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  1. When fuckbuds decide to no longer BB

    He might change his mind later on when he realizes what he's missing. I had a fuckbud years ago that fucked me all the time. He was fucking me and another guy bare, apparently only two of us, and he got syphillis. Not sure if he gave it to me or vice versa in all honesty, but he offered to fuck with condom after that, then disappeared. A couple months ago he hit me up again on grindr, offered to fuck with condom (has a great cock), did the usual questions about status etc. When he showed up he shoved his big-fat cock in me raw and filled me up so I guess he got over it in the end ;-)
  2. Strangest place you were fucked?

    Strangest/Best I think was in the park by lake shore drive at night. If we had walked 10 feet over we would have been seen by EVERYONE traveling, and traffic was heavy given the time of night. Trees are very sparse in this location so would be easy to see. Would love to play around in a church sometime, seeing the mentions above got me worked up.
  3. Shaking after sex

    Had them a few dfferent times, love it when it happens
  4. Was chatting on Adam and came across another hairy latino, this guy had a nice fat cock. His profile said "condom" but it never came up in conversation. Got to his place he immediately pounced me, starting making out. Told me he loves to rim and wants me to sit on his face when we were chatting so we made our way to the bed. I notice condoms and lube on the side table. HMMMM....but wait, he plops on the bed as with his feet at that side table. I sit on his face and he gives me a phenomenal rim-job. I get off his face and start making out, he pulls me on top of him, and is rubbing at my hole. I spit in my hand, lube my ass with some spit and sit on his raw cock. Guess the condoms were for decor.... I shot almost right away, but he fucked me at least another 20 minutes, and it was HEAVEN! He worked a long time to cum and boy was the reward more than worth it. I get in the car, look at the time and realize we were playing almost an hour! Great way to end the night.... Have a guy that looks like a hustler, safe only, hitting me up now. See what he says when I say I just got bred and can use another load...
  5. Got back from a fuckbuds that bred me good and hard, nice hairy chested latin boy with a 7" cut cock, stuck my finger in my ass after and it tasted real good
  6. Just took a load from a well-hung brazilian fuckbuddy. Always cums fast when he's inside me
  7. Detroit backstreet bbc

    Love it! Added to my bucket list!
  8. Condom Left Up Your Ass?

    Definitely had it happen accidentally. A bi masseur with a huge dick gave me a massage and I'd never gotten him to fuck me because he has a GF. Always BJ's. He always is talking about my ass turning him on and teasing him during the massage, even if I'm just lying there. Anyway, this session he's talking about my ass, and I'm doggie style off the side of the table, him rubbing his dick on my crack. I tell him I have a condom if he wants, and he takes me up on it. I put it on his cock, and even though it was a magnum bareskin it was too tight and would roll back up. I didn't push perfection when putting it on and soon he was pounding the cum out of me. I shot before him, and he pulled out, but the condom was no where to be found. I stick a finger deep in my hole and can barely feel it. Wish that would happen more often that way but yet to have it repeat.
  9. Got home from work this morning and checked grindr to see if one of my favorite neighbors that's only on grindr was on. He was. 10 Minutes later I'm sucking his beercan thick black cock, and when I bent over to take his cock he pushed hard into me and I wasn't quite ready. FUCKING HURT.........So GOOD! Didn't last long, a few minutes and I got a nice, big, creamy load pumped in my ass.
  10. Xtube Gloryhole collection

