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I’m such a pathetic small dick piss fag that deserves being humiliated till my phone breaks. 

Feel free to text call leave voice texts or more making fun of me, degrading me and ruining my phone number. That is my number in pic below. Feel free to copy and post else where to ruin me. 

I love being smacked around used and abused only to be pissed on and tossed out forced to walk home clothes and face piss soaked. It’s so embarrassing. It’s where I belong. 



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    • By POZdetectable
      Sorry for my English, it's not my mother tounge so i could/would makes mistakes...
      this story is fiction... for now 😈😈 I plan to realise a part of it eventually... 3 people are willing to follow me. Time will tell...
      After chattin' with a friend of mine about my sexual deviance, he told me that i turned him on for several reasons. We started to explore his need and i got a big surprise... I was not alone with my twisted mind. He's twisted like me.
      Chapter 1
      My friend, i'll call him Edouard (Eddy), wanted to get pozzed for a long time but he never found someone serious enough to Gift him, until we talked...
      Wa talked about our fantasy for 2 days on WhatsApp... describing how we'd like to proceed for his pozzing... He took me on some nasty paths that makes me hard as steel. He wants to consider me as a Jewel Wasp and him as my prey... He REALLY wants me to Make him... to Pozz him. He makes me horny like a Hornet who needs to sting his prey... he makes me become a predator, THE kind of predator i adore...  EVIL.
      He said that he wasn't sure he wants to cross the line and he wants me to guide him at MY direction. He feels hypnotized by me, by my POZ dick, by my PA, by my twisted talk. Before working for his pozzing, we made a deal. If he accepts me as his Pozzer, that's gonna be like a sacrifice. He's gonna fuck up his health for MY pleasure and MY pride. There are some conditions he needs to satisfy for me to Reward him!
      A Wasp Tattoo... Emerald Green and Black (for the Jewel Wasp) it's MY Mark ! (the image at the end of this chapter) A negative blood test results. NO one to fuck him until he convert. Anonymous HIV test... until it comes back POZ and afterwards, regular blood tests to know how high the viral load will climb. when the convertion succeeds, he's gonna have to GIFT... and to get recharged. Stay off meds as long as he can (but i don't want my prey to pass away... ) Recharging me !
      He agreed all of these conditions. These conditions are mine to POZ someone. I'm the Boss in MY colony! I want to create new wasps and make it grow!!!

      He needs me to break his Pandora's Box... to make sure he's not gonna close it anymore. He's feeling hot as Hell... and he invites me to talk in person about this.

      I travelled to his place and we talked, naked but we did not fuck. I wanted to control his mind like the Jewel Wasp does with its prey... so we talk about how we'd like to get sick, how i'd poz him, how i'd lay my wasp eggs inside his body... how free he'll be to be himself... and he'll be MINE! We jerked off... and we promised to get closer to the moment at our next date...
      He warned me that he could slow me down... step on the brakes... but i answer that i could not brake and i would push him over the precipice... He did not disagree but I still need time to control his mind completly... The job is not finish... It could take awhile but my reproductive instinct will get the job done sooner or later.

      When i left his place he said that he wants me to bring him to the Other side... into darkness... He wanted to be fucked by me... only me... and become an Evil to burn other people from the inside when he's pozzed.

      I promised him to continue to work on his mind to manipulate him, bringing him where i want him... and to sting his body with my dick to make him MINE... to start to build MY colony!

      He's gonna be a co-predator for the next hunt... but before, i have to finish my work with him... He will be my First Victim, my First Conquest !

      I have 3 men now wating to be a part of my Colony... but Eddy will be the First and were gonna work together on the next ones.

