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Documented presently highly virulent, borderline sociopathic (in a good way) clinician can and will efficiently and effectively inseminate the appropriate candidate with sufficient toxic semen to convert you into a bio-hazard. My only interest is in knowing my own viral offspring are planted so they grow inside you and supplant your own native body chemistry with that of mine. I don’t care about your rationale or reason for wanting this.

Appropriate candidate must meet criteria

-          That you are presently HIV NEGATIVE

-          Young enough that you will live with the ramifications of your choice for decades

-          Willingness to sign a release of liability

-          Acknowledging that after your insemination that you will not contact me or make me a part of your life

-          Understanding the consequences of your action


*** I DO NOT MONITER THIS POST*** if you have an credible interest, read my profile and find my contact information


The process is quite clinical:


I utilise a three step approach which has proven effective in every opportunity which has presented itself. 1) the use of a very small soft fibre pick-like tool that is designed to irritate the lining of the epithelial tissue of each of the recipients nostrils. This is painless and does not draw blood. The recipient kneels. I  press my penis to each nostril and while the recipient inhales deeply I squeeze myself  in order to express virus rich pre-ejaculate up into each nostril.


The second step is the recipient standing facing me and exposing his penis. I take another small pick-like tool and with one hand squeeze my penis in order to splay open the urinary meatus (piss-slit). I irritate the epithelial tissue in order to create microscopic tears which amplify the ability to transit virus. This too is bloodless but is slightly uncomfortable as that tissue is quite sensitive so i typically will do this only to myself (unless the recipient requests otherwise). Once prepared, the recipient squeezes his penis to expose his meatus and I move forward and proceed to press meatus against meatus while I express more pre-ejaculate directly at our linked penises. Once i have deposited a small amount of pre-ejaculate I will gently manipulate his glans (dickhead) which allows virion to be absorbed into his body through this route.


Finally, the recipient will slide down his pants sufficient to expose his buttocks. I will ask him to assume a lordosis position (standing, bent forward with hands outstretched comfortably upon a surface in front of him). In nature, the Lordosis position is assumed by an ovulating female in which she 'presents' her availability and receptivity to mating. Once this position and brainspace is achieved I will proceed to lubricate the rectum using a specially prepared lubricant. I take a toothbrush like tool which has very very soft hairs and slowly insert it into the rectum. This is painless and is not intended to draw blood. It merely irritates the epithelial tissue and creates microscopic tears in the lining of the rectum which will allow for the most direct access of virus into the recipients body. I very slowly manipulate the tool 360 degrees and gently withdraw it.

This lubricant I prepare is primarily a food grade vegetable oil that has been adulterated with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). This achieves two goals; it temporarily alters the pH of the rectum to one most favourable to the life of my virus and secondarily when this special lubricant is combined, saturated with ejaculate it causes the semen to congeal, creating a paste-like gel which effectively coats the irritated lining of the rectum with bio-toxic ejaculate.

Once prepared and while the recipient remains in the lordosis position I will lubricate my penis and mount from behind. I will penetrate the recipient. My penis is quite thick and that girth will expand the microscopically brush damaged epithelia tissue as I penetrate. This will allow for contaminated semen to access the circulatory system.

Once penetrated fully and the recipient expresses that he is comfortably embedded with my motionless penis i will ask a final time. While likely already infected through steps 1 and 2, I will nonetheless ask if you are SURE; if you are CERTAIN that you want this to happen to yourself. There is no going back.

Upon that final assent given, I will proceed to intensely thrust my penis in and out of the rectum perhaps six or seven times. THIS IS NOT ABOUT FUCKING for me, this is about my dosing you with very toxic semen. After thrusting merely a few times, within fifteen or twenty seconds, its all over.  I will ejaculate virus laden semen into you which will form a pasty coating of 900,000 or so spike tipped living virion seeking a new host to infect.

Once successfully mated I will withdraw. I will take a very small square of plastic film similar to a dental dam or plastic wrap and insert it into the rectum. This will prevent the escape of any virus or semen.

The recipient can then thank me for my work and leave. Full stop. I don't care about who you are and wish no further contact.





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