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    Asian, crossdresser, cum lover either on my face or on my mouth.
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    None. I am looking forward to be in the mid of a gang bang or bukkake shot.
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    Get my face bukkaked with a lot cum

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  1. how many loads can you swallow?

    My record was over 16 in an adult movie theater. I will suck and drink cum as many as cocks are available
  2. Cum in mouth or ass?

    All over my face
  3. Swallow Your Own Cum

    Many times I cum over my own face and licked the cum.
  4. Adult Book Stores

    I used to go every week to a bookstore. One time I suck over 16 guys, got fucked by 3 and had my ass almost fisted (5 fingers in), and my face was covered by sticky cum from 10-11 guys. My clothes were messy and I left feeling the cum drying in my caked face. I was smelling a lot sex and cum. In recent years that bookstore got very low numbers of customers. I moved from bookstore to craigslist, but it is not the same.
  5. Sex For Money

    That is one of my fantasy, to be turn into a prostitute and get fucked and receive cum like one.
  6. I love sticky cum covering my face. I will fuck any cock as long as my face receives all cum. If in the middle of gangbang even better. Also, looking forward to try double and triple anal.
  7. dressing for sex

    I only dress for sex either touching myself or when I have a sex with others at my home or when I go to a video booth / bath. It makes me very horny and feminine. Also, most of my female clothes are stained with cum, and love the texture and smell of cum, more better.
  8. One guy did it and it was a little painful and ask him to leave. I regret because I was hoping to get a very hot load in my throat. The next guy who did the same I enjoyed, with a lot gagging feeling. Definitely I would like to try a blowing with a lot throatfuck and dropping cum at the end.
  9. Sissy vs. Transexual

    Definitely I am a Sissy
  10. What's your favorite way to finish sucking?

    I like when he grab my hair and pull back. Than he takes out his cock and drench my face with long and thick ropes of cum painting all my face.
  11. First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    My first time raw was unplanned. I was 18 at time. A guy I meet at porn movie theater put his finger in my ass and it end up hurting and bleeding a little bit. He fuck my ass without condom until he drop his load inside me. He fuck me again in the shower and drop another load inside me. It was fun and I was horny for weeks.
  12. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Today I posted at CL that I would like a lot cum over my face. 1 latino guy answered and came to my place. He almost raped me and it was hot. He fucked my all bareback and them I suck his cock. He fuck my face hard with his big cock until he shoot a lot thick cum over my face. My face got completely plastered with cum. I wish the cum was inside me.
  13. What's the last sex toy you bought?

    Mine is an Anchor Plug XL from Extreme Restrains. It was hard at first but after stretching my ass it gives an amazing feelings. https://www.extremerestraints.com/bizarre-butt-plugs_7/ass-anchor-3-piece-kit_10907.html
  14. Crossdresser raped and pozed

    I would like to be gang raped by over 100 guys all dropping their cum inside me like a true whore.
  15. The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    Last week I suck a guy that was so big that my jaw was aching and it got only 1/3 inside my mouth touching my throat. It was so hot. Because the movie theater was dark, I couldn't estimate the size of the cock but it was the biggest I ever sucked. Unfortunately I didn't got his cum nor he fucked my ass.

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