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    very open minded... will try most things at least twice with the right top, love being subbed and up for scenes including bondage, cp and non-facial bruising, dirty play, and want to get opened up and fisted (amongst other things)!... STD clear at the moment but 1 fuck can change that and hope to have a few goodies this year! Any questions - drop me a line ;)

    pig73 on wickr
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    fun, use & abuse

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  1. If only I had had a ‘Carrington’ at the right time!!
  2. hi mate, total bottom cumdump lad here in Cornwall UK.  Hundreds more pics and vids on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad

  3. So many plot options to look forward to losolent bringing to us 😉
  4. Probably a combination of 1, 2, 5, 7 and 14 :)
  5. I'm sure you fare far better than that! 😉
  6. Love being pissfucked and come to Leicester quite a bit amongst other areas around the country 😉
  7. Kitpig on bbrt and nkp amongst others 😉
  8. I have had a similar experience... a guy I meet up with regularly assumed I would only have him fuck me if he covered up... and I assumed that was how he wanted it... It was a pleasant revelation when we discovered we had both made the wrong assumption 😉
  9. Yeah in SW and given we all appear to be bttm, maybe I will have to redevelop my vers side lol
  10. @ DrScorpio - has this now been removed?
  11. Err 9” is rather a lot more than 9cm....
  12. Too right - I love being caged when I'm being used... even better if caged and tied so not a hope of getting to touch my locked nub. When the top hits all the right places when fucking me full of his cum, I have had the most intense (and repeat) orgasms while locked!
  13. Thanks for following me

  14. Let us know how it goes... I am looking for a weekend of fun and depravity... may be Mid Sept or October some time ???
  15. I would love someone to give me gono or chlamydia!
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