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  1. Oh Fuck Yes !  Yes !   Love your thinking - more - more - breeding and seeding others !  

  2. In the last days I read an article in a newspaper which might explain all of this. It said a publication from New York did have an article saying Pornhub does show vids of sex with underage kids and also of real rape. So it seems they are under enormous political and pressure from other media now. I assume at the moment they simply fight to survive somehow.. How things will develop once this storm is over has to be seen...
  3. Well, thanks to Corona this is.. . 😞
  4. You are very welcome dear. I hope to see you one day.
  5. Yep. Have a smooth day. Enjoy
  6. Super! I wish you a great day honey
  7. Pooh. Sweating - in the office, in the subway, and at home ... Temperatures are up to almost 100 F - but stupid as Germans sometimes are there are almost no air conditions around .. But besides horny nevertheless ... Would love to meet and seed you ... How are you honey?
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