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    Experienced barebacker. Also experienced in taking risks. Not interested in men!
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  1. I'm seeking poz tops (preferably without medication) to fuck me bare and breed me. Groups are also fine. A dominant female friend wants me to get the bug. She seriously gets off knowing I have it and I am suffering from it. PM me for serious hookups.
  2. My mistress wants me to take poz cocks bareback while watching my conversion. You should be HIV+ and tested positive and not be on meds. Region is central or southern Germany. Only serious guys. Just message me. German: Meine Herrin wünscht sich, dabei zuzuschauen, wie ich ohne Gummi gefickt und infiziert werde. Du sollst positiv getestet sein und keine Medikamente nehmen. Mittel- oder Süddeutschland. Bitte nur ernsthafte Nachrichten!
  3. I'm posting in German language. If needed, I could translate it into Englisch also. [Non-English portion deleted - Posts must be in English]
  4. Getting even more interesting. It would be funny if she decides to refuse to get on PrEP but to fuck any other client of the STD clinic instead :-)
  5. I truly appreciate your effort. But for me, it's also really hard to read.
  6. Your work is awesome. Please just go on like you think. I love this story and came multiple times. Just wanted to give feedback and be honest.
  7. This is developing extremely hot. If there would be one thing to criticize, it would be that it's getting a bit too fast. In the beginning, she had just some lovers and you described every single bit in detail, she now has more than a dozen cocks in one session and you are skipping some details - which I totally understand. This is still an awesome story and I'd LOVE you to continue. Just being honest with that tiny little point of criticsism which I hope you don't mind.

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