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  1. Long since lost track, well into double digits, but a small slice when I think of the number of encounters I've had.

    If only, but it probably would scare away a number of the load givers. Namely the straight guys that need to get their rocks off and need to play safe for the wife, but something more happens in the end. There are a lot of them out there thankfully
  3. He wanted to use a condom, when he came (fast) I held it in my hole when he pulled out, pushed the rest of it in. FAT BBC, hoping next time will be raw, but not sure he'll last more than 2 strokes bare

    That's odd, looks the same to me....

    Whatever will the closet cases, and partnered men do now to find hot man2man sex
  6. Fucked Under the Stall - Twice

    Fucking hot!
  7. "Condom Broke" vid on xtube

    Checkout condom-to-bareback on tumblr. Great links there
  8. I get tired of the guys wanting me to call/text them after the second message. The other day I was chatting with a guy on Adam, chatted a few times with him, and he wanted me to call him yada yada. Wasn't really in the mood, I was ready for bed LOL. So I call him and it goes straight to voicemail. I mean seriously? If you want to chat on the phone fucking turn it on, and answer it. I messaged him that I tried, didn't hear back, so I went to bed. That happened Thursday, today I wake up and he messaged me asking why I didn't call him back right away. Pissed me off, I told him off.
  9. Raw at work

    Damn! I'll never look at the doc's going into the call-rooms at night the same again!
  10. I was supposed to meet up with this one guy I had been talking to, big cock, and was going to be when I got up. For some reason that fell through. I was on Adam and browsing the guys when I got hit up by this younger guy. About 25ish, Asian, not my normal type, but I was horny and saw that he was a versatile top and had nothing listed for condom/bare. We chat a bit and I tell him up front I'm looking to be a BB bottom, and he immediately replies he needs to fuck me. Off to a good start. We chat some more, make arrangements and after he gets off work I find my ass in the air waiting him to walk into my darkened apartment. This boy goes to town on eating my ass out. He's incredibly talented at making me moan with just my tongue. He eventually jumps into bed and has me start sucking him. Not the biggest cock, but decent girth, and tastes like pussy. I'm thinking he's been in a woman earlier? Hmmm..... He pulls me up to him and tells me to sit on his cock, I lower myself onto it and it feels so good. He starts pounding me from underneath, and I'm amazed he can fuck so much while I'm on top. We switch off positions a couple times, he says he's not ready to cum and pulls out a few minutes into it so I know he's doing good. I start telling him to give it to me and all of a sudden he starts to pound my ass like a jackrabbit. Hard, fast, rhythmic. He keeps this up longer than I thought was possible, and then suddenly says he's gonna cum. He shoots a nice big load in my ass! He pulls out, we chat some, and he makes a comment asking why I don't have a line. He he.....can't wait til next time with him, So little did he know, a fuck bud of mine, the one that gave me my last load of 2017, had messaged me when the guy that had just left had initially contacted me. I had strung him along a bit, and didn't commit, wasn't sure if I could do more than one tonight, but when chatting with me he told me a time he'd be free. I realized it was an hour after the first guy was supposed to cum to my place so I figured, what the hell. Maybe I can give him some sloppy seconds. I know this guy doesn't like fucking used hole though, so I have to be coy about it. He had been texting me while guy #1 was fucking me, and of course I hadn't answered. I smoothed it over and made a few comments to make him riled up and sat there ass up waiting for him. He arrives and our usual fucking around is me sucking him while I'm blindfolded and he eventually pulls my ass up to play with and then slides in. This is of course how we start. Now the last time this guy has cum by and I had a guy before him, he's made a comment about the sign-in sheet at the doormans desk having my apartment listed by another guy. This time he hadn't said anything. When he slides into me it is heavenly. I have not let on that I had taken a load already. He probably fucks me a good 10 minutes when I start hearing that tell-tale sound of cock going in and out a sloppy-hole. Yikes, the jig is up I think. He doesn't say anything. A few minutes later he finally says, "you got another guys load in you don't you" and I tell him I do. At first I think he's gonna pull out, but he keeps going. As a matter of fact he's fucking me even harder now. This guy tends to edge a little when fucking, pulls out every now and then, or stops his thrusting. When he stops thrusting I give his cock a little squeeze, and he says "Trying to make me cum?" I make a joke about that "of course, I need us to go on to Maury so that you can be told you're the father." He chuckles then starts thrusting again. Once again he is pounding me harder than usual. He's almost as rough as guy #1 was. Finally he says the words that are music to my ears "I'm cumming" and I feel his cock pulsating in my hole! We kiss, hug and say goodbyes and I feel fulfilled. Before guy #2 had shown up I had been messaged by a fuckbud that is a goldstar barebacker! I had told him I had a load in and might be getting #2. Well, after #2 was in I quickly popped on and messaged him I had just gotten fucked. I wanted him to cum over and give me #3 but in the end he was more persuasive and I went to his place. This guys BF is usually home, tonight he wasn't there so we were able to fuck in the house instead of a few other places in his building we've found. He doesn't last long in my ass, and again the goodbyes and hugs, see ya next time and this time I'm off to go home. When I get home I let it out, I swear this wad of cum was almost the size of a baseball! The perfect number of loads in a 24 hour period! Off to bed now, hope you enjoyed
  11. Been a slow start to the year, but this past day a few exciting things so it's a good time to post. Started off last night with this guy I had been chatting with. Guy is a 6'4" 200 something pound black guy who wants to cum fuck me. Unfortunately he tells me he doesn't fuck bare. Damn. He shows up and makes a comment about forgetting his condoms. Yes! But then insists he still needs to use them. This guy has a beer can thick cock, I mean it is really fucking thick. I had used some elbow grease for lube, and I was hoping the one condom I found would break, but when he was done it had not. My ass was sore as fuck, but in spite of the condom it was a really good fuck. For cumming in a rubber, there was not much a load inside it. Later on it seemed like some had gotten through the rubber and was in my ass. I hopped on scruff and a semi-regular bud that I hadn't seen in ages was on. It was late, but I figured I'd message him anyway. I told him what had happened, and that I needed a good bare fuck and next thing I know I'm on the way to his place. This guy is a mixed race bear, hairy, average length but thicker cock and he gave me just what I needed. We sucked each other off a while, and it is heavenly. Eventually I find myself in doggie style position and he's sliding his raw cock, spit for lube in my hole. Thank god I'm getting some raw cock! 3 positions later and he screams he's about to cum and just tenses up, I can feel his piece pulsating in my tight hole and I keep telling him to give it to me. We kiss, say good bye and I head home to bed. Before bed though I did a little prep cleanout since I was possibly meeting up with another guy early the next morning, but that fell through. I will say that headstart was a good thing though....
  12. Gloryhole fuck

