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  1. Let's hope all three cumtinue to spread the gift ,
  2. This sure will be even hotter once he turns on to receiving POZ loads
  3. Hope to see more of your hot writing soon .Iam sure Von will Be back for more
  4. I must say this story is so different then most on the site as it combines , gay love, friendships, POZ breeding , acceptance of all in a very loving way . A great story and also very erotic , hope see more very soon. Thankyou for the pleasures you bring to so many
  5. Oh so erotic and ready to blow ! keep it cumming
  6. Man your story is so fine erotic , loved the kinky collection of POZ cum in a rubber forced in the boyfriend OINK Hope to read more soon
  7. Great writing !!!! Hope your next story is cumming soon filled with more POZ conversions .OINK thanks for the pleasures you bring to all our hard cocks and twitching holes !!!
  8. Very hot start , hope to see more cum soon
  9. Hope you doing ok , and looking forward to more of your hot deviant POZ breeding Oink
  10. Hope you cumtinue real soon!
  11. Looking forwarding to reading more of your hot erotic story. Thanks for all the pleasure you bring to so many
  12. This is a great use of verbal expression of POZ gifting . Loved your erotic breeding of a James . Hope more very soon!
  13. As always great erotic writing !! OINKOINK
  14. Hot fucking stories.

  15. It's been awhile since I have written but have had many more erotic POZ adventures with my brotherhood . I had lost the story, but finally located and will again be writing . If you have any particular interest in how the last few years developed my POZ encounters let me know and I will sure write about them. Just a few hints of my activity include , selecting others to,our group More leather rituals of breeding introduction of piss play, ff other role play POZ PROUD LEATHER BREEDING

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