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    facial, bukkake, anal, big cock, whore out, porn, video
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    Asian, crossdresser, cum lover either on my face or on my mouth.
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    None. I am looking forward to be in the mid of a gang bang or bukkake shot.
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    Get my face bukkaked with a lot cum

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  1. I wish you could organize a gang bang for my ass and film for xtube / pornhub. I am an asian crossdresser currently taking hormones
  2. I have already two dildos in my ass, a dildo and a cock, but not yet 2 big cocks in my ass. That is my ultimate fantasy, double and triple anal.
  3. Bukkake and being treated like porn actress in gang bangs and blow bangs
  4. I got another black load deep in my ass today from a big cocks using my ass a lot while I begged to have him cum inside me. Lovely to feel his big cum dripping out from my ass
  5. I was in Dallas where I visited an adult movie theater called Lido. I was dressed with my slutty floral dress, flip flop, and my feminine bag with another dress, duster and my denim shirt dress. On the first evening, I sucked a cock and was surrounded by other 5 cocks jerking off, then one guy drop his thick load over my face and in my eyes. On the second night, I sucked 3 cocks and got two loads over my face. On the third night, I collected 1 condom and used it to make my dress completely soaked in cum. In my last night, I sucked 8 cock, 3 cum over my face like bukkake and 2 in my mouth. Also played with a girl covered with piercing. She got three guys dropping their load over her tits already with crust of other loads while her "boyfriend" fucked her with no condom. I hope to travel back to Dallas just to visit many sex theaters and to get as much cum as I can handle.
  6. I am going to Lido theater tonight and tomorrow night. Looking to get used and be whore out, and get a lot cum. Had 3 last night but want more cum.
  7. As long as he still making a lot cum (volume is important, and thick) I am happy
  8. Because by sucking cocks I can get a lot cum over my face and/or in my mouth, and feel the cum dripping from my face into my slutty dress and clothes. I am a cum addict.
  9. Any place in Dallas to get bukkake, or to suck a lot cock, like movie theater or bookstore or club?
  10. For my ass: definitely a big dick is nice, love the feeling of pain and stretching. For my mouth: I prefer medium size For cum over my face: any size as long as have a lot cum.
  11. I learned in a movie theater when I was 17
  12. I love all different type of cum.. especially those who cum like a fountain or shoot very hard.
  13. Where was the darkroom you got a gangbang? I wish to go there and have my ass used by as many guys I could meet.

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