    • By Hervtheperv
      No loads refused 
    • By RobertPaulis
      hosting from 9sh pm tonight till 2:30am at the Sonder Apartment Suites (200 Brookline Ave) --- looking for as my loads as possible, please help. check my twitter and my latest tweet for the cum dump posting
    • By newboy1689
      1. The unseen man pulled his cock back through the glory hole and I licked my lips, swallowing the rest of his load. I sat back on my heels and looked at the now vacant hole in front of me and for a brief moment wondered how I had come to this moment. Completely naked, my head shaved, cum leaking from my hole and covering my face, my cock dripping precum but completely forgotten, and locked in this booth in the back of this bathhouse.
      I heard a rustle behind me and saw a fat dark cock slide through the second hole in this booth. My instructions had become second nature at this point and I got up, bent over and slide the cock into my well fucked hole. Once my as was pressed firmly against the wall, the man on the other side began to pound me. I groaned and smiled.
      At thirty years old I had thought that I knew myself pretty well. Through some experimentation in my twenties I had decided I was vers, not overly kinky, and overall was pretty good about condom usage. So, I how did I end up locked in a glory hole booth in a bathhouse? Good question.
      Sir, well at the time Mike, had been the one to change all that. As soon as I met him in the bar I knew there was something different going on. He had a power over me that I couldn’t explain, and I just sort of gave in.
      I hadn’t gone to the bar that night with any sort of expectations. It had been a long day I thought I would pop in, have a drink or two, toss some coin at a drag performer friend of mine, and head home.
      As I was buying my second drink Sir, as he is now known to me, brushed against me at the bar. I was in awe. At just above six feet tall he loomed over me a little, his broad chest blocking out the rest of the room. His face was strong and square. He had short cropped dark hair, and eyes that somehow just drew me in. He smiled a broad toothy smile, and introduced himself. I practically melted.
      He offered to buy me a drink and made small talk as he got closer and closer to me. I smiled and felt my cock stir as he brushed against me. Soon, he leaned down and kissed me hard on the mouth. I melted into him, his big hands grabbed at my back and pulled me close.
      Within twenty minutes of meeting him we were leaving the bar and walking to his place a couple of blocks away.
      As soon as the door closed something in his demeanor changed. He became more assertive, and I became more aroused.
      “Strip,” he said. There in his living room with the blinds still open I pulled my shirt off over my head and kicked off my shoes. I stepped out of my jeans and hesitated for a moment before pushing down my briefs. My cock was hard as a rock and stood straight out from my dark brown bush, its full six and a half inches exposed.
      Sir smiled at me. “Good boy,” he said. I’d never been called boy before. It made something in me flutter and my cock twitch. He unbuttoned his own shirt revealing his strong chest, and a thick pelt of hair. His stomach was hard and flat, not an over tone gym body, the strong body of a man. Then he took of his shoes and undid his belt. Before he took his pants off though he said “On your knees boy.” I practically fell to my knees. With another broad toothy smile he undid his pants and slipped them off. He now stood in front of me in nothing but a straining jockstrap. My mouth watered.
      “Come over here boy,” he said, and I crawled over so that I was kneeling right in front of him. I could smell his sent, my cock throbbed. “Now you’re gonna get my cock wet and then I’m going to fuck your cute little ass. Understood?”
      I nodded vigorously.
      “When I ask you a question like that boy you will answer ‘Yes, Sir’ is that clear?”
      “Yes, Sir,” I stammered. This wasn’t something I was into I thought, but then why was my stomach doing back flips and my cock leaking like mad.
      “Good. Now lets try that again. You’re going to get my cock wet and then I’m going to fuck your ass, is that understood?”
      “Yes, Sir.”
      “Very good.” With that he pulled out his cock and I gasped. I had guessed it would be big from the bulge in front of me but I had still not been prepared.
      His cock was the thickest I had ever seen. Only about an inch longer than mine it had to be as thick as a soda can the whole way down. His pubes were dense and connected into the thick mat of hair that ran up his stomach. I swallowed hard.
      “Open your mouth boy.”
