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Tales of a Cumdump in a New City

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I’m a complete cumdump slut. I live for having men cum in my holes, or on my body. I’m a very outdoorsy and active guy, and wear little clothing when it’s warm outside (which is all the time in the region I reside). What I do wear is usually skimpy, so men know I’m easy and available. When I’m at work, I get away with tight pants and button up shirts, with a jockstrap (or commando). I used to live in a small town, which made finding cock difficult (except at the local bookstore), so I’d often travel to larger cities to live out my fantasies. Hardly a day went by when I didn’t have at least two cocks shoot their cum deep in me at the adult bookstore. Weekends I was busy, taking anonymous cocks at bookstores, bathhouses, parks, or just hooking up via grindr in bigger cities.

What as missing from my life were friends who knew all of me and accepted me. My co-workers did at times stimulate my intellectual curiosities, but I found them to still be rather conservative and at times just dull. In general, friends were hard to come by in my area. Most just didn’t want to delve into politics, science, and society as much as me. Almost all did not want to be friends with a slut, so I kept secret my cumdump antics, and brushed off judgment of my non-work attire by saying I felt restricted by clothing. They bought it, so I kept running with it.

When it came to dating….well, it didn’t happen. I hadn’t had a date at all since living in a small town! Why would you date a slut if you weren’t willing to befriend one? Things changed when I was finally able to move to a bigger city and very quickly found those who accepted me as a cumdump. This is the story of how I met my best mates, and even fell in love.

PART 1 – A cumdump finds friends surprisingly easily and plans the seduction of his crush…


From left to right they are Chad, Stanley, Ryan, Toby, and Steven. I met them at my first ever venture into the gayborhood after moving to the area less than 3 days ago. The bar had a superhero theme night, and I like wearing costumes. I was waiting in line for the bathroom, and the group of them was in line behind me. They were mulling over one of their phones, laughing occasionally. The line progressed, and I stepped forward. One of them - I soon came to know as Chad - saw the opening space and pushed the one dressed as Robin (Toby), who stumbled into me from behind. We didn't fall, but his hands did end up on my shoulder and on my ass. The only barrier between us was my skintight Spiderman costume, as I only wore a jockstrap underneath. Usually, I’d wear less, but I also didn’t have many options since most of my boxes were still unpacked at my new place.

"I'm sorry! Are you ok?" he asked. Did he just squeeze my butt? I stepped away from him straightening myself out.

"I'm fine. No worries." I replied.

"Watch where you're going, Toby!" We turned to see his friends laughing at their friend’s mishap. After some quips between Toby and his friends, he asked formally introduced himself to me.

I put my hand out to shake his, "I'm Slade!"

Toby introduced himself, then introduced me to the rest of his friends. As we chatted, and discovered common interests, I found myself drawn to Ryan (wolverine). He was so sexy! We all chatted and had a good time until it was my turn in the cue to use the bathroom. I stepped into the available stall, pissed, and walked out to wash my hands. I saw Ryan and Stanley still waiting, and waived at them after I dried my hands. Stanley called me over and invited me to join them the rest of the night. I agreed, thankful I made new friends so quickly. 

I spent a few more hours chatting with the group afterwards. The loud music made it hard to talk, so we ended up on a patio bar above the venue. Ryan and I connected instantly. He was more than wicked hot, as at one point he seemed to get semi-hard in his yellow tights…holy shit was he huge! Not yet fully hard, he was at least 11 inches! He noticed my gaze on his crotch, but we laughed the awkward situation and kept things g-rated. We discovered we were both actually nerds in our own way, and we spent several hours laughing, exploring new topics, and all together forgetting we were in a group. I really liked Ryan, but assumed he wouldn’t like the real me…the insatiable cumdump slut.

Ryan was intelligent, wise, and overall a nice guy. He’d never want me. I resigned myself to having a good friendship with Ryan.

Around 2 AM I started to feel tired and excused myself. We all said our goodbyes, and exchanged numbers saying we would meet up again tomorrow night. I started walking away to close my tab at the bar, which was situated just behind where we were sitting.

