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  1. oinker

    To Submit or Flee

    Great !,,,,,, waiting for more and more
  2. oinker

    New Year, New Me

    Ah the night is so young hope you continue very soon and continue to ring in the new year with a raw 💥
  3. oinker


    Erotic as usually keep it cummimg
  4. oinker

    The Gifted Virgin

    Very interesting story that has more than just sex to it .Be very interesting to see where this ends , different than most of the stories on the site. A well thought out progression
  5. oinker

    I"m a whore

    He is ready for more as Iam sure we all are very hot kinky fun 🐷
  6. oinker


    Very erotic writing looking forward to more .Enjoy your short break!!!
  7. oinker


    Mm hope you continue real soon with the ceremony
  8. oinker

    From Zero to 100

    Can ' wait till the party and what it entails
  9. oinker

    Omg What Did I Do?

    Hope you will soon add more and get to a hot Friday session
  10. oinker

    Omg What Did I Do?

    Dam it's Friday night and waiting for this next chapter Iam sure it will be the best one ever
  11. oinker

    Paybacks a Bitch (so is my Brother)

    Oink thanks for delivering such pleasures OINK OINKOINK
  12. oinker

    Shadows Of Regret

    Very sensual story and great way to break a hole into erotic raw breeding
  13. Man this story is definitely the hottest one on the site. Hope it cumtinues real soon
  14. oinker

    On The Job Training

    Hope you continue real soon !

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