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  1. I hit up this guy on grindr this past weekend that I was hoping I would get together with. Several years ago we'd play regularly, he'd cum over and breed me at night a couple times a week. Nice FAT cut cock, on a built, smooth middle eastern bod. He's not built like a body builder, but real solid. I loved getting fucked by him. He got skittish about BB fucking and disappeared for a long time. I came across him on Grindr and if I saw him on would say hi, not always getting a response. A few times he did respond and we chatted, him acting like he didn't know who he was chatting with, sent me his cock shot (which I can't find now DAMN). His profile states he is NOT looking for any hookups, I always find it funny when guys say that. This weekend he responded to me and we were chatting for a while. He asked me if I still lived in my old place, and we talked about playing. He brought up being on PrEP but also talked about wanting to use condoms etc. He wasn't up for it that night, but I thought it was a possibility soon given our conversation. Tonight I popped on grindr, had to leave that fucking app up since the alerts suck, and messaged him asking what he was doing. He responded later saying he was horny, and then the conversation was as though we'd never chatted. WTF?!? He agrees to come over to my place, we set a time, and that's that. I don't expect him to show, but he does! He's clearly nervous when he comes in my place. We start making out, I drop to my knees and pull his cock out and start working on it. At first he can't get hard, and I'm thinking, fuck! He pulls his shorts up, and I think he's going to leave because he's not into it, but instead he goes and sits on the couch and pulls his soft cock out again. I get on the couch and start sucking him and make sure my ass is accessible. He reaches over to rub my ass, wearing a jock and have a little lube in me, and that seems to do the trick. He starts firming up, and soon his cock is rock hard at attention. I get down between his knees and just worship his cock. After a few minutes he says he wants my ass. Now I'm at a crossroads, do I pull him into the bedroom where the condoms are out, or just sit on him raw now? I am pretty sure his cock is going in my raw, even though he asked about using condoms when we chattted, multiple times, I knew he loved fucking me raw. I take the chance and pull him to my bed. I take a little elbow grease and push it in my ass, thinking he'll lube up with his cock after me. I get on bed, ass up, and at the edge, without a word he SHOVES his huge fat dick in my ass, without condom or lube and it fucking HURTS like hell! He stops, I'm thinking how do I handle this cock this, way, and then he starts to fuck. I am really in heaven, he knows what he's doing. Nice in slow, sometimes he starts pounding, then stops, repeats, edging himself. When he stops I squeeze his cock with my ass, and he definitely enjoys that. It doesn't take him long to say that he doesn't want to cum just yet. He's stopped pushing in me and I couldn't stop myself, I squeezed, he starts moaning and after a few seconds all of a sudden pulls out. I ask if he came in me, he said 'a little' He uses the bathroom, gets dressed and leaves. I hope that we do a repeat sometime soon. PS 'a little' was a lot
  2. Smart Phones

    I've had guys ask for that and don't take too much offense. Some people don't charge until the battery is depleted in order to extend the life, so it's bound to happen sometime. One guy that comes to mind is a regular fuck bud and I know he's not looking for other guys after
  3. German Porn Star Turned Spy??

    Interesting read, truth is stranger than fiction in this case
  4. Bud of mine and I were chatting on Adam, hadn't seen him over a week and after beating around the bush he told me he had a big load of cum for me. Unloaded his fat latin cock in my ass 20 minutes later. Good way to end the weekend
  5. One of the guys I fucked a while back, the one who said he wanted to use a condom the second time he fucked me so he could cum in me, returned. Like the last visit he bred me. He hasn't suggested the condom again. Thinks he figured out what I like. Oh, and worked overnight last night so this was really my 'nightcap' before bed LOL
  6. Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    I would've died if I had that conversation. When I disclosed my status change I only have a select few family members who knew about it. The family I told I did not tell that I am primarily a BB fucker/fuckee. I think one of them may have deduced that, and many of my friends know I'm a BB slut.
  7. GREAT position for fuck'n...deeper and deeper.  I can just imagine that you were drip'n CUM from that position for days afterwards.

