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RIP Boltz in Birmingham

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That's a shame but it lost it's sleazy vibe for me when they rejigged the layout a few years ago.

I took dozens of loads in the one little glory hole room that was there and hardly any int the row of them that they created. 

Hopefully they will return though as it was always a friendly place to spend spend few hours.

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Sad, that was a great venue, perhaps the horniest place in the UK north of London. 

Glad though Boltz keeps soldiering on and sees light at the end of the tunnel. Respect! 

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Gutted I remember having hours of fun here in 2008/2009 when I lived nearby, especially with a guy with a rose vine tattoo up his body!!! If anyone knows him, let me know 😉

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I know it's not a bar, but I see that Greenhouse Darlaston has reopened now and that's definitely on my list when I am in town.  

The last year has been a major struggle for these places and we need to support them or they will suffer the same fate as Boltz. 

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Really sorry to see this place go. Birmingham is generally a friendly place and it's my town of choice to socialise. The sex was always good with a pretty attitude free vibe, and really welcoming staff. I always remember my first visit, and I didn't know what to expect, so I thought I'd do a midweek afternoon visit to check it out. Arrived about an hour after opening and was buying a beer in the eyeline of a guy sitting naked on a stool with his ball sack full of saline.

After the beer had gone down nicely (with brilliant cheap prices btw) I wandered into one of the old darkrooms, to see a stocky skinhead fucking a guy in a sling with a few guys around. He pulled his dick out, turned to the guys and said that if anyone else wanted to breed him, go ahead. Thats when I knew I'd like it.

Plus when their Pride went ridiculously ticketed, it was outside the cordon so you could have a beer and a couple of wild fucks while being a skinflint haha

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