While I was waiting for my turn, I heard Stanley say, “Ryan, he’s cute…and you two couldn’t stop talking with one another…you should ask him out!” Oh shit! They didn’t realize I was still within earshot. This is awkward…

“He is cute, but I doubt he’s my type sexually. Ya’ll know what I like. Well, what WE like,” replied Ryan. Toby laughed and loudly announced, “Yea, a cum-filled slut!” They all shushed their loud friend, as I processed the information that they all like cumdump sluts. My face turned red, and my cock started to harden. “He checks all the boxes, but I doubt he checks that one. He’d be a nice new friend though…better than some” replied Ryan. I’m assuming he smirked and glared at Toby.

I got lost in thought, momentarily present to hear the group had moved on to meaningless conversation while I finished paying my tab. I got an Uber home and stripped down to my jockstrap, and collapsed on my bed. I lay there digesting what I just heard.

Ryan. Loves. Cumdumps.

My heart fluttered. I concocted a plan for the following day to make Ryan recognize me as a cumdump, hopefully opening up an opportunity to explore more than just friendship. I drifted off to sleep with a smirk on my face.

Waking up the next morning I was hard as a rock, but I decided to do nothing about it. I wanted to cum as Ryan deep-dicked my hole, sloppy from prior use. Instead I researched my new friends…some call it ‘lightly stalking’, but I call it prudent research in this day/age. I discovered them all on grindr, and learned they were all tops. Funny, I thought Steven and Toby were a couple, as were Stanley and Chad. Their profiles were mostly nondescript, but I did notice that all of them left the safe sex section blank. There wasn’t enough to confirm Toby’s announcement that they love cumdumps…so moving forward meant risking a new friendship. I contemplated this as I busied myself with other tasks.

I spent the rest of the day unpacking and cleaning. By 5 PM I was mostly done and had made up my mind to take the risk and assume my new friends do love cumdumps. I had read about a nearby forested park men cruised at, so I decided I wanted to go for a run to explore the city more, and to spend some time at that park. I cleaned out my hole and got dressed in ankle socks, sneakers, a black jockstrap, and short, white running shorts split all the way up the side. My athletic bubble butt was spilling out the bottom of the shorts with my straps clearly visible. I decided to not wear a shirt that would cover my toned athletic body. It would just get damp with sweat and be uncomfortable. Stepping outside I hit the pavement, listening to the sounds of the city as I flew by. 

After 30 minutes, I ended up at the hidden parking lot entrance of a forested park. If I didn’t know to look for it, I would have missed it. There were a few cars around, and feeling curious, I walked towards a large wooden post with a map of the park and was staring at that when from beside me I heard.

"You're a fag slut, aren't ya? I can tell from how you're dressed." I whipped my head towards the voice and saw a handsome, athletic man in his early 30s dressed in hiking boots, shorts, and a t-shirt. The man wasn't wrong. I am a fag slut, yet I stuttered from surprise, trying to find something to say as he walked towards me and pointed out a location out on the map.

"I'll be there in 2 hours and I want you to be bred by at least a few guys who cruise that area first." He then turned me to a trail next to the sign and pushed me in that direction. I couldn't resist. I complied and walked through the woods, taking turns I remembered from the map. This was perfect, I had planned on meeting the guys – specifically Ryan - tonight with several loads in my hole, so all was going as planned. I knew I was in the right place when I came upon a hot older gentleman playing with his dick through his cargo shorts. My approach caught his attention - first panic, then lust. I licked my lips and he motioned me over. I immediately dropped to my knees and undid his shorts. He was going commando, because out sprung a 9" thick dick. I'm in Heaven. I launched onto his dick and swallow it halfway down my throat. I gagged. Damnit, I’m better than that! I close my eyes and focus for a second, relaxing my throat, and feel his dick slide deeper into me until my lips are at the base of his cock and my nose is in his pubes.

"Holy Shit! You are a fucking dream! Fucking hot faggot slut!" he yells. He then grabs my head and starts plowing me as hard as he can. After a few minutes of that, he pulls out of me and I gasp for air as spit drips from my mouth and onto my chest. He tells me to take off my shorts and bend over a tree. I comply, holding my shorts in my hand. He spits a few times on my hole, and then slips his tongue in me as I moan. After a while, I groan, "Fuck me." The stranger stands up and I feel his cockhead at my hole. He applies pressure and enters me. He stops after 2 of his glorious 9 inches are in me, I presume to let me adjust. I smirk as I open my hole and shove back, swallowing his cock to the base with ease. It’s been a few days, but a whore is always ready. We both let out a deep moan.

