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    GH, bath houses, sex clubs, theaters, arcades, 1on1, groups, gangbangs, orgies, darkrooms, playrooms, dungeons, outdoors, anon, atm, toys, deep tongue fucking, eating cumhole, face fucking, wet & messy, etc welcum. Cum/chempiss swapped/swallowed/recycled, never wasted. Adventurous, will try anything once, feel free to ask. Get into Bi action too, luv fucking/breeding women, all holes. Primarily interested in a specific type of female or females, parTy friendly or not. Feel free to ask if you have such a situation. Just something about tits that really gets me really hard and wanting to use her holes. Absolutely luv TS/shemales.
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    None ... yet. But would really luv to.
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    Hung Tops/Vers that can host this skank hole for weekday uninhibited wild BB pig fun, PNP +++. POZ cum always welcum. Hung nasty POZ wasted daddie tops +++, spiTroasTing +++ . STD fetish. Open to anything nasty/raunchy/depraved/twisted/taboo/sleazy. Luv to play with other nasty bottom holes who luv get ting into and work each other's holes deep. Into TS/TG/CD play as well. And of course, female 3-hole cum sluts.

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  1. Hardwired to my cock and hole. Luv to be sucked, with varying degrees of intensity, dependent on what ever else is going on.
  2. Such a hot story - every nasty cum dump's dream. Looking forward to the next chapters.
  3. Enjoy your writing. Always look forward to the next installment.
  4. I'm fully bi, and luv fucking/breeding women. Best scenario is a bi couple, breeding her pussy and ass, him breeding me, maybe another bi female in attendance to breed, lotsa cum shared between holes. Just something about tits, pussy, and ass that just gets me super hard. But tits, cock and hole in a gorgeous shemale does it for me as well.
  5. Yes, shave my hole, crack, cock, balls, chest, pits, unless asked not to. Luv to be felched while taking loads, and always want that tongue and mouth to focus on my hole, not the hair around it.
  6. I luv feeling a raw cock balls deep in my ass, shooting its cum and piss deep into my guts.
  7. I've enjoyed this many times, cock and balls in my hole. It does take a while for the top to get it all in there, and also when pulling out. But the feeling is intense, kind of like a human version of a knot. You're not going to get piston fucked, but you usually get a much larger than usual load, imho.
  8. i want one as well, and would luv to ride this too!!
  9. Absolutely luv being a filthy whore. But, if asked, no problem proclaiming my slutty desires. Otherwise, I let my actions speak for themselves.
  10. Luv being spit roasted. Try to be the best hole at both ends, encourage them to switch places frequently.
  11. Never understood this myself - btms showing only cock pics. Same with tops showing only ass pics. Since I flip sometimes, I show both.
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