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Fun as a stay at home mom...

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Julianna was your typical housewife. Mid 30's, 3 kids, a nice marriage. It was the time in her life where she suddenly had more time on her hands - she had raised the kids. I mean, there was still a lot of raising to do, but now that the youngest is in school, she has a lot more time on her hands.

It was time to go and look for a job, supplement the family income. Not yet - however. They lived on a coastal town, in one of the nicer cities. We're not talking the Hamptons, but a nice community and they were living comfortably. Her husband had a good (if not demanding at times) job, they had everything they needed and life was sweet.

It was quite boring though, lately. The daytime... No shouting from the kids, no emergency consoling sessions, and no kids meant no more mother group meetups at a local cafe. I mean there was the odd day off here and there and the shopping to do, but other than that, it was quite humdrum.

It was springtime. The weather was beautiful. Julianna's routine every morning of getting everyone ready, cooking breakfast, cleaning up afterwards was so efficient that by 9am every morning, everything was done.

It was a Wednesday... time to clean the bathrooms. They were spotless, but routine is important for children, and it's important for parents too. So she diligently went to the cupboard and started to mix together the bleach and water to start mopping and wiping down.

She doesn't exactly know why, but when passing the master bedroom and it's full length mirror, she caught a glimpse of herself, in her long, black sleeping gown. She looked herself up and down. She was 5"5, skin as pale as a sheet of paper. Her fawn colored flowing hair sat nicely this morning, and her sharp blue eyes contrasted the black gown nicely. She turned to face it, unfastened the string holding it together, and let her robe gracefully open.

She didn't like what she saw. I mean, you don't notice gradual changes, and with life being so busy over the years, you kind of neglect such things. Her tits - once perky... were, after breastfeeding, nice and big... but saggy too. This matched her sagging butt. Her beautifully manicured landing strip (There were some marriage vows that were signed but not read out as a part of her special day - she is banned from underwear at home, her cunt had to be bare or manicured and when her husband wants to breed, she is to facilitate the process by stopping any birth control and telling him when her cycle is ready) - Something she adored and even though they had no plans for more children, she still took it upon herself to live by the vows she had signed. She felt on this day... that landing strip was just so unsightly next to her big, fat, thighs. She was a disgrace to herself and her marriage.

She had to do something.

She jumped onto the computer, fired up training videos, and decided... I am going to do this. I am going to get fit again for my husband. I will work on myself.

So, well, she did. She joined a gym. She started to cook recipes that supplemented her training. She had more energy, was a happier person, more motivated and a great mother. She was losing weight... still curvy, but less dumpy. She looked great in yoga clothes. Her marriage, and sex, although never bad to begin with, was better than ever. After a brief conversation with her husband, she went and had her belly button pierced again, like she had when she was 17. She felt like a whole new woman. It had been almost a year, another summer, fall and winter had passed. An entire year. She was 35 years old now, and feeling better every day. She lived on the beach... and wanted to do more! So every morning at 6:30am, Julianna would venture the 3 blocks down to the beach in her one piece swimsuit, and swim for an hour or so before she had to go back home to get everyone ready for school/work and do the little bit of cleaning required before yoga and gym.

She was motivated to make the most of every day, working on herself, her body, her mind, and raise her small family the best way she could.






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Julianna took to the water like a fish. She had been to the beach a million times, especially with the kids, but this is the first time she swam as exercise rather than for recreation. She glided through the water, the refreshing feel of the brisk water on her skin. She felt fresh and alive. She was still curvy... which helped buoyancy she learned. The salt water doing wonders for her complexion too. Blemishes she once covered with makeup no longer needed attention. She couldn't get enough. This became routine for her - rain, hail (ok not hail) or shine she would venture 3 weeks down to the beach and swim for an hour or so.

With time, she of course, got to know some of the locals she had never met before. They were out surfing when she was usually inside sleeping or preparing everybodies day, and it was nice to know even more of the community. Surfers... they were a bit rough around the edges and lived a very frugal life... but she liked them. The weeks passed and every morning she'd put on her tight one piece swimsuit, and if she knew Mark would be out there surfing that morning, well she'd pull it up that little bit tighter. Just for fun. They were just friends and exchanged pleasantries now and then, talked about each others days, but it was just a little... fun way to mess around mentally with a complete acquaintance. Nothing sinister.