He now senses my hunger and proceeds to fuck me hard. Our sweaty skin slapping with each thrust must have been heard throughout most of the cruising area. I didn't care. I was in heaven.

All too soon I felt his cock pulse and his thick hot cum coat my insides. He slowly pulled out of me, and I clenched my hole around his cock so as not to let any cum escape. He slapped my ass and said thank you. I was about to stand up, when I felt another cockhead at the entrance to my hole. I didn’t resist and in one thrust a thick 8 inch dick was buried in my cum-sloppy hole. I moaned as he started to fuck me. I was feeling bliss that sent shivers across my entire body.

The second guy also did not last long, no more than a few moments passed before he dropped his man scuzz deep in my hole. When he stepped away, I quickly glanced and saw another handful of men behind me. Smirking, I turned around and pushed my ass out inviting the next man. After the third and fourth guy, I blissed out and lost count of how many men took turns on my ass. Not all had large dicks, but I didn’t care. I was a cum receptacle. I was brought out of my high when the man I met at the park entrance grabbed my head and brought me in to a kiss. He tasted of alcohol and weed, and had clearly returned from a workout. He smelled of sweat.

He broke the kiss to ask “how many loads?”

“I… don’t… know…“ I mumbled between moans as my hole was being ravaged by another man. He repeated his question to the crowd of men, and the first guy who fucked me was still there and said, “slut took 15 loads so far.” Oh shit! I am definitely primed for Ryan, but I still wanted more.

Park entrance guy said, “Excellent! I love cum sloppy holes. Let me in him.” The guy currently fucking my sloppy hole stepped away as park entrance guy pulled out a massive 11 inch dick and plowed into me. I yelled from the sudden pain/pleasure I felt. My yell quickly turned into loud moans as he started to fuck me by pulling his dick out slowly then slamming it back in. After a few minutes of this, he started to pound me hard, and cum was pouring out my hole and down my legs, soaking the pouch of my jockstrap. Men were encouraging him to fuck me harder. Some even came on my legs and back as he thrust deep in me and planted his seed deep in my hole. He stepped away, and someone else was about to take his place, when I stopped them. I needed to get home and prepare for tonight.

With my hole barely closing, leaking copious amounts of cum, I slipped on my shorts and raced home, realizing that if I stopped everyone would still smell and see the cum they plastered my back and legs with, and the cum trailing down my legs from my hole. Luckily I made it home quickly and without much incident. I bumped into a handsome older gentleman who was probably left wondering what he was covered in.

I tore off my clothing, throwing it in my hamper, and plugged my hole with a large plug and showered. It was a bit after 9:30 PM when I got a group text from the guys. They were planning where to meet to go out. I was ready for this and suggested we go out to a specific bar I had learned about through some research. It was known for having men cruise in one of the bathrooms, which apparently had gloryholes in the stalls. The rest of the guys were indifferent and said OK. I texted Steven and Toby separately asking them for their help in getting ready since they lived together nearby. They said OK and told me they’d be over by 10 PM.

When they arrived, I was in nothing more than a jockstrap, still plugged. I saw both their eyes bug out and when I turned after inviting them in, I saw them grinning at one another in the mirror facing my door. I really hope this works!

“Thanks guys, I’m just bad at knowing exactly what to wear. Do you want a drink?” They shook their heads no. “Well then, why don’t you follow me to my bedroom?” As they followed me Steven commented on how my apartment looked nice. When we arrived to my bedroom, I stopped right where I had uncharacteristically left a towel on the floor. “I’m so sorry for the mess!” I bent down to pick it up, exposing the plug in my hole.

“Holy shit! Are you plugged?” asked Toby.

I laughed gently, throwing the towel into the hamper. “Yes, I am. It helps keep the loads in after I’ve been fucked.” This was a risk. I knew they liked cum sluts, but I could lose friends so quickly if they found this too much to handle. I swallowed slowly waiting for a response. They stared at me, then glanced at one another. I couldn’t read their expressions.

