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    facial, bukkake, anal, big cock, whore out, porn, video
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    Asian, crossdresser, cum lover either on my face or on my mouth.
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    None. I am looking forward to be in the mid of a gang bang or bukkake shot.
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    Get my face bukkaked with a lot cum

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  1. Annapaulamass

    My first DP

    I want to try DAP in my ass with 2 big cocks.. and maybe even triple anal in a huge gangbang... while my ass milk as many cocks as possible.
  2. Annapaulamass

    2018 Load Tally

    For 2018, so far: 65 cocks (more than 1248 cocks from all my life) 41 facial cumshots (more than 976 facials I took) 20 oral cumshots (more than 470 oral cumshots) 3 guys cum on condom and I drinked it (play with more than 415 condoms full of cum) 9 bareback anal sex with 4 creampie. (more than 77 anal sex, and 13 guys cum inside my ass)
  3. So Fucking HOT !  Damn , we should be neighbors !    :)

  4. Annapaulamass

    Sucking while getting fucked

    I would like to have my ass used by two cocks at same time, have another cock on my mouth, and 1 in each of my hand to play.. and to have other 5-10 waiting their turn to make me a slut.
  5. Annapaulamass

    Hottest Verbal From A Top?

    A guy ask me if I got it when I used to vist a porn theater several times a week and sucking a lot cum without condom.
  6. Annapaulamass

    2018 Load Tally

    60 cocks (all anon) 38 facials 18 oral cumshoots 8 anal sex and 6 creampie
  7. I would like a tattoo with a cock cumming and point towards my ass, and saying: cum receptacle or cum addicted
  8. Annapaulamass

    Farming for condoms

    Where to farm condom in Boston / Rhode Island area? I used to farm condom full of cum from a porn movie theater or adult book store. My record was almost 30 condoms that I used to make my wide leg jeans hiper covered with cum and walk on the street smelling cum. Sometimes I put the cum in my mouth, face or inside me.
  9. Annapaulamass

    Which do you prefer

    I would like to be gang banged all the time too, but also like to have 1 on 1 sometimes.
  10. Annapaulamass

    Who misses Craigslist

    I miss the CL a lot, used to get as many as 1-10 cocks a day to drench my face with cum, average 3 per day I posted. I got many cock fucking my ass, one guy fisted, two guys did DAP with his cock and a dildo I have. But, my mouth got very well used and my face and my clothes got a lot cum. Doublelist doesn't work in the same way. Not lucky with other media.
  11. Annapaulamass

    Throat fucking

    I love to get throats fucked by pulling my head up and down in a huge cock with gagging feeling. I did few times, and I wish to be in a blow bang or in a gang bang with a lot big cock fucking my throat and my ass at same time and dumping their cum in both places. And leaving the place completely covered in cum without being allowed to clean myself.
  12. Annapaulamass

    Slutty clothes for bottoms

    I like to wear this jeans
  13. I thought it was quite slow and empty there.. at least few times I went there. Almost no action and low attendance. I will try again this coming weekend.
  14. Annapaulamass


    I will like to have someone to share the world about me sucking a cock and to have a blow bang with a lot cum over my mouth and my face.

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