  8. A guy I got fucked by a couple months ago hit me up earlier. I forgot how rough he can be. I mean he pounds, slaps, gagged me with his thick BBC before he finally filled me up. This session was notable because He fucked me in this position
  9. Last trick of the day just left. Met up with the cute latin guy that I met a couple weeks ago tonight. He had been messaging me all last week and I couldn't get my schedule in sync with his. He gave me a nice big load. Later on was hit up by this hot black guy saying he knew me. A few messages later and he's driving in from the outer suburbs to breed my ass. Huge load, bedtime now. Can't wait for tomorrow!
  10. Sunday night I had to cut my holiday weekend short due to being ‘on-call’ at work. Was out at the family vacation home before that, and hadn’t had a chance to get away for some cock. I was pretty relieved to get back to the den of delectable delights called Chicago. However, I didn’t go all out looking for cock, had a long drive and just wanted to relax. Drinking was out of the question, so I was limited in what I could do for fun. I was cruising on adam and chatted with a guy that I’d seen on and off over the years, and he was a hot daddy that was versatile. We chatted, and he got horned up but said he couldn’t ‘now’ and we talked about another meet up. Most everyone online at that point that was looking were seriously the dregs, but a couple potentials. This one guy had hit me up a couple days prior and I hadn’t bothered to respond, not really my type, no info in my profile etc. I decided to say hi to him and see if maybe he was a guy looking to dump a load. It’s very clear that this guy is a little odd, his profile is fixated on meeting ‘the one’ type of situation, he responds to me and tells me he’s looking to chat etc. I had nothing pressing, and I was just chatting with him until I found THE “one AM” guy. This guy was clearly fucking horny, but he’s clear across town and I never play with guys from that area. When he asks me what I want I, flat out say ‘to get fucked,’ and to say that changed the tone of the conversation is a huge understatement. He messages me almost right away to say he was going to come over. LOL this guy is definitely horny. He asks me if I’m going to be up “hours later” and at first I was confused. After digging deeper I realize he’s an hour and half away via public transit. That’s how desperately horny this guy was. I did not think he was serious so I started throwing out the usual ‘yield’ signs that slow guys down. I knew he was looking for safe only, and asked if he wanted “rapped or raw” and he said “wrapped” he was grabbing condoms and leaving. Every 15-30 minutes I get a message and realize oh crap this guys serious. WTF, take his load, if he’s a cool guy I’ll drive him home, but my money is on him taking the train home after he dumps his load. He ends up at my place and, he is definitely horny. I pull his cock out, nice uncut piece of meat but he claimed he was bigger than me and I definitely got him beat. We make out, suck each other off for a bit and when the time comes he puts his condom on and I make sure to use a nice oily lube just in case. He pushes hard in but surprisingly the condom didn’t break like I thought it would. He’s actually a pretty good fuck in spite of not being my type. He fucks me about 10 minutes then pulls out and wants to suck my cock. I see the condom has started to bunch, and he’s stroking his cock through the condom while sucking my cock. After a few minutes, he takes the condom off and keeps stroking. Ok, that’s cool let’s see if he goes the next step. He’s lying on his back and I decide a little frottage close to my bare hole, and he just might slip in. It only takes about a minute and he’s in me bare and starts moaning as if he’s never fucked ass before. He does surprise me, usually I can make a BB virgin cum fast, but he just keeps pounding me. Wonder if he wanted it that way, only condom scenario 😉 Anyway he fucks me a good solid 30 minutes then pulls out again to stroke himself. I had shot, not intentionally, and he jacked himself a bit and shot a big load all over himself. I sooped up as much as I could pushed it in my hole so I could sleep with a nice present. The next morning the guy I had originally chatted with on Adam texted me and asked if he could drop by. Turns out my place is right by the same place he starts his run, and he needed to blow off some steam. This guy I’d chatted with on and off over the years, and he always made a point to bring up condoms. We did an ass up waiting thing, and he comes in my place and immediately starts rimming. When he’s got me slicked up he gets up and pushes his raw cock in my ass. Glad he didn’t practice what he preached. Only a couple minutes of fucking and he blows his load. What a great way to start a run. Finally, a couple hours later I sit on a fuckbuds cock after giving him a rubdown. He shoots the third load in me in less than 12 hours.
  11. Went out for drinks with one of my friends last night. Sometimes we play, mostly we don't but I always prep myself. Didn't stay out too late, he had to be up early. I dropped him off and felt a bit hungry, being the night owl I am, and decided to go to a late night restaurant close to my place. As I was driving that way, I noticed my phone had a message on Adam4Adam, and I took a peak....whaddayaknow?!? It's the top guy I met a couple nights ago messaging saying he hopes we can play again soon. I message him back and ask if he wants my ass now, and he says yes. I tell him as long as I find parking he could fuck me. The parking gods were good to me, I found a spot a block from his place. Message him I'm on the way and head over. Damn, I love this guy! Same as last time, just inside the door we start making out, i get down and worship his cock, he bends me over and pushes his meaty piece in me. This time I'm watching in the mirror on the wall (entire wall is mirrors, very tacky but perfect in a situation like this) and just enjoying seeing his cock sliding in and out of my ass. We make our way to bed and he's able to last a lot longer this time. Blows a huge load in my ass. I get dressed, give him a quick kiss and off my ass goes to get my late night tacos. Glad I got out of the house last night, even more glad I prepped myself before I left
