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  1. Sad to read that Kinky's in Antwerp went bankrupt on 3rd November, 2020. Kinky's was a great, perhaps one of the horniest gay sex clubs in Europe. Thanks for the good times. Link (in Dutch): [think before following links] https://www.faillissementsdossier.be/nl/faillissement/1602529/the-kinkys.aspx
  2. AirmaxAndy, thanks for posting that excerpt. That gives some hope for a future after corona for the Underground clubs below CS which belong to the hottest places in London for gay sex.
  3. Bullchat dot com for Holland and Flanders and some other places like Brussels: no registration needed, just a nickname and indication of a location (probably it will work too if you're elsewhere and simply indicate Amsterdam). Lots of bare chatting going on. Probably around 90% of the people there know English too; you simply add 'English' to your nickname profile lines.
  4. Perhaps SOP (Underground) should put that elevated big black mattress inside the little pool they make.. would be hot.
  5. ( example of a gay porn reaction video: [think before following links] https://nl.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d72cd3e7c276 )
  6. Wouldn't it be hot to see & hear (or perhaps only hear) a guy commenting on a gay bb porn video he is watching? Although very rare, there are some reaction videos related to gay porn, but I haven't seen any yet related to gay bareback/breeding/pozzing porn vids. If you happen to discover one, please post the link below (cf. breedingzone guidelines). Thanks!
  7. - porn that just starts and ends without any dramatic development: the hottest porn has a beginning, a build up, several highs, alternate pacing, a climax and an ending. This is for example why porn vids with Ed Hunter in it are so good. - what sometimes disturbs is when the description in no way matches the content, like Arab top fucks etc. and when the video runs you hear the guy speak Portugese or something like that
  8. your face will be fine too, don't worry so much about your looks
  9. Or mix beer with piss: 1) Buy a pint of lager, drink 1/4 or 1/3 of it 2) Ask someone to piss into it to fill it to the brim again 3) Stir well & enjoy!
  10. tops who make their bottoms sniff poppers and who talk about their breeding and seed entering the bottom.
  11. Videos with annoying sound(s) from airco's, fans, tv or radio commercials, creaking beds and above all excessively whining bottoms or guys who can only say 'fuck yeah' 30x.
  12. post lockdown & social distancing sex in gay cruise clubs, dark rooms and saunas... After the pandemic and all encompassing measures are over, will sex in cruise clubs, dark rooms and saunas will be extra hot, debauching and wihout limits now we know that we cannot take these venues for granted and that they are actually precious? Or will the sex be less intense, with men choking on their limits due to risk consciousness?
  13. He would love communist Transnistria though, it's run by a businessman who owns the local stadium.
  14. A president who systematically degrades other people via twitter and otherwise, including children and handicapped persons, is simply not fit for the office. Furthermore his eagerness to dismantle all measures of Obama, for the sole reason they were measures of Obama, sends a racist signal and is no doubt intended as such. Lastly, he is damaging and dismantling the structure of checks and balances which guarantees your freedom.
  15. video could have been very hot, but it's not imho
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