“How… many loads?” asked Steven.

I hesitated for a second. My heart jumped. This was it. “Sixteen”

Another moment of silence ensued. Oh shit, my gamble failed! “Guys, I’m sorry-” I was cutoff as Steven rushed at me and kissed me deeply. Toby got behind me and joined our kiss. I reached down to both their cocks, feeling them through their shorts. Wow they were both already hard, and big! Their hands explored my nipples, ass, and cock.

I broke the kiss to say, “I’m so happy I learned you all like cum sluts!”

“Wait! Explain, what do you mean ‘learned’?” asked Toby. We stopped fooling around for a second and sat on the bed. I told them I was a cumdump, and about overhearing their conversation the prior night. Toby seemed emberassed, but I said I didn’t mind at all since I clearly am a cumdump slut. I told them how connected I felt with Ryan, and assumed he wouldn’t want me until I heard what Toby said about cumsluts. Toby started to get excited and gushed about how this is perfect, and Ryan deserved someone like me. Ryan apparently had been chatting all day with Toby about how much he liked me, and was debating to still ask me out. Toby also explained that he and Steven are a couple, and both tops, but they have a solution they both love, fucking cumdumps regularly. That’s how they met at a bathhouse, constantly competing to get into the same holes. They also met Ryan at the bathhouse, who introduced them to Chad and Stanley – also a top-top couple. Ryan was interested in a more conventional bottom-top arrangement. While the rest of them found love in each other, he always held out for someone who checked his damn boxes. Steven started to mimic Toby’s excitement when I asked them if they thought Stanley and Chad would want to fuck me. They said they know they would, as they also love cumdumps.

“I have a plan...but first, I want you to fuck me hard.” Steven wasted no time throwing me back onto the bed, removing his clothing and slipping his cock into my open mouth. Toby, now naked as well, lifted my legs, and yanked the plug out of my hole. Cum rushed out of my hole before I could slam it shut, which he gathered with his hands, and lubed his long 10 inch pole with it. He slammed his cock in me, eliciting a yell that evolved into a groan. They fucked me at both ends for at least 10 minutes until both blew their loads. I slammed my hole shut to hold one in, while swallowing the entirety of the other. I knew I would gape soon, releasing all the cum in me, so I slammed the plug in my hole again.

Toby spoke first, “What’s the plan, slutty Slade?” I grinned when he gave me a nickname.

“OK, so I picked the bar for tonight because I heard the one bathroom in the basement is heavily used for cruising.” Steven nodded in confirmation. “My plan is to flirt heavily with Ryan and make him want me more, but after a drink I’m going to go to the bathroom, and I am going to take any cock willing to fuck my hole through the gloryholes. I want you all to keep Ryan busy, and don’t let him in the gloryhole bathroom. After an hour of me being gone, send the first of you to come ‘check’ on me, by which I mean fuck me and breed me. Each one returns and tells Michael how you couldn’t find me, but thought you saw someone that looked like me flirting with some guy on the patio, or somewhere else. I want to make him jealous, even angry. But make sure you keep him away from the bathroom.”

“Why would you want that?” asked Steven. I smiled and replied, “He will fuck me harder if he’s all revved up from jealousy and anger.” The guys grinned at one another.

I continued, “After all of you have fucked me, hang out until Ryan reaches a boiling point, then tell him there is a cumdump in the gloryhole bathroom he should go fuck to let off some steam.”

“OK, that’s hot, but how will he know it’s you through a gloryhole?” asked Toby.

“He won’t know it’s me. While he’s fucking me, I want one of you to come in to the bathroom and tell Ryan that everyone’s ready to leave for another bar soon, but no one could find me, so you sent me a text in the group chat. Encourage him to breed the cumdump slut on the other side of the gloryhole until he shoots his load. As soon as he’s done, I’m going to plug my hole. I’ll text that I’ll meet you out front, then clean up and join you.” I told Steven and Toby.

Steven spoke first, “I don’t get it.”

