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  1. bbinbpark

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    This is my number 1, guys that party think a lot higher of their sexual abilities than reality typically bears out. I get so little free time I don't need to spend an hour sucking you to get you hard enough to fuck. Also, good sex is about everyone having a good time. I've yet to have sex with someone partying and they were clearly enjoying it a lot more than I was.
  2. Tonight I was on A4A and saw a guy I recently started chatting with was on. Turns out he was going by my place on his way home, and would be coming in 15 minutes. Not a lot of prep time, but got my ass as ready as possible, and assumed the ass up position. He must have followed someone in, because I never got a call he was here, just heard the door opening. He walks up to me, says oh yeah, drops his pants and starts rubbing his semi on my ass. He fingers my hole, moans, and finally slips his cock in. His raw cock feels great and he starts fucking me nice and slow, this is the perfect fuck! He fucks me probably about 10 minutes and I feel him quicken his pace and start encouraging him to breed me. He shoves hard in me and stops and I feel his cock pulsing. He doesn't move. I start squeezing him and he moans, he says he's not gonna pull out yet and starts pumping again. A couple minutes later says he's going to give me another load, shoves in deep and again I feel him cumming. This time he pulls out. We chat a few minutes, I turned over to see him, and noticed his cock is still hard. I start sucking him and his balls are tight already, he's gonna cum a 3rd time!! He pushes me back, and shoves his cock in my ass again. Like his second load, he pounds like its his last fuck, and after a few minutes screams he's cumming again!! Fuck yeah! 3 loads. This time when he pulled out, still hard, I suck him again and again I feel his balls are tight like he's going to cum. I think I'd work out a 4th load with my mouth, but it wasn't to be in the end. He said I got it all. Look forward to meeting up with this guy again, it was fucking awesome!
  3. Hey buddy,


    I'll be back in Chitown this week.  Been out of the City a lot because we're moving.

    Are you around?  Wed / Thurs?

    I want to make a porno of your beefy hairy ass getting fucked!


    1. bbinbpark


      Fuck man, sorry I haven't been on a few days because of work. Sorry to hear your moving 

  4. bbinbpark

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    Need to go check out some property if your agent is free 😋
  5. Hot story, reminds of when I started finding all sorts of 'safer' guys were on all the BB sites
  6. bbinbpark

