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  1. Hello. You seem to be posting the same all over the regional forums. Where are you actually located?
  2. I don't think it's even possible. I've been cursed with a narrow throat.
  3. I agree. ... and I dismiss the comments of the absolutists. I am str8. I am not attracted to men. But I AM bottomy and am definitely turned on by submission.... both in the fetish BDSM sense and in the receiving role.
  4. Unfortunately it's closing. See. 442.events
  5. 408curious

    Cock Envy

    Love that cock pic, how the fore skin partially covers the head! And nice how your balls were tried in the second. Were you tied to something?
  6. I wouldn't say thank you. I would be certain I wouldn't put myself in that situation again. .... ... although a few weeks later I'd find myself drawn back to where ever I got Shanghai-ed before.
  7. Nice to hear about your experience, slagcunt. Sounds like you may have arranged the situation to a least some extent. What did you intended? Where did it go wrong? Would love to hear the background and full story if you have the time and interest. I often think my life has unfortunately narrowly missed that experience with a take-all man that would put my life on the path of submissive depravity and that ONLY.
  8. I feel that if you are dominant it doesn't matter what I think. But I will also say, I love the aesthetic of a hard cock with a foreskin that hangs over enough to make a look like a square front.
  9. Would love to chat. I'm str8subcurious on wickr
  10. Attempted: early single digits. Full: 33

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