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  1. Or mass in general. I fucked a >6'3" >230lb muscle neighbor several times. As a 5'8 155lb runner type, it can be challenging to just flip a big guy over. Luckily that FB was an "active" bottom -- meaning he moved his own body around. If I'm dealing with a lazy, limp bottom who just lays there, the fuck ain't gonna be fun. But hey, even a Big & Tall Top probably isn't going to enjoy a lazy btm either, hah! Active btms are loads of fun, whatever size they cum in.
  2. Does the OP's phrase apply to black btms? I've fucked a few black guys who bent over. Great fucks too! The phrase implies all black men are big cock tops. Meh.
  3. LOL! "hole like a bucket" Maybe I'll try that line ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. You have a great gallery, very hot body..

  5. Here's the pop-up message I got when logging into Xtube: "It's a sad day for us at XTube but we have to announce that after 13 years, XTube.com will be shutting down on September 5th." The message recommends going to Pornhub. Hah! I find XHamster far better though the content is mostly just rip-offs. I've been a customer of various online and brick & mortar shops. If fanatics try to shutdown porn, it just pops up elsewhere. Jp
  6. ME Photo's - extremely HOT - HOT memories - while the first time / young - my buddies got naked - they love my uncut dick - they and I enjoyed them playing with it - my buddy had a huge dick - beginning love males / older 1's - touching and giving me Pleasures of my dick - became addicted of tasting cum loads !

  7. For anyone who missed Whoopi walking off when O'Reilly said "Muslims killed us on 9/11"
  8. That's the slippery slope of generalizations -- there's always an exception so do those exceptions matter? As a gay (bi?) man whose voted for Republicans & Democrats, I certainly believe that exceptions matter. Same goes for generalizing Muslims. Your comments sound like Bill O'Reilly on The View years ago when he said Muslims killed Americans on 9/11. No, Bill and you need to go back and read the full history on Bin Laden, how his family disowned him as a radical, and what the US foreign service did to his business pre-9/11, and then what al-Qaeda did on 9/11. TL;DR It's just ignorant to make such broad over-generalizations. Saying al-Qaeda on 9/11 is all of Islam is like the Branch Davidians @ Waco representing all of Christianity. aka. they're NOT the same, and saying they are the same makes you sound extremely ignorant.
  9. Cum to find out he's a big cummer too. I just wrapped up a Zoom work meeting (with 3 yng hotties) and was holding in a fart until after that meeting. Finally done, I farted ... ... well, my underwear became an instant cum rag. It was soaked with his cum. And the smell of cum filled my office. ๐Ÿท I had to change clothes and get back to working from home. I'll message him later and ask if he had the same experience. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  10. He hit me up on Grindr. I'd just let the chickens out of the coop and the roosters were loud, aka. it was early, like 6am! His pic was a cheeky smile, his stats HWP, close by, Native American, "Hi" ... I'd checked him out before but his profile read something like "4 Daddy" (I'm only 40 not 50+ and more an otter than DadBod) ๐Ÿ™‚ After my not-fully-caffeinated "Morning" reply, he sent a pic -- of his whole body naked! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ He was hung and had Bull Balls. I told him that, and sent him my nudes. "I can fuck you". That ^ offer sounded like he thought I was a bottom, so I told him that I'm not a bottom, and do flip, but probably couldn't get fucked that morning. And I would have to get to work later in the morning. Usually that gets rid of dom top types on Grinder, but the guy was persistent. "OK. I like kissing and body contact, and have to get to class by 10:30." That was 180 degree reversal and Nice! And 10:30 was 3+ hours away. I wasn't horny. I'd been invited by a dom top to fuck a sub bttm just 2 days earlier. (That was fun but the "dom" top was quieter than me and apologized for having a limp dick. My dick was hard, so I fucked the bttms ass while he sucked on the dom top, dumped my load up his hole, then left the scene early.) And it'd been raining cats and dogs for days so even Mother Earth wasn't in a bright mood. But I didn't want to just blow the guy off. It's a small town, most guys are prudes, or they're only slutty via text and end up as flakes. "I'd definently be up for making out and going from there", I replied. I figured if he was a great kisser, my dick would respond, and anything could happend. "Nice", he said, "I'll get ready". Oh he's going to get ready for ...? Hmm. 30mins later, I park at his trailer, knock on the door, and he's just like his face pic. Big smile, dark eyes, nice lips, in T-shirt & shorts that show he's entirely smooth. We