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  1. Was downtown with friends tonight. We talked about going out to one of the bars after dinner, but it was getting late for the other boys being a 'school night' so we ended up parting ways. On the train home I was on grindr/scruff, as was my friend LOL, and didn't really get any hits. When I got home I noticed a guy had hit on me on Grindr in the Lincoln Park area so he must have picked me up when I popped up on grindr. Profile says grad school, in his 20's, he's a nice tall beefy black dude according to his picture. I hit him back and he respondes asking me if I'm horny. Of course I'm horny! I ask him what he's into, he says he's looking to top or get some head. I send him my ass, he sends me his cock (LOOKS HUGE) and after some chit chat he agrees to cum over. This guy is probably 6'4" 230lbs and when he arrives he is just my type! He comes in and starts to take his coat off, drops his pants and he is totally rock hard already. I get down on my knees and start sucking him, he's not even naked yet. His cock is a good 8" minimum, nice n thick with a slight curve just beneath the head. Perfection! We move to the bed and I continue worshipping his cock. He starts stroking my ass while I'm sucking him. A few minutes of this and he pulls my ass over to his face and starts rimming me while I'm sucking him. This guy has an expert tongue, no doubt he's learned he needs to open up his bottoms first. I come off him, and he rolls me over and starts kissing me, stroking my cock, and then he sucks me a little bit. When he comes up, my legs are around his waist and his cock is rubbing my hole. He asks if I want him to fuck me. Of course I say yes! He asks for lube, and I have some boy butter waiting. Take a hit of poppers, spread some on my ass and cock and he pushes in almost too fast, but it felt great. He doesn't get his cock all the way in, can feel it hitting my second ring, and know its going to take some time. He stops with his cock inside and I give him a gentle squeeze, he moans and I know I got him wrapped around my little finger. This guy is amazing, he keeps telling me how I have him rock hard and I keep telling him how great his big cock feels. Eventually he is able to get his entire cock in my ass, my second ring has opened. After a while he pulls out and lays on his back, I ask if he wants me to ride him and he says yes. I sit on his cock. A few minutes of riding he says he can cum anytime and do I want him to. I tell him its up to him because I'm here to please his cock. He tells me to keep riding him, a few minutes later he starts moaning and tensing up. I come off his cock and one little drop of cum is at the tip still. I suck it and it tastes delicious. We lie on the bed, chatting for a while and agree to meet up again. Looking forward to round 2. All in all the perfect end to the day!
  2. Last night I was feeling kind of horny to top and popped on grindr. A few days prior a fuckbud of mine had hit me up when I was out of town begging for my cock. He was on. I messaged him and got the best response ever. Told me he was two stops away on the train, and to tell him right away if I wanted to breed him. I of course said yes. He shows up, comes in, uses the washroom then comes into the living room where I'm 'napping' (one of our scenes) and gingerly starts to suck my cock. This boy is good, lots of suction right away, and I get rock hard in moments. He sucks me a while and my arm comes down to rest on his ass, stick my finger in him and he starts moaning. He sticks his finger in my ass (knows I'm verse) and damn that really gets me going. A few minutes of this and then he climbs on top of me, and gingerly slides down. Not so smooth this time, he didn't lube my cock with his spit so it took longer than usual for him to impale himself. We change positions after a little while so I can pound his hole. I get real close, pull out to edge myself. Damn I needed this fuck, been too long, drive back in him and pump a few minutes more before shooting my load deep in his boy butt. He jacks his cock off and shoots a load into his hand. Not a bad reunion
  3. Grindr chumming? Is it worth it?

    Always fun trying to find the ways to get around. I have mixed results on each method. Really interested to know if the PrEP safe only black guy comes back and breeds u in the end
  4. Arab Breeders

