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    Anon sex, choking, strangling, throatfucking, puking, you name it. Anything that involves me being used in a degrading way by a dom.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I'm a bottom boy recently having discovered the joys of being a bareback anon cumdump! Very submissive and love being used like a filthy whore. If I'm not being fucked anon, I love being throatfucked hard and choking on cock, being slapped, spit on, etc. Also a fetish for being strangled/choked while being pumped full of cum!
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    Nasty dominant doms who want an easy cumdump to use to get off. Need someone selfish who doesn't care about my pleasure/pain but is just here to use me however he sees fit.

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  1. Yes I used to be oral sub only for a long time so I have a lot of experience deepthroating and being facefucked... but that was before I took my first anon bareback load in my pussy I rarely throw up but usually it depends a lot on the cock curve... if it's lined in the same direction as my throat I can take it like there's no tomorrow and just need to breathe once in a while, but if the curve is the opposite or it's not curved at all then it makes me gag
  2. I was travelling in the west coast, got on GrindR and got a few hits but most of them flaked out. After posting an ad on doublelist, I got a couple good hits, but one was a black guy looking for an anon ass to breed while the other was a white guy who got off on rough throatfucking and giving a throatpie. They were both looking for right now so I asked them if they were cool walking in if someone else was already there using me, and both of them didn't mind so I started getting ready and gave them the room number The black guy arrived first, I was in my jockstrap waiting door unlocked ass up head down blindfolded and lubed. Without a single word he started thrusting into me. It hurt like hell, I asked him to go slow but he was having none of it and threw away my hand and start fucking hard. I just grit my teeth and powered through the pain. The other guy arrived after like 2-3 mins, wasted no time undressed and just got in front of me still getting pounded, told me to open up and started gagging my throat deep. The black guy must have been turned on by hearing me gag because he blew his load in my ass very soon after the other guy started fucking my throat. It was very hot for me feeling his cock pulse inside me, while having this other guy fucking my throat and making me gag. He just zipped up and left, not a single word was said by this black guy and he has just blown his load into me. I could feel his load starting to drip down my balls. At that point the white guy told me to turn around and head my head off the edge of the bed as he was going to really rape my throat and breed it. I complied, and got what is probably the hardest throat fuck I've ever had in my life. The guy was relentless and would push me way past my comfort zone. He held my arms most of the time so I could not fight back, and pumped my throat just like he would pound my ass. A lot of gagging and choking was involved and was quite uncomfortable, but I felt happy being utterly used while at the same time feeling the other guy's cum drip little by little from my ass. The end was pretty intense and hot. He was really going to town and giving my throat a pounding that would have still made me flinch if it was my ass. I had trouble breathing and threw up a little bit but he didn't care and kept pounding and came balls deep to a huge loud grunt (I'm sure people in other rooms heard that lol). He was holding my head down with both hands when he came and I really thought I was going to pass out from lack of air. He left very quickly after pulling out of my mouth and told me to hit him up next time i'm in town. I felt so dirty and used with cum dripping from both holes, but also very happy being used like I deserve and fulfilling my role in life.