She admired how energetic he was. I mean, she would be out there and give it her best, but after an hour in the water she was, obviously visibly tired. She admired Mark and his ability to surf and surf... and give it his all at 6:30am when she arrives, and still give it his all just before 8am when she left. He was a chatty character, early 50's, around 6" tall. Tanned naturally by the sun, sun chapped lips and whispy white hair. His body covered in fine white bodyhair and he was muscular.... skinny, but muscular. On this particular day, after they had spent 5 minutes chatting pleasantries, Mark lent in for a goodbye hug - nothing out of the ordinary. Only this time, Julianna felt something thick, hard, and strong press against her skin... down near where her kidneys are. Rather than recoil, she let the warm hug linger and pressed in - and with that, she smiled, turned and started walking home

Her head racing at a million miles an hour.

What the fuck just happened?



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Julianna was no angel, I mean there was a reason her middle boy was growing up to look a lot more like her husbands boss than her husband, but this one threw her. She had developed such a nice... platonic friendship with Mark that she didn't understand how this could happen. Her cunt was sopping wet, her nipples ready to cut glass, and when she got home, she broke a rule - she put on underwear - just to try and calm herself down, and to stop her from getting wetness all over her nice jeans. Right. This stops now.

The next morning, Julianna skipped her morning beach swim. Her husband asked her why - She hardly missed a morning - But this was for the best. She couldn't do it. She wouldn't let some nice guy just come in from nowhere, play with her psyche like that. Play her like a fool. All those stories he had about life, about drug addiction, about how surfing set him free... were they even real or just a ploy to play on her emotions? She couldn't believe how dumb she was, letting him get so close. That's the problem with being a bonafine slut, once a man gets that close to you... you're too easy to break down. Predictable. Every opening line becomes a leg opener. It's her husbands fault really, he's the one who broke it down so she became a fuckslut. Don't get me wrong, she loved what she was - but on the same token, she needed to stay faithful, and this guy she hardly knew had a key to her... well, legs. There was no heart in this, just a thick, beating cock and a cunt that melts at just a single thought.

She considered explaining to her husband that the reason she didn't go to the beach was because she'd fuck if she did, but life was so perfect right now she didn't want to rock the boat like that. Not now. Not ever. Abstinence from the beach is the only way. And abstinence it was.

For about a week. The feeling of that fresh water, the joyfulness of waking up full of energy and strutting her ass down to the beach in her one piece was too much. She was getting depressed giving all of that up. Fine, she thought to herself. We'll go for a swim this morning - a swim, not a fuck. It's simple. You've been doing it for almost a year. It was summertime and a beautiful morning - perfect weather. The beach was beckoning, yes girl, you can do this. Ok, to the cupboard to put on your swimsuit, then a small walk, a little swim, back home. No sweat.

She leans in to her cupboard, pulls out a tiny string bikini that she bought as a Halloween present when she was a much smaller frame.

What the... you stupid slut.

She then pulls out her normal swimming one piece, slides her thighs through the holes, covers her tiny, loose and freshly waxxed cunt, pulls it over her tits and puts her arms through. Step one complete. It felt so good to be back.

It felt good to stroll on this morning, barefoot, not a care in the world. The sun beaming down on her pale skin. The soft whistles from the birds, and brisk yet warm air.

The crashing waves beckoning her, she dips a foot in and then is startled - It's Mark, who rushes over to sauy Hi, as energetic as ever. Where have you been? He asked.



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Julianna had never felt this... wave of sexual intensity before. Not within her, around her. There was an aura of sexual frustration. Most women at this stage would shy away... try and get away from the situation. It's confronting.

Hey Mark, i've been... just feeling a bit sick lately. Haven't been able to come out... haha... she mutters.

It's hard. A thick sexual tension in the air. Most women would scamper, but she can feel her swimsuit becoming tighter and more uncomfortable. Her nipples start to swell, she can feel her clit starting to pulse. Her body is subconsciously readying itself to allow this man enter it, and there's nothing she can do to stop it.

