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First time at the sauna

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Sorry for the delay forgot about the posts per day limit

With his cock down my throat I've no choice but to continue sniffing the bottle suddenly the pressure gives way and Im overwhelmed with the feeling of a cock working its way inside me for the first time. 


Instinctively I lift my head up suddenly and feel the spike on the other tops cock scrape the inside of my mouth. I look up at him my eyes full of lust as I am overwhelmed by all the new feelings I'm experiencing. "don't worry it won't be long until I can get this monster in your cunt and you can really find out how it feels to be fucked." with that he ploughed his cock straight back into the hole of the bottom underneath me. He fucked him hard and deep for a few moments before pulling back out and pointing it towards my mouth. 

For the first time I saw some of the damage the spike inflicted on the bottom. The tip of the spike and his shaft had streaks of blood on them. 

Figuring I didn't notice the first time and still heavily under the Influence of lust and that magic little bottle I took his cock back into my mouth. As he proceeded to alternate between fucking my throat and fucking the bottoms ass. 


Meanwhile behind me my new friend was slowly working his average sized cock in and out of me and building a steady rhythm. 

"dam that cunt feels tight. This isn't your first time is it?" 

I managed to pant out a yes in between sealling cock 

"fuck we got a virgin here and he's already becoming as much of a whore as the rest of us. He'll be ready for you in no time Jack" the man who's cock I'd been sucking for what felt like forever smiled "we'll let him take Matts first before he gets to me. He's been such a good bottom tongight it's only fair he gets a turn don't you think Dave?" 

"sure I'm not gonna last much longer in here anyway" 

Jack chuckled as I wondered how I'd got this far and have only just learned their names I quickly realised I didn't care though. I was in heaven.


Dave was now attacking my hole with everything he had "you ready for this load pig you ready to feel my cock explode inside you." I couldn't speak as Jacks cock was wedged firmly down my thoart at this point. All I could do was grunt which Dave took for consent as I felt his cock start to swell up inside me "that's it boy take this load, milk that dirty load out of my cock and become a proper pig show me what you where made for" just then two things happened. For the first time in my life I felt another man cum inside me I felt his cock swell up and I felt it shoot load after load of cum inside me. Secondly I passed out. 


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two things had just happened. Firstly for the first time in my life I felt another man cum inside me I felt his cock swell up and I felt it shoot load after load of cum inside me. Secondly I passed out.


I don't know how long I was out for although it must of been 30 seconds or so at least as when I woke up I was now laying in the centre of the room on my back Dave was no longer behind me instead he'd come round to the front and was stood with his cock hanging two inches from my mouth. 

"nice of you to join us again now are you just gonna lay there or do you fancy cleaning my cock while Matt takes his turn opening you up" 

My head was foggy and my senses where out of wack however as my eyes started to focus I was sure I spotted what muct of been some of my own blood on the head of Daves cock. Before I could ask his dick was down my throat and the metallic taste confirmed it was blood. 

During this I hadn't even noticed that Matt had now take position in between my legs the first I knew was when I felt his cock stretching my hole. Matt was definitely bigger then Dave and I could feel my hole stretching to accommodate his size. 

"fuck Daves right this hole was meant for breeding I can't wait to help knock that cunt up" 

I didn't know what he meant by knocking me up I assumed it was just dirty talk same as how a man might knock a woman up seeing as I was currently taking his bare dick in my ass it kinda made sense in my head. 

"fuck I'm not gonna last long in here" 

Matt fucked me with urgency he was hard and fast and continued battering my hole while daves cock was still in my mouth. 

I moaned around his cock in pure lust a while again marveling at what had happened here. 

"that's it boy take that fucking loaf take my seed and let me knock that tight cunt of your up. Let me make you nice and sloppy before Jack really tears that cunt up" 

Just then I felt Matts cock grow just the same as Daves had previously and knew it was time to get my second load. 

"here it comes boy take it take all of that fucking cum". 


Shot after shot I felt every twitch every tiny movement of his cock before he slid out and walked over to me. 


I looked over and saw Jack smiling. 

"Looks like your ready for mine now boy" 

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I looked over and saw Jack smiling. 

"Looks like your ready for mine now boy"


I muttered something about thinking he was to big but Jacks smile just widened. As I was about to object I suddenly found myself with a second cock to clean off and that little brown bottle back under my nose. 


My thoughts where soon forgotten as once again found myself lost in the moment. Now having two cocks to suck started to steal my attention that was u til I felt it. 


I tensed up as the spike on the end of that huge beer can sized cock starter getting rubbed across my hole "don't worry boy you might even enjoy this as well"

 With that he bagan pushing his cock into my now sloppy and we'll fucked hole. 

Even with the daze from the little brown bottle the pain was Intense I moaned out but the cocks in my mouth muffled any real noise coming out of my mouth. 