chat on his couch about our work, hubbies, flakes on Grindr, etc. One of his hookups showed up at the restaurant he worked at -- with wife & kids in tow! (Did I say it's a small town?) We start kissing -- his lips feel great! He moans a lot when I kiss and suck on his the neck and ears ๐Ÿ˜„ "Let go to the bedroom". We strip each other and he almost goes down on me while I stand there but I pull him up. I grab him, face to face, and we hold each other -- 2 naked men, skin on skin, holding each other, kissing each other. His entire body is completely smooth. No leg hair, no bush, no butt furr, clean shaven, -- even his pits are shaved. I'm there barely trimmed, cock bush, furry butt, beard -- not smooth. Total opposities! Except we were both 5'8. I've not had this kind of intimacy with a man in a long time and it's feeling great. We get onto his bed and keep exploring each other's bodies. My hands slide down from massaging his smooth back to his ass. I feel 2 plump & firm buttcheeks. Yes! He said he taught exercise classes, and I can feel that in his ass. He reaches down to grab my cock and this time I let him. He starts sucking on my cock and those lips and wet mouth are GREAT! I swing his ass around and make him spead his legs above my mouth. In front of my mouth is he half full cock and big bull balls, and behind that his totally smooth ass hole. Of course I must taste this beautifully endowed man! Somewhere during the sucking I get his legs up in the air, and dive my tongue into his ass hole. He moans LOUD! I'm in piggy heaven hearing him enjoy me rimming his ass, and seeing his eyes squint when I suck on his hole. He luvs it! Then his phone rings. It's his boss. Dammit! Maybe I'll be sent packing ... ... he comes back from the phone call and says he doesn't have to go to work. Awesome. We get back to kissing and something comes over me. "I want you to fuck me. I'm not really prepared for that but we can try". I say. I guess my butt was horny after all that great kissing! "OK" he says simply. I lay on my back, he pulls my hairy legs up over his smooth chest, and he just spits on his cock. No condom! No lube! He just spits on his dick and then aims for my hole!!! I expect him to ask questions any minute now. "Did you bring condoms? Are you clean?" etc. Instead, he looks at me. In my eyes. I look at his cock pushing against my hole and then back at him. He looks determined. Determined to fuck. He slowly slides his bare cock up my hole. I adjust. He's thick and long. I'm probably moaning but he doesn't stop pushing in. We keep looking into each others eyes deeper and deeper and my hole opens up to his cock. "Come lay on top of me" I ask him. I've not been fucked by big cock lots so need some time. He pulls my legs apart to his sides and lays on my chest and kisses me again. I feel his full weight on me and hug him tight. "You're really big and this helps" I whisper in his ear. He doesn't say anything but shoves his big cock in deeper. I'm sure I"m moaning loudly now, just as loud as when I was rimming his hot ass. I grab his neck and make him kiss me on the lips again. He kisses me back. I feel a throbbing sensation from his cock. Did his cock jump? Did he cum? He says nothing, raises himself up off me, I pull my own legs back tight, and he starts fucking my ass deep. Each thrust he makes deeper and deeper as he looks at me in the eyes. I moan louder and louder with each thrust and push against his waist. He grabs my right leg, turns me over on my side, lays behind me, and fucks me more. "That feels better, it feels awesome" I tell him, moaning into the pillow. My ass can handle his big cock much better on my side like this. He fucks me like this for a long time and it feels great. Suddenly, his bare cock pops out of my hole. I grab his cock with my hand and then look & sniff at my hand. It's clean but a little smell. "Well I wasn't prepared for getting fucked" I say. "That's what shaowers are for" he says, like nothing of it. I follow him into the shower and don't really notice his big cock anymore but my eyes "feel" up his ass. He bend over to turn on the shower water. I grab one of his tight butt cheeks and smack it. "You have a great ass" "Eh, you mean fat ass. It looked better before Covid." "You do NOT have a fat ass. It's firm and looks great", I tell him. He turns around and kisses me again. I make sure to get his tongue this time ... I want to fuck him now! The shower is on, I jump in behind him, he gets all wet, washing his cock off, and he bends over again. This time I get down on my knees and shove my face between his butt cheeks. His buns are so tight, not fat at all! that my tongue has to fight to get up in his hole. I finally taste his hole! It tastes clean. I get up behind him and realize my dock is rock hard. I later some soap on his back, reach around, and his him. "I want to fuck you" I blurt out. "Yea?" and squirts some soap on his finger