into me as I knew he would. He goes at it in every position and really is a great fuck. After a half hour or so he makes grunts that make me think he's ready to cum, the last time he pulled out for that, I whisper in his ear 'you still want to cum inside me?' He can only nod his head yes, and I tell him to do it. Bastard fucked me another 10 minutes before he started screaming he was cumming and planted it deep in my ass. BB guilt kicks in and he quickly cleans up and leaves, but later he messages me thanking me for the fun. Can't wait until next time!
  8. I'm behind on my postings. The other day was really hot in town and I decided to get my ass out to the lakefront. Was checking one of the usual places and it was just the wrong time to be there. Families were in the area, not many cruisers, but I did come across a straight black daddy that's down on his luck and sucked his cock in a semi-secluded place. Didn't get his load, but good start to the day. I went home an hour after that, not an more luck, and ended up getting on scruff/grindr. I got hit up by a guy describing himself as having a BBC, but not pics. Very closer. We do some back and forth, he sends me a cock shot, very nice, asks me if I'm in a certain building. Shit, he's one of my neighbors He wants an ass up anon fuck, and who am I to deny him. I assume the position, hear the door open and this GIANT of a man walks in to my bedroom. He his built like a shit-brickhouse and I realize I've seen him around before. Never thought he was into man on man, but here this stud body builder is in my bedroom. He gets on his knees and starts rimming my ass, not expecting that at all. This guy has an amazing tongue, FUCK! 10 minutes of this, he gets up and pushes his rock hard cock deep into my hole and pounds my ass raw. He likes it a certain way and pushes on my back, so that I'm forced deeper into the mattress, it fucking hurts but I grin and bare it. A little while after that, he flips me over and I can explore his chest and watch him enjoy my ass. Finally when he shoots I feel it squirting deep into my ass and it feels AMAZING! I thank him and he leaves. I go back to the phone to see if anyone else has messaged. As I was waiting for the stud to cum to my place, I had messaged another of my neighbors that I had played with before. I know that he's partnered and I told him I was about to get loaded. I messaged him and told him I had a load in. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. BEEP! Yes, he's turned on and wants to add his load to my ass. I haven't even gotten up yet to make sure the last guys load was perfectly placed. He tells me he has to wait a few minutes, so that his partner doesn't know he's leaving. Half an hour later, the door opens again and he comes in. I've never seen him face to face, but I know that he's tall latin and has a nice long uncut cock. He slides in and goes to town. It doesn't take long for him, after all 'pre-lube' is the hottest lube, and soon he's screaming that he's cumming. Slaps my ass, pulls out and out the door he goes. I try for one more load but it doesn't work out sadly. All in all a good day, three hot cocks, two loads planted. I can't complain.
  9. The last of my KW highlights. I was chatting with the guy from my last story, and agreed to meet him at one of the bars. I got there, he was no where to be seen. Almost right after I sit down, the hot FAT-DICK guy from two stories ago walks up to me and sits on the bar-stool. He had hit me up on one of the apps earlier in the day, and we had discussed meeting up the following night to really go at it. He saw me walk in and followed me. This is where I find out he's not cuban, and we chat, sometimes through a translator app, for a good hour or so. My other bud, that I was supposed to originally meet, shows up, but apparently didn't feel like competing and left. He messages me to take the FAT-DICK guy upstairs to a dark room area though, LOL. We eventually make it upstairs, and his Bearded friend from the other night is chatting with someone else. Hmm, maybe a repeat of the last encounter with these men? Or not. I make out with FAT-DICK and he pulls out his cock for me to suck on. Yum, It really is nice. We talk about what we want for sex, and again I want cock in my ass. I bend over and he pulls out a condom and puts in on before sliding in. He is a fucking rough fuck. Pounding my ass like there's no tomorrow. I reach back a couple times for a 'condom check' and notice it's a little rolled down. The third time I reached back I just pull it off and he hesitates but slides in after a few seconds. Now it's a perfect fuck! After another five minutes, I get my ass loaded by his cock. There's more stories I could tell from my trip, but these were by and large the more memorable ones.
