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  1. A guy I've been chatting with on Scruff messaged me. Never thought much of him because he said he was dating someone and made it sound like he 'just wanted to chat' every time we spoke. Noticed his profile said single and asked him about it, he said he had broken up. A couple messages later determined he was a top (profile said nothing about position, only that he wanted to use condoms.) I jokingly sent him my address, knowing he's on the other end of the city, and he tells me he's willing to come to me but it will take an hour. He does show up and he's a sexy young black boy, I really know nothing about what he likes to do sexually. We cuddle a while, and eventually get to the dirty deed. His cock is a nice thick one, perfect for fucking with the right length. He teases my hole a lot, and when it gets time to fucking he asked if I wanted to use a condom. I gave him one (didn't want to seem too eager for his load yet), and then he has trouble putting it on. Halfway through the fuck he pulls out and I pull the condom off. We make out and I suck him, and eventually tease his cock head with my bare hole until he's balls deep in me. He makes me cum without touching myself, and after another 10 minutes we take a break. We hang out some more, and after eating and watching some netflix he wants to go back to bed and 'make-out'. He pounds my hole out another good 20 minutes before blasting. He says next time we'll have to use condoms (oh yeah I totally agree.) Great fucks all around, love these 'condom' boys that want it raw
  2. Have to throw this one out there. This past week one of the hottest fucks with someone in the medical field. Was out of state with family being cared for at a very well-known, high-profile medical facility in which the entire town's economy is based on that organization. Got hit up on Adam by a faceless profile that refused to send pics, but sounded hot. Said he was a doctor there, he showed up to my hotel room and this guy was a built, bald daddy with the right amount of chest hair, and a nice uncut cock. We made out, sucking each other off. He fucked me raw and shot a HUGE load in my ass. Was hoping for a repeat before I left, but did not work out.
  3. This afternoon had a repeat from the guy with the old pictures, bent me over, bred me good, said he might want to come back tonight. Tonight had a repeat with the guy who fucked me a while and then put a condom on to cum into. Bizarre behavior, but what can I say.
  4. Guy number 1 from my last posting, teased my ass and then put a condom on, came back and finished the deed the proper way. Pushed in this time, not even spit for lube to start, but my hole was open. He fucked for a good 30 minutes on and off. In the end I swallowed his cum. No condom at all this time 😉
  5. bbinbpark

    Cheating Boyfriends Do It Bareback

    Hot stories, love how guys will go raw even with a wife or husband at home
  6. bbinbpark

    Now he fucks raw only

    Can't wait to hear more about guy1
  7. Yesterday, had a guy come to my hotel room that almost fucked me bare, pushed his cock all the way in teasing my hole and realized what he'd done pulling out fast. Looking forward to getting home to chicago where the raw sex is more the norm than here. Then last night I had a guy that sent me his pics from 10 years ago, but still had a nice looking cock. I thought he still is hot, just doesn't look the same anymore. After sucking him a minute or two, he leaned over to finger my hole then pulled me up, pushed me over my bed and shoved his raw cock in for a quick cum n go.
  8. I've been out of town for a few days and staying in the frozen wasteland of the upper-midwest to help family. This town overall is nice, but has absolutely no nightlife worth speaking of. Maybe a hotel bar or two, but no gay bars. The primary industry here does attract a LOT of travelers, but not too many that are actively looking for sex sadly. Looking at GRINDR & Scruff half the profiles are faceless, with only an age at most, and seem to be from bi/str8 guys. A lot of scruff profiles have the new-leaf symbol so I think a lot of the locals delete the app after it fills their needs. Also, almost EVERYONE is looking for safe sex according to their profiles. That being said I have had a few fun encounters over the past few days: 1 - First night in town I invited a younger bear with a faceless grindr profile over. He sent me a pic of a nice fat cock. Never asked for condoms. did ask about lube, and I thought I wouldn't push it. He shows up, I suck him, he lies on the bed, and i drop my ass raw on his cock. No objection and he dumps his load fast enough. 2 - This younger latino guy sends me a ton of cock shots, nice looking cock, and of course he's looking for safer. I'm at lunch with a member of my group when he messages the cock shots. In the evening when I'm free, forget about sex here after 10 PM, he shows up. His messages include asking me about condoms, so I leave a couple out in view. He's a cute guy, his cock is of average size and he likes to force-face-fuck. When he has me bend over, he shoves is raw cock in my ass and pounds like it's the end of the world. A few minutes in he stops, and pulls a condom out of his pants! He puts it on quickly and starts fucking me jack-rabbit style again. I play with it hoping it'll slide down, or he'll stop to take it off, but he shoots a load before any of that comes up. He pulls out and makes a comment about that being why he wore a condom (pointing at the load which isn't too much) and asks where to discard it. I take it from him and after he leaves made sure what little cum is inside is in me. 3 - Next I had a bi guy hitting on me off of adam, and against my better judgement I agreed for this condom wearing top to drop by. We make out, he is really not my type, and we start going to town on oral. I'm on my back and he makes a comment about wanting to bareback me for the first time. He teases my hole, thinks about it, teases hole and finally shoves inside of me. He fucks me hard and fast, and pulls out to cum in his hand, cock pointed at my hole so I get a few drops in. I try my best to get some more of his cum in my ass. 4 & 5 - I had been chatting with two guys online, both had nice cocks. One wanted to fuck, one just wanted me to suck etc. I told the second one I wanted to get fucked and he seemed open about it. The first guy had a 8/.5" cock according to his profile, and I invited him over first. The second guy I told I was already taken, and he asked about a group. The other guy agreed (so much easier here for that at least) and eventually they make their way here. It's at this point I discover the hotel locks the door at 10 PM and have to go down to let them in. Overall a great fuck from the big dick top, the less big top who wanted oral does slide in raw, and for over an hour I'm working on these two guys. Both say condom on their profile, both fucked raw. Will see how these last couple days go. Tonight is a dud, but I am optimistic about tomorrow!
  9. Really want to do this, my area the listing agent and selling agent both are on site typically for showings.
  10. Yesterday had a repeat with the hot, short, bearded cub with a nice thick cock with a wicked upcurve. Love he's only a block away
  11. Damn this got me hard again! Waslooking for it
  12. bbinbpark

