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    Pretty much anything, everything
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    --- Insatiable Skank PNP Pig Versatile Bottom ---
    GH, bath houses, sex clubs, theaters, arcades, 1on1, groups, gangbangs, orgies, darkrooms, playrooms, dungeons, outdoors, anon, atm, toys, deep tongue fucking, eating cumhole, face fucking, wet & messy, etc welcum. Cum/chempiss swapped/swallowed/recycled, never wasted. Adventurous, will try anything once, feel free to ask. Get into Bi action too, luv fucking/breeding women, all holes. Primarily interested in a specific type of female or females, parTy friendly or not. Feel free to ask if you have such a situation. Just something about tits that really gets me really hard and wanting to use her holes.
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    None ... yet. But would really luv to.
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    Hung Tops/Vers that can host this skank hole for weekday uninhibited wild BB pig fun, PNP +++. POZ cum always welcum. Hung nasty POZ wasted daddie tops +++, spiTroasTing +++ . Open to anything nasty/raunchy/depraved/twisted/taboo/sleazy. Luv to play with other nasty bottom holes who luv get ting into and work each other's holes deep. Into TS/TG/CD play as well. And of course, female 3-hole cum sluts.

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  1. Hey all, Looking for the hottest darkrooms in SoCal - bathhouses, sexclubs, etc. Just was to take as much anon cock and cum as possible, both holes, and be used and filled like the cumhole I am. Thanks.
  2. I'm a pig, gladly admit it. That means anything/everything is on the table during a session, absolutely no limits, whether its 1on1, 100on1, dark room, or one big orgy with cocks breeding holes at will, inside, outside, public, private - it just doesn't matter. My definition, at least.
  3. Never, especially when its alternating between my mouth and ass.
  4. Luv ass-to-mouth, luv the taste of my ass and cum/piss covered cock fresh from my hole, and really from any freshly fucked and bred hole. When playing alongside other bottoms, eating/felching each other's holes is kinda manditory, as well a offering my throat while the cock is alternating between a kunt and throat. Nasty and hot!
  5. When in a bath house dark room, I'm only focused on the cock in my mouth and ass, nothing more, enjoying all cock and loads in either hole.
  6. Luv piss in my ass, especially chempiss, and feltched after deep!!
  7. I'd be kinda disappointed if he/they didn't felch my hole deep after every load.
  8. HoTT story!! Hope you have more chapters in the pipeline.
  9. Neither. I like my cock and balls to swing around freely with every thrust. I get hard with a cock fucking my ass, and I enjoy my cum shot, hopefully times for their load. A jock or cage just gets in the way.
  10. Luv dark rooms. I go in there for the sole purpose of being used as a hole, nothing more. One cock and load after another, both holes filled, I'm in skank heaven.
  11. Years ago, when I was a top, had a tall, thin, married (to a woman) asian buddy who luv'd to CD convincingly, and had one hell of a hot hole and mouth. The last time we met, he changed out of his suit and tie, and went full fem, shaved his whole body, wore a really skanky outfit - heels, wig, micro skirt and top, and proceeded to work 6 big loads out of my cock in two hours. Only pulled out once during that time, and for only a few minutes because he wanted to taste his ass on my cum covered cock. Since then, I've evolved into a vers btm (mostly btm now, except with chicks and MF couples - I'm vers in this scene), and my personal record is 4 loads - three in my hole, one down my throat by a random BBC. He plowed me hard, way past my inner ring, and shot his first big load. I told him to stay in me and keep pounding. A few minutes later, he blessed me with his second load. Told him to stay in me and keep plowing. About 10 minutes after that, he shot his final load into my well bred guts, and pulled out, saying he'd had enough. I turned around and swallowed his cock to the balls in one motion, and within a couple of minutes of deep throat action, he blew his 4th and last load of the day into my stomach. Good times ...
  12. View my hole as a kunt - all cock and cum, no questions. That's what a kunt means to me.

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