    Hung Bahamian

    Last week I met up with this Hung Bahamian who is living here now. We've met up once before, and the first time was a good fuck except the condom he insisted on. He even put it on before I started sucking him. I've been avoiding a repeat for a while, and this last week he started hitting me up again. The size queen in me overrode the cumdump and I agreed to get together with him. One of the problems with getting together is he lives farther away. I picked him up downtown after his class, and brought him to my place. While we had been chatting online/text he had been talking about wanting a romantic relationship, us to sit and talk etc. etc. Well, I can say when we got home, I popped into the bathroom real quick, and by the time I was out he had is pants off and a nice sizeable lump growing. So much for the chat part 😂 Anyway, we start to kiss, and I'm groping his cock and its already rock hard. When I got to my knees and pulled it out of his underwear, I remembered what I liked about this guy. Beercan thick, uncut, and easily 8" (he advertises 9.5".) In short, it is a GREAT cock for sucking/fucking. I start to open my mouth, and expect that he's gonna stop me to put a condom on, but he lets me suck him raw (thankfully) and I thought maybe we'll have a good time after all. We make our way to the bed and I'm sucking him, he's making out with me and it feels good. He stops making out to ask me if I have unsafe sex and how often. I told him I have had it, and it had been a long while (4 days is a long while right). He comments something about 'not that I'm going to do it.' I figure, baby steps, we got the condom off for oral at least. He gets up and says he's gonna go grab a condom. The last time he had brought condoms, lube etc. with and I figured that was the case again. I hear a clunk and realize he might have gone to 'the box' for a condom. 'The box' is where I keep a few condoms in case of an emergency in that I need fucked more than the cum (never happens). It's decorative, with a hinged lid, and when it closes there are two small sharp pins that have been lined up with holes in the base. I accidentally closed the lid on a bareskin magnum before I went to pick him up, and forgot to discard of it. Anyhow, he comes back with a condom and his own lube, I mean seriously it is a full size tube of ID he must travel with all the time. Doing the math, he brought lube but went to my condom stash, plus him asking me about raw sex, and I figure he might want bare after all. I'm not going to push it though. He opens the condom (at this point I don't know which one he got) and he unrolls it a bit before putting it on pornstar style. I assume the position, he lubes his cock and my ass up and then shoves in. OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M IN COMPLETE PAIN! A few minutes of poppers and he's able to get in and fuck me good. Fucked me good and hard doggie, flipped me to my back to pound my hole, and every position in between. On the second or third time he had me on my back and was pounding me, I could feel his cock pushing against my second ring and it was a little hard to take. We're easily in this position for 10 minutes, and it feels like he's working up to cum. I'm massaging his balls with one hand, tweaking his nipples with my other hand and squeezing a message in morse code with my ass. He's still not cumming. I ask what I can do to make him cum and he says I'm doing it. No cum yet. Finally, one of us says they need a break (forget who) and he pulls out and lies on his back. The condom is still on, and he's stroking his cock. I make out with him, and notice he's pulled the condom back a little. I decide to sit on his cock, and before he's pulled the condom off I do this. He seems to enjoy it and he pounds me a little, I bounce on his cock some and this seems to be a good position to work to that cum goal. I start clenching my sphincter on the upstrokes, thinking maybe I'll get the rubber off him. Apparently, I did. After a couple minutes of raw fucking (wasn't sure at this point) he decides he wants me missionary, on my stomach. He pushes in fucks me a couple more minutes then starts grunting. A silent cummer! After he pulls out, he sticks his fingers deep in my hole, fishing around for the condom. I think it was in my second ring with as deep as he was going, but he finally finds it and pulls it out. When he goes to the washroom, I clean up around the bed and find the condom package. He took the condom that accidentally got pricked, and I must say I'm impressed it didn't break after what it went through! He fucks me again that night, but doesn't cum, and in the morning we fuck again, without condom. Now here's the thing, I haven't figured out if he knew the condom was pricked or not. Given the way he acts and talks, I can see him completely missing that detail, but possible he knew as well and was trying to go raw without admitting it. Will see if we get together again how it goes 😉
  7. Been a while since I posted, but last night was a great night that I won't forget. Started off meeting a guy I met on BBRT, went to his place, beautiful highrise view of the lake and downtown, and nice big cock to suck on. Sucked him while enjoying the view, and after a while he wanted to rim my hole. Loved it, slid in and fucked me good and hard. Unfortunately he was a little too poppered up and ended up having to finish him off with my mouth. I got home and had a message from a guy that wanted to get together for a massage trade. I also had a message from a fuckbud. My fuckbud was really horny, and wanted me to bump the other guy. Load or massage? The choice was tough, but in 15 minutes my fuckbud was walking in with me blindfolded, ass up. He made sure to take an extra long time enjoying my mouth. Normally I'm sucking his nice, cut cock for a ltitle while, but last night he knew I was on a schedule and he was going to draw it out as long as he could. There were several times I was sure he was going to blow his load in my throat, but each time he edged it back. After what seemed like an eternity he finally told me to turn around and get on fours so he could fuck me. His first thrust in he paused, I squeezed, he moaned and I knew I had him right where I wanted him! Normally when we fuck he does this, and when I squeeze my ass hard and fasti, it puts him over the edge he'll pound it out then and there. I was gentle with him and didn't do that, I wanted him to enjoy it. It didn't matter in the end, just an occasional squeeze was enough for him decide he had to dump his load. He probably was in my ass only about 10 minutes, but he was here almost an hour. So, I debate, freshen up or not? No, not gonna do it, just a massage right? This guy shows up to my place, and he's like seven foot tall! I give him a great rubdown, when he turns over his cock is standing 8" tall. I think to myself, guess I won't get the massage in return LOL. He's been playing with my cock, and I don't know if he's going to want me to fuck him or what. I decide to start blowing him and after a few minutes he tells me I should sit on it. Who am I to argue. I suggest we go to the bed, and lie back. He makes out with me and starts teasing my hole. He asks me if I need lube, I tell him no I'm good, and he makes a comment about how I must have lubed up for the massage. SURE! Why not! He slides in me and I realize I need a hit of poppers. After I take a deep hit he starts working, and says "oh yeah you've got plenty of lube." Keeps sliding in my hole, and then asks me when I got fucked last "this afternoon" was my response (it's like midnight by then) he starts to laugh and continues to work my hole. A few minutes later he asks me, is that cum in your hole? "Yes" I admit. This makes him hotter, and he keeps working my hole. Another 20 minutes, half a dozen positions later and he pumps another load deep in my hole. Afterwards, he tells me he's neg on prep. I go to bed very much satisfied. Hope to see him again soon! Felt great getting back in the saddle again!
  8. bbinbpark

