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  1. oinker

    The Conversion Club

    Man this sure is one hot adventure and very erotic special club to be in
  2. As usuallly very hot
  3. oinker

    A Brother in Trouble

    I wonder if the coach knows what he is getting.hope we find out soon .
  4. oinker

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Excellent chapter ! this get better with each addition.Hope you write more very SOON! thanks for the pleasure your stories gives us all
  5. Ah another conquest is being setup .hope to hear about it very soon!
  6. Great start and hope you continue tells us how uncle Pete and Jeff take care of their nephew
  7. oinker

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    A very hot awesome story! Excellent progression of Lucas becoming a cum dump under the caring learning from Mr Terry . Hope to read more very soon.
  8. oinker

    A Brother in Trouble

    Oh yeah like where this is leading , erotic and suspenful!
  9. oinker

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    Tom sure does know how to lead one to desire , lust for man cum .SO erotic ! keep it cumming!
  10. oinker

    New Owner

    This story has been so erotic that I had to read the entire story .you can imagine just how hard my lusting cock and hole are for Hank, Tom and all their friends and special gift GREAT WRTING OINK
  11. oinker

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    Very erotic and convincing way to open a hole to the pleasures only a man' s hole can have. I am sure he will be back for more raw sex and develop a lusting for charged cum
  12. oinker

    A Brother in Trouble

    As always erotic and charged up story keep them cumming
  13. oinker

    A Brother in Trouble

    Great writing as usual
  14. oinker

    My Master

    Oh yes do cumtinue!

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