I continue, “Well, when we are walking to the next bar, I want you all to talk about the slut at the gloryhole you all fucked. Be explicit. Then ask me if I got a chance to fuck the cumdump. I’m going to reply… ‘I was the cumdump.’” Toby put his hand on my lower back and just mouthed the word ‘wow’.

“Too much?” I asked.

Toby replied, “No, it’s hot. I’m curious to see what happens then.”

“Me too” I replied. “For now, I should get dressed.” Turning to Steven I asked him to call Stanley and Chad to see if they’re down to join in my endeavor. He left the room with a smile on his face, dialing Stanley. I opened my closet and asked Toby, “What do you think Ryan would want to see me wearing?”

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Part 2:

Toby helped me select a pair of tight red mesh shorts to wear over a black jockstrap, plug obviously remaining in me to hold back the torrent of cum within my hole. The shorts definitely exposed a bit of the bottom of my ass checks, and were very low-riding. The jockstrap was entirely obvious. He also selected for me a tight black t-shirt that was cut short, exposing the bottom half of my abs. The boys were wearing tight jeans, and tight shirts, giving maximum exposure of their muscles. We took a few shots, and danced around to music before it was time to go. I threw on a pair of high-top sneakers (white/red), and we piled into an Uber. I was nervous about taking an Uber dressed as I was, but the lovers calmed my nerves and told me the aggressively conservative norm I was used to was a rarity here, especially in this neighborhood.

We arrived at the bar before the others and decided to head in and find a place to claim as our own. The place was packed and smelled a little of musk and sweat. I could feel my dick harden as I took in the smell and the view – so many men in various states of undress. This was not the crowd at the other bar last night, which was far more twinky. Here, the atmosphere was dominated by Alphas. I could feel drool forming in my mouth, which I used to moisten my lips. Toby saw me licking my lips and laughed, “You’re a total slut…I mean, you’re thirsty for it aren’t you? Man, we really lucked out meeting you!”

Steven said he’d buy us a first round at the bar, so we headed towards the back bar that was a little less crowded. When asked what I would want, I eyed the shelves and found that there wasn’t anything special to my tastes. “I’ll settle for a double-bourbon – Buillet Rye straight if they have it.” Steven looked down at me and smirked, “I did not expect that!” He turned to the bartender and rambled off our order.

I turned around to look over the bar, but accidently bumped into someone. “I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed. I had to look up to meet his eyes. The man was a bit older, but he was tall, extremely built, and handsome; however, I could tell the smile that reached his eyes wasn’t genuine. What lied beneath the façade of joviality felt like a sinister presence, one whose intentions were clouded and a mystery to me. More so a mystery was the sense of familiarity I got when I looked at him.

“No problem, kid.” He said as he turned and walked away. I shrugged off the incidence and turned back to Steven and Toby as the bartender placed drinks in front of us. Neither man had noticed the interaction. I thanked Steven as we grabbed our drinks, promising I would buy the next round. Steven just stared at me bewildered, and Toby let out a small laugh.

“What?” I asked curious why I seemed to always surprise Steven. He just smiled and said, “You’re different – in a good way - than most bottoms we meet. They’re not into straight bourbon for one, and none have ever offered to buy us drinks.”

“Well, I don’t prescribe to stupidity like that. I’ve worked hard to further my career, and always put in 100% in relationships that matter to me. Friends – especially real friends I can be entirely honest with – are important to me, and there should never be an imbalanced dynamic among friends.” No more than a second passed before Toby leaned in and pecked me on my forehead, ruffling my hair. I gently pushed him off laughing and continued to say, “Before you even think that our sexual proclivities create an odd dynamic…as long as our individual sexual tastes don’t dictate our overall interaction, then there isn’t a problem.”

Toby grinned, “A slut who wants to be one of the gang…who’d have guessed? HA! This is perfect!” Before I had a chance to retort, we heard a whistle from behind Toby and Steven. They turned toward the sound, somewhat obscuring me from view. Through what little space I could, I saw Ryan, Chad, and Stanley head towards us holding drinks. Chad was wearing a pair of jeans and a muscle shirt like Toby and Steven, but Stanley was wearing a tight button up over tight khakis that really showed off his thighs. Ryan…fuck, he was a vision. He was wearing a tight button up as well, but with a pair of shorts that showed off his nice, legs, and boating shoes. I hadn’t expected the “cape cod” look, but he wore it well.