This had changed from a game of "resist" to a game of "how long until she gives in", and Mark read every single telltale sign from the way she moved, spoke and trembled.

5 minutes of small talk passed... her eyes were locked on his. She lent in... and kissed those rough, chapped lips. She was insatiable now. They kissed. They kissed passionately on a deserted beach, almost like something out of a film. She can't believe she has done this, but it feels so.... right. Suddenly Mark moves his head away, looked down and then puts something into a tissue.

What was that? Julianna asks. "oh, I was just getting rid of some gum", says Mark. Oh... so Julianna goes in for another passionate kiss and... hup... what was that? Something gritty is now in her mouth. Tastes... chemical.

Don't worry about it he says. Swallow it - It'll help you swim.

Instinctively, she swirled this substance around her mouth, and with one gulp, swallowed the rest as instructed.

What an idiot! How could you do that! Oh my god! She thought. She knew what it was. She was never a hard party drug user, however she had dabbed in ecstasy and cocaine before. Not much, but she had. Never meth though. Now it made sense as to why Mark was always so energetic... shit.

Then, with a smack on the ass and a smirk on his face, Mark mutters "Enjoy your swim" - and walks off.

What? Oh right...

For the first 30 minutes, besides a bit of worry, nothing happens. Her entire reproductive system is still swollen and punching her telling her it needs to get fucked, but that's nothing abnormal having been so turned on just before. Its weird how it hasn't subsided yet in the cold refreshing water, but it's not too abnormal. The water feels so nice this morning. It's so cold and brisk yet... also no comforting. Being weightless in here is such a fun thing to do. Plus all the energy you get! Usually she'd only do 200 foot or so then turn around back to shore in the shallows... but today it's just so nice. Must have swam a mile since last shore! And still going without a worry in the world.

Finally, the desire to hit the shore hits, so she swim back, grabs her towel and her phone, picks them up and starts to head back home to start cooking breakfast and take the kids to school. Interestingly, the beach has a few more dog walkers than usual, but that's ok.

Then she checks her phone. It's 10am already.

She had swam for 3 hours and didn't even realise it.

A message from her husband saying that he will take the kids to school and little x at the end, but apart from that...

Nobody had any idea.



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Posted (edited)

For the rest of the day, she'd cleaned the house, mopped, cooked, rearranged the back room, sorted out the pantry, labelled it all and washed all of the houses windows - Completely naked where possible - like a good little slut wife. Her husband was impressed when he got home. After the kids were in bed and tucked away, bedtime stories read - Julianna stepped out of the hallway, took off her dressing gown she worse around the house when the kids were around - and finally, after a day of being horny out of her mind - took 7" of her husbands dick into her fuck hole. It felt good. The rush from this morning was over, but that's alright, she still moaned and enjoyed every second of it. 2 minutes or so later she got her prize - an intense pulse and a flood of cum into her cunt. She didn't cum, but she enjoyed it, a good present for a days hard work. She went to bed, held by her lover of 12 years - happy. She fell asleep and slept like a baby. She was worried that morning she wouldn't sleep for days... but she had the most amazing day ever, and to top it off, all of the chores were done! Best of all... she wasn't a cheater. That wasn't Marks cum slowly making its way down her thigh. It was her husbands. Soon, she was in deep slumber.


Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt


It's was 5:30am. Time to get up and go to the beach.


First, into the bathroom. Heart pounding a million miles an hour. Shit. Yesterday.... you ate meth. Meth. So why're you going back today?

To do more meth, you stupid slut. Oh... yeah...

Excited... but trying not to show it, Julianna aligned the mirror she uses to shave or wax her cunt, as per her husbands instructions... but... had no enthusiasm. You know what? She thought... I can't be bothered today. I don't care what he wants today. Today is what I want.

I want meth, but I want to fuck on meth. Shit. I'm so bored otherwise...

Julianna put on her swimming suit, put on her towel... and says to her husband look - you may need to drop the kids off today. He rolls over and goes back to sleep, and Julianna walks out the door, and starts walking... jogging... almost skipping... the two blocks remaining to the beach.

Mark was there, staring at the beach. She quickly ran up to him and hugged him from behind.

