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  1. how’s it hanging? Horny wild neg IMG_3394.JPG.374640bd1c2988cee0d92a16b2e0c00c.JPGIMG_3391.JPG.2503f1ad52a9807c42aeef4310261cf3.JPGIMG_3438.JPG.ee113f2fc788ddb21a11244b5a0f0035.JPGIMG_3395.JPG.dbcf1dd449da43d6269ae37df99233a3.JPG63028340471__B54EFE24-FD25-4309-9E70-39895CE59008.fullsizerender.JPG.thumb.jpeg.fe05bee755dbbc1295c2349ba9a2798e.jpegbtm here. looking for fun on Tampa and Central FL, can travel. 863-225-2765 or badotter2284@icloud.com

  2. Ohboyohboyohboy... can't wait to see what happens next?
  3. Dunno what your HR manual says but isn’t a known homophobic boss just asking for trouble down the road?
  4. This story— actually all of your stories— are the best, deepest, hottest and most psychologically complex stories I’ve read in maybe 15 years. And any other stories i that compare for me are considered classic erotica from the last 50 years. THE BRIG comes to mind, but there are others. I so wish I had lots of money to give you a deserving tip. All I have is deep admiration and gratitude. And never-ending boners. p.s. There is a part of me still hoping that Archie fixes his fuck-up with Gray somehow. Is there any reason he can’t be God’s own slut AND a better man?
  5. I admire your endless work with this site. It is a safe place to explore and fantasize what is not possible to share elsewhere. So thank you, Sir, for that. And while I respect your intentions to protect the POZ community from marginalization, I wonder how marginalizing a specific subgroup of POZ people will achieve your goals. I do not question your intentions around these topics. I would suggest that the words, fantasies, stories are not in themselves dangerous. And while any topic on the site can push boundaries and buttons, I think it only expands on the territories our commun
  6. While I do not question the validity of comments regarding NO LOADS REFUSED cumdumps and their, um, scruples? I'd like to mention that, out of the 3 calls I've gotten, I've dropped whatever was happening to make myself available. Rescheduled appointments, uturns on the highway, meals half eaten and cash left on the table-- all to fulfill whatever promises I've made. All I needed was the promised-address to enter in the GPS. And all 3 times, pffft ! No address, no explanation. And really no regrets on my part because as irresponsible as these Tops are I know that my side of the equation is
  7. No, it’s not realistic. It’s fiction. It’s a fantasy. It hasn’t the same boundaries of expectations that comes with reportage. And thank the gods it’s fantasy. My real doctors are in-fantastic in every way. I’m liking this one. Though I do hope it’ll expand past the blood play. This time you skipped past the ‘enjoyment of the conversion.’
  8. Got my first real hit from here today. I couldn’t host but he was cool with that. Wanted to dominate me and my mouth/throat and I was more than cool with that. He was a 45 min drive away but I’ve traveled farther than that many times. Course, when it rains.... As I’m heading out to meet Mr. #1 I get a call (RESTRICTED NUMBER— not the same as the usual spam/scam calls) from a guy asking right off if im available as a cumdump. (DAMN! Never before and now two in 90 minutes.) I explained my schedule. I said I didn’t know how long Mr. #1 would need but I didn’t think it would tak
  10. Happy Fuckin' Christmas, my Breeding Zone brethren! 🎀🎄💉💨
  11. My first name is Andy. You can call me whatever you want Your cell number (for texts and voice calls):603 558.5925 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code):33709 Times you're generally not available: 10am-2pm; 5pm-7pm Age:61 but no one believes it Height:6’1” Weight:230 Ethnicity:beige It would help a lot if you attach a picture, but that'
  12. Maybe now his two friends should dp him, to REALLY reach him a lesson
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