“Hey guys! Sorry we’re late. Parking was a pain, but we found a spot nearby.” Stanley exclaimed jovially as he bounded towards us, giving Steven and Toby a big hug upon arrival. Chad hung back, just nodding his head. He was the strong, quiet type it seems.

Toby took a few steps forward and hugged Ryan, finally revealing me from obscurity.

“Oh shit, man, you look hot!” said Stanley, admiring the outfit Toby had helped select. From behind him I heard Chad release a long, “Fuck…”

Ryan, having just noticed me seemed transfixed.

“Hi! How is everyone?” I asked. “Ryan, how’ve you been?”

The rest greeted me warmly. Ryan just stared at me and managed to mumble out, “G-g-good! Thanks!” His eyes were checking me out, though he was trying to keep it discrete. I wasn’t the only one who noticed, as Stanley and Toby took in the awkwardness, glanced at one another, winked, and grinned.

Ryan gathered his composure; enough so he could entertain some small conversation. I had not anticipated him becoming so shy…what was up with that!? I had to break the tension somehow and threw back my drink, feeling it warm my body. “We’re going to play darts!” I had noticed a couple dartboards near the back of the bar earlier, so I grabbed Ryan’s hand and forcefully pulled him along.

Thankfully, one of the boards wasn’t in use. They were the type of board you could pay for from your phone (technology – amirite?), so I paid for three rounds. I spun around at a still dazed Ryan. “Alright, we’re playing three rounds of ‘Round the world’! You know how to play?”

He took a sip of his drink – a scotch, and from what I could smell, a really good one – and nodded his head. Apparently competition was enough to shake him of his daze.

I placed darts in his hand. “You go first, stud.” Admittedly, I let my hand linger on his just a little bit.

“You sure? I’m really good…maybe you should go first.” He said smiling at me.

“Hah! No, I think it’s best you go first.” I responded. He looked hesitant, so I added, “I want to know what I’m up against.”

Turns out, he was good! Really good! …just not good enough. After three rounds we were bickering flirtatiously about the rules, and he was demanding a rematch. I declined and suggested I needed another drink. We made our way to the bar, and I ordered another bourbon for myself, a scotch for Ryan, and rattled off the same drink order from earlier for Toby and Steven. “Hey, what are Chad and Stanley drinking?” Ryan leaned and asked the bartender for a vodka seltzer and a sprite. “Stanley is our designated driver tonight,” said Ryan as he reached into his tight fitting jeans to pull out his wallet, and I stopped him. I reached for my credit card that I hid in the side of my sneakers. To do so, I had to bend down, and my shorts rid up exposing most of my ass and the jockstraps. I heard the bartender mutter “wow…” Ryan looked flushed, and visibly gulped, when I came back up. I slid my card to the bartender and asked him to keep my tab open.

Ryan helped me take our drinks back to the group, who were grateful and surprised that I bought the round of drinks. We all chatted and laughed more, and I increased my efforts flirting with Ryan; a hand on his arm, standing close to him, and once I even managed to brush his bulge. Finally I felt it was time. I looked at Toby while announcing to the group that I was gonna head to the restroom. Toby and the rest caught my drift, and Ryan still had no clue. I wanted Ryan to want me so badly he couldn’t hold back. I would get the hardest fuck I could from this man, but first I needed to get his blood hot and pumping. I began to walk towards the back bathroom.

The bathroom with the gloryhole was along a short dimly lit corridor that led to an exit sign. A supply closet was on the left of the corridor, while on the right was the door to the gloryhole bathroom. No sooner had I entered the corridor, when I felt someone shove me towards the exit door. I barely managed to pull myself together, before I felt their full body press against me, opening the door and pushing me out into an alleyway. What the fuck was going on?

I barely had time to register my surroundings, let alone see my assailant before I was grabbed and forced against the brick wall, arm painfully twisted behind my back. Another hand covered my mouth and kept me from screaming. I hadn’t planned on this…

Behind me a deep voice whispered “You little slut! Parading around in your tiny shorts. You’re begging to be fucked, huh?”

