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  1. I've been on a dry spell as of late. It's been frustrating, but each time I've had free time I've also found it virtually impossible to find someone to fuck me, so I was excited when I finally got a top to come over. I've played with him a few times and found he always gives a good fuck. This time, however, he said he would fuck me with a condom. I agreed as I really, really needed a cock. Ass-up, I awaited his arrival on my enclosed porch. Arriving, he stood behind me, rubbed his cock head against my hole, slipping it in a few times, deliberately teasing me as he knew I wanted it raw. I heard the cellophane of the condom wrapper rip as he prepared to slip it on his cock, but really needing to get fucked, but also really wanting it raw, I took that golden opportunity - while his dick was still on my hole - to my ass onto his dick and started fucking myself on his cock before he could ruin the experience with a condom. He must've liked it good enough because he forgot about the condom and kept fucking me nice and deep for about 20 minutes before he finally bred me.
  2. jimmsmatt222

    Fucked and stretched by older top

    After I was fucked by the older guy I had a young guy stop by and fuck me on the porch.he came in and used spit to lube his cock before he slid it in. Much bigger then the first guy and he fucked nice and hard when he was cumming. He dumped the biggest load I've ever taken and I couldn't help but push it out and eat it.
  3. Been extra horny lately and haven't had much luck finding someone to breed me either. My other half went to visit a friend while I stayed home(Full disclaimer I'm married and my wife and I like to fuck other people and she comes home with a sloppy seconds for me.) On nights where she's gone I try to find someone to come by and fill me up but in my area it's pretty hard to find someone to follow through. Earlier this year though I found an older guy about 62 that liked to come over and alternate between fucking and trying to fist my ass. His dick is only about 6-6.5 but it gets nice and hard and thick enough to feel good. Tonight he stopped by and this has probably been the best fuck I've had. He's finally gotten it stretched to wear he can get all the way in. My ass was nice and loose and you could hear it as he fisted me then pull out and slide his cock in. This lasted for probably 15 mins before he finally gave me a nice big load then proceeded to fist his load into my ass. Hopefully he can make it more often.
  4. jimmsmatt222

    Why is it so hard to find tops that won't flake.

    Your right in that it should be guys and not just tops. I think I was just typing out of frustration and since I'm mainly dealing with tops that's what I put.
  5. jimmsmatt222

    Why is it so hard to find tops that won't flake.

    Thats how I wish the tops I talk to would act. If you tell me your going to do it and then decide not too at least tell me your not going to follow through and maybe why. A little respect in that regard goes a long way.
  6. jimmsmatt222

    Why is it so hard to find tops that won't flake.

    That's usually how I handle it. I always tell them exactly what I want, when I want it and I send them an ass pic. Even my profiles say that I'm face down ass up and looking to be bred by anon guys. Most of them that I'll message act like they're unto that and want to come by but then disappear.
  7. jimmsmatt222

    Why is it so hard to find tops that won't flake.

    Yeah. I only have 1 guy that I can message and be fairly sure hell show up. I just wish they would at least tell me they're not coming and why instead of just ghosting me.
  8. I've got to say I'm pretty frustrated with the men in my area. I don't get alot of chances to have fun what with work and kids taking most of my time so the only time I really get to play are days during the week I'm off work and the kids are at school. I can't tell how many times I've been on Grindr or A4A and have been talking to someone who act like they want to breed me only to have them flake out. I'm pretty clear about what I want and at first they seem eager then nothing. Not really sure what I have to do to get people to follow through and fill me up. Any suggestions on things to try?
  9. Finally I was able to set it up so I had two guys almost back to back. I had a day off work so I messaged a guy who's bred me a few times before and I found a guy on Craigslist who could make it right after the other guy left. My regular came by to find me ass up and he slipped it in and starting fucking. I like him because he takes it slow but goes deep each time then when he's ready to blow he speeds up but still goes deep and after he seeds me he slows down and fucks it in deep for a min. A few mins after he left the next one showed to find my sloppy hole and he was able to just shove it in no trouble. My regular is 7.5 cut and this one felt bigger. I could feel him go past the turn when he went deep and every time he pulled out I could hear how sloppy it was. He took it slow for a few mins then sped up to finish. I was able to match it so I came as he was filling me up. One of the best fucks I've had. I wish this had been earlier in the day so I could've fit more in but I had to clean up and head to town. Hopefully I can work that out again soon.
  10. jimmsmatt222

    Could've been worse

    Hi guys. Almost got a load in my ass today. I'm off work for a few days and I had the house to myself and Its been awhile since I've been fucked so I've been really wanting it. Got on Grindr and within a few mins I had a guy close by ready to come over. Got ready and was waiting ass up for him when he walked in. I was ready for a hard fuck and an ass load of cum but I ended up with neither. He kept slipping out and would go soft and have to get it hard before he could try again. Went on like this for a while before he finally realized he couldn't do it and stopped. At the very least though he was nice enough to attempt to fist me while jerking me off. So I didn't get a load in me but I did get stretched out some so it wasn't a total waste. Hopefully next time I can find someone better.
  11. jimmsmatt222

    Been getting filled

    How's it going guys. I've gotten a few loads since I last posted about my first load. Last weekend I met a guy who had a hotel room and he had a 9 inch dick that he buried in me and gave me a huge load. Earlier today the guy that gave me my first load stopped by again and filled me up. He's fucked me quite a few times since he first stopped by. Love a big dick in my ass.
  12. jimmsmatt222

    New Guy Took First Load Today

    What's up. New guy here I've been wanting to be bred for a long time but my opportunities to do so are few and far between what with kids and family taking up my time. Today seemed like a good day since everyone else went to a wedding 3 hours away. I got on grindr and within an hr I had a guy come by to find me ass up on the bed waiting for him. He proceeded to fuck me and cum deep in me. After he left I was missing being fucked so a few hours later I had another guy come by to add a second load in there. I tried to find more but no one else seemed interested. I woke up wanting to be bred and I ended up with two loads. Can't wait for more.

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