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  1. As someone who is mostly a bottom, I want to breed your slutty fucking ass so damn bad! 

    1. cheatingjock


      Aww ❤️

      First or sloppy seconds…thirds…whatever? 

    2. swimslut


      mmmm whatever...but the more random cum that's churning in your slutty hole and leaking down your legs the better! Coat my cock in it and beg me to fucking use you, faggot! 

  2. How are you sexy? We should catch up soon. Getting lucky?

  3. hey daddy, fucking hot cock! 

  4. Fuck yes - such a hot story! Got me so fucking hard!
  5. Ok all you nasty sick fags, got inspired for another chapter. Hope to keep it going sooner! Enjoy and please leave your comments! And for the record, yes, I cannot wait to make this story a reality! DIRTY LOVE Bliss takes over and I feel myself slide down to the dirty wet floor, falling in front of the toxic top that just came in me. Instinctually I suck the dick clean. Kneeling next to Nic as he does the same. Breathing heavy, I kind of lose track of my bearings for a minute, but Nic snaps me back to reality when his hand touches my shoulder. Pulling me to my feet. He looks at me with a serious face. Not frowning. Not smiling. Just serious. Nic – Follow me. Nic turns and heads back toward the bathroom. I follow him closely. Nic walks to the back of the bathroom and pushes into the stall. I step inside with him. Nic – I need to talk to you. I nod. Nic – I really like you, but you need to know a few things. Me – I like you too. Nic – Yah, but do you know what we both just did? I nod. Nic – I like you, but I don’t care about your sexual wellbeing or health. I just want to have fun. Me – Okay? Nic – Braden, I will never stop someone from fucking you, no matter what. I will never judge you for anything you do, but I basically think that any guy has the right to fuck and use both of us. I love seeing nasty, sick, dirty, fucked up bastards fuck you. It like really makes me hard! I just start to smile. Both of us standing close, face to face. I kiss Nic, hard. Our lips lock. I pull off for a minute. Me – You like seeing me get fucked up, used, and pumped full of nasty, dirty, toxic cum? Nic – Mmmmm fucking god yes! Nic kisses me hard, biting my lip. I moan into his mouth, pressing in, not pulling away as he bites down. I grab his body and slam him hard into the wall. Animalistic lust taking over. His hands scratching down my body as he shoves two fingers into my cummy hole. Nic breaks the kiss and shoves me down on the ground. He spits in my face. Nic – You’re fucking trash, Braden! Just a couple holes to use! I moan and nod at him as he kneels down on the dirty wet floor. Toilet paper, beer bottles, a needle, and trash all over. Piss staining the toilet, right next to my head. Nic – This is the only way I could ever make love to someone. Me – You’re so fucked up! We grin….I lift my legs as Nic pulls them onto his shoulders. His cock pulled out of his jock. Me – Make love to me, Nic! I want you inside my, please. Slide your raw dick into my guts! Nic grins at me as he pushes his cock head just into my hole. It easily enters. We lock eyes as we both let out a beautiful moan, welcoming each other together without any barriers or secrets. Nic – I wanna be poz with you babe! Me – I know… I do too! Nic – Fuck yes! Me – No meds ever! Nic – Ohhhhh you fucking filthy pig! God damn I love you! Nic starts to pump my ass. His cock churning the toxic dirty cum that was just pumped into my ass, along with so many other loads. His cock is coated in cum as our bodies glue together next to the dirty toilet. I pull him down closer to me as we look into each other’s eyes, sweat dripping from Nic’s face onto mine. Nic – My god your ass feels amazing! Me – Your cock is fucking heaven! I want you fucking me for the rest of my life! Nic – As long as I’m not the only one using your ass! Be the fucking little bitch faggot you were born to be! Me – Live fast. Nic – Die young. Me – Yeah, fuck me you sick fucker!!! Nic speeds up. Nic – FUCKKKK YES! Braden, take my fucking dirty load you beautiful sick fuck! We both moan out as Nic’s body jerks and convulses. His cock is throbbing deep in my ass. I feel him like I’ve never felt anyone cum in me before. My legs slide down to the side and Nic collapses on top of me. Holding each other on the floor together. Nic – Thank you, Braden. I’ve been looking all over for you. Me – You found me.
  6. mmmmm fucking great start!! Please keep going 🙂
  7. hell yeah! Such a hot night....do tell us the rest!! 🙂
  8. fucking hell yes - this is so damn hot! I LOVE IT! So jealous of Tom 😉
  9. mmmm Schvenn...you sweet, beautiful dirty piece of toxic filth.....PLEASE fucking USE ME and fuck everything u got deep into my guts! 😄

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zencoli


      Id love his death stick blessing me too!!!

    3. backpackguy


      Yup, I've lusted after Sven and his toxic Poz cock and load ever since I joined this twisted site...WOOF!!! Oink!!!🍆💦☣️🦂🎁😈😛😋

    4. TwinkChaserSlut


      Oh Schvenn, give it to me deep. Knock me up & get me pregnant. 

  10. Hey slut! Been a long time. How's your hot lil sweet ass doing? 

  11. So fucking HOT! I love this story so much!
  12. Fucking hot profile man! Yes, I would love to com along. Pull me in, degrade me, and please help me to be used to my fullest! 

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