I hadn’t realized he wanted a response. He pushed me harder into the wall and demanded I beg for his cock. I had no idea who this man was, but my hole was twitching. I wanted to beg with my words, but his hand made that impossible.  So, I begged with my body. I pushed my ass back into his groin and gently moved it around, feeling his growing bulge grow.

“Oh, fuck yea! That’s it slut….I’m gonna remove my hand, so you better not scream.” He did as promised, and so did I. He used his free hand to push my shorts down, and began to kneed my athletic bubble butt. “Fuck, that is one hot ass.” His hand went to caress my hole and stopped when it felt the plug. “Oh shit, you really are a slut!” He grabbed the plug and yanked it out. I let out a short gasp, followed by a moan as I felt the night air on my hole. A thick stream of cum began to paint the inside of my thighs.

The man released my arm, realizing now that I wasn’t going to say no to him fucking me. He unzipped his pants and fished out his already hard dick. He placed the tip at my hole. It felt thick, a hypothesis that was soon confirmed as he plunged into me. Not only was he thick, he was long! Easily 10.5”! I let out a groan as he slipped into me fully with a single stroke.

“Fuck…you feel amazing, slut!” he whispered. He then slowly pulled out until his head was in me, then after a brief pause slammed into me balls deep. I let out a yelp! His assault on my ass continued like this for a few minutes until he realized I was taking whatever he was dishing out, and that’s when he got aggressive. Like, REALLY aggressive. He seemed pissed off that I wasn’t crumbling at his assault. I just stuck out my ass more, while leaning forward, hands on the brick wall. He was pulling out of me entirely and slamming back into my hole. If I weren’t a well-seasoned bottom, this kind of fuck would have ruined my hole! He was out for tears, perhaps blood. I wouldn’t satisfy that particular hunger of his.

His angry fuck felt okay in me, but it certainly was not my favorite fuck by any measure. In my experience, men who fuck rough and hard like this, with no regard to the bottom, are trying to prove something to themselves. I prefer a man who has nothing to prove. The best fucks I’ve had comes from tops who want to breed a bottom, yes, but also want to make the bottom feel the most amazing pleasure from their fuck. This was not that kind of fuck. It was angry. It was raw. It seemed intended to cause pain/torment.

After what felt like no more than 10 minutes, he slammed into me and kept his dick in place as he groaned and shook. His cock spurted a huge load in my hole. Damn, he may not be a great fuck, but that load felt like the combined average load of at least 3 men!

When he was done, he leaned onto my back and whispered, “Damn, slut…you have one amazing hole. I hardly want to leave it.” But, leave it he did, thankfully. He withdrew his dick quickly, slamming the plug back in me, and spun me around, forcing me to my knees to suck him clean. I obliged, because nothing he had dished out so far was beyond what I could handle.

Looking up at him I recognized the older man from the bar earlier. His short-cropped black hair was just starting to turn silver, and his eyes were a dark brown. Those eyes sent a shiver down my spine. He was not a good person. He was trouble. I focused on my task, hoping it would be over soon, and that I could feel safe. He tightly gripped my head as I cleaned him off. “You ran away from me before, so I wanted to make sure this time I got a taste.” Ran away? What was he talking about? I must have worn a clear look of confusion on my face. “You bumped into me earlier today on the street, and left a cum stain on my suit. It’s was a fucking expensive suit!”

“Oh shit, sorry about that!” I quickly responded.

He glared at me, and released a slow, calculated smile…I needed to get away from him. I sensed danger emanating from him. He felt…sadistic.

I stood up, pulling my shorts up as well. “Well, thanks man,” I said. I turned towards the door in the alleyway to head back inside.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he growled. I felt his hand tightly grip my shoulder. His grip was so tight I’d surely be left with a bruise.

“Let go of me, or else.” I yelled.

“No, I’m taking you with me, and you will be my bitch. My slave!” He growled back at me. He forcefully turned me around and shoved me against the door. My back hit the metal door with a loud bang.

“I wouldn’t have done that if I were you”… light from the interior of the bar illuminated the alleyway.

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