Hey stranger, i've been missing you! Mark smiled. "So... how did you enjoy your swim yesterday?"

"A lot... a lot."

"I knew it would excite you..."

"How did you know?"

"You're an obediant girl"

"Yes and I want you to fuck me."

"Haha not so fast, little girl..." Mark said.

"Close your eyes you obediant slut"

Julianna closes her eyes.

"Hold your arm out"

Julianna holds her hands out, fully expecting to feel a thick, hard length of man meat hit her soft, but cold, skin.

All she feels instead is a quick, stinging sensation in her left arm. She instantly opens her eyes... but before she can think what the fuck? All she can feel is all of her blood rushing to her head. She feels weak. She steps back into Marks strong hands. She can feel her eyeballs roll back... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

The most intense, euphoric rush of her life hits her like a Kenworth truck. She simultaneously knows she's in a swimsuit on a public beach with a stranger, but suddenly doesn't give a fuck. Her cunt, although normally loose, now feels like she could fit that Kenworth in it too. She feels so unbelievably.... amazing. She needs her tits out of her swimsuit though, its too uncomfortable. They are boiling hot, they need air. Get. Them. Out. Thank god.

It's a one block walk back to Marks place, he says.... And Julianna has to be half walked, half carried, and is slurring words the entire way. What a way to start the day, she thinks between her sloshed thoughts.


(at my post limit for the day, stay tuned!)

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Julianna wasn't stupid. She knew exactly what was happening. It's not that she couldn't think straight... more she couldn't stop one thought from stopping another. She was thinking -too- fast. Lets assess this. Left foot, right foot. Left foot, right foot. Yep, we're good. Can walk. Ok. Hmm, breasts are out in public. That's fine, it's still early and nobody is around. If some one from the kids school asks, put them away. Until then, this feels amazeballs! The crisp air on my nipples! Mmmm! Fuck, my eyeballs are about to pop they're sticking out so far. It's fine. Don't focus on something too much. There's 13 birds in that tree over there! We're going left. I don't know this neighbourhood. Everything smells so fresh and nice! How long until we're at Marks place? I don't know. Tits still out. Should I just get totally naked? Why not? You're about to fuuuuuuck! Finally!

Up the next alley, Julianna stepped out of her swimsuit entirely. It was an expensive swimsuit, and it was clearly stained with cunt juice and the remnants of her husbands cum from the night before, but she didn't care. She felt like she was flying, on top of the world.

Rounding a corner, she noticed a car reversing out of a driveway, she instinctively hid behind a bush - Once the coast was clear, she crossed the road like a rabbit in headlights, up the winding staircase, and into Marcs first level, condo style apartment.

Walking in and closing the door behind her, the place was a mess. Pizza boxes on the counter, empty beer bottles, a stack of dishes in the sink a mile high. A stark contrast to her super clean place back home.

On the far side of the room was a sofa. It was an older style pull out bed type - The kind that had seen all kinds of action. She could almost smell the stains. She moved a stack of porn magazines over and make space for herself, sat down, lay on her back and slowly moved her fingers down to her cunt, ran her fingers up and down to see how wet she was. She had already added to the collection of stains on the sofa. She continued to finger her clit, ever so gently, unaware of where Mark or anyone else had gone. She was in absolute heaven. She looked at the clock on the wall, and assuming it was correct, it was 6:35. Her childrens alarms to get up - Not for almost another hour. She had 55 minutes to enjoy herself. She slowly put one finger into herself, and slowly withdrew it, savoring the sensation. She felt every ripple, every line in her skin, every unshaved pore. She slowly probed herself, waiting for her lover to return - She wanted to pleasure herself more, but also knew that the best was yet to come. She was spun the fuck out and loving every single second of it.



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After what seemed like an eternity, footsteps were heard, and Mark entered the room again, but this time, he was naked. Julianna felt another wave of sexual energy jolt through her, a mini orgasm just from him being there. How are you?, asked Mark - Julianna responded that she had never felt this good in her life. Mark smirked.

"You just had half a gram slammed into you", he stated - Julianna looked puzzled... oh, is that a lot? "Well, it's not nothing. Most girls can't handle it." "Oh..." said Julianna. "You look good though..."