    A lot of times if he wants to fuck he'll pull his cock out of your mouth and out of the hole for a bit. If he does that push your ass against the hole and see what happens. You can also try to back your ass up on him after sucking him a bit too. If he pushes in he's game, if he pulls his cock back during that then it is pretty clear he wants oral only. This usually works when he isn't pulling back out of the hole to edge etc. Lastly, you can just ask, sure the anonymity of a gloryhole frequently results in nothing being said between both of you, but sometimes that is the best way to get the answer.
  13. Fuck yeah!
  14. Was downtown with friends tonight. We talked about going out to one of the bars after dinner, but it was getting late for the other boys being a 'school night' so we ended up parting ways. On the train home I was on grindr/scruff, as was my friend LOL, and didn't really get any hits. When I got home I noticed a guy had hit on me on Grindr in the Lincoln Park area so he must have picked me up when I popped up on grindr. Profile says grad school, in his 20's, he's a nice tall beefy black dude according to his picture. I hit him back and he respondes asking me if I'm horny. Of course I'm horny! I ask him what he's into, he says he's looking to top or get some head. I send him my ass, he sends me his cock (LOOKS HUGE) and after some chit chat he agrees to cum over. This guy is probably 6'4" 230lbs and when he arrives he is just my type! He comes in and starts to take his coat off, drops his pants and he is totally rock hard already. I get down on my knees and start sucking him, he's not even naked yet. His cock is a good 8" minimum, nice n thick with a slight curve just beneath the head. Perfection! We move to the bed and I continue worshipping his cock. He starts stroking my ass while I'm sucking him. A few minutes of this and he pulls my ass over to his face and starts rimming me while I'm sucking him. This guy has an expert tongue, no doubt he's learned he needs to open up his bottoms first. I come off him, and he rolls me over and starts kissing me, stroking my cock, and then he sucks me a little bit. When he comes up, my legs are around his waist and his cock is rubbing my hole. He asks if I want him to fuck me. Of course I say yes! He asks for lube, and I have some boy butter waiting. Take a hit of poppers, spread some on my ass and cock and he pushes in almost too fast, but it felt great. He doesn't get his cock all the way in, can feel it hitting my second ring, and know its going to take some time. He stops with his cock inside and I give him a gentle squeeze, he moans and I know I got him wrapped around my little finger. This guy is amazing, he keeps telling me how I have him rock hard and I keep telling him how great his big cock feels. Eventually he is able to get his entire cock in my ass, my second ring has opened. After a while he pulls out and lays on his back, I ask if he wants me to ride him and he says yes. I sit on his cock. A few minutes of riding he says he can cum anytime and do I want him to. I tell him its up to him because I'm here to please his cock. He tells me to keep riding him, a few minutes later he starts moaning and tensing up. I come off his cock and one little drop of cum is at the tip still. I suck it and it tastes delicious. We lie on the bed, chatting for a while and agree to meet up again. Looking forward to round 2. All in all the perfect end to the day!
  15. Last night I was feeling kind of horny to top and popped on grindr. A few days prior a fuckbud of mine had hit me up when I was out of town begging for my cock. He was on. I messaged him and got the best response ever. Told me he was two stops away on the train, and to tell him right away if I wanted to breed him. I of course said yes. He shows up, comes in, uses the washroom then comes into the living room where I'm 'napping' (one of our scenes) and gingerly starts to suck my cock. This boy is good, lots of suction right away, and I get rock hard in moments. He sucks me a while and my arm comes down to rest on his ass, stick my finger in him and he starts moaning. He sticks his finger in my ass (knows I'm verse) and damn that really gets me going. A few minutes of this and then he climbs on top of me, and gingerly slides down. Not so smooth this time, he didn't lube my cock with his spit so it took longer than usual for him to impale himself. We change positions after a little while so I can pound his hole. I get real close, pull out to edge myself. Damn I needed this fuck, been too long, drive back in him and pump a few minutes more before shooting my load deep in his boy butt. He jacks his cock off and shoots a load into his hand. Not a bad reunion

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