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  1. hey swim can u send me the deleted chapter u wrote i want it so bad
  2. yea i have the first two chapters as well but im looking fot the remaining chapters ive seen them before but cant find the story any longer
  3. here is part of the story im looking for the entire story Why we had come to the bath house, my friend Finn and I, well that’s a whole story in of itself. Let’s just say, we were young and horny and wanted to push the boat out a little now we were both 21. We had heard it was great to find tops who were great at sex, and they even said guys in ‘our condition’ could get in for free...whatever that meant? After a swift pass through reception, and three minutes stripping in the empty locker room, we were ready. We had agreed, for the first half an hour to split up and explore alone
  4. the story talks about a guy seeing this bald guy laying in the sauna and says he has 4 rules never bathe never use condom ne er pull out and always plant seed then he finds his friend taking huge poz cock after he gets fucked by the hot guy in the sauna and so the two friends take turbns taking poz loads
  5. please more and i want the first part of lukes breeding reentered
  6. swimcrush could u please reload the first part of the yoga instructors son story
  7. i want the chapter that was deleted the yoga instructors son firtst part
  8. still want the lost chapter that was deleted anyone have it to share?
  9. could i get that chapter i really liked it alot
  10. What happened to the new addition. To the story about the 18 yo that get bred by him and he says thought the top was neg. it was up 4 days ago but now it’s gone was I think a yoga clients son that he seduces
  11. When are u going to continue with Jake being the top and getting infected with his cock being damaged and the dna entering him that way as he is ducking g the Poz hole? The first part of the story turned me on so bad I get off every time I read that part I love that type of conversion. The most. Messed up top being drained by a hot hole milking its seed from the top and he is powerless to stop it Anda gets infected as he’s cumming deep
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