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  1. Awakening

    So erotic ,do continue
  2. Off The Beaten Path

    An exceptional arousing story ! i hope you will cumtinue this soon
  3. Chaser - My Path

    Great going and glad you have once again continued this steamy story .HOPE a you will continue soon!! thanks bro for the hot times
  4. sexy wet between the legs in those jeans and chaps :P

  5. What part of NY are you in? Capital District area here

  6. perv/taboo chat

    HORNY versatile guy loves erotic, very unlimited chat with fellow bb guys .HIT me up to setup a time and date for a very hot phone session that just might lead to more OINK email in my profile one I'm me here
  7. Business Daddy

    Getting very interesting keep it cumming! oink
  8. The Conversion Club

    So fucking erotic ! can wait till Rik starts to breed others
  9. The Conversion Club

    Oh man what away to get the gift.BRing it on bros!
  10. Becoming the Pig

    Just when you think it can not get better you sure do exactly that .great erotic story please do keep it going bro OINK .it brings out the pig in all of us OINK!
  11. Dad's Basement

    Oh yes I sure need to make an appointment also !!!! Great chapter!
  12. The Freak Show

    Great addition as always !
  13. A Toxic future

    Oh msn what a great erotic story. Please continue
  14. Cum...and gone.

    Man had me hard the whole story what a way to get the gift
  15. The MEAT Up

    Looks like the new guys is going to get many more loafs added to his gifted hole can 't wait

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