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    Somebody has vids of me somewhere I'm sure...
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    Really into outdoor/public....gangbangs, pics/vids...just be hwp, gl, and ready to load my hole...

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  1. behindonestep

    My First Date With The Town Bicycle

    I need me a boyfriend who wouldnt mind my load collecting. Any takers?
  2. behindonestep

    Bottom wanting loads

    Live in northeast PA, but visit philly often. Seeking top friends to cruise with, hang out at bars and bathhouses, and ofcourse fill my hole with cum regularly. Usually down weekends. Always happy to meet a group
  3. behindonestep

    Northeastern PA

    I'm 5'10", GL, and looking for loads in northeastern PA. Any takers?
  4. behindonestep

    Advice for a conflicted young man

    So, first off, a big thank you to all the people who responded. I've thought about my life long and hard, and yes I must admit that mascmountainman was right...I was conflicted for a long time, and likely still am; however, that said, I'm trying to view my life differently. I realize I am poz, and no anxiety will remove that fact. I do love being loaded up and having lots of sex...but I want love, too...and I think part of my problem was that I viewed these two things as distinct opposites. I'm starting to realize that there can be a middle ground. I can be more careful who I sleep with...be piggy occasionally if I feel like it, but I don't have to discount love. There is always a risk to contract something else...but that's just a risk. If it happens...I can deal with it then. There is no use wallowing in doubt or looking back and saying "if only..." I believe my mind is made up on this subject. I want to be a slutty lil cumdump, and I'm happy to find love as well. They're not exclusive occurrences. I don't have to feel pressured to be either. Again, thank you sirs for helping me
  5. Hi random strangers of the internet! I'm a young poz (5 years now) bottom in Pittsburgh, PA. When I contracted, I was 21 and I had only slept with 10 or so guys by that point (pathetic, I know). Since I was diagnosed, I've slept with guys on and off, but never to the extent I desire. Shortly after sex I tend to feel anxiety about my health, etc. So far (knock on wood) I'm undetectable, but I've always had a weak immune system. I'm young, want to live more, but need encouragement one way or another to become a true cumdump, or just accept the loads of occasional men I sleep with (a couple a year). I know where most of you are leaning on that....but I need an answer knowing that I don't wanna catch something untreatable. Anyway, I know it's a depressing conversation, but once I feel I know what i should do....Here is what I'd like: 1) If I'm NOT encouraged to be a cumdump, I'd like to find a top near me who isn't concerned with me being HIV positive. 2) If i AM encouraged to be a cumdump, I'd like to find a few tops (not necessarily near me), who can take me out and get me loaded up/gangbanged. I'll travel if need be. I prefer hot, in shape guys, but who cares if I'm blindfolded.

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