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Best countries / places for Raw sex


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After all this covid shit goes away, any suggestions on the best countries or places within cities to visit for raw sex? Want to get my white ass over there, give it up for as many hot Black African  guys as I can 

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Last year I was in Egypt (Hurghada). The Egyptians are very fond of only raw sex. I can't call sex with them rough. The sex was passionate, but the Egyptians don't practice rough sex and dry sex.

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Egypt and Morocco. I never had anyone in these two countries asking for a condom. And they were all super happy that they were able to load me up. All i had to do is say two magic words: No pull. 

South Africa is awesome too in CT and Jo'burg, but certainly nothing compared to Egypt or Morocco. Tunis can be nice too, but only if you can speak French. 

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I definitely agree with the other opinions that Morocco, Egypt and Turkey (yes, I know it isn’t Africa;-) are definitely places where you can be taken without a condom! On many occasions, I was fucked raw in Turkish hammams and it was incredible. I think the whole Middle East and North Africa are full of horny straight, gay and bisex men wanting to dump their seed in a hot hole! 

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