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  1. When I first saw this post title, I thought, "What a ridiculous question?" But I guess we now need a new post, "Will you vote for Donald Trump in 2024?"
  2. Do you do it in the suit as well? ... are they made for that?
  3. Hot post. I don't know anything about furry culture. Do any furries like fucking "humans"? Is there a choice of furry animal, color or style that would attract the interest of a top beast more than others?
  4. I don't believe there's a "self-hating" phenomenon. It's merely hatred. People have been shown to vote against their own self interests, if it would mean benefitting the "other", people they don't approve of. Hatred with a sprinkle of cruelty and machismo.
  5. If you've been on keto, does that change how you cleanout? Is it more difficult to get clean?
  6. That sounds like a promotional ad for this website.
  7. I had to drink a liter of that shit for a CT scan. I was literally crying tryin" to choke it down.
  8. I prefer your choice of apps. W: str8subcurious
  9. That's such a pathetic argument about the party alignments of 160 years ago say something the parties today. You couldn't be more irrelevant.
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