      I did as I was told and he pressed the broad flat mushroom head into my mouth slowly. I’ve always loved sucking cock and instinct took over. I swallowed as much as I could, slathering all over his cock. He groaned appreciably and his hands came to rest on the back of my head, pulling me closer. Somehow I knew that I had to get his cock as wet as I could, his sudden shift in demeanor told me that he wasn’t going to be providing any lube when he fucked me.
      I choked myself, getting spit all down the shaft of his cock and all over the head. My face was slick with spit, and it dripped down my chin. Occasionally he would force the whole length of his dick into my mouth so that his head hit the back of my throat. He was forceful, but always careful with me at the same time. I felt safe with him. I felt like even if he used me rough I would be ok.
      After what felt like a blissful eternity he pulled out of my mouth and head me by the shoulders. I looked up into his face, and saw that same toothy grin.
      “You ready to get fucked now boy?”
      “Yes, Sir.”
      “Good, now get your ass on the bed.” He shoved me towards an open door to the right, and I darted onto the bed. Without being told I got up on all fours presenting my ass towards the door. I heard Sir chuckle as he walked in behind me, “Good boy.”
      I felt his hands on my ass and braised myself for his cock to start pressing on my hole dry but instead I felt his tongue lap at my hole. It darted about, flicking over my ass, slowly working inside me. I groaned, as I felt my hole opening steadily. I was no stranger to getting fucked and it didn’t take too much to get me ready, but Sir was taking his time. He savored my ass, getting it slick with his spit.
      Once Sir was satisfied that I was properly wet, he straightened up and started to rub his cock on my hole. I leant forward, and put my face into the mattress. After dropping a big glob of spit onto my hole he started to push in. His head was so wide and blunt that my hole resisted for a long moment before finally giving way. I gasped as the first inch of his cock slid into me.
      He held his cock there for a minute, dropped another glob of spit onto his shaft and pushed in again. Little by little he opened me to his massive girth, and I just became a whimpering puddle.
      He fucked me slowly at first, adding more spit and building up speed till there was a steady wet slap filling the room. I groaned with every stroke. It felt so good. I could feel my hole loosening around him. I began to slam my hips back against him drawing his cock into me deeper.
      After ten minutes or so he pulled out of my hole, and in one motion knocked me over so that I was now on my back with my legs in the air. He repositioned himself and sank back into my hole. I groaned and tossed my head back.
      He was hammering me relentlessly and I felt my entire body giving way. My muscles all went slack and I was just putty in his hands.
      “I’m gonna breed this cunt, boy,” he said, sweat shinning on his body.
      “Please, Sir! Breed my hole!”
      “Good boy. Take Sir’s load.” He slammed deep inside me, stretching my hole as wide as it would go, as he spasmed deep inside me. He shook a little as he came, and the big toothy grin came back.
      He stayed inside me, his cock not getting any softer, but finally he was still.
      “Here’s the deal boy, you have a choice now.” He flexed his cock in me, “You can tell me you’re done for the night, and leave now; but know that if you do that you will never see me again,” another flex of his cock, “or, you can stay here. Just know that saying means your committing to taking my cock all night whenever I want your hole,” another flex, “So which will it be.”
      I didn’t even have to think, “Please, Sir, fuck me again!”
      “Good boy, you may just turn out to be a fun new pig.”
    • By Loveitraw
      Just a question to other bottoms out there. 
      Does anyone else feel the urge to piss themselves when fucked? 
      Especially with a big cock pressing up inside me. I can’t help it I’m already in a “lose control“ frame of mind but all I have to do is squeeze a little and I start pissing whether I feel like I need to or not.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be drenched either in my own or another's streams but its not always wanted.
      I know its just pressure from inside making me squeeze it out but it also feels good too, a mix of relief coupled with the pleasure of being fucked. My only concern is that it’s becoming normal for me. I kinda want it because it does feel good.  Even when I’m alone and dildo fucking myself I lean back as I ride and spray.  
      Anyone else? 

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