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    Committed barebacker for 6 years and an open and proud bug chaser since 2015. Still neg , hoping that's changes soon. Love meeting hot Gifting Tops, one on one or in groups
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  1. Sansuk Sauna... Damn autocorrect
  2. Thanks Adam. Yeah, the whole area around Pattayatown was on a serious define before Covid . I was last there in Nov 19 and the signs were obvious. Sansuk Diana in Jomtien looks like it was about to fall down, but I still scored a few loads from local Thai guys . I here a few of the BKK saunas are now gone too. Real shame . Am hearing the approved list of countries for quarantine free entry should be expanding by December , but still need a covid test pre & post flight
  3. Plenty of Euro Tourists especially in BKK, Pattaya and Jomtien. All barebackers
  4. Thailand is reopening for Quarantine free travel. I'm going back as soon as I can. Hopefully some of the saunas, bath houses and gay entertainment areas will have survived lockdown and get back up and going . Need a lot of horny Thai guys & euro tourists wanting to share their seed!!
  5. I was terrified of HIV even though I desired bareback and desperately wanted to feel guys cum inside me. My FB at the time knew this, I'd confessed everything to him. One day he decided that he had enough of the condom shite and used me hard and raw. He came in me, I came hands free into his bedsheets. He never used a condom in me again and I never asked him or anyone else to cover up from then on
  6. It's hot that Mumma knows her boy is Gunna get knocked up 🔥🔥🔥
  7. You are right. Chastity is for life . Beta Subs should be locked forever
  8. A cock ring on a Top is a major turn on . Feeling my lips kiss that steel as I've swallowed his meat... Mmm success
  9. Just refuse to use condoms straight up front
  10. Yep!!! Absolutely. !!!! I used to have quite a few bareback and FF vids up on Xtube .. all gone now thos
  11. Ive gone into smaller and smaller cages. My cock is so tiny now and almost impotent 🙂
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