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Fucked and stretched by older top

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Been extra horny lately and haven't had much luck finding someone to breed me either. My other half went to visit a friend while I stayed home(Full disclaimer I'm married and my wife and I like to fuck other people and she comes home with a sloppy seconds for me.) On nights where she's gone I try to find someone to come by and fill me up but in my area it's pretty hard to find someone to follow through. Earlier this year though I  found an older guy about 62 that liked to come over and alternate between fucking and trying to fist my ass. His dick is only about 6-6.5 but it gets nice and hard and thick  enough to feel good. Tonight he stopped by and this has probably been the best fuck I've had. He's finally gotten it stretched to wear he can get all the way in. My ass was nice and loose and you could hear it as he fisted me then pull out and slide his cock in. This lasted for probably 15 mins before he finally gave me a nice big load then proceeded to fist his load into my ass. Hopefully he can make it more often.

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After I was fucked by the older guy I had a young guy stop by and fuck me on the porch.he came in and used spit to lube his cock before he slid it in. Much bigger then the first guy and he fucked nice and hard when he was cumming. He dumped the biggest load I've ever taken and I couldn't help but push it out and eat it. 

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I love older tops ..... it could be because my dad first took my throat cherry a year or so before taking my ass cherry when I was still in high school.    Ever since then I was attracted to older daddy types.    My brother who is 18 months older than me, learned I was putting out to dad, and he began fucking my throat and ass too.    He would order me to put out to his team mates and later his army buddies .... while they were hot, hung, and fucked me roughly, it was the older tops I craved.   

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