    Gloryhole vids always get me off. Love the ATXGloryhole vids, but they mostly disappeared because he charged illegally (Redlightspecial on pornhub). Publicsucker14/gloryhole86 had great videos, both sides at once a lot of those also disappeared because of him trying to sell them. The salukino ones can be fun sometimes when you catch the cock when it comes out, but man I want to see the cock always. Wonder if the sucker side exists. My personal favorite is str8 goes bb NO sound on it, but some great fucking
  11. Haven't had a lot to write about.....until yesterday.... Started off when I got home from work yesterday morning. Work overnights so it was fairly early. I opened grindr, don't know why, and I saw there was a message sent yesterday. New profile, pic of a nice torso, take a look and it says that he lives in my building, fucked me before and wanted to do it again soon. I messaged him back, he was on, and we talked about meeting up. I didn't want to ask which guy it was in my building, after all don't want them to think I'm a slut or something, and had to guess between two BBC neighbors, one who wants condoms one who doesn't. He says he wants me ass up waiting for his load so I oblige. When he cums into my place, SCORE, it's the guy that wants bare. He is a hot bodybuilder type, easily 6' 250# minimum. He wants me to suck him first, I turn to his cock, all soft and doesn't look like much, and start sucking. He starts growing, and growing and soon is a nice 7.5-8" cut cock that I can't reach my fingers around. I rub some spit in my ass, turn around, take a hit of poppers, and he pushes into me! HEAVEN!! A few minutes later, after a nice rough pounding, and I'm off to bed with his babies in my ass. The night before this had happened I'd been chatting with a guy with a nice looking cock on adam. Profile says nothing about condom/bare, looks like on PrEP and he is fucking HOT. We talked about getting together on the following afternoon (now the day of). I messaged him while I'm laying in bed, freshly bred, to see if he wants to cum still. He tells me yes. I let him know when I'm getting up and take a little nap. When I get up we do some back and forth and I think its going to fall through. He shows up a little later than planned, but boy was it worth the wait. This guy is a 20something guy, we start making out when he comes in, I feel his rock hard cock through his pants and realize he showed up that way. I drop to my knees and a nice BBC pops out of his jeans. Longer than my neighbor earlier, not quite as thick but a pretty damned big tubesteak overall. He sits down and I continue to worship him. I show him my ass and tease my hole by leaning back against his cockhead. After a little bit of this and sucking he tells me he needs to fuck me. I climb on top of him and sit bare, spit only, all the way to the base, and get back up. Do this a couple times and he's loving it. He warns me he doesn't want to cum fast, and we move to the bedroom to give him a break. I didn't realize, but I had some condoms sitting out on my nightstand. He sees these and says something about needing to put one on. FUCK NO! He puts it on. Damn, this wasn't what I wanted, and my fault for not bringing it up. I want his cock regardless, and I pull out the elbow grease for lubing. I really can't take a condom without real lube so I lube up and he pushes in. He's a damned good fuck. In spite of the condom its pretty good. Start doggie, then he pulls out fips me on my back so he can see me when he pushes in again. We're having a good time, he increases his thrusting, and says something about not wanting to cum yet. As he says this he pulls out, looks at his cock and says "shit the condom broke"....says he's gonna cum and just shoves his dick back in my raw hole and starts screaming in ecstacy! Damn! I hadn't planned on this at all, I forgot the condoms, they were regular condoms, not prepared or tampered with, and I have to say it was hot. He gets apologetic about cumming in my hole. I tell him I thought it was hot. Not even a minute after he shoots he pulls another condom on and fucks me another 20 minutes. I tried to get the second one off, but he kept fighting me. The rubber was so close to breaking when he shot his next load. You could see it was breaking down from the elbow grease. After we're done fucking, he again apologizes and I tell him I thought it was HOT! Before he leaves we talk about getting together Thursday. Hopefully that will go better, he did use my last two condoms after all
