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Lockdown Continued

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**Note - this story continues from the Lockdown Project, over in Bug Chasing & Gift Giving FICTION **

Sarah took up my offer to help her unload the rest of the stuff from the van. She explained that her fiancé was going to be there but a work call had meant he'd actually had to go into the office rather than work from home as was the new "normal".  I didn't bother to change out of my running shorts and singlet. She seemed to like them, judging by the discreet glances she was giving me when she thought I wasn't looking, and that suited me fine. There really wasn't that much stuff and we soon had it all upstairs and into Jake's old flat. It was still a hot day, for the time of year and when we were done Sarah invited me in for a drink.

"What can I get you?"

"A cold beer would go down nicely, if you have one".

She grabbed me a fancy lager from the fridge and we both sat down on the only piece of furniture, a small two seater sofa.  I sat there with my legs splayed, taking up most of the space as she started to tell me about herself and her other half, Josh.  She worked as a designer but was furloughed and didn't expect to go back to her job. Her other half was a computer game designer and they'd been together for eight years (I guessed she was about 25, which would make them university sweethearts, most likely). They were trying for a baby, had been for three years now, she thought that this was the month but hadn't told Josh yet, in case. They had been renting somewhere they couldn't afford...

..."and then we got this place, when Josh's brother died. It was so sad, not that I knew him as they never spoke to each other, didn't even acknowledge each other. They say when twins fall out it's pretty severe, don't they?"

I'd been taking in her cute boyish looks, mousy short hair, cute button nose and pale skin.  My ears pricked up at this news though.

"Yeh, I guess so. They were identical twins?"

"Yep, though I never even knew about him until we heard the news".

I felt blood rushing to my cock at this news, thinking about how cute Josh must be. I let her ramble on as I thought back to Jake's cute little body and how my fertile cock had eaten him alive.


Sarah had stopped talking. She was staring at my cock. Two inches of which were now fully free of my runners.  My PA shining as a dribble of pre ran down it.

"Lick it"


"Lick it"

She hesitated, but only for a second and then leaned over, delicately lapping at the heavy metal in my cock and lapping up my potent pre. I shifted round to give better access and she was soon sucking on my swollen head, which filled her mouth. As she crouched between my thighs, I sat up a little and reached round her, my hand sliding inside her jogging bottoms and into her underwear. My big finger was soon parting her shaven lips and feeling her wetness inside. She was trying to take more of me in her mouth but it was clear that wasn't going to happen without some force on my part and I didn't want to scare her at this point.  Instead, I pulled her up to my face and began kissing her deeply as my cock dribbled over her still clothed crotch.

"let's go to your bedroom"

"I can't...Josh.."

"I won't tell him. You already said he's out all day"

"um...but you are so big"

I didn't blush, just scooped her up and carried her through to the bedroom, stripping her bottom half as we went. Once I'd dumped her on the bed I stripped off completely. She got the message and shucked her t shirt revealing her little breasts (no bra required).  Then I was on her, pushing her into the bed beneath me, letting her feel my size and strength, letting my cock probe its target. She squirmed under me...

"mmm, you feel so big"

"bigger than Josh?"

"your cock head is bigger than his whole dick"

"fuck, and this maggot has knocked you up?", I sat back and touched her firm little tummy, my cock sitting lazily on her labia

"I think so..."

I slapped her lips with my weapon, letting my PA slip through her fleshy embrace. "Gonna let me in?"

"if you put a condom on"

"aww, spoil sport...thought you were already knocked up?". I squished her opening under my cock head, letting my pre lube her up a bit

"I only think I am". She was rummaging through the bedside draw and quickly grabbed a durex which she passed to me

I gave her my sad face but ripped open the packet and rolled it onto my rod. The standard size jonny came about halfway down my cock once my PA and girth were taken into account.

"Got any lube?" She rooted through the drawer but without luck. I spotted her little tub of vaseline and smeared a big dollop just inside her opening, she squirmed with the cold feeling of it.  I grabbed hold of her feet, holding her ankles in one hand and pushing her legs in the air as I worked the latex eating lube into her and then over my bull cock before lining it up with her and quickly filling her with several inches of cock head. She was tight, if not virginal, and groaning around my girth and I rested there while she enjoyed the fullness.  After a while I lowered her feet a little and slowly let her impale on me, She was even tighter as I got deeper in so I took it really slowly so that she would love the sensations that she was feeling. Some minutes later I was about two thirds in but bottoming out, the condom safely inside her. This only happens with women - with guys, you can always go deeper but with a women, there's only so far you can go. Her cervix was almost a solid wall, I pushed against it but it only caused both of us discomfort. I changed my angle slightly, rubbing up and down that internal barrier, keeping up a little pressure. I could feel her lubing up in there and then a slight deepening as my PA found her cervix, before pulling out to give her a little break.

I let her feet go, so that I could lie on her in the missionary, kissing her deeply as I let my hips pump my shaft in and out and pinning her to the bed with my weight. Gradually building up the pace and never pulling all the way out. I instructed her to tense on the out stroke and in no time the rubber was just snagged on my cock head. Although it was too tight to fall off, the bare shaft felt so much better in her and I started asking her how I felt compared to her runt of a fiancé. Clearly, I felt a hell of a lot better as she was getting seriously worked up, squirting round my cock as I ploughed her receptive furrow.

My mind flipped to Josh's weak neg sperm that had somehow swam deep into her from it's lowly starting point and, even less likely, was maybe now in the process of passing on his inferior genetics to her. I knew from experience that my own load, delivered right to her gate, would certainly do the job, if it wasn't too late. I envisaged my own seed bursting in, killing off Josh's and taking its rightful place to produce a big poz baby in this delicious little fuckee, getting myself worked up in the process so that I was now hammering into this little chick without a care.

As I was doing so, Sarah began to build up to another climax and I once again probed her inner wall. This time it felt different. The rubber had shredded. My PA rubbed against the cervix, poking in through the narrow slit - it felt like a pulling, snagging sensation on my dick and I knew exactly where I was. I had slowed right down, on the very edge of orgasm...

"oh baby...I'm gonna cum, plant my seed in you"

"mmmmm....yes...please....fuck me"

My cock swelled and flexed as her legs gripped me tightly and my poz tadpoles were launched straight into their target,. So deep, I knew she wouldn't feel them, besides, she was just coming down from her own climax....

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