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  1. Fuck! your mancunt looks delicious! My folks live in NC so now I've got an excuse to swing by Winston-Salem.
  2. A+ Silent fuckers kill me. All of a sudden their cock pulls out and I missed it. Unless their balls dumped a huge load up my ass that I can feel 😄. I like a bit of verbal even from anon fucks who think I'm doing them a favor. "oh fuck buddy, i'm gonna bust. where you want it?" "bust that big load up that ass" "ok fuck yea! here's that big load" GRUNT. pulls cummy dick out. "thanks man. gotta jet"
  3. Sadly, totally dry here. That makes me wish I'd settled on a bb FB before this craziness started. I don't think any med really works. A vaccine would. TBH, private gloryholes have crossed my mind -- I mean, it's a form of plexiglass between you and him 😛
  4. Good site/app for finding motels w/ exterior doors? Looking thru Google map pictures of motels takes awhile ...
  5. This isn't a problem specific to WhatsApp, so the title is a bit inaccurate. You could send a simple txt w/ vid/pic of your dick to Grandma by accident using technology from 20 years ago. Modern smartphones do have some options for folks: secure / hidden or locked / "boxes". Samsung was the 1st phone maker that I used with a hidden vault whre I'd stash porn pics. Samsung's is called "Secure Folder". There are other makers with the same feature.
  6. +1, but for different reasons. I arrive a bit early in hopes of crossing paths with the previous fucker. You can tell b/c they're rushed but satisfied look, hehe. Like shoving my raw dick up a cum hole knowing I just saw the dude that dumped his own load deep inside.
  7. hah! wow. The fact that there is an urban definition is what's surprising. Yea, I assume "passive" top needs an "active" / Power(?) bottom that will do all the humpin' & pumpin' ...
  8. A lot of those no-pic profiles are sexy fuckers who know too many prudes but want some NSA!
  9. +1 What time of day were these "long fucks"? Morning & mid-day fuckers are quick in-and-out. They got to get to gym/work/home in time. But nightime often fuckers expect a looooooonnnnnng sexual encounter. At least that's my experience when bottoming 🙂 It's also what I expect as a top -- unless an evening/nighttime bttm sounds like they're just hungry for loads 😄
  10. Sample of holes that make me pop hard ... basically any hot hole attached to a slutty guy who looks like he's up to no good 😛 FTM:
  11. I've fucked lots of tall bottoms ... but I'm 5'9 so everyone is taller than me. LOL But yea, back in the bathhouse days, most guys assumed I was willing to bend over and that's probably b/c I'm short & slim.
  12. Society has always debated this topic. King Tut's parents were brother-sister, and now lots of studys say the Egyptian royal in-breeding caused birth defects. If you believe Claudius and other Roman historians, supposedly Caligula (3rd Emporer of Rome) fucked around with his sisters, but that may have been the rumor-mill trying to discredit folks. The ruling houses of Europe are a bunch of in-breds -- cousins marrying cousins. Something about "pure" bloodlines. But your question is brother-brother or homo/bi? hmmm. I'd be curious to hear if your friend's story happens more than
  13. Your wife sounds like she was a great partner! That's what relationships are about: not just some regular sexy partner / cuddle buddy but someone who loves, supports, and wants you to live your life to the fullest. After 5 years w/ my hubby, we've started to explore more ... both sexually and just in life. Ty for sharing your story @Tramprikkileigh
  14. He's got some HOT amateur vids ... like the verbal curly haired twink who says "I can feel your cum inside me!". Here: [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/breeding-a-twink-30334831
  15. +1 to all of that ^ It may be the so-called "type" of fucker that we're after. What I mean is, I'm sure fucking goes on after 4pm but it may be guys the are single (that's an obvious one), guy that have it planned a week out, or folks who work night shifts, etc. I'm more spontaneous and hitched so daytime weekdays work best.
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