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    Asian, crossdresser, cum lover either on my face or on my mouth.
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    None. I am looking forward to be in the mid of a gang bang or bukkake shot.
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    Get my face bukkaked with a lot cum

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  1. I wish we had as many saunas and baths around. I will be going there pretty much everyday.
  2. One day I would like to have a facial or creampie from a guy with hyperspermia [think before following links] https://www.xvideos.com/video35022147/huge_loads
  3. Yes, I am just a hole to get used by a lot of horny man
  4. Getting poz is not an ultimate goal, the goal for us, submissive bottom, is to get a lot cum and to be treated like a true slut and whore. I am cumlover and enjoy cum in my face, mouth and ass, but I don't want to get sick. If you get sick, you will enjoy less.
  5. My fav is this guy who was regular and he have a good size to suck it deep and he has a lot lot cum that filled my mouth.
  6. I wish to have my hole open to fit two or three cocks at same time.
  7. Mine burn too and I love it. Make me feel horny. I like to have my face covered in cum like pornstar in bukkake.
  8. I always ask to breed me, to put a baby in me.
  9. Any position as long as I am able to get a massive cum shoot.
  10. I feel the cum in my mouth every single time I suck with no condom. I love it. I wish to have as many cum in my mouth and face like those girls from a spanish bukkake movie.
  11. I want to meet guys with hyperspermia... want to get drench or covered with cum
  12. 45 cocks 26 facials 14 oral cumshoots 4 cum in condom 4 anal sex 3 creampie (all from the same guy)
  13. Anyone want to organize a gangbang in Chicago for me this fall?
  14. Yes, it was in a bathroom of a movie theater and was bareback where he cum inside my ass. I had his phone to meet again but never called him. The second time was amazing too, I meet him in a porn movie theater. He used his finger in my ass in and out and then he used my ass which was painful. He pump his cock very hard until he unload in my ass. We went into the shower and he used my ass again and unload inside me one more time. I feel his cum leaking into my feminine denim short but also I see some blood together. His nail has injured my ass but lucky I didn't get anything. It was during early 90's.

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