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  1. Yea, there is more already as ideas for each part. I hope to be more regular with updates.
  2. PART 3: “Are- Are you okay?” asked a gruff voice. Having opened the exit door to the alleyway, Chad was illuminated from behind by the lights inside, and front-lit with the minimal light in the alleyway. He wore an expression that bounced between confusion, anger, and surprise. I couldn’t blame him given what he just witnessed. Here I was, standing over the sadistic man’s body, one foot pressed tight against his throat. It only took a few seconds for me to flatten the man out, and Chad witnessed it all. The man relied on his sheer strength, and had absolutely little experience in real han
  3. Part 2: Toby helped me select a pair of tight red mesh shorts to wear over a black jockstrap, plug obviously remaining in me to hold back the torrent of cum within my hole. The shorts definitely exposed a bit of the bottom of my ass checks, and were very low-riding. The jockstrap was entirely obvious. He also selected for me a tight black t-shirt that was cut short, exposing the bottom half of my abs. The boys were wearing tight jeans, and tight shirts, giving maximum exposure of their muscles. We took a few shots, and danced around to music before it was time to go. I threw on a pair of
  4. Sorry ch. 2 has taken a while. Work has gotten...insane to say the least. I will be uploading soon!
  5. I agree, from start to finish, I love the whole experience and never want it to end, so tops...feel free to bring your friends...and strangers....really anyone that needs a hole to load.
  6. I’m a complete cumdump slut. I live for having men cum in my holes, or on my body. I’m a very outdoorsy and active guy, and wear little clothing when it’s warm outside (which is all the time in the region I reside). What I do wear is usually skimpy, so men know I’m easy and available. When I’m at work, I get away with tight pants and button up shirts, with a jockstrap (or commando). I used to live in a small town, which made finding cock difficult (except at the local bookstore), so I’d often travel to larger cities to live out my fantasies. Hardly a day went by when I didn’t have at least two
  7. True. I worked up to being whored out. It took time.
  8. I'm going nuts. I feel so empty, so I sit on my plug a few hours a day, and masturbate thinking how slut crazy I'm going to get after this.
  9. Thank you all, you've given me lots to mull over while self-isolating.
  10. Any tips on how to balance a professional career while also being a cumdump? I worry about the latter affecting my career if coworkers were to find out.
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