  3. I've never shared this story with anyone, but I've never been so horny in my entire life since I created an account here reading all the hot stories, so felt it's a good time to share. True story here, this happened to me when I was very young. At the time I barely knew how sex worked, never had a real bf, and had just sucked and been fucked maybe a couple times. I grew up in a different country so there was a sort of craigslist equivalent there. One day I posted an ad saying that I was "looking for a bf" (yeah, right), and got tons of replies. But one in particular stood out. It was an older guy, I forget his age but probably in his 50ies so almost 3x my age. He said he was looking for a young boyish twink and wanted to take me to a hotel and make love to me like a woman and that he would pay me for it if I let him do what he wants. First I was offended and frankly disgusted and didn't even reply. But I kept thinking about it for some reason. Something about the thought of being treated like a woman as he said turned me on a lot. And also the idea of having another man paying me to be able to use me as he wants was very sexy to me, while still feeling it was degrading. After a week or 2 of thinking about it constantly, I decided it was time to give it a try and replied. The man replied almost instantly, saying I made the right choice and that he would take good care of me. We chatted a bit and convened to meet on a following Friday where he would pick me up not far from my place after I was done with school, take me to the hotel to spend the night, and drop me back at my place the next day. We didn't really discuss much what we were going to do, even though I asked multiple times, but he just said I had to be obedient and do what he says. I was SO nervous on the day he picked me up. I'm already very shy by nature, so you can imagine I was a nervous wreck going in a complete stranger's car and being his "woman" for the night. When I got in he was literally devouring me with his eyes. Said he was glad I was very twinky as he likes his boys looking innocent. The drive to the hotel felt like forever, but I don't think it was more than a 20-30 mins drive. It was way out of town near a highway, and I was very nervous arriving there and almost backed out. He probably saw I was nervous because he told me not to worry, that he'd be gentle and I'd have a good time, and that helped me relax a little. Once inside he wasted no time and as soon as the door closed he started kissing me passionately. I had never kissed a man at the time so it felt really weird. He was very forceful about it too. Then he removed my shirt, and told me to kneel in front of him. I had an instant of hesitation and he told me to hurry up, and I obliged. He was still dressed then, and didn't even bother undressing, and just unuzipped and pulled out his cock and told me to kiss it and smell it and tell him how beautiful it is. Now I was not a total stranger to cock at the time as I had blown I think 2 guys and been fucked twice too, but it had always been after long makeout sessions with lots of cuddling and sweet words and all that. So finding myself like this on my knees with a stranger's cock in front of me felt really uncomfortable. I probably managed to lick and usher a few words uncomfortably about his cock, and I like the he kept ruffling my hair and gently rubbing his hands over my face. I felt very vulnerable and liked the attention he was giving me while I made his cock go from limp to hard. When he got fully hard though his attitude changed. What was once gentle ruffling of my blond hair became fists who grabbed my hair and held my head in place. He told me to open my mouth, and didn't even ask me to suck him - instead he pushed his cock all the way down my throat while keeping my head still. I was pretty shocked then, had never had a cock in my throat before. I was gagging a lot and asked me to stop, but he told me if I want to satisfy him and serve like a woman I have to get used to it and that I should stop complaining. Still in shock, I did my best but probably wasn't very good at it, although I remember him saying he liked to hear me gag. After a while he probably got bored or likely there was too much teeth, and he told me it was time to make a real woman out of me. He put me back on my feet and went back to kissing me intensely, but this time one of his hands started playing with my hole and he started fingering me roughly. It hurt and he wasn't gentle about it, but we stayed like this for a while and my hole started loosening after a while. He put me on the bed on my back, lifted my legs and started approaching me with his erect cock getting clearly ready to enter me. This is when I started fighting back and telling him I didn't want to get fucked without a condom. He was actually very nice about it, stopped for a minute, told me he just fucks his wife and he's only been with very few twinks, and that I had nothing to be worried about. I was still hesitant, but figured I could trust him, so I went back in position. He entered me slowly while caressing my chest. He clearly had no interest in my cock, but he pinched my nipples hard while entering me. It didn't hurt so bad because he had fingered me well before, but felt very different to the couple times I had been fucked with a condom. He started fucking me harder and harder, telling me sweet words, caressing me gently, I really felt like a woman that time. His constant pinching of my