    MOST PUBLIC location?

    10-20 feet from Lakeshore Drive in Chicago. Totally exposed, but we went for it. If the drivers had slowed down and been looking at the right spot would have been game over! Loved it!
  9. C tends to work for me, amazed how a little hint in the chat can make a guy want bare. Or almost every safe only guy here secretly hates condoms (likely)
  10. bbinbpark

    POLL: Ever fuck a "Safe Sex Only" guy bare?

    I put sometimes down, but the reality for me is I'd say 8 out of 10 guys that say safe only end up bare with me at some point. Sometimes is more accurate, but the yes is closer to reality, at least in my case.
  11. bbinbpark

    POLL: CONDOMS: Does ANYONE ever use them?

    Like a few others, I please the top, he can take me how he wants to. That being said, 2 safe fucks and then they go raw or I lose interest, it's like the 3rd date right?
  12. bbinbpark

    Market Days

    It's more social than pride, less out of towners coming so you're gonna be with more of the locals looking to make good connections. Or so I'm told 😉
  13. A couple good times last night that I feel the need to immortalize. I was visiting family over the weekend, and while perusing Adam I got a hit from a guy visiting Chicago, and his profile talks about him having a 9.5" cock, he's 50'ish and white. The pick looked nice but didn't look like 9.5" to me in picture, and white guys that hung are rare as can be. Anyway, he told me he was in town a while, and wanted to meet up when I was back home. I told him my first free night back, and didn't think anything of it. Last night I pop on to Adam and he sends me a message asking if I was still up for meeting later on! A few messages between each other and we arrange time and place etc. He gets here, later than expected, and we started making out. I reach down and feel his cock, hard already, but it doesn't feel like it's even 8" but nice and respectable size! When I get down on my knees and pull his cock out, it seems to have gotten a little bigger, not fully hard. I start working on his cock and it continues to grow. 9.5" turns out to be true! Not only that this is one of the thicker cocks I've ever had. The only bad thing, he wants to fuck safe and brought his own condoms. No worries, I wanted that monster in me any way I could get it. It took several minutes (thank god I had fresh poppers) to get him inside me and really start fucking. I do make a few subtle tries to get the condom off while fucking me, but was unsuccessful. When he wanted a break the condom was half off! He puts a fresh one on before fucking me again and we go for round 2 (he's not cum yet). Several times I think he's going to but he apparently can't cum in a condom and ass. I ended up working his load out orally, and it, like his cock, was HUGE. When he left I looked at my phone and realized he'd been here an hour and half! We talk about how long he's in town and will probably meet up again. Later on I got hit on by another guy who ended up planting a nice load in my ass. He was average cock, good fuck, but not as exciting a story! Hope the hung guy shoots in me next time, think he might be open to raw play on the second date from a few cues I picked up.
  14. So the guy I was talking about coming over (mr Safer Only that finally went bare) came by and pounded a load into my ass. This guy has a beercan thick cock and damn did it feel good. I don't know who has the bigger dick, guy 1 or 2. One isn't quite as thick but is definitely longer. Guy two is definitely thick, and when he was lying in the bed I realized his cock is pretty damned long too. My ass is nice and squishy now!

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