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Took 2 anon loads in a hotel while travelling

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I was travelling in the west coast, got on GrindR and got a few hits but most of them flaked out. After posting an ad on doublelist, I got a couple good hits, but one was a black guy looking for an anon ass to breed while the other was a white guy who got off on rough throatfucking and giving a throatpie. They were both looking for right now so I asked them if they were cool walking in if someone else was already there using me, and both of them didn't mind so I started getting ready and gave them the room number

The black guy arrived first, I was in my jockstrap waiting door unlocked ass up head down blindfolded and lubed. Without a single word he started thrusting into me. It hurt like hell, I asked him to go slow but he was having none of it and threw away my hand and start fucking hard. I just grit my teeth and powered through the pain.

The other guy arrived after like 2-3 mins, wasted no time undressed and just got in front of me still getting pounded, told me to open up and started gagging my throat deep.

The black guy must have been turned on by hearing me gag because he blew his load in my ass very soon after the other guy started fucking my throat. It was very hot for me feeling his cock pulse inside me, while having this other guy fucking my throat and making me gag. He just zipped up and left, not a single word was said by this black guy and he has just blown his load into me.

I could feel his load starting to drip down my balls. At that point the white guy told me to turn around and head my head off the edge of the bed as he was going to really rape my throat and breed it. I complied, and got what is probably the hardest throat fuck I've ever had in my life. The guy was relentless and would push me way past my comfort zone. He held my arms most of the time so I could not fight back, and pumped my throat just like he would pound my ass. A lot of gagging and choking was involved and was quite uncomfortable, but I felt happy being utterly used while at the same time feeling the other guy's cum drip little by little from my ass.

The end was pretty intense and hot. He was really going to town and giving my throat a pounding that would have still made me flinch if it was my ass. I had trouble breathing and threw up a little bit but he didn't care and kept pounding and came balls deep to a huge loud grunt (I'm sure people in other rooms heard that lol). He was holding my head down with both hands when he came and I really thought I was going to pass out from lack of air. He left very quickly after pulling out of my mouth and told me to hit him up next time i'm in town.

I felt so dirty and used with cum dripping from both holes, but also very happy being used like I deserve and fulfilling my role in life.

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Team player!  lol.  You got stamina b/c I'm not sure I could keep getting throat fucked if I couldn't breath ... I've gotten to the point where my eyes and nose are watering/overflowing but not to the point of vomiting!  wow.

So hot that the black dude blew his load up your ass from the white dude face fucking you!

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Yes I used to be oral sub only for a long time so I have a lot of experience deepthroating and being facefucked... but that was before I took my first anon bareback load in my pussy :)

I rarely throw up but usually it depends a lot on the cock curve... if it's lined in the same direction as my throat I can take it like there's no tomorrow and just need to breathe once in a while, but if the curve is the opposite or it's not curved at all then it makes me gag

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