nipples, and the feeling of his raw cock going inside and outside of me made me shoot my load very quick all over myself. He lasted a few minutes after that, and he had a deep groan and said things along the lines that I was now his boy and that my ass was his. Then he collapsed on me and passionately kissed me for a while before we fell asleep. He fucked me 3 other times that night, as I found myself woken up by his raw cock entering me and I just took it. Come morning after a last fuck he told me it was great and that he would love to see me regularly. He insisted on paying me for this, saying that I had been very obedient and I deserved it. Took me back to my place, and not an hour later messaged me to see if I was available the very next Friday for the same thing. I ended up seeing him for several months almost every week. He brought me gifts sometimes like pieces of underwear or t-shirts that made me look cute, and he was always paying me for it. Inside my head I was turned on by the idea of giving up my ass raw in exchange of that, even if that felt wrong. After a few months I moved to a bigger town for college so we couldn't meet anymore. He emails me a few times asking how things were going and if I was coming back for the holidays, but we kinda lost contact after a bit. He's the first I've let fuck me bareback, and the only one I've let do that before a loooong time. I was thinking about these memories fondly as I just had my first anon cumdump scene last weekend, and I think it was a great introduction for me to bareback sex. I regret nothing, except the fact that it took me many years after this to accept going back to bareback. This was a bit of a longer post than I anticipated, but I hope you'll find it interesting as this is the story the way I remember it. I've actually never told this story to anyone, there's a bit of a stigma with it being first bareback and then being paid for it, so I've kept it to myself, but this felt like a good place to share it for the first time.
  4. Met a guy to give him a deepthroat blowjob today. He wanted it anonymous with little talking, and I was totally game for that.He was small at first but definitely a grower after he went down my throat for a few thrusts! What intrigued me is that I kept hearing him on this phone type and the typical GrindR notification noise popping up constantly. At some point he held my head still and took a picture of me sucking him and I assume sent it to some guy. Then he innocently asked to see my ass, and started pressing his cock against it, and without even asking started fucking me. I did not expect that at all, as I was in the mood to just give a simple blowjob tonight, but I went with it. He fucked me for a few minutes then withdrew and ordered me to suck him again. Now I've never done ass to mouth before but I again just went with it and followed his orders. He told me to lie down and started fucking my throat pretty deep and I gagged quite a lot. Then the unexpected happened, I heard him call someone, and he was talking with another guy about how he was getting sucked and fucking a bottom boy right now. Then I realized he was on video cam because he told the other guy to look at me sucking. The fact that he didn't even ask me for permission made it even hotter. He went back after a bit to fucking me and was showing it to the dude on video. I was getting fucked raw by a complete stranger blindfolded and he was broadcasting it to another complete stranger. I think they were trying to cum at the same time because he kept asking the other guy if he was close. He asked the other guy where he wanted him to cum, and the other guy asked him to cum on my face and mouth as he wanted to see him cum. A few minutes later he came a huge load flying over my face and in my mouth, and asked me to show the cum in my mouth to the other dude. And they came at the same time and hung up almost immediately. This was a first to me on many levels - never been made to do ass to mouth, and never had pics or even a whole video taken of me being used, especially when we were planning for just a blowjob. The best part? My guy was asking the other if he wanted to fuck me, and the other was like fuck yeah. When he left he told me they're going to organize something to both use me another time, and I'm very much looking forward to my first 3some!
  5. I have had this fantasy for a while now. Had the occasion a few years ago but I chickened out. Now that I' on PrEP and just embraced my cumdump nature, it feels like a natural next step for me to want to live a real rape scene. I think for this to work I will need to get a room somewhere with none of my belongings in there so I can feel confident I won't get robbed. Ideally someone would have left a glass in there filled with whatever is necessary. I would drink it, lay on the bed, hopefully get knocked out and wake up a few hours later having no idea what happened to me but feeling my whole body sore and bruised. Would be hot to have it video'ed and being emailed the link to it posted on xtube or somewhere else without my knowledge from an anonymous account so I can't take it down, and feel horrified and ashamed about all the dirty things done to me while I was out. I am willing to travel ANYWHERE in the US if I find the right dom interested in this scene. Obviously this won't happen overnight, but I am serious about it to make it happen and get used the way I deserve.

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