Julianna noticed Mark had a glass pipe in his hand, filled with some sort of crystal substance. "I'm not sorry, but this morning was probably a bit much..." Julianna didn't care though, as she fidgeted and pulled on her nipples. "But now you're going to inhale this smoke." Mark lifted the glass pipe to Juliannas lips, lit a lighter and waited for the glass crystals to melt. A thick white smoke formed. "Inhale, slut." Julianna did as she was told. Mark then put the pipe and lighter down, stood in front of her with his erect 7 inches sticking out, rock solid. Now blow. Julianna blew the thick white smoke all over Marks dick, and he moaned. "Fuck yeah.... now suck". Julianna took the entire length into the back of her throat. She had never deep throated before, but somehow, this new sensation had numbed her entire mouth... she had no gag reflex, she tried to swallow the lot. Gluck... Gluck.... Gluck... Marks head topped backwards and he moaned ahain. "Gluck... Gluck... Gluck... and finally Juilianna let the girth out of her mouth and sucked in a big, refreshing breath of air. She was flying.

Almost instinctively, she leaned back, opened her legs, and showed Mark her damp, loose, open slit. It was almost dripping feminine sexual energy. Julianna tried to say something, but she couldn't. All she could do was moan. Mark sensed this, took a stop back, lined the head of his cock up with her flamboyant display of femininity, and slammed that cock into her as hard as he could. He missed, his cockhead sliding up the side of Juliannas thigh. He takes another step back, thumbs his girth into Juliannas fuckhole, and loads her up with all 7 inches. She winces in ecstacy as the end of his cock stabs at her over... and over... and over. Like an energizer buddy. Julianna moans - The sensation is incredible - She starts to tremble. The tremble in her left leg is making her lose balance lying back on the sofa, but she can't control it. Mark is fucking her like a jackhammer. Deep within her, something is coming out - The tremble moves from her leg to the rest of her body... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. The amount of sexual energy is too much, Julianna starts to cum. Her entire body convulses as endorphine after endorphine is pumped within her. The sofa rocks. Mark steps back "HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...." - Julianna can feel her heart racing. Fuuuuuuuuuuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. She lets in a deep breath, and Mark continues to fuck her.

This cycle continues another 4 or 5 times, before Mark grunts and unleashes his man juice all up into Jualiannas welcoming cunt. She cums again. Fuck. She sighs. She looks up.



Julianna was so lost in the sex that she had completely forgotten that she had kids to feed breakfast to, clothe and take to school. Fuck, if she forgets her duties as a mom, there will be no more fun on the beach, no more anything - They are her world, and she cannot neglect them.

Fuck, she has no swimsuit, its back in the alley where she left it.

Ok, there's no time. No nothing. She's still high, but doesn't care. There's more important things to worry about. She's naked, needs t  get home and needs to get there now. Bedsheet? What bedsheets. What towels. Marks clothes? Too suspicious! Look, there's no time. She can sneak out naked. It's a beach town, naked people are hardly rare. Plus its still early enough... Taking the alleyways home she probably won't see anyone. Fine.

Julianna, stark naked, steps out of Marks apartment... and notices the hot blistering sun on her face.

On her face? It was on her back when she entered!

Julianna looked back at the clock.

It was 4:30pm.

She had been fucking for 10 hours.

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Julianna stepped back and closed the door in front of her. She was panicking. Shit, I mean I was meant to pick up my kids an hour ago from school! Not to mention missing the morning drop off! Shit! She demanded a phone from Mark. Mark handed her his cell phone. She called her husband straight away, thankfully having mesmerized his number.

He answered.

"Look i'm really sorry but I was carried away with a new swimming regime" she barked down the phone.

Confused, her husband tells her to slow down.

Shit. He knows. Julianna was panicking. He knows something is up, she can hardly hold the phone she is jitterbugging so hard. "I'm really sorry i'll be home soon" She tried to say.

Her husband... doesn't seem too worried. "Hey... hey..." he says. "It's fine. I know you're out with friends, Cindy told me"

"What?" Thought Julianna...

"You're not mad?"