Jack continued to push and finally I felt myself accept the head of his cock and him enter me. 

I thought to myself providing he goes slow and gives me a chance here perhaps this won't hurt to much after all. 


How wrong I was as soon as he entered me he pulled out fully before slamming his cock back in once again this continued on and on for a while and with each thrust I could feel that metal spike stabbing inside. 


"that's it boy let me open that cunt let me see how ready you are for this seed."

He pulled his cock out fully and laughed "fuck that's some blood on there boy looks like my boys are definitely gonna take hold of you" with that he slammed back in and begun a fresh assault. 

We fu ked like this for a while before he pulled out again and instructed me to bend over. 


As I got up I noticed the small puddle beneath my ass what looked like a mixture of cum and blood was steadily leaking from my hole. I bent over unsure how much more of this I could take but also knowing that Jack cock had begun to feel pretty amazing inside of me. 


I bent over and presented my ass to Jack and even held my cheeks apart to give him better access 

"we'll done boy I knew you was a pig when I saw you across the room" 

With that he thrust his cock back into me in one swift motion he was balls deep I cried out but his pace didn't slow. 

"that's it boy you  feel that cock inside you you feel it working that cunt open you feel my metal opening you up getting you ready to take this dirty fucking load in your cunt. You want this load boy" 

"yes" I cried 

"yes what boy" 

"yes I want your load please" unsure how much more of this I could take I got louder and louder hoping to egg him on enough to cum

"please please fuck this hole breed my cunt open me up just please fucking cum in me" 

"I knew you was a fucking pig first time in the bath house and you've already taken two loads in your cunt and now begging for a third" 

He slowed his pace down and whispered in my ear "this cunts mine now boy just like Matt and Daves and when the times right your get your ink just the same as them" 


I couldn't speak all I could do was continue to moan 


"this is it boy" 


Somehow he managed to speed up until he was fucking me ever harder then before. 


"take my load boy take my fucking load and become my cunt" 


Everything felt like it slowed down as I was totally overwhelmed with the feeling of his cock growing thicker and thicker then it exploded and jet after jet of cum filled my aching hole. 


"that's it boy take it all" 


It felt like it would never end but eventually I came back down all I could manage to say was fuck. 


"fuck fuck fuck" 

Eventually I regained some compusure 

"fucking hell that was something else" I spat out


Dave barely even out of breath just smiled 

"you did good for a first timer generally the newbies never wanna play with us Poz guys so was nice to have some fresh meat. 


" sorry what do you mean" I asked confused


He pointed to his scorpion tattoo and then at the two chemical symbols "the ink is a way of saying we are poz as in hiv well those two at least I've been off my meds for 2 years and am pretty much full blown Aids now surely you knew what the ink means" 

he smiled

"Matt tested poz shortly after I first fucked him a year or so back and Dave 6 months ago neither have started meds yet so are almost as potent as me" 


I was speechless I couldn't move couldn't talk just totally frozen and to make it worse he was still fucking smiling and I'm sure that was pride on his face while talking about the other two. 


"don't worry think of it this way now you never have to worry about catching it" he looked down at his cock still as huge as before but now covered in a mixture of cum and my blood and smile again. "go home sleep have a shower and get some sleep you're gonna feel like shit in a week or two but after that come back and see us maybe we can even go and get you a nice tattoo in a month or so. 


I turned my back and slowly walked out of the room I looked back once and saw the three of them laughing before Matt bent over and offered his hole up once again for the other two. 


Slowly I made my way back down to the lockers and got dressed as I made my way out of the building the guy on the counter said something to me but he may as well of been talking to the wall for all I heard. 


The drive home was slow all I could think about was what they told me. How could I be so stupid not only did I play without a condom but I let 3 different men all with hiv cum in my ass and yet my cock had never been so hard and it dawned on me that I hadn't even cum myself I'd been a total bottom only used for their pleasure and didn't even get to cum. 


I walked through the door at gone 3am Jane who should of been asleep hours ago was wide awake in our bed. 


"how was Chris's leaving party" she asked she saw how pale I was "christ have you drunk so much you've been sick again" 


"no just tired and not feeling myself" 


She got up "perhaps this will make you feel better" with that she bent over the bed and invited me to join her "why not remind me how that dick feels before you go to sleep" and with that I proceeded to shoot my last Negative load inside my wife while the cum of three men and my blood dripped out of my ass. 


Three weeks later just as he said I felt like I'd been hit by a train it lasted a few weeks I lost over a stone in weight and was bed ridden the majority of the time. Then a test confirmed it I had HIV 


Hope you guys all enjoyed this. Its only my second attempt at writing and first at anything this long so apologies if its a little all over the place. Be sure to let me know what you think all feedback is appreciated 


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