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    Committed barebacker for 6 years and an open and proud bug chaser since 2015. Still neg , hoping that's changes soon. Love meeting hot Gifting Tops, one on one or in groups
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    Would love to be pozzed on film
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    Bareback Tops, hung and horny.
    Unmedicated horny Poz Gifters.
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  1. my cock has definitley shrunk while locked in chastity
  2. Monday evening in the steam room at Bay City Sauna . Spit roasted with the 9" cock of a guy sitting on the top bench, down my throat to his balls, and a white 8" UC cock balls deep in my hole blasting it's seed into me.
  3. I've always desired to be castrated. my balls are abnormally huge and I hate them. the centre of my sexuality is my ass. I'm in Australia
  4. stopped off at a beat yesterday on the way home from work. bentvover a toilet set in a cubicle and bred by an 8"us thick cock. very little verbal except for me begging him to do me. he just used me as an anon hole for his nut
  5. his sperm was delivered as it always should be
  6. total dream to get knocked up by a trucker in his cabin. I'd love that
  7. taking loads all day. Sub bttm in chastity. come breed me
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