  12. Last night, decided to DM an old fuckbud who has a boyfriend. He responded. We got talking, but he only wanted to watch me suck/get fucked if I put my gloryhole up. I haven't used it in years, and decided what the hell. Unfortunately, he didn't make it in time to see me take a load from this daddy. The guy came in, nice 6" cock, asked to see my hole after a few minutes of sucking. I push it up to the hole, he asks if he needs a condom, and then pushes his raw cock in me. Fucks me a few minuites, shoots, and goes. HOT! I text old fuckbud, who still wants to watch, but our timing is off. He then offers to give me his load, SCORE! Fuckbud has a big FAT dick. Get to his place, drop to my knees and suck him hard. His balls are musky, he hasn't showered, and it just turns me on more. He has me get up on his bed, and pushes his cock into the load already in me. He breeds me, and I get going. I look at my phone on the way to the car, and there's a message responding to my CL gloryhole ad. I tell him I'm still looking and head home. He gets there 15 minutes later, and also has a nice hot fat cock, not as big as my bud, but nice. He offers to fuck me but wants a rubber. Shoots a HUGE load in the rubber, and hands it through the hole, who am I to waste a load. Was very sweet. Have to do that again soon!
  13. Got together with a couple guys, one a regular that breeds me, and another a new guy I'm working on getting the condom off. Was a pretty good threeway, ended with a DP in which breeder loaded my ass. Hoping to get the other guy to go bare next time, will let you know when I succeeed ;-)
  14. I hit up this guy on grindr this past weekend that I was hoping I would get together with. Several years ago we'd play regularly, he'd cum over and breed me at night a couple times a week. Nice FAT cut cock, on a built, smooth middle eastern bod. He's not built like a body builder, but real solid. I loved getting fucked by him. He got skittish about BB fucking and disappeared for a long time. I came across him on Grindr and if I saw him on would say hi, not always getting a response. A few times he did respond and we chatted, him acting like he didn't know who he was chatting with, sent me his cock shot (which I can't find now DAMN). His profile states he is NOT looking for any hookups, I always find it funny when guys say that. This weekend he responded to me and we were chatting for a while. He asked me if I still lived in my old place, and we talked about playing. He brought up being on PrEP but also talked about wanting to use condoms etc. He wasn't up for it that night, but I thought it was a possibility soon given our conversation. Tonight I popped on grindr, had to leave that fucking app up since the alerts suck, and messaged him asking what he was doing. He responded later saying he was horny, and then the conversation was as though we'd never chatted. WTF?!? He agrees to come over to my place, we set a time, and that's that. I don't expect him to show, but he does! He's clearly nervous when he comes in my place. We start making out, I drop to my knees and pull his cock out and start working on it. At first he can't get hard, and I'm thinking, fuck! He pulls his shorts up, and I think he's going to leave because he's not into it, but instead he goes and sits on the couch and pulls his soft cock out again. I get on the couch and start sucking him and make sure my ass is accessible. He reaches over to rub my ass, wearing a jock and have a little lube in me, and that seems to do the trick. He starts firming up, and soon his cock is rock hard at attention. I get down between his knees and just worship his cock. After a few minutes he says he wants my ass. Now I'm at a crossroads, do I pull him into the bedroom where the condoms are out, or just sit on him raw now? I am pretty sure his cock is going in my raw, even though he asked about using condoms when we chattted, multiple times, I knew he loved fucking me raw. I take the chance and pull him to my bed. I take a little elbow grease and push it in my ass, thinking he'll lube up with his cock after me. I get on bed, ass up, and at the edge, without a word he SHOVES his huge fat dick in my ass, without condom or lube and it fucking HURTS like hell! He stops, I'm thinking how do I handle this cock this, way, and then he starts to fuck. I am really in heaven, he knows what he's doing. Nice in slow, sometimes he starts pounding, then stops, repeats, edging himself. When he stops I squeeze his cock with my ass, and he definitely enjoys that. It doesn't take him long to say that he doesn't want to cum just yet. He's stopped pushing in me and I couldn't stop myself, I squeezed, he starts moaning and after a few seconds all of a sudden pulls out. I ask if he came in me, he said 'a little' He uses the bathroom, gets dressed and leaves. I hope that we do a repeat sometime soon. PS 'a little' was a lot
  15. Smart Phones

    I've had guys ask for that and don't take too much offense. Some people don't charge until the battery is depleted in order to extend the life, so it's bound to happen sometime. One guy that comes to mind is a regular fuck bud and I know he's not looking for other guys after

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