and puts it up his ass hole. "Soap can hurt. Do you have lube?" "Yes. Let me grab some poppers" he says. He walks out of the shower dripping, I shut off the water, and a few seconds later his wet sexy smooth body is back in the dry shower with me. He bends over in front of me. I squirt his lube on my cock, and my finger, and slip my finger up his hole. He takes a hit of his poppers. I feel his hole -- it's fucking tight!! And totally smooth inside his hole, just like his whole body is. I grab my hairy cock, which is rock hard, and see the contrast. His dark caramel skin against my pale white skin, his totally smooth buttcheeks against my full cock bush, ... but remember what's the same about us: his cock was just up my ass bare, and now I'm going to fuck this beautiful man bareback too. I stand behind his ass and try to pop my cockhead in. "You're so fucking tight", I tell him. He takes another hit of his poppers. This time by cockhead pops in his hole. I hear him moan. "Your ass feels great [his name]", I tell him. I call him by his name. I'm behind him so we cannot kiss but I want him to know I'm really connecting with him. "I want you to fuck me [my name]," he replies. He uses my real name too. We're connecting and I'm luvin it. I pound his ass there in the shower. Not long and his leg starts to shake. I stop pounding. "You OK?" I ask him. "Yes, it just feels so good." He's being nice. What's happening is the shower space is hard to manage. "Let's move back to the bed." I tell him. We walk back to the bedroom, and he stands there "Where do you want me?" "Right where you were", as I walk behind him and kiss his neck then his ear and then his lips from behind. I bend him over and spread out his legs better so he's not shaking. He takes a big hit of his poppers. My cock feels his hole really open up this time and it feels great. I start pounding his ass harder now. "[his name] you really have me close" I admit to him. "I want you to cum in me" he blurts out. Damn! "Yea?" is all I can say. He's a secret pig! ๐Ÿ˜„ "Yes cum inside me [my name]." he says That sends me over the edge. I grab hold of him entirely from behind. Both my arms wrapped around him and pulling him up some from being bent over. He grabs both my legs and pulls me in. I sink into his whole body deeply. I yell loudly. I'm having an intense orgasm. I feel it throughout my whole body. Spasms of natural ecstasy. I want to kiss him again but cannot in this position so hold him tighter. My cock finally slips out as my panting recovers. He spins me around and we finally kiss. "That was intense." I tell him. He smiles and we kiss again. I remember that he's not cum. I'm no selfish top so want to make sure he cums too. "Now we have to get you off", I tell him. "Oh ..." he grins, "I came twice. While fucking you." "You fucker," I grin. We standing there face to face. He grabs me and pulls me towards him. I wrap both arms around him and pull him towards me. We stand there embraced together; holding each other tightly. Two men who fully enjoyed each other. "I think I've found a new fuck bud in this small town afterall" I think on the drive back to work.
  11. Finally, I'm Proficient at something ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice change.
  12. +1. The brain is the biggest sex organ. Bingo! Same for Canada. Toronto guys are *loads* of fun w/out chitchat or strings ๐Ÿ™‚ It's not just Seattle / Washington. Just last week, my hubby & I were camping with str8 couple. She somehow blurted out that women "squirting" was faked pee. I said, "but I've seen videos ๐Ÿ˜„ ..." Well, her guy shut that conversation down really quick. Ugh! Americans can be uptight, whether on apps or in-person. Your experiences are mostly with str8/bi guys? Lots of guys here say try in-person (so a bar) but it's hard for me to hit on or "read" str8/bi guys in-person, even ones that know I'm gay. And every public spot that I visit gets shut down by police around here, but YMMV. Try Doublelist & Grindr. Ones that are horny & serious get right to the point. And they'll like that you're just passing thru -- no strings! ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel the pain though. I'm way out in the sticks of Wisconsin surrounded by condom queens & "clean" fanatics.
  13. Fiber = firm. I'm not trying to mence words, but folks who take fiber supplements _or_ high fiber diets will _both_ get firmer stools. Metamucil (or any psyllium husk) is fiber. I do agree with you that firm stools make for much easier cleanup. My stools are firmer when taking psyllium daily.
  14. This thread needs some comic relief, so I'll provide it. "Oh look, Gay republicans" "Oh that is so cool". Rips up sign-up sheet! "You shouldn't do that!" "Why? are you about to tell me there's room for all shades of gay under the rainbow?? 'cause there's not!" @ the end of this clip from Gayby:
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