  12. Almost forgot to update on my last loads. Tuesday night I was cruising Adam4Adam. Haven't had too much luck online the past couple weeks, but I am persistent. I had already prepped my ass and I had one goal, get loaded. I hit this cute twenty-something guy up. A little younger than I go for usually, and I didn't think he'd respond, but he did. We do the unlock thing etc., he has a nice looking cock, and tells me my ass is hot. OK, this sounds promising. We go down the path of hooking up, the where & what, and then he goes silent. Figures. About 15 minutes later he messages me again and tells me to come over. I walk to his place, about a 10 minute walk. When I get to his place, I notice he looks better than I expected. He's got a nice hairy chest, and is tall (I like tall ;-). Porn is playing on the tv, some hot TIM gangbang movie. He gives me a kiss right away, and I just drop to my knees and start worshipping his cock. He has a nice, thick cut cock to work on. I get up and turn around so he can rub his dick on my hole. He spits in his hand, rubs some in my hole and on his cock and pushes his fatty into me. All this has happened right by his front door too! His cock is filling, and I haven't been fucked in a while so it took me a minute or two to get used to it, but damn did it feel great! We move over to his bed after a little while, and he fucks me in all kinds of positions. He starts really pounding my ass, I cheer him on, and he yells he's gonna shoot and next thing I know he's unloaded in my ass. As I get dressed we talk about doing it again soon. I head out the door and take a peak at my phone. I had been chatting with one of my fuckbuds, who's now seeing someone, earlier. He wanted to do a group thing, but I had already made plans with the top I just got bred by. While I was walking to the new tops place I was telling my fuckbud I was going there and sent him a cock shot. Fuckbud asked me if I was going to get bred and I told him that was my goal. When I was walking home I messaged fuckbud and told him I was loaded. He sent me a candid pic of his woody, telling me he was dripping. We haven't fucked in months because of his boyfriend, and it sounded like he might want to get off. The entire walk home we talk dirty, and he agrees to cum over. Only thing, because he's in a relationship he's not going to fuck me raw if we fuck. Ok, cool, I just want to get another cock in me. When he gets to my place he strips down and I start working on his cock. I get my ass in reach of his hand and he starts fingering my hole, pulling out some cum and sniffing it, making me lick his fingers -----he's totally into the cumplay and it is fucking hot! I don't make any move to get fucked, after all he wants to rubber up, and he stops me at one point so he can get a rubber and fuck me. It's a good fuck, but not as good as his normal raw fucks. I start teasing him a bit, pulling off his cock, and not letting him back in easily. He even yells at me to let him in. He reached around me and found my hardon and started jacking me. NOT FAIR! I don't usually like that because when I shoot, the fucking is over. I knew he was getting close and tell him I want his cum in my hole, he takes the condom off, and I am doggie on the floor so he can shoot on my hole. He shoots a huge load, and I feel his cum dripping in me. I tell him to push it in and he uses his unwrapped cock. So much for the condom. When he's done I turn over on my back, he's sitting on the couch and I'm rock hard and decide what the hell. I jack for him, he watches me, knowing I rarely cum when he's here so I can take more cock after. This time I'm going to shoot my load. It doesn't take me long to empty my cock on my stomach. I scoop as much as I can in and push it into my hole while fuckbud is watching. Was hot all around, he leaves after that and I go to bed....almost satisfied
  13. First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    The first time raw with a guy was definitely not planned. I remember having this guy over, think I picked him up on gay.com or one of those sites that were hot a decade or so ago, and at that time I was a total top. He wanted to get fucked (check), said he played safe (check), and looked pretty good (check.) He came over we made out and had some oral fun. I ended up on my back, my rock hard cock sticking up tall and proud. He was in between my knees licking it and slowly came up to kiss me. He straddles me and starts to rub my cock in his hole, and next thing I know I'm in him, and after a couple strokes shot my load. Total heat of the moment, not sure if he wanted that but looking back think he did. Was still a couple years before I BB'd regularly. I think the next time was a very similar scenario with another guy as well. LOL
  14. Thanks for the rep in where i got my last loads.

    1. AZRawPig


      Flip flopn in a 3 way with fellas I just met. It has been the right thing to do. Sexual MAGICK sharing. 

  15. Married guy stealths me

    Best feeling ever, the first time a condom covered cock hits your hole bare

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