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    Committed barebacker for 6 years and an open and proud bug chaser since 2015. Still neg , hoping that's changes soon. Love meeting hot Gifting Tops, one on one or in groups
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    Would love to be pozzed on film
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    Bareback Tops, hung and horny.
    Unmedicated horny Poz Gifters.
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  1. It definitely happens. That uncontrollable desire to have a man inside you, breeding you.
  2. Bay City in Elsternwick? I must go n meet these guys!
  3. Prep or no prep, you take cock raw you roll the dice. Simple as that.
  4. Yeah I was wondering if a different strain will cause a fuck flu in a poz guy
  5. Subway Sauna in Melb from 3 pm to 6 pm. Took 8 loads. Great time. Even though not feeling well, flu hitting me.
  6. May have mine coming on now. 4 weeks and 2 weeks after taking loads from unmedicated guys . Running a temperature this morning
  7. The venues in Melb are showing bareback porn now. It's good, encouraging for raw sex to happen.
  8. Rydges in Exhibition St. No key card needed for lifts. I've been to a couple of breeding parties there
  9. They have a big bucket of condoms inside the door. Layer of dust on the top. ?
  10. It's all bareback, no condoms
  11. Pass them on! I use Line too when I'm there!
  12. Anyone have a recommendation for a Canberra CBD hotel? One with easy room access for gangbangs. I've, no damn lift key card needed. Cheers

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