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Fantasies Really Do Cum True....

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What the fuck am I doing? I can’t believe I am going back knowing what was in store for me. I know on some level that I may regret this, but the majority of me was excited as hell. I methodically packed my backpack, phone charger, lube, toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste, condoms, an extra change of clothing and a cock ring. 


I stood outside of their door for what seemed like an eternity, second guessing myself. My heart began to race as I rang the doorbell. Erik answered the door, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt; I immediately noticed the hefty bulge in his jeans. He noticed me checking it out because he grabbed it and said, “He has been waiting”. 


Erik is in his 40ies, 6’0”, toned body, dark hair, brown eyes. About 7” cut, with a nice mushroom that was thicker around the head. He welcomed me inside where two of his three roommates were sitting waiting for my arrival.  I was introduced as their “fuckhole” for the next 48 hours. 


Jay was a biker type, also in his 40ies, straight mostly, but when he partied, he fucks anything. He stood about 5’10, kind of stocky but incredibly rock hard 7” cock. He was sitting on the love seat and I immediately could see his bulge through his jeans, he chuckled and my eyes moved up and he was smiling at me. He caught me staring at his crotch. 


Bill was slightly older, he was in his 50ies, but sitting on the couch completely naked, it looks as though the party had started without me. Bill was pretty average in build and looked like he was working with a cock that would surly get larger than the other 2. 

I am 25, 5’8, 140 lbs, toned but not muscular at all, pretty average sized cock, I have never measured it as I do not want to be disappointed. But have told that I have an incredible hole. Nice bubble butt that can squeeze your cock so tight you moan. Since I was never introduced by my name but a nickname I will just refer to myself as their name for me. fuckhole.


I have only partied a few times in my life and do not really remember how to even hold the pipe let alone light it. I am more of a weed smoker.  I was instructed to take off my shoes and sit next to Bill on the couch, Erik told me to get ready to have the most amazing next few days of sex. 


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Erik asked me while filling the bowl. 


“Hell yeah, I am on a week long vacation, and I just want to get wild, my hole is now your hole for the next 48 hours, seriously you could even tie me up and gag me if you wanted to!” I said with a chuckle in the most obvious “you know I am joking kind of way” Everyone gave a little chuckle. 


Erik explained that I would not be able to hold the pipe; he did not want me to burn what was inside and held it up to my mouth. I watched the crystals slowly turn to liquid and smoke began filling the bowl. 


“Now slowly, as slow as you can start to inhale, I am going to rock this back and forth, keep going until I tell you to stop, but remember……slow” Erik said with a grin.


He began rolling the bowl and I exhaled as much as I could and then slowly began sucking in. Erik kept telling to keep sucking; I sucked until my lungs felt like they were going to explode. He pulled the pipe away from my mouth and told me to hold my breath, do not let it out. 

I felt like I couldn’t hold it any longer and he finally said slowly let it out. I let out what I felt was the biggest cloud of smoke in my life but Bill kind of laughed. 


“That is all you can do? Seems like a light weight to me.” Bill said while shaking his head. I noticed that he was now stroking what seemed to be about 8.5” and was filling out very thickly. 


“Yeah, come on fuckhole, you need to do better than that.” Jay said from the loveseat. 


Erik placed the pipe near my mouth again and out of instinct , I tried to grab it, he in a very stern voice said, “I thought I told you not to touch this!” 


I had already started to feel my body start to heat up and I could only notice the bulges and the huge cock next to me. 


“I am sorry Erik, I promise I can do better.” I said with kind of a laugh. 


“CALL ME MASTER” he snapped, I did not want to upset him so I said “Yes Master”  


“Good little fuckhole” He placed the pipe back up to my mouth, I repeated the same inhale and let out what seemed like a much larger cloud. 


I was told that one was better but they know I could do better. I asked if I could take off my shirt, I started getting hot, my heart started racing and suddenly noticed that my hole needed to be fucked.  


“Yeah, take your clothes off get comfortable.” Bill said. I took everything off except for my socks, underwear, and wife beater undershirt.


“Are those briefs the only underwear you brought?” Jay asked me. 


“No Sir,” I said, “ I have a jock in my back pack.” Erik was sitting on the floor in front of me and as I started to explain how the jockstrap looked and how they were in my backpack but all I could think about was getting fucked.  With no warning, Erik pulled my trunks off and buried his face into my hole. Ramming his large wet tongue into my hole. I closed my eyes and start moaning. The torch lights up again and the pipe was placed against my lips. I opened my eyes and Bill told me I would have to show him a man hit, not a pussy hit. 


I took the biggest hit that I had ever could take and bill put his hand over my mouth and Erik started to shove his finger in my hole, for some reason it sort of burned and I exhaled quickly, the largest cloud I have ever seen and cried out “ouch.” Erick informed me that I should only feel the burn for a few more seconds that he forgot to put lube on his fingers. 


Jay stood up and disappeared down the hall. When he returned he had a leather jock, arm and ankle restraints, a spreader, spray poppers, and a gas mask. He also had lost his jeans and t-shirt, leaving him in his leather vest and a black leather jock that had snaps where you could pull your cock out for easy access, and some leather boots. 

“Here put these on, you will be wearing only this for the next 48 hours.” Jay said throwing the jock at me just before he grabbed my belongings and placed them into my backpack. 


