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  1. Dad's Basement

    Just when you thought it could not get any better Dax is going to get more and more twisted BRING IT ON!!!!!
  2. Pozzed: A Love Story

    Yes a great addition hope you continue with more soon!
  3. Wet Spot in the Office

    Dam what will the next load give him? Great writing as always pozpuppy
  4. My BF and the Escort

    With each chapter this story gets better and better with more and more dirty loads
  5. Bike crash leads to my POZZING

    Great way to be converted DAM hot !
  6. The MEAT Up

    So hot MSN makes my hole twitch for a load!
  7. Wet Spot in the Office

    Oink PozPig your stories are the best!!!!
  8. This should get very interesting!!! greatbwrting scorpio
  9. Dad's Basement

    Great as always!!! and sure Dax will add more erotic sexual adventures! is he Drew's Daddy?????
  10. The tube train journey

    Way to go great story!
  11. My BF and the Escort

    The four way should be Avery hot one and be great to see peter also get a load
  12. Dad's Basement

    As always good hot fucking Oh soon to meet DAX?
  13. My old teacher

    Very erotic breeding please continue soon
  14. My Breeding Contract

    Ah do continue to update us
  15. Dad's Basement

    Hot as ever and still waiting for Dax will he show up soon????

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