"Mad at what, babe? The kids are here and are fine, you told me earlier you'd be out tonight"

Julianna was confused. She had not called her husband at all earlier, she was too busy getting railed by Marks hard dick. She had no way of calling him anyway - She hadn't had a phone all day.

That soon gave way to another thought. Look, she couldn't go home yet anyway... she's still jittery, high as balls! Her family can't see her like this... So she needed a place to stay tonight anyway. She put the phone down, looked at Marcs throbbing, now purple, cock and smiled.

"I guess i'm staying...." she said, as she grabbed the back of Mark's head and gave him a long, passionate kiss. "Now fuck me again."

Mark, with a fire behind his eyes, pushed Julianna back. "Legs up higher this time." Julianna aimed her little pink asshole directly into Mark's line of sight.

"Wow, you have the asshole of an 18 year old boy"

"Do you look at 18 year olds boy assholes a lot?" Julianna quipped, unprepared for the answer

"Not really" Said Mark.

"Usually they're in their 20's"

Julianna was a bit taken back, as she felt Marks hard, unlubed cock head push open her tight, pink hole.

"Oh uh... how many guys do you fuck?"

"Not as many as I used to" Said Mark. "Only 5 or so this week". Ung, Julianna replied as his girth traveled up her ass.

When Mark's cock arrived at the entrance gate blocking him from going further, he stopped and let Julianna's still tweaking body adjust to this new found object inside it. "I usually fuck guys who want to catch HIV. This request is a first for me"

"Request?" Julianna blurted out, as Mark pushed past her fuckmuscle and into her lower intestine.

"Yeah, me and the boys are well known for turning lives around"

"What are you talking about?" Said Julianna, Mark now balls deep in her asshole.

It was then Julianna saw two or three shadowy figures appear from the back of the room.

Julianna moaned.


"Is she ready?" One of the figures asked

"Almost" said Mark, now fucking Juliannas little fudge factory with an nice rhythm.

"She almost takes dick as nicely as she takes meth"

It was then Mark withdrew his cock from Juliannas quivering asshole, pushed her back into the sofa, and went to get dressed.

"You have half an hour", he said to the shadowy figure.

As the shadowly figure approached, he became clearer to Julianna. He was an older gentleman, a bit overweight, and he quickly lost his jeans and Tshirt as he approached her. "Here, suck on this", and he forced his slimy cock into her mouth. Julianna was high as balls and didn't care how much his dick smelt, she was just happy to have more cock. She slurped and licked, until the member in his mouth swelled up. "Good girl. Now ride me."

Julianna quickly jumped on top of this stranger, guided his cock into her now completely demolished cunt and started to ride. Mmm, she had so much energy to use... but it was no use. She was too lose, he was too small. It slid out too easily. He guided it into her asshole.

Julianna hadn't, until today, had much exposure to anal sex - Sure, she was a slut even before today, but she just hadn't done it that much. She loved the sensation, however, and look learned she could massage this mans cock with her arse muscles. She could pulse when he pulsed, and feel his cock spurt precum by juding how much more wetness she had back there. Finally, when he had had enough, the stranger withdrew from her asshole, lined her face up with his cock and spurted a nice, long stream of cum all over her face. He then forced her, still covered in cum, to lick his still sweaty asshole. He finished by dragging his testicles across her face.

"Best twenty bucks i've spent in a while"

He got dressed and left. Julianna felt a stinging sensation from both her asshole and her now gaping cunt.







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Julianna was a bit disorientated. She had a headache starting to come on and although still buzzing, she was starting to fatigue. She was alone, naked, and evening had set in. She was feeling a bit of nausea as well. She waited for 5 minutes or so - found some tissues to wipe her face off with and then started to look around the condo she was in. It was a small affair, a short corridor to a very dirty bathroom and a master bedroom, with a large queen bed, piles of clothes everywhere and various stains on the carpet. It was nice and freshly painted, however, and the smell of fresh paint overcame the smell of whatever had stained the bed and carpet. Nobody was around. Not Mark, not the other stranger nobody. Julianna figured they'd be back soon, so in the meantime she made it back to the living room and sat her (nicely plump) ass down on the sofa again, feeling the slight dampness still on the cushions from before when she was getting both her cunts destroyed. While relaxing, she noticed a glisten from the beautiful orange sunset outside... and it traced a small glass pipe next to the sink. Next to the pipe was the baggie of meth that Mark had been feeding Julianna that morning.