    Definitely enjoy when I come across a hot arab breeder. I used to have a regular that would have me come to his place, his condo was on the top floor of a walkup and he would have me come upstairs, strip down in the stairwell, and get into the doggie style position so that he could just open up the door and breed me. Damn that was hot when he would do it. Nice FAT dick on him.
  5. New Years Day: After I got home from a friends party, I was cruising the apps while I wound down from the booze and pot I had. This faceless profile on scruff hits me up and I look at the profile, versatile, asian, safe yada yada but I say hi. I was clearly feeling horny, because without seeing his face, I give him my address. He speaks in broken english on the app, and keeps saying he's on the way and an eta that doesn't change in 20 minutes LOL. He had suggested he wanted to fuck me and made a point to say he was negative. Anyway, he finally shows up at my place and when he walks in his pants are partly down, he clearly is in the same boat as me smells like pot, and a little tipsy. Can barely get his coat and sweater off, even though his cock is out. I get on my knees and suck his uncut cock, and it doesn't take long before he is rock hard. He grabs my poppers and snorts some then forces me to snort and it is kind of hot. This guy is not my normal type at all, but I want his load. I suck him a good 20 minutes and he has a little precum out and he starts acting like he just came. Shaking, moaning, and collapsing on the sofa. Well that was a letdown. He starts asking me if I was ok, and I told him yeah, he reaches for my cock and compliments me. He asks if I had cum and I tell him I hadn't. He sits there and makes small talk a minute, then says that he wants to cum again. Interesting... he's rubbing his cock and I reach for it to find its hard. He reaches for my ass and sticks a finger in my hole, asking if he can fuck it. I bend over, and he makes a point to say he's neg, and ask for lube. As he's asking for lube he's pushing in. Of course I had lubed up before he got here so there was no issue with him pushing in. He pounds me about 5 minutes, starts shaking, and pulls out. I can tell he came. This is one of the largest loads I've taken in ages. There is NO way when he "came" earlier that he shot. It was all in my ass, and it felt good. I kicked him out happy to know that I had popped my 2018 cherry
  6. New Years Eve: Had a fuckbud/client over for a massage. Hadn't seen him in ages. He was real tight and I had to work on him a while. When he flipped he greated me with a rock hard cock. I began to worship him with my mouth. A few minutes of this, I climb up and sit down on his cock raw. He is in ecstacy, and doesn't take long to shoot. As always a nice big creamy load from him. After this I had an appointment for me to get a rubdown as well. I showed up at the guys place and he's fucked me on occasion, but never bare. I think he was more in the mood to make me cum by jacking because he spent a good 10 minutes pulling my cock. He got me close several times but kept changing position or hand when I got close. He eventually pulls my ass over the side of the table, and as per usual pulls a condom out and on. I notice he always uses oil for lube, and woner if he'll break the condom with it. He fucks me for a few minutes, and then stop, pulls cock partly out and looks down at his cock, pushes back in, keeps staring as he pumps my hole. Doesn't say anything, but I'm curious. I've already come and he didn't notice it. He pounds me a few more minutes, never acts like he cums, then he finally asks if I came and then pulls out when I said I had. I look at his cock, and it looks like the head is bare, at least I can't see the condom. I get home and stick my finger in my ass and it feels and smells cummy, seems like he may have bred me after all :-) Can't wait to next time. His is the last of 2017
  7. Be hot, if at a NYE party and getting bred with people around is how I'd want it
  8. Won Big at Casino

    I have the sudden urge to go play blackjack
  9. Hotel breedings in Louisville

    That is a fucking hot story man! A fantasy cum true, in your ass
  10. Xtube Gloryhole collection

    Nice, I come across some on pornhub every now and then. Always hot. He had some good public bathroom hookups too, but the gloryhole ones were so good
  11. Cruising

    Curious a couple of you mention getting arrested. Were those the cop seeing what you did, or did they try and lure you to do it and then arrest? Or did anyone find the guy they just had sex with arrest them? I've heard of cops that were off duty cruising the cruising areas to get off and wondering how true this is. I've never been caught, but I don't do it too often. The area near me is great when the summer has everything grown out, if too early so easy to be seen.
  12. My First Encounter on Craigslist

    I hope you enjoyed it, glad you shared it because it sounds like one hot fuck
  13. Tranny porn

    I love when I come across various pornstars that only fuck with condom in gay porn will do it bare in tranny porn sometimes. ChristianXXX comes to mind, he used to do gay porn under a different name and never went bare. A lot of his new stuff is bb tranny
  14. Wow! Just had another guy leave a load in me. He dropped by because he needed someone to relieve his stress. Flipped him over after rubbing him to see a nice hard cock and I had to suck it. I go and sit right on it bare, he fucks me a couple minutes then asked for a condom. Damn! He felt some of the cum from the last guy, he made a comment about seeing his name on the sign-in sheet when he got to my building LOL. Anyway, he pounded me hard and fast, and at the end I hear him pull the condom off before shoving his cock in my ass to breed it. Feels good.
  15. Just got a load from a hung asian bud of mine. He says he hasn't bred anyone in 3-4 months, not so sure on that, but he is an awesome fuck and planted a huge load in me

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