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Tales of a Cumdump in a New City

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“Are- Are you okay?” asked a gruff voice. Having opened the exit door to the alleyway, Chad was illuminated from behind by the lights inside, and front-lit with the minimal light in the alleyway. He wore an expression that bounced between confusion, anger, and surprise. I couldn’t blame him given what he just witnessed. Here I was, standing over the sadistic man’s body, one foot pressed tight against his throat. It only took a few seconds for me to flatten the man out, and Chad witnessed it all. The man relied on his sheer strength, and had absolutely little experience in real hand-to-hand combat. Pathetic. All that muscle and no real skill to put it to use.

“What? Oh, yea, nothing I couldn’t handle!” I exclaimed. I looked down at the helpless man beneath me and leaned in to say, “Like I said, I wouldn’t have done that if I were you. Now, you’re going to leave me alone and never bother me again, got it!?” I pressed my foot further into his throat. He gasped and struggled beneath me. Trying to force my foot off his throat. It didn’t take long for him to realize he had lost, and so he nodded in agreement.

I released my foot, and walked towards Chad. The man stumbled to his feet, barely, and ran from the alley. I looked at Chad. His jaw and fists were clenched. He was seeing red. I stood squarely in front of him, grabbed his face between my hands and forced him to look at me. “I handled it. Relax.” I forced my calmness onto him with my words, my touch, and my presence. Finally, his rage relented and he calmed. I pushed him back inside into the corridor.

“What the fuck happened?” he asked.

“That man got a piece of my ass, then decided he owned me. No one owns me. No one ever will.” I weighed the last two sentences with as much gravity as I could. Chad was looking me in the eyes, and saw a flash of something dark cross my eyes. He gulped, but thankfully didn’t push me for details about something I wasn’t ready to discuss.

“That was Rex. He’s dangerous. I wanna say you’re lucky to be in one piece…but after what I just witnessed, I think I’d better reserve that statement for him.” This was more than I’ve ever heard Chad say! He was usually so quiet, but I think the shock made him nervously more talkative. “His crew and ours have had some issues in the past. They tend to think bottoms are to be used and thrown away. They’ll drug unwilling bottoms and fuck them nonstop without consent, and that isn’t cool with us. Consent matters. We’ve tried to protect people from them, but they’re pretty built and strong and our last brawl ended up in a draw. Poor Steven ended up with a few broken ribs, and we all had at least one black eye. I’ve never seen anyone flatten him out like that” Chad let out the cutest smirk. “Fuck, you’re something else, Slade.” He reached out a hand and wiped some grime off my face. I’ve never heard him say so much.

“Thanks,” I blushed. “By the way, how’d you know I was out there?”

Chad softened his smirk, but maintained it, “Toby and Steven told me about your plan, and I was heading back to drop a load in you. When I got near the corridor I heard something slam against the door. I couldn’t have imagined in a million years seeing you standing over his body like that. How’d you do that?”

Before I forced a half-assed, dismissive answer, we were thankfully interrupted by Steven. “You bone him yet, man? Toby said his ass was the best! I can’t wait for my turn. His mouth was so good!”

“Not yet, but why don’t you two join me the bathroom for a good ole’ fashioned spitroast?” I exclaimed, hoping to get my plan back on schedule. I rubbed my hands over both their bulges. Lust filled both their eyes as I brushed intentionally against their bodies to get to the bathroom.

Inside, the bathroom was dimly lit, and surprisingly only occupied by one guy at the urinal. He was turned away, so I couldn’t tell how he looked. Steven leaned down to me and whispered, “The middle stall has two gloryholes, one on each side.” I bee-lined it for the middle stall. Inside, I stripped my clothes off, except the jockstrap, and hung everything on the hook inside. The boys entered the stall on either side. I sat on the toilet and waited barely a second when their two cocks entered through the holes. Steven’s beautiful 10.5” cock that I had sucked earlier was to my right, and Chad’s extra-thick 10” cock was to my right. I began salivating.

I gently stroked both with each hand before leaning in to take Steven’s pole in my mouth. I managed to deepthroat him while also stroking off Chad. I heard them both groan. There were additionally noises in the bathroom – more men must have entered, but I didn’t care. After a few minutes of lubricating Steven’s dick with my spit, I stood up after removing the plug in me (placing it on the back of the toilet) and bent over, placing my hole at his cock tip and pushed back. My hole, leaking plenty of cum, swallowed his entire pole in one swift motion. He let out a loud groan. Once he was deep in me, I took Chad’s cock into my mouth…well, as much as I could. He was SO thick I could barely get him halfway down my throat. I was really pushing my skills to their limits taking him in me. I decided to build up to a proper deepthroat, so I licked and slurped what I could of his dick as I felt Steven begin to withdraw and plunge his dick in me. I was licking, slurping, moaning, and being fucked hard. I was in heaven. I worked both cocks the best of my abilities. I used my ass muscles to pleasure Steven, while using every ounce of oral skill to take Chad deep in my throat. I actually managed after a few minutes. Here I was in a bar bathroom being spitroasted through gloryholes, taking my two new friends’ dicks deep in my holes.