    James and the Tip

    Love this popped back up, always gets me off.
  13. Been texting this guy I met off Adam a few weeks ago. He made it sound like he wanted a LTR, we met for a coffee date originally, then the follow-up never happened. We did continue chatting, and I mentioned I was getting home tonight from an out of town trip. He offered to come to my place, and seeing that he was on the other end of the city there was no harm agreeing to him coming by. This guy is a younger guy, mid-twenties, black, shorter, and on Adam described himself as having an 8" cock and practice only listed "condom." I have no expectations of this meeting, because he seemed to want more of a dating relationship. His arrival was like the coffee date, I'm not sure how far to push things other than rubbing his leg while on the sofa. I'm hoping maybe some oral action. After he's been here about an hour, we start making out. He keeps grabbing my ass through my shorts. He eventually pulls my pants off me and I'm rock hard, he's fingering my ass. He undoes his pants and pulls them down, and makes me flip over. I don't think he's gonna go raw, maybe just rim or play with my hole. After our first meeting he told me he wanted to grab my ass but held back. Well, he doesn't hold back this time, no lube or spit, he shoves his fat cock in my ass! Fortunately I had lubed earlier so it wasn't too difficult, and thankfully he wasn't the biggest guy I've taken. I think to myself, is he just 'teasing' and gonna pull out and get a condom? Nope, he keeps going, raw. A few times I feel like he was about to cum, and didn't. He pulls out a couple times for repositions, and goes back in. At some point I decided to finger my hole and it was very wet. I asked if he came, he said he did. Didn't make a sound while coming. Methinks this guy is very stealthy and I loved every minute of it! Can't wait for the next fuck
  14. bbinbpark

    Brad McGuire

    He used to work at Crew in its early years. In my retail days he also would come and shop in my store, yes he's shorter than you expect but a lot of pornstars are shorter in person. Of course, being of shorter stature that made him hotter to me
  15. Three loads to report now: This evening I met up with a fuck bud that I hadn't seen in a while. So far we've only done oral, but he has a nice big, fat cock and I sucked a huge load out of him. Load#2 was probably the best of all night. With the sub zero temps around no one wants to go far. I get a grindr alert and look and it's a guy I hit up a few months back but never responded to my message. The boy is cute, mid twenties, says PrEP in his profile and that he's a vers/top. What the hell, respond to him, chat a few minutes and he offers to come over. He's only about a block away, so this is great! The guy arrives and he's shorter than me, a rarity, and hot as fuck. We make out, and work our way to the bed. He's got a nice cock, we're actually about he same size 7" thick, but he has this wicked upward curve that is hot. Eventually, I end up on top of him with his cock poking at my hole. I gently slide down and fuck does he feel good! A few minutes into our session and he grabs my cock, it feels like I'll come quickly so I pull his hand away. His cock head is hitting right on my prostate. I try not to touch myself, and for the first time ever I came hands free while getting fucked! I apologize to him, and encourage him to keep going. He flips me on my back and a couple minutes later I'm knocked up with his load. Apparently it happens regularly he says, no surprise to me. Lastly I just got home from another fuck buds. I've written about him before, he's a sexy, tall lanky guy with a nice uncut cock and huge bull balls. Took a couple years of fucks before he went bare. He caught me in a moment of weakness and I agree to go to his place. I jump in bed with him and start sucking his cock. This time I sit on him, normally we make out a lot longer and he rims me before fucking, but sitting on him just seemed right. We're high on poppers and eventually he flips me on my back and asks to play with his bull balls, they are very hefty. He flips me on all fours and instead of fucking he starts playing with my ass. I realize he's trying to fist me and I don't resist at first, but I know I hadn't really prepared for anything like that (ever.) In the end he gets 4 fingers in me before I tell him I want him to fuck me again. If I had prepared he might have popped my fisting cherry all the way. When he gets ready to fuck me, the poppers OD'd his cock so I had to work on sucking him back to full hardness again. He wanted me to work on his balls too and have I mentioned how big these are? I mean I can barely get both in my mouth at once. They are truly huge almost baseball size, anyway where was I? I finally work him up again to full hardness, and we do a repeat of me sitting on him. He loves the way I grab his cock with my ass. He finally tells me to get on my stomach, slams into my ass, monster balls bouncing off mine as he pounds me, and a couple minutes later I'm gonna have to do another paternity test. All in all a good 24 hours with 4 loads total (see other story.) Really needed that with the stressful week I had.

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