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  1. That is fucking beautiful!!! I hope there is more to this 😄
  2. Fuck you're HOT! Let's get soaked and then swap loads for all that we got! 

    1. sneakerpiss


      Wanna cum to Vermont for a visit? I’ll pay your fare, long as you wanna get nasty!😈 8022796112

  3. mmmm fuck you are so damn hot!! I would love to swap loads, take your dirty seed deep in my guts! 

    1. Greim


      Unfortunately it looks like rawcumbiguy hasn’t been on this site since 2014. Does anyone know what happened to him?

  4. fuck yes, perfectly said! But I'd probably be totally cool with getting soaked while taking a random pump n dump...or giving a BJ. I love getting soaked in my clothes so fuckin much! Not sure how to say no. Have been piss soaked with my clothes on in a bar a few times, lots in the woods, porta pottie, and grocery store bathroom. Some planned, some not. Loved every single one!
  5. Never enough! But sometimes, and fuckin LOVE when it happens. I'll drink any piss, even dark yellow, and love getting soaked while taking some raw cock!
  6. fuck yah i love it nasty dirty verbal as hell! hit me up.... swimslut
  7. I LOVE drinking piss! I will swallow it all and beg for more. I also, though, love getting soaked with piss. The first drops of hot yellow piss I get are so exciting...whether in my mouth or on me. Bring it!!
  8. fuck yah i'd do that with you!
  9. yes!! So damn fucking nasty hot GOOD!
  10. fuck yes - i love everything about this! You'd make such a hot BF! 🙂
  11. that is fuckin incredible!! I hope you keep it going 🙂
  12. You're so right! I love both blind folds and seeing the guys who fuck me! And if I let a nasty slag of a top slide his slimy, bumpy raw dick up my ass, I moan and beg him for it all the same. I love being used like that!!
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