It must have been a solid 15 minutes before Steven slammed deep into me depositing his load. I pulled off his dick when he was done, and spun around to ride Chad’s dick. Both men joined me in moaning loudly at once. I moaned because Chad’s dick felt huge in my hole. It was stretching me out so much! Chad moaned because my sloppy hole felt amazing, and Steven moaned as I gently wrapped my mouth around his now sensitive cum-slick dick and cleaned him off.

Chad kept pounding at my hole while Steven withdrew his cock. He brought his face to the gloryhole to see my blissful expression. “I’m gonna go back to the guys. That was the best fuck ever! Your hole is amazing!” I managed a smile between moans of pleasure. Steven unlocked his stall and left. His absence was noted for all of 5 seconds before another man entered the stall and presented me with an average sized dick to suck. I hungrily devoured it.

Between the blowjob and now my ass milking his cock, Chad didn’t last too long and blew a HUGE load in me. Even bigger than the load by the sadistic man, Rex. I repeated my switch-up from before, sitting back on the new cock, while cleaning up Chad’s cock until he was clean and fully soft. He managed a quiet “Fuck…that was awesome. See you out there, and good luck!” before leaving his stall. I heard a lot of voices in the bathroom and realized they were talking about the slut in the middle stall. Altogether there must have been at least 5 distinct voices I could discern. There were probably more laying about quietly. I felt a shiver run down my spine in anticipation of being gangbanged at a gloryhole.

I didn’t have to wait long for another cock to slide through the empty gloryhole in the stall Chad had vacated. I hungrily sucked on the new cock as well. I sucked every cock that came through the gloryholes until the opposing cock had unloaded in me, and switched. This pattern continued for at least an hour. I kept count of the loads I collected and reached 18 loads in my hole. I also managed at least 5 loads in my throat.

Toby fucked me amidst those 18 men, as did Stanley. Toby I recognized the minute his massive cock slid through the gloryhole for me to suck. Stanley turned out to have a giant 10” dick as well, but I didn’t know it was him until I heard a notification on my phone. It was a text from Stanley who took a pic of me over the stall, thrusting back onto his dick. He sent a smiley face with “Thank you, slut!”

I was in cloud nine. Ofcourse, this was where everything went to shit. I heard a notification on my phone, and glanced at it while I was being pumped full of cum by a cock through the gloryhole. The other stall was empty.

I fucked up! – Chad

What do you mean? – Me

Idiot told Ryan about you being attacked by Rex, and Ryan started to see red and left to go after him. – Toby

Well, fuck. This was not going well. I pulled off the spent dick, and threw on my clothes and left the stall. I went towards the interior of the bar and looked for my new friends. Thankfully Chad and Steven were tall, and therefore noticeable among the crowd. They were hanging with Toby and Stanley near the entrance, wearing concerned looks.

I ran up to them, and we exited the bar, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to…he didn’t let me finish!” Chad exclaimed. He was so apologetic, his head hanging in shame.

“So he doesn’t know what happened to Rex? Or that I’m OK?” I asked.

“I tried telling him, but he pushed me away and ran out the door.”

“OK, hey…Chad, it’s fine. This is my fault.” And it really was. I tried to manipulate a scenario between Ryan and I, and that was stupid. I tempted fate…however, self-derision would have to wait. “Where would he go to find Rex?”

Stanley chimed in for once. “Rex and his crew usually hang out at their pal Chris’ place on weekends. It’s at least 14 blocks away. I doubt Ryan was thinking straight so he’s probably walking or jogging there. We might catch him if we drive. C’mon, my car is around the corner!”

We all ran quickly behind Stanley and piled into his car. I sat between Toby and Stanley in the back, as the two taller men sat in the front, and the Stanley drove us off, navigating the streets adeptly. A few minutes later, Toby yells out, “Is that Ryan!?”

Sure enough, Ryan is jogging down the sidewalk. I tell Stanley to get ahead of him and for Toby to let me out of the car. I run right at Ryan, screaming his name, hoping he can hear me through the rage he is feeling. He does, and slows down, but I can tell he is angry. My presence has thankfully shaken him of his rage just a bit. He grabs me gently and hugs me, pushes me back and examines me, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Like I did with Chad, I put his face between my hands, feeling his stubble, and speak with a commanding but calm voice, “I’m fine, Ry! I’m fine…please, stop this!”

“I don’t want to see you hurt…I can’t…I can’t lose you!” He is visibly shaking, trying to calm himself down, so I put my hands behind his neck and pull him in to me for a kiss. A gentle kiss. An electric kiss. Soon, he melts into me and holds me tight by my waist as our kiss unfolds. I’ve never been kissed like this. It feels…epic. This is the kind of kiss movies make us fantasize about. The world spinning as we stand still in one another’s arms. Music – an epic trailer type of music – swelling in the background, to a loud crescendo as out lips caress one another.

Turns out, the music was just Toby being an ass over the car speakers, but otherwise, the kiss was perfection!

I finally peel myself away from his lips and slide my hands down his strong arms, and hold his hands. “Hey, Ry…let’s get out of here, let’s go somewhere we can talk.”

He nods, and follows me to the car, where I end up sitting on his lap as Stanley drives us to Toby and Steven’s place. He holds me tight, even when we arrive and have to walk through the parking garage to the elevator. His hands are always holding onto me…and I don’t mind it.

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