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  1. So you don't like shy uncomfortable ones? 😞
  2. Shit. Sitting in the stall at work... That had me rubbing the head of my semi hard and precumming dick with out realizing what I was doing.
  3. I met a guy on tumblr before it sucked. ... he was Black and got me into IR and Black Supremacy fetish there. I had quite a blog on the subject there myself after a while. The philosophy there would be, a white man serving black men isn't necessarily gay, he just recognizes the natural order of things.
  4. Hot. Love that he keeps you away from your dick. A good top MAKES a bottom good.
  5. Lol... that would gave been me..... "dry'.
  6. 9 lifetime! Wow. New and exciting. I've yet to get there myself.
  7. I'd hate it, but I'm weak to the will of Alphas.
  8. Nice. Aren't enough doms out there that enjoy the time of getting in a subs head.
  9. It's so much more humiliating sucking tiny dicks.
  10. Take my advice, stock your bathroom with some adult diapers in case you get the horrible stomach flu I had a couple years ago. Now you have a solid (non embarrassing ) reason to by depends. ... and you have protection in case you get a virus that makes you shit uncontrollably.
  11. Hello. You seem to be posting the same all over the regional forums. Where are you actually located?
  12. I don't think it's even possible. I've been cursed with a narrow throat.

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