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    Committed barebacker for 6 years and an open and proud bug chaser since 2015. Still neg , hoping that's changes soon. Love meeting hot Gifting Tops, one on one or in groups
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    Would love to be pozzed on film
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    Bareback Tops, hung and horny.
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  1. I had a great fuck this morning. Top in Richmond. He spent ages working his fingernails around inside my ass, then went to town with a toothbrush in me. Hurt Soo much, thank god for amyl. Then he slammed into me balls deep, no lube , one hard thrust and proceeded to brutally breed me. Extreme verbal fuck till he growled for about a minute as he seeded me. I sucked him clean. He wants to do me again at least weekly from now. He came buckets! I'm still carrying his seed. My cunt is so sore
  2. Just stop prep. It's nothing more than a chemical condom
  3. Faroe is good for BB. Thai guys love breeding westerners
  4. I'll be in Canberra too soon. Looking for a Top breeder
  5. Thanks man. Appreciate the tips. At least prep has meant more guys going bare, which is always good
  6. I'm spending a week or so across the ditch, mostly in AKD and CC. If any one has some recommended venues for good raw bareback, please let me know.
  7. Yeah City East is cheap, easy access. Lots of gangbangs held in rooms there
  8. How'd the party go?

  9. I was the same. When I stopped prep I was horny 24/7. Like I was on heat

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