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  1. Looking forward to the next part different and interesting way to be pozzed
  2. Yes I agree with all ,the comments this story is exceptional!!!! I hope you will continue and we can experience the adventures of these two gifters as they breed more and more for each other's desires and pleasures!! GREAT WRITING SPERMPIG!!!
  3. This is leading right where mike and chuck have been waiting for, Jamie's going to become a real slut!!! Being freed by the gifts he has and will recieve DAM HOT!!!! Great story eagerly waiting for more to pozcum !
  4. Hope this continues real soon . Love the way this guy is so accepting his desires and knows he needs it
  5. I have insurance Medicare primary and united health secondary. Through nyship. Ny. State I am charged a copay of 30 for descovy
  6. Looking forward to more as both friends enjoy being cumdumps. And Jason embraces his gift
  7. I must Say this story has kept me hard and cumming the entire time !!! even after I shoot a load my cock staysvhatd excellent writing !!!! i lust for more!!!!
  8. Great to know your back and hope things improve day by day ! Ur a great writer !!!
  9. This sounds like it going to be very erotic kinky and..... love it !!!! oink
  10. A great start !!!! It’s all headed in the right direction for the boys gifting,!! oink
  11. Loved how Kyle easily was able to know exactly whst this posh guy truly needed. Very erotic way to bring him to know the wonderfully gay chem sex . Nothing like it !! Waiting to see how much more it will progress Oink
  12. You give great insight to gloryholes ! i guess the name really fits as it does bring glory to our needs
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