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    I'd love to set up a gang pozzing with my neg hole as the mark.
    Or be rushed, hooded and raped.
    Love pig play and being degraded and used.

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  1. I’m such a pathetic small dick piss fag that deserves being humiliated till my phone breaks. Feel free to text call leave voice texts or more making fun of me, degrading me and ruining my phone number. That is my number in pic below. Feel free to copy and post else where to ruin me. I love being smacked around used and abused only to be pissed on and tossed out forced to walk home clothes and face piss soaked. It’s so embarrassing. It’s where I belong.
  2. I want to run into these guys and let them show me how to take a cock proper! OINK HOT
  3. Totally! I was so pissed and jealous! Grr. Soon, I hope!
  4. Ok so last night I was home alone...didn't go out. Was just feeling horny and my hole was craving cock like no other! I wanted to get turned out for sure. I texted my buddy to see if he wanted to come over. He has stealth fucked me in the past, though he's neg, it was always hot. It has been more than four months since I had been nailed and I just recently was tested for HIV, with negative results. My hole was DROOL'N for a rough, dirty rape! Well my buddy finally texted me back around 2:00 AM, saying he had just been pounded by a huge nine inch thick black cock. I was beyond envious, I was PISSED! In any event, he went on to tell me the whole story. He started chatting with a hot, thuggish black man on SCRUFF who had a huge thick cock that was just over nine inches. The two of them arranged to meet. My buddy is in a relationship and they love to shock each other, so my buddy took this huge thug cock home, just the two of them. He said he couldn't even get his mouth around the guy's dick! WOOF. The thug turns the my buddy around and spat on his hole, and started to grind his ass crack. A couple times he ground so low that on the up stroke the head of his cock got caught on my buddy's hole. The thug held him down and forced himself in all the way in one motion. My buddy said it hurt so fucking bad that he yelled. The thug pulled out and started to try again but this time slower. My buddy stopped him and asked him to put a condom on. The guys said that he could try. They fumbled around but it was not going on, so my buddy asked, "What's your HIV status?" The thug replied "Neg. Clean" He also said he didn't BB unless the bottom was also negative. In addition the thug said he was exclusively a top. So my buddy agreed to bareback. The thug threw my buddy on the bed and virtually rape-mode. SO HOT! In the middle of the action my buddy's boyfriend came home. While he might have been initially somewhat shocked by what he saw as he opened the door, the shock dissipated quickly enough and he elected to join-in, sliding his cock in his boyfriend's mouth as the thug resumed fucking. This continued to the expected climax: that thug's huge thick nine inch cock erupted, blowing its load into my buddy's raw gut. My buddy texted me this story telling me he still had the thug's hot thick load inside his ass. YUM. Ok so I heard the story, saw the pic of the guy on scruff and totally wanted in on the action myself, so I went onto Scruff, found the thug and messaged him inviting him to I received no reply. Shit. GRRRRR. Pissed and totally jealous of my buddy, I rolled over and went to sleep. This morning I awoke to my phone blow'n up on SCRUFF. It was the THUG! He totally wanted to nail me and started brag'n how he just made a guy take his huge cock and load last night. Of course I was thinking 'I know the whole story - HOT'. He asked if I take it raw. Wanting to sound like a pig I replied "I only BB." (Now this is where I got an instant hard on!) The thug replied "Fuck yeah! I'm POZ and would love to breed you." My heart sank as my dick went hard. My buddy had been stealthed and had this thug's toxic juices running through his veins. I told the guy I was DOWN. He said it had to be now because he was leaving for LA in an hour. I had no car so my boner went limp. Again I was pissed, but I screen shot the texts of our messaging to to my buddy, including when the thug said he was POZ. Naturally he has been freaking out all day. He has no contact info for the guy, no name, nothing. I've already jacked off twice to this whole situation. So hot! But yet...I'm still neg.

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