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    Experienced vers pig. No idea on status been barebacking ever since I learned how much I love cock
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    Versatile filth. Not into meeting pure tops or bottoms always prefer to swap loads properly

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  1. Glad you enjoyed. Fucking love the profile where you from?
  2. Epilogue 9 months later I woke up with the now common feeling of cum leaking from me and a wet patch on my bed and smiled. As I rolled over in the bed I used to share with my wife I pondered how things had changed over the last 9 months. Firstly there was that first night at the sauna but that was just the beginning the first in a chain reaction that changed everything. Jane cared for me through my fever and looked after me assuming it was flu once better and after the weight loss she couldn't get enough of me we spent the best part of a month fucking 2-3 t
  3. I looked over and saw Jack smiling. "Looks like your ready for mine now boy" I muttered something about thinking he was to big but Jacks smile just widened. As I was about to object I suddenly found myself with a second cock to clean off and that little brown bottle back under my nose. My thoughts where soon forgotten as once again found myself lost in the moment. Now having two cocks to suck started to steal my attention that was u til I felt it. I tensed up as the spike on the end of that huge beer can sized cock starter getting rubbed across my ho
  4. two things had just happened. Firstly for the first time in my life I felt another man cum inside me I felt his cock swell up and I felt it shoot load after load of cum inside me. Secondly I passed out. I don't know how long I was out for although it must of been 30 seconds or so at least as when I woke up I was now laying in the centre of the room on my back Dave was no longer behind me instead he'd come round to the front and was stood with his cock hanging two inches from my mouth. "nice of you to join us again now are you just gonna lay there or do you fancy cleaning m
  5. Sorry for the delay forgot about the posts per day limit With his cock down my throat I've no choice but to continue sniffing the bottle suddenly the pressure gives way and Im overwhelmed with the feeling of a cock working its way inside me for the first time. Instinctively I lift my head up suddenly and feel the spike on the other tops cock scrape the inside of my mouth. I look up at him my eyes full of lust as I am overwhelmed by all the new feelings I'm experiencing. "don't worry it won't be long until I can get this monster in your cunt and you can really find out how it
  6. I felt a hand on my back pushing me to bend over and before I knew it I felt a tongue running over my asshole and sending shivers through my entire being I moaned as I felt his tongue working its way deeper and deeper inside my ass. Here I was a naive curious guy who finally plucked up the courage to enter a sauna and maybe see if I wanted to take it further. Now in the middle of a room in a 69 position with a total stranger watching his hole get wrecked by a beer can cock while another guy eats my ass and all I can think about is how much I want to try sucking the cock of t
  7. As he was fucking one bottom he pulled out for the second to suck his cock when I saw three things that shocked me. Firstly he wasn't wearing a condom secondly he had what looked like a metal spike coming out of the tip of his cock and and third his cock was fucking huge. How the bottoms managed to take that I had no idea. As I was wondering this I noticed the top look up at me smile and invite me to come closer. "fuck it" I thought it can't do any harm to have a look up close and plus Im Intrigued as to what that piercing is. I made my way over to the middle of the room and the b
  8. As I sat in the car outside the sauna for the fifth time this month I tried to convince myself to finally take the plunge and enter. The thought of all the fun to be had inside always made my cock hard but Id read online that most people in these places didn't use condoms and the last thing I wanted was to pick up something and pass it onto my wife. I knew I was bi for years but up until the last few months I'd always managed to push the desire to the back of my mind. "what's the worst that can happen" I said to myself "if I'm uncomfortable or don't want to go any further I
  9. Hot profile by the way. Have dropped you a message on bbrt
  10. Thanks it's my first attempt at writing anything like this so the feedback is appreciated. Just like all good bottoms should
  11. "I'm afraid the test has come back positive Mr Latimer. Its important to understand HIV isn't the death sentence it once was there are a variety of medications you can take that will allow you to lead a normal life but I must stress that it is of the upmost importance to get a plan into place ASAP as currently your Viral Load and cdc count are alarmingly high " 4 hours later sweat dripping from my body as I feel the twink beneath clench his asshole as he feels my bare cock enter him. This afternoons conversation replays again and again through my head. The twink mutters some
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