She couldn't. It's not hers. Plus she's done it now, she can just go home and awkwardly pretend nothing happened. But.. she was bored. Curiosity killed the cat... but she was a human right? She walked up to the glass tube, held it up to the light. It was pretty, purple... orange... light refracting through the glass. It was pretty. She was bored. She fumbled around with the plastic bag and the little shards of crystal inside it, moving them around. She then moved them out onto a table, and pushed then into the pipe, one by one. Juliannas nipples stood to attention. She knew it was going to get her into trouble, but she grabbed the gas lighter on the table and waited for those crystals to melt. Once a thick white cloud formed, she clumsily inhaled it all and then exhaled soon after. She repeated this process three or four times.

Her headache instantly faded away, her nausea was non existent and the sunset was much more vibrant than before. She went back into the bedroom, found a loose fitting tshirt, some chinos and some flip flops. She looked like a lesbian, but she didn't care, she was high as balls and loved it. She wandered slowly out to the street.

This part of town was very different to the part she knew. Sure, her neighborhood wasn't super rich, but at least there were boarded up shops everywhere and the people seemed friendlier. She wandered down the street further, when a car pulled up. "How much?"

"What?" asked Julianna

"You're high as fuck and dressed like you're homeless, how much"

"Oh... "

"I'll give you 100 bucks to fuck you"

Julianna quipped back "Uh... 200 and you wear protection"

"100, raw, and you beg for me to cum in you."

Julianna pondered this for a second

"Are you complete?"

"What do you mean?" Asked Julianna.

"If I fuck you, will I knock you up?"

"Oh... i'm on the pill" she replied.

"50 then"

Julianna stepped back. "No I can't accept that. I want more!"

"Show me your tits and ill think about it."

Julianna lifted her t-shirt.

"Those are too nice, you haven't been doing this long. 80."

Julianna was taken back, but agreed. She wasn't sure if this was her first or second trick.

The gentleman then drove away, leaving her on the sidewalk. That's not usually how it happens, is it? She then noticed the car pull off into a parking lot and go dark - with the occupant exiting and slowly making his way towards her. "Ha, do you think i'd let a whore like you in my car? Anyway, my wife is at home and i'm not buying a hotel for you. Up here." He led Julianna up and into an alley way. It was dark by this point, but she could see quite clearly. He ushered her up against a large rubbish dumpster, stating that is was dark here and nobody would see them.

"drop your pants and underwear."

Julianna dropped the chinos.

"Fuck, you have tits fresh as 20 year old but your cunts like a 70 year old whores" he said, as he pushed Julianna against the dumpster, forcing her head into the cold metal. He then fingered her opening a bit, lined his cock up and pushed it into her womanhood. Julianna didn't feel a thing, she was horny, but somewhat numb down there. For the next 5 minutes there was a bunch of grunting, sloppy noises, she was assured that her cunt was "as wet as a dip in the Mississippi" but she hardly felt a thing. He dropped his load into her soggy cunt, laid 4 $20 bills on the ground next to him, and left.

Julianna pulled the chinos back up, pulled the tshirt back down and still wired - She headed back up to Marcs apartment, somewhat confused as what to do next. Does she just go home?

She opened the door, and Mark was there, on her sofa. Butt naked, hard as a rock.

"I've been waiting for you" he stated. Julianna perked up. "Not you, slut... the other slut"

Behind her, a young looking boy appeared. He was skinny, shaved bald below the chin and was wearing chastity. He was clearly in his 20's, but had a boyish charm to him. He had "slave" tattooed just above his caged dick, drawn very crudely and very recently.

"Sit down women slut, you'll learn something tonight"

"Slave, are you prepared like I asked?"

The boy nodded.

"How many crystals in your fuck tube?"

"3, sir"

"Good boy."

Mark then turned to Julianna

"Whore, go get a towel. I'm about to destroy this poor boys ass"





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