“Don’t worry fuck hole, you will get this back when we are finished with you.” Jay said as he took it down the hallway. 


I was so horny slipping on the jock, I just wanted to get fucked. I said out loud without thinking, “Can one of you please fuck me right now, please I will do anything! Please, someone fuck my hole.”  


The guys chuckled and Bill told Erik to shove a shard into my hole. While Erik hunted for the perfect one, Bill shoved the pipe up to my mouth again and I instinctually reached for it. 


“That’s it! Jay, hand me those wrist restraints, he keeps grabbing the pipe” Bill again put the pipe in front of my face. I apologized for putting my hands up the other time, but Bill just told me I would make up for it shortly. He instructed to slowing inhale while Jay was securing my hands together in front of me. 


“There, this should hold him, lets put the gas mask on him so we do not have to worry about him not holding it in.” Erik suggested as he shoved his finger into my hole. It seriously burned and as I exhaled extremely fast, I called out “ouch” but was informed that I just needed more lube, I told him I had lube in my bag but he showed me his lube which allegedly contained some healing / numbing botanicals that will make my hole feel amazing and I could get fucked for days with it. I almost instantly began squirming and chanting “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, someone please fuck me” 


Jay handed Erik this bar with ankle restraints and hooks attached to either end. They secured my ankles to this spreader and brought it towards my hands and connected those as well. 


There I lay on the couch, hands connected to the spreader that had my legs spread apart exposing my hole to everyone. Jay comes over to me with a gas mask connected to a long tube. 


“I do not like how fast you exhaled that last time, I think you need to wear this.” He places this tight gas mask over my head. He then unscrews a bottle of poppers and holds it over the tube and I am forced to inhale several deep hits of poppers. I was flying and all I could do was yell out “PLEASE FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME, I WILL DO ANYTHING I PROMISE I WILL DO ANYTHING, MY HOLE IS YOUR HOLE” 


Suddenly the poppers hit me and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. I felt someone spit on my hole and when I focused it was Erik, lining his cock head up to my hole. Without warning he steadily but firmly pushes his cock into my hole. 


“HOLY FUCK THAT IS TIGHT! Someone grab me some of our special lube.” He pulled almost all the way out and squirted some of their lube on his cock. I could not handle it anymore I yelled out “FUCK ME PLEASE” and started to squirm so that my hole would swallow up more of his thick cock. 


“FUCK!! You guys look at this horny pig! He is tied up, not very high, and fucking himself with my cock, I think he should get some more poppers and maybe some more favors.” The guys all laughed and one by one they called me a slut, a fucking hole. That I was created to only be a cum dump for guys. The informed me they wanted to put up an ad and invite people over to fuck me. All I could do was moan as Erik started to shove his cock in and out at a slow pace. 


“Hand me the poppers again.” Erik said still pumping in and out of my fuck hole at a deep and steady pace, causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head. He connects the poppers to the gasmask and I was forced to breath in a few healthy hits. He caps them back up, tosses them aside and as they hit, I felt my hole expand and Erik says to the guys, 


“You guys have to feel this hole, it opens right up, but fits like a tight glove! He keeps begging me to fuck him, do you think I should fuck him?” The guys tell Erik to give me what I want and he tells me that I am going to love this and in a jack hammer type motion, begins slamming his cock in and out of my hole. I wanted him deeper and harder and wanted him to fuck me in different directions stretching my hole out good. He fucked me for what seemed like only 5 minutes but ended up being about a half hour, he then asked me if I was ready for his load, but immediately followed up with a…


“Naw, just playing, you don’t have a choice. OOOOhhh omg I am going to cum” He picked up his rhythm and was now slamming his cock in and out of my hole and all I could do was moan, it felt amazing and then he slammed deep into my hole. I literally felt his cock grow thicker and longer, press through the second opening, he kept it lodged deep into my guts, closed his eyes, leaned his head back and calls out 


“Take my load you fucking dirty fuck hole!” His huge load filled me up, his thick cock pulsating, shooting thick ropes deep into my guts. He pulled out and suggested that they move me to the playroom. 



Thank you for taking the time to read one of my fantasies. Some of the above mentioned did happen, some are a little exaggerated, of course I changed the names. Please tell me if this was entertaining. If so I will gladly tell you how our little "fuckhole's" 48 hours go. 


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Definitely hoping that you will be continuing with this tale of yours. That being said, this story seems somewhat familiar to me. Then again, I do spend a lot of time on here reading all different kinds of stories here in the Chemsex Fiction section, so maybe your story is getting mixed up with one of the others that I’ve read and enjoyed over the years.

Bottom line: keep up the amazing work~!

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3 minutes ago, BreedingCameraman said:

Definitely hoping that you will be continuing with this tale of yours. That being said, this story seems somewhat familiar to me. Then again, I do spend a lot of time on here reading all different kinds of stories here in the Chemsex Fiction section, so maybe your story is getting mixed up with one of the others that I’ve read and enjoyed over the years.

Bottom line: keep up the amazing work~!

Thank you, well this story sort of happened to me, but there wasn't a sling. I am hoping I can find someone to do the remainder of my fantasy. I appreciate your compliment. I am already working on fuckholes experience in the play room.  

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