  10. Story two in KW was a guy I met online. Nice young, attractive black man that hit me up, wanting to meet and 'hang' at the various bars (straight and gay). It took a couple days, but we agreed to meet up and head to the beach. Felt more of a date-like experience than a hook-up but after a couple hours he offers to show me his place. I was limited on time, this was the middle of the day and my traveling companions and I had plans later and I needed to be back in only an hour by the time I got to his place. We discuss about us being vers, and what we were up for. We make out and pull each others cocks out and FUCK he has a nice piece of meat on him. A good 9" and thick. I know I want that big, young cock in my ass and say so. He decides to use a condom *FUCK* but those of you that know me know I don't turn down safe fucks. It takes him an extraordinary amount of time to put the condom on, but it doesn't look like he's setting up the condom for failure. He pulls out some coconut oil for lube and pushes in me. I have NO poppers so I have to take it like a champ. He whispers in my ear about how tight my ass is. I ask for more oil. He lubes me up, condom looks intact but a little stretched, we go back to him pounding me. 10 minutes later he says he's going to cum and starts moaning and screaming. When he pulls out the condom is definitely not broken, but the load doesn't look that big. I finger my hole and a little bit of cum is definitey in there. When he's not looking I grab the condom and scoop more in my ass. We hung a few other times, but didn't get to fuck again. The last night I was in town it was like that movie 'trick' where we were looking for a good place to play and it didn't work out. I do plan on seeing him next time I'm there and will keep in touch.
  11. Just got back from vacation and didn't have a lot of time to write. Spent the weekend in Key West and had a fucking awesome time. Some highlights that really stand out in the next couple of posts. One night I'm sitting in one of the bars and well dressed, kind of cute middle aged man cruises me a bit. He's ok, but the hot cuban to my right really caught my eye. Shaved head, nice legs yum. I try to cruise him, but a friend of his comes in and starts talking to him. This guy has a full head of hair and full beard, not really my type, keeps bar hopping between the two bars. Anyway, I hit the pisser and while I'm there in walks the bearded guy and goes up to the urinal next to the toilet. There's no real divider in this room and he pulls out a nice long semi-hard uncut piece of quality chorizo. He pisses a few seconds, but then starts stroking his dick while looking at my rising cock. We start jacking each other and another guy comes in to use the facilities so we zip up and leave. I look around at who's still there and his hot friend is missing, so I go straight to the back bar and into the outdoor cruising area. Bearded dude is right behind. We pull our cocks out and continue where we left off in the men's room. There's guys in and out and watching us, but we're having fun. After a few minutes, his friend, the hot cuban guy, comes into the back and is watching us but keeping his distance. After a few minutes he pulls out his dick and starts jacking and comes over to join the fun. I'm servicing two hot uncut cocks. The hot guy, his cock was really fucking fat. Beer-can fat. Once he gets out here it doesn't take long, and his bearded friend starts to make 'i'm fucking shooting noise' and I get my mouth around my cock in time for a nice thick leche. Yum! He leaves and I focus on the fat-dicked bud of his, and after a short-time he re-interpreted his friends performance shooting a nice, tasty load. I later found out that they are brazilian, but that's another post in a few ;-)
  12. I never enjoyed bottoming until I began taking it raw. The condom really does feel bad from both ends
  13. Damn, you have some of the hottest encounters
  14. Went out with my bud last night. We chatted up this cute guy and I thought it was going to end up in a threeway, but we got cock-blocked by his 'friend.' I get home around 4 AM, horny as hell. My building is a highrise and I see a guy walk in before me as I'm getting out of my Uber. The elevator is open before I'm even in the outer door and I figure I'll miss it, but he's not paying attention until I walk in and follows me in the elevator. Never seen this guy before, beefy, mid-30's black man wearing sweat shorts, a t-shirt & cap. I can see the head of his cock outlined in his shorts. He says something about drinking too much, we make some small chat about that. I get off the elevator, sadly he doesn't follow me off. Too many strike outs for me. I go inside my unit, and check scruff to see if he's there, nope. Check grindr and a faceless profile messages me saying how he wants to 'fuck that badly' I ask for a face pic and say I can use a load. No answer. Send my ass shot. A few minutes later he responds 'safe only' still no face pic. I give him my unit number, unlock the door. He messages 'ass up when I walk in' FUCKING HOT! Guy cums in my place, walks into my bedroom and grabs the condom. I never hear him open it. A few seconds later I feel his cock at my backdoor. I take a big hit of poppers and feel him push into my tight ass. Damn its a big dick. A couple minutes in I do a condom check, no condom! Perfect! He pounds my ass about ten minutes then shoots a huge load in my ass. Thanks me walks out the door. I find the condom and wrapper sitting unused on the table by the door. He got it open, but never put it on. Woke up this morning to another message from him on grindr telling me how good my booty is and to text him anytime. That's a number I'm definitely saving!
  15. Love reading your stories, love